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Tombstone daily prospector. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1891, February 28, 1891, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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sl,'i-i"" . ' v. ; ; ,
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fw -
City and County OMeial Paper
(Except Sunday)
S. C. BAUG. Editor and Proprietor.
Due Vear - - - - $to oo
Six Months - - 6 oo
Oa; .Moatn (Deuverrd by Carrier) - - I oo
One Square, one insertion - - - $2 oo
Racb. subsequent insertion, per square - I oo
rramont St., Opposite City Hall.
Eatar.4 In tha Towbatonf Posiafaca as accaa
claa. matter
assay and Metallurgical Laboiatokv
Opposite City Hall. Tombstone.
J 3d and alb. Below the Court House.
F. fc A.M.
King Solomon Lodge No. 5. F. 4 .
M.. holds stated mexitinRS on the third
Saturday in each month in Masonic
Hill, at 7:30 p.m. Special meetings
held whenever bine dag is hoisted.
Visiting brothen are oordially intited
to attend. Gcstatb Fisbcb,
KiitT Hart Secretary. 8 13tf
CochUe Lsd:e .to. 3 I. O. O. I-'.
Regular meeting night, Tuesday of
each week. All visiting members iu
good stauding invited to attend.
N. G.
HVml Arris .llinont.
Stated meetings on third Wednesday
of each month. Notice of speeia!
meetings by chapter ring. - Sojourning
companions cordially invited.
Adolfh Cohen, H. P.
F. L Moore, Secretary. jlstf
Mayor - A. Cohn
Chief of Poii. - Ftank Ryan
Treasurer - - R. E. lackson
City Attorney - - W'm. Suehle
Auditor and Recorder - - - AI Staniger
City Assessor - - - - Geo, Bravin
first Ward - Fred Fuss
Srcond Ward - - Frank Hare
Third Ward - - - - A. W. Smith
Fourth Ward - - - John Prindenrille
CCCfTir officeks:"
Sheriff - - C. n. Kelton
Treasurer - - - J.Y. McAllister
Rncorder - - - - W. F. Bradley
District Attorney - - A, R. English
Probate Judge - - F. W. Wolroit
Clerk District Court - A. H. Emanuel
Surveyor - - - C. U. Beckwith.
Awessor - - - N. A Gilnun
Court Commissioner - - - G. G. Berry
$2,500 REWARD.
The above reward is offered
by the Copper Queen Con.
Mining Co. and citizens of Bis
bce, for the arrest and con
viction or positive proof of
the death of James Daly,
who murdered W. W. Low
ther near Bisbee on the af
ternoon of Friday, ApriM I ,
Djly is described a a man ap
parently 50 years of ags, although
several j-ears younger, about C feet
in hiight, round face, slightly pock"
marked, sandy complexion and
mou tache, b'ue eyes, weight about
100 poinds, scar on foot made by
pistol shot, also scar across neck
made by pi-tol shot, talks with a
strong Welsh accent.
Ben Williams,
Dated Bisbee April U, 1800.
AtrrnoRizED agents.
K. O. LiACE. room 63, MifcaaBt Kxaaaa-r. Baa
Pwielsoo. Is our Authorise Afmt far CaUronls
OEO. P. BOWfXL CO.. iO Sprue at... Jfsw
D W. ATER SOX. Philadelphia.
Ill trsnsaeUons made by las ahoTS eam4 pes.
m. will b compiled with at lb PKOSrZCTOk.
I ctis papee vmaza&xst
tmnf fcoj L m 1JT I MJt jtJVW " TT
i Alfalfa, Timothy, and Espersett
'deed. Warranted pure at
I. HoErua'a.
To all UWiom:. these Pres
ents: Jiaj ;Come Greet
ing. WHEREAS, It. has come
to my knowledge from au
thenttc sources that on or
about the 1 2th day of Decem
ber A. D. 1890 N. H. Robin
son and John . Bridger were
ruthlessly murdered near the
line between Mexico and Ari
zona, in the county of Cochise
this Territory, and
Whereas It appears from
the evidences of reliable wit
nesses and the report of the
Coroners nquest held upon
the bodies of said Robinson
and Bridger in the City of
Tombstone on the 15th day
of December 1S90,. that the
murders were committed by
hostile Indian' renegades who
are absent without leave from
their reservation.
