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Tombstone daily prospector. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1891, December 01, 1890, Image 1

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NO. 11G.
lit E?" tel jlB ' ' ' i'i"'
11 -, "
0 gitoffiBs
Both tlio method and results -when
uSyrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to tho taste, and acta
t gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, Lead
aches and fevers and cares habitual
vvut!psi:ss pcrjaisemly. For sale
in 60o and 81 bottles by all druggista.
louisniu. at. hew rest. s.r.
Cor. 5 tli and Fremont Sis,
General filerehandise.
Supplies a Specialty.
And the Celebrated
Turbine Wind-Mills
tkiTs "cos oovsas,
Buckeye i-orce-Dump,
Fresh Garden Flowers and Field
Seed Constantly on Band.
Cash Store,
Fremont, bet. 3rd & 4th.
Staple and Fancy
Choice Brands of
Grain of Jl Kinds
EDt Cost'trtlr on Hand and
'S aCsis-s ?
inataiitlT on Band )-!1t
Custom House Broker.
1 all matters connected with the
Mexican custom house, is respon
sible for all fines imposed by the Mex
lean government, but not for duties
tbat the custom officers neglect to
cbaree. All business connected with
the Mexican custom house attended
to, with neatness and dpatch.
JIB paperi ant doevmen if ltt n
iqit attention at very reatonalk
pa!ojHius Sas Irfro, $mn, Hex;
Tho Greatest Sacrifice Ever
3Iado in Toiulmoue.
1 Market BasVet usually sold at $1
1 Celery Glass " " "
3 Table Goblets " " "
3 Tumblers " " '
3 Fancy ale glasses " " "
3 Nest eggs " '
1 Lamp complete " " "
1 pat. Firo kindler ' . " "
I Jumping rope " - "
1 Leather hat band " M "
$5 00
The -whole entire above assort
went ill be sold for $2 50
tf At Geo. E. Kohleb's.
If you want fine straight whisky, of
the most celebrated brands, drop into
the ony Saloon and satisfy yourself
that this is true. The Pony also car
ries the finest brands of domestic an J
imported Brandies, Wines, Ales, Por
ters, and all kinds of liquors. Ice
Cold Drinks of all kinds a specialty.
The Carmen Key Vest Cigar is the
finest for the money to be had in Ari
zona. 3t, Louis Anbeuser Busch Lager
Beer on draught at all times. No fav
orites. Come all.
Johh Shavghnkssy,
t IViiIt TrM,
The finest trees eTer offered for sale.
Most all bearing trees, three years old,
all kinds. Also Umbrella, Chinese
Mulberry and Sweet Locust. To flow,
cr lovers who make up a club I will
sell my ever-blooming roses by the
one hundred at $1 apiece, and give
you your choice. Also Flowering
Shrubs and Greenhouse Plants of all
kinds for sale at the old place, corner
Fulton and Second street, Tomb
stone, Arizona, by
William Bracch.
jESF"A11 my trees should be trans
planted as soon as possible from No
vember to January. nil
A Vlre 17 m the. jKdietat Bcn-h
Judge John Cbauey, of Osceola, la.,
says: "I contracted seistle and muscu
lar rheumatism in tbe army, and suf
fered most excruciating agony for
years. Dr. James Roberts, of Osceola,
advised me to Uka Hibbard's Rheu
matic Syrup. I have need eleven bot
tles, aud fiod that it keeps me io good
health. I can not recommend it too
highly." For ss!e by J. Yog,
Just arrived from the east, the fol
lowing articles: Cape Cod Cranberries,
Apples, Full Cream Cheese, Mince
Meat, Zante Currants, Sour Krout,
New Orleans Molassefc, Boston Black
Molassses, at Hoefler's, 024-t
. Ho! Fr ni-bee!!
Ia. M Encle is now running a fast
two-horse rig between Tombstone nd
Bisbee, leaing Tombstone at 7uu a.
m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
and Bisbee on alternate days, at same
hour. Orders for passage or freight
to be left at store of Geo. H. Fitts
Tombstone. Office at Bisbee at
Langsdorr- riare, 9 22-tf.
