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REPPY & PEOK, Publishers.
Fouith Street, between Fremont and Allen
Tombstoue, Cochise County, Arizona.
Subscription, one year.
$4 co
We regret to state that the -che
County Critic has suspended. R was a
neatly printed and well-conducted piper,
far above the average Arizona publica
tion. Speak well of your town. Tombstone's
great curse has been that many of its in
habitants were constantly belittling its
importance. Instead of seeking new
pastures, they remain to growl and grum
ble. It's an ill bird that befouls its own
The Epitaph prides itself on being
the first newspaper in the Territory to
call attention to the obnoxious character
ol the Governor's proclamation declaring
a quarantine against cattle from Mexico,
where u is well known and acknowledged
that no disease exists. If that proclama
tion was not issued in the sole interest of
a few l-rge cattle owners on this side ol
the line, who have a great number ol
beeves to sell, then the statement to that
effect, which is very generally made, must
be without foundation.
John D. Spreckels, president of the
Oceanic steamship company, has made
an agreement with the Atchinson, Tope
ka & Santa Fe, which provides for
through express from San Diego to New
York in four days. The train is to
carry passengers and mail through with
but few stops, and the Oceanic company
steamers, if pushed, will cross the Pacific
from S.m Diego to Sydney, stopping at
Aukland, in seventeen or eighteen days.
The total time from Sydney to Liverpool
will thus be reduced to twenty-eight
Scr'bner's Magazine will signalize the
completion of it first year by the pub
lication of a supurb Christmas number.
Its contents will be chifley poetry and
fiction, and literature appropriate to the
stasun. The number of illustrations
will be greatly increased, and will repre
sent the best and most original work of
American artists and engravers. The
cover is to be enriched by a special bor
der, printtd in gold; hut notwithstanding
the f ct 'hat the preparation of this num
ber has necessitated a greatly increased
cost, the price will remain as usual, twenty-five
The great land boom in Sou hern Cal-
iforn ia, says an Eastern exchance.is get
ting very shaky, according to latest ac
counts from Los Angeles, and many of
the more careful speculators are said to
be preparing for a storm. It is stated
that paymentsto the amount of $45,000,
oco on land purchases are to fall due be
fore the end of the year, and no semiblc
person need be told that the strain will
be a very severe one. If notes to the
amount of millions do not go to protest
before Christmas, the boomers may
well claim to have a more solid founda
tion for their fancy prices than has been
generally supposed. Within a few
months the real estate craze in all re
gions affected will be cooled down, and
the merits of older and solider towns will
again be more thought of than the mar
velous promises of the "boom" cities.
The following is the United States law
relating to the measurement of water:
Water sold by the inch by an individual
or corporation shall be measured as fol
lows to wit: Every inch shall be consid
ers i equal to an inch square orifice un
der a five inch pressure, and a five inch
pre: -sore shall be put fiom the top of the
o ifi.'e of the box put intj the banks of
the ditch, to the surface of the water,
said boxes, or any dot or aperture through
which such water may be measured,
shall in all cases be six inches perpen
dii ular inside measurement, except boxes
delivering less than twelve inches, which
may be square, with or witnout slides;
all s ides for these same shall move hori
zontally and not otherwise, and said box
put -mo banks or ditch, shall have a de
scending grade from the water in ditch of
not less than one-eighth of an inch to the
The slendy rise of late in the price of
stiver, says tle Daily Graphic, is attract
ing the attention of the financial world.
Not that it was unexpected, for thought
ful ob-ervers of monetary affairs have
looked for its coming for some time past,
but because an appreciation of the. value
of silver means an increase of the value
of one of the most important of our
domestic products, and consequently is a
matter of peat interest toour own peo
ple, and tecause indirectly it enhances
the value of the metallic basis of a large
element in our curren y, and thus gives
to it and the meicantile transactions in
which it is an elemtnt, greater stability.
The Chine-e goven.mcnt is making
extensive preparations for the coinage of
silver, according to a d. cision reached
some time ago to adopt it as a standard.
This shruld create a heavy demand, and
consequently a marked advance in the
price of the white me al.
The Masonic fraternity at Flagf-fT
will next month organiz- a lode 1 1. D.,
with Rv. N. L. Guihrie, formerly of thi
plate, a Worshipful Master. This will
make the seventh lodge in the Territory,
and will only leave the counties of Yuma,
Graham and Mohave unrepresented in
this ancient and honorable fraternity.
