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Arizona sentinel. (Yuma, Ariz.) 1916-1918, November 09, 1916, Image 4

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Visit the Yuma County Fair today.
A message from Republican State
Chairman Maddox at Phoenix today at
oon says Campbell's apparent major
ity over Hunt is around 2000 and the
State legislature looks strongly Republican.
People's Chocolate Dipped Marshmei:
lows are just like snow in your moutk.
They are soft and taste so good. 189 1 f.
Ed Johnson, a big brother of O. C
Johnson, the hardware man, is visiting
.ere from Los Angeles.
The temperature at 5 o'clock last
evening was 65, humidity 1S. The
maximum for the day was 70 and the
minimum 54. Splendid weather for
the good crowds attending the Yuma
County Fair.
Miss Emily Teichmann returned to
fiay from Gadsden. She visited her
Doc. Carter, the Dome mining man
was in the city today and renewed his
subscription to the Examiner for an
other year.
As the Examiner goes to press there
is a football game in grogress across
the river between the Indians and Yu
ma Union High school teams. The line
Tip for the high school is at follows:
Right end, Ocha; right tackle, Ho
fcart; right guard, J. Noriega; center,
Clayton; left guard, Brisbin; left
tackle, Kent; left end, Powers; quar
ter, J. McLay; right half, Garcia;
left half, Craine; full back, McPher-aon.
The Fourteenth infantry ball team
hd the Yuma cubs had an interest
ing practice game of baseball at Fort
Yuma this morning.
As the Examiner goes to press Yu
ma is having a holiday and everybody
la at the athletic events, a full repoit
f which will appear in the Examiner
John Fishbaugh of Somerton was
in the city today attending the Yuma
County Fair.
Sheriff Greenleaf had a close run in
the voting, but messages received yes
terday from the northern Yuma pre
cincts, not yet in, gives him more than
50 majority over Archie Griffin, who
is now the logical candidate for sheriff
two years hence. No one but Mel
Greenleaf could have beaten him this
The -man. woman or child who
misses the splendid Yuma County Fair
will regret it. Remember it is worth
going many miles to visit, and the
busy Yuma Valley farmer who faili.
to come in is unpatriotic at least.
Everybody admits that ' the exhibits
tfould do credit to a state fair.
Mrs. George A. Rockwood in charge
of the Domestic Science Department
at the Yuma County Fair is the right
woman in the place. The good women
of Yuma can learn something by a
f visit with her and the men can gel
Ideas that won't hurt them a bit.
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(Special to the Yuma Daily Examiner.)
PHOENIX, Nov. 9. There'll be the
prettiest, shapeliest and niftiest col
lection of diving girls ever gathered
together in this state performing ev
ery afternoon and evening at the Ari
zona State Fair in Phoenix, November
13 to 18, inclusive.
The charming mermaids are the
stellar attraction of the great water
carnival of the. Rice & "Wortham shows
that have been exhibiting at many
of the state fairs throughout the coun
try. All over the east the grace, abil
itv and beauty beauty of the Worthem
water nymphs have been compliment
ed upon.
If the press notices are to be be
lieved, and they are from reputable
journals in many of the East's largest
cities, the collection of diving girls
that will show here this year will ex-
, cell by far the performers of past years
at the State Fair.
Wherever they have executed their
aquatic performances in other cities
they have been the banner attraction
and have always done their "turns" be
fore capacity audiences.
Several of the girls hold diving rec
ords, long distance swimming records
and various other honors that have
been won as a result of their pronounc
ed ability. They will do all these things
in the mammoth tanks at the Arizona
State Fair.
Girls diving from high platforms on
the back of horses. Diving handcuffed
in sacks and doing a score of othei
difficult stunts, certainly will prove
the banner attraction of the water
carnival at the Arizona State Fair.
They will also swim races and ex
hibit all of the many strokes used by
the best professional swimmers.
(By Associated Press.)
PEKING, Nov. 9. Military leaders
from the Various provinces have just
held a conference at Hsochowfu in
in Kiangsu province, which threatens
the existence of the present govern
ment should the parliament persist in
its efforts to restrict the power of the
military, Gen. Chang Hsun, who is
probably the most feared of all the old
time military leaders in China, called
the conference, and many of the news
papers which are in sympathy with the
present parliament charge that Tuan
Chi-jui, the premier, is in sympathy
with the position taken by the military.
The conference declared that party
politics is displacing all desire for
peace and harmony under the present
government, and that the national
assembly which is now wrangling in
Peking has accomplished nothing and
is being manipulated by political lead
ers, "who would be willing to sell their
country if they were able to attain
their selfish ends."
It was the chief purpose of the con
ference to form a military union for
the checking of violent characters and
the preservation of peace. While the
military conference favored the prin
ciple of having a national assembly, it
went on record as being in favor of
a dissolution of the assembly by mili
tary force should that body take steps
inimical to the welfare of the na
The conference also considered the
proposed constitution which the na
tional assembly is about to draft, and
insisted that the legislators should be
guided in framing the constitution by
the advice of experienced military
men, Chang Yao-tseng, the new min
ister of justice, was singled out as a
member of the cabinet who is wholly
unworthy to retain his position and a
protest against him was sent to the
central governmen. The objection to
the minister of justice is based on his
alleged connection with the recent
opium-smuggling case at Shanghia.
large quantities of Yunnan opium were
taken into Shanghai by an official
party, of which Chang Yao-tseng was
a member. He was officially exoner
ated, but both press and the public
regarded the official action as a white
washing and his retention in the cab
inet provoked wide criticism even be
fore the military conference took ac
The military leaders also insisted
that a competent minister of foreign
affairs should be immediately appoint
ed to look after the tangled inter
national questions which China now
Parliament and the military party
stand at opposite poles. Tuan Chi
jui, the premier, is primarily a mili
tary man and in sympathy with the
practical methods of the old-time Chi
nese who believe that the strict ex
ercise of military power is the only
means of maintaining peace in China.
President Li Yaun?hung, while primar
ily a military man, is not so strong
ly in sympathy with the military par
ty. He has endeavored to maintain
middle ground and harmonize the par
liamentarians and the military lead
ers. His success has not been marked.
While the revolutionary troubles have
been entirely quieted at Canton and in
other parts of Kwangtung province,
and the Szechuen situation is no long
er threatening, there is general dissat
isfaction throughout China with the in
action of parliament, and a clash be
tween the parliament and the military
is freely predicted.
The Al G. Barnes big four-ring wild
animal circus will be here Wednesday,
November 15, and will give perform
ances at 2 o'clock and 8 o'clock.
The entertainment offered is pro
duced vith a large troupe of educated
wild and domestic animals, said to be
the largest collection of this character
ever assembled in one lot. In variety
this animal actor tropue ranges in
animals from the huge African ele
phant to the tiniest pony in all the
world. Keeping in mind that circus
goers expect some "thrill" spots on the
program, this season's act schedule for
the Barnes' shovs corries some of the
most exciting spectacles imaginable.
Great groupes of ferocious wild ani
mals are used in this presentation.
Thirty of the fiercest African lions
being performed by one man. Thirty
grizzly, cinnamon and polar bears are
shown in another ect. Tigers, leopards
and jaguars are also used in feats to
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Yuma, Wednesday, Nov. 1 5
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Wertrt ChsllSHB
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nQn -lions-Oh
tf (N OWE ACT vlv
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glittering, New, Mile-Long Street Parade at 1 0:30
Exhibitions Daily, Rain or Shine, 2 sad 8 P. II. Doors Open, 1 and 7

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