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Tombstone daily prospector. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1891, February 28, 1891, Image 2

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, i
FEBUUAKY, - - - 2S. 1891.
S C. BIGG. Editor and Proprietor.
Hulcrlllun Kitten.
One Year $10 (HI
Six Months COO
Three Months 3 Ou
OneMontb 1W
Delivered by Carriers for 25 ceuti
per week.
fresh-Ranch Batter from the ranch ot J
r;WaHe atWolcott's Cant Store. S-7tf
An old well-tried remedy. Mrs
AVinslow'a Soothing Syrup has been
used for over fifty years by millions of
mothers for their children vhile teeth
ing, with perfect success. It soothe
the child, soften the gums, allays 1 11
pain, cures wind colic, and is the heft
remedy for Diarrhtea. It is pleasant
to the taste. Sold by Druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-fue
cents a bottle. Its value i incalcu
lable. Be sure and aek for Mrs. Win-
slow' Soothing Syrup, and take no
other kind.
Knrklrn'o Arnica ilf.
Thb Best Salve in the world for
Cuts. Bruises. Sores. TJIeers. Sl'
Bbeum, Fever Sores, Chapped Hand"
Chilblain. Corns, ami all Skin Emp
tlons, and positively cures Piles, or m
pay required. It is guaranteed to eive
perfect satisfaction, or money refund
ed. Price 25 cents per box. Fcr tale
by J. Yonge.
For and in consideration of the sum
of $300 we have told nnd delivered t
Yec Lee Company eight horrcs and
mules, four wagons, plows, harrow
and rakes belonging to our farming
outfit on the San Pedro rier.
Hop Lee & Co.
Dated Tombstone, Feb. 10. 1S91.
If you want tine straight whisk, o.
tbe roost celebrated brands, drop in"
the "ony Saloon and ttsfy yourw
thai this, is true. The Pony al-o cr
ries the finest brands of domes-tic su -imported
Brandies, Wine Ales, For
ters, and all kinds of liquors. Ice
Cold Drinks of all kinds a specialty
The Carmen Key West Cigar is th
finest for the money to be had in An
zona. SU Louis Anheuser Husch Lager
Beer on draught at all times. No fa
orites. Come all.
John Shauohskesy,
Xrerrbodr kaa beard of a "borae ieb."
troi wbo baa ever ami an equine irixi- .1 with
tha power of apeechr Such an animal would
b pronounced a miracle: but to would tha
Hlmmb and tbe wlepnone a hundred years
uroT Wbr, eren Try reoentJr a cure for con
sumption. wWcb is universally acknowledged
to be acrof ula affectinr tbe loas. would bare
been looked upon aa mlrardoua. but now peo-
Ele are tweinnmr to realize taat tbe disease
i not Incurable. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medio
Discovery will cure It. if taken in time and
tlren a talr trial. This world-renowned rem
edy will not make new lunjrv but it will re
Itore dueaaed ones to a bealthr state when
otber means hare failed. Thousands rrate
fullr Uatlfr to this. It Is tba most potent
tonic, or strenfth restorer, alterative, or
blood-cleanaer and nutritlre. or flrtb-builder.
known to medical aclence. Tor Weak Ijinra,
Bptltinr of Wood. Dronchltn. Astbma. Ca
tarrb In tbe Head, and aU Unzrrinjr Coucrba.
U Is aa untqualed remedr. In derangements
of tbe stomach, liver and bowels, a Jndizra
Uon. or Dyspepsia. ItiUouiaeaa, or IJTcr
Complaint. Cbrrmlo Diarrhea, and kindred
ailments, it Is a sorareiim reoecy.
Golden Medical Dls-
krlne o
br drurrifta.
rsatted aTiaratee, rrom ine manuracx-
urers. that It will benefit or cure in every case
ox rtlarai i lor wbicb it
Moey paid ror u wiu
CeryrlfLt. UK. by woau
dt tbe manuraciur-
era of Dr.
Iscurabla t
Baces caiarra acmnr. ior
Z UFE of speculat.on.tt-
Kenree Miatten-d by Galnloc Sl.OOO On
Hour and loluc It tb Nest.
The followintrquesUon was recently
submitted to tho lion. Stephen Van
Cullctt White, whoso reputation as n
Qnancicrnnd Wall street millknniro
is of national fame.
"What effect in your opinion and
from your opportunities of obseriation
i...i:r r. , .r 11. . i
,- - -ri - - . ..-.
and ttirougn u upon tue nerves anu ;
bodv of a man!
Br speculation is
uero tncfjit esneciallv uealmsr in
fctocks or grain on the floor of the ex
change, or on the btreet, or both."