The Grand Lodge will meet at Tomb
stone on the 8trt of next November. If
reasonab e railroad rates can be procured
a large delegation from the northern p-iri
of the Territory will aitend. Preseott
While the praises of oilier .-ections of
the great West are being sung through
out the land, it .is fitting anil proper that
the advantages of Cochise county, in the
southeast corner of Aiizona, should also
be heralded. Embracing a terriuuy 69
by 84 miles in extent, it contains an area
nearly as large as the States of Connect
icut and Rhode Island combined. In
topography it may be described as an el
evated plateau, with a general average of
nearly 5000 feet above the level of the
sea. Three broken mountain ranges run
north and south through the county, with,
the San Pedro, Sulphur Spring and San
Simon valleys, which comprise much the
larger part of the county, also extending
from the northern to the southern boun
dary. The mountains are heavily tim
bered, and the valleys are covered with
the most nutricious grasses, affording
feed for countless herds ol cattle and
horses the year round. Throughout the
entire length of the San Pedro valley the
river bearing that name flows continu
ally, and murh goo 1 agricultural land can
there be found. In the Sulphur Spring
and San Simon valleys the water does
not fl iw upon the surface except during
the rainy season, but they contain an im
mense underground fl iw, as evidenced by
numerous wells, some of which aie arte
sian in character. Living water pours
out of many of the mountain canyons,
which, if properly stored, would bring
under cultivation thousands of acres of
magnificent fruit and vine lands. Little
or nothing can be grown without mira
tion. At present stock-raising and mining
are the princip.il industries, although ag
riculture and horticulture offer great op
portunities. Naturally, the country is
not as bleak and barren as S mthern
California. A comparatively small por
tion of the county has been surveyed,
and but little land has been entered.
Land is plentiful, but developed water is
scarce, and one without the other is use
less. Storage reservoirs and artesian
wells are all cur magnificent count)
lacks. The climate is perfection, the
mercury seldom rising above ico degrees
in summer, and rarely falling btluw 30
above zero in winter. This is owing 10
the altitude, which in addition causes n
light, dry, exhilerating atmosphere. Tin
rainy season commeitces in Jul. and last
up to October, and is as ngul.r as 1I1
other seasons. The rainfa 1 the pie e 1
year has been 2$4 inches by ncim
measurement, producing a woudt rfui
growth of native griss over the emu
county. Cattle are fat, and the ranchmen
prosperous and happy.
The county is well -upplied with rail
roads, the Southern Pacific running near
ly 100 miles within its borders east and
west, and the New Mexico and Atizun
toad, belonging to the Atchison, Topekn
and Santa Fe system, from Benson i
the Gulf of California. It is only a
question of a short time until the Sonora
road is connected with the main S.wa
Feline, when our county will be the onl)
one in the Territory enjoying competi
tion between the two great continental
roads. This will be an advantage that
can. hardly be estimated. Tombstone;
the county sett, is reached by leaving the
Southern Pacific at Benson, going soutl.
on iheSonor.1 railroad seventeen mile
to F'lirbank, and thence by Concord
coach, drawn by six fine horses, nine
miles, over a smooth road. It is a com
fortable ridf, and would furnish a pleas
ing variation for a monotonous overland
trip. Here we have a handsome little
city, good hotels and restaurants, a pro
gressive, wide-awake people, and tin
best si.ver mines in the world. Lawless
ness is a thing of ihe past, and person
and property have no better protection
anywhere in the United States. Stop
and see us on your way acr.iss the conti
nent, and you will not rrgrei your visit.
Ntw York, October 13.
Bir Silver 96c per ounce.
Copper L-ike, $10 50.
Lead Domestic, $4 35 per too lbs.
. B
A syndicate of capiiun-t?, consisting f
Rochester Ford and R Smith of St.
Louis, Mo, Alexander Fulford of Btlti
more, Md , and Brewster Cameron of
Tucson, arrived in Yu na the first of the
week. They came to inspect and inves
tigate the Moh ik c inal and vtllev, f.u
which place thry departed Monda
evening. The probabilities aie thai
they will puichate the entire inte ests nt
the present owmrs of the can.il. In
this cae work will be commenced v
once, the canal completed as far as the
present survty, and extended several
miles further. 'I he parly are accompan
ied by an expert in the person nf C '.
