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WEATHER WEST OF YUMA: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, j-uhe 16. Cloudy along the coast tonight; also foggy.
sjpEE AUSTRIANS TAKEN: PETROGRAD, June 16. It is announced that the Russians captured an additional 14,000 Austrians in the eastern theatre of war. :
EVACUATION REPORTED: PETROGRAD, June 16. A semi-official dispatch gives the details of the reported evacuation of Czernowitzby the Austrian troops,
TEDDY CAN ONLY WHISPER: NEW YORK, June 16. Roosevelt today denied that the snapping of tendons was a serious affair, and added that his physician said
he would soon recover; however, he reiterated that he is "out of politics." He is barely able to speak above a whisper as a result of another severe coughing spell.
DIDN'T STICK TO THE SHIP: EUREKA, June 16. Coroner Hansen today criticized Captain Nopanders for his action in sending 200-odd crew and passengers .our
in boats when it was shown that the steamer Bear was still afloat. All would have been safe on the steamer. The 5 bodies washed ashore from the capsized boat were .
the only ones lost. ' .' r -
"The Schoolmaster Is Statesmaster, Is
Statesman, the' Statesman Is Finan
cier, the Financies Is Emancipa-
for, the Emancipator is the
Pacificator of World"
(Associated Press) things. He dynamited the monetary
fdams and let credit flow to the re
ST. LOUIS, June 15. (12jmotest corners of the 'land, its spray
O'clock midnight) Wilson dashing oven upon foreign shores. He
Was nominated for the preSi- released the nation's resources and
dency by acclamation at the,561 etlener51B " ine" ir lr
3 J . .. , exploit them. He destroyed commer-
Democratic convention at
1 1 :52 tonight, following the
nomination speech by John
W. Westcott, and seconding
speeches made by forniei
Governor Harmon of Ohio,
arid Governor Stuart of Vir
ginia. Marshall was also nomi
nated by acclamation a few
minutes later.
Westcott spoke as follows :
"Prophecy is fulfilled. The eternal
verities of righteousness have pre
vailed. Undismayed by the calamities
of war, unmoved by viturperation and
vain declamation, holding to the pure
altar of truth, the schoolmaster is
statesman, the statesman financier,
the financier emancipator, the emanci
pator pacificator, the pacificator the
moral leader of democracy.
"The nation is at work. The nation
is at peace. The nation is accomplish-
irv ?ntr rf Hnmnnt! nf TT1!! t
,ub UCo IUW.
'in re n cm iY r notinTi rtro e? r rvf of tt r r ilr
with resources boundless, with a nun-
dred million people eager to achieve
Qnr? fin nniTi m ovn 7QnopiiioliOf? inrlnc-
' 'I
tries halted, men were idle. The coun-
try struggiea in the toils or an maae-1
quate financial system. Credit was at i
the mercy of piracy. The small busi
ness man was bound hand and foot.
Panic hung like a storm cloud over
the business world.
"Now bursting granaries, teeming
factories, crowded railways and over
laden ships .distribute wealth and com
fort to uncounted millions the world
over. Production outruns the means
of distribution. The parallel of Ameri-
can prosperity is not found in indus-
trial history; nor it is causeless. It
did not descend, like a merciful acci-
dent, from heaven. It is not due to
the devastations of a revised tariff. It
is not the result of destructive legis-
lation. It cannot be attributed to the
manufacture of war materials, con-
stituting a bare five per centum of
the volume of national business. War
Is destruction, not production. War
curtails international trade. War de-
presses industrial energy. When the
European cataclysm struck the world,
moratoria fell like a blight upon very
many of the neutral nations, but not
upon the United States. j
"There stands the astounding phe-
r.omenon of American prosperity. ' and patriotism of American a; ms to
What is its explanation? The Euclid the greed and avarice of conc-essiou-o'
financial theory worked to a dem- aries. It would have robbed the
onstration, measures for the country's
relief. He promptly put into effect
the legislative expression of a great
program. He did not talk. He did
cial slavery
He struck off its shack-'
les. The prosperity of the nation is
the product of statesmanship and fi
nancial genius. American credit is
now HinU'-" or'? ty.its ownhone5tyJ.ca.iusm
and capacity. The cause being un
disturbed, the effects must remain.
