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Tombstone daily prospector. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1891, March 04, 1891, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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(Sunday Exckitkd)
bv -
S C. BAGG. Editor and Proprietor.
Mubucription Hnlrn.
One Year
Sis Months ...
Three Months .
One Month....,
Delivered by
per week.
10 00
6 00
........ 3 OU
........... 1 OU
Carriers for 25 cents
Fresh fUnch Butter !rom the fintli oU
H Walt atWoIeotl't Cuh Store. S-7U
The principal work done by the
present Legislature lias been to undo
the vicious legislation of the Kid 15th
If they accomplish nothing more than
that they will have justly earned the
title of the "Sensible Sixteenth."
The question raised by the district
attornev of SisVivou county, Cal. as
to whether railroad lands sold by
railroads are ase-s.ible, the railroad
companies and the purchasers from
them holding that the lands could not
be assessed, though no patents had
been issued by the government, has
been decided by Attorney General
Hart against the railroads. Unless
overruled, this decision will compel
the payment of taxes on 10,000,000
acres of land in that state much of
w hieh is worth $5 per acre and the
taxes thus gathered by the state and
respectite counties will aggregate
?50Q,000 pr annum.
All of the stories going, around
about th- starting up of theNjorob-
stone mines art- founded upon tlie
tame baMn that th- hiitelietn fr h
'nasi four vt-ars. i Ii one
C ..... ., ,.. . . 1.. ...V
iinm trp ill liiiiMiriHiii'r. iiisiiiii, .t
. .A...n..I..j n.. .ll.r.r ,(. i.Aiibiriili ntv
'any proposition that will le feasible
one for the pumping of water and re
sumption of work belmt water leel
Further than thi- nothing ha been
done, although tho-e who are in a po
cition to know believe tln.t before a
year rolls around boiiic definite under
standing will cauf-o a resumption of
work in the Grand Central and Con
tention mines. Of courts every man
owning property or in business in
Tonlbstone looks forward to that time,
knowing that it will come some day,
and when it is consummated Tomb-
durincr its nalmv davs of 'S2.
Mnrklen'n Arnlea Mlir.
Thb Best SaITe in the world7 for
finis. Bruises. Sores. Ulcers Salt
Itheum, Fever Sores, Cbappea Hands,
Chilblains. Corns, aod all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to (jive
perfect satisfaction, or money refund
ed. Price 'J5 cents per box. Fcr tale
by J. Yodkc
Subscribe for the PEOsrECTOR
For and 111 consideration of the sum
of $300 we have told and delivered to
Yec Lee Company eight horses and
mules, four wagons, plows, harrown
and rales belonging to our farming
outfit on the San Pedro river.
Hop Lee & Co.
Dated Tombstone, Feb. 10, 1691.
Hats sold below coat at Eucher
Gres' furniture store. 1 20-ltn
Furnished rooms to rent at Mrn.
Eccleslon's, corner of Fourth and
Bruce streets, quiet neighborhood and
nlfa.ant surroundincs: By the daj.
week or month, at reasonable rates.
If you want fine straight whicky, of
tho roost celebrated brand, drop into
the pony Saloon and satisfy yourself
that this is true. The Pony aleo car
ties the finest brands of domestic an.,
imported Brandies, Wines, Ales, Por
ten, and all kinds of liquors. Ice
Cold Drinks of all kindi a specialty.
The Carmen Key West Cigar is the
finest for the money to lie had in Ari
zona. St. Louis Anheuser Buecb Lager
Beer on draught at all times. 'o fav
orites. Come all.
Jour SHACOUJiEssr,
The greatest doctois in Karope don't
seem to know what ails "'UriMT Fritz."
Thus are tlie Garfield ami Grant
e isodes reieated, and public confidence
In "pxiKirt' medical knowledge is apiin
'the cllWt is a rctulion.
bince the fatal days of 18-UJ, many oS
llio do. ttinea of tlio schoolmen concern
in,: extfiiHio medication liac leen
ab untuned, and all n-liooN o( practice
a.-o more and more rolyjn," i)n old
f ilitoned Dimple root ana lurli p epara-
t . ns and cartful nursina tlio only ro
t iituii known to our aiuvrjtorB.
fh -se metho Is ami reliances are illu-
t.-d to-ilav in a MTie of ol 1 fa-li.one
it. and herbs" ".reparation! rttvntl;
.. .en to the world by the well-known
r .t.neton. of Warner's safe inn. pro-
a' itions made from formula" "K.eed
y tiianv of our oldt-t faiiul.us. ami
". uol fur popular ut-o, and si-urd imdei
. I appy designation of Warnci ' Lty
' i 'in I.etiieda".
"My t-on," exclaimeil a vonerabla
r man to the writer w lien ho was a boy,
iv son,iou'r jeller and jule and weak
lookin. jou'r net-din' a good hhak
i ; up with bouie M-i'panl'."
V j.i,j of spring saiapaiilta wa jast M
t ee&iry in the "winter Mipplics" ol
t tears ago as was a barrel of pork,
a famous medical until irity sas that
vory gviieral prevalence cf tho use
s icfi a preparation as xz Cabin
r a):.rilU explains the ruyed health
i ancestors.
!u!e Warner's Log Cabin Sarsaparilla
i excellent remedy for all seaon. ol
. -ar.it is particularly valuable uitlie
;:, when the s8iem it full ol slug-
j'oori and leuuires a natural ton
l iom.1 tonic and inigorator to resist
.s and pneumonia, and the vflV.-t.tH of
. s winter, l'lulo M Parsons, clerk
. Citv Hotel of Hartford, Conn , wa
tiated with ucold which, he says.
. med to Kttle tluoiuh my lody 1
n ted it and the remit was my blood
.ne iinpoerislied and iioiKOiied, in
t d by inflamed fs.es. 1 was treated
ii) ejes gtew uor&e I was obliged
c ir a shade over them. I feared that
Id be obliged togne up work."
I'udrr the operation of Warner's Lo."
.n t-arsapanlla and Liver l'llls." he
-, 'The Kre and intlamed ejes di-aji-
'.-.I. My blool, I know, is m a
hier condition than it ban been for
. I have ummli bc'Hr appttite
ill take several imre littles fo
' sake. Wirier' I.o Cat .11
inlla is a great o ! ptinfi-r and
1 heartily rerom neml it."
w Isoldes of Warner's Ijoa Cabin
arilla used in the famil now will
manv a week of s eki e-w ami 111.111
1 -rot hills. L M no o her. nils l
et, mo-t ihor ulil' I. sied. and
of hills, lee no o her. 1 His i
n-t. is Iut tip in tin- 1 ir.-est -ara-
1 1.1 l-utlle on ili marl.- , tonUnuns
1 e 1. There it 1.0 oilier pn juration
miliar name thai tan equal it. The
au-nof its manuMc'iirtrs is a -juarantee
1 it- -u:-e-r"r nor i
Wiiile tin i.-ii'at 1 tor- wrangle over
ills tetiiii cai.'i-s oi au.iili.anielliiedu-iU
lente tha Can imj" cure ilisease. huch
4llii4e pr .ratio'i jearly nut h
vuillious lr-Jiii uniiniui ,iaics.
jJtue Iltulln; made her stae debut kt
tie age of U years.
IS&lvlni's ncit American tour will beffiu
Palmer'.., Now Vors. Oct T. Ibs3
J Charles Cowman will this year occora
pony Mm. Langtrj as her lending sup
Ealen Terry has built a new London
house which lias cost $100,000 She will
move Into It when sbo returns from the
The new California theater In San Tran
Cisco will bo opened on May li), 1SS1).
rhen Booth and Barrett begin a four
weeks' engagecient-
Ucnry Irving, who anticipates another
Am.riin tenr next season, will brin
over people and becnery for oco play only
Macbeth." Lost season, oa his own
authority, his actual nightly expenses av
t-raged i 1,700.
