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FEBRUARY - 12, 1S89
Arlioun & SuutlicuHtcrn It
Time Oni-tl.
Bisbe7.00 a.m IV.rbauV; 0.30 a.m.
Fairbauk 12.00 n'n Bisbcc 2.30 p.m.
Daily, exctpt Sunday.
(Railroad time.)
tf ' Hex William., Supt.
Two car load of furniture jtin re
ceived at KohlcrV. fll-lm
It is estimated tlit the weight of
the Head Center mill which i being
moved to this city will be npproxiiiiati
ly 203 tons.
A very rich fctrikc id reported in the
Nicholas mine, on tied by Van Burt
and Pearson. Further particulars to
morrow. At the match game of baseball play
ed on the foundry ground Saturday
last, Toomey's nine waxed the opposi
tion by a (-core of 10 to 22.
The Beautiful Dream in the Air, by
Miss Helle Bertrand and Stanselle.
Jtet-erved seats without extra charge at
The brother of Mrs. John Jane, ar
rived to-day from Nevada City, Califor
nia. He came up in private convey
ance from Benson.
If the man who took a gold pen, a
pocket-knife and a pair of scissor out
of this office yesterday will jssturit
them, lie will receive the curses of the
The funeral of the lato John Jane took
placo this afternoon and ivs largely
attended. His friends were ir.any.
None knew him but to rciect him in
life, and the memory of a good man
still lives in the hearts of his acquain
tances. The Mexican who was nearly beaten
to death by four of his countrymen at
Fairbank yesterday is in a bad way.
His nose is broken from contact with
a sixahootcr and hi ekull mashed by a
blow with a rasp. Two of his assail
ants arc in the county jail, and two
more are yet to be captured.
Old newspapers for wrapping pur
poses for sale at this office; 25 cent.
per hundred done up in bundles of
one hundred each. tf
s. o. s. or a.
Tiekefs for the ball on the 22nd
insL fo- sale at Teto's and Yonge's
drug store, Joe Brown's look store and
Seaman's jewelry store. Ticket's sold
to those only having invitations, tf
Let joy be unconfincd and hilarity
reign nt tho performances of Stanselle,
tho wizard.
Stanselle, the necromancer, at Shicf
feUn Hall Thursday and Friday. Be
sarved seats at Walker's cig. r store.
Tho Mansion House, at Bitbcc, is
the only hotel in tho copper camp.
Forty elegantly furnished rooms.
Just opened and everything new. Kl
rgantly furnished club rooms. The
lar is .supplied with the best of liquors
and cigars. Ask to bo shown to the
Mansion House when you go to Bis-
J-231m Proprietor.
I'or Kale. -
Good saddle horse. Cheap.
quire of
tf ' H. G. Howe.
The Palace Hotel is now better than
ever prepared to accommodate the pub
lic. The only two-story hotel in ttie
city. First class ia every respect and
furnished throughout in elegant shape.
Tough nut and Fifth street. Visitors
to Tombstone should ask to be left at
the Palace.
12-22tf Mrs. Bastiax, Proprietress.
For Hale.
llouse and lot; five rooms; furni
ture; good ntighborhoL Apply im
mediately. Geo. II. Fittf, Grocer.
fC-lw Allen street.
Three hours of fun and wonder at
Stanselle' performances. Reserved
seats without extra charge at Walker's
cigar store.
The TifoSPECTOit office is in receipt
I a-rain gauge and a maximum and
minimum thermometer to-day. The
instruments arc the property of the
war "department. We will have the
pleasure of measuring the tail end of
the Canadian blizzard about to-morrow
At the Tony, Clam Juice. Tryit-23tf
Of lilt- riictitN to lc Seen nt llic
Cnrnuial next Month ut
The excursion to (iuaymas, of which
wo have mado previous mention, is
now an assured fact. The wlo of tick
ets will commence on the morning of
March let. Tickets will be good to re
turn on last train leaving (Uuymas on
March 5th.
