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Tombstone daily prospector. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1891, January 18, 1889, Image 3

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JANUAKY - - - - IS, 1SS9
At tlio Pony.Clam Juice. Tryit.2Stf
The snow is ten incites deep in
Present t.
Four drummers came
coach to-dav.
Ex-Justice Shearer is in Phenix on
his way to I're-cott.
Governor Xulick owns threehundrcu
nero3 of Alfalfa land in Maricopa
Sheriff Slaughter returned from So
nora yesterday. Ho IxnideJ a valua
ble mining property while there.
Mis- Clara Folz, the lady lawyer of
San Francisco, is in Tucion. Hope
she will conclude to settle in Ari-
zuua. -v I
As c ideuce of prosperous times
?s it I
mi"ht 1 mentioned that a ramo of
....ma -,w .lm HmVlrnn on AlleiifV-"15"'10 -l'.''l. ll shipped i.lll the
., .. -..
street to-day.
IJcn Karon has disposed of his houso
niul lots on tho Charleston road to
l)ae Thomas for a consideration of
Sam McClaren accompanied by a
deputy sheriff went down to Fairhank
this morning to look after some busi
ness affairs.
G. G. Berry has appealed the case of
liis against Ward Priest on a note of
$100. A decision was rendered against
the plaintiff in the justb-cV court.
D. A. 15o:met, of Michigan, has Micd
Bob Crouch for $3S0, claimed to be
duo him on tho e.tle of a taam of
hones and a wagon.
T. W. Harris was joined in londs of
matrimony to Miss Anuio Burnes by
the Rev. John Knox last evening in
this citv.
T. J. While, representing K. J. Sad
dler, of San Francisco, has commenced
suit against Slock Sardau and 1). J.
Itankin for ?2G3 claimed to be due
Mrs. E. O. MeClurc breathed her
last at Tairbank jesterday. The hus
band of the decescd has the heart
felt sympathy of the community in
tho hours of his terrible grief.
The school house at Springer, ille
burned down on the night of the 0th
inst. The fire is supposed to have ori
ginated from a wooden box in which
the ashes from the stove were thrown-
Wilson Kocn, tl.c profewiona1
tramp, was fined ?3 and costs i:i the
Recorder's Court this afternoon, and
left town. It has been Ascertained
that he has a pal, a strong robust
man, who acta as the old insuV
Horace Mann, the proprietor of tho
Mansion House at liisbee has leased
the same to Louis Vidal for a term of
one year at a monthly rental of ?225
per month. This is considered the
finest tropcrty in the Copper Camp,
and is elegantly fitted up.
Threo of the parties engaged in tho
killing in Graham county have been
nrrested, and bound oer to appear be
fore the grand jury, and arc in jail.
Theroiie four more men to Jc appre
hended. Those under arrcst.aro Mex
icans. We are under obligations to Allen
C. Mason, of Tacoma, for a look des
criptive of Pugct Sound and vicinity.
Beside being a work of art it is filled
with valuablo information regarding
the northwestern country. If you de
sire lo lcahi anything' of that rapidly
growing country write to him.
The Daily Keport of San Francisco
says that it has reliable information
that the greatly advertised Harqua
Hal.i bonanza 13 a fraud. In this con
nection it warns the people of Cincin
nati against a swindle that is being
prepared for them under the name of
San Maguil Gold Mining Co. of Lower
The normal school at Tempe is re
ported by iron. C. M. 3tranfs, who was
thero this week to be in a flourishing
condition. Many improvements are
beingnuuc; new outhouseahavebcen
erected, nd the building repainted
Th ground are also being beautified
and 100 young trees have been order
ed. The attendance U about the same
as lart year, averaging about twenty
A Elara 'u:Urv".
