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Tombstone daily prospector. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1891, January 03, 1889, Image 4

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The Weekly FROsrscTOR will make
iU appearance cither this week Satur
day, or the week following. It will
be an eight column sheet, anil will
contain all tho important local events
and all the dispatches appearing in
tho Daily ruosrECTort during the
week. It will be circulated through
out tho county for the first week or
two without compensation. It will bo
tha best advertising medium in the
Territory. Its advertising rates will
bo low. Tho expense of running a
weekly is so small that the Pkostec
tor has concluded to fix prices accord
ingly. We have three columns left
for sale which can be had for the
mall sum of five dollars per column
per month. Smaller spaco at very
low figures. Call early and secure
your space.
Dnstcinx 'la.
Tor ladies and gentlemen, undcrthe
personal supervision of Shcpperd it
Trevilliau, will meet Tuesdays and
Thursdays of each week during the
winter months, at their Academy at
Mining Exchange Hall. Hours from
6 to 10 p. iu. For terms apply sit the
hall on the evenings aboc men
tioned. Soiree every Saturday even
ing. 11 4tf
At the Pony, Clam Juice. TryiL28tf
The present chilly weather makes it
Incumbent on the average man to
wear an overcoat.
An immense lot ol new goods in
the line of wall paper, crockery and
Glassware just received at Bagg's.
The elegant music box at Brown's
will be rallied on Saturday night, Jan.
6th. Onlv a few chances left. l-l-3t
George II. Daily will leavo for Pres
cott to-dy. He is the advance guard
for the Cochise delegation to tho legis
Mrs. H. S. Thomas having returned
from the East is ready to again resume
her music classes. Terms as hereto
fore. Bwidentv cjrE-GWnirJ-sIreCr,
" between Saflbrd and Bruce. 12-9lf
Herman Berkhauer has commenced
suit in the District Court to recover
$360 from the San Pablo Mining Co.,
which he claims is due him for wages.
Look into the show window as you
pass the Arizona Music Store and sec
th fino Christmas presents at Eastern
prices. 12 14tf
The members of the St, Cecilia
Club and their husbands, together
with those eligible for husbands, were
entertained last evening by Miss Hart
at her home on Fifth street.
Arnold's Wood Yard and Express
Tfagon. Orders left at Walker'a cigm
tore or Fitts' store promptly attended
to. C. IL Arnold, corner Eighth and
Bafford streets. 11 27
At the horp race on new year day
the roan horse won, the Mormon
horse making a close fight. Bettin;
was not heavy, and very little excite
tnent was manifested over the race.
A sea bath at home can be had by
buying a package of Ditman's Sea
Salt at Yonge'a Drng Store. 121tf
Nw Year's Day was spent In a very
qniet manner in Tombstone. A large
number of ladies kept open house dur
ing the afternoon and evening, and
calling was quite general.
Don't fail to see the fine assortment
of Holiday Goods at the Arizona Mu
sic Store. . 12 Utf
Tha San Pablo and San Lais Min
ing and Seduction Co. are having a
little trouble. An attachment has
ob placed on their stock of goods in
transit to the mine, and which at pre
sent are at Fairbank.
The Palace Hotel is bow better than
ever prepared to accommodate thefpub-
lic. Tha only two-story hotel in the
city. First class in every respect and
furnished throughout in elegant shape.
Toughnut and Fifth street. Visitors
- to Tombstone should ask to b left at
tha Palace.
IsVaCtf Mks. Birrux, Proprietress,
The following instruments wers
filed for record in the Recorder's office
yetiterday :
State of Texas, formerly Chicago,
Huachuca mountains, K. Van Dorn.
'89, formerly Iroquois, Warren dis
trie, S. C. Robinson, also millaitc
Alta, Tombatono district, relocation
of Eoyal Arch, J. S. Hundley and Sam
I uas.;nl.
Abe Lincoln, relocation of Leslie,
Tombstone district, Harry Tien.