March 3d, is owning day. The fes
tivities commence with a carnival pro
cession, music being furnished by a full
military band, which will play every
day during the carnival. In the even
ing will occur the carnival ball, for
which excellent music will be furnish
ed. Thi will 1m a grand alf.iir, the
hall being exjioneively decorated for
the occasion. In the afternoon of the,
second day is the "Jucgo de lUiina,"
which, with the dancing on the plaza
by the partitipants, is well worth a
trip to (luaynm.
The third day is set apart for the
iVa.t of the Cascaronai, which is
uou'l and interesting sight. A
ecoud j
grand ball takes place on the eningJto determine the character of the wall
of the second day to which all are ad
mitted. Although nearly all attend in
fancy costumes it is not rsscntial that
they should be worn. Tickets for free
admission to the balls can le procured
by application to Chas. It. Hudson,
N. M. & A. K. U.,unyni:is.
These attraction, together with
Myht-scoing, fi-hing, shooting, boating
etc., cannot fail to pay any one for the
time and expense of the trip.
(Joing down the train will stop forty
fie minutes nt llermoaillo, thus giv
ing passengers, an opportunity of driv
ing about the city. The company wish
to put on enough extra coaches at
Benson to accommodate all who wish
to go. That sufficient coach room
shall be provided it is essential that
all proposing to join the excursion
should gie their names ns early as
possible to Geo. II. Kent. agent at Fair
bank, or C. 1). Gage, superintendent
of the Stage company at this place.
The great vanishing illusion! Don't
mi-sit! Produced by Stansclle, the
wizard, and Miss Belle Bcrtiand
Thursday night.
George Johnston, a merchant of
Mc:nphi, dropped dead when sud
denly called upon for a speech at an
entertainment. It ought to be against
the law to jump on a man tlut way.
Charley Smith, who was shot so seri
omly bst summer by Cunningham, is
out on the street again. The nature
of the wound made it very necessary
that ho should keep his leg in one pos
ition for many months. Although not
able to walk yet without crutcheshe
will gradually be able to Uso the in
jured limb without them. He is a
walking advertisement of the skill of
his physician Dr. Dunu.
There arc explosives which have
seventy times more power than gun
powder, and yet it is only now and
then that a man teats himself on a
keg of jKiwder to enjoy a juict smoke.
Ladies are astonishad, children are
amazed, gentlemen are pleased by the
wonderful feats of Stanselle, the wi
Teams for Sonora. Apply to
S. M. Barrow,
tf Allen street, Tombstone.
Spot Cnoli I'riocM nt l'rindi
Tllle'x Store.
C can of Tomatoes $100
C " " Peaso 1 00
f. " " String Beans 1 00 J
fi " " Oysters 1 00 !
C " " Corn 1 00
C " " Salmon 1 00
0 " " Milk I 00
f, " " Pie Fruit . .-. 1 00
22 bars of Cork Soap 1 00
2 2 lin
Stanselle, the necromancer, grvc3
two of his magical performances at
Schieffclin Hall Thursday and Friday
Stanselle, the wizard, will astonish
you. Don't miss it. Thursday and
Friday next.
All penons are hereby warned
against working, leasing or purchas
ing the Allison mine in Montezuma
canyon, Huachuca mountains, ns said
claim belongs to me.
C. S. M.vxscn.
10.000 rolls all nerr patterns
papers and borders, just received at
Sonic Interesting Notes From
an Old-Timer
Who Thinks It Will lie the ..igwsi
Camp in Arizona.
Ccorgo Potormiui, an old Pacific
Coaster and one who has Ivcn in
nearly cveiy mining camp on the
coast, returned Friday last from the
Hanuia Hala district. He piei the
new district a very llattoring send-o!V
and lclies it will be a great country
in the near future. The bonanza boys
lire not doing anything on their proj
erty, but eomo parties owning the
third extension on the same ledge
have mi nk a shaft tiilecn fet-t deep and
drifted Loth ways from six to ten feet
but arc still all m ore. I heir rook i
of the same character a the original
find and every pan of dirt taken from
the bottom of the bhaft shows up u
line prospect. Thecountry for twenty
miles around is being pro-peeled and
every new character ol rati; orougiu
into camp is eagerly scanned by the
miners and in tho morriitijbright and
earlv the discoverer is watched and
his tr.uks are follewel by a score or
more of curious prospector.
A well wa sunk dose to the big
ledge nnd an abundanco of water
irucl? at the depth of thirty feet.
Thxre arc two mixi-l stores there and
on the wav out Peterman met Wyatt
I'arp going in with a;i immense load
of bar fixtures and lir.iors, accompa
nied by two womed. Burp thinks it
is going fti be the biggest loom cut
teen on the Pacific coast and goei pre
pared to build a substantial building.
He will locate near the mine, where
th water was struck, and e:idcaor to
draw others to that spot and start a
town there. Nellie Cashman ha
gone away. Jim Coyle is there watch
ing his locations. Mrs. Uoylo Is with
him. Bloomer is still monumenting.
Tiicre are a number of old shafts
around the country and evidences of
old workings everywhere. Ju-t before
Peterman arrived there a propc-oiiug
party discovered the skeletons of two
men and three horses about ix miles
from camp. They had probably been
killed by Indians as there were no
signs of saddles or other handiwork of
man around. There i an old woman
liting at Harriburg who h.ts nionu
mentcd the whole country around
there, having no less than 300 loca
tion. Year after year she has relo
cated these claims but never recorded
any of them. A piece of paper bear
ing her namo can be found under
a pile of rocks in nearly e cry direc
tion. Her name is Ormillita. The
bonanza mine, it is understood, i in
litigation. It i ascrted that a fourth
party claims an interest in it and had
it not been for this the claim would
have been bonded long ago. It sems
that four men were in the party orig
inally and that the fourth man went
to Yuma for snppliei leaving the three
to prospect. While ho was gone those
rich mines were discovered. Three
claims were located and the fourth
iiarlv was left out in the cold. He
naturally objected to this style of
partnership and still objects. Mr.
Pcturman left a partner cu the ground
with a three months' supply of pro
visions and will return himself just a
soon as he can get things in rcadinc.
The Harrisburg mill will start up
in a few days and there will be plentv
fif rock to keep it going all the time.
This mill has ben run on ore from a
niHic near the niHl and only shut
I down for the reason that the ore at a
depth of 200 feet ran into sulphurets
which could not be milled. Mr. reter
man believes it will make a great
camp. He brought some rock with
him taken from a location made by
himself, which he will wo;' at once
on returning. The ore, 5 lively-looking
and horns well.
After George Thaftcr, of Xalchcz,
had made a legal affidavit that on tho
21th of December, 188S, the current of
the Mississippi river flowed up stream
for half an hourt half a dozen parlies
went ut it and proved that he v;aa
drunk all that day. It was the cur
rent of his whiskey that flowed up
John Coulter of San Atxlreas killed
Altven pigions at one shot last Friday.
B. A. Marshall finds time to run a
newspaper at Burbank, another nt
Ncrchall, and to act a. Justice of the
A San Diego man has planted ten
acres in mulberry tree, preparatory to
going into the business of raising silk
Kobcrt Ward A Co. and Hall & Gos
pel at Victoria, B. C, offer to injure
sealing schooner against seizure and
'upturc by American vessels in Beh
ring Sea.
The boys whittlo the desks to pieces,
shoot off firecrackers and howl like
denidic during school hours at the
Folsom public school, says the Tele
graph. When a Vacawllo man wants to post
a letter he has to walk to Sacramento
to buy a stump. The local postmaster
finds it does not pay to keep any stamps
to lend.
Since electric lights were introduced
in Willow not a wild goose has been
teen to ily over the town. The Jour
nal suggests that large farmers put in
these light in their grain fields and
stop hiring goose-harders.
The Monrovia Messenger says: The
tin mine, of which mention was made
two weeks ago, promises to bo a bo
nanza to the owner.. An assay of the
mineral proves that it is a fine quality
of tin, and the extent of the deOMt i.
practically inexhaustible.
Tho bone of the mastodon recently
unearthed by somepioncerminersnear
Salmon Falls, Idaho, are on exhibition
at Shoshone. It's rib are nine feet
long, and the whole mass of lxmes is
Ci'.imlcd to weigh 3,000 pounds.
Herman Huber, a well-known and
wealthy farmer, living about uine
miles north of Frceport, Sacramento
county, while- on liit way homo Sunday
afternoon, riding a young and spirited
horse, was thrown, and falling on his
head hi neck wa broken.
. During the car strike in New York
and Brooklyn over 2,000 policemen
utcd their clubs at different times.
Tlicre liuut have been a brisk demand
for arnica and court plaster during the
week pat.
Judge Stilnell returned from Wilcox
on tho noon coach. Ho icpresented
the Territory in the case against And
erson, who was arrested on a warrant
sworn out by McKean for the larceny
of a wagon. The defendant was dis
charged, a there was no evidence to
support the charge.
Hawng sold out my business in the
City of Tombstone, and wishing to
close up my my books, I would request
all persons indebted to me to ccme up
at once and settle.
2-12-lm Sla Schelv.
Onncr Wanted.
Tor a brown yearling colt, star in
forehead, -branded G on right shoul
der. Owner can hear of its where
about by calling at this of Hoc and
paying for this advertisement.
The largest assortment of furniture,
carpets, oilcloths, wallpaper, crockery
and reed chairs ever brought to Ari
zona is now being opened at
fll-lm Koiiixn'.
Bescrvcd seats for "Stanselle's two
performances at Walker's without ex
tra charge
I'or Sale.
A house and lot in the town of Bis
bce. House furnished throughout.
Apply to
J. G. Bakxey,
tf Bislioe.
Jack Mynott was killed whilo york
lug In tho Mamie Bichmond mine at
Ilillsboro last week. The cable broke
and the bucket and COO pounds of
rock fell on him, breaking hit legs,
back and arms and dashing out'his
While 'William Jackson, a Chicago
roofer, was sliding down a roaf a dis
tance of forty-five feet, he had time to
tell a fellow workman that he owed
three cents and had tho money in his
trunk to pay them. Then ho reached
the caves and went to his death on
the frozen artl.
"IIow many men dare to do right ?"
asks a Chicago writer. Heaps "and
heaps of 'em, ir, but when you hava
two lead nickels and the car conductor
Is jn a hurry It's a bjg tomptation,
1 don't von know.
The following instruments were
filed for record in the Becordcr's office
to-day :
North extension Peacock and north
extension Iron John Helm.
Peter Sibel te M. Bayle, land near
Fnirbank; ?00.
Scientific illusions, deceptho trans
formations and the d 1 to pay in gen
eral at the performances f Stanselle
Schciffelin Hall, Thursday and Friday
D,l-r la sll Unit or
Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Fish every Thursday, 25c per lb.
Fresh Oysters " Friday, 25c per doz.
Fremont St., next to Post Office
KtnJsof Mill and MiatAg Machlntry, Heavy and
Light Castinci uf Iron and HiaM Made to Order
Ho:-u; Engines Made la Order, and En
gines Indicated and Adiustcd. Accnt tor
Albany Lubricating- od and Compounds
a-. I.
Mc&lllHfer. -
1A creditor of lh rotate of Thomas Oirfra.
tlt-c-'Bi'el, thai all iicit-in bavlnz claims against
r a'd dec -deal sm ucw'iv required to prevent anc
exhibit cci tlittun 1u the undertltred adminis
trator, at the o-Oce nl W. 11. StUvrell. attorney at
laut on Fourth street. In Tombs one. Arizona,
ltbin foir month, alter the date of Ibis cctles.
Dated Tombstone, A.T.. Jan-anr 10, 188).
Administrator of tlio esta'.e of Thomas Ogden.
ctceisd. w4m
TetM-.x An.iz..JanntrT2l. 1SB9 f
i XBK P. VICKEKS, of Tumbsto c, Co
colso cointjr. Ariatca, his filed sot.ee of Inten
tlou to make final pntof on bit desert land claim.
No. ia, for the XB i of hV Ji of Section 84, Tp
IS S. !( E.. before tfce Clerk or the U S. Court,
at Tombstr.e, Arlsons, ou Friday, the 15th dar
ct March, less
lleratnes the foMowlnc witnesses to prove the
e-mplrte Irrigation and reclamation of sild land:
U'm A. Kls, or Wilcox. A. T.: James c. Par
.1 jr, of Uilcox, .T.; . R. K-hler, cfTomb
stsiir, A.T.; JacL tmilh, of Ttmkst'r. A. T.
First Publication JancarT 2. 1EW.
SILEMEN. We wish m few men to sell our
Co.! ty sample to the wholesale a&d retail
tia4e. Largest mann act-trers In our line. Sena
J cent stamp. Waies $1 per ilsr. Permanent
po?ltlon. NopotalsaeeMrered Monej advanced
lor ajes, adrrr.islne. ctcCXTEs:aLM"ir"o.
Co., Cixcixxati, Ouij. Ii Mi
The Coohlso ITardtraro and Trading
Company have received a carload of the
celebrated Schlitz beer, tho most health
fill and purest beer in the market.
A sea bath at home can bo had by
buying a paokage of Ditman's Sea
Salt at Yonge's Drug Store. 12 ltf
J. E. Durkee'ri ranch butler by ex
press dailv, one dollar per roll, at the
Cocbiso Hardware and Trading Com
pany's store.
Job Work neatly executed at
this office.
Shriek:) of laughter at the DevilV
Windmill. Stanselle cuts up his devil
try Thursday and Friday nights.
I'or Nalc or Rettt.
Two houses and lots, corner of Bruce
and 8th street, eparaUiy or together,
tf Apply to S. C. Baoo.
An Ohio farmer mortgaged hi farm
to get his wifo sonic diamond car
rings, and he lost one of them in the
suds the very first Wash day and at
tempted to hang herself in the bam.
The cost of the tclagrams which
pass between Bennett and the Herald
during his long absences is faid to be
$25,000 per year. If he wou'.d stay at
home and attend to hla work it would
not cost him anything.
Two witnesses in a case in Iowa who
swore that they saw a man forty rods
off draw a revolver were proved to be
no near sighted that they could not
tell a revolver from a oodle dog fif
teen rods away.
FRARY & CO., Managers.
The Largest and Flaest Sleek cf Undeitatlac
Uoods In Anions. We are prepared to d J U
wors. ia cur iiae ia a list Class) Jfasier.
All Our Work Warranted.
Or Temporarily rreserre4 atfa Trifling Xxbm
Satisfaction Given in All Respects.
Ordirs left at the O.
prompt attention.
E. Stables will rrctlre
ALLEN WALKER, Funeral Director.
Bisbee Market
Tho Choicest of Beef, Pork
and Mutton,
Prices the Lowest,
Location: On Brewery Oolcb.
Invitation Ball
UgHshingtoii nmp
O. S.
of A.
Friday, Feb. 22d, 1889,
E. L Jackus, E. A. Wittio,
J. I. Monti. Wm V. MoxueNici.
J. W. Snzrrcxv, D. K. WAKOKeu.
E. J. Iackuv.
Wj,. Hrasivu.
W. F. IIradliv,
A. H. Stsjisisn.
E. W. Pfxm.,
Ur. A. Hasood.
E. C Di-ms.
A. L. Gkciv.
J. w.
E. Godfkl1jow.
A. WtvTwoaTil,
J. W. Claxk.
J. W. SHirriaD.
1 Amdcxsow.
C.tn W. Walk EX.
J. K. McPhiksov,
F. U. Earls,
Jos. CtAr.
I. S. McKav.
C. W. Platt.
Geo. W. Swaisi.
Kl. bSAMSN .
Muttc by Prof. Vincent's String Band.
.Invitations will not be issued
Call round at this office and ae
samples of our job work and jet pritt-o
before investing in a rubber stamp
South Carolina always hangs a mur
derer in public, and she defies any ono
to find a spectator of any hanging who
has subsequently taken human life.
She claims that every execution makes
a profound impression of the ven
geance of the law.
Don't fail to get one or more tickets
in the Rattle at Henry Campbell's sa
loon for the elegant Black Bear and
Wolf Bed Spreads and Rug. Oaly
85 tickets for the two robes and rug.
Two highest first and second choice ;
lowest, third choice. These are new
and choice goods and much cheaper
than retail prices. 1-Sltf
To rent a two or three room hr use
plainly furnished, clcse to business
portion of city. Apply at this office.
, r

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