For acut. bruise, burn or scald
their is nothing equal to Chamber
lain's Pain Balm. It heals the parts
more quickly than any other app'lca
tion, and unless the injury is very se
vere, no scar is left. For sale by II. J
A prominent physician and old
army surgeon in eastern Iowa was
called away from borne for a few days;
during his absence one of the children
contracted a severe cold and bis wife
bought s bottle of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy for it. Tbey were so
much pleased with tbe remedy tbat
they afterwards used several bottles at
varous times. He said, from bis ex
perience with it, he regarded it as thp
most reliable preparation in use for
colds and tbat it came the nearest be
ing a specific of any medicine be had
ever teen. For sale by H. J. Paro,
or to
KNOW all men by these presents
that we, the undersigned do hereby
associate ourselves together for the
purpose of forming a corporation un
der r ho laws of ib territory of Arizona
and we do certify
First, That the name of said corpor
atiou it-all bo The Yiboima Cmu
Mimn.0 xr Milling Uoxpam.
Second, That the urpoes for which
it ts formed are to carry oa the busi
nets of mining for the precious aud
other metals and to mill and reduce
the same, and to buy, tell, lease and
trsde i ::s!s property gen-rally
Third. That the principal place of
business of this corporation shall be at
Teviston.Coohise County, Arizona Ter
ritory but it may bars a branch office
at any other place, for tbe transaction
of such business aa the laws of tbe ter
ritory do notrequire to be tramacted
at the principal office.
Fourth. That the time of the exis
tence of this corporation shall be 25
Fifth, That the number of directors
shall be tbre, and that the names and
residences of those who are ap pointed
io serve me urst year are James it,
Tevia, John A. Duncan and Ezra W.
Ringsberry. Tbe residence of James
U. Tevis i leristou, Coclme county.
Territory of Arizona, and that of John
A Duncan and Ezra W. Kmgsborry,
Kanaas City. Jackson county, state of
Sixth. That the amount of capital
stock of this corporation shall be one
million (31.000.000) of dollars, divided
into one hundred thousand (100.000)
sbarea at the par ralue of ten (SiOOO)
dollars each, all of which is f nil paid.
8aventh. 1 be existence of thin cor
poration hal: commence at the date 7f
theexecutioa of these article and
shall terminate twenty-are years there
Eighth, The officers of this corpor
ation shall be a president, a vice presi
dent, a treasurer, and rccrelary. The
first three named shall be directors of
said corporation and ahsll hold their
unices lor one year, or until ttiPir suc
cessors are elected aud 0 nidified and
the secretary shall hold his office at the
pleasure of tbe directors.
Ninth. Tbe highest amount of in
debtedness or liability which shall La
incurred by this corporation at any one
time sball not exceed $100,000.
Tenth. Private property of the
stockholders shall not be likblo for tbe
debts of the corporation.
In witness wberaoi w bv hereunto
et onrhaodsacd Reals this U day of
Norcmber. One Thousand Eight Hnn
dred and Ninety.
by Job a A. Duncan, his seat.
attorney io fact.
Signed and sealed in the presence of
Territory of Arizona 1
County or Cochise. 1 "
On tbe fourteenth day of Nnverubf
A. D. one thousand eiRht hnn-1 l i.t
ninety. ironaUy appeared I.!.. mr
Wm CS'.aeble, a nutarr nh r tn r.l
forlheaaiilcouiTof"0..i.r.,I hn l
Dnocan. personallv I . .u t u.e to
bo the person .1 . ..-, h. nuj !w"t
rcuira uj mjaii viUm.ui t . ; ir ,,
mogfueti,; : s j i sr"yieage
the articles of lueurjujm'ion in tbe an
nexed instruroenr as tbe attorney in
fact of Era V . K nlerry named in the
annexed instru nnt as party thereto.
and described aa the party execution
the same by bis said attorney and tbe
said John A. Daaoan acknowledged to
me that be executed the rime freely
and vo.ootsriiy. as and for the act and
deed of the said Ezra W. Kingsberry,
and for tbe uses and purposes therein
In witnes whereof I have herennto
set my band sod affixed my official aeal
the day and year in this certificate first
above written.
seal Notary Public.
Territory of Arizona!
Coanty ol Uochi.e. )
On this fourteenth day of November
1S00 personally aprware-l before) rfle.