Robert Moore, and emintnt civil engin
eer of St. Lruis. who was consulting ei
gineerto Eds in the construction nt
the great bridge at St. Louts. Yuma
F.N. Wolo.u's Cash Store is nw
ready for business at the new locilion in
the Otis building, on Fremont snee ,
near the Post"fTice. The choicer ann
freshest groceries at the lowest cash
Surgeon P. J. A. Cleary, stationed nt
Fort Union, New Mexico, has been or
dered to Fort Huachuca.
Wo'cott buvs and sells for cash and
hence cannot be undersold.
The Leading Mln'ng Journal of the Country
Follow In the Footsteps of the Epitaph
and Dcnrunces the Concern as a
From the Engineering and Mining Journal.
We have s ver.il tunes icfeircd to this
oxtia iight-ueighi bubble in turns wliicr
mould, and no doubt did, prevent any
reader of Hie Engineering and Mining
Journal from bein' enttapped by the
(luuiiig ''lending notices," published fm
pay by so many professedly respectable
The extent of this species of advertis
ing recently done by theTurulita Mining
Company shows that tlu gudgeons arc
nibbling at the bait, and "legitimate
mining'' will presently be charged with
Hie losses lliey will truke by their foolish
investment . The property which h.is
been so hudedat filly cents or one doi
lar a line i, 111 reality, as 11 at present
stands, of very Utile intrinsic value, in
stead of its bung worth from Stcy.oo.oou
(i 550,0.0,000, as the adveiusuueius
A thoroughly well informed expert,
who is familiar with the propeuy, writes
us that "there is" not enough ore 111 sight
to run a 20 stamp null Ur . wck.
The following desciiptiun is given Us
by an expert wno has ix-munid eviry
part of the property: "The formation is
porphyutic granite, with beds or dikes ol
diorile through it. The veins aie uuall
small, from six inches to two feet, but
pinch out in pUccs, and become por
plnruic, or quuruy, wiiIilui mineral.
The minerals at the surl.ice were horn
silver and earthy chlondes, colored green
and blue, probably by cupper, irum a de
composed double sulphide ol lver and
copper, a little y.ilen.i, with tr.ices ol le.td
chloride and cuibuiiilc. Ai seventy feel
or so they met with uo inuuh wicr, tne
ore becoming at the same tune mure te
bellious (as it naturally does in Ar.zona,
111 this formation,) tt.ices of i:r.iy coppei.
and more gelena coming in, but every
thing small and insignificant. At ihe time
of one visit, the oie was running about
36 ounces sil.er and the Uiling would
run about 6 to 15 ounces. No ore bodies
have since been developed, f.r alt of
the shafis have water in the bottoms,
and there are no pumps in them. Ihe 5-
stamp mill runs only day shift, and the
mints ate unable to keep even that sup
plied, so when they get out of ore they
.v.irk their (.tilings 'ver aain. h is un
ictssaiyfor me lo say that the notices
10 1 hi local paper of Superintendent
liluinre bring. ng in bars of suvr weigh
ing 215 p. muds, is .ill in the scheme. No
sue 1 pioductiun has ever been obtained
from the mine."
Wc 11 ie ace ved from various source-.
i 11 rotation of the same tenor and with
equ il tin nihility our correspondents state
til ,1 the reputation of some of the ven.eis
who have been active in floating 'his
sMeuie hero in New Yak is far Irum
credtt.ible, or such as to inspire any con
nduice in the enteip.lse or its manage
ment. It is not it present necessary to go in
to furiher details concerning either this
properly or its 111 uupulator-, but should
it bee line s , the dat.i are av ul.tble. O.i
gen-r.il principles, a mine that -.eek
Ctpitil without the indor-ement of com
petent an 1 disinterested experts nla.
w;ll be sti'.p-cted from the siart, an
prepostemu, claims made b inti rettd
pirties of doubtful pieceilents sh u!o
promptly condemn any enterprise in the
eyes of investors. But even ihe m 'Si
credulous of gambl.r-. inihi have, sus
pected this enterprise from she manner
of its advertising Uufortun itcly, th
s.) illustrates the sh unefnl pr stduiinn of !
many ot our papers, which h.ive publish
ed as urtadim' nntirc" ih-iTr..,tr nnlf-i
which have been offeied by Hie president '
.f ihe rmnninu t n ,rv .11 n,. r, . ,-. r
ol tne company to nearly all tne pip rs
uu me luiiii.viug ici uij;
Tortilita Gold & Su.vtR Mini.no Co,)
5liroalwiv, Ui'onab, v
Ntv Yokk. J
Joi:ph II. R:all, Pre.de it: Rilmn M. Price,
Jr. Sjcrtiry.
