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r-" . . YUMA
-" i
M. Will Nominate
(By B. F. Fly) P. elephant ever would have done in
The Republicans and Pro-, . o
gressives are still scrapping beat wiison has gone forth, and it is you will find no more enthu-
(Associated Press)
GO, June 9. Senator Borah
came unannounced from the
Republican convention, and
addressed the Progressives,
praising Roosevelt, but advo
cating harmony.
"If the two conventions
nything to' agree on your great leader,
like Kilkenny cats. Let 'em 'within the possibility that the "Ter-jsiastic supporter than my-
self," said Senator Borah
Perkins said he did not
know what significance to at
tach to Borah's visit. Some
rnr" onn rim "Tori FiqH' loiYh onn 1 1 rr
fight. The longer the agony ; may g0 10 bed together before the two
is COllti'hued the greater Will : menageries adjourn in Chicago, and
be President Wilson's majori-' brhls forthH dark hr? r sme f7
v j animal with a neck long enough to
ty thlS tall. .reach over the pie counter. However, ! of the leaders Suggested that
The two warring 'factions are appar- 'a is doubtful if the rank and file of 3orafl may be the Compromise
ently as far apart as they were the ' either the Progressives or Republicans , cancJid'ate Suggested bv the
day before the two conventions con- caa 1je made to swallow the dose now .pp .uij.
vened, execept that the intimation is bein& mied for them. Like many 0f KePUD1Icans-
our well meaning- and loval Renubli-1 i'erKins pieaueu mat ine convention
made in press reports that Col. Roose-
remain calm. He added that the next
four or five hours are the most im
portant in the history of the nation
velt may eventually be induced to sup- j can sand Progressives here inYuma,
port Justice Hughes, though he has Predict that the bulk of them will
ni ininno- hPRTi siinnnsnd tn hft unniter- march up to the polls on election day
ablv onnosed to anv such nolitical al-! and c-st their vote for Woodrow Wil- and the world-
n-m,-- u-ar. 'son, the man who not onlv believGs ' During the reading of the platform,
strange bed-fellows, and when hunger in preparedness but puts his belief into , the suffrage advocates amended the
stares a politician in the face they are execution, a man who not only thinks j Platform to declare "for full rights of
willing to go to any extreme in order our army snoum be Digger, but who . t 4.-i.. .. ou.
to get their arms in the government . ac once manes it live times as big as , """ ,BUB"
crib. It's "anything to beat Wilson" ute -epuncans made it, a man who
no matter who or what the, man is. not ony believes in a big navy, but
Principal is scattered to the four winds who Proceeds to build it.
of Heaven, records are forgotten they 'em scrap!
want pie.
All this loud mouthed talking about .
Fall nominates him at the Coliseum.
He said it would give strength to Col.
Roosevelt before the Republicans.
McGrath said: "I think the Colonel
win be nominated by the Republican
convention first."
Robins convened the afternoon ses
sion at 3:15.
preparedness, a big army, a big navy
and Americanism, is only intended to
draw votes to the candidate or candi
dates that may be named at Chicago.
With the exception of less than 12
years the Republicans have controlled
-the destinies of the United States
since the days of the immortal Lin-j
coin.- "Why didn't they do something'
in the line of preparedness during all '
those years? Why did they permit our
navy to grow down hill,, like an old J
cow's tail, all that ime if they were 1
so anxious to keep America prepared 1
for any emergency? It remained for
II p n p
The conference committees present
ed reports to both conventions with
out recommendation. The Republi
cans reported that the Progressives
urged "with temperateness and fair
ness" Rosevelt as the most desirable
The Progressives reported that the
Republicans offered no substitute for
Roosevelt and suggested the desira
bility for a further conference later.