From Sheriff Slaughter, who re
turned from Sonora, tlio PuosTECroit
learns that tho country nover looked
bo uttorly destitute as it does at pres
ent. He stopped in llcrmosilla and
Magdelina and pronounces the out
look for the 1 otr future to be not ery
llatlering. The cause of the hard
tinier, he saya, is due to the low
prices ruling for graiii of all kinds and
the imposfibilily of the producers to
realino anything for their crops.
Flour is telling for ?S.73 per carga,
whii.li is 00 pounds, and wheat is
hard to got tid of r.t To cents per hiin
drivl poands. Flour ono year ago was
worth ?1S per carga of TOO pounds, or
$8 per hundred, and the present price
ruling of ?2.C0 jK.r hvndroJ is cer
txinly a wonderful drop. ThjcansO,
Mr. Slaughter was informed, was due
to a still more remarkable fact, and
one which U hard to understand tin
less it is an immense schema to cor
ner the Soi.ora wheat market. A
French house doing business in all of
t lie largo litics of Sonora, bnckt-1 by
. nnnAmn. ... i r n t-r -
joumry .,wv,wi ;.ouuus oi v. auiorma
Hour which has been put on tho mar
ket at a very low price and being of a
superior ijn.ality has taken the place
of the domestic irtielo and foreod the
holders of the local supply to sell at
any figure they arc nbtfc to get.
The most startling part of the im
mense deal aa told to Mr. Slaughter
and vthich is voucht-d for by the peo
ple with whom he talked, is the open
assertion llatthe firm paid tho govern
ment $2.",(X) to admit tho tlour, and
about n half million dollars worth of
sugar, without the formality of exact
a duty.
It is asserted that this amount of
money was gicn a.s a bribe, and that'
the duty on it had it besn collected
would h.ive been over a half million
. A. l.
The secoud annual encampment of
tin Department of Arizona, Grand
my of list Republic completed the
bu.-incfcs before it to-day at I o'clock,
tays the Tucton Citizen. K cry thing
was harmonious and the best of feeling
prevailed throughout the entire ses
Desjiite tho muddy streets they were
out early this morning. The contest
between Geo. I.. Coats, of Phenix, and
A. B. Simp-on, of Tucson, was l?:ng
energetically carried on in n sprit of
friendship by the fricr.us of each. Xci
therof these genilen.en were making
mi j- effort to M-care tho position, leav
ing tisc matter cmi:c:y wmi ineir
fr:cnd3. The contest was ery ibfce
and resulted in the election of. Mr.
.-"ampson by one otc.
The following officers were elected
for the ensuing year: A. B. Sampson
of Tucson Deparlnicnt Comma n dor;
J. C. Creamer, of I'henix, senior ice-
commander; J. L. Guthrie, chaplain;
J. 11. V.'harton. medical director; J. II,
Campbell, A. B. Lighthizer, Mr. Greg
ory, Geo. Haxworth, and A. E. Lotc,
co'umission of administration ; John
M. Jones, delegate" to the national en
campment, and J. M. Ward as "alter
nate. .
Tombstone was selected i;s the place
for the next annual encampment of
the department on the first Monday in
March. 1SC0.
A Soor.1 Coi- PStsr.l CoKiitjr.
The "Bonanza Company" ha .c-
curc.l the control of the Silver King
mine, and, although r.ll the oMcfEecrx'
were re-elected, Mr. W. S. Lyle ha
been made the general manager, and
will exerciso the exclusive control of
tho property. This company will work
tho property to make money, and if it
cannot'tfio made out of the mine it wi'.l
Ik; made out of the stock. It is also
rumored that it is negotiating for the
Rcynieit group of mincj at Dc Noon,
and if sucreisful it will erect very ex
leneive works on the GiH river and
construct a railroad from the mines toj
the mill, and inaugurate a grand sys
tem of development that will sustain
large towns both at the mines and Iho
mill. It now looks aj though a iivcly
impctus will bo- given io mining mat
ters in riu.il connty that wjtl prove lo
bo beneficial to the country and its
people. Enterprise.
rclcr Boland, Graham county.; Sam
Ashley, San Z'rancisco; John M. John
ston, Aspen, Col.; Geo. Drew, Lead
villc; Mis3 Burnes, Bisbcc; Joe Lu
cin, Bisbee; Lcni Clark, Bisbee.
rSa'CXOZV 5iOO.-i".
A E'rofevNloLiul ESesrt. nuil
Soiv bi 'Voi-Iieil !
Lat night about eight o'clock an
old man with one arm was arrested by
Chief Grige for vagrancy. lie had the
appearance of Wlz a tramp of tho
lowest order. His pants c.ime down
just below his knees, revealing betwixt
the lower extremities of either leg, and
a pair of number thirteen shoes, a sun
burnt t-cction of very thin shin. He
woro a coat of very thin coarte materi
al lined on the inside with leather; on
cither tide was a pocket, whiln the
ppace between the lining and outside
of tho coat was not in'.erwected by
scams or other obstnc!e3.
On Wednesday morning the wearer
of the coat went to Chief Gage's house
and walking into the door said, '-Mrs.
iiagc. 1 want a itoilar. 1 lie lauy re
ferred him to her husband, whom she
said could Le found on Allen itreet.
He remarked that ho did not want to
see him and went aav.
Mining a woman shortly nftenvard
t ho struck her for a dollar and on her
replying that she hid nothing but a
bill he replie 1 that he could change
it. He plied his vocation, going from
house to house and 1 i-king up what
he could until yesterday evening,
when, ho was ran into the city jail.
His coat was searched and the con
tents of it would hao ptarted :.n en
terpriring man i:r the Vankuo notion
buiness had he poce-sed it. A fivc-
gailon bucket ivih brought in and the
content!! of tho wonderful c ut com
pletely rllloil it. Spools of tlirc.id, two
lottlcs of ink, one of mucilage, two
corkscrews, one tnck hainnicr, three
penholder, six pencils, tv.o jKx-koi-book,
three emibs, one package of
hob nails, blank looks written full of
unintelligible notcf, a Ilpteruui luink
biok shoeing a credit to his account,
a paper showing his title to lfO acres
of laud near Boseburg, Oregon, to
gether with phis, needle, etc., and
la.i, but not le.i'-t, two sucks of cilver
amounting to$'5o. Xilson wasloikod
U for the night and tills morning
wa let out to iiud an attorney to de-
fpnrl Inrii n-;i?nt t lir lni'litv nnn nf
tlio law, which ho maintained" was rot
ten to the core. He had traveled
through Mesico and said lie w.13 of
his wav to OreKfln to vi-it his d.iugU
,'.?i Si-tcr'.t:;r nic.
A great ..1e-s has been stirred up by
the board of supervisors of Apache
county by the clecl'on of one of the
newly-elected members to the chair
manship of the Ioard. The hold-over
member of the board maintain; that
he i by virtue of hi office chairman
of the body, but the othpr two inem
Iters thought differently and electifl
one Blassingam chairman. Tho va
lidity of the warrants signeil tiythvl
now chairmnn are to le testeil anifV
the result vill bo watched with inter
est by those who are interested in
county affairs in this county, where a
inilar proceeding was gone through
with, but which excited no cojnmcnt.
Elo-.r '1'liey Appear.
The Star will wager that the Grand
Army encampment, now assembled in
Tucson, is made up of the handsomest
lot of gentlemen ever assembled to
gother in Arizona. They would look
splendid on dres parade, and they havo
good t tuff in them as well. Captain
Cramer, of Phenix, is admitted to be
the liumLutiiest man of the encamp
ment. Col. Zabrcskie the ernartett,
and A. L. Grow the most sedate. But
they are all comrades and stick to
gether like burdocks iu a bell weather's
!.i5cJy IV.jriilx;r.
Tlio follov ing arc the first eleven
numbers drawing prizes in the Louisi
ana Lottery, Jan 15 :
5S82, 7833:5, 201GT., W2J03, -J703:
C2C.-.7, 62118, 407S9, 91127. 20738,
Tho following numbers drew $1,009
each: -iopil, 7-JJoU, -;u,l.i o.uis
79,227, 01,4Cy, 98.9S5, 79,417, 21,7
99.6T,0, SSSG, CC.CGS, 2,587, Ofi.CCi
04,123, 74,59S, S5J90, C2.T.C3, 8043
2S,578, 71S2, 8110, S3,;73, ZCflol
The Fabicc Hotel is nutf Letter than
over prepared to accommodate thejpub-
Jic. The only two-story hotel in tho
city. First class in every respect and
furnished throughout in elegant shape.
Toughnular.d Fifth street." Visitors
to TomlMouo should ask to be left at
the IV.iacc. r
I2-22lf . Mrs. Di37iAr, Propnctrcs.
wroHij'n ninj'i mjm
V.'hut Tliej- i:!il.
Tho Tucson Citisen published dur-
iug the meeting of the G. A. It. in that
city the personnel of eouio of tho del
egatc, anion, tbe.-.i tho following
members from Tombstone:
A. L. Grow ,hcn tho war broke out
v.u'j a iirr.it i.i.-s urcmau on uio ij. n.
frigate Xia;.ira and h.il shipped for
tho purpose of escorting the first em
bassy to Japan from this country.
When he returned war had been de
clared and ho remained in the service,
going to tho Gulf in 1SC2; conti'iued
in the navy throughout the war; after
the war came to tho Pacific Coast and
was nustered out in 1E03 ; canio to
JlWUUil 111 1J1I7. f
J. II. Campbell w.1.3 first hi tho navy
on tho islciini frigate Columbus :fid
afterwards on tho gunboat Alba'.rois;
auerwarjs in t;ie iiurtecutu ttegi
ment of Veteran Beserve Corps; mus
tered out December, 1SG3; came to
Arizona in 13S9.
J. W. Kelsoe enlijted in JS02 in the
Second Colorado Volunteers; was in
Mixsouri and Arkansas chasing bush
whackers mostly; then went to the
plains and was discharged in IfcGj;
ctnitf to Arizona in 1S79.
si'iHyi:.- ir.
J.-Pi.llilW3 itli: ilUIIil.l LULU UililUiUII
ter "By Thunder," "Go to HaiffJx'
id other cxjiressions used by Engv
Eskimos arc naming their chiidicu
lih sailors.
"Society" in Xew York U composid
of only -100 people, and Chauntey Do
jk'W isn't ono of them, lie is proba
bly ery glad of it, or ought to be.
A Buffalo paper says if there is any
annexation feeling in Wind.-or it has
been induced by Detroit money. Buf
falo pipers sometimes hit the nail on
the head.
The London Standard says that
millions of dollars h.io been sii-nt on
the heathens of China by European
missions, and it do ibts if $100 benefit
has thus far conic from it.
An English joker tool: down the
calendar in a business ofiko and hung
up one two years old. Dates for im
portant pipers were taken from it and
a loss of if-ACWO' waa the result.
The latest estimate of the co.il suis-
ply of the world gives lis fuel for the
next 800 j cars, by which timo ho:iio
genius will have iuentoJ a way to
make one corncob heat a bi house
tv'or a week.
The Courier-Journal says that Bis
marck is probably not aware that one
of the streets of Louisville !ears his
name, ami that no American or other
hogs arc allowed to run on that thor
oughfare. . In a lately published story look for
boy.3 tho author lias a lioy L! years
old capture three burglars, sa.c four
persons from drowning, discover and
put out a fire, saio a ii'y from inun-
ation and find ?."i0,C0J in an alley.
,V Colorado paper learns that a sis
ter of Guiteau, the assassin, has writ
ten a novel entitled "The Stalwarts,
or Who Was to UlameS" We don't
know; but imagine it is the people
who consented to publish her book.
"Is Love a Failure?" How on earth
any man who has ever strained the ob
ject of his affections to his heart and
printed a kiss on the end of her nose
can ask that fjuestion is a stunner.
One might as well ask if eating ra a
Farmer Johnson, of Ohio, was look
ing for a visit from Whire Caps, and
when tramp Smith knocked at the
door at midnight 100 bird shot went
whizzing into his system and beond.
He may live bat he will be more cau
tious iu future.
As to executing criminals by elec
tricity a Xew York paper obsorvosj
"While the originators of the ridicu
lous new capita! punishment law arc
figuring on sonic method of carrjing
it out the legislature can afford desira
ble relief by repealing the law."
lTwo hours after Edward Horner, of
Chicago, had married Nellie Spencer
ho nsked her if shc liked lobsters. She
s tid sho didn't, and they had a discus
sion which resulted in blows and a sep
aration. Xellia should have liked
yen a whale'lo please her newly-made
Henry Jackson applied lo the .war
den of Jolict prison" the other day to
betaken in for five years and when
the warden refused his reqnett ho
went toa lawyer Jo seo about getting
a mandamus to compel him to. He
siya ho stolen horse' twenty-five years
I ago and u entitled to a term in prison
JAN0A11Y 18, 1889.
mtwywi'TCM.iyTgxji nrrwrjrT.?gTC
I'crvld ::jo:;utitce.
Press mo closer, all my own.
Warms my hev.rt for thee alone.
Every nero responsive thrills.
Each ' est my 1 e'ng fills;
I'cbt and peace in vain 1 era. e,
Iu ecstary I lie, thy slave;
DowerM with hope, with promise blest
Thou dost n-ign upon my breast;
Closer still, for I am thine,
Burns thy heart for thou art mine;
Thou the mc-wage, I tho wire,
I the I trnace. thou the fire;
I the servant, thou tho muster
Boaring, red-hot. injis'.ard plaster.
- '"'mf
h brewing between t
.SK" .Tiro
.More trouble
cattle and si.ecp men in Apachl
county. On Tscsday I:st a cowboy
dnsscd and p'.ti:iled like r.n Indian,
and after many threats of dislodgment
Hindu a descent upon bomo Mo.i"an
herders in tl:c ciiidoy of Don Pedro
Montana, killing five and wounding
one. One cowboy named Pedro Can
delario was killed. 1 he wounded Mex
ican is being packed in on horseback
Pedrp Montana with an armed force
has gone to the rescue and protection
of his htrds and herders.
Joseph Goldwater has purchased the
large warehouse belonging to L. Zeck
endorf it Co. at Benson.
s'ri-:t 'ri:i:i:j.
OU! L'rsiIJ 'i'reer..
Fruit Itees, two, thrco ci.d four vear
oM.Uiubrilln, Mulberry. Peach, Pear,
Apricot, Aipta, rig. riuni, Pnincs.
Nectnrn.es, Atmotiil. Jjpiiic-o Peisim
raon, Euelish Wuli.ut. Pomecianate.
fruiting; two-jear old (Srapevines,
(ifioscberrits. ltaapbi-rrios; l.OyO Itoso
1ibIivb. S3 tLfforeut varieties; liibic.
Carnation Pinks. Mock Orange. Mas.
niilia, Poir.egrnnato fliv.vriac. Honey-
suckte-. Li'ly of the Valby. Cyprcsfes.
Cleiouti1-; l'asinn Vine". DonWe Ca
molia, mid many other plants rrroived
from California, for sale by William
I'raticli. puriiiT or htror.il ncd Volton
streets. Tombstone, A. T. 1-2 Ga
To tho patrons of the Pony Saloon,
I would again call your attention to
the line line of good now on hand at
the old stand, consisting of Hill t
Hill's fine iiand-mad Sour Mash Bour
bon Whisky, spring of ';0, Guckcn-
heimorand Ilipy Straight Byes,. spring
of 'o.'!, the finest goods c.er brought
to Tombstone. I al-o keep on hand a
full line of California Brandies, Wines.
rcc., Tom and Jerry, Hot Scotch,
Spiced Xew England, Santa Croix and
Jamaica limns, all madp in the finest
and latest stvlc. Mv Carina and KV
West Chippies arc made expreoslj for
me and cannot be bent for tho !rice
anywhere. St. Louis Lager Beer on
draught. J. II. Cami-i!:-:!.!.,
11 IT tf Proprietor.
2r .:iic.
1 parlor set, 1 as.li bed-room eei,
carpets, dining-room and kitchen fur
niture. For further particulars apply
at this office. 1-14-lw
t'or IJciit.
A frame house, corner Bruce and
Third street, thrco rooms and kitel'cn.
Apply to Mrs. Harry Cook', next door
tocoincr. t'
B-'oi rinse of ZIonl.
Two housesand lots, comer of Bruce
Ml Sth streets-, reparatcly cr together,
tf Apply to S. C. Back;.
A sea bath at home can Lo hail by
buying a package of Pitman's Sea
Salt at Yonge's Drng Store. 12 III
10,000 rolls U now patterns wall
pipers ami borders, jtut leceived at
An immense lot of new goods in
tiie line of wrdl paper, cro;kery an:!
Glassware just rec-.-ived at Bagg's.
Arnold's Wool Yard
Wagon. Orders left r.t Walker's 'cigar
store or Fittu' store promptly attended
to. C. II. Arnold, corner Eighth and
Safford streets. 11 7
Take yot; prescriptions to Yongq's
Drug Store. 12 ltf"
Trttli Raucli Bat:cr I'o-n tlie ranckn! J
U U'bite alVi"fc!rr,tl' t, Store. S.7lf
RcZ the Mln-lng: J!r a II. JlcrrU. Vrxi rl'
ark., 17: 'VTii tlurrn v-Ub t.xit cf .nuii, mzi
frlrcJj !idt!i3'll"i irfj-uiH'ri xa 13 lfwxr
nU odnKQEi;Uf. lj:n 1-l.teK I'r Klc;' Nov
Ulrctivrry for Ojiiiiinvion. siu r.vtn nijr tltril
b9ttt unt E3l la to cnrr9-Q tto vwrk 03 oj
Urxz II Utho&nrst incdU-innTrtruiule." '
Jcva Ilaic7iirf. I)4:nr. Ibi, as: 'n0
It not Lcroi fur lir Ulnj'f X.-r ; Isti-visf fcr C.c
:iiiUcpj I ttimiM hkTr HtI cf lni- trncMcf.
V irlrra nn jv ttj-trrft. An .w in Lett c?
b.uUli." Ttt j. bi.njle bvtt:4 (ne ftt i.
, ksu; iizvg awn.
OKDIXAXCti Ko. 03.
A:; Osm.nanci: to ninecd Oidiuauco
No. 58 of tko ci'y of Tombstone,
which Oidinance No. 03 is aa amend
ment cf Ordinarco No. 4,
The rnuyur nud common council f
tho city of Tombstone do ordain us fid
io7s: 'lhat an ordinance to emend an oidi
nance to provido for the licensing of
business carried on within su'ul city, bo
ncieudrd to as to read as fullons, viz:
Sec. 13 Every photographic gallery
tko wottlily licctic cf one dollar and
ono half (51 50).
Sic. 17 Every pereoD orfum erg'C
ed in the business of bn
y.or d-ahr K in, second 1
.11 ,varea
ed in the biisiucst of bnyiag or selling,
band furniture.
jJooilH, .vurea or merchicdisi, Minll pay
jt moiitb'y Iicci.i,o of (he dollars (cj.OO)
Sec- 43, Each traveling iho-v or
theatrical exhibition, wheie a prii-o of
.niiistioii is ntkid, sl.n'l pay a liceuto
for each performance wi'hiu the city of
Ino'ify five diiijirs (5-3.00).
Piovided, 'Jliat resident theatrical
entcrpiises. wbe:o i piiie of iiilmirsion
is nsked. shil! pnya monthly licenec of
thirty dollars ($C0 fit)
Preiided, further. That this decs not
upply to nmuteur tl.eatrlcid or rausirr.l
poifiittnauces civee b xcl:giou3 or ben
cvo!ciit sccietiei.
That part of Section 33 of said Ordi
caaceNo. C8. boicg the last lino ofjho
RaQ,3!i3 amended so as to rer.d as fol-
.Jots: "Monthly Hcceso of twenty-livo
dollars (523.00),
And Section 37 cf said Ordinance No.
5S is amended as follows:
rrcsT cxaps.
Monthly rejeipts or sales of flvo
tbou'-iind dollars or over, a monthly li
cense of twiniy dollars (.520.00),
Sl.fOKD CI.Vfc
Monthly receipts or salea of four
thousnud dollars or over, a inotitbly li
censo of s-ii.'.cei: dollars (510.00).
Titll'I) e-iES.
Monthly uce.ts cr sules of thrro
thou-iiul dollars or over, n montidy
license of twelve dollars (S12.C0). .
Vt-CCTII cuss
Monthly receipts or sales of two
thou'atid dollars crotcr. a monthly li
cense of eight dollars (5G.C0).
r:t"rii cuss.
J'oo'.bly receipts or sales cf cno
thousand dollars or over, n monthly
license of four dollars (51 00).
Monthly receipts or sales "of ono
thousand dollars or under, a racntlily
license of three dolkirs (5: 00).
"I lint paiagiapb seventh class, of sec
tion 57 of faid Ordinance No. 3S, be.
and the i-.rao is hereby repealed.
Src, 30 For evefj lestaurnnt wbcro
no wine or liipior it mid or givpn awty
by bottle, cr olhcrwUv. ibull pay a
.monthly license of two dollars end fifty
ccLts (i,y).
And all 1-cstnuranU in Eaidcity wbcro
winei or liqnurs nro hold," tr given
.way. sl.nll in addition to the two dol
lar and fifty cents (52 31'.) nr.y r. month
ly licen-e of seven dol ars (57.00).
Sec. 7C Any rscrcLnnt, or deMcr, in
distilled spirit!", wines or n:a!t liquor.",
who sills or iILpoEci f iho came in
ijnantities cf one gallon, or more, nt a
time, shall, in addition to tbeliccnco
which be or lliey may pay for any re
tail or Other ba-dnt-ss tru"nel(d lt hint
or tliera. pty a mer.lldy liccuso if tcu
d- iars (510X0). "
See. 77 All Ordinances and parts
.hereof, in conflict with the provision!
of this OrdirmCce. aic hereby repealed.
Sec. 73 -Ibis Ordinance shall tuko
effect and bo in forca from and after its
passage, and dno and legal publica
tion. Approved, January 3, I8S9.
C. N. T.10MAS, Mayor.
N.T riawKr,
Clerk of Common Ccnncil,.
Approved: - :
- G. W. Swain-. Cily Att'y.
- i ii
SBi ii
. r .,
j a
Til 2 neTS::pi
plar.t ,cn
wit Ith the Prtj&f ecfor waf for
merly prinii!i co is'3iii,g. of
i '.Vasliincoii . 1:.:iM pfe'-s,
typo, asid ifrosiary material
for liicprhiil;; o a. C-coluinn
folio; also 1 Gordon Joi.ucr, 1
plov.' pacr cnttcr, lltrec im
posids skns, io lers, mo'ds,
Job Work nctlly executed at
this office. . , - .
- OhS- '"-"

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