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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, October 15, 1887, Image 4

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Governor C M. ZULICK
Secretary Jams a. Uayabd.
Auditor J. J. Hawkins.
Atiornry Gei.eral-- ricos Goodrich.
Surveyor General John A. Hue.
Tieurtr C. B. toSTEK.
Supeilntendcot of Public Instruction C. M.
Delegate to Congress M. A. Smith.
Superintendent of Territorial Prkon Titos.
Chief Justice Jamk H. WRIGHT.
Associate Justices W. W. Porter, W. H.
First lmlicial District W. H. Barnes.
tcconil Judicial District V. W. Porter.
llurU judicial District-J. H. Wright.
United Suits Marshal W. K. Mi:adr.
Un.tedStans Attorney Owen J. Reuse.
Reglset A. D. DVtfiv
Keteiver Fred. W. Smith.
' Tucon J. B HAMBtfcTON.
Torrihtii.e V. C. WU.SON.
Nogaltf J. M Wilson. .
Supervisor'. David Cohn. Chairman; F. L.
Moork and T. . White. Member?.
Siierifl J. H. Slauchti.r.
Under SnerirT 12. A. MIAtTUCK.
Treasurer A.J. RlTTEiV
Recorder W. F. Bradlv.Y. -
District Attorney A. R. English.
P obatejudge E. R,MoN
Clerk D strict Court G. If.DAlLY.
Su'veyo- H. O. Howe.
Public Administrator . A. KosKA.
Assessor James B. Hennessy.
Mayor Charles N. Thomas.
t hiei of Po ice G. V. Oaks.
Treasurer J. L. Melgren.
City Attorney 1 AMES Rr.li.LY.
Auditor and Recorder M. G. CROWLEY. .
C iiy ssessor G. W. Cll PM N.
Ciiy Engine. r II. B. MaxsuN.
f uncilmcn First Ward. II. E. Lea: Sec
ond Aard. Jos. Il'PERr; Tnird 'Aaid, G. R.
Watt; J-ourlh Ward, a.C. Bagg
Cul. Suiford, at one time well-known
in ruiiibbtone, is practicing law at Jun-
tau, A aka.
The hop at tbe skitm- rink la-t night
wa a very enjoyable affiir, and was
largely .mended.
Ex-Sheriff HT. O. Suaw, ! Pima cot'n
ty, died at his old home, Faison, N . C,
last Sunday.
S. P. Merritt, of San Bernardino, has
purchased the Phenix Gazette, and will
take charge November is.
o '
Praise service at the Presbyterian
church, corner Fourth and Saffjrd, at 7
p. m. Sunday, Oct. 1 6th. All cordially
Stephen A. Reed, who left here about
a year ago with his family, died in Las
Cruces, N. M., on the 23d of September
last. He wis a highly lespected citizen
Judge Barnes opened Court in Graham
county, at Solomonville, last Monday.
He is due here on the 14th of November,
the regular fall term of the District Court
Members of Rescue Hose Company
will assemble in uniform at the hose house
to-morrow at I o'clock, for the purpose
of attending the funeral of the late Fred
1 arkir.
Sunday chool as usual to-morrow at
thr. M. E Church. There will be no
iTur iiug or evening service on account of
the absence of Mr. Pearson, who is at
tending conference in Tucson.
C. I.. Cook and Frank Fish left yes
t rd iy for China, where they will be in
th emplny of the Chinese government
as mining superintendents. Prof. John
A Church, who has chatge of the work,
sen' foi them.
Richard Gird, Ex-Governor i'erkins
and oiher Cilifornians interested in Sc-nor-i
land , arrived at Fairbaiik yester
day, and were driven to La Bota ranch.
They wcie accompanied by John and
Will Gild and M. M. O'Gonnan.
Johnny Bchan has been app.iinted as
sit ml superintendent of the Territorial
Prison at Yuma, and assumed the duties
In time to lock up Phto. Clanton, his
special deputy of by-gone days, who was
sentenced to ten ye irs' imprisonment for
cat le stealing.
U S. Senator Don Cameron, of Penn
sylvania, will arrive at Benson to-day,
nnd irom there will go to the San Rafael
ranch, in which he is interested. He is
traveling in his own special caVi aid is
accompanied by his daughter, Mrs.
Rogers, wife of Lieut. Rogers, '4th cav
alry, no-v stationed a' Fort McD i.vell.
The following table shows die changes
in first-class unlimited fares between San
Francisco and the principil towns along
the Suuthem Pacific in Arizona:
New'Rate. Old Rate.
Yuma $25 75 J35 45
Texas Hill 2893 4085
Maricopa 34 85 45 00
Tucson 3S 1 5 45 00
Benson 40 00 45 00
Lordsburg 40 00 45 00
The following is the rate of taxation
(Territorial and county) in the several
counties of Arizona, for the year 1887.