I The conference committees are now
j watching the situation to determine if
The many friends of Joe Stilson, j it is advisable to meet again,
chief clerk for many years in the local ' . The Progressive platform was ap
Reclamation offices, will regret to I proved section by section,
learn that he is soon to sever his con- j The leaders said that it will be im
nectiou with the local offices. Mr. R. j possible to defer the nomination of
B. Smith, formerly of the Belle Fouche j Roosevelt after the Republicans begin
project having arrived in Yuma to as- nominating.
Grover Cleveland to put life in our' I'-siuuu neretoiore nem oy iucuim anu wiinam oeD comer-
navy, for Tvhen he was inaugurated Mn stiIson- R is not yet known to j red with the leaders on the platform,
the United States navy was little bet-1 'hat point "Joe" is to be transferred, and then returned for a long-distance
ter than so many wash tubs floating I but more than likeIT to eitllGr Denver , talk with Rosevelt. It is now ru
about a mil Ipond. And if the Repub-' 0r hls old home at headquarters in j mred that Roosevelt might withdraw.
licansand Progressives were so aw. I WashillSton, D. C. Wherever he is The radicals said they would nominate
fully rampant for a larger standing I transferred hi legion of friends in j Mm anyway.
army why didn't they enlarge it before) " ulaxl 111111 uie very oest ot Ulli,s Ulti retjess wetween i:uu ana
uck ana a complete restoration of p. m., tne Progressive radicals
health, the later having been of a very insisted that the leaders allow the
precarious character for the past year j nomination of Roosevelt before Senator
i or more.
!W 111!
Woodrow Wilson was elected Presi
dent. Surely they had lots of time,
lots of money and Mots of votes. But
the army was permitted to drift along
with a scant 50,000 soldiers until Wood '
row Wilson was elected. He at once !
got busy preparing this country for an
eventuality, and today we are organi-;
zing an army of 250,00 soldiers, over
100 of whom shouldered the musket
right here in Yuma and marched like
men to the front.
The new navy bill has passed one i j
branch of Congress and will become Tne Colorado continues to rise slow- j
the law of the land before Congress ly il baving risen a foot during the i (Associated Press)
adjourns, and when carrie dto its logi-,last four or five days- It now regis- HFiVTINP M M TnriA Q
cal conclusion means that our navy ters twenty-two feet on the govern- c 1Vt,H ' IN 1VA: J Une
will be ready to meet any navy in the nt auge at the Southern Pacific GVen tollOWerS Of rranciSCO
world all brought about by the far- j bridse. It is now at a stage, where, it Villa, the Outlawed Mexican
seeing, guiding ahnd of Woodrow Wil- keei)S everybody guessing as to just j leader, Will be hanged today,
son.' Had either the Republicans or j what it will do, whether remain in the iGovernor Wm' C McDonald
Progressives ben in power during the ' old channel or feed itself on the banks. jwj , - c ' j, u-f-.--.
last four years our army and navyDown near the 17-mile post it has " ffla.1;)' 0Ur aay, DwIOre
would have remained as they were j llanSed its course about three or four ne Original date I0r the exe
the laughing stock of all civilized na-Jliles' baving made a complete' cut-off ' CUtion, granted a reprieve in
tions, if one is to judge by the last i at what is known as Nigger-head compliance with a request
performance of those hungry, shouting bend- Superintendent Priest is bend-' fr0m President Wilson to
disgruntled delegates of these two S every energy, to keep it in this ! . invpsricrarinn 'into
grouchy parties now scrambling over ! new channel, for it gives the river a'Pf11 investigation intO
the control of the pie counter. j straight shoot from Hanlon heading the COnaUCt 01 the trial, and
Let's give the devil his dues. Demo-' dmvn to the Mexican line, making it I by the governor's reprieve
cracy has been pictured as a subser-' much easier to handle than when the the execution Was set for
vient Jackass for lo, these many years, j ',vaters had to find their way around : June 9
The seven men were tried in the
district court here and convicted of
first degree murder for their part in
the raid on Columbus, N. M., March 9,
in which seventeen soldier and civilian
Americans were killed, several wound
ed and a number of buildings destroy
ed. Three months later they were to
There was 20 minutes of demonstra
tion and parade about the hall when
Whitman nominated Hughes. When
mention was made of Taft there was
six minutes of cheering.