Dear Sir: In" bunging ihe attention
of the public to the stock of this com
pany, I should be pleased lo make use of
the columns of your paper, and want lo
use during .September mid October too,
200. or 503 lines of reading nutter,
similar in ihat.icu-r to ihe inclosed lioiii
the Harlf.ird Post, to oppeir among
other origin tl or -selected m itter, sep
.irate and aput from other pud matter,
.Tid not to bear any mark-, ot advertising
matter, and I'desue your Inncst net price
loi the Min, anrf sep irately on 500 lines
adver'i-ing spice; tub r or all lo he pay
able in the shares. of this compiny, at the
present selling price pn 5a (.er share,
which price I will guarantee to ou lor
one ear. Or I will pay you for the ad
vertising, December I, in rash. I will
foiward stock in advance, if rates are
acceptable, and you agree.
The cnmpanv has twelve mines, two of
which are actively uotkintr, and proreeds
ol al of stixk are to be uerl to supply
idditional machinery toenable us o care
fr the ore which awaits our taking. It
i a proven property.
Rite's mnt be vry low, and you have
no commissions to p
Y"tirs Tni'v,
Among the pipe" ih it h;,ve puMish'd
he Ti r ih'a "y -rn." presumably on term
mention d, ;i'c: Th- New Y"rk Tribune
r piied' ; 'he New York World, rr peat
edl ; the Nev York Sun, the Nen Yuri.
S'ar, 'he Uoston Herald, the Hartfoid
(C " ) Post.
nrl amn.ig the smaller fry: The Tuc
on (ri.) S'ar, the Ci.izsn, the Flor
ence (Ar'7.) EnterprUe, the New York
Financial Mining Record, the New York
Daily Stockholder, etc.
Several of these papers had been in
formed, and were well aware, of the cl ar
acter of this enterprise before they pub
lshed the unfounded statements that
appeared in their columns. And yet
some of these papers, in the brief inter
vals between the nursing of their pet wild
cats, make loud protests of incorruptible
virtue and earnest devotion to "honest
The parti s who have purchased stock
on the official representations nude
would, we believe, be able to recover
Irnm the venders.
Copies nf the Engimerirg and Mining
Journal of the 1st inst were Ireely dis
iributed.on the floor of the C n-.ol dated
Exchange on the morning of that day,
and there was much eagerness 10 peruse
what we had to say about the Tortilita
bubble. Our comments on this contempt
ible scheme to enlist the unwary were
universally approved, and the only strict
ures that have been brought to our at
tention were 10 the effect that we failed
to denounce the swindle in terms still
"ore inci-ive. There are no evidences
that.the pr moters of this gigantic fraud
tiave any intention of having their stock
c tiled on the Consolidated Exchange.
Victims who were entrapped into the
meshes of the great Tortilna have, dur
ng the ptst week, been attempting to
disp ise of stock through 'ads' in the daily
p ipers, one unfortunate offering to sell
cut at $1.50 a share. If these share
should command over 25 cents a share
when traded in on the Exchange, public
expectation will be greatly mistaken.
Engineering and Mining Journal, Octo
ber 8th.
New Store.
Paul Bahn is offering to the people nf
Tombstone and the county in general,
some nf the best bargains in groceries'
and liquors ever offered in this ount.
His stock is new fresh and desirab'e
canned goods, wines, 1 andles, in fact
every thing -old in a first cltss grocery
store is being sold by him at F.iirbank
prices. tf.
Climax chewing tobacco only 50 cents
a plug at ih- Willows cigar store.
Mineral durveyor
U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor and
City Engineer, surveys, maps and reports
on mines a specialty. All work per
formed at reasonable prices. Land
surveys and applications made promptly.
Best of references given.
H. B. Maxson,
Office 316 Fifth St.
Tombstone, Ariz.