The projected tour of Cbarle3 AVynd
bam in America Las been abandoned for
this season, the proposal having been
made so late that ii was impossible to m
euro the dates wanted Mr. Wjudhao
may come next season.
Paulino Lucca, in an interview Id VI
enna, declared that tho American tour or
which she starts in November HI close
her career on the stage, and that she has
bought a vtBa at Gtaunden. where she in
tends to tsUbUsh a school for oper
Ctiancln: Their ttctst.
People often wonder why po'io
re suddcnlv U-ansferred from
are suuucruy u-ansierreu ironi ouo
scction of the city, where tliev may
havo walked a beat foryears, and know
everv dark ollev and hidintr place
as well as every crook in that particu
lar locality, to apart, oi meciiy w.nert
they have never teen save ns n citizen
At tirst glance it uoea iook imo an in
judicious thing to Vof but it is not
Take a patrolman from tho West End
or South End nnd put him down ic
the heart of the city and he's pretty
certain to make a few good captures.
West End or South End crooks feel
secure when they get away from tlit
locality where they are well known,
and tho first thinfj you know they will
run right into your arms with all the
evidences of guilt upon them. Tlicrt
is another advantage in these chanpes.
which I believe should bo more fre
quent, and tliaV is that the policemen
become familiar with nil fections of
the city, and thus are rendered more
valuable in any emergency. SC Louif
"Th Flrrt American SUV Dress.
Tlie first silk dress mado in America
was one presented by Governor Ogle
thorpe, -I10 founder of Georgia, to tht
queen of George ILL Oglethorpe ex
peeled his colony to become rich on
silk raising and viniculture, and the
first silk raised in Georgia was (nut
and woven for the royatpMatv lsv
York TeiegnuB.
fttrlklut; rirtur A lCrlrml of OIA
Time Mmplleltlot.
In one of Harper' issue is given a
verv tine illustration of Roberts' cele
itriteU painting, kno.wi as "Doctoring
ill I Time." It represents a typical old
Inner, with his lellows, ;blowini! tho
dust from an ancient clock, with its
ird and weights carefully secured.
One of theso clocks in this generation is
appreciated only as a rare relic.
I ho snge'tive name, "Ihntoring Old
rime," hruit'ftootir mind alio her version
i the titlo, used for another purposo
'Old Time Doctoring."
We learn, through a reliable Hourco,
that ono of the entenirislmr proprietary
medicine lirmi ol the country, has Ik-iki
for veant investigating tho fiiriiiulni and
medical preparations uno I in the l-eln
uing of thiHlientiirv, hiuI even lx-furrt,
tlthaMe ot asm-rt-iining why pooplo
In our great-graudfathets" time ciij'ivi-d
health and physical ior no Mtldum
ound in tho present generation. They
low think they have Hvriuredtliii soerelor
ecreU. Thev llnd that the prevailing
opinion that'lhen cxistol, that "Natutn
has a remedy for every existing dis
order," was true, ami ncting uinler this
l-ehtf, our grandimrentH usod tlie com
mon lierbri anil lilaiits Continual tres
pass upon the forest domain, has made
tlie-Mj herbs lesrt abundant 11ml liua
driven them furthor from citilUatlon,
until they have been jliscarded,
reineilial agents lxcause IS U10 diUicullt
of obtaining them.
II. H. Warner, proprietor ol arner-s
safe euro and founder of the Warner
obervator, Uochestt r, N. Y., has been
nre-sing investigations in this direction,
into the annal of ol 1 family histories,
until he has si cured some very valuable
formula.-', from which his lirm N now
preparing medicines, to be sold by all
Thev will, we learn, be known under
Ihe general title of "Warner's Iog Cabin
j-jniedies." Anions the- medicines will
be a "sarsaparilU," for the blood and
liver, "Log Cabin h'ps and buchu rem
edy," for tho stomal h, etc., "Log Cabin
rough and consumpt.on remedy," "Lo,;
Cabin hair tonic," "Io Cabin extract,"
for internal and external u, and an old
valuable discovery for catarrh, called
"Log Cabin rose "cream." Among the
li-t is also a "Log Cabin plaster," and
a "Log Cabin liver pill
From the number of remedies, it will
c "cen that they do in t propose to cure
i diseases with" one preparation It is
wlieved by manv lthatwith these rem
edies a new era is to dawn upon suffer
ui humanity and that the close ol the
:-. .t. 1 ..:n c,. ,1. ...... ot.i
.lineireniu reuiu... ... pt '.""T 'VT.