Xew Years Day, formerly Lima
Consolidated, Tombstone district, Jas.
McDonnell and Dan Cleary.
Hanocr, Tombstone district, Ed.
Dashford, relocation of Mctalic Ac
cident, Tombstono district, O. L. Dash-
Xetlie, Tombston district, E. C.
Cumiuiugs, O. L. Cash ford.
rittsburg, Warren district, Henry
Forrest, T. A. Singleton, Charles Hen
lien. Josephine, Warren district, reloca
tion of Raymond, H. Dubacher.
Silver First Chance, relocation of
Adriatic, Tombstone district, John
Of John H. Thed.
Kordhoff, who wrote the first book
on southern California, which was re
ceived by tl-e Californians with so
much delight, and was read by almost
everybody who wished to learn of the
resources of the Golden State, is now
in Lower California. We may expect
something in the near future from his
pen which wiil startle us regarding
the resources of this new country.
Tha Lower Californian notices his ar
rival in the following manner, and
says: Mr. and Mrs. Charles XordhofT.
of New York, arrived on Ust Friday's
steamer and are stopping with Colonel
Oliver at Punt Bauda. Mr. Xord
hofT is an enthusiastic admirer of this
section, and his articles in tho New
York Herald have dono much to show
to the world the advantages of Lower
as well as Upper California.
DItlauiIiel ISallroadera.
Mr. J. A. Fillmore, General Super
intendent of tho Southern Pacific,
with a party of friends numbering ten
or twelve and accompanied by Mr. T.
S. Xobles, division superintendent sta
tioned at Tucson, came in by a special
ftiSklliii-crcnoon, and at once pro
ceeded to ride our6?cTTSttrVAAleyjnd
about our little city, stuck in the mud
at present. It is hoped that the valley
will commend itself to them in such
a way that they may proceed to give
us greater railroad facilities at an early
day. Phenix Herald.
D. K. Ward well, city; J. H. Tippett,
Huachuca mountains ; Geo. F. Meek,
city; L. S. Holsey, city.
X. II. Barber, Kansas City; It. Cecil,
Galbraith.T; L S. Markam. "H:
ton; Maria P. Elias, San Pedro; Juan
U. Garcia, San Pedro; J. N. McDon
ough, city.
r Francisco Salazar, the Mexican who
f killed Jose with a fish plate at the
Bisbee railroad terminus on Saturday
night last, was arrested and now lies
in the county jail. His victim was
brought up and is now in the morgue.
His head is cut open fully an inch
clear acrou and presents a horrible
sight. A fish plate is a heavy bar of!
iron which joins two rails together
I X. Na
Xardlna, whose ad appears in this
morning's issue, has built up a most
desirable trade since his removal to
his new quarters on the corner of 5th
and Allen streets. He is one of our
roost energetic merchants and handles
only the choicest of wines, liquors and
groceries. Edam, pine apple Rockfort
Swiss and Limburger cheese are kept
always on hand, while every descrip
tion of imported and domestic canned
delicacies line tho shelves. His prices
arc most reasonable.
Thero were eleven arrests made by
the police force during the month of
December, beside a large number of
tramps who. were escorted to tha city
line and ordered to leave. The total
of fines collected and turned into the
city treasury was $49. This is a very
good showing and speaks well for the
efficiency of onr police fore.
Tho newly elected oflicers of the
county wero duly installed yesterday
iu their respective offices. They all
took to it kindly and settled down to
business at ouce. J. I. McAllister
wore an oppression of content upon
his face, and received tho congratula
tions of the many callers at the court
house. Dccordcr Bradley, although
not a stranger to the office to which ho
was re elected, smiled from his toes up
when tho re-locations of tho many
claims made on new year's oe came
pouring in, accompanied with $1.50
each. The lengthy smile was not
caused by the coin but from tho fact
that his office was now running under
a fee system. The district attorney
was around jut as though he lysd al
ways belonged there, and appeared to
be at homo iu his new place. The
Supervisors wero probably the most
busily engaged officers, and nero oa
hand promptly.