Occidental Hotel
This" is the inly first-classhotel in
Tombstone. It is handsomely furnished
with 11 modern improvements. Trav
elers who stop at this house will find
every comtort and attention. Private
rooms for commercial travelers at reason
able rate;. A splendid billiard table
aid a card room. Tne bar is supplied
with pure brands of wines, liquors and
ritnr tf
$400 REWARD.
The above named reward
will be paid by Troop G, 4th
U. S. Cavalry, Fort Bowie,
Arizona, for the apprehension
and conviction of the murderer
of William C. Drake, (lace
private of said troop) at Sul
phur Springs, Arizona, on the
29th of Sepjember, 1887.
Geo. Williams,
Notice of Transmuted Home
stead Proof.
(Homestead Application No, 313.)
United States i.ano tf c, 1
TUCSON. Arizona. Sm. v t(tT- I
' WOUCe IS nereDV g ven UUl We IOII iW.tlg
named settler has fiednoU of Wi intention to
nunc nnai prooi in supp n 01 m Claim, ana
that said proof wil be made h-tof the Registir
and Keceiveroi tne u. -. land otne-at lucson,
Arizona, on ihe 19th diy ol November, 1887, vu:
Simon Madrid ol liei Alamos. Arironi, for the
W ii of the N I-' K and E X N W X Sec 31.
Twpi6SR3oE, Uila and Silt KWcr meri
dian. He name the 'tllowing witnesie to prcve
h's continuous n sid. no- uo-.n, a"d cultivation
of, svd laid, vu: Komaldo Torres Pablo
Horcasitas, M'guel Ro-a, Felir Ruis, all of
1'rcs Al mus, A izona,
A. D. DUFF, Register.
Notice of Homestead Proof.
(Homest-ad Application No. 175.)
Uniti'DStatf.s Land Office,
Tui son, mz., Sept. 29, 1887. J
Notice U herel.y givei that the follow ng
namtd s" tier has hied notheot'his intention
to make fin 1 pc f in support of his chini, and
th it -aid pro f Willi e mide before the Register
and Receiver ol the U. S. land office at Tucson
Ari ona, on the 2ad day of November, 188,
v z : Icsu- Dias. ol Tres A'amos, A. T., for the
W i and N E M of S W X and S W X ol
N w X Sec 32 Tp 15 S R 20 E.
He ninvs ihe lollowing witne-ses to prove his
cont nuocs residence upon and cultivator, of
sail lind, viz: Aitonii Grijalva, J. U. Ailcn,
Antonia ronaderau, Roman Pjcheco, Ml 01
Bi-iisoii, Arizona.
A. D. Duff, Register.
teed perfectly u-Vflnf BIST IN THI
curate and absolutely M. WORLD!
110. Mads la all tiiea for VSVB
large or nnaU cam. vPPfeaw.
Aallerr, llunttnr and Tarret Rifle. BS
bend for Illustrated Catalogue. S
Uarlln JTlro Arm Co., KcwUktch, Coan.
$250 Reward,
The above reward will be paid
tor the arrest and conviction nt
any person or persons unlPXvfully
handling any of my stock. Brand
H Q on left hip.
EL W. Hashelorem.
Charlenton.A,T. jel2-ly
Sol Israel's
Contains the Following
Muhlbach's hi torical Works.
Life 01 Franklin.
Grevillr's Reign o' U-orge IV.
Grevide's Reign m Qi e Victoilu
Greville's .5as 1 1'- Daughter.
GreviUe's Clopatia.
Lift f Gladstone.
The Re igious As C. of Philosophy.
blaiiie's Tenty Ye ir in t.i ngiess.
Grant's M m Irs.
Tilden's Speed ei.
I.ogai.'i Memor.
Pioneer Times of Ciorna.
Porter's Incidents of tne Civd War.
Mrs. Custet's Boots and Siddbs.
Government Reform.
U. S. Civil Service Reform.
Henry Gjcrge's Sociil Prob'rms.
Henry George's Pioteclion and Free Trade.
Williams' Middle Kingdom.
Mirk Twain's Inro.ents Abroad.
Mark Tw.in's Rjcghing it
Mark I'wdin'sTcm tawjer.
Ma k Twain's Piince an I Piuper.
Mark Twain's Liieon th; Mi.-sis-ippi.
Mark Twain's Hucklejerry F.nn.
Sazarac i.ying Clib.
Waverly Novels.
Miss Cleveland's Book.
