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Tombstone daily prospector. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1891, November 24, 1890, Image 4

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NOVEMBER - - - 24, 1890.
Ar'josn Ac Koutlieoatrrn It. XI
Tirae Card.
Bisbee 7.00 t m Fairbank 9.00 a,m.
rairbank 10.00 s. m. Bisbee 12.30 n'n
JDoify, except Sunday.
'Pacific time.)
Bev Williams, Supt.
SitrnaS fvrvlc.
The "allowing is the range of the
thermometer for the 24 hours endinj;
5 o'clock p. m. November 24
Maximum 0G
Minimum SB-
Subscribe for the PEOsrEcroR
Choice California cheese
and He rring at Hoeiler's.
tf Native or alfalfa hay by
loose or baled at Sydow's.
the ton,
D. M. Osborne Mowers
and Raker
and Halladay Wind-mills at Wolcott's.
J. H. White's Fresh
at Wolcott's.
Ranch Butter
Fare to Bisbee via Engle's stage line
reduced to 12.50. nl4tf
Choice Eastern Dried Apples and
Dried Raspberries at Wolcott's. 7-19-tf
Children and Boys Overcoats
at Bonanza Cash Store. 12-w
O. E. Braly, the pioneer dairy man
will deliver milk anywhere in the city
at reaso&able rates during the winter.
Go to Encher Gres and pay your
election bets. An elegant line of stet
son hats of all weights and styles.
Crown Mills Flour, Fresh Buck
wheat and Graham Flour and Meals
just received at Hoefler's.
A large stock of Infants
Children woolen hose,
grades at Svdow's.
Fresh garden and flower seeds. El
Paso onion seed and alfalfa seed at
Wolcott's. tf
Alfalfa, Timothy, and Espersette
seed. Warranted pure at
If. Hoeflee's
Chmce brana oi bntter nA ohw
at Hoflflr's tho pioneer Kroor. on Fr
mnnt nd Fifth trnt i?
For driraliPity and strength
our St'h'iol Shoe- catinut he
bent Riinnnzn CashSpH'.
Wastei Awman who has ahnnip
to do general housework in a tmAll
family. Apply immediately at this
office 11 21tf
Just received a new invoice of
'Choice old Port, Five year old Zinfun
del, Sherry and Angelica wines. Also
finest brands of family liqnors at
'Jos. Hoefler's
T?eccjvpd pvftry Tuesday and
Friday. 25 cents a dozen.
Geo H. Fitts.
Just received at tho C. II. &. T. Co.'s
a full and complete line of Windsor
Ties and neckwear of all descrip
tions. N4tf
To try is to bny. Ceylon
Tea. Something entirely new
in Arizona but used exten Ive
ly' all over California. Trv it
aad you will pronounce it the
best. For Sale at the
1 Button S2.50 Sfioe
niDOK3oaforWe1FItot-Wear. PoaltfTtlT
i&erKata-rfieiaABierieaforUeBiofUT. Do not
htdaeerred. beeataapoa bottom oleaebalxir.
Tate no other. Ertrr pair warranted, etjliih
Sole Agent for Cochi e Co.
Fetcr Brix of Phcnix died last Sat
urday ol Asthma.
Chas. Leach returned yesterday from
a trip to El Paso.
Henry Fitch of Dos Cnbeias-is wait
ing Tombstone.
The Pima county supervisors are
canvassing the returns to-tiny in Tuc
son. The suit of Jap Ohnirk vs J. B.
Lacy was decided in Lacy' favor last
Saturday in Phccix.
W. D. Ganthorn has leased the
Orndorf Houe in Tucson. Mrs. Gam
horn will asit in running the house.
Vincent P.irker. aged fifty years, a
native of England, died at the Omega
mine, Sonora, last week.
A new invoice of late "Bancrofts
Histories of the Pacific coast." arrived
on to-dav's coach.
W. F. Bradley went to Tucson
day as a witness in the case of U.
vs. ltoss.
f Dick Liddle, who "gave away" JesseJ
James and helped to capture him,
aira last wees in .iew Jersey wiui "
iWnta nn Avli in lilami " J
The establishment of a pnt office at
Turnuois will be a great convenience
to Tombstone and Turquois real
One of the most enthusiastic con
verts to Arizona mountain climate is
Prof. Fowler, of London, who is stop
ping at the San Jose House.