At the hour for meeting John Mont
gomery appeared to have a comforta
ble feeling and was perfectly at home,
having held a similar position in tho
palmy d.rys of the camp. B. S. CofT
man was all business and gave evi
dence of his careful management in
desiring to look in to all the affairs
and accounts which camo beforo tho
board. Supe",isor White was eviucn
ly not feel'iig well and had very little
to say, except when somo question
was Asked regarding tho proceedings
of the former administration.
The first order of business before the
board was the election of a chairman.
John Montgomery nominated Mr.
CofFman, and he was olectcd. Mr.
White refused to vote. The nextorder
of business was the election of a clerk
in place of W. D. Monmonier, whose
place was declared vacant by the oters
on the sixth of November last. Mr.
White nominate I Monmonier, Mr.
Coffman nominated G. S. Watt; John
Montgomery nominated Fred Castlo.
The latter gentleman wa chosen on
the first ballot, Montgomery and CofT
man voting for him. This finished
the important business of the morning
session. In the afternoon the ques
tion arose regarding the legality of the
bonds furnished by the several coanty
officers; the district attorney holding
that they wero irregular, as they did
not comply strictly with the law, in
consequence of which they will have
to furnish new bonds. Several bills
referred from the last meeting of the
board word allowed. For county physi
cian Dr. Willis was chosen by tho
TolesoICoflman and Montgomery. The
newIyVlectCf! ttjsessor, Mr. X. A. Gib
man was on hand an(H09kKl affxious
to get to work doing eomethins.
Taken all in all, the new rpgimo
fitted in to the vacant places with a
grace which seemed to say "we're here
at last."
A mains: Trust.
The mining men of the southwest
are about to form a combination. The
El Paeo Herald says that it is the in
tention of the projectors to embrace all
the mine owners in Texas, New Mexi
"C ssd :'..o.c isie,',. i n mining in
the Mexican states of Sonora. and
Chihuahua. Petitions have been rir"
culated through the sections mention
ed, and the one in this city has been
numerously signed by prominent min
ing men. Tho promoters intend
that the organization shall be non
secret and non-political. In addition
to the effort to make it a promoter of
the mining interest, particularly in the
region specified. TheTO will be added
to the organization a beneficial system
similar to that in vogue in the Ancient
Order of United Workmen and kin
dred societies. Tho name adopted is
the Southwest Miners' Union.
Marshal W. K. Meade went to Wil"
cox and Bowie Saturday evening to
make further investigation into the re
cent stage robbery near the latter
I T A 4 A A lim mr A Ix A vA 4 l m a w h . w
i"" ""b . iw....s-
A.u jjuiouii. jjvasc has itut ut.c;ii
heard from since they left Wilcox, but
the chances are all favorable for the
capture of the robbers, who are known
to the men in pursuit. There is no
doubt but the robbery was committed
by two Mexicans who had been around
Wilcox for several days before it oc
curred, and who had made several pur
chases in that town. Citizen.
District Attorney Stilwell will oc
cupy his old quarters on Fourth street,
in preference to moving to' the District
Attorney's room in the courthouse.
It will be at least a greater convenience
for the public
Ma IVbo Rule Karope.
Tho present Emperor of Germany
i William II. Ho is 2!) years of age.
The Emperor of Aiutria, Francis
Joseph, is 5S years of ago-, and has
worn the inijerial crown for forty
years. The reigning Prince of Montenegro
is Nicholas 1, who H 47 years, Old and
has reigned for twenty-eight jcars.
Tho King of Portugal, Luis I, is 50
years old, nnd is a man of enterprise
anil progress. He has been for twenty
years a king.
The Emperor of Kusia, Alexander
III, is 4'i years of age, and ascended
tho throne after the murder of his
father, seven years ago.
