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The Arizona kicker. [volume] (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1893-1913, November 29, 1893, Image 2

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. cut rue bates
One year. $4 00
Sir months 2 50
delivered by carrier to any part of
Uiecity for 35 cents per month.
"Tiik new tariff bill has placed fresh
beef on the free list. Whet is to pre
vent the fattening of cattle in Sonora,
and the shipment of dressed beet in
refrigerator cars to.the eastern mar
kets! C. B. Mixa jind C. It. Hakes have
removed from the board of asylum
commissioners by Gov. Hughes. So
says the Gazette. Our governor will
soou bo accorded the reputation of
possessing a backbone akin to that of
Grover Cleveland. He does what he
thinks best and lets the howlers
The charges preferred against L. C.
Hughes to delem his confirmation last
spring aro being rehashed and dished
out to the public as news. President
Cleveland was made acquainted with
the dart side of Governor Hughes'
life from boyhood to the time he sent
his name to the senate. He weighed
the source from whence the charges
came, and made the appointment in
the face of them. It is utter nonsense
to suppose that a second edition of
the same stuff will have any effect up
on the administration.
The Star of yesterday publishes a
lengthy article which places the Gaz
ette in a most unfavorable light. It
has long been hinted at that the Re
publican party is at the head of the
Gazette and is using it to abuse and
disrupt the Democracy of the territory.
The Star gives facts and for the first
time makes public rumors .which have
been in Democratic mouths for six
months past. The Republican party
coutains some ingenious wire pullers
and their method of using the Gazette
would be in keeping with some of
their past political cunning-.
The man who entertains the idea
that Tombstone is not to play an im
portant part in the future history of
southern Arizona, is short sighted.
Property owners who allow their
buildings to fall to pieces are losing
the compound interest which will be
paid on the capital invested within a
period of two or three years. Silver
will not down: before Cleveland's ad
ministration shall havo passed its
allotted time tlie white metal will be
recognized all over the world on a par
with gold. Then Arizona will take
her place again in the front rank of
wealth producing sections of the
world, and Tombstone will be the
brightest gem within her confines.
The introduction into Arizona of a
colony of Italians by Governor Hughes
is but a start in the right direction.
Arizona will remain uusettled for
another century unless the sentimen
tal theory of settling "Arizona with
Americans" is shelved. Go where you
will over the United States, and it will
be found that all of the great states
of the union north of Mason fc DixonV
line were settled by emigrants from
the old country.
The arid lands of Arizona will never
be populated with residents of the
United States and the sooner this fact
is reatized the better. Let some of
those who think differently prove it
by their acts. Let them colonize our
valleys with eastern farmers, but until
they make a move in that direction
let them not throw cold water on the
efforts of others who are working in
the direction of populating our deserts
with a hardy race of people who can
and will make them bloom. -
As executive officer to execute the
affairs of his office in a manner th.it
will be satisfactory to the people to
whom he is accountable for his acts,
must be surrounded by only those in
whom he can place the most implicit
confidence. President Cleveland and
his cabinet must fully understand
tach other or the machinery of the
government must be repaired by th
rejection of the objectionable piece,
and their replacement by timber
which trill adjnst itself to the circum
stances by which it is surrounded.
What is true of the national adminis
tration is also true of the territorial
administration. Any man who holds
a position under it and is not in ac
cord with its policy must either re
sign or be convicted by public opinion
of crime beside of which that ot
Benedict Arnold was comparatively
immaculate. No appointee or the
employe of an appointee of the ex
ecutive should be harbored for a day
who it not thoroogly and sincerely in
mecmi wife ifaajsrritoriftl trlmlniHxa-
.From Monday's Daily.
Fifty tramps went cast yesterday
over the S. 1. road.
Chas. Melviu is back from Tucson,
suffering from au attack of la grippe.
John C. Fall is reported to be im
proving rapidly at Los Angeles under
the care of Dr. Monk.