Ho said: "Your question is ex
tremely generic, and would admit of
a volumo in reply and then not ex
haust tho subject It is a question
uore suited to a medical practitioner
ho has had a stock exchange
.lientago than to ouo of tho victims.
But as you honor mo by your inquiry
with an implied expression of the be
lief that I may know something to in
terest your readers, 1 will speak as
from the jew and not tho pulpit upon
your text. All business in which c
man burs more than ho needs for his
uso and for tho use of his family it
speculation, and there is an clement of
danger of failure in anv business
vhero a man buys more than ho ho?
ready cash to pay for. Every mcr
cliaut engaged in general merchandise
business, at wholesalo or retail, is a
speculator, and ouo who buys on
credit is always in more or less dan
ger of failure in business. Whoevet
has a business risk has anxiety till the
prospective outcomo has ma'de itself
clear. Then, if prospectively tho ven
ture is to become successful, what wai
anxiety becomes in part exhilaratior
at success, and if a loss is developed,
actual or prospective, tho anxiety nno
care arc increased. All mental anxiety
tells on tho nervous system. If it is
great enough to cause sleeplessness it
wears last. But tno suuerer ims
good digestion, strong and equable
circulation and avoids excess of eat
ing and drinking, ho can foralor.c
time defy anxiety, whether it ii
chronic or acute. Now, the only dif
ference between stock speculation on
the. exchange and a country st)i
upon invoice of general merchandise
b that the amount boughtorsolc1 in
stocks is generally larwr in propor
tion t opital employed, and. more
br.iort.int still, tho stock exchange
prices furnish a constant barometei
by which that speculator can con
stantly measure liis looses or hit
profits, whilo constant fluctuations,
all of which he notices, keep him t
constant pendulum between a sniiU
and a tear. If a merchant goes intc
business on $ 10,000 ho can buy froa
$15,000 to 123,000 worth of goodi
If a sjeculator goes in with $10,000 hi
can buy $100,000 worth of stocks. The
merchant wants two to four months
before ho can estimate his profUor
loss. The stock speculator finds that
in an hour he has a profit of say $10,
000 which he may take; tho next hour
the profit is all gone, tho next he sees
a )os of f 1,500, and at night he quits
tho market full of anxiety with prob
ably a los of J500 to commence the
next dav's watch of fluctuations.
But added to theso daily and normal
fluctuations there is tho effect of
panics, which usuallv occur at the end
ot a protracted season
and llic profits of weeks
swer-t awav in an hour.
if 1 were a meuicai man i snouiu not
be afraid to express tho belief that
quick transition from a Panama suu
bath to a Dakota blizzard would have
a tendency to produce colds nnd if t .e
victim liad weak lungs it might natur
ally end in phthisis pulmonalis. unless
death occurred from shock and gave
more speedy exit. In tho same way,
reasoning a priori, 1 would always
guess that a nervous man would come
out of a scries of panics with cluttered
nerves. This reasoning is well backed
up bv tho record of men in active
speculations whom I have known
within the last twenty-five years.
Amonj? the so called successful men
probably the wealth which others
covet may liavo been bought at too
dear a cost, even if corroding care can
ever be paid for by money. Brook
lyn iiglc
Lnpinz lmn of Canada.
The salmon rivers of Canaaa are ell
4trramsof swift currents, whirling rapids
nd high falls. The salmon ms to
make iu way up tliesj streams with as
much case as ho moves down. One o!
the sights in the vWnity of Quebec is
tlrs talmon leaping ut the Palis rf
fjivette, and during July many persons
assemble there to see it. Tho falls oro a
succe-ion of steep tumbles, and the water
rushes over the rocks with great velocity.
The salmon gather at the foot of the
wcer tumble, and, with niarveioire l--ap
I tho very face ot tho milting waters,
make their way to the summit without
apiarcnt difficulty, gliding up the &wift
chutes like a Cash and mounting each
successive tumble until the grand sum
mit is reached. The Canadian will tell
you tliat when there was no legal inter
ference with speaTing, the Inai-ns ero
In the habit of gathering at tho foot of
the fails in their i irch canoes and cast
big their spears at the aimon as tlie.v
leaped up the torrents, maclug their
casts with such rnarveloo fU (hat the
salmon aimed at was mvanaoiy itopped
in his vaulting career and to tack la-jch-d
by the Indian's crue.' barb. Cor
Philadelphia News.