Now Therefore. I, N.
O. Murphy, acting Governor
of Arizona, by virte of
the power and authority within
me vested, do hereby offer a
reward in the sum of FIVE
H UN DRED($5co.oo) DOI
LARS (which sum shall be
aggregate amount paid under
this proclamation) for the ar
rest and conviction .of the raur
derers of said N, H. Robjrson
and John Bridger, or for satis
factor)' evidence that said mur
derers have been killed during
legitimate efforts to -capture
them, which evidence may con--sist
of tht dead .bodies of the
Indian murderers, or such por
tion of their bodies as shall be
sufficient to satisfactorily prove
their identity,
In witness whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and
caused the Great Seal jo( the
Territory to. be affixed.
Done at Phoenix the Capital
this 22d-day of Dec, A. D.
Nathan O. Murphy,
By the Governor,
Assistant Secretary,
LEON LABUIEU. - Proprietor.
First Class Motel in Every
Supplied with Choice ForeiaTn
and Domestic Liquors.
" Ber on Draught.
- fResmtneK.
subscribe for aiiu advertise
in the PROSPECTOR, the
only Daily in Cochise County
and the only one receiving
Press Dispatches. Circulation
aoukU that of any taper in
properly, one lot. No. 5, Ulock 31. front
ing on SatTord str-et. Tombstone with two
good houaes,one rented: the property of W.
A. Anderson and wife Will be told without
delay. Apt'ly at once to James Reilly, Fre
mont street. llM.tf
8500 REWARD.
I v HI pay the aboc reward to any person or
persons who will irive the information which
will lead to the arrest and conviction of any per
son or persons unlawfully handlmc any of my
CATTLE Branded HO onj Itft hip; ear
mark, right cat crop and split.
HORSES Branded HG on left shoulJer.
8273m San Pedro river.
oay Caaplexlnn. Youthful! Beauty
llampar and l.ovilnran.
areprM col by Od Dr. llrsih'a tlirmlrw
Arwilrnl ftrJuTrnatlne Wafrm, and
Blarlr Hrida. flasplrM. Kroptlonm
Mkln Iiiwuk.-. IT rrr. 'trrn. Hay
Vrxrr. Awlhma. I.ane IHfeit eridiest.
. rrt ft health l tn mirror of t-u'y, and
sir 11 a lii or .lx f..r . Mailed braird. Krra
emulation at of8c. f Brodwy, New York.
T-I.O w 1 ir.
9eOO.COTrrliWfrnaAi7Jl n.
rMb7a)jkkl7 kw lobars fritlf
iains.rtaviaMst , r
r all mmmt IsoT lrw mnirsM 4t 1
th wrk. AU U. Crrat fj Ull tvt
rCT ffef . VT rt 7at, twrmithmf
rr4tkb.r LAtlLT. HffctlUtT lirt4.
rArirlCVLAIM HE. AsUtcm ! ,
k1UaJ M IO., rVKTU&P. 11U1.
iiiLj BPlV.lliN.y
.In 4H boon OOfrrha aivl
aiciuarKKa irom in unnkir o--1
'uurraftrrTMCitJ ljrSntlJiidy
:atwn e ttbout luonn en!m
rKU 1WJ rHl new iotk.
Ww rn Trr Ti 4 BMlarc
T ad taMtrvwa , f-r ? " utmno reniiM
a MtMOM arrJr7-i-- ,-. -.- .-,.
X sMMf f. sttftf twsrfl !-. trily "svl astwfctf
iirT I "Mr at omICT rm h awirtrt vrcrj. I
ha .Wlf Ufst a4 jrdM snia ,tbkvMa,aa7
MMW.-k kaasta .j"ralil-W
md NOI.1ltr.ll panickl FKKI- A44iaf ,
.C,XJULK.ltK UKO.AtnuUa.AIalae
A P J5I I lit cwnl ui VSXTOCS rjISILrTTl
1 SasalvaaJ. Ktasts Zlfatta
llOMkfMf-4. IUa ta ftialarv a-4
VsUB,raTltriB aA.AKt rTl aWT
aasktlsa TVIATaKXT aaaa a ay
fe-aai55MSft5i-s ?ttKftnW
a aw aajai a
IT- Liquor Habit.
