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BEPPY 4 PEOK, Publishers.
Ftnrth Street, Bet Fremont and Allen
Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona.
Subscription, one year.
$4 oo
Entered In the Tombstone postoffice as sec
ond class matter.
"There was enough water went to
waste." Shades of Lindley Murray! but
this is a long-suffering community.
Are the Board of Supervisors aware of
the fact that the law compels them to ad
vertise for bids for stationery as well as
other supplies?
The reputable press of the Territory
should unite in putting the kibosh on all
wildcat mining schemes. The prosperi
ty of Arizona depends upon It. .
The Beard of Supervisors of Pima
county have accepted the resignation of
Sheriff E. O. Shaw, and appointed his
brother, M. F. Shaw, to fill the vacancy.
The Examiner, under the management
ofW.R. Hearst, has far outstripped all
its competitors in enterprise, though they
are vainly endeavoring to keep pace with
it. -
The backbone of the Southern Califor
nia.boom is about broken, ifaccounts are
correct, and the old timers are unload
:nT Vnu will here something drop ere
' --- -
The Calico Print has suspended for a
month or two, in order allow the editor
and proprietor time to recruit up a liltle,
and also endeavor to collect what is
due him. .
We are happy to state that the report
ed killing of Sheriff Mulvenon was with
out foundation. He is alive and well,
and continues to be one of the most effi
cient Sheriffs in the Territory.
It is a cheerful thing to pick up a daily
paper and read under the head of "Spe
cial Dispatch" a news item which one has
read in an obscure weekly the day before.
This may be journalism, but we doubt
it. ----
The crowded advertising columns of
the Epitaph are beginning to give evi
dence of an impending boom. Six weeks
ago there were not five columns of live
ads. in the paper now they are all alive,
and the merchants who take advantage
of its columns are alive as well.
The completion of the Mineral Belt
road to Benson, which is an assuredjfact,
will bring an era of prosperity to our
county. Benson is destined ts become
the great distributing point of the terri
tory, as it will be the only place in Ari
zona where competing-lines of railroad
will touch, thereby securing low rates of
If the mild reproof of the Epitaph
results in having the Board of Supervis
ors conduct the business of the county
as the law directs, it will not have labor
ed in vain. They are not such a bad set
of fellows a little fresh, that's all. They
must remember, however, "There's a
chiel amang them takin' notes, an faith
he'll prent them "
The sale of the L. W. Bhnn Lumber
Company, at its yard in this city, were
greater during August than for any
month in three years. No good miner
need be out of employment, and carpen
ters are in great demand. Such facts
speak volumes as to the condition of
affairs in Tombstone. With a proper
public spirit, our fair city would soon be
on the high wave of prosperity, while as
it is, we are doing very well, thank you.
Those who are acquainted with the
early history of the Epitaph are well
aware of the fact that it was never con
trolled by a clique or ring. It was al
ways outspoken and on the side of the
people, and so it is to-day under its pres
ent management. It has the courage of
its convictions, and will not hesitate to
applaud the right or condemn the wrong.
It makes no pretense of being better
morally then its fellows, but as a means
of success it chooses to adopt that policy.
It panders to no prejudice, but chooses
rather to oppose ptejudice. People like
such a paper and patronize it.
Our contemporary, which is constantly
boasting of its nose for news, has
neglected to record the horrible
death of a son of one of the
most prominent citizens of our county,
Roadmaster McFarland, which occured
an the 24th of last month, the full par
ticulars of which were published in the
Epitaph at the time. This is mentioned
as a counter-irritant to a contemptiable
little fling wherein the Epitaph is
charged with failure to publish the details
of the murder of Nicholas McCormick.
If our astute critic will examine the Epi
taph of the 3d inst. he will find quite as
comprehensive an account of the murder
as has yet been published. You will
have to try again, sonny.