Ym. IV9 Bow
A at.
ilerc i a warnins: w wie
r" la tbe only med- a'anny Davenport says she has never
of tta data, aotd placJ a day without pain since hO
rnrrMta. nndet- ai , - nntnn Vlien-
evcri.no bears of any one who is about
to trv tho process, sbo scntll for licr
I Wa her ainst it. Bat her
n" j scldo hcetlcl. Moit
actresses would rather suffer end bo
' .barely than bo healthy, and fat. Isn't
I It to, cirlar-Pbabus in Now Yort
Bow Shrewd Itualno.e Ma Ilnee Self
n Great Problem.
'Is there fatality nmon:; our prortlc
Dent men" i a question that e often
ask. It is a iKtio:t that (vptexes tmt
liMdin;; iuedic.il men, and they are at t
lots to Luonr how t- answer it.
iurp iw kiiuh n, fc'
... . ... . . ... .
wo sometimes tiunu tliafit tno pnvi'
oians would yive. j.
iirt of th enervv to
the tunndsration of this question that
mcv tve lt t;oiili4iilli uiucr m;ioviri i
liruetice, it
unlit -i satistactur.iy
T le flights of "istns" reminds us often
of tlio quarrel of old Indian tribe, that
were only liappv wlien luiy were anui-hilat-ng
l-ach other.
if Allopathv nnies a discovery that
promises i;l to ma we, IIoiiKcpath
teri les it and break dow.i its iuilu-ncc.
If Ilu.mvMthv make a discovery that
pm-.n.st-s to (e a boon to the race.
Allopathy attarks it.
It is ab"urt that tliee schools should
Sincy that all of good is in their methods
tnd ikiih in stty other.
Fortunately for the people, the merit
fthicli these 'i-.tu." will nt recenize,
is recoiiiiieil by the public, and this
public recognition, taki'ig the form of a
Jeman.l umii th medical professioo,
eventually compels it to recotrie it.
Is it ijsiblc that the question ha
been ansenvl by shrewj buincss men
A prominent man onre said to an in
quirer, whoaked him how be s t ricli.
"I pot rich U-t-ause I did things whilo
other people wuie thinking a'jut dotnt;
them." It Feems to us that the public
bae recognized what thi fatality is,
and how it ca-i hi met, while the medi
cal J rofcS:ion h.te been wranlinj about
By a carehil examina'ion of ins ranee
renotta we fin 1 :iiai there has licen I
sliaip reform rfith refeivnc to examin
ations, (a'.d that no I ia.i can no.v pel
any amount of insurance who has the
least jevelopuient of kidney disorJcr,)
bee Je they lind that s x.y out of ewry
hu-.idred in" this ouutn do, either di
ectly or indirectly, sitter from kidney
d.saaee. Hence, no rj table company
a ill insure a maa exc-jit after a riid
Irinarv examination.
This reaiinds u of a littlo instance
nh'ch occurred a s'jort timj ao. A
fellow editor was ! apjilicaut for a re
spectable amoue; pf insurance. He was
rejected r--. examination, liecau'o un
known to him-elf, bis kidneys were dis
eaheiL Tlie h ewd ajretit, however, did
not cive up the case. He had an eye to
buiness ari.l to bi commission, and
said: "Don't you worry; you et a hail
dozen bottles "of Warner's afecure, tike
it according to ilirecttons and in aloit a
month come arr.un I, and we will haye
another examina'ion. I know yo'i will
find yourself all right and will jot your
The e litr expresel surjirisw attha
stent's faith, but the Utter replied.
"This point is a vahublo .ne. Very
manv inuranco agents all over the
country, n ben they itnd aenstomerre
je. ted ior th.s cu, pive similar advice,
and eventually he gets the insurance. "
What are w e to in'er from such cir
cumstanies? Have shrewd in-urance
men, as well ss other shrewd business
men, iound th secret answer to the in
qu ry Is it jKjs-ible tliat our columns
have liecn proc aim in, in the form of
advertisements, what h is proved a hit ss
in,; in di-;mi-e to millions, and yet by
many inoreil as an alvertieuient?
In our ti'e we fin Ith-ms-ui'ls of strong
tetimmial or W.irn-rV -afe -ur, no
two alike, whu-Ii could not exi't excei-t
utvin a ha-is of truth ; in leod, thy nr-i
publi-be-1 under a suar.ir.ee of f.",'ry to
j anyone who vi i'I ih!irove their crrc
nes, ami t'us oner n.as ueen staniim,
we r.re told, for more than four year.
Undoubtedly this arti.-.-, which it
fjmply ilealin out justice. ill be coo
sidereal as an advertisement and be re
jected by many as such.
Wc have not space nor lim to discus
the proro-ition that a joor thins coul I
not succeed to the extent that this great
remedy has succeeded, could not be
come so jwpnlar without merit erea il
pnhed by a Vand-rb:lt or an Astor.
Hence we take the liberty of telling
our friends that it is a duty that they
owe to themselves to investigate tha
matter and rcflfct carefully, for the state
mnts publishe I are subject to the refu
tation of tho entire world. None ha
refuted them; on the contrary hundred
of thousands hare believed them and
proved them true, and in believing have
found the highest measure of satisfac
tion, that which money cannot bey, and
rnoM cannot take away.
Kobber Your money or y jur life!
Vi;tini Well. loiiL lre, you inay sboot !
fn. iiLe, Injt I'm cleaned out; I luve jib!
j'-a;lit my family from the seaside and
ltbber All right. yocJic man; I knoe
hat that means. i"ua rizbt onl Life.
A Trick f Bpeerli,
Trlct of ipeecb grown Juto manneritrm
tftcn betray peorle Intc blunders abu:2
enough. One iiutance of thb comer from a
town in Maine, wbero dwelt a man who qnat
ilkd bU reply to ever qae.tlon with the
wnnl "handy" twkud ii;f some a t of a
SOMliiiQival rlauNi. It wa even asKited that
be propost to the lady who becanie his wife
by declaring I e would lite to marry her "it
.icouM nlM u Lnndy.-' bitthU very
-a fabrication or Invidious guwipt
, e.m.- .ii m . hM. iM.
Calling recently at a bonv, of which ths
lata master was 1 inj; atibcriod in the parlor,
the vfcator was o.kl if L would lia to sea
the remain, of hU .'ilrferd.
"Well, yes," h answered, "that is, I'd hk.
Vae8U.emlf you've pt r'rousi kandy
you bsvent, it's no matter.'- Bostus
II flt-i A in Thar.
Far to or
Leaves Tombstone at 8:15 a m. to connect with Trains for jS'ogales. Bisbee and all points
South. Arrives in Totrbstone 12:00 A. if.
Leaes Tombstone at 1:15 p. rr. 'or Fairb"nk to connect with trains ?t Be-son for aJ!
points East pnd West.
BAGGAGE o; Passengers delivered to and from Stage office in the city Fr. e
of Cfuirge ,
Charles Granville Johnston,
Will practice in all the Courts o,
C ( JnHNsrov. u Sm: Yo at thcolxNo-
ujt PuUic in Cochite county who bat ccmpiie.1 1
the rcaaircmenl of the Dctrtment Aad therefore the
ONLY one who ca.1 aJminiMer oatht in case conusg
efore th Lana Ofiice. Your very respectfully,
Notice of Dissolution of
Tiie rnpartnerohip heretofore ex
Mini; hetwePn G. If. Watt and C.
II. Tarbell, utid r the firm uatre of
Watt & Tarl ell, cor.duciinp an un
lertahini' business in the city of
Tomhs'one, A. T.. has t'us day been
dissolved by mutual consent.
The business will herenlter he con
ducted by C. B. Tarbell, who will
oay at) bills and collect all accounts
luc the Ute firm.
Tombstone, Arizona, Feb. 6. Ifc'Jl 3t
Xoiicf to Ci editors
ti the IVob-itp Court of the omitv
f Cochise, Territory of Arizona.
In thr- niMtte-r of the estate of Johi
("U-k. de ear- d
N 'i.eh liel'ln ;iv-n by th iin
iciML'tied exeeu'or of tbe e-tat
I Joh'i CI ik, deepHd, to th
--ri ditor-t utid nil persons LatitiL'
I'lattns Hin-t tiie ssid decrHsed,
o present ibem with the necessarv
vntit h-r-, to the undi rr-icned, st hi
otlice with Jo liotflei, in tie town
of Tombstone, Coch'st county, Ari
zona, within four months from the
first publication of this notice, that
being the place for the transaction o!
he huiitie-s of said eslate.
Administrator af the tate of
John Clark, deceased.
Dated Februar 5, A . D. 1S91.
Xoticeto Credit nrs
Notice is hereby piven to tbe credi
tors of and all irenons hatiiiK claims
apiinet the estate of William Callahan
deceased, to present the same iltuy
verified with the necee.-.iry vouchers
to the undersigned, at his oil ce with
tt. W. Bryan, in the town of Henson,
Cochise County. Arizona within four
months from the first publication ol
this notice, that being the place for
transacting the business of said estate.
Tiio's Dcsbak,
Administrator of the estate of Wm.
Ollahan, deceased.
Dated Jan 8, A. D. 1S91.
One Irandrcd and sixty acres of land in the
foothills of the Ciiiticahu.1 mountains, fenced
and unicr culliration, raises finest kind ol
frits. Water permanent. A boot Jul tract of
land. The fairest laws i'r a:iocd. Ap
ply jI this effice. tf
D. M. rwrr (c Co't
rOaMraaed, Detcrfpore and Priced M
roe 1891 vrnbemaOed FREEb
His all appbeaau, aad to Utttcaioa'aB
eutoaMTf. It b better than ever.
U Hvrry penon usia; Grdrn, M
Fuittrtr FuUSitdi.
Vooid tend for it. Addreo
M DtrmoiT. mich. i
If, LanaatSnaiaiiani the world J
Mail & Stage Co
from IF'eLirlQa
TOItSCL'lt A.l
Allen Street Near Fifth.
Lmported and Domestic Cigar and
Smokers Articles and Fancy Notions.
Rooms En-Suite and Single, Special Attention
Culinary Department.
Rates Reasonable. Only Hotel in Benson
A. A. CASTANEDA, Proprietor
.1. M CASTANEDA. Afanarer
Wholesale and
Allea Mtrret. between Sih and Otb.
I have a Large and
Bolognas, Lard, Pork Sausage,
HaadCheese, Corned Beef,
Eastern Pickled Pork,
Tripe and Pig's Feet
Hiftbext Cash Price paid for Choice Beef,
Pork and Muttoo and Game and Poultry.
niiiiKMa fiuisi -ri.Y sni.ri
fir TIIK IITV I'HKK l" tit KiK.
Bank of Tombstone
Capital - - $100,000.
0.0. Rssxot -Gz'J.
II Cabkil.
tt. W Wooo -
- - riesiden
Vice- President
Transact a General Banking
Kiciianer R eive Dej-osiu. Co'lectlon mao
wr Liquor Habit.
aw me wojtto mas s but otc cunt
It fan - ( I" !
f r-fr r lra. r la artl
!- T r4, wtthaut the kn
It . 4P Antrea Is m
:noledr of tha rtiit,tf
v ttxpTfilsMa and will affaot a
n?cei7 II ia AbaolttUlr hirailMi and will ffoet a
EMFnaanetlt and HrHdrnr. wbeth.rr lha oat tent U a
Fi-trat drinker eras alroaoUa wrnlr. IT .N V. ,H
rAII.H. It oprrTt ao Qutctlr and wrtb neb cer
taint? tbat tha patlmt nndtnoo no twvii,.
aTd era h ta iwrf, hta eenpleta refonoatloa la
cCocud, 49 pc book of pantensarr frao.
"in'a.ir.in n m ahv. w r t ar -a
J4JaUR ff3 a! 0UWO"10
ot 11 toipi.an7iifcj ui ojiruDHQiMlsiXl
v4 wis - aMt i Af VTJ1
a-eiuom Ot -
iiin3Art sua(uu Iiiiivi niiuiaatii. J
v utnoAvaiipatiiiAtiti SlV(T'1i
iimiQi ji utuairuM m
ptni aSjwqip jviniaaun I,u.fu
4qiir0 JLpmi 3upl I
ia I
nls: . S1.50.
I'll; Alt.
, Arizona.
Retail Butcher,
Well Assorted Stock of
Hams, Bacorr
Aft! IllLltlKF.n T-
A-- r kt
In cnm liana with Title III cnti
t'ed "Assipiuiu nts for 1 1 nefil tif ctcd
ilora" Keiteil Staltitid of Arizona,
notice is hereby piven that F 1) HacIer
lately doinjr hiieiness in tbe City of
Tombstone Arizona pn thcscvvnleen'li
day of February, A.'l). liiOl nmilc an
assignment ol all his property both
real and personal to Charles GrJiixill..
Johnston for the benefit of the cred
itors and the said creditors who con
sent to such assignment, are hereby
notified to make known their consent
in writing within four month of the
date hereof, and to tile a distinct state
ment of the particular nature and the
amount of his or their claim apiinct
the said F. 1). IIn!rr duly verified
within ix mon'hs of the dale hereof,
with the said Charles Gram ille John
ston at his dficc in the citycf Tomlr
stone Arizona.
Dated this 18th dav of February.
Chaiii.es GnA.VVII.LK Johxsto.v,
' t 1. awm rr. aM.h.
Of .r.a-JeMwU Wfcr
yml I rMiMrtllM.Na
Ik. Tw. n,i the wk m4 IH
fciiWMrtwKTIIIW. E. b-
fr. . ei!r nntimg rreai Sit
j jiii,e ntiMwrniM.
4 M.,1 Jn. Iw.rer1i taatwrrftM.
e ll i he il-. Sle ne. i .id.
n f.lT.r. utter, tmt IWfta.
HHPl war
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