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Tombstone. Cochise Conntr. Arizona.
EftTCaCS HI TMt fOtT ornci At ICONMIAM lUTTf a.
FVom Tuttday'i Daily.
Win. McFarland catuo back from
Phenlx to lay.
Nick Noble has a fine displaj
Rood things (or Tliankg&hiug.
W. T. Cooper and V. K. Hunter of
Dos Cabezas are registered at the
Tomb-tone has a cattle impector at
last. Let us trust that he will not
have such a stormy time as the in
spector who did business at Tucson.
Mrs. Vic Wi'son is present at the
trial of Evans at Fresno lor the mur
der of brr husbaud. She attracts
much attention in the court room.
Thomas Detine, who is at the coun
ty hospital, is suffering from a cancer
on bis mouth. Ho is over sixty years
of age and will probably neer leave
that institution.
Judge Biker will be called upon to
decide in a day or two whether the
town of Yuma is in California or
Arizona. If the former should bo the
case some tery peculiar complications
will arise.
The Rev. Father liuchause and the
Gampa agents for the Italian colony
negotiated for by Governor Hughe,
arrived in Yuma yesterday morning
and are negotiating for lands for their
people. Their plan is to put five hun
dred families of ;rape erowers into
Arizona this fall and winter.
The report that President Cleland
is to dictate the nomination of con
gressmen at the next Democratic
nominating conventions throughout
the country is a piece of twaddle that
should not recti e serious consider
ation from sensible men. Although
he ruiebt bo willing to do to, the ot
ers are'not inclined to have it that
Slateltwotl Convention.
Judge C, W. Wright was clnsen
permanent chairman and Chas. K.
Hofl", secretary. Ten of tho counties
were represented.
David Colin, Col. Win. Herring and
iJ. K. Monk represented Cochise
Committees were appointed to facil
itate the transaction of business.
Much enthusiasm was manifested. It
will be jeveral days before the final
adjournment takes place.
Conn Itrma
Bryant vs. Bryant, decree of divorce
granted by default.
Territory vs Quarles Jury found a
verdict of not guilty.
Reilly vs McLean, default entered.
Motion to appoint receiver prevailed
Hawke vs Monmonier dtmurrer
of defendant overruled,
Wardwell vs Keilly et al demurrer
Wentworth vs Hawke argued and
taken under admisement.
The case of the Teiritory vs Tappio
having been tried before a jury and
the jury being unr.ble to agree upon i.
verdict, the district attorney moved a
dismissal, which was granted by the
court, and defendant was discharged
from custody.
Territory vs Miller on trial. Jury
given a recess pending the arrival of
two defaulting witnesses, Cox and
Dec. 1st at 9 o'clock has been fixed
as the time for hearing by B. F. Tich
enir, referee, ot the testimony in the
case of Scott White vs Cojhise county.
Far sssitl Wide.
Hot on this broad continent alone,
but in malarial breeding, tropical re
gions, in Guatemala, Mexico, South
America, the Isthmus of Panama and
elsewhere Hostett r's Stomach Bitters
affords to inhabitants and sojourners
protection against malaria. The min
er, the freshly arrived immigrant, tiller
of tbe virgin soil newly robbed of its
forests by the axe of the pioneer, find
.jo the superb anti-febrile epecifis a
Preserver aeainst the poisonous raia-
ijrbich ic vast districts rich in
natural resources, is yeflertile in dis-
cue. It annihilates disorders oi tne j ja;n,g after havingtested its wonder
stomach, liver and bowels, fortifies I juj CQratiTe powers in thousands of
those who use it aeainst rheumatic
ailments bred and fostered by outdoor
exposure; infuses genial warmth into
a frame chilled by a rigorous temper
ature, and robs of their power to harm
morning and evening mists and Tipors
laden with liurtfulness; strengthens
tbe weak and conquers incipient kid
ney trouble.
Hum is falling all over California
Yale beat Hartford at foot ball on
Helen (Sould is engaged to L. S.
Thorn, third vice president of tho
Texas A- Pacific K. E.
The revolutionists are reported to
bae attacked and repulsed the Mexi
can troops on Saturday bclo'v Dcruing.
Congressman O'Niel of Philadel
phia, who has ccned his district in
congress twenty -eight years, died yes
terday. Cleveland is said to bo at the irad
ol a syndicate to control the nomin
ation of Democratic congressmen
next fall.
A family feud at Seymore, Indiana,
yesterday resulted in the deaths of
five members of oue of the families.
The Mexican government is con
structing a rcvenuecuiterat Acapulco
to patrol the western cuaet for smug
glers. Several vessels are being built
for the goiernment at various points.
