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Arizona sentinel. (Yuma, Ariz.) 1916-1918, June 29, 1916, Image 1

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War Imminent
MEXICO CITY, June 30. The Mexican foreign of
fice today issued a memorandum replying to Secretary of
State Lansing's note denying repeatedly the correctness
of the Washington administration's assertions and deny
ing absolutely that the U. S. has any right to maintain
troops in Mexico. The memorandum is not given as a di
rect reply to Lansing, but is considered as the equiva
lent. It expresses surpnoe that Washington is pained at
the last Mexican note, also maintaining that the U. S.
has sent many discourteous and overbearing notes to the
Carranza administration.
While Political Opponents
Declare War Executive
Keeps Cool Head
The memorandum just issued emphatically denies that
.Mexico protected bandits and defies Washington present
any proof of it. Generals Scott and Funston are accused
of bad faith and lack of honor in realms: with Minister
of War Obregon.
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, June 30. Reliable private Mexico City
advices today said Carranza and his advisers determined
to maintain Gen. Trevino's orders to attack all American
troops moving except in retirement from Mexico. No way
can be seen to avoid a break.
hundred each. There are smaller hos
pitals elsewhere.
In the Mexican cabinet a faction
is reported as urging an even more
defiant attitude and wanted to include
in reply to a renewed demand for im
mediate withdrawal of all American
troops. The only indication as to
when Carranza's reply will be receiv-i (Bv-Associated Press)
ed was Special Agent Rodger's report ! OYSTER BAY, June 30. Colonel
which said that Rodgers expected the
note Wednesday night.
(By Associated Press)
EL PASO, June 30 Gen. Gonzales
today received a report from Juarez
that a Mexican customs line rider was
shot and killed last night by an Am
erican squad firing across the Rio
Grande river into Mexico near
Ysleta, 12 miles east f here. Other
wise the tension was relieved by the
return of the imprisoned troopers.
Their stories contain reports thaht the
defacto troops protected them from
civilians, who jeered and stoned them.
Capt. Morey, still in a weakened con
dition, greeted the 23 men, who were
joyful to see him, believing he had
. been killed. Twenty-three watermel
ons awaited the troopers when they
reached El Paso.
(By Associated Press)
SAN ANTONIO, June 30 Secrecy
has been invoked in the movement of
troop trains to prevent attempts at
wrecking, which are feared.
(By Associated Press)
SAN ANTONIO, June 30. Prepar
ations are practically completed to
conserve the health of troops and at
tend to the wounded if hostilities start
as there are base hospitals here and
at Fort Bliss with a capacity of five
(By B. F. Fly.)
The czar of all czars, the
big bell-wether of the ultra
stand-patters, more familiarly
known as "Uncle Joe" Can
non, has at last sounded the
keynote for Candidate Chas.
E. Hughes. It is "War," in
great big capital letters war
to the knife, and thence to
the hilt and back again.
Arising from his seat in congress
the veteran statesman from Illinois,
who served about six terms as speaker
of the House of Representatives in
Congress, he has sounded the trumpet
to arms, thereby giving his party the
much sought-for issue in the present
presidential campaign . In no uncer
tain words he denounced President
Wilson for having failed to declare
war on Mexico, and yet "Uncle Joe"
has shown capacity enough to keep
his mouth shut until he sees we are
reasonably prepared to defend our
selves against the well organized, well
equipped, well seasoned soldiers of
our sister republic. He has had the
political sagacity to wait until almost
the entire country is aflame because
of the soldiers passing by the thous
ands to the Mexican border. He has
waited until he beheld the handwrit
ing on the wall the annihilation of
his party at the approaching election
and now, like a drowning man clut
ching at a straw he jumps into the
limelight and thunderously declares
for war.