It will be seen that the highest tate is
in Mohave county, $J73, the lowest in
Pinal, $2.70:
Apache ', $3 00
Cochise 3 15
Gila 3 50
Graham 2 90
Moo iv 3 73
M aricepa .. 3 oo
Pinal '. 2 70
Pima 2 93
Yavapii 3 25
Yuma .':. 3 38
The Silver City Enterprise says that
th little Indian who was captured by
the Duncan boys en the Geronimo raid,
two years and a half ago, is now about
foui yew eld. Ht U in possession of
gentleman by the name of Adams, who
lives near Duncan. He can both smoke
andrhew. Hu loks like Geronimo, and
it is thought tint he is 1 elated to the old
warrior. He seldom talks, but he is a
fighter worthy of a nobler race. He
came near cutting a little boy to deith,
as small as he is, and would have suc
ceeded but for the inteilerence of older
people: He carries a knife and will use
it on the slightest provocation.
The Grand Central company is work
ing its properties all along the line lor
ill they aie worth, and the mill is running
to its full capacity of thirty stamps.
The Emerald, Grand Central, Stale ol
Maine and other properties of the com
pany are looking about the same as at
the last report.
north rniNT.
Connection was made this week be
teen the air shaft and the loner work
ings, and now that the air is good, active
developments are being made on the
ledge. In running the drills about ten
tons of gond ore per day aie produced
from this mine. It U looking very well.
Work of straightening 'thn old shaft
and timbering U completed, and to-
moriow a force l men will be pu: on for
thorough development of the properly.
Horn silver ore was yesterday struck
in this property, which uf late has not
been looking well. Now the outlook is
much belter.
Shaft down 365 feet, producing a small
quantity of ore very rich in gold.
The lowest workings are 310 feel, and
the shaft will be; sunk to water as rapidly
as possible. The uiual qu unity of ore is
being txtracted.
We shall be ..billed to the EPITAPH or
any rcspon-ible CunespoiKltlil lor inloi
iliauoii as 10 1 he present u derground
condition and piospecis nf this properi) ;
also, whc'her or not the inlerested oiigl
nal stockholders of the complny that
worktd the pr petty and ptid several
dividends in 1S82 hive been legally dis
possessed nf that interest? N. Y. Finan
cial and Alining Record.
The underground condition ol this
property at the present time is excellent.
A large body of high grade ore has been
developed above the 200 level, and re
cently several carlo ids have been shipped
to the smelter. By a vote of a majority
of the stockholders, at a meeting leld in
New York on November 27th, 1883, the
directors of the Vizint Mining company
were authorized to sell the mine, and at a
meeting ol the directors at Bradford, Pa.,
on September 18th, 18S5, they so sold the
property to H . A. Tweed, of Tombstone,
for the sum of $11,630. By Mr. Tweed
it was deeded 10 Casper Taylor on the
23d of February, 18S6, and the litis is
now in him.
This property is situated about 18
miles from Bacoachi and 65 miles from
the Custom-house, and is considered one
of the best properties in Sonora. It is
developed by iwo tunnels, 1500 feet
apart, one in 500 feet and the other 300,
besides about looo feet in drifts, etc.
The ore is somewhat refractory, yet there
are 1000 tons on the dumps which will
sample 80 ounces, besides a large quan
tity in sight in the mine. Superinten
dent J. M. dimming is at present in the
city figuring on concentrators. He with
J. S. Byinton, Dan'l Whitmnre and
Cha- R. Collend-r, of Cdifomia, own
the properly. They employ fourteen
Mr. Geo. W. Cheney, superintendent
of the T. M. and M. company, has
started into a bu-ineis on his own ac
count which the Epitaph predicts will
prove very succs-ful. He has pur
chased a millsiie in Harsh iw and will
erect and have in operation within the
next sixty days, complete concentrating
works. He will start in with two Frue
concentrators, a 20-hoisepower engine,
Cock-breaker-!, etc., but will enlarge as
increased business demands. The only
wonder is that similar works were not
started in that camp long ago, as there
are many old dumps of ore too low grade
to ship, which will well repay concentra
ting. Beside', the ore is admirably
adapted for concentration.
The drift from the 60 fori .station, in
21 feet, this week encountered ore that
assays lS ounce. A force of men will
start in Monday 10 develop the property.
The following letteis remain uncalled fur in
the post-olhco at Tombstone. Arizona, for the
week ending October 15 1687:
Becker Mrs I ulsj
H'oomlUllJ K
Collwin Jo in
Oorteltj tVa'Uce
Uav.s Robert
Kull;r Henry
Harper Wra
Hariell Jos II
Hartley Miclieai J
Ilnyne t
Hineij 11
Hint l-.duin
Knause Jacob a
May E M
Mason Mrs Clns
Mason Mrs Xilltc
Mel-ure Dock
Olson Oikar
Ptndei I
Holterj K
Pur, ley C
Rb 11 on N II 3
Kou John
Slice tr Ch H
Stewart 111 G
PrisVentol WCF U
Slocl o Aug
T ho 11.1s 11
Thompson H V
Vitcl ert (J W
Whits Stolt 3
Manuel Manders
Miinicl G lUrtis
Alyandro Cutn
luiii U Harm
Ianuel Futfillo
Any person calling for any of the above left
tera will please say '"advertised" and give the
dat. C. S. Clai;k,
ft j
Take itinTimo.