Schaefer and Ie have signed an
agreement for another billiard match
to be plajtd in January. The con
ditions are ldrntical with the game
just plajed, except the anchor nurse,
which is barred.
General rains have fallen over the
northern part of California, north of
Fresno, over Xetada, Utah, Oregon
and Washington. San Francisco re
ports the heaiiest rainfall on the Pa
cific slope, 1.03 inches.
Ponderly's resignation as Grand
Master Workman of the Knights of
Labor has been accepted. J. R. Sov
ereign of Ion a has been elected to
succeed him and an entirely new ex
ecute e board has been chosen.
Senator Teller is in Mexico on a
mission for the friends of silver. He
is the guest of the minister of finance
and will consult with the government
upon the best plan of action to bring
about a bette. understanding on the
silver question.
Tramps turned a switch on the S. P.
road just outside of San Francisco
yesterday, and caused a bad wreck.
Two engines and a long freight train
were wrecked. A passenger train
came within an ace of being wrecked
with the freight.
Prof. Ward of Rochester, New York,
who owns the Coronado Beach mus
eum, has just sold his natural cceince
collection at Uip World's Fair for tho
Columbian mueum. The sum of
$100,000 in cash was paid for it, the
largest sum ever paid for a natural
science collection.
While the government
tronnn were!
marthing up from Ascencion to the
border, they are attacked by the rebels
in ambush in Boca Grande county.
early Thursday morning. The sol
diers were surrounded and sustained
hevy losses.
Saladin won the first heat in a race
with Directum yesterday. Directum
wuii in the second. Time in both
heats2:lli Directum won in the
third heat by a length, under the
whip; time 2:11 J Directum won the
fourth heat and race in 2:12.
A dispatch from Teherca says
twelve thousand persona perished in
the earthquake at Kuctiau. Ten
thousand bodies have already been
recovered and two thousand are still
in the ruins. Fifty thousand cattle
havo been di-stroyed so fkr. Tho
shocks still continue.
A duty is to be placed on silver ore
ana bullion if the silver men are
strong enough to bring it about. In
the ser-ate, if tne plans of those who
have the matter in hand do not mis
carry, the effort to secure this nnova-
tion will be made in connection with
the metal schedule, and it will be
coupled with the item concerning lead
and silver lead ores. The purpose of
this iiovement is to prepare a way
for the free coinage of American pro
duct ef silver.
CB,siBiitB rarest
An old pbysicUn, retired from prto
tee, haying bsd placed id bis hsudt
tbaoeKast India missiorisry tbe form
ala of n simple vegetable remedy for
by speedy and permanent care of Cos-,
nmption. Bronchitis. Catarrb, Asth
ma and all Throat and Lurjg Affections
and a positive and radical core for
. T -tlfa.a all a? vAnas fm .
P.erTOiiSLeoHiij.nu auicnwu wv
cases, has felt it his flaty
to make it
known to his Raftering fellows. Actu
ated by this uotire and a desire to re
lieve human suffering. I will send free
of charge, to all who deaire it. this re.
reipe. in German. French cz English
ith fall directions for preparing and
using. Sent by mail by addressing
with stamp naming this paper. W. A
Kojes, 820 Power's Slock, "Rochester
ar.x i.i8,i wr.
oclile Coal.
Prof. Comslock of tho University
has been on a tisit to the coal fields
of the Chiricahu. mountains 1 ire be
tween Fort Bonie and Galeywlle.
These coal fields have attracted much
attention in preious years. They
were worked by the Copper Queen Co.
and alto by Tombstone capitalists,
who gave them up after spending con
siderable money on them. The Citi
zen in speaking of the coal, sajs:
Dr. Comstock brings back with him
unmistakable evidences of the exist
ence of coal in a bed lite or six feet in
thickness, in a situation which leaves
co doubt of its close relation to the
anthracite coal of Pennsylvania. An
alyses will be ma e at once in the
school of mines laboratory, but the
fuel qualities of this semi-anthracite
hate oeen already proted to be good.
In Its Worst Form"fT7ittC
Siidtiny" Cured.
The rensrliit. eflVtt ot Hood's Fwir
i:i la tbe followla; rue Illustrates tlie ouer
ot this medicine orer all blood dlwfcwt
" Jlx .on, 7 years olJ. had a white swe'l
tnz coi-c on Ml ricM ez below the ince.
lilch n.ntrjfceted the nmelc to tLat M Wz
tins dravru up at right &n;Ie. 1 hjf'cUni
laurel the swclllns. which discharged trft'r,
but did not help him materially. I ruu.ld
ered him
A Confirmed Cripple.