The President of the Frpnch Re
public, M. Carnot, is 51 years of age,
and was elected to office iu December
last as incceMor to M. Grcvy.
The Sovereign or Sultan of Turkey,
Abdul Hamid II, is 415 years old, and
succoeded to the throne twelve years
ago when the Sultan who preceded
him was deposed.
The King of Servia, Milan I, is -If,
and was crowned only tix years ago,
but before that ho had held the throne
for fourteen years by election as Prince
Milan Obenovich IV.
The King of Swedc:i and Norway,
Oscar II, is in his COth, and has
reigned for sixteen years. He is a fairly
libcral monarch, and has favored some
reforms during his reign.
Tho Kitis of Itoumania. Carol I. is
19 years of age, and was proclaimed
king only sccn years ago, but for
fourteen years before that time ha had
bsen chief of tho Itoumanians.
Blow Tbey IoIit.
Napoleon laid it down as a special
rule that professional study in some
form is the first condition of practical
Wellington, at the close of his last
great campaign, confessed ton junior
staff officer his personal obligation to
daily study.
It was Frederick tho Great who said
that war is a science in superior men,
an art for ordinary men and a trade
for ignorant men.
Marshall Turennc, the greatest of
those great tjldiers of tile age of Louis
XIV, thought that the art of Var was
learned more from books than upon
battlefields, and his great talents were
the fruit of the deepest study.
The Archduke Charles, who first
showed tho generals of Europe that
Napoleon could be beaten, formed his
JJHiiiV-z-n-ittegist upon emerg
ing from his study, where he had spent
many months pursuing the theory of
war, having previously terved in three
campaigns. Philadelphia Call.
tituar tsecm.
Xliree and Pour
Old Fruit Trecu
Fruit trees, two, three and four year
old, Umbrella, Mulberry, Peach, Pear,
Apricot, Apple, Fig, Plum, Prunes,
Nectarines, Almond, Japanese Persim
mon, English Walnut, Pomegranate,
fruiting; two-year old Grapevines,
Gooseberries, Raspberries; 1,000 Rose
bushes, 85 different varieties; Lilac,
Carnation Pinks, Mock Orange, Mag
nolia, Pomegranate flowering, Honey
suckles, Lily of the Valley, Cypresses,
Clematis, Passion Vines, Double Ca
melia, and many other plants received
from California, for sale by William
Branch, corner of Second and Fulton
streets, Tombstone, A. T. 13 C.n
The finest assortment of holiday
goods ever brought to Tombstone can
be seen at Yaple's Candy Factory.
Everything from a ten-cent toy to the
finest toilet set can be had at bed-rock
prices. Call and seo them. Xo. 7C
Fifth street. 11 ltf
Mr. E. W. Stump came in from the
Huachuca mountains yesterday, where
he has been stopping for the past
month. He came in to take charge of
the Weekly Epitaph during the ab
sence of Mr. Peck at Florence, whero
he goes to perfect arrangements for
the publication of his new newspaper
venture. Mr. Peck will be absent for
several wetks.
A silver, key-winding watch, case
worn Tho ewner can secure his
property by proving it and paying for
this ad. Dick Gage.
1 ltf Chief of.Police.
Wall paper Blanks' 25 cents. Sat
ins 50 cents, per doublo roll, at Bagg's
All new pkttern.
It is csdmaUti, frdm a cIodo caicu-
J lation. that about 1,200 eggs were u-cd
in the making of eggnog in Tomb-
stone on New Years day. They were
all freshly laid by Tombstone hens.
There are estimated to be about 1.000
of tho lattsr in the city, which will
readily show tho immense strain
which was necessary to produce the
The eclipse of tho sun ou New
Years day was watched byecryone
who could manage to find a piece of
glass- to smoke. C. S. Fly, the pho
tographer, was on hand with his in
strument and took somo fine views of
the moon's passage across the face of
the sun at various stages.
At the raflle for tho cabiuct of sea
curiosities at tho Pony Saloon last
night. Gus Bokohl and Capt. Cum
mings tied with a throw of -12. The
cabinet still remains iu the possession
of the Pony management waiting for
Mr. Cummings to return from Souora
to throw oft" with Gus.
Manuel Kodriguez, of Bisbee, has
been cited to appear before the Court
Commissioner in this city, on the 5th
inst, to show cause why he should not
deliver up the children iu his posses
sion to their mother.
A sej of two false teeth on a gold
roof plate. The owner can have it by
applying at this office and paying for
this advertisement. 12 Olf
A Mexican who was arrested on new
year's day for indecent exposure of per
son, was fined $3.75 and costs or$10.75
in all, yesterday in the recorder's
Tho city council will meet tomorrow
George Sletcalf has returned from
his ranch in the Huachuca mountains.
Cor. Allen & Fifth St., Tombstone.
Groceries and Provisions
2TDon't fail to give him 3 call.
Job Printinp- Office, Foufth-
Street, next to the Occidental
Hotel, you can get
Bill Heads.
Pamphlets "
Xote Heads,
Visiting Cards,
Puneral Notices,
Justice's Blanks.
And everything in the line
of printed matter, done at the
lowest prices. Satisfaction
Worth Knotrlns.
. VT. H. Morgan, rnerchart. Lake City, Els.,
waa taken with asevere cold, attended with a dis
tressing Cough, and turning1 Into consumption la
its Srst stages. He tried msny so eslled popular
cough remMles and steadily grew- worse. Waa re
duced in cesb. had dlClcnlty in breathing, and
wsa nnsble to sleep. Finally tried Dr. King's New
Discovery for COAStrmption and found tmmedlata
relief , end after nslog about a half dozen bottlea
found himself well and has had no return of the
disease. No other remedy can abrw so grand a
record of enres. as Dr. Klnga Xew Discovery for
Consumption is Gnsraote4 to do Just what is
alslmed lor IU Trial bottle free- at J. l'cnje's drug
Biace Dp
Ton are feeling depressed, jour appetite ta poor,
yon ars bothered with hesdtcne.yon ara Sgetty,
nervous and generally out of aorta, and wan to
brace up. Brae up. bnt not with stimulants,
spring medicines, or bitters, which have for their
baaia very cheap, bad wMekv, ami which etlmu
lat, you lor an hour, and then learo oon in worse
condition than bef 'm, What you want la an alter
ative that will purify Tour blood, atari bealtby
action of liver and tidnevs. restore vour vttalltv
and giro renewea neattn and strength, each a
medicine yon wilt find in Electric Sitter, and
nlyWceataaboWs, at J. Tone's' Drag Btnrtr
Tha Cochise House, near the Occi
deutn Hotel corner, is elegantly fur1
nished, and oilers tho bedl accommo
dations to the traveling public to bd
ound at prei-cnt in Tombstone. 9 21 lm
J. E. Durkee'H ranch butter by ex
pross ilail.r. one dollar per roll, at tbe
Cochise Hardware and Trailing Com
pany's store.
Take you prescriptions to Yonga's
Drug Store. 12 ltf
Vol- Nnlc or Iut.
Two houses nnd lots, corner of Bruce
and 8th streets, separately or together,
tf Apply to S. C. Baco.
To tho patrons of the Pony Eaioon,
I wonld again call your attention td
the fine lino of goods now on hand at
tho old stand, consisting of Hill &
Hill's fino nand-nmd Sour Mash Bour
bon Whisky, spring of '0, Gucken-:
lieimcr and Ripy Straight Byes, spring
of '8U, the finest goods ever brought
to Tombstone. I also keep on hand a
full lino of California Brandies, Wines,
vtc, Tom and Jerry, Hot Scotch,
Spiced New England, Santa Croix and
Jamaica Bums, all made in the finest
nnd latest style. My Carma and Ko"
West Chippies are made expressly fot
me and cannot bo beat for the prico
anywhere. St. Louis Lager Beer on
draught. J. II. Campbell,
11 17 tf Proprietor.
Oesh Store,
Fremont, bet. Third & Fourth
Staple, Fancy Groceries
Choice Brauds of
Grain of All Kinds
Kept constantly on hand and
Constantly on hand. jaltf
CbCClIC J VV M"IU llllV. l"
weliwe hcn 'llcp Dr. Kif.,ew.V,.!,'T",
for Coommptloa. Dr. KlpgyVlg-tCjS. refill,
Ilacilea Ar.iici t-stteatid fclecTric Blt'en, utf
liner.tvi-r bindl.'J rrm-riKi ll-t :! u veil, nr
ifcat h3cc'""n och urlviTsal -a'tf fcct'im. W
Co not heil ate t gcar&ntee them erey time.
nd we Macd teadf to rcf and tt circba,-s prica
If siii-fjictafr leeaUs o cot follow tbclr ate.
These remedi-9 liare won their great popularity
pare! j oa their merl'.r. J. Yongr, dm-.vlf U
Xlirlr RuMnrH Booming.
Probablr co one thlcg baa ronaed eucb a garier
alrerlTalof trade at J.Tonfre'a Drag Store aa Iti
giving away to hit cn,tcroera of so mtnr frea
trial bottlea of Dr. Hlng'a w Discovery for Coa
asmpUon. lit trade la aimply enormona in tela
Ttry Talaable artlelefroirt the fact that it alwva
cares ani never disappoints. Coughs. Oolda.
Asthma, SronehlUa Creep and all throat and Inns;
diseases qnlrbly enred. Voa can test it befora
bnylnz by netting a trial bottle free, Ursa aiis, 11.
Every bottle wsrranted.
A talo Investment
I one which Is guaranteed to bring vou attfactory
results, cr in cae of failure a retorn xA purchase pnee.
On this &fe plan you can buy from cui adtermed
drvKzut a bouleof Dr. Kics 2few Discovery for
Consumption. It Is guaranteed to brine relief in every
case. hen utd for any anectloi uf 1 hroat. Lungs or
Chet. such at Consumption, Inflammation cf Lungs,
ltroc.ch.tis. Asthma, whovpin Cough, Croup, etc.,
etc It Is pleasant and agreeable to tate, perfectly
safe and can always be de&eialed uooc Trial bottles
free at J. Yoorc's Drug store.
Just received at Jos Ilocfler'n P10
seer store, a ue let of graas Med
such a
lllack Oa(,
Red and WhiU Clover
linrr Clover,
Johnson Grass.
Kentucky liltie Grass.
Notice of I're-e nipt Ion Proof'
Declaratory Statement No. 1706.
O. S. Land Office. Tcoov, Nov. 14. i88S.
Notice ts hereby given that the fot'otunj
named settler has filed notice of Ins intention
to nak- Unal proof in support of hit claim, and
that said proct will br made befor-. theJClerk
of the United States District Court, at Tomb
stone, Arizona, on the 22 day of December,
t83, vu: WILLIAM B. XAVI.OR. of Cochise
county, Arizona, for the R of E 1 4 Sec. if,
nd N H oi NE 1 4 Sec. a ., Tjta .Rs6E.
He names the following w tnesscs to prov
his continuous residence upo", and cultivation
of, said land, six.
Hugh E. Conlon, of Tombstone. Ari'ijri;
Jos. Hoefler. of Tombstone. Anzoda; Henry
Zeuner, of Tombstone. Arizona: Henry P.
TuTcer, ol Cochise county, Arizona.
ti 16 z m Register.
Crockery ana glaxaware rented for
pecial occasions at IB per cflnt of tasir
ralne. Baoo
CROCP.VrllOOma COUGH and.gron'
rliitu immediately rtueraa oy b)huu 1
ol by J. xong

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