Mjumeu MasSMtirHcme
wltbout tb ivtrliKe f patient If ncr7;
It I AioluU)y btrmkic nJ will ffrt a rax
ent and vjn&y curr. whetber tb ptt?
nAr1iv-'ariiln!;prirn .Irnhollevrrck. iTriEV
XR TAILfV XtcrfTianauitly umI with Mrb
ccrtrJntr t.iat the rtliit nndfrjofi do loroo
rclcnrc. tvl aoon htm complete rformr4loo ',
ictd. 4 face buuk ttt. To Ie bJ t
J. Yovsa, Druggist,
407 Allen Street, Tombstane, A. T.
W. ! MIJ'"I.W
1 1. ,'.'.,'
mti4 -I TM Hwfft,
ratMty aaa fca Ht. hy Ikaat "
hk-V at, yaaaf ar , aasl ta tbaW
aaiMassikasrs. EaarlaUara
Jl1sa I I J-'-T " 'T rta.TllrT
awn aaawaa an rsv lama k ta . Tal I aa
J -II l-rtl-tr "- aA.1 .a.. aA.
1iiW mi aaralac - frwk a afwaraa,
amAaawaaHarattlUaMlwiiail Wa aa fcaraWk jmm ika m-
lJlanwlaaltTk -a fcf ' Xa apafalaasalata fcava. rail
KVTla tW. 7jB UK k U.t AaOlTfA, MAIM.
' (rrospedor.
Is now in its Sixth year and
is the most popular and wide-
ly'read family paper in the
Southwest and is destined to
have the
The Prospector alwa-s main
tains a pure and moral literary
tone, and should be a regular
visitor to every household in
the land.
Others Try "to Follow.
Wannainker makes our
clothes and will not throw u.s
of out the mails, and this is
the reason we are g'oing into
"We Club with every paper
and magazine in the United
You can save from 25"to 50
per cent by writing for prices
The Prospector.
Tombstone, A. T.
Notice of Assessment.
ilty Mining Coiiiimny.-Kescindineul.
TI10 order and resolution levying as
segment No. 1 liua been rescinded,
vacitted and set aside by an order ot
tlio Hoard of Directors made on the
1'Jth day of January, 181)1, and no
further steps will bo taken to collect
the mine. The Secretary hag been
directed to refund all moneys paid on
account of tuid asscMiienl 'o. 1 to
the holders of the certificates of etocV
on which said moneys liae been paid,
on demand, and presentation 01 f.ud
J. W. PEW, Secretary,
Ollico No. 310 Pine street, Koom
15 and 17, S.ui Francisco, Cal.
" ity Miniug Compauy. L'catioa
of principal place of business. Sun
Francisco California location of work
Tombstone mining district Cocbi-
county, Arizona. Notice is hereby
ciren Ibat at a meeting of tbe Board of
Directors held on the 10th day of Jan
tinry 1891, an assessment No two (J)
of live (S) cents per share, was levied
npon tbe capital stock of tbe corpora
tion payable immediately in Uuiled
States gold coin to tbe secretary at the
office of the company No 310 Fine St.
Koom a 15 and 17 Ssn Francisco Calif,
omia. Any stock npon which tbis as
sessment shall remain unpiM on the
26ihday of February 1S91 will be delin
qaent and advertised for Dale at public
auction and unless payment is madn
Iwforo will be sold on Wednesday the
25th day of Marcb 1891, to pay tbe
delinquent assessment together with
the cost of advertising and expense of
sale. J. W. PEW. Secretary.
Office No. 310 Pino street, Ilooms
lo and 1 1 San t rancifco California,
Mining Coiopany. Refcindment.
The order and resolution levying as
sessment No. 5 has been rescinded,
xacatcd and set aside, by an order of
the Hoard of Directors, made on
the 19th day of January, 1S91 and
no further steps will he taken to col
lect the name. The Secretary has
been directed to refund all moneys
paid on account of. said as.-e--!iient
No. o to holders of the certificates of
stock on which ."aid moneys have
been paid, on demand and presentation
of said certificates.
JOHN PEW, Secretary.
Office No. 310 Pine street, Rooms
15 and 17 San Francisco, California
' Mining Company. Location of
principal place of business, San Fran
cisco California, location of works,
Tombstone Mining District CochUe,
Arizona. Notice is hereby given that
at n meeting of the board of director
held on the 19th day of January 891.
an assessment. Xo 0 of three cents (3c)
per share was levied upon the capital
stock of the corporation, payable im
mediately in United States gold coin
to the secretary at the office of the
company Xo310 Pine street Rooms 15
and I San lranci.o California. Any
tock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the 25th day of
February 1891 will be delinquent, and
advertised for sale at public auction,
and unless payment is made before,
will be sold on TUESDAY the 24ilit!.iy
of March 1S91, to pay the delin
quent assessment, together with the
cost of advertising and expenses of
sale. J. W. PEW, Secretary.
Otlice No 310 Pine St., Rooms 15
and 17, San Francisco California. td
Notice for Publication Com
united lloinc.stvnil, Xo. lOll-
LaD Orricr ATTroou, Amroxa, i
Jannarj 25, 1-91. i
"VTOTICE l hereby rireri thit the following
i3l named n-tller b Mod notice ol hi inten
tion to male-final proof li .apporto! hl claim,
sad that vaitl proof will b made before the
Heelter ana KeeelT.r at inr)n. Anions, on
Februarr 2a, 1831, viz: Sertauo lSonlUax, of
Tre AUra -, Arizona, for the H 1-i of hE. 1-4
andSE. l-of SW. 1-1 Six. 31. T. 15 3 It. 3) E
He names the following witnene to pror hi.
contlnnons midence npon aud cnllivatiou !
Id land, tlz: wall-r m. rlniT, jope n
Orfco, John Allen and John Montromery. .11 of
Tre. Alamo, Arizona
. IIEi:iit(T Bi:i)W.,
Siipplcmcntal Iinins Aiipliwi
tion Xo. r,m.
V. S. Laid Orricr. Trcsos. Aiizoka,
January 21, ISU1. f
TOTICE l hereby si7en that the Co?p-r
LI Oneen Conc!idated Mlnlre frmpary. Iiy
Ben "llllam. aynt. whose poet-otnee adlrers i
Rishee, Cochl'e ConntT. ArT ma. hi. male ap
plication for a patent fur 1JU5 linrsr fe-r on tlw
New Vork mining clsim. bearing gold, sllrer and
r.nn. .Itnate tn Warren Mining Ihsirict. Co-
fhUeci-niv. Arizona, and described In tb offi
cial plat and firm note. n Die in tnis rrj;e, a
rnllnir.TW? Varlatotj 11 35 ea.t.
fle.lnnlngatapo-t t the w-terly end Sin of
. . J l- . f ? V f . T
aio ciain. in.ri.cu . v in ... . ... .-....
i .h.nre TT K mineral monament No tber.
X. K lliSff , thenre S. !l E. 315."
. i.. - . . xr o. ..... v
ST" I E l"5f-t Ifinw mirk 1. M. C No
S:th-cceS 39- 3f W.S'Of-t o ntmsrkeilN
1'OIIOPO" TC.rkCAl .. -.. v ..' -. ii'irilvr ...
T. V. C Kit. 4: thence N 33" 34 w. iiitif
cots a"0feet,fpo mark.d X. V M. C No.
i; thence K.C 4 w.lZlV'ee' tocor Vo. a.wrxnce
Utn.f cct. be". v.-9- 3$ V 4lfei-t; Iherce
S. XT At K. V-iJ1 reet. f n'ae er rieciunitt
enntslnlnc 17 10 acre.. Tiie leeatl-n of th'e
in'n-i rrcdMl n tb- ICecorrter". office o v
rhl.ef'onntT. Arl'on. rn psg- . Adj-nning
ela'rji n . sre cl.iru.-ti -f Cnmlie-lsnd nilnin
c alii on 1b.et. No other known.
AU peir-n hold'ajr s-'t. re claims thereto are
r-rinirel to prreenr ihe .eme before thisofflce
within silly rUt. from the (lrl di- republica
tion hercol. or fier will be birred by virtue of the
I prtrrlf ions ol the ettnt.
I HKKBEKr r.ROWX, Fegist-r
Bex VlLWKV Agent for Claimant, janiT-lihr
(Kuidiof Milluxi Mimnc Machinery, Hcary aa
Light Casting of Iron and Hrasa Made to Order
Qouticg Easmes Made to Order, and En.
Cine IndicatwJ and Adjiuted Agents for
AlLaay Iaibricatioje oils and Compounds J
Apr hu.
Notice to Creditors,
In the Probate Court of the County.
of Cochise, Territory of Arizona.
Estate of U'm. Hassett, Deceasrd.
Notice is hereby given by the un
deis'gned administrator of the estate
of W'm Hassett deceasedtto tbe cred
itors of and all persons havirj
claims against the said deceased, to
exhibit the same with the necessary
vouchers within four months after
th j firit publication of this notice
to the said administrator at bis
placs of business on Allen
street, in the city of Tombstone
county of Cochise, territory of Ari
zona, the same beinp the place for
the transaction of the business of the
said estate.
Administrator of the estate cf Wm
iassett, deceased.
Dtted at Tombstone, Jan 19, 1S91.
Orcla'atory .Ntatrment Xj. X14H
Land nfilce at Tucson, Arizona, January 11, lSl .
"vTOHfE is hi-re'iy pten that the f.illowlng
l!N nsmetl eeitlerba. flled notice ol hi. lutes.,
non to niakunual proof in upptrt of hi claim,
and that said proof will be m.de before h Clerk
of be I) rt 1c Court at Toxb-t n-, Arizsna, on
Msrch. I-' , lz- Jacob heerer, of sulphur
IfiCEs V.lley, riz.. tor ilia livfn.. and
u.tvt w ' "ee- 3i, tpais . r. Ji e.
Ha name, tne f.)lowlt.g witLeiMies to prove his
roulinuoti re.idence upon, and cultivation or,
.aid land. lz: v . (4 banderroi-, rrnk II.
Uuciles. Adam J.erg aud Charle Oieriock, all of
nulrbu' ipring Va 1-y, Arizona.
IIEKUkKT BKO-N, Kcgl.ter.
Notice forPubliation.
Declaratory Statement No. 2256.
Land Office at Tccson. Axizona, I
Janu.iT)' 13, 1891. J
Notice U hereby given tliat the follouicg
named settler has med notice of his intention to
nuk-rin.il proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Kegister
and Keceier at Tucson, Arizona, on Februaiy
5. 191, William I liadeous Vaughn, ot Ben
son. Arizona. furlhesW H Sec 24. Tpt?. S R
He names the toUouine witnessea toprote
his continuous residence upon, and culti"nnr
of. said land, viz: James U. Vaughn of Ben
son Arizona, W-Hiam T. Hughes, of Benson
Anzona. t arter Crane of raitbunk Arizona,
and Benjamin II, Pace, of Kairbank Arizona, aj
Ht-KtltKl BKOW.N, Kegister.
First publication, anuary 17, 1890.
U. S. Land Office Notice,
Trc.-o.v, Ariz., Jan. I, S .
Complaint having been madt at this
office by Francis J. Heney against John
a. Murrav, D. L. h, o.2j, made Oct.
19, lSS9,"fortheS. W. i, S. E. and
S. 4. S. W i of section '29. T. 15, S. R.
20 E., and N. 4 of X V. 4 of section
32, T. 15, S. R. 20 E., contestant al
leges that he knows the present con
dition of the same, also that the said
John A. Murray has wholly neglected
and failed to comply with the law of
March 1S77, in regard to desert lands
and has wholly neglected and failed to
put water on said land or any part
thereof, though more than three years
has expired since he riled upon the
same and this the said contestant is
ready to prote at such time and place
as may be named by the Register and
Receiver for a hearing in said case and
he therefore asks to be allowed to
prove said allegations and that said
D. L. E. No. 825, may be declared can
celled and forfeited to the United
States, he the said contestant paying
the expense of s.ich hearing.
And now comes Francis J. Heney,
conteslant to aliove described tract
D. L, E. Xo. S25 and files his affidavit
in this office Jan. 13, 1891, setting
forth the fact that afler due dilligence
be fails to obtain personal service upon
tbe contfstee and requests that service
I e had by publication, the same is
hereby granted acd publication order
ed in the Piso-pectois published at
Tombstone, Ariz.
An. I tin said narties are hereby
summoned to appear at the office of
he Register and Receiver Feb. 21
t-S'Jit'O o'clock A. M. to give testi
mony in said case.
. Ciias. Dhakk, Receiver.
" 5-lm.
K. r
fctt yrsarrsaajunjMflHIBHBBj

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