But will he and his party gain any
thing politically by any such declara
tion? We have been standing on the
very brink of war for the past ten
days. Almost any other man on earth
except the even-tempered, even-balanced
Woodrow Wilson, would long
since have declared war on Mexico,
and by so doing would have sacrificed
thousands of innocent lives from one
end of the Rio Grande to the other,
last evening, traveling in 14 tourist J for jt hag only been witnin the last
coaches, reached Nogales today, m two or three davs that the Tjnited
States has had enough men to keep
the Mexicans from crossing and re
crossing our border at will. Instead
of unorganized bandits it would have
been organized Mexican soldiers, and
instead of a few dozen precious lives
lost at the hands of cut-throats it
would have been thousands of prec
ious lives all along the Arizona, New
Mexico and Texas border sacrificed
at the hands of Carranzistas.
President Wilson had sense enough
to see these things. Rather than see
innocent American lives snuffed out,
because of the total lack of adequate
army protection, he has permitted
himself to be ridiculed and abused by
people who are ever ready to say"sick
'im Tige," but who are not themselves
Roosevelt deluged with telegrams and
letters offering to enlist in a pro
posed volunteer army division headed
by him. All sorts of equipment is offered.
SACRAMENTO, June 30 The sec
ond regiment will probably entrain
J for Nogales tonight.
The Associated report to the Exam
iner from San Antonio, Tex., states
that the Utah field artillery of 174
members, which passed through Yuma
charge of their commander, Capt. W.
C. Webb. The battery left Salt Lake
City on last Wednesday morning.
Secretary of State Lansing talked
with Ambassador Arredondo and it
was made plain that an early reply
may be expected. The war depart
ment has construed the draft resolu
tion as authorizing the president to
draft every enrolled guardsmen into
the federal service whenever neces
sary whether the men take the federal
oath or not. Under this ruling a total
of one hundred and thirty thousand
guardsmen are immediately available
for use on the border.
into the thick of battle to back up
their ill-advised cry of "War."
Go to any army officer who has the
sense of a mosquito and he will frank
ly tell you that at the beginning of
the Mexican controversy this country
was wholly and utterly unprepared for
war, even with poor old discrepit
Mexico. We had about twenty thou
sand fighting men when Columbus
was raided by Villa and his band of
cut-throats. Had we forthwith been
so foolish as to have declared war on
Mexico at that time, or any time since
then up to a week ago, Brownsville,
Laredo, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, El Paso,
Columbus, Nogales and Douglas, with
many towns of lesser note, would have
been at the mercy of the invading
Mexicans. "The Battle Cry of Peace,"
so vividly enacted on the screens a
few nights ago, would have been eng
acted all along our border. Columbus
was indeed shackled. But under the
guiding hand of President Wilson the
dogs of war have been kept in the'r
kennels until he could muster enough
men to protect his people against
savagery, barbarism, murder, rape
and that time was never at hand un
til now. "Uncle Joe" Cannon knew
it, and wisely kept his mouth closed.
Now that he sees we are ready for
war he jumps to the front and de
mands war, so he and his party can
claim any glory that may result from
subjugating an impoverished country.
If President "Wilson can at this late
and critical date settle the Mexican
trouble without war, he will be the
greatest man America has produced
since the days of Washington. If he
cannot settle it without war, he, will
at least have shown his good sense
and judgment by waiting xindl we
were ready to successfully cope with
a very nasty problem.
(By Associated Press)
WILD WOOD, N.J., June 30. Prom
inent rabbis from all parts of the
country met here today for the twenty-seventh
Central Conference of Am
erican Rabbis. The morning today
was devoted to a meeting of the ex
ecutive board, and tonight the Con
ference will be opened with a general
session, and continue until next Fri
day. The president of the conference,
Rabbi William Rosenau of Baltimore,
will read his annual message to the
conference tomorrow evening. Dur
ing the week a number of committee
reports will be heard, Including n ie on
the Revision of the Union Prayer
Book, the Harmonization of Civil and
Religious Marriaze Laws, Survey of
Religious Conditions, and Religious
Work in Universities.
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(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, June 30. The In
terstate Commerce Commission today
ordered an investigation of the allega
tions that the American Smelting and
Refining company and the Kennecott
Copper company are enabled 6 con
trol and monopolize the Alaskan cop
per situation through transportation
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