Taxes will becomo delinquent on
Dec. 18th. A penalty of five per cent
will be added after that date.
A lien of L. 0. Shattuck on proper
ty of E. G. Norton nt Iiisbee was filed
for record today. Claim, $3GC.
The sale of tho Walsh estate to P.
McMahon and the contirmalian of the
sale were papers filed for record to
day. Rev. Father Dilly will occupy the
pulpit at the Catholic church next
Sunday. Ho held eerviceg at Nogales
Out of seveial candidates examined
at Phenix lust week for admittance to
the bar at Phenix, but one pas-ed, Mr.
It is said that the recent snow
which fell on the Mohave desert is the
first within the memory of the oldest
inhabitant in that locality.
George II. Carroll, vice president of
the Bank of Tombstone, is in town.
He will remain for several days before
returning to his West Virginia hom?.
Wjti. Brophy came over this morn
ing from Bisbee on business connect
ed with the sale of the property of the
Walsh estate, of which he is the ad
ministrator. E. W. Perkins is back from an ex
tended trip through the northern part
of the territory. He thinks Yavapai
will bo a good section after the snow
stops fl)iag. He will remain here
during the winter.
Frank . Dabney of Loueiana ha
been appointed consulting engineer
on the boundary commission between
this country nnd Mexico.
Mrs. W. J. Lindsey, of Bisbee, is
visiting Tombstone. She is a witness
in the Miller case, the defendant hav
ing worked at the Kane ranch for
quite a period of time.
The people of Colorado favor slate
coinage of silver. It is just as plaus
able as the issuing of state bank cur
rency, to whicli policy the Democracy
pledged its nominee at the Uot presi
dential election.
A mob of Mexicans at Casita station
Sonora, stoned Supt. Richards' private
car on Friday night, breaking nearly
every window in it. Mr. Richards
was not injured, although come of the
misiles came uncomfortablv near his
head. Those
were drunk.
composing the mob
Trice's Minstrels will show at
Schieffelin Hall next Monday evening.
They havo received very favorable
(-notices from the principal journals of
the Pacific coast, and if as good as
the press notices say they must be
lirst das;. J here are ten people lry
the show. The town will be billed
tomorrow. S
Big amounts of money have changed
hands during the past week across the
poker taUe and faro game. One high
roller broke the only faro game in
town Saturday and opened a game of
his own. -The owners of the defunct
game turned the taMes on their late
victor and pulled $1200 from his bant
account over and above what he had
won from tbem the night previous. V
Thanksgiving turkeys are arriving
by express from Kansas. Northern
Arizona is shipping carloads of live
turkeys to California. Kansas sup
plies the Salt River valley with a
large proportion of the eggs consumed
there, while butter is shipped out
and in. A recent passenger through
Maiicopit mentions the fact that he
saw cases of butter consigned to Phe
nix from Kansas, while under the
same roof were consignments of but
ter going to El Paso from Phenix.
There is a screw loose somewhere.
Wasted A good live agent to can
vass for-Martin's World'sFair Album
Atlas." Address ..
The Ievisc Co.. r-ncenix, Ariz.
Labrosse In Tombs'one, Nov. 27, by
Justice Koska, at ilie brides resi
dence, Frank Labrosse to Hiss
Man Jfajt.
Ol Honrtl of tiupet-Ylnorsi of
fochlve Counir.
Nor. 23. 1803.
9:30 o'clock a. m.
pursuant to adjourn
Present Chairman Perking and
Supervisors Nichols and Clark.
Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved.
Upon request J. A. Koska, justice of
the peace of pre:inct No. 1, was
granted leave of absence of sixty days,
dating from the 15th day of December
1S!3. Yeas, Perkins and Nichols,
Clark absent.
Board took recess to II a. m. this
11 o'clock a. rn.
Board of supervisors met pursuant
to adjournment.
Same members present.
Board engaged in checking treasur
er's reports.
Board took recess to 2 p. m. this
2 o'clock p. m.
Board convened pursuant to ad
Same members present
A. T. Schuster appeared before the
board asking for a reduction of his
taxes on the ground that portion of
his stock had died since being as
sessed. Notice of withdrawal from bond of
W. S. Tucker, notary public, by John
Duffy was read. On motion it was
ordered that the communication be
received and Mr. Tucker be notified to
file new bond within ten days.
The following claims were allowed
and warrants ordered drawn on the
treasurer for the amounts:
C W Leach, grand jury certifi
cate $12 30
J H Shattuck, grand jury certi
ficate 25
J V Honell, grand jury certifi
cate 25 50
D A Macncil, grand jury certifi
cate, assigned 57
M J Brown, grand jury certifi
cate, assigned 25
II D Simon, interpreting before
grand jur 2 00
By unanimous vote board adjourned
to 9:30 o'clock a. m., Nov. 27.
W. K. Pebkisp,
Nat Hiwke,
Nov. 27.
9:30 o'clock a.m.
pursuant to adjour 3
Present Chairman Perkins and Su
pervisors Nichols and Clark.
Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved.
A petition from local butchers was
read, asking that J. F. Duncan be ap
pointed live stock inspector for Tomb
stone district.
On motion the petition was received
'and Mr. J. F. Duncan was appointed
Hive stock inspector of Tombstone dia-
I trict by unanimous vote of the Board.
A communication from F. C. Nel
son in relation to the raise made in
his assessment on property situated
in Bensou, by the board of equaliza
tion, asking reduction to original as
sessment, wag received.
On motion the clerk was instructed
to notify him that tbe board could
take no action in the matter.
On motion unanimously ordered to
take a recess to 2 p. m. mis day.
2 o'clock p. m.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. '
Same members present.
Bp ird was engaged the balance of
the day in examining treasurer's re
port, etc.
On unanimous vote of the members
present board adjourned to 9:30 p. m.,
Nov. 28, 1893.
W. K. Vf.vsF,
Nat Hawse,
Files, ischlssc Piles
Symptoms Moist jreintenseitching
and stinging, most at night; worse by
scratching. If allowed to continue
tumors form which often bleed and
ulcerate becoming very sore. Swatxb'
Ointment stops the itching and bleed
ing, heals ulceration and in most
cases removes the tumors. At drag
gists or by mail for 60 cents Dr
wayne & Son. Philadelphia.
P. McMahon pnrcbased the T.F.
Walsh estate today ia the probata
eewt far 13,000.
Court ltesn.
The case of tbe Territory vs. Booth
was continued for the term today on a
motion of the district attorney, who
stated to the court in an embarassed
manner that the prosecuting witness
was in a condition which would not
allow her to testify at this term of
court. An investigation of the mean
ing of the district attorney's words
proved that Miss Winnie King had
given birth this morning tj a healthy
girl baby at her rooms in the San
Joso house and that the mother and
child were doing well.
Tbe case of tho Territory vs. Robin
son, charged with manslaughter in
having killed a fellow soldier at Lone
Star ranch near Huachuca, was dis
posed of without tho necessity of the
jury retiring. The witnesses failed to
show that Robinson had acted other
wise than in a justifiable manner in
killing his assailant. The judge, after
Robinson had testified in bis own be
half, instructed the jury to find a
verdict of not guilty, which was done
in open court.
The case of the Territory vs Quarles
was next called and a jury was secured
at 2 o'clock without difficulty. The
case is on trial at present and is a
case of unlawfully killing cattle at Ft.
' File XhU Notice.
The following blank notice is fur
nished by the Mining a"d Scientific
Press as a proper one to be filed by
those who desire to take advantage
of the recent act passed for the re'ief
of miners owning mining claims upon
which they do not wish to do assess
ment work for this year:
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned,
owner of the..... mimiig claim, S'tuated
in... ....... ..mining district ..county.
being desirous of taking th benefit of the act of
Congress. enuI d 'An Act to amend ectlon
2324 of the Revised 5ututes 01 the Un ted
States, rrlatmg to mining claims." approved
November , 1893 hereby declare that
in good faith, intend to hold and work said
Witness our hands this. .....day of
A. D. 1893. Signatnre
The law does not require an affida
vit in filing this notice.
IIOTi:i. Aft" M,1
W K Perkins, Bisbee.
K A Nichols. Willcox.
Job Atkins, Oakland.
H C Boone. Phenix.
Mrs W J Lindsey, Bisbee.
Geo F Buffam, St. Louis.
W H Brophy, Bisbee.
The main feature of the new Demo
cratic tariff bill is the adoption of
ad valorem duties in place of specific
duties wherever practicable. It it
will place an ad-ralorem instead of a
specific duty on cattle it will hare
done a gcod turn for Arizona.
The first professorship of history
"Tis established at Oxford in 1724.
Spain, in 1SS5, had 31.SS0 schools,
SC.0O0 teachers and 1,813,000 attendance.
The United states has 115 medical
schools, reirular, eclectic and homeo
pathic The total income from all sources of
the American colleges in 1&91 was S10,
801,018. The first town school in this country
was opened for business in Hartford,
Conn., in 1G42.
The most celebrated rabbinical
schools were those of Jarnnia, taught
by Gameliel, of Tiberias, Alexandria,
Babylon and Jerusalem.
A steam bicycle has made its appear
ance in Conn any.
A Topeka man claims to have discov
ered a liquid which will tarn negroes
into white men.
A machine for making1 mortar has
been for some months in successful
operation in Philadelphia.
A rouit-sEATED bicycle has been
made by H.J. Vom Scheldt, of Buffalo,
N. Y. On it he takes his three chil
dren on t riding; one sea ted behind him,
and two in front.
Todacco, cigars, cigarettes and the
nsnal mixture are forbidden from en
tering" New Zealand by parcels post.
The Swiss post office conveys any
thing1 from a postal card to barrels of
wine, scythes and bundles of old iron.
Sotrrn Acstealia's revenue receipts
for the past twelve months were iS,
sSO.000, a decrease of 20,000 as com
pared with the previous year. Victoria's
receipts were 0.005,000, a decrease of
700,000 as compared with last year.
TnE French government has jnst
created, in the nature of an experi
ment, a postal service by camel express
in the French territory of Obosh and
the Somali coast. In connection with
this bervicc a special provisional stamp
will be issued, the value being' five
Oar business property store fixtuers
safe, lamps, etc., for sale. Inquire for
pstftiealsvi at or.ee.
A. Coax B0
Whether quaffed
from a vessel of
tin, class or gold;
There 'snotliingso J
good for the young
or Uu. old cs
JURoot Beer
A delicious, health
giving, thirst-satisfying
beverage. A
temperance drink for
temperance people.
Asc- picltar mals 5 colons. "
Sold and Enjoyed Everywhere
ASSAY OFFICE No laboratory
EttiMltStd In ColsrmS. CCC Sinip'rt br mail or '
Ire iu recetvr prompt and errfu! fcUentton f
".old & Silter Bullion u2&j;$?y!Sgt i
Ail-KJ, IT33 t 1733 L:fr:ft,E!.t Zs.
The Sower
Has no Mfond chance. Tbe
first supplw bis arls If be
loLts uw le precaution of
Ferry's Seedsi
. 1 rrv ru Annual. rorivj
r autialii ui ltir uut-ii ana tt
' lnrormMtionatout(ar(lRsani
(lansenlnz. It is a rvcotmlz!
aJiboity. Kery planur tbouki
have it. hent ireronreoucst.
r D. M.KEnV A COM IMrt, Uteb.X
G. Gloger, Druggist, WatertOTrn,
Wis. This is the opinion of a man
who keeps a drug store, sells all
medicines, comes in direct contact
with the patients and their families,
and knows better than anyone else
how remedies sell, and what true
merit they have. He hears of all
the failures and successes, and can
therefore judge: "I know of no
medicine for Coughs, Sore Throat,
or Hoarseness that had done such ef
fective work in my
Coughs, family as Boschee's
Sore Throat. SaiSS
Hoarseness, at my store, who was
suffering from a very
severe cold. She could hardly talk,
and I told her about German Syrup
and that a few doses would give re
lief; but she had no confidence in
patent medicines. I told her to take
a bottle, and if the results were not
satisfactory I would make no charge
for it. A few days after she called
and paid for it, saying that she
would never be without it in future as
few doses had given her relief." '
KTCrrllAN who would
I ?4l "H
OM Nrretn and the New Iirurerie of Medical bciencfc hm applied ta
Married Life, ihonld write for our nondrrful little bonk ealled
A TIIEATI"E KMt MKN ONLT." Toany earnest man we will mall ono
copy Entirely Frff, In plain tealed corer. A refaro from ibe quae-"
-x '$--.T L-J
Price or Qaeens Antl-ITalrlne fi. per bottle, fent in aafe ty malllnz boxe. poitare raid by lis (scurt ly
aealed from otxerration). Send mmiey or p tamps by letterwltb full addrea written tlainiy. cr,,?-ponden-eirjctlyctnfldentlal.
Thtsi adTertlement 1 honett and stralcLt forward In frrrr ';
contains. Welnrlteyon Uda1 with o and yon will find eretthlnir aa repiwrited Cut tblj; utana
Ddl-xlay. Address QUEEN CHEMICAL CO., 174 Race Street, CINCINNATI, O. J m i "
redder yoar letter at any root Office toinsore itsaafe delivrry. e will pay o for any cac
of fall are or allchtest Injury to any pnrchaer.
5 D CPI 1 1 -To ladle wbo fntrodae and n amonc tbelr friend- 25 Bottle er aaeen' B"-"!i"i"i
oftbUL we wlU oresent wtta 8ILK DRESS. 1ft yard best ailk Extra trae Bottl and aaaplM
rsTssTsWsWsWswM of ilX to select from ae&t itn order. Oood Salary or Commirta to Agent.
The H. C. pteeit Mannfactomg Co. .
Buggies and Carriages.
Road Carts and Harness.
the best coocsronjan zzozmv."
Our work Is fully warrantod. Is cf excellent material and finish, and
moderate) In price. Our lino of Cussles Is very complete.
Wo mako a specialty of Hand end Machlno Made Hamoas.
W Ite for Prices. Address,
ilaMnl llest JIc!Icl MU1 ltii feisht
MnittK Cured In Two Mouthb
Ly Cat", vur.i Si -ns-fJI ..
TTiIl- ("! tM .eVlof ro!ilmtl Kcztma
, t 1 1 'i 1 1 iru lt ic.di
l , t I . t .M, ill l. 'Ih iltllfl
wfrtt-r . s ,,uii f I'rf I-jsjI flebl
. t v - Ut !' Of
X . tal
A 1 e 1 i:.c
h t . - 1 ar'K. h
I t . 1 J IW BV.'ui
1 d -"- . d ci, in
. d ri. n-- ll
fj iiMh : y d,
t- H'El 1tt1 iSiC IM
, A (.rsva-! ntct.ltu tifwr
A f X. IH i'i'J J tM(of
n,, -, it ti any jwrt f IC
'- lr.! '11 1( oTwhrr-
trVh! th !IA- "ith inner 'iTere?. bi ttu'4
on, y "U"I dww 'Ii n- kloI f-U
ml . Et.ft'uUiFr)trtJ(ty ii.uh'jrttl. lt
. 11'ik.nlu C'TMIHA 1:j.weuie. Couul lI.- hi
tiSj:T4ti ejrth that would cjue a father to r
I , - It v !)v ould be v. 1m- the little inikomit co
co ihl h aw ! n mly at MimI. C iwrtrutt
t-nru'J ) J. A. MCOLUrf, UJuLtr HiU, IaJ.
, Vi llva trcuifM to me fiUhfiuonteerfrta
t ft sh 1 i i.tJ ei.ui)kl tr(Mttirit troRi m-iny
.M tlocioi. A a reuUr M. I), SKqM halo
ijit'n 11I unl'artreit sriiM'tilthotijbt It ulc4.
- ,-Ut It OO 'l TK I Rt. 'I to t hikl U U4f I.
C !. ilK.VM ,M. U.Ihwu, la.
' Cuticura Resolvent
1 1 lie iu't ituju unu rkin tiriuvr 1 iicmuj , juj
. i mil; a, t!i tri t i (u c, trA C'ltiura
co .r. tin. ( tqui- o 1 1 lautiiWr, external! a In
intly re irve rt u ,-4lily t tit jrry dieaaDJ
1 fctimorof th nkin, "-i!p. ad brsud, llh ioas ol
, i-.- Xicd iJji.ii to-c,f.fcii fpra to:rofaU.
Po I r ery. e-e. Trl-e.C rfiR, -Vr.j Foap,
1 ' , I:iiilui !.!. lr tinfl oy thrurrca
Un it JLU Cl i.XU u OI.I EUTIUN, ltOtCn.
j jj-? 1forIloitoi kln Iie-4scfC4
nz't iri ira-t-itW.il", niJ 1 0 te.'HHiU.
nifJV'O FkinaittlNcalp nrifirtl tl lciscined
0r!3l U LyCtTH i.-f. AUjtuwtypu.-.
&tyl K'Jne; J Vtene Vv anU Weat.
V? 1C rfl nt-i rf-Ls t rrna nlr.nft liv th
Cnthnr- A nil-li In riatr. t!ia
For Sale Cheap.
1 Hoe G revolution, power
7 col. press and complete
newspapei plant.
1 Franklin-Gordon large
size quarter-medium job press
and complete job office.
ne Washington Vand
press and complete newspa
per outfit.
All of the above for 25
cents on the dollar. This ma
terial is stored in Tombstone,
and has been used but little.
Propositions to paj' part cash
will be considered. For fur
ther particulars address
S. C. Bagg,
Tombstone, Ariz.
Agents Wanted. Free prepaid
outfit to energetic men. Scvcrm oi
our salesmen have eirned from $70 to
$100 a week for years past. I'. O. xox
371, Jfcw YorK C-22
kDOWtheGIIAXnTUmi.S.tho Plain TMf ihn
In rompounditu a aolotlon a psrt km ncctdentiy rrllled f-a tfe J atvt
and nn wwttifnir aft-rwki-d linaa d.M-utrird that the Leir ua r m
plst?ly rBioTs?d. We at oorr pui this wcndcrlLl rrt-parattcn rnti-o
ma.rkt and an great bxtx-rn tbdemaEd ttiat uearei w f atpmIc lrr
Ittbroogbout ine world under tLebaicecl ljuft-u'st Antl-llairiue,
Iy the balr over and arp'TilmlTtcre fora few irfccfa, ar1 trr
hair disappear! a t bj maste itLont tbe illbtest pain cr iuJlo I t
applied or ever alien ard- J t UcDllke anTotuer rrrfaraucit ct -r rn d
for like nnrpm. Tbnand ef IUII tuliave Urnirrc 4
with hair on their FA Cl MXK rl AISMs attest Its trttiia.
ETI,K31I:N wbo do not arrreriatea tard or bairm their net tt
find aprlcelcss boon In Queen Anti-Hnirlne vb'rh does a.y
wtihShsrlno h Hti.srln Its fnfnr pmltth an Cllt T ImrxjPSlbility.
Krery bottle cuaranteed-
IS k M Wnt Late ttwt, CWCAN, RL

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