Dr. Flint's Heart Remedy should be
taken at once when slight exertion or a
hearty meal produces shortness of
breadth or a pun 111 the region of the
heart. At all druggists or I. J. Mack &
1 Co., 9 and 11 Front st., S. F.
Observations of an Arizona Man on the Condi
tion of Affairs In California Not a
Flattering Pospect by Any
Tombstone, Oct. 13, 1887.
Editor Epitaph: I passed through
California in the month of September
last. The crops were gond in the north
and middle portion of the State. In the
southern part the grain crops are short,
but there is a fair crop of fruits of all
kinds. Business is brisk in all branches,
especially in real estate. From the
northern counties to San Louis, lands
are selling at a fair valuation a price
that the purchaser has reason to believe
he can make a fair interest on his invest
ment, live in one of the finest climates on
the planet, and raise anything that is
necessary for the human family to eat
or weir. In the southern portion oi the
State it is very different; prices of land
have been boomed up to such a figure
that a man cwuld make twice as much by
invi sling his capital in Uniied Stales
bonds as he could in real estate in that'
part of the country.
From Santa Barbara county south they
are digging up orchards and vineyards
that are coming into bearing, auditing
out towns, town extensions and addi
tions, and suburban districts, to cities on
I found it necessary to stop over at
Indio on the desert on account ol a break
on the railroad, caused by ihe late rains,
or lay over at Pomona in Los Angeles
county. I preferred the I titer place a
there was 20 degrees difference in the
temperature, and by way of killing time
I went into a real estate office and en
quired the price ol land. The agent
told me to get into a buggy at the door
and he would show me the land and give
the price at the same lime. I leplied
that I did not wish to purchase, that I
was laying over on account of a break in
the railroad and simply asked for infor
mation. "That makes no difference," was there
ply; "if I do not sell you a tract of land,
I will make the whole town think tint I
So I got a fifteen mile ride for nothing.
He showed me, and priced lands all the
way from $700 to $1300 per acre. I nat
urally enquired what a man could raise
on that land to make an interest un the
"Raise! Raise! Man alive!'1 said he,
"you are not up to the times raise the
1 told him to drive back to town by
the shortest cut; I wished to go east by
the first train, as I would sooner chance'
120 degrees of heat un the desert than
to stay there and take my chances of
being sent to Stockton with a Los Ange
les county real estate agent. There is
land enough laid out in town lots in Los
Angeles and San Diego counties to sup
ply, every family in California with a
home. In San Diego county they are
selling climate, with a gravelly cactus
plain for a foundation, at from $300 to
$1500 per acre, the purthaser acquiring
title to the land and 200 feet in depth of
atimsphere. The upper strata, not
being quite as dense, is reserved by the
vender for air castles.
There is a time coming when they
will have to raise something besides the
price in that region to pay an interest on
the investment, and the -ooncr interested
parties icalize the fact the bitter for all
concerned except the middle men. 1
would net be surprised if witriin two
years some of the orchards, vineyards
and orange groves that are now being cul
up into streets and puolic squares would
b: leplanted.
Another craze is now agititing the
ininas 01 our brttiiern 01 tne :outh, as
the saying used to be in secession tunes;
they want State division; they must have
State division. It is bound t,i come
some time, and might as well come now.
Tney have been abustd by their brethern
of the north; they have to go more than
half the distance to reach the State
capital. Sacramento is cold and damp
in the winter. All Ihe St ite buildings aie
north of the bay of San Francisco. They
complain of the expense of sending crim
inals to San Quentin and insane persons
to Stockton. 1 think myself the author
ities made a mistake in not butting the
Insane asylum in the southern put of the
State. Newspaper reporters are going
around interviewing leading citizens to
get an expression of opinion on Slats
division for their papers, and if they do
not find the leading citizen, they ask th;
questions and answer them themselves.
It is all the same; few stip to lead and
none to think. They all say it must
come, the only diversity of opinion is,
some think the movement premature.
Better wait, they say, untiL another
strata of climate is sold off, and 'the pop
ulation increased. X. Y. Z.
Sudden Doatb
Dr. Flint's Heart Remedy will prolong
life by preventing those sudden deaths
Irom he irt disease which bring untold
grief to families, often plunging them
into poverty, because ot he untimely
disease of the bread-winner. At drug
gists, $1.50. Descriptive treatise with
each bottle, or address J. J. Mack & Co.
a 4
There is nothing equal to the Great
Acme Remedy to restore your neives
after excessive drinking, and what is still
more ceditable to the remedy, it will, if
used as directed, destroy the appetite for
j anrum CBtiinulating drinks,
RULE AN'DERFON t the teiidencc of
the bii 'e's parents, tombstone, Arizona, Oