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Tombstone daily prospector. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1891, January 04, 1889, Image 2

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On Tear
Sir Month 6 9
Three Monthi 3 M
One Month 1
Dsllvered br Carrier, for 35 cent per week.
The Manhattan clcvatd r-iilroad
carries 525,000 passengers per day,
while the rairbftnlc stage line pulls out
one hundred thousandth part of that
number. Come west, young men,
come west.
The endeavor of some of the sport
ing fraternity to make match be
tween Sullivan and Kilrain it result
ing in a great deal of useless bragga
docio. If they were both put to work
on the COO level of the Emerald they
irould be of some use to the com
munity. The letter received by the Frederick
Douglas Association from President
elect Harrison 1ms been construed to
mean that he will not appoint a col
ored man to a Cabinet position. Tho
wonderful imagination of the reporter
is only exceeded by tho good sense of
the colored folk, who never expected
anvthin; of the kind.
The advertising patronage enjoyed
by the press of Tombstone is some
thing of which her citizens might feel
proud. A glance at the columns of
the rnosrEcroawill reveal to the eyes
of thestranger the fact that Tombstone
is a live business centre. Every busi
ness house of any importance always
advertises in the daily paper of tho city
in which it does business, and the
largo array of houses represented in
the columns of the daily PEOsrEcrron
is proof that we still have energetic
business men, if the bottom lias
dropped out of tho political cauldron.
The rnosrECTOtt has been requested
by a gentleman of Phenix to take a
hand in circulating petitions to the
Legislature to meet this winter, pray
ing for, the suppression of gambling.
, and the refusal to longer license the
liquor traffic, and the closing of all
placet of business oa the sabbath day.
Such a wholesale slaughter in Tomb
stone would depopulate it, and we are
anxious to increase our subscription
list next month ; the fact is that we
are in favor of keeping the churches
open and on a good financial footing.
And as the gamblers, which we term
speculators in this camp, and the
saloon men contribute largely toward
the support of the ministers, we can
see no benefit to be derived from mak
ing the onslaught just at present.
Beside these objections, wo have had
a fight on our hands for the past year
trying to reform the county Democra
cy, and do not care to enter into an
other crusade until wo have had time
to catch our breath.
Kauns icnUn rbiI Cnliforaiti
in Ktrnnd.
Th railway Age eaya: The railway
mileage of the year just past has in
creased by no lets than 7,10 miles of
main track. While this is much less
than the phenomenal mileage for
1881, 1SS2, 1SSC and 1887, the rec
ord exceeds that of every other year
with the exception of 1671, when
7,378 miles were added, Kansas
till leads in the extent of
new mileage, as she has done for sev
eral years. California comes next.
The most striking characteristic of the
work is tho large number of separate
lines of which it is composed and the
correspondingly small average for
ach line. The building of great com
petitive lines has practically ceased
for the present, and the year's work is
devoted chiefly to the construction of
short independent lines or branches.
The statement issued in the Depart
ment of the Interior shows that the
amount of public land surveyed and aa
yet undisposed of in Wisconsin is 12,
337,031 acres; in MinneaoU, 8,383,9-18;
a&ffebaaU, 1257,Ua.
Take the Oatli of Office
in a Number of
Celebration of the 26th An
niversary of Emanci
pation. The House Unable to Muster
a Ouorum.
Kilrain Wants to Do l'p Sullivan
for 20,000.
In 3Inine.
Al'ocsta, Jan. 3. Governor Bur
leigh was inaugurated at noon.
Bostox, Jan. 3. Governor Ames
was inaugurated at noon.
FVy lEcntMuInnicil.
ArGVSTA, Me., Jan. 3. A joint Re
publican caucus to-night, renominated
Vm. P. Frye for United States Sen
ator br acclamation.
IVaj- J-'p Jlarrlnst.
Boston", Jan. 3. The marriage of
Gertrude Barrett, daughter of Law
rence Barrett, and Joseph Anderson,
Mary Anderson's brother, was solemn
ized at the Cathedral this morning.
Mays Landing, N. J., Jan. 3. Kobt.
Eldred, Jr., was hanged at noon to
day for the murder of his father. The
killing resulted from the ill treatment
of Robert's mother and brother by his
En Michigan.
Lassixg, Jan. 3. Governor Luce
was inaugurated at 2 o'clock this after
noon. A considerable portion of his
annual address is devoted to the tem
perance question. Ho recommended
tho passage of a local option law.
Karrison'H Caller.
Indiana pous, Jan. 3. General Har
rison's callers were but few to-day.
Hev. David T. Cornelian of Port
Townsend, VT. T., called in the even
ing. He stated afterwards that the
purpose of his visit was not a political
one, but admitted that he urged upon
the President-elect, to remember the
Pacific coast, and especially asked
him" to urge upon Congress the early
admission into the union of Washing
ton Territory.
Another SSItxfK
New York, Jan. 3. Tho followfn
vras received this morning: "St. Louis,
Jan. 3. Kilrain will sign articles to
fight John L. Sullivan for 520,000 and
championship of the world, at either
Toronto, Ottowa, or Montreal. Both
Mitchell and Kilrain emphatically
deny that they have any misunder
standing with Fox.
Doston, Jan. 3. Governor Ames
sent his annual message to the legis
lature to-day. Ho advised n early
submission to the people of a prohibl
tion amendment, and advocates an in
crease in penalties for advocating the
liquor law. He thinks it will be wise
to substitute imprisonment for a fine
in such cases.
Washkgton. Jan. 3. The eenate
resolution heretofore offered by Voor-
hees calling on the Secretary of the
Interior for a list of all homestead
tisaber,. culture and cre-emption n
tries to public laud, cancelled after the I
issuance of a final receipt and certifi
cate, during the present administra
tion, for causes other than voluntary
ndinquishment, was agreed to. Mit
chell offered a resolution which was
agreed to, culling on tho Secretaries
of War and Interior Departments for
copies and records of all papera rela
tive to the service of volunteera in
Washington and Idaho Territories in
tho yi'z Perces war of 1877. The sen
ate then resumed consideration of the
tarJtl" bill.
Ann! criary.
Washington, Jan. 3. At tho cele
bration of the twenty-sixth anniver
sary of emancipation proclamation in
Alexadria last night, by the Frederick
Douglas Library Association, letters
were read from Harrison and Morton,
both conveying congratulations and
encouraging the negro clement to con
stant upward effort. There is in Ind
ianapolis a letter, however, a passage
which seems to have thrown cold water
on tho hopes of those counting on the
election of the colored man for cabinet
positions. He says: "You have shown
great patience under tevero trials, and
there may be yet further call for the
exercise of this homely virtue. It is
quite possible that the high expecta
tions of our friends may not be real
ized, but we can at least keep things
moving in the right direction."
Xot IVorlli Kcaala;.
Washington, Jan. 3. On motion
by Toole, of Montana, the Senate
atr.endmcnt was concurred in to the
House bill appropriating $33,000 to
enable the Secretary of War to issue
to the Governor of Montana military
stores for the use of the militia of
that Territory.
need, of M.ine, reported tho rsc
lution providing that during the re
mainder of the session there shall be
no call of States and Territories on
the first and third Mondays of each
month. These Mondays are known as
"suspension days," and the object cf
the resolution is to prevent the oppo
nents of the Union Pacific funding
measure and the Oklahoma bill from
filibustering against any attempt to
pass theie measures under suspension.
of tho rules, introducing voluminous
bills under the call of States and con
suming the day by a demand for their
reading in full. The question of the
adoption of the resolution called forth
a vigorous protest from Anderson, of
Kansas, who has been one of the chief
antagonists of the Union Pacific bill.
The yeas and nays were ordered, and
it was discovered that no quorum had
voted. A call of the House was or
dered. The call showed the presence
of 171 members, eight more than n
quorum, but the margin wa3 too nar
row and proceedings under tho call
were not suspended. The Ecrgeant-
at-Arms was dispatched to- arrest ab
sentees, and the house drowsily await
ed his reporL As this was not fortl
coming at three o'elock the House
A Sail 'Iace.
The people of Salt Lake City are
contemplating tho erection of a great
'Salt P.ilace." It would be a structure
that would lav in tho shade all ice
and corn palace3 ever constructed.
The main part of the structure could
bo of tho finest specimens of rock salt
to be found in tho quarries, chiseled.
"carved and artistically arranged, while
the interior fittings should be of
chrystallized work from the lake on a
grand scale. Such a palace should bo
permanent if properly protected from
the rains; it could be made of the
most unique and striking style of
architecture; it could be made one of
tho wonders of the world. When
lighted by electricity the structure
would have all the sparkle and dia
mond glitter of the great ice palace,
and with the difference in the salt
palace's favor that heat would not
melt or dim. its glories in the least.
iirfttt I'entn of .liriuar;.
Idiots have been ktiomi whose iijom-
ory for names and words was so reten
tive that they could repeat n termon
verbatim and indicate whero the
preacher blew his note and coughed
while delivering it.
Cardinal Mazzofanti, the linguist,
who is said to have known a hundred
languages', declared that ho never for
got a word he had once learned.
To a friend who congratulated Ley-
den on his mnarkahlo memorv he re
plied that he often found it a fcourco of
great incouvenience. On the friend
expressing surprise he exclaimed that
lie had often wished to rtcollect a par
ticular expression in something he
had re.ul, but could not do it until he
had repealed thu vvholo passage from
tho beginning to the expression he
desire-.l to recall.
An Knglish clergyman mentions a
man who could remember tho day of
tho burial of every person who had
died in the parish during thirty-five
j cars, ajid could also repeat the name
and age of each deceased person and
the namci of tho mourners at the
funeral. But so weak was he intellec
tually that ho could not be trusted to
feed himiflf.
Dr. Moffat, the distinguished African
missionary, and the f.ither-in-law of
Dr. Livingtone, once preached a long
sermon to a crowd of negroes. Soon
after he had finished he saw a number
of negroes gathered about a simple
minded young savage. He went to
them nnd discovered that the savage
was preaching his bermon over again.
Not only was he reproducing the pre
cise words, but imitating the manner
and gestures of the white preacher.
Is one of tho most fatal scourges which
afilict mankind. It is often inherited,
hut ma7 bo tho result of improper vecci
caiioa, mercurial poison, uncleanlincsi,
and various other causes. Chronic Sored,
Ulcers, Abscesses, Cancerous Humors,
and, in some cases, Emaciation and Con
sumption, result from a scrofulous condi
tion of the blood. This disease can be
cared by the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
I inherited ascrofnlous condition of tho
blood, which caused a derangement of my
wholo system. After taking les3 tliau
four bottics of Ayer's Sarsaparilla I am.
Entirely Cured
and, for tho riast year, have not found it
necessary to use any medicine whatever.
I am now in better health, and stronr,
than cyer before. O. A. Willard, 18
Treicont St., Uoston, Mass.
I was trouMetl with Scrofulous Sores
for five years; but, after usin a few
bottles of Ayer'a Sarsaparilla, the sores
healed, i-nd I liavo now pood health.
Klizabeth 'Warnocl:, W Appletoa street,
Lowell. Mass.
Sonic months aco I was troubled with
Scrofulous Sores on nv lejr. Tho limb
was badly swollen and latumcd, and tho
cores discharged largo quantities of offen
sive matter. Every remedy failed until
I used Ayer'a Sarsaparilla. By taking
three bottics of this medicino tho sores
, l.ave been healed, and my health is re
stored. I am gratef nl for tho good it has
done me. Mrs. Ann O'Brian, 158 Sulli
van St., Xcw York. It
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
rrerorfd brDr. J. C. Aver & Co , Lowell. Mku.
Kali by mtl'DracsUU. I'riMil; ill lx:U,S.
Tie 'rsMM'.Iion 'r'm 'oi p. li-jrrtrg zed pMn-
rol ctmM to ro'icl re 1 11 mritBn erorn in
trie T.rj of 'he -trdU :!. i-ncu r rr.arknbk
vrnt t'eara'fd in the memory. nd ihesjr'cy
vrce-ebT ttf cod b-M'h ha li-tn i-ialred i
jr.-ile'ul! beeil. Ibivr It Is t!ut foraccl i
'd le jTle tif Eltctiie BitiT Su m .ur fl
lh wwoihrinea: rttio to hei th. tftbeu-
tlie Vrtx. AltTi'lte-i4T..n!a If yoa arutrol!
led wtta Evdl'evcofKldi-ej". I.tTeror vomit
nfloVi.-or.il Ht ttnnd'i 1. o. will n"Ifcd re
lief by uee of Kleerric i!.ttrr Sj'.d at J. Yoaujrya
dm? twri!. $1 CO p untie' -
Trustees ifa'.e.
raMIeco'ieel brreby cte th! whern to
fju.1 hM teen Mice b- fll-hnri" C MCvxSery, !
Ihj 1 iyinei.r of a ce-isln piuml-fcrr not, r nt
srddrllrerr-ii'V hnm 'In Iwe-ty Ih'M r
DiTemtr 13j7tnJoe.-h IlbC'Irr, o' Tout-.
Inlbenaui-ir ttinlvnl in ! vioan -j .,
ai.d In in r- lrnrrarj rat n of money urnvl .. ; it.
be pa'd. t,y a .wd 1 1 tra' rnd and deli -erf t on
ti.l twenty tul'd:aif JVc xalvr 1-37, by alJ
K'tbird u. ItciVfler o Ho iry Z on r tiui-r
CLiluco-d d in ' to r nice oi the Cunr.y !!- r r
! thiOMiiy of ."Thine, la Hs,S (1) ofTu-t
f wb'ra- hi ma dieot.ons!d r-.-ra'v-ry
6te&r.J for raori pma. ec .rims; 10 me jn
viilon In itaid Deed of frn-t. dh the fccc-netf
lnierr"tro'"n t 10 ih- rnra . t Tb-ee Hundred
! Elh'T Line ld:i d IIr an1 tn'rtvfive
centr, wh'en iieo-im b'.e crown du accorl'tiz t"
lue proTlrln atu crmt m -aia pri raut-ory bcie.
,M-d trberea tald Kith ird O. JcCuSV y b .1
f lea to ..a ib9 ti orca dd amonn", after deatuj
duly miite upon h'rn fjr psymconliTx f.
At 1 wher m an'j.lelluu haw betn nM to th
nndereiirr.e'l tr3su.etorcIlih"pr.prtyeT.-Ib J
In na ITJnr ru ,mo-a.rio pyau iii.ir
ihr Anicimt dn as aforesaid.
Uow herore. by vlrtne cf tb Trust ceiled r y
ana rxpr-Miin -aia if a 01 ir f-, -u "i.
iwcr n 1 ai narxiy "oe c "y couirrtti .mint
vrl-?-id aid! rd-r tunccnriiijli'h tae ori c:
tf ihiTrattre-team tatdlJtid. pit 1 n tie. Is
h- trf.iii.n. ih 1 ihs d dr.crc-l will mil at
oiiMic-a ecu F-l-liy ibe 11th diy iA Jarnry
1-89. t use od ek, of theae r. on of aid diy
ub r-tir.trt-vir r.f lLe Cour.lv Cour Iloa-e. '
Ibect of T mbtrnt". Cozn'y 01 ..hl-6 itbe
bl-lK t Dil be't b dler f j- cah In lural moii' y
of the I n-tnl FUiea. TM 1011 wne ce-er:nec
nitiF.riTflf an mceli thereof aiwtli be nnnlrcd t
rwy tbe rat cry tlua nude ribe p'OTiria a if raid
II eiti-f rra',wlthace:U'din'cre-i to U'e and
in idd tionihTretotbena'opaMT-peti' olie
Trnnln tiW t)eet), nrf ol -ill rata amonuttDZ
to' ity d- 11a r. vo wltr Tbne e-rta'n intc-ct
ln-il m ibe f. IlnwirrrLylr M'ninc "NHn. ell
n.t1 n lh T mh4t4.ee M clnff l,t le said
Cfttr.ty nd Territory, be'e; an nadir! 'c I eo
e zaiu mieren o., i snu in ue jwjmuiw m'"
, .t J.T..i.rr 1.1. t-7 tr trie ld i!rCa"i rr
tn.l jlt.f.ne nnillT.iV.1 oee-Whtb 'nte St of. In
nlir lb- Jn-t.mlnet C3"ed4anat li" IS 7 by
the ald JteCtCeiy. Andaloall of tbe A co-y
nun, locil 4JlDurr oi. iznt tij ratu ..iti. ucr,
al of ld locitlon not'ee" hln- recorded In tti
fLffifj, Aril. lr.eytrdernf ealil Coeh!fl CoDCtT
Upon bedtyof ale,nponbo pnixtav) prtce
UnfMlilf.-r the af.irrefcld tm-Ttl. thr Dlld-r
Icsedwlll m " extCJt-.fe'in.wledcit rxt d
J'rer t the prrtbier or purebatin hrr"of a dee
or oerna in acorar,co wun 10- vMr tcttcu ic
bira by th rorcasl"I Ileea ii Truer.
Corner FoTtrtli and Fremont Sts.,
The Hnest and Newest Stock of
Gents' and Boys' Furnishing Goods in the Territory,
At Price Which Dely Aiy anil All Competition.
Also a Full Line of
Chenilles, Arniscencs, ltibbosincs, Knitting anJ Embroidery Silks, Eto
Alao llUxnkfts, Quilts, Bfdsjireatls, Vumiii;; Jackets, Jerseys;
Bead and Craid '1'ri in minus, ArtHicLI Flower,
Ko.se.x, Wreaths, Etr.uiera, Ktcctera,
SALO SCHEIE & CO., Proprietors.
Notice oi Pre-cuiplitn Proof.
Declantory Stavmcnt No. 1702.
U S. 1.ANDOFFICE at'Iccson, Oct.2S.18S8
No:ice is hrelr cifn lint thi folionm;.
njm?d settler his tiled notice uf hrs intention to
make titm! proof m jupporc of his claim, and
that said pro' f wil! Le niadr te-r tbe Clerk of
the U. i Uts-nct Court, at To.nlstDr.e, Atl
20m, on the 3ih day of December, i8S3. m:
LOUIS DUVAl I., of Cochin county, niona.
for the b i of Nv ; and X ', of JV i iicc
5. Ts2-M2;n.
He nanr the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
o'. said lnd. viz:
Frank SamoniM, of Ochise ccunty. Arizona;
Henry fahultz, of Cochise county, Anzona.IIen.
rv Zeuncr. . of Tombstone. Arizona; Joseph
Iicef.er, of Tombstone, Arizora.
xo 30 Register.
Cor. 5th and Fremont Sis.
General Merchandise
Supplies a Specialty.
Agricultural Implements,
And the Celebrated
Turbine Wind-iiliUs
Buckeye Fcce-Pump
Fresh Garden Flowers, and Held Seed
Constantly on Hand.
Fcnrth and Filth
.lu-ay in stock.
This i the nef IJil'iard Par'.f r scuth o" I.os
An-el-s. mi 7
flisbee. A.rizona.
JIca!ii!Krk'rs fv Anlicuscr
cr)a Urauhr,
Ice Cold and Freh Ever Day. The
Choicest uf
Vineb, Liquors. Cigars.
Notice of Pre-emption Proof.
Drdantor btatemert No. 1704.
U. S. I-ano UFflCE, Tucsnx. Nov 9 iS03.
Notice is hereby f.irra that the foL'owing
nirocd setthx has tiled notice ol his intention in
m t-e fimd proof in euppon e.fh claim, and
that said proof ill Le made before the Clerk of
the United Slates DMrict Court at Tombsioru.,
Arizona, on the 223d day of December, i33.
Henry Percy Shu'.tr of CocJiiw county. Ari
zona for Ihe tAVj; of NEJf iiV.H of NV
NE'f ofSWJf andNV.'a olsh b c 8. T
22S; K. 28 E.
He names the folio in; witneses to prove
his continuous residence opou. and cultivation
of said Ian1, viz:
AlfroiaSchti'.tr.ofCochue County, Ariz.:
V'm. H. r.i)lur. of Cochise bounty, Arfzona;
Henry Zeaner. of Ti.nxnton.. Arizona; Ilujh
E. Cbnloa. of Torathtote, Arizona.
A. D nt-sr,
if. 13 Reri.ter.
Se-c!ey' trusses at Tonga'a Drug
Store. tf
Crcsylic Ointment for screw worms',
te.f at Yorg'i Prog Stor. 12 1U
Published at N'osnlo, Arizona.
j. j.
I'ubUshcs the rno't r-l.ablc and latest Seaora
The best weekly paper published in Arllsna
1 errilory.
Is the best advertising medium for thes with
lug to brim; th Jr business before lbs
Mexican people.
Xolicc of Prc-euiptioM Proof.
Declvrato-v Statement No. 1700.
V. P. La.mi Office, 1 ccion. Oct. 81, 1IB8.
N'otlce is hereby :;icn that the following.
named scttrr ha tiled notice of his intention to
i'i ke final proof in support of his clnim, aDd
that said proof Hill be n.jde before the Cleric
of the U. S District Court at Tombstone. Ari
zoni, on the ra day cf IVrember. iS0" viz.: I.
HENRY 2LUNLK, of Sulphur bpring VallJy.
Arizona, fir the N H of the SE 1 -4 and S )i of
NK 1 4 of J eu. 3a. 'I ai S, R 26 E.
lie rames ihe lollouing itnrsses to prova
his contint.ous.residcnce upon, and cultiralioa
of said land, viz. ;
Henry I. shiilir, of Tombstone, Cochise
county, Arito-ia; Krack Samoniel, of Tomb-sto-e,
Cochise county. Arizona; Louis DuvalU
of Tombstone, Coch'se couutjr, Arizona Reid
S. llunrod, ol Tombstone, Cochise county.
Arizona. A. D. DUFF.
1171m Register.
'Vlw Yertllct t'nonlmonfl,
VT. P.SaIt,Dnisslj.t.ElFpu IncL, teitlfitf, "I
ca rcomui nd Ficlrlc liittvr as tbe Ytiy bttf
rnit(ij. Ltry bctilc fold Iim kItcb relltf in
tirtj iufctancj. One uiati texk six bottle, and
Ten cTjre.l of Rh'Titc&tWin of tea ycari tacd.
lis." Abriham Karc !rcsslt. BelUlIIe. Ohio,
a21rm- th,bt ttUlut; iidtelce I hare Ter
hantlledin my 20 j- experience, is Elctrl
Biittr " rhyntiiil if MLit-rs baa tdtleil their
etiainnj', ftothtt tbe ertllrt it no ant mom tbat
Electric Hitter Aq cure ell dUtaces of tbe lArtr,
KitlLrjaor Blool Oily a lit II dollar a bottl at
Vouze's Vtctz Store.
Xctiuu ol" I2:!!cstcad Ireof.
Homestead Application No. 3 jr.
V. S. LAMOnriCi.,Tucso.M, Nov. a i, vE88.
Notice is hereby Riven that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final p:onf in support of his claim, and
thit said p-oc( ill be made btfore the Register
and Remver cf the Uniied biates Land Office'
at Tucson, Arizona, on Ihe nth day of Janu
ary. iS- r-z. KbTL'GIO SALNZ. of Ilenson.
Cochise county. Anzoua. fcr the E- ;4 of NE
t-lec. 9. and V i of N" 1-4 -cc. 10, T ij
S, R. 19 Ii-
He names the fsIToHinr; witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, And cultivation
of. said land, v'a:
Mateo Icheo. of lnson Cochise county,
Arizona; TomaMins'"e, of Benson, Cochise
county, Arizor-a- l'b-s Sanchez of Benson. Co
chise county, Arizom ; Juan Valdez, of Benson,
Cochise coun'y, Arizona.
11 24 1"r " Resister.
A'oticc or Pr-cniption Proof.
Declaratory Materaent No. 1701.
U.S. LANDOfrirEATTt'Ciov, Oct. 26, i8S3.
No'ice i hirtby pivcn that Ihe fidlotvine;-
ramed seliirr b" Lied 1 c-e of 1 is intention to
.1 i!.e Aral 1 ret .' m ut-pc:t cf his claim, and
j thit id prcxif :u be mr.i'c I!ore the Qerlc of
1 t..e V. S. Wjmrx Coi.rl .:i Tombstone, Arizona.
ji t!.r lih d.iy of DccvmLer, 1883, viz. FRANK."
MMOMM , of C.hi e icui tv. Ariz., lor the
SVV ; of 51 M and h. Jf "f iY Jf tec o3i,
l- 21 , II 25 t-, a ilUta ot NK ;r and tx i
ol NV '( t'irc 5. T 2a b, R 26 K.
He names the following nituejses to prave
hit contiuons residence upon and cultivation
of iild land viz:
Joseph HoeCer. of Tombstcrr, Arizona j
Henry Zeurer. of Tombstone. Ar.ror.a; Louis
D:t:!, A HUphur pnnc Valley. Cochise
comity, Arizona; Henry Shultz. of Sulphur
StJjrg Vni.y, Cocbise county. Arizona.
' A. D. DUFF.
10 3c. Register.
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2 cents a week delivered by
wViurtprfiil Carr.
VV. D.IToyt t Co., VTbletala and Retail Drug
(rtUof ltome,afy:Wohve been Kiting Dr.
Kim.' V.tr Dlxorrery, Electric Bitten end llock
en Arnica Halve for four year. Have nevevbaa
itlid reu.eitlet that aell a well, or it re snch lull
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lrrfal rare e fleeted by tLwe medlclnea In tbla'
city. Several caees of pronounced cnamptloa
niye teen entirely cured by pr. Kicc'a Sew IHa
jovrry, taken la eenneetloo witb Kleetrte Bitten.
CCa guarantee tbera alwara. Bold by J. Yonffe.
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hav piloted o.irjnte on every bottle of
3h loh"a Vlta..z.r. It never fill to cure
Kor iji ' y J Yonse.
Hereafter Wlii'e'a batter will bw
ihipped by exprfss to Mr. Frank Wol
cott, which -willb good news for hi
nany patrons Mktr-
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