X was about to take htm to Cincinnati for sa
o;rsiioi.cxicctlB: his les would tare t. t o
taken o!T. and Lczanclrln; tins Hood s tan a
j artlla in order to tet up his ctrensta. The
medicine wcle up his appetite, and scion
pieces ot bene were discharged from tbe o-e.
v.e continued nltb Hood'sSansrarIlla.asIt
teemed to be doin; hint so much cood, aid
the dlehar70 from tbe sore decreased, the
sv-elllnz went do n. the lee straightened out,
and la s'ttf Tilths he Lad perfect uso of
bis leg. lie U now apparently- as well as
ever" Jons L-llcMctRiY, Notary l'uUlJ.
lUrenswood, TV. Va.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
o!d bydrosrfstj II: six for IV Prepared
imly by " I- llOOU 4 CO., Aro"-cttrica,
lw.'l.Mass. f
too Doses One Dollar
XO.SG3. Ar.tEI HlltVKY.
U. 3. Land OSce. Tucson, Ariz., Sept. W. 19S3.
iN Corpr Qieea CuniHlic!tprf Micin; Co.,
by Ten Wlilfun. zeol, who-e potoZce adfiree
Blbe Cocht coanty Arizona, tit made p
Dhcatiun for a patent for fi handred and forty
CTci (547) linear fe on the Jsoixri- cln, lode,
ordtrtt, birlne fold, flUer and other mlo-
t!. toceiSw With torfaee craml fjor h"irdrd
Vnd eren feet In width, tMttute in the WaircQ
Iinin District county of Cochne and Territory of
A rlxerta. and more particularly described in the lat
and fieli notes a foil nrs, aali plat and eld not
Vnns on file in thii effi e, rii:
TU pinnlrtf at Center No. 1, a pine prt In mound
of stones, post marked 11015 S, lode, from
which United Mates Mineral Monument 2o.
b.trSW4l E2J13.47 feet: tbcace ' S" 10 K
175 feet to corner No. 2, a oe pit la mound I
ctoocand marked 2-1015 S Lode; then:e':63'
37 WMTfeetto corcer o 3 a pine post in mound
ofstooe mtrkl 3 1015 b Lole. IMa Is alao
corner No. 3 Brother J bnathan lade. Thence
6" ltr W407t5!eet toorner No. 4, h.cb.iaalo
comer o. 5 Brother Johnaihaa lode, and corner No
5 Copper rullioc lode, a pine peat in moucd ot
atones marttd 4-1015 S Lode; tbence N 60- 20.
E45I feet to corner No. 5. on line S- Uayea lode,
a pine pct In ao'sod of ucsea narked 5 1C15 S
lode; thence N 25" 275.75 1 ,-ct to corner No.
aod place of bejrn'lnjr, and contil&iotf in it total
area 3 61 aerea. UapetiC variation II 40 E.
All peiwuflholdinjadrerw claims thereto are
required to present tbe ume before this office
w.iMd aUty day from the flrat day of publication
hereo. or they will be barred by Tirtne of the pro
t atone ot the alatnte. Said application if hereby
ordered lo t pibHahsd in the Tombstone Errraru
for a perlwd of tea wetVa irom date of first pobll
cation, nEEBERT BROWN, EefiUter.
B Wauavs A jecL
Si lk!
Vs $V 21 S
c t i tn .stsssBtaAi LS'f -
?3 vKaWT InfrT IKH --
z'A TrfTsSnirl lUuFirr fi"
TffaU tnethoda now la book fo-m. and for
laic. fo-'T Illustrating- his rooiV apriroved
r- edacfi: rt-sC.ts,Era-lniCaiueand
Io;s, espceiallT ItidgUne liorsra. etc. Also
h4ntln-tilropesandlnstnirocnta,and tell
Ini- the ieft after lreatmeiit o castrated
stse Venrlaportanttoallawelsosnitraajid
-aatrato-s. rrri-rlrejand tittrtlculara of book
srltebimatCbazleaton.ColMCs.tlU. j
The Tombstone Daily .
Daily lEvening
. County.
. ;IS
Newspaper In Cochise,Countyand
the OnlyrPublication that takes
S& Telegraphic Press Report.
.dependent Newspaper in Cochise
County and Southeastern
Paper hfthe County that will give
you the Political and General
News Every Evening by
Papei in Cpcliise
All subscribers to the
Daily Pkospectok or Wekk
i.y Ei'iTAi'ii who have a cattle
brand will have the same run
in the Ki'iTAi'ii without com
pensation There will also
bo devoted to the cattle inter
est one page of latest news
regarding local affairs. Re
member that a year's subscrip
tion toU tho Ki-iTAi'ii enti
tles you to a one-inch brand
advertisement in the Weekly
t'oslcffice Tombstone,
Range Oak Ctote and Antelope ranches
and Noonen ranch, north side Dragoon mts.