The outlook for Cochise county has
not been as bright in three years as
it is at the present time. The ranchmen
have absolutely nothing to complain of in
the way of feed for stock, as the season
has been unusually favorable and the
grass in the valleys and on the mesas is
as luxuriant as could be desired. M ining
matters are also exciting much interest.
as evidenced by several important sales
which have taken place recently in this
district, and the steady inquiry for prop
erties of acknowledged value. There are
already more than five hundred men em
ployed by the mines in this immediate
vicinity, and we venture to predict that
before the year rolls round there will be
double that number. All indications 1
point to this as a not extravagant asser
tion. Merchants are beginning to feel
the effects of the reaction in an increased
volume of business, and on every hand a
better feeling exists. If Tombstone is
not on the eve of a boom, she is experi
encing something very nearly akin to it.
How Water Storage Oan be Obtained.
The Albuquerque Citizen of the 13th
inst. has a most excellent article on irri
gation, from which we take pleasure in
quoting the following. The topographical
formation of Arizona and New Mexico
are alike. Great waterless plains make
up the major portion of the two territor
ies, and whatever change can be wrought
in favor of one can likewise be used ef
fectively on the other:
"How shall our surplus water be stored
for use when needed? This is the im
portant question which demands our
most earnest attention. Our Territory
is but sparsely populated, apart from our
cattle and sheep growers, many of whom
fear the advent of the agriculturist.
Our people are poor, and rese.voirs ca
pable of storing the surplus fiom our
water courses and rain falls cost prince'y
sums. Our territorial government has
no authority to hypothecate the future
resources of the Territory for this pur
pose. How then shall it be done? There
is but one answer. We must go to the
general government. The treasuiy of
the United States is full to repletion; that
money belongs to the people and must
be used for the general good. The arid
lands of New Mexico, Anton?. Utah,
Nevada aud Wyoming are held in trust
by the government for the use of the
landless of the en'ire nation. Until
these lands are watered they are useless,
except as their scanty grass fir niches
food for comparatively few catt'le and
sheep. Irrigate this great domain and
it will furnish food and homes for a pop
ulation greater than the entire nation now
numbers within her borders. Let then
the government take of her surplus funds,
dam arroyas and canyons, sink artesian
wells and construct reset voiis until the
work is completed, and her gieat domain
fit to be inhabited by the overcrowded
population of the northern and eastern
portions. In the demand upon Congress,
Colorado, Nevada, California and all the
tet.itories will unite. It should be the
willing performed duty of every paper in
the states and territories named, to agi
tate this que-tion, and every citizen in
either, who knows a member of Con
gress, should write to him a private letter
asking his co-operation in the work.
Meetings should be held; petitions drawn
up and circulated, asking Congress to aid
us to water ihe public lands. "Ine sa'e of
lands thus reclaimed would, in gteat pan,
repay the rost of the necesary work for
beir reclamation, even at government
pri.e, and 'he reclaimed lands furnish
homes for great and prosperous commu
nities. The vast plains of India, which stretch
from the base of the Himalaya moun
tains, were as arid as New Mexico and
Arizona a few decades ago. The British
government needed new outlets for her
surplus population, and new fields upon
which to grow the food supplies for those
of her people who remained on her sea
girt islands, as well as new population to
purchase the surplus product of her
looms and forges. Immense storage
reservoirs were constructed by the gov
ernment in and near the foothills of the
Himalayas to catch and hold the surplus
waters until, now, immense bodies of
water are preserved and distributed
when needed. The result of this wise ex
penditure of British government gold has
been all that could be desired, and to
day India competes successfuly with
the wheat fields of America and Russia
in the markets of the world, and her .re
claimed territory is but beginning to be
populated. All that Great Britain has
done in Northern India, the United
States can do, and ought to do for the
arid mountain slopes, valleys and broad
plains within her territory.
We must not wait, however, for gov
ernment action. Individual effort can
do much; community effort more. Pri
vate wells in many cases will furnish
water enough to support a family, and in
all cases where this 9m be, it should be
done. Remember, "the gods help those
that help themselves."
The industrious and painstaking Mor
mon inhabitant of Utah has built his
small reservoir in some arroya and stored
sufficient water for his little farm, not in
one case alone, but in thousands of in
stances, until barren valleys are now
being beautiful gardens. What Utah
has done, New Mexico and Arizona can
The Gila Monster.
Dr. Schufeldt, U. S. A., who is an
authority on the subject of the Gila Mon
ster, says in a private letter to an of
ficer who is stationed at Whipple Bar
racks: 1. Its (the Gila Monster) propername
is Heloderma Suspectum.,
2. It occurs over the entire Sonoran
region and Northern Mexico, where to
the southward its place is taken by H .
3. It is a true lizard.
4. Its poison is quite similar to that of
the rattlesnake (Crotalus.)
5. It has a poison gland and grooved
canine teeth.
The teeth are figured in
the Encyclu. Brit., 9th edition, art. rep
tiles. 6. The account of its bite is given by
me in the American Naturalist, Novem
ber, 1882, pages 907, 908.
7. I have had one breathing in my
', face for over two months now, and I
think I am rather "picking up" on it.
it is utterly taise that their breath is in
any way poisonous; an Apache myth.
At present I am engaged upon an ex
tensive quarto memoir with large color
ed plates, monographing the entire his
tory and structure of this lizard, and I
have two living ones here and will be
very glad to get two or three more. They
can come alive by express at my expense
(Fort Wingate, N. M.)
With regard to the question as to
whether the bite of the lizard is poison
ous or not, Dr. Schufeldt is prepared to
answer it very decidedly in in the affirm
ative. While stationed in Washington
some time since, he came near losing his
life from the effects of the bite of the
Gila monster. Nothing but prompt med
ical attendance saved him.
The Mexicans call this lizard Escu
pian, a spider. Courier.
Progress of the Mineral Belt Railroad.
E. Veach, who left Flagstaff on the
15th ultimo, reports work on the A. M.
B. road progressing satisfactorily. At
that date 32 miles of track was laid and
operated and 12 additional miles graded,
ready for ties and rails, which were upon
the gronnd ready to be placed. Some
heavy work is being encountered in the
construction, many of the rock cuts aver
aging from five to eight feet, and they are
numerous. The only place of the graded
route which is not of that difficult char
acter is from the head of the Mormon
Lake (dry) to its foot ten or twelve
miles which was made ready for the
rail simply by means of a scraper. The
bed of the lake, the entire distance,
averages about eighteen inches in
height. It is contemplated to build a
depot at the head of the lake where there
is a spring which gives a strong flow of
perennial water.
The grading is now being done on the
west end of the lake, into the canyon, the
commencement of the detour which was
surveyed to avoid the he-.ty work of the
Rim Rock. Mr. Veach also represents
the work as being energetically pushed.
No one who desires employment is de
nied. He is strong in his commendation
of the way in which the men are fed;
everything neccessary to keep the labor
ers in good humor is provided, nothing
is wanted that is desired. He reports
three saw mills on the way, one for Flag
staff, one twelve miles this side of Mor
mon Lake, fifty-six miles from Flagstaff,
and another for some other point on the
line of the road, and still room for many
more, and a timber supply that it will re
quire many years to exhaust. Silver
Heart Disease!!
Read the hospital reports, read the
mortuary reports, read the medical pub
lications, read the daily newspapers, and
learn how wide-spread is heart disease,
how difficult of detection it is to most
people, how many and how sudden are
the deaths it causes. Then read Dr.
Flint's Treatise on Heart Disease, and
learn what it is, what causes it, what
diseases it gives rise to, what its symp
toms are and how it may be attacked,
If you find that you have heart disease,
ask your druggist for a bottle of Dr.
Flint's Heart Remedy. The treatise
may be had on application to
J. J. Mack & Co.,
Nos. 9 and ii, Front,
San Francisco
The Latest and Greatest Discovery.
Dr. J. De Pratt's Hambug Figs a
crystalized fruit cathartic A boon to
every household, A most delicious
laxative or purgative, prepared from
fruits and vegetables. So perfectly
harmless that they may be administered
with entire safety to an infant. So em-
cacious to adults that a single dose
will prove their value, and so elegant a
preparation that it needs only to be pre
sented to the public to become a neces
sity in every household throughout the
land. For liver complaints habitual
constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia and
piles, they are a specific. To travelers
by sea and land they will be found in
valuable; they are positively unfailing in
heir action, and this is the only medicine
ever offered to the public that is accept
able to the taste, and so pleasant that
children will eat the figs as eagerly as
candy. For sale by every druggist
throughout the world. Price 25 cents a
box. J. J. Mack & Co., Prop's., 9 and 11
Front street, San F-iancisco, Cal.
Whiskey brings more misery upon the
human family than war, famine and pesti
lence combined. There is but one rati
onal course to persue for the inebriate
and that is a treatment that destroys the
appetite for rum. Such is the Acme.
Read their advertisement in an other
The American Bakery will be closed
on Sundays from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
The Epitaph has the very best
facilities for doing every variety of job
printing. Work will be finished when
promised, in the highest style of the
typographic art, and at the lowest living
F. N . Wolcott's Cash Store is now
ready for business at the new location in
the Otis building, on Fremont street,
near the Postoffice. The choicest and
freshest groceries at the lowest cash
prices. J
PICKETT HAVES-In Tucson, Septem
ber 6, by the Rev. Aug. Morin, Wm. Pickett
and Miss Maggie E. Hayes.
WAGER POPE In Prescott, September
3, by Judge O'Neill. E. G. Wager to Mrs. Mag
gie Pope, both of Tiptop.
MOSER In Prescott, September 3, to the
wife of Adolph Moser, a son.
RYALL At Camp Verde, August 28, to the
wife of Charles Ryall, a son.
GORTON At Winslow, August 31, to the
wifeof G. W, Gorton, a daughter.
ROUTH At Flagstaff, August 31, to the
wsfe of J, G. Routh, a daughter-
WHEATLY In Charleston, September 7,
to the wife of Wm. Wheatlv, a son.
EDMUNDS In Tombstone, September 5,
1887, of consumption, Mrs. Antonia Edmunds.
Mineral Surveyor.
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor and
City Engineer, surveys, maps and reports
on mines a specialty. All work per
formed at reasonable prices. Land
surveys and applications made promptly.
Best of references given.
H. B. MaxsoN,
Office 316 Fifth St.
Tombstone, Ariz.
Hicks & Walker are furnishing the
trade with a superior article of soda and
sarsaparilla. They are also importers of
all kinds of mineral water.
Leave your order for the San Francis
co Chronicle at Sol Israel's. Price, One
month 65 cents; Six months $4; One year
$7. Payable in advance.
Ocoidenta! Hotel.
This is the only first-classhotel in
Tombstone. It is handsomely furnished
with all modern improvements. Trav
elers who stop at this house will find
every comfort and attention. Private
rooms for commercial travelers at reason
able rates. A splendid billiard table
and a card room. The bar is supplied
with pure brands of wines, liquors and
cigars tf
For any style of rubber stamps go to
Joe Brown. All orders filled at cata
logue prices.
A carload of fresh canned goods has
been received, also a fresh lot of bran
wheat, barley, etc., at Joe HoffleiJ
Pioneer store.
m .
There is nothing equal to the Great
Acme Remedy to restore your nerves
after excessive drinking, and what is still
more creditable to the remedy, it will, if
used as directed, destroy the appetite for
anrum cstimulating drinks.
Fresh oysters, caned and shell, are
received daily at the Maison Doree,
and will be served in the latest styles.
tf Armand Tuquet, Proprietor.
The Old Reliable.
The Pioneer Stables of this city are
always to the front. Messrs Hare & Page
spare no expense at their stables on Al
len street, above the Occidental hotel
Their carriages are the best and their
horses compare favorably with any on
the coast. Horses boarded by the day,
week or month. Their saddle horses are
the best in the city. Mining men wish
ing to visit Sonora can be supplied with
good outfits, at the most reasonable rates
and in fact cheaper than any place else
in the city or county.
... '
Leave your orders with Joe Brown for
the S. F. Chronicle and Examiner-
daily and weekly.
The finest lines of stationery and fancy
goods in town to be found at Joe Brown's
All persons owing me are hereby
notified to pay the several amounts to H
K. Tweed, who :s hereby authorized to
1 receipt for the same.
August 25, 1887. J. D. Goodin,
Unnecessary Misery.
Probably as much misery comes from
habitual constipation as from any de
) rangement of the functions of the body,
j and it is difficult to cure, for the reason
that no one likes to take the medicines
usually prescribed. HAMBURG FIGS
were prepared to obviate this difficulty,
and they will be found pleasant to the
taste of women and children. 25 cents.
At all druggists. T. Mack & Co , pro
prietors, S. F
Harris the Tailor
Has just received a full line of foreign
and domestic Cassimers, suitable for fall
and winter suits. He guaranties to
please his customers as to style, price
and quality. Under the Occidental
Hotel, Allen street. Give him a call.
Terrible Pains.
banishes sick headache, and will prevent
the return of this most terrible of pains
if taken -when the warning symptoms
give noticeof the recurrence of an attack
At Druggists, $1.50. Descriptive treatise
with each bottle; or address J. J. Mack
&Co., San Francisco.
F. 4 A. M.
King Sololomon Lodge No. 5,'F. & A.
M., holds stated meetings on the third
Saturday night in each month in
Masonic hall at 7:30 p. m. Special
meetings held whenever blue flag is
hoisted. Visiting brothers are cordially
invited to attend. David Cohn,
H. B. Maxson, Secretary.
Take it in Time.
Dr. Flint's Heart Remedy should be
taken at once when slight exertion or a
hearty meal produces shortness of
breadth or a pain in the region of the
heart. At all druggists or J. J. Mack &
Co., 9 and 11 Front St., S. F.
1 ."iiiDAJia no ULuu aju .11
Sol Israel's
Contains the Following
Muhlboch's Historical Works.
Life of FrauHin.
Greville's Reign of George IV.
Greville's Reign ot Quern Victoria.
Greville's Dasita's Daujhter.
Greville's Cleopatra.
Life of Gladstone.
The Religious Aspect of Philosophy.
Blaine's Twenty Years in Congress.
Grant's Memoirs.
Tilden's Speeches.
Logan's Memoirs.
Pioneer Times of Cr'ifornia.
Porter's Incidents of the Civil War.
Mrs. Custer's Boots and Saddles.
Government Reform.
U. S. Civil Service Reform.
Henry George's Social Problems.
Henry George's Protection and Free T.ade.
Williams' Middle Kingdom.
Mark Twain's Innocents Abroad.
Mark Twain's Roughing it.
Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer.
Mark Twain's Prince and Pauper.
Mark Twain's Life on the Mississippi
Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn.
Sazarao Lying Club.
Waverly Novels.
Miss Cleveland's Book.
Bret Hart's Maraja.
Bret Hart's Snow-Bound at Eagles.
Bret Hart's Shore and Ledge.
Bret Hart's Luck of Roaring Camp.
Lovell's Fireside Travels.
Howell's Indian Summer.
Howell's Rise of Silas Lapham.
Howell's "A Woman's Reason."
Howell's "The Minister's Charge."
Marion Crawford's Mr, Isaacs.
Marion Crawford's American Politician.
Marion Crawford's Zoroaster.
Marion Crawford's Tale of a Lonely Parish.
Lew Wallace's Fair God.
Lew Wallace's Ben Hur.
Henry James" Princess Casamasslma.
Maude Howe's San Rosario Ranch.
Craddock's Prophet of the Great Smoky Moun.
Crad Jock's In the Clouds.
Mrs. Burnett's Through One Administration.
Stockton's The Late Mrs. NuU.
Hammond's Lai.
Helen Campbell's Mrs. Herndon's Income.
Howard's One Summer.
Mrs. Ward's "Miss Brotherton."
Helen Jackson.s Zeph.
Robert Grant's Knave of Hearts.
Carey's For Lilias.
Mrs. Dahlgren's Lost Name.
Thompson's Love Extreme.
Green's Hand and Ring.
Howe's Moonlight Boy.
Hardy's Wind of Destiny.
Rose Terry Cook's Sphinx Children.
McClelland's Oblivion.
Jewett's Country Doctor.
Pendleton's Conventional Bohemian.
Mary Foote's John Bodewin's Testimony.
Hamilton's One f the Duanes.
Keenan's Trajan.
S. O. Jewett's A Marsh Island.
Baylor's On Both Sides.
Perine's Wayside Gleamings.
Story's Fiammetta,
Van Vort's Without a Compass.
Hay's Story of Margaret Kent.
Aldrich's Marjorie Daw.
Wendel's Rankels Remains.
Wendel's Duchess Remains.
The New King Arthur.
Astor's Valentine.
Edna Lyall's Donovan.
Sheldon's Salammbo.
Valera's Pepita Xmenez,
Bkac's Duchesse De Langease.
Balzac's Pere Goriat,
Balzac's Cousin Pons.
Zola's L'Assommoir.
Mrs. Wister's Lady with the Rubies.
Mrs. Wister's Violetta.
Manzoni's The Betrothed.
Arthur's W'ndow Curtains.
Gardening for Pleasure.
A Romantic Young Ladv.
Lusk's As it was Written.
Lusk's Mrs. Paixada.
Stinte's Buchholz Family.
Comstock's Frauds Exposed.
Next Door.
King's The Colonel's Daughter,
King's Marion's Faith.
Louisa Alcott's Little Men.
Louisa Alcott's "Jo's Boys."
Subscription for the Above Books,
Or 25cts per Copy.
Any late books desired will be added to the
vrit tout extra charge.
To be Had Only at
Tents, Wagon- Covers,
Comer Fifth and Frmmnniu
Cutlery, Stationery and
Constantly n Hans.
4le Agents for the "SLOTE CIGAR.'
Allen Street, bet. Fourth and Fifth
Pony Saloon,
Liquors and Cigars.
St. Lauis Lager Beer, English Ale and
Porter on draught.
Allen Street, Between Third and Eonrth
Finest Brands of Liquors andOigars
The only place in the city where
Delmar Punches and Gum Drop Cock
tails can be obtained.
The best Lodging House in
the town.
Given to Guests.
San Pedro Street, Benson. Arizona.
$250 Reward.
The above reward will be paid
for the arrest and conviction of
any person or persons unlawfully
handling any of my stock. Brand
HG on left hip.
H. W. Hasselorkk.
Charlesfcon.A.T. jel2-lv
Notice of Forfeiture.
Tn far7 Rum. r-nwm In tn Cimw Ptlrs
and Twilight mines, situated in the Warren Mia
juguuinci, uocmsc coumy, icrmoryoi Arizona.
You are hereby notified that I have expended
nn. hlinrir.fi ctnnt rtnll.r. In l.tirtr anil m.
provements upon the above named mining claim
uunng cacii ex ujc ycara 1002, 1003. 1004. IB05.
1 8SV5. in nrder tnhnlrl thpsami. a valirt 1,am
as required by Section 3334 Revised Statutes
of th UnitM States. Therrfnem If .within ninata
(90) days after and from this publication you
or your heirs or assigns fail or refuse
to contribute your proper portion of said ex.
nenditures ana the cost of thL nnMiitinn
co-owners, your interest in said mine will be-
comc me property 01 ine undersigned under
said section 234. Thomas Higgins,
Dated Bisbee, Mayas, ,887-
The celebrated J. H. White butter can
be bought only at Wolcott's. This is
ilt edge.
New Store.
Paul Bahn is oficrine to the people of
Tombstone and the county in general,
some of the best bargains in groceries
and liquors ever offered in this county.
His stock is new fresh and desirable
canned goods, wines, candles, in fact
every thing sold in a first class grocery
store is being sold by him at Fairbank.
prices. tf.
For Bale orxohang.
Three thousand shares of stock of the
Huachuca Water Company. Par value.
Ten dollars per share. Inquire of
tf Minneapolis, Mian,
Indigestion or Constipation.
A few HAMBURG FIGS are all that
is necessary for the cure of the severest
cases of indigestion or constipation and
one taken occasionally will prevent the
I development of these affections 25 cents.
At all drUPPIStS. T. T. M.rlr Xr Tn nm-
prietor, S. F.
JMli 1
,0.i 1.M

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