The schoolmaster is statesman, the
statesman is financier, the financier
is emancipator. With Lincoln, the
emancipator of the chattel slave, he
will live forever as 1 the emancipator
of the commercial slave.
"The nation is at peace in a world
at war. America is confronted with
appalling realities. It is not the part
of wisdom to play with phantoms, deal
in riddles, or seek to entertain the
national imagination -with the leger
demain of language. To build words
mountain high as the throne of vani
ty and ambition should not be an
American pastime. An attempt to
catch the presidency by phrases is the
work of folly. The function of a
sounding brass and tinkling cymbal is
,not germane to the tragic conditions
0f the world. When the fate of mil
iroM ,g afc stake; it ,g not the
Qf flny man tQ gtack the cardSi
civilization m peril, the sphinx be
, , .
comes an anachronism. The anachro
nism will remain the mysterious si
lence of the ages.
"With the whole world tense and
anxious, patriotic advice and sugges
tion are ot more vaiue tuan aouse anu
defamation. Speculation wilts in the
blaze of truth. Abusive phraseology
shrivels before the relentless fact
Honesty is the commanding quauty j
of a free and patriotic American
"What are the realities that face us? .
In Mexico exist the potentialities of earth together in lasting peace? The
civilization. In her wealth, her his-! passions of men die. The truth lives,
tory, her schools, her religion, her! America nas called to Europe; Europe
needs, her very suffering and patriot-1 is responding in terms of a revitalized
ism lie the indestructible seeds of pro-' civilization. The sublimest picture in
gress. To have conquered Mexico civil history is that of a plain Ameri-
would have seated death in the xAmeri- can citizen manoeuvering with the
can fireside. It would have destroyed weapons of reason and humanity '
our prosperity and added millions of ! against the navies and armies of the
millions of taxation to the burdens contending nations, and bringing them
of the nation. It would have planted in accord with the principles of inter-
distrust and hatred of the United national law. The American standard
States in every South American re-1 of peace and justice now floats on the
public. It would have forfeited the 'sea. It is unfurling over the trenches
respect of the world. It would have 1 of the struggling nations. From the
substituted the tenets of Imperialism !
for the principales of Americanism. I
It would have prostituted the bravery
United States of U13 grandeur of her j
mission amongst the nations of the
earth. It would have madr might
right and repudiated the doclriues of
f Christianity. It would have ignored
the fundamental conceptions of moral
progress and denied the right oi fif
teen millions of people to govern
themselves. Ambition and greed were
prepared to sacrifice Amerloa and all j
that America stands for, in order to ,
jncqulre the wealth- of Me-c.co. '1 he j
diplomacy of 'watchful waiting' avert-:
ed these calamities and preserved in i
Uieir original purity the principles of j
American freedom and justice. The
'watchful waiting' repudiated the bru
tal dictum of science that the weak resolutions Committee, after! The minority report upheld .the a uia or approximately 5ioof0u. bix
must go down befoer the strong. Help s nearly 24 hours deliberation, i at'e3 frishtst.t0 . regulffte eIe!?ions' ' estlmates AVere raade on the worlc' the
Mexico lest, over her bloody grave are jcomJeted the platform arid T mef "f s;ifraS?- . successful bidders being almost $18.
sown the dragon's teeth of our own I J daclared that he tavored a s ates 000 lower than their nearest 'compe-
, . ..
"War with any
would have set the world aflame andiwll UUL uiovaaoiui .
iuju.cu uic uwk-u ui i'iu6ic0a iu.
, , .x !
century. Would any one have had it;
so in order to affirm a "virile Ameri-
ff 1 f "yiV31efmfricaDi!,m;
UlUUUOUCUj ULtlbl UXjCIUUj kill liWI 1 'JiO wx
war and its uncertainties? The sub-
stance of civilization is the arts, the
sciences, literature, philosophy, indus-
x.. ii.. j x: sx e .i
try, me uuiiicsliu vixiuus, uucuum, ie-
i T-...X ii,!. :..
tan eTA
otance of American nationalism. This
I8 ? J!"1 L , t?'