Bret Ha't's Mir-ja.
B et H-iri'S SnOA-Bjund at Eagl'S.
Bret Han's Sll ire and I edge.
Bret Hart's Luck of Ro ling Camp.
Lovell's Hre-.ide Trave's.
Howell's Indian Summer.
Howell's Rise of Silas Lapham.
Howell's "A Woman's Reion."
Howell's "The Minister's Charge.'
Marion Crawford's Mr. Isiacs.
Marion Crawford's Xmed:an Politic'an.
Marion Crawford's Zjroaster.
Marion Crawford's Tal; of a Lonely Parish.
Lew Wallace's Fair God.
Lew Wallace's B:n Hur.
Henry James' rinccsj Casamassima.
Maude Howe's San Kosano Ranch.
Craddock's Prophet of the Great Smoky Moun
tains. CradJ'-ck's In ihe Clouds.
Mrs. Burnet's Through One Administration.
Stockton's Tre Late Mrs. 'ul!.
H imn ond's I.il.
Hel n t-'amphe l's Mrs Herndon's Income.
Howard's One Summer.
Mr-. Will's "Miss Brctherton."
H len Jackson.s Z;ph.
RbeitG nt's Knave of Hearts.
Car y's F r Lil a.
M s. l) ihlre- Lost Nime.
Thompson's Lov; Extreme.
Green's Hand an I Ring.
Huw 's vloouhghi oy.
llardy'sW.n 1 of I), s'inv.
Ko e To ry o ik's .S jliinx CbilJren.
McC elUuu's Ubl.vi ,11.
Jewett' Cunt y Dscor,
Peideton's Co vj liond Uihetiiin.
Ma'y Fo te' John Bid wi 'jTestlmon).
Ham lion's 0 ie uf .he Ou ines.
Keen m' a Tiajan.
S O J-wet "s A Marsh Is'and.
Baylor's On Both i te.
Purine's Vay-i Is Gleaminss.
Stury's Fiainmctta.
Van Vort's Wuh jui a C-impass.
Hy'a Story of M irgaret Kent.
Aldrich's M .rjor.e Paw.
Wndei's Ra-kils R-milnS.
Wendel's Duchess Kiinains.
The New King Arthur.
Astor's Valentine.
Edna Lyi Ts Donovin.
"h 1 Jon's Sa'amnbo.
Valeia's Pepia Xmen-z.
Rdzac's Du:heiss De Lmgease.
Baltic's Pere Gjriat,
Balzac's Cousin Pons.
ZjU'i L'AssommoIr.
Mrs. Wister's Lady with the Rubies.
Mrs. Winter's Vio'etta.
Manzoni's The Betrothtd.
Arthui's W'ndow Cuitains.
Gjrdening for 1'leasu-e.
A Romantic Young L .dv.
LusV's As it was Witten.
Lusk' Mr-. Paixida.
Stinte'S Buchholz F.im'ly.
Comstock's rr;.uds Exposed.
Next Door.
King's The Col snel's Diughter,
King's Marion's F ith.
Louisa Alcott's Little Mm.
LjuiL-iii.uth a jws ijuja.
Subscription for the Above Books,
Or 25cts per Copy.
ny late b-okj rlfsrfd will b added to ths
Library witout extra charge.
To be Had Only at
neral Merchandise
Corner of Fifth and Fremont Streets.
Cutlery, Stationery and
Constantly n Han.
sole Agents tor the "SLoTE CIGAR.
Allc i Street, bet Fourth and Fifth
Pony Saloon,
Liquors and Cigars.
' . Luuis Lager Beer, English Ale and
Porter on draught.
iimn nitiMi a 8PECIALTV. -a
Allen Street, Between Third and Eoarth
Finest Brands of Liquors and Cigars
The only place in the city where
Uclmar Punohes aad Gum Drop Cock
tails can be obtained.
The best Lodging House in
the town.
Given to Guests.
Sn Pedro Street, Benson, Ariiora.
a. ONGr-ns,
Between P.ur h and Fif h fs.
Drugs and Chemicals
Patent .Medicuff), Per-
fum-rii', Toilet
Ait c es
All brands of Fine Uquor
Fine Liquors
Kept constantly On band.
On Hand,
Also the be Imported cifars.
Imported Cigars.
The best BILLIALD HALL In the city lo
connection with the saloon.

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