and herbs, acompoundcd undcrtnsUt e
01 n araw s u- v,uin irawiw, 0.
though they come in the foim of pro
prietary medicines, jet thev will be noni
l!ie less welcome, for suffering humanity
'. lecome tirel of moJern doctorin; and
hi" public has great confidence in any
fuiediei put up bv the firm of which
i. II. Warner is the head. The people
lave Is.-come suspiciout of the effects of
loctoring with jkhsoiious dregs. Few
calizo tlie injurious effectn follow ins the
nescriptions of many modern phy--ician
Ihfse effect of poisonous drugs, already
uouiinent, will become more pronounced
u cmniiig generations. Therefore wei-an
ird illv wish the old-fashioned new
i-iiu-dies the beat of success.
1IUI i&n till, -lU . -3 in,.t"'MM --
The following appeared in a Minnesoti
paper "Members of the I'emooratii
party have been uin.r all sul tcrfueH tc
account for their o.crwhclminz defeat,
and numerous are the c.iuBe alleped.
"I was talUm; with t-everal of the
vanquixhed on I mrh Street the o her
div, opjio-ite a bill loard.andono of the
party ex.-lain.ed : "If it had not 1-een fo'
theclone.i of the National Committee
in the expenditure of money, we would
have elected our man. Tlie Uepublicans
advert-sed their man like a circus."
Several of the party remarked that no
advtrlisini; was done exiept nmall an
noanicments in the pap-m, and a few
"liancre" on the dead wails.
"Ilan.'erd?" na d our informant.
"What do j on call that but a circus
porter?" Pointing to a twelie-cheet
medicine poster on the bill board, lcar
in the tuts of Gen. Harrison ami his
"If tlio Democrat had advertised like
that. CIe eland would hae been re
eled ed."
The pouter referred to mi oneof the
familiar black and while Io-; Cabin iar
aa pan I la pos era re-it ont by an enter
pricing linn eitfaged in the maaufature
of old loj cabin home cures, under the
nomc f ll'.m.r'fl Iit'"ariin ltpln'1 iea .
Bn(j alnong other eipially taluableurticles
mciulen tlio lamotiri ivo taoin car-
i Faparilla, which ib everywheie recognized
as the bent of all npring medicines and
stands w about a rival for the rare of all
disorders which are the results of impure
Tlie yp-Inj? time of the year is the
season w hen the nystem nceda renuva
tion; tlie loiig winter ha caused the
ulood toliecome fil.ed with impurities.
Tliere exitU no better means to aid
ind strengthen the si stem at such an
urgent juried than tlie use of Warner's
ho-,: Cabin Sarsapanl'a, which speedily
restores th blood to a pure and healthy
rtate, which injures health and liappi
nei. Tlie reputation of the firm putting out
the medicine is alxne reproach, andf is
the came firm which manufacture!) War
ner's Srafe Cure the standard remedy for
the enre of all tin? diseases peculiar to
the kidneys as well as tho-e which ara
the results of dim-a-e in thoi-e organs,
and which has met with such pheno
menal succees for the past ten jears.
We understand thai the porter referred
to made iheir apx-arance in many parts
of the country m-metime prior to the
Ch!caro Convention which nominated
Gen. Ilarrison as a candidate for the
Presidency hence Ihe use made of the
portrait of the Harmon, father and
erandwin was either the result of re
markable political foieMght or in accord
ance wit Ii tlie Historical association oi
the old Log Cabin witti the name of Ilar
f fon.
CA Kill 12S U S. MAIL
Fare to or
Jcavcs Tombstone at 8:15 a m. to connect with Trains for
South. Arrives in TorrLstone 12:00 a.m.
.Leaves Tombstone at 1:15 p.
points East rn West.
BAGGAGE oj Passengers
of Charge
Charles Granville Johnston,
Will practice in all the Courts o.
G Toknstom. E Sis- You we tLc onN
uir Pui
PuUic in Cochu county who hat ctmxtlietf with
the rcauueroeotf of the Depanmer.t aid therefore the
ONy one ho can idzmnii-er oaths in case, cormn;
before the ln.1 0ce. Yours Tery reKp-ctaUT,
Notice of Dissolution of
The coparti ertdup heretofore ex
Is ui-r be" wen G 11. Watt and C.
B. Tarhell, undi r the firm tiairo of
Vn & Tarbell, conduciiiif an un
l r'akinu' buiiie in tlie citj of
To'nhs'oiie, A. T. has thl" da- been
iM-olved b mutual consent
The busit ess will hereafter he con
lucied bv C. U. Tarhell, who will
nav ail bilU and collect all accounts
hie the lute firm.
0. B TAIH.EM..
Tonlbstone. Arizona, Ftb. .". Ib'Jl 3t
.Vmice to Ci editors
In the Probate Court of the Poiint)
of Cochise, Terrilor of Arizoim.
In the niaiter of the etate of John
Claik, deceased.
Notice i hereby given by the un
til rMfined executor of the estate
of John CUik, dea-ehhed, to til"
creditor of am! all persons hainc
claims sgaiust the smd dt censed,
to prec lit them with the necessnr
vourliers, to the undersij-netl, "it hi-
fiice wnh Jo. Ho.fler, In the town
of Tombstone, Coch;se county, Ari
zona, within four mouths from the
6rst publication of this notice, thai
beinp the place for the transaction of
the husine-s of said estate
Administrator af lbs s'nte of
John Clark, deceased.
Dated February o, A. b. 1S91.
"olice is hereby given to the credi
tors of and all "lertons having claims
agnitnt the estate of William Callahan
deceased, to present the same duly
verified with the iiecc-'-iry ouchers
to Ihe undersigned, at his olhce mill
G. W Bryan, in the town of Benson,
Cochise County, Arizona within four
months from the first publication ol
this notice, that being the place for
transacting the business of said estate.
Tnos Ddnrar.
Administrator of the estate of Wm.
CitUahan, deceased.
Dated Jan 8, A. D. lb'Jl.
I'OltH -.I.K.
One hundred and siity acres of land in the
foothills of the Cliincaliua mountains, fenced
and under culualion, raises finest kind ol
fruits. Water permanent. A beautiful trad o'
land. The fullest inves'iga a'.Iord. Ap
plj at this office. tf
Tt Sf Sn. ft fo'
TQnstrmlccL Dcvcrrpu.e and Priced
for 1B31 vinbcBuBcd rnct
lu in aip.lcu. d lo I'St season's I
cu4in. nDfnrrwjsu.si.
Every person using uaratn,
fbatr rr TUUSttJl.
shosld xsd for it. Address
nrraniT kiiest.
Lsvrgtst beadsmen in the world J
Mail & Stage Co
from "F'a.ir"oa.ri3si. Sl.S
m -or Fairb-nk to connect with trains -'t Be son fcr ai!
delivered to and from Stage office in the city Irte
Alien Street Near Fifth.
tmported and Domestic Cigar and
Smokers Articles and Fancy
lilt I
Rooms En-Suite and Single, Special Attention
Culinary Depariiraoat.
A. A. CASTAXEDA, Proprietor
J. M CASTANEDA. iranarrer
i-ki-hii hi: xt. mii ami n ru.v.
Wholesale and Retail Butcher,
Allen rttrcrt. between Sth and Slb.
I have a Large and Well Assorted Stock of
Fresh Pleats, Hams, Bacon
Bolognas, Lard, Pork Sausage,
H9ad Cheese, Corned Beef,
Eastern Pickled Pork,
Tripe and Pig's Feet
Higher Caih Price paid for Choice Benf,
Pork and Muttou arid Game and Poultry.
OF Till: CITV KICKK OK (-11 4-M.K.
Bank of Tombstone
Capital - - 3100,000.
Gil. tBK0T
Go. II Car bel
K. W Wood -
- - riicici.
Vice President
Transact a General
Kscnancr Rrrrjre Deposits. Collections rruoc
v Liquor Habit.
KHAlKES goldeh specific
It srl.i ! f or lM.sels onl.
elr. T fwd. wttbout the kaowldfo of tlio raueut. if
necessary Ztlaabaalafclr fearTalaaaaadTaiU affeot a
ptrmsnenl ssd epeadrenr. whetaer tba patient I. a
rn93.ratadnnkTaran alcoho'lewraalr. IT 5rS CK
I FAIIs. It operatao nntetls- and srttn aacn eer
sain,., usi mi psumi aoaertieea no tnaoaTenianoa.
and ra h la aware. SU aasapUta refonaauon ta
cSeetad. 4 pnea book of pnetsmlara freo.
oo'is n.im.i
-n.Mn A'., piot-
-ni'a. xf.in niiihnifiri
-sj.j.in. un rstrl 0-lll.s:
oi IatpoimKUJi oi trjiviiili3ti'31"l
v,im,iu.)i.ah4 t.r.i
-1111. P --l 'O) svlnj aiwu
y uin oa.-sjpwiApd
9atl aajt!:TP iTUniTfana
Kt i;v jo; A'imui' 5alPtMf
SM SOU n.sj aqj j w jtm
r Hksr v -a wa saL OsmWi.sainhaI.
rsnA 4atats I -7.StHBaV.
a wm , ,siofpieC I ZB&
-aaisj. ..... asann TS 7 iB EtniaKr r
Jsogaies, Bisbee and
Only Hotel in tfenstoto-
In comj.liance with Title III enlf
i'cd "A.i-ipnmeiUs for hcriefil of creil
iiors" Keviscd Statutes of Arizona,
notice is herchy ghen that F I) Hauler
lately rising liu-ine. in tlie City of
Tombstone Arizona on iheecianle'cn'li
day of February. A D. lbOl made an
iiFpij-ninciit ol nil hi-s nronertv lmlh
real and pergonal to Charles Graiiille
Johnston for the benefit of the cred
j itors and the said creditors who con
! tent lo sIch,il:nIllent, are hereby
. noiifioil tpvvXVown their consent
in writn jvi'e.xppMir-nionlhs "nflfie
I date hereof, aii to file a distinct stale
, nient of the particular nature and the
I aiiiniint of hi' or Ihiir claim agnint-t
the Mi. I F. I). HaIcr duly erifipri
si'liin ix ininili of the ilate liTPof,
with ll. -jid Cliiiflei' Orauillu John
ston al his otlice in the city of Tonilr
slone Arizona.
Dated this 18lh day of
, Ciiakle.! Granville Johnston,
w-rt sjc I
Tsrltl. av
tas 1 tit, T-Uiu. Ok
arratwMrM!! W17
t-mtk, Ttnirttd th wtwfe uftdll
0 9r ?
I-"-. rw Tvum in. E.rm4-
ur arr (i..rnrmtaic fttiaa H
vi sttwi ay. Taar ya-a nw
a4 Matt ?o la, wnrli haaparvHabai
sf-raTfl, a. 1T an-amy ix wr
t- rtrartliM-iraj aaaaar tk.
KLWiadwMt-aifat Ttnitmmntr,
.Uk tvoOl"rll-tua,M04
ll.UtUlU& Ci
sssram ,.s-j SSTn
ii I r ryr-
ES ftrVtsw StsnKl
J - W - -

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