r . uuuuua, . -
lives in tne trencnes ana oroiten
homes of Europe and pervades its
very thrones. Therefore, America
lives in the trenches and broken
homes of Europe and its thrones. The
stupendous conflagration is consum -
ing the errors of statesmen and dynas -
ties; it is not consuming the sub-'
stance of civilization. Civilization is
a unity. War with Europe would have
cut asunder the moral forces that bind
xt. xi i iivx f
u nauuiu, u ut u a uux-,
uess, iiixctruiiy auu uespiiir. OLuauuiy
on the immutable foundations of such
the world, direct the forces of civiliza- j
partiAJnencanisni. tne scnooimaster and , - . SAN ANTONIO. June 1C- O ! ,, ew n,-
4tl statesman, with consummate skill, aatenvays; ; it advocates a territorial Grey, who led the U. S.OC MflfiV CCD PCQ ft
! ciriMi thn, nmmnrifiQ tiio aflrri.VpfiMr, r,f government for alaska, Hawaii. Porto . ...,.. . l!iiim4I iirnUliir.! Mi
tion, not with arms but with reason cnant "arlne; it favors the conserva
and moral pressure against the ex-tion ani development of our natural
cesses of a belligerent world. Vvitli i resources; it declares that the "sacred
preternatural poise and clearness of riShts of American citizenship must
vision, he is piloting America through
the rushing storm. Who can deny
the existence of a moral design in the
universe? Who now can question its
fulfillment? Who can close his enes
to the destiny of democracy to make
j the principles of civilization dominant,
to onng the warring nations of the
vantage ground of imperishable Amer-,
icanism the matchless craft of a real
pacifist has not only avoided all war,
but is leading the world into the ways
of peace. What is peace but the as
sertion of moral progress? What is
the assertion of moral progress but
the indestructible civilization of Eu
rope and America? Prom the smoul-
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y- a- r
3D AY, JUNE 15, 191G.
(Associated Press)
rrw TCdlivA CT T rMHC
LWLvlkji2 Uivl. Ol. LvJUlO,
ne 16. The Democratic
i ocii l i l lu luc tuiivciiuuu. me
(leaders expected itS adoption
-K ;or.'nn TIiq
inrnrnnrst nn n n t rracrp
...wv,. -
i i -t j. x.1 T 1.1
plank Similar to trie Republl -
can one but leaving it tO the!
states for final amendment,
. .
The platform favored national aid
rk e- a a m f a -sm n ri RrrriRS s-saa rin a tfr lTi
i o a a nui i ii i n a nam n w n 1.1 a t a tt a hiva u i ii n d so. ti i
jULmuuiinnu i lmi uum LmuunuLu
nil uun Miifuu in uun imu
In the development of post and milit!" " " V T
nrv rnfifl?!- pnr.nnrairp'menf. tn farm in tr
'mifl tho hpttprmont nf niarkptinir r.nn -
an 8-hour day and industrial said tl at this agitation
j . comnen-ation and aDDroved!was sweePinS ovjer the country when
SSrS ; -men really should be perform-
t" "7
i x.x v3...m,..
! of prison made goods by the interstate
commerce commission; it favors the
creation of a federal safety bureau,
! the extension of the powers of the
1 bureau of mines, the extension of the
;u - s- employment bureau; it asks the
establishment of a federal tuberculosis
, sanitarium for the poor and favors all
! Prison reforms, including the trainin:
of Prisoners and the payment of accu-
rmilatpfi wacfis when sairi nrifinnprs i
---- -
adoption of a liberal and comprelien-
Rico aud the development of a mer-
be Preserved at home and abroad,"
and all governments will be "held tc
a strict accountability" for wrong3."
The Democratic platform condemns
organizations working in the interest
of foreign governments; it reasserts
the Monroe Doctrine and terms inter-
vention in Mexico as "revolting to the
people of the United States, notwith-
standing the provocation is great." It
comments on the administration's
"splendid diplomatic victories," and
term.! Wilson "the greatest American
of his generation." The Americanism
plank condemns "all alliances or com-
binations pf individuals of whatever
nationality or descent who agree and
conspire to gether for the purpose of
embarrassing or weakening our gov-
eminent or improperly influencing or
coercing the public representatives in
dealing with any foreign power. We
charge that such conspiracies, among
a limited number, now exist."
The Democratic convention adjourn
ed finally after adopting the platform
by acclamation.