The Nogales Herald announces the
engagement of Major Rafferty, of Tort
Huachuca, and Miss Ezekiels, of Tuc-
Knn. ?
' Sixty thousand dollars have been
subcrib,d to renew work upon the
Planches mines, in Sonora. and work
will begin at once. J
, A
It is repirtoL that tho Billi ng
smelting company at Socorro has re
cently been reorganized and that Colo
j-auo capilnlKlR dow coniroi ine con-
e two editors of "El Monitor." of
Nogales, have had their trial at Hcr
moillo. Aguiere was ilirchargeil hut
his partner was finiil .Xi anil sen
tenced to fix month in prison.
Juan Fi-h-r, a carpenter well known
in this section, has, according to the
Nogales Record, taken a position
ship rarpenier on a coat steamer run
nine out of Guaymas. U
Prospectors and ranchers can ave
from 10 to 25 per cent by coming to
Tombstone to make their purchases, at
lu.nt tills ! nlil tltA. oil .1-
The Nogales papers deny, on UTTdi0 E1 Pas0- ft
i:i f- i.a
ters of administration on the estate of
Major Farrell, or that he ever contem
plated such action.
The Los Angeles Evening Tost
cashed in its chips last Wednesday,
aged three months. This leaves the
afternoon newspaper lield to the Ex
press, which has seen twenty years of
usefulness and still thrives.
J. E. Durkee and wife returned to
day from Southern California. Mr.
Durkee is much improved in health,
although hs ;;.;" not as strong as
before his recent severe illness.
A new postoflice has been establish
ed .at Tnrquois with Jas D. Lowrey, as
postmaster. The blanks have arrived
and all that is lacking is a mail pouch
which will be here in a tly or two.
The new order calls for a tri-weekly
The residents of Tucson are expos
tulating with the wood dealers of that
town for raising the price of wood to
$G per cord which the Citizen says is
the highest price reached in the his
tory of that town.
The improvement craze has struck
Tombstone. The Bilchic building is
having a new front put in. The Min
ing Exchange building is" being plas
tered and receiving a new awning, and
the PftOsrECToit bnilding is to be
stuccoed and painted.
A large body of ore which is said to
runabout tenty-fio per cent lead
has been stiuck in the Surprise mine.
Cook's Peak district. Il is white and
run through thn hand like fin shot.
Col. Fitzgerald pronounces it silicate
of lead. There are thousand of tons
insight, it forming the bottom of an
extensie cave. Dcming headlight.
A car lo.uled with caseimeres and
woolen blankets Irom the woolen
mills at Ensenada, Lower California,
and with leather from the Enenada
tannery, passed here in bona for the
City of Mexico last Monday. This i
the second crhud tu tLs Mt ten
days. Yuma Sentinel.
One hundred and fifty Topolobampo
colonists have arrived at Nogales on
their way from Kansas to the new life
giving climalo on the Pacific. They
are advised to remain nt Nogales by
the local papers, but, like the Pilgrim
fathers, they will push on to their des
tination and burn the bridges behind
them. -XJ
V Thirty-two passenger, filling two
to1.,. , , , , .t.r- .:.
OI W1C largest Biiifccs ti iuc nM""
Stage Co' line left yesterday bound
. . n a. . 7 .. .l ..t-
I lor A llCBOn Ml act as jurura ww
lnesses at the present session of the
U. S. court. Among the number were
many business ruenjicho went under
1 protest.
I f
S '
yJT Tom Porin came back yesterday
from a trip to tho Chirscahua moun
tains. He has been gathering stray
stock which wandered off duri.ig tho
summer rains from his ranch in the
Dragoon mountain. During hi trip
he states that lie saw more antelope
and wild ducks in the Sulphur Spring
valtev than at any previous season in
ten years.
It. M. M. O'Gorman of Los An go
les came in yesterday from the west.
He has not visited Tombstone since
its palmy days and naturally noticed
many changes in the condition of af
fair around town. He is still inter
ested in the extensive land concession
in Sonora with cx-Gov. Perkins and
the Gird brothers and came hero on
business connected with Ihe ranch.
Charles A. Shibell and Sterling G
Harper yesterday purchased four
promising mining claims from Jack
Ray. The mines are located on the
wet elope of the Huachuca, near
Bear canyon. Mr. Harper has pur
chased tools nnd supplies and will
leave for the mines to-morrow, and
will put in a forco of men at one to
detclop the same. Star.
An Titus ho forrrferly was ou
of the pillars which held Tombstone
toeether. came in yesterday from
Lordsburg where he has charge of L.
W Blintis lumber business. Mr. Titus is
also the dispenser of justice over that
war and looks after the peace of the
community of Lordsburg and icinity.
-rHe came over here to meet Mr. Blinn
ml will rahirn with him fin lltH WAV
Mask tickets for the fkattng dimi
val on sale at Stevenson &. Walker's,
Peto's drug store, Yaple's news stand
and Mrs. Raflerty's. '"Secure your
tickets and avoid the rush. Sltf
fin! lor THrnnoln.
The Braly and Kemp line leave
Tombstone at 2 o'clock p. m. Tues
days and Fridays. Ieave Turquois at
7 o'clock a. m. on same days. Fare
2 Round trip, 53. Office at
stable of Ifare &. Page.
A.tncm Worlr.
If you have assessment work to do
addres"D" this office fjTW. will be
done promptly and reliably, nlltf
Sunny Side.
Boarding and lodging house. Fifth
street between Allen and Toughnut.
Reopened under the management of
Mbs Boyle. 11-20-tf.
We have have received the first car
load of a large consignment of Wheat,
wh'ch we retail at $1.75 per 100 lbs.
N-M Cociiisf. H. & T. Co.
Tor a lame back, a pnin in the side
or chest, or for.aooth-ache or ear-ache,
prompt relief may be had by using
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It is relia
ble. For sale by H. J. Peto,
w r.i ts it i a 4 M4 a n.
If gray, gradually restores color;
elegant Ionic dreing, 50c, $1, Drug
gists, or $1 the prepaid by express for
fl. J3 S.Wells. Jersey City. ROUGH
ON. TOOTHACHE. Instant relief. 15c
t mbltu Agitating th Acadrtnjrof Sc
ene A Company to Hoom tuveultou.
An adventurous aeronaut succeeded
in flying a couplo of miles in tho sub
urbs of New xork. with tho aid of t
huge machine that had wings, and that
seemed to use them with considerable
success. For something like a genera
tion lha inventor of this flying m
chine had been at work upon it, and
had been laughed at because of it as
bearttly as ever tho irrepressible Kccly,
of motor tame, was laugueu at. tsul u
was a Scotchman-who possessed trus
(Scotch tenacity. He stuck to his idea
and filially liad tho satisfaction of see
ing its great wings beat tho air over
Coney Island and carry it a consider
able distance before it was though!
wull tnlntit r5t.
As a result of this there has been or
ganized a' company with a capital of
,1,000,000, the object of which is edi
cute Uie public in the matter of flying,
and to supply tho wings that will &s
Even the august academy of sci
ences, which onco every week discu
scs subjects that most peoplo know
nothing about, and whoso member
Uiiow pretty much everything that
mortal man ought to know, is taking
some cognizance of tho affair at issue.
and in a quiet way are discussing th
luesiiou as to wiietner or not man
will bo able to fly. Many of tht
learned proiessors insist that, as man
hn l.t- tr.n Imlnof miT,-wr. nl. I
to propel himself through tho water,
there is no reason why no should not
conquer the air in tho samo mannw.
But many more of the professors shake
their heads in solemn negation when
this argument is advanced.
bun uie fccolca inventors success
Uias created an impression. His fly
f '& inleneU. an fflffffiSte
Its wings work exactly like those of a
bird by the aid of a propeller worked
by electricity, and tho passenger is
carried justaauaeaglo carries its prey.
11 is a peculiar affair, but has been
more successful than anything of its
kind, andhence the arguments among
the scientific professors. Most of these
professors believe that man will be
alilo to By by mechanism only when
that mechanism is made after that of
the bird. One of these learned men,
discussing the matter the other day,
expressedthis opinion. He said thai
from tho curliest time tho dominant
wish of man liad been to fly after lh
manner uud method of the bird.
Most models of the air ships that huvs
been attempted lia'e been after ths
bird f flight, and particularly of th
sea bird, whose ability for continual
flight, owing to the power of lighten
ing its body, is well known.
"Should man ever fly successfully,"
caid the learned man, "ho will have to
do it by means of mechanism modeled
after the elastic and muscular fonn of
the sea bird."
The authorities tell us that tho fly
ing machine is of prehistorical origin.
V o are told also that some 400 vearj
B. C. a wooden pigeon was made to
fly with considerable success. As tin.
exploit was accomplished mora thai.