Cattle brand A let: hip and A left side,
lirand A It connected kept up.
Horse brand A
I'ostofnce Wilcox. Ariz,
Kanj,c Railroad 1'arL.
Cattle brand 31 left shoulder O left side H.
.eft hip.
Horse brand CO left thigh.
Other brands I. left side; A Increase
4 high up left side. O o right hip
Postoffice Wilcox Ariz.
Kange Six miles east of Tombstone.
Catt'e brand 4i right hip right side
Pos.office Tombstone.
Range Granite Springs, Dragoon mts,
Cattle brand left hip.
I'cetof&ce Tombstone Arlzors,
Kscffe ban Bernardino a&cb.
Cattle Brand X on right abcoldcr.
Horse Brand Z on npbl sbonlccr.
Postomcc Dos Cabezas Anr. i
ffRange Apache Springs. ' Left sld
Cattle brand X or WP-
Horss brand Same on left thigh
Adcress Jos- Hoefler. Tombstone Anx.
Ekangc bvlphur Spring Valley.
L Cattle brand 1. bar under, left side.
norse brana ia. on icit stiouiaer.
SAIso own bands.
IX left hip. XI on leit shoul- O i
Left Side.
der and ngnt hip.
Tostoffice Tombstone,
Range East side Huaehuca mountains.
Cattle brand Aon right hip or r ight hip
3 Postofficc Tombstone.
tKanKC hast side Huaehuca mountains,
Cattle brand 711 on left hip.
Postoffice Tewstcn, (Bowie Statien) Ariz,
Range ban Simon va.ley.
Cattle brand Ml on right side.
Postofficc Wilcox. Ariz.
Range bulphur pneg Valley.
Cattle brand i;i; left bide.
Horsebraud 12 on left flack.
Old Cattle branded 'IOO on leftside.
I'ostoffice Bisbe Anz.
Ranga South end Sulphur Spring Vallsy.
Cattle brana onunt siae.
Horse brand-
same on both hips.
& W. MOKR1&
I'cstcffice Tombsioce, Ariz.
Rarge South slope Dragoon Mts.
Cattle brand Circle J. on right side"
Hone brand bame on left hip.
Postctfice Wilcox.
Range Sulphur Spiing Valley,
Cattle brand IY left hip. Young stock
branded on hip, old stock on the side
Horse brand r Y left shoulder.
Also ow n double cioss brand with If V, some
times run A quarter circle or daxt : Run cattle
in I H brand.
Pos t office Tombstone,
Range Between Chincahna and Dragoon
nits; Steer range on Bugle and Bomta creeks
Grahaa county.
Cattle brand C left fide and Clft hip,
Hcrse brand ' left hip.
fOther brands. Circle Y on left side: Circls-
on left side; J 1" connected, on right sid
and hip; II on right side; Diamond J on left
hip; IO bar undtr, on left side and hip; 5 or
right side; S'l on left side; 13 on right side
Postoffice Wilco x.
Range San Simon alley.
Cattle brand O Owith crossbar, on eft
Old brand cR on l'ft side;
Horse bratd Arrow on left shoulder.
Poitoffice Powers, A. T, fraHey
Range RucLercan)onand headof San Simon
Cattle brand Ott bar over, on left side.
Horse brand Ott on left thigh.
Also cattle branded 1 V left side and hip and
Tli connected on leit hip. Also cattle brancUa
A on left side.
Postoffice Tomb tone.
lange Uppei ind io ra Mex
Cattle brand on right and
Also ovn 10I leit ribs or
lowing brands: tups.
W. B. TAYLOR & Co,
Postoffice Bisbee,
Range Sulphur Spring VaCey.
Cattle brand 'X' on leit side
Horse brand on left thigh.
Postoffice Torqnois, Ariz.
Range Sulpher Sprng Valley.
Cattle brand SO on left side.
Horse brand 5-as.e.
Postoffice Tombst one.
Range Millers Canjon, Huaehuca Mts.
Cattle brand A V on left side.
Horse brand Same as cattle brand.
Postoffice Wilgns. Arizona.
Rane Snlphnr Spring Valley.
Cattle Brand- IIC Connected on left hip;
On on leftside.
Ore Buyers & Samplers.
Highest market pnee paid for ores. Retmm
promptly made mtbin (ortjr-eight hours after er
eaihesonr works. Consignments solidted.
i Off CE, 1315 I6TH ST. MK8, 36TH fclAS
.d it. turn
-" j&kl

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