They voted down the substitute suf
frage plank which had been offered
as a minority report by Governor Fer-
guson. The president's own personal
plank was adopted, which reads: "We
tt - r
recommend the extension of franchise
stateu unon the same terms as to aD -
W to men-
ngjits amendment aespite me political
inexpediency. He said "The majority Following the recommendation of
nlank is not the conviction of theitho adris
nomn(rnH, norH.. , ,oa,va tn ao
. - -
,-x,, ,ini:ttPf,l orlvantnc-P. Hii
" i,u""11" cvvx.m,xxv,xx&,
; fatal surrender of principles is made.
The (rux of the whole situation is, iRonatadt, who had submitted the
taHUbtf if vre-dW not adopt; port of the oemnUUee. 'that our c
mo majority proposal, we mignt lose
three or four Western states." Fer -
. uugiu not ue mtimiuaiea uy a lew
militant suffragettes.
th( functions for which "Goa Al-
mighty intende'd her." ! ing, ail of the estimates should be re-
A fev women hissed that statement. ( jected. On a motion by Supervisor
Martin Lomasney, a Massachusetts, ' John Nelson," however, the recommen
objected to the adoption of the plat-' daticn of the advisory committee was
form. But when he was given the j adopted; and' the contract awarded to
floor, it developed that he wanted a ' the lowest bidders,
plank sympathizing with the "people j The specifications call for a screen
of Ireland." A Maryland delegate then ! ed surface road with a 6-inch base
yelled "Raus mit him," and the whole covered with sifted rock. It is esti
convention reared. j mated that this road with ordinary
(Associated Yress)
O the San Ignacio raiders, returned O;
O after two hours, having captured O l
O three bandits. He found an- O
O other body on the American side O .
D whih now makes the total Mex- O
2 ican dead nine. ol Following is the announcement of
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oiservices to De heId Sunday, June IS,
at the .Methodist Episcopal church:
T. L. Molina, who has been-ill, is out ( Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. A brief
again, but not yet able to go to work session. "The Philippian Jailor."
at the postoffice. ; Acts 16:19-34. C. M. White, Supt.
Children's Day program at 1045
A union Sunday school will be held a- m- "Tlie Ladder of Life," in the
at the Somerton Baptist church next interest of Christian education. An
Sunday. offering will be taken for this pur-
: pose. Music, also.
Mrs. Martha Mauk, the dressmaker Services at the soldier camp at 6
of Idlwilde, 612 Fifth street, has gone P- m- Band, music, Gospel songs, mes
to Banning, Cal., for the summer, re- sage, "The Song of Salem."
turning here in October. She expects Epworth League at 7 p. m. "Chris
to visit with the ' Cawley family of tin Activity According to the Holy
Vuma, who also expect to leave Yuma Spirit Standard." I John 3:24; Acts
or Banning in a few davs. il:8 Rom- 8:14-16; I Cor. 2:4, 5, 10,
' 1 12; Gal. 5: 22-24.
Judge Baxter is home from Nogales. i "Tne Voyage of Life," at S p. m.
i (supplementary to a former series on
NOTICE 'tnis subject. Psalm 104:26.
All parties who are interested in' In the Yuma Valley
Having Yuma county have an exhibit! Sunday school at 2:30 p. m., J. L.
at the State Fair this fall are request-,
3d to meet at Crane' school house at ,
3 p. m., Saturday, the 17th inst. Mr. j
Shaughnessy, secretary of the state ;
fair commission, and Prof. J. F.
Nicholson, superintendent of the Agri-'
cultural Department of the State Fair,
T7ill be in attendance.
C-lo-16-3t C.
I -
A.JO, June 16. On recommendation
of the advisory committee, the: con
tract for the construction of portions
of the Ajo road was today awarded
jt0 the Warren Brothers comPan on
. titors.
" " , . T
. u- ouruu, minority memoer or
u i . x.t
. ulB uuaru, ueguu to protest,
! "You will understand" said Fred
( mittee is merely recommending. ' It
'it up to the board to take what action
uoenran continued his nrotest
I against the acceptance of the bid of
the Warren Brothers company declar-
ing that since he had had no voice
in making the specifications for the
j bids, bein
uninformed of the meet-
expenditures for up-keep from time to
time, will last more than 30 years
Chandler, Supt.
Sermon at 3:30- p. m.
Jimmie McNeece, 5 years old, of
.Second avenue, was seriously burned
noon, while; placing with
I matches.

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