Wm. O. Stsehle. a notary pnb'io in aod
for tbe said county. Jam's H. Tevis
and John A Duncan, known to me to
be the rrons described in. and who
executed tbe foregoing instrument and
who acknowledged to rae that ibey ex
ecuted the am freehand voluntarily
and for tba uses aijrf purposes therein
mentioned. . J"
In witness wbreofLbavo hereunto
aet my band aud Sized my offieisl seal
the day aod year in this certificate first
above written.
fstAt, Notary Tablio
1mt "Will the Present Congress
It has been predicted that since the
rout of the republicans at the recent
election tome decided legislation to
satisfy the masses would be taken
this j ear by that party to rccoer the
confidence of tho oters. But it
would seem not from the following
bit ol Washington news to the Globe-
Siher men announce their inten
tion of securing legislation this win
ter, if possible, for free coinage. If
that fails, then they will to eet free
coinage for home production until an
international agreement is made, fi
nally, Uia extra coinage of $20,000.-
000, to take the place of national
notes retired during the present year,
will be asked for in lieu of more liber
al measures Tho views of the Presi
dent on this subject are agiinst free
coinsge absolutely until an interna
tional agreement shall have been
reached, and his eto of a free coinage
measure can therefore be counted on.
Believing that Congress during the
coming short session will have its
hands full to pass the appropriation
bills and attend to even a part of the
legi-4-ition awaiting its action, the
President has discour3gcd the recom
mendation from Secretary Windom
for financial measures, such as the in
convertible bond plan and increase of
circulation The President will ban
die the subject in his own way, which
will, it is expected.be non-committal.
B. Hart is one of the oldest
timers of Arizona, says tho El Paso
IferaU. He acted as scout with Kit
Carson in the MohaTe campaign "f
1SC3. In December of that year be
reached Vingate with Governor Good
w in and Hon. R. C. Cormick, escorted
by the 12th Missouri Cavalry. From
Wingate ho was sent back with dis
patches .to Deliver, the nearest tele
graph station, and accomplished the
trip, a distance of 540 miles, in eight
days, changing boines five times. At
the breaking out of tbe Maximillian
war he joined the Mexican troops at
El Paso, and was present at tbe exe
cution cf that unfortunate prince.
-A. Rvmtustio Htmry. -
A Chatanooga Tennessee special says
that n prominent lady of tbat city is
tbe sister of Red Cloud, Sitting Bull's
right hand msn and tells a romantic
elury of hef bfut'ici's career.
When but three years ago he was
(stolen from his parents, who then re
sided at Wiscoii-in on an Indian iet
rrvation in the northern part of the
h .ite and all track of him was lost for
J v ears when ho was found among
,,,." reJ men having been brought uo
" -
--.i-nng them. He had forgotten his
'own name, but remembered that of
Ibis fathers, his dogs and his indenti-
fixation was complete. He remained
with his family a few weeks speaking
English with difficulty but French
fluently, but all his sympathy was
with his adopted tribe and he rejoined
the Sioux to the grief of his parents,
brothers a d sisters and since been ts
all intents and purposes a savage.
Pisif r Httit
The proof of the merit of a plaster
is tbe caret it effects, and the volun
tary testimonials of tboe who have
nsed Allcock's Pokous Plmstcbs dur
ing the past thirty years is unimpesch-
able evidence of their superiority and
ahould convince tbe most skeptical.
Self praise is no rdcomendatiou, bat
certificates from those who have csed
them are.
Beware of imitations and do not be
deceived by misrepesentations. Ask.
for Aixcocx's, aud let no solicitation
or explanation indnoe you to accept a
Allcock's Corn and Bunion Shields
effect quick snd certain relief.
Tbe Nogaes people are all collaps
ing because the Topolobampo colon
ists did not stop there and settle dowq
instead of going on to their deitintt-tio.n.
TV is a i
News of Importance From all
Parts of the World.
Ana Condensed Into Facts
Without Comments.
In Ne York to-dsy silver was
quoted at II 02; lead stronger, fl.85 ;
and copper nominal, $10.50.
Chicago The effort to form a trust
of all the silversmiths in the United
States is being made here to-day. An
immense gathering of smelting men
are on hand.
Wasiiixctox A J Warner and Lee
Crandcll secretary of the national ex
ecutive silver committee gave notice
that a meeting of the committee will
take place in this city December 1st
London- The eastern Scottish liber
al society his adopted a resolution ap
proving the coureo pursued by Mr.