Arizona waived place for New York
on the Roll call for nominations thus
enabling Governor, Whitman to nomi
nate Hughes.
After hearing the conference report,
nominations were opened; and, after
Hughes had been nominated, Butler
nominated Root, and Governor Willis
nominated Burton. While Willis was
nominating Burton, the sun shone for
the first time in four days.
-The Burton' demonstration lasted 30
The nominations of Dupont, Weeks,
Sherman and Fairbanks followed.
It is announced that Senator Fall
3f New Mexico will nominate Rooser
Edward Kent, of Arizona, -and seven
others, seconded Root. Many dele
gates who cheered Hughes cheered for
When Senators Smoot and Crane
learned that Borah had addressed the
Progressives, they said it was- merely
a personal matter.
The Republican convention late this
afternoon announced that it was their
purpbse to continue the session -until
all the presidential candidates were
nominated. When all the favorite sons
and Roosevelt shall have been nomi
nated, then they will probably take one
or two ballots, and if no candidate
wins they will probably adjourn until
(By B. F. Fiji
voices of many waters; Thy judg- The fact that President
ments reach to the uttermost ends of Sproule AsSt Gen Mgr
the earth, Thou makest for righteous- pj 'd rffc
ness, even when clouds and thick . , , .
darkness are round about Thee. j mao-e a thorough inspection
"Thou bringest order out of chaos, !of Yuma project's settling
light out of darkness, good out of evil, basin at Laguna dam yester-
peace out of conflict, even though the fay wouJd indicate that the
earth do change and the mountains be ottidals were more interest-
moved, even though nations rage and , . . .... -
kingdoms totter. And we need have e(1 in "le irrigation OI Im-
no fear for the days to come, if we! perial Valley than they were
keep the truth and establish justice, j in the mere inspection of a
dozen miles of railroad track.
And well they might be,
for it is known that the entire
(Associated Press)
CHICAGO, June 9. Rabbi Joseph
Stoltz, D. D., of Isaiah Temple, Chi
cago, delivered the following invoca
tion before the Progressive National
Convention here tQday:
"0 Lord, whose throne is in th?.
heavens, whose footstool is the earth -O
God, who art the Father of all peo
ples, the Ruler of all nations; O F.toi
nal One, who art supreme above tl
din of battles, and mighty above the
but since gaining control of the affairs i tne bend.
of the .nation the slow, ploddoig long- j
eared beast has been converted into aj JOHN R. JVVLEAN DIES
record breaking thoroughbred race j (Associated PressJ
horse; has been guilty of placing more WASHINGTON, June 9. John R.
constructive legislation on the statute McLean, owner of the Washington
books of the nation than the long-! Post and the Cincinnati Enquirer, died
snouted, blinky-eyed, big footed G. 0. 1 here today, after a long illness.
pay the extreme penalty.
The condemned are:
Jose Rangel.
Juan Sanchez.
Euseblo Rentena. - - ,
Taurino Garcia.
Jose Rodriguez.
Francisco Alvarez.
Juan Castillo.
At the trial counsel contended that
the defendants had no knowledge of
where they were going at the time of
the raid and tbat they were forced to
follow Villa under penalty of death.
Jose Rangel, who was wounded and
carried into court April 24, when sen
tence was imposed, made a plea for
mercy from his cot. The prisoners
have been in the state penitentiary at
Santa Fe for safe keeping.
Francisco Alvarez and
Juan Sanchez, Villistas cap
tured during the Columbus
raid, were hanged at 6:30 this
If we despise the gain of oppression,
and seek peace and pursue it.
"Thou art our Refuge and our goo4 '
Strength, a verv nrp.Sfint. hfiln in times
of trouble and perplexity. O, send us Imperial Valley irrigation sys
Thy truth that they may lead us to tem is yet Owned by the.SoU
the real sources of national strength, them ' Pacific, that Company
Inspire us with an ever-growing and havi purChased the entire
ever-deepening love of those ideals i i- . i .
which have made our country great system last : February when It
and which can weld together those (WaS Sold by Order of the
who left their homes in all parts of the COUrt to Satisfy the claims
held against it by the Sou
thern Pacific.
All these officials know, as does
, everyone else who has give the mat
ter any serious thought, that ultimately
the Imperial Valley must connect wiiir
Yuma project at our ten mile drop on
the siphon canal, thereby obtaining wa
that has caused and is causing Imper
ial valley so much trouble, and is eng
tailing an expense of upwards of cte
million dollars per annum. Tnat I'res
iedtn Sproule and othar niembeis of
nis party were making a careful ex
amination of the subject is further
evidenced by the fact that upon leav
ing Yuma yesterday afterncca they
immediately made a trip down to the
Volcano Lake levee to see what is
being done there to protect the great
Imperial country form the overflow
now rushing this way from the head
waters of the Colorado. For the sake
of Imperial valley It is to be hoped
that Mr Sproule will be able to con
vince the Imperial Irrigation people
that the best thing for them to do is
ti hurry and connect with Yuma pro
ject. The recent visit of the Mexican
Commission from Nogales to the lands
in Sonora below the Arizona line may
have had something to do with the
trip Mr. Sproule and his brother offi
cials made down the Reclamation road.
One thing is certain however, and
that is that Yuma will very soon profit
by this unheralded visit of the "higher
ups" of the Southern Pacific. It is to
be hoped they will let no grass grow
under their feet in remedying the
abuses that have been pointed out in
the Yuma Daily Examiner. We want
all pasenger trains to stop at the de
pot not in the stock yards.
earth to find security and liberty with
in our portals.
"Let Thy spirit of wisdom and under-
js'andhig, of counsel and might, rest
upon this convention, that its lofty
passions may inspire the confidence
of the people, that its righteous indig
nations may purge the nation of ?ts ma
terialism, that its high aspirations may
strengthen the conviction that the true
greatness of our country lies not in
the abundance of the things we pos
sess, but in the justice of our laws and
institutions, in our devotion to peace
founded on righteousness and love, n
' the brotherhood of all the races and
nations, all the classes and creeds
within our borders.
"Bless our country that it may be
a stronghold of peace, an advocate for
peace in the councils of nations, a
messenger of peace unto the peoples
of the earth, an apostle of peace striv
ing earnestly for a realization of the
prophet's dream of the day when men
will beat their swords into plowshares
and their spears into pruning hooks,
when nation will not lift up the sword
against nation, and they will not l-;arn
war any more, when every man will
sit under his vine and his fig-tree, and
none will make him afraid.
"Thine, O God, be the greatness and
the might and the glory and the "ic-
tory. Amen."
A Los Angeles exchange recently
contained the following item:
"A young man who represented
himself to be a nephew of E. F.
Sanguinetti, a wealthy Yuma merchant,
yesterday obtained $30 from Harry K.
Baker, of the Weber Showcase com
pany, at 316 South.Los Angeles street.
After lending the money and being
told that more would be needed later,
Baker telegraphed Sanguinetti, who
wired that he had no nephew."
(Associated Press)
PENSACOLA, Fla., June 9. Lieut.
Richard C Saufley, a navy aviator,
was killed today when his machine
fell while making a flight over Santa
Rosa Island.
(Associated Press)
BERLIN, June 9. Gerard today re
pudiated his published peace interview.
(Associated Press)
LONDON, June 9. The Russian em
bassy at Rome was today informed
that the Russians broke the Austrian
front completely .along a 94-mile front
to a depth of 37 miles, thus threat
ening to envelope the entire Austrian
All Odd Fellows and Rebekahs are
requested to meet at Eagles' hall on
Sunday evening at 7:30 to attend the
memorial services at the Yuma Bap
tist church.
71-72 C. J. WOOD, N. G,

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