2,tJ00 years before the trial of out
Scotch inventor's machine wo havo
not much to boost of.
Just what will come of thodiscui
sion at tho Acadcaiv of Science rt
mams tu be seen. Nothing ntall uiai
come of it in tho end excent a emit
3cotchmaii. who is the ,'nventor of u
z n ..;vri:"r ,"",";
.i : .:f:., 7"" ";o iTrr:
worked nearly all his lifo on his inven
tion, and now, backed as lie is by s j
capitalized company, no tlunts liceec
mcccss alicad. New York Mail and
f TIi Mlilnlcht San.
Imagine yourself on a ship at anchor
looking west or straight in front of
you. There is abroad expanse of sea
a litt!; to ywr nght'""1' holiinil ou
will be the nigged coast, and to ybui
left the long, narrow (lord between
the islands and the mainland that the
steamer has just traversed. You watch
Uie sun as it slowly, slowly sets, Uie
Islands and the coasts look liko u rich
Jark purple, and the shadows cast by
the ship's mast, etc, grow longer and
longer. After a .hit, when the sun lias
sunk apparently twelve feet from the
horizon, it stops and seems to remain
stationary for about twenty minutes;
then tho very sea gulls hide away,
while the air all of a sudden strikes
chilly. Each one lias an awd, ex
pectant feeling; tho tourist steamer
broods a silence that may be felt
Soon the sun rises very sfowly once
again, and the yellow clouds ctiango
with his uprising to even greater
beauty, first to the palest jprnrirose
and then to a bluish pink. The sky.
which was just now roso color, bo
comeu gray, then pale emerald green,
aJid Lully blue. Rock after rock
stands out, caught by the sun's bright
rays, and the reign of day has begun
once more. "Jubilee Jaunt to Nor
way." A Gnat Ire Library.
The reading roorti of the CoopeJ
Union library is open until 10 o'clock
every evening. I dropped in there
about 0 the other night to consult an
authority. Tho big room was filled
with readers. I consulted the work I
wanted and then waited until IS
o'clock to see how the assemblag-o
would break up. Suddenly tho still
n'va was broken bv tho sound of a
bell. Intantly books wero closed, the j
readers taking-an eager parting look;
choirs were shoved back, and the vol-
vi mes carried up--v the librarian's desk
nherc they were excliogwl for round
brown checks, which the readers re
ceive on entering' and give upon going
out. 'ina system was penoct, anu tne
order was tucn as an army
tnTy. Nw York Star.
Executive Mansion,
Noember 21st, 1890.
To the People of Tombstone. Greeting:
Whereas the rolling j ear has once
more brought around that season when
last winter ILtnnel undershirt seems
ja lo gauzy and the wind blows
through your whisker, it is meet that
you ehould stop in your mad pursuit
foi wealth, honor, and fame and get in
jour winter's wood, the frost is on the
pumpkin and t!e cider has srrirjed,
groceries aro very cheap aad mince
inc.it is on sale. For nil these things
including the election, you should
gie thanks. The season calls for n
Jay Of hilarity and big feed. You will
therefore gather arouud the febtal
board, (if jou can't get an invitation
eUewhcrc make a fetal board vour-
self ) But especially do I recommend
nevl Air the Nations day of Thanks-
jg'uing at Kieke's. Satisfaction is
,, 1.-,i
The Wortit Enrirlinl.
The facilities ot the present day for
tho production of erory thing that will
condti'-e to the material welfare and
rAmfrt nt tn.nlrtnfl .a almriil nnlim.
iited. and when Svrup of Tigs was first
i 1 ll! d ?M "
j only perifct laxative mown, aa it
j the only remedy which is truly
) pleaslog and refreshing to tLs tastn
jaud pro t ana effecUu, toeiPlin,eth.
! . r., Al .
y'em gently id the Springtime
in fact, at any time, and Ibo bettor it is
known ths more popular it become,
In the Justice's Court of Precinct No.
1, County of Cochise, Territory of
liefore Nat Hawke, a Justice of the
J Action brought for debt. Compla.nt
Gle.l in my e flica nd tummons issued.
The Territory of Arizona sends
greeting to Joseph Russell. Defen
dant. You are hereby summoned and re
quired to appear tt my oQico in Pre
cincl No. one. County of Cochis.
Territory of Arizona, to answer the
complaint of plaintiff now on file i.i my
urBce. within five days should this
summons be rerved upon you in this
precinct; if served upon yon without
ibis precinct, but wilhio this connty.
teu days; otherwise within twenty days
(exclusive of the day of service) from
the day this summons is served upon
i fl.: .: i i i. .
! iS1"1,...!?- '!'.." 2
r"'rf7' Tb" "' " L 2 'to rWrf.
,wui.c.1' "feD ePwni.
' n my omce. anil costs of suit
ml you ure herebv notified that
should you fil to appear and answer
within the time stated in this snmmons
ibe pltintiCfwill apply to the court for
a judgment against you for said de
mand and all costs.
Given under my hand atmy office
in said Preciact this'12tbT"day of Au
gust, 1890.
Justice of tbe'Peace,
In the Probate court county of Co
chie Territory of Aiizona.
In the muttsr of the estate of Jack
Smith deceased.
Allen Walker, the administrator of
the estate of Jack Smith, deceased,
having filed his, petition herein duly
verified praying'for an order of sale of
all the real estate of said decedetit,
for the purpoao therein sftt forth, it i
therefore ordered by the judge of aaid
court that all persons interested in the
rfttate of said deceased appear before
the said Probate Conrt Monday tho 15
day of December 1890 at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon at the conrt hocse in the
City nt Tombstone lo show cause liy
au order abould not be granud lo the
aaidadminiitralor lo sell alt of the real
estate of tba Slid deceased at private
sale, and that a copy of Ibis order be
published at least four ancceoaive
reeks in the Daily Evening Pbospwtob
a newspaper printed and published in
the said county of Cochise, city tl
Dited Ihia 17th day of November 1890
Oct. term, 11 20 4w
Ma. Wixilov's SooTHiHO "Tcr
Bas bn sard by lutlUont of
Batbrra for ehiMreo tttthtnf, for orir filtj
yrr wit1! prrtjcx icc.d. It rtl em iu 11 lt
ffrerafnre, prodcen natural. qn-rtM epb
retlrt; tb eMId I- m plD. lJ the HI leefce a
ts -bilg-nt it a bntt .n." It la rrry Ma
otlotha ttoii. otkea tb fatld. fimhr
MIKI ..1...n.l - " - .1.1 am t. ...
I towrfi anil It tHe !et known iemJ firdar-
. itflcwrr a-urog; irom leaiamr or otatr
"Hi, TniflfcjoUatjul,
Union Bakery
And Confectionery
A. T.
All Kind& of Ornamental Work exe-
cuted on Short Noice.
Fresh Cakes &Pies
Everything New!
Everything Clean 1
Quiet Neighborhood !
Comfortable Bedsl
Ventilation Perfect 1
Cool Booms 1
The Palace
Horses cared for by the day, week or
month. Turnouts of all kinds
for rent.
better than ever prepared to cater to
the needs ojthepublic.
O. R. V ATT.
Undestakinq Paelors of
Wall &Tarbell
i, &&8&Mk
New Hearse, New Goods, Everything
Coflins, Caskets. Robes. Etc.-
From tie riauieit to the Fircit Uadr.
The Columbia Iron Caskets kept con
stantly in Stock.
Bodies Temporarily or Persuiruntly
Embalmed by the Latest Process.
All Work eotrnated tc tu aball bare the
e!ot attcnUoc.
gjg?Nigbt orders left atHarei Page's
livery office promptly attended to.
Custom House Broker.
San Pedro, Palominas, Sonora, Meiicc.
Vf 110 Fo"k u' T.l n
General 3Iercltantlise Stor
Liver Scible, Restau
rant an'tl Lodgings.
FOR SALE One 30-horse power
upright steam boiler, as good as new.
One steam pump.
Lot of work horses and mules, all
at reasonable rates.
AH Brokerage Effecfeuat Lowest Rates.
- 1
Subscribe for and advertise
in the PROSPECTOR, the
only Daily in Cochise County
and the ' 'onlyl one receiving -Press
Dispatches. Circulation
aoulU that of any taper in
.tKJ SX-
s,rr '" i r"-ll r- .w.A.ii-
f j
" i hi-, .., i... ,.. i, i in. f i i '- -- J??&-"J ' filifnir1''--' "'-'-'",, ,....-
. .'. -.u -,"ri--iaJj.s,-i.'-'-isi ".asr3ats.-K. zsiSFT:ir7,l J ILllfiirWLaBBsllLaWaWBBtaCTB
J .-.

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