Gladstone and condemning the mani
festo issued by Mr. Parnell.
Cuicaco Nothing definite has
been received from the seat of the lu-
dian outbreak, but the alarm in army
circles has increased instead of di-
New Yobk. The Duke and Duch
ess of Marlborough, who have gone
much into society during their visit of
several weeks' duration here, sailed
for England to-day.
New York The New York World
has been sold to a syndicate of Phil&
delphians for. fl.000,000. rriie pnr
chasers ore Geo. W. Childs, editor and
owner of the Public Ledger and A. J.
Drexel, the millionaire banker of the
Quaker City.
Nsr Ycsx By direction of Arch
bishop Corrigan, a collection was taken
up in all the Catholic church's of the
arch diocese yesterday for the relief
of those who are threatened with star
vation in Ireland, by reason of the
potnto crop. The archbishop in his
pastoral letter to the clergy says that
during the recent visit he made to
Ireland he observed that the potato
crop hid been blighted and ia cm
sequence thousands of their brethercn
are in danger of starvation.
Galveston. The Pan-American
steamship line to ply between Galves
ton and South American ports in tho
banana and general fruit trade has
been established with a capital of $50
000,000. The principal stockholders
reside in Chicago, Omaha, Denver,
Kansas City, Topeka, Des Moines and
The principal offices of
the company are located in this city
and tbe conrpany will have several
vessels in the trade carlv in 1690.
tfia.,c. JI i u it.cu, xovrer.
& X isfe
AUUQCI.PQVE. The order transfer
ring tiie Sixth Cuvnlry fiuiiuCcn-wcT-ico
to the Department of the Platte
has been countermanded, instructions
to that effect having been received
at Fort Wingatc jesterday just as the
soldiers were about to leave. This
was done because of tbe defiant atti
tude of the Navajos and the fsct that
they are holding messiah dunces m
tbe vicinity of Fort Wingite.
New York. The weekly bank state
ment shows tbe following changes:
Reserve increase, $292,000; loans de
crease, $2,&M,100, specie decrease,
$1,532,000; legal tenders increase,
$1,043,600; deposits decrease, f 3,100,
800; circulation decrease, fll.TiOO.
The hanks now hold I3S0.350 in ex
cess of the requirements of the 25 per
cent rule.
Uli, What an Anful ltrcath.
There is nothing more healthful
than onions. The trouble is tbat per
sons are afraid to eat them because
tbey make the breath nnfragrant. But
there is a lets fragrsnt breath than tbat
freighted with onions. We mean the
breath of a person with a foul stomach.
Take him away, we inwardly cry when
he whispers in our ear. Do soe that
jour breath is pure. Take a few of
liitANDrtETti's Pilx-s and regulate your
liver, stomach and bowels and your
breath will be sweet.
Wonderful I.nRtl.
In the great valleyof the Colorado
river beloiv Yuma, rice, cotton, tobacco
sngvr cane, sugar beets, hemp, flax,
grapes corn and all of the vegetables,
semi tropic finits sr.ch as banana.
Pne apple and citrus fruits can be
successfully grown. The Cocopah and
I'.egicno Indians raise three ami forae
times four crops of corn on the same
piece of land in one season, which
lasts from February to December.
coii.itv iii:cons.
The following instruments wpr
tiled in the recorder's iotB'since
3 p m. yesterdjyij'""
Of U.S. Backus.I.V. Postoffice,
Tombstone. ,
Standard and Silver Reefs tmuing
claims, Tarj-" dsstnet T. IJongh-
Martha I.yall to Wm. Ingalts.
Spectacle and house iron brand of cat
tle and Anchor P brand of horses, for
firo years. Range, Sulphur Spring
bltchfr's kecord.
A. Bauer. Number of cattle slaugh
tered durijg month of Novemlxr, 23
G Medigovich, Bubec; T Spofford,
Stlero; D D Bautes, Crittenden; A C
Flore;, F Rernundez, San Pedro.
M. W. Backus, G. H. Richardson,
San Francisco; S. C. Perrin and wife,
Bud. Hood. Will King, Sonora"
Miss H. Treat, Dos Cabezas; W.J
Nourse, San Francisco: D. I). Ross,
Mill; T.J.White, Benson.
U. iL- Gov't Report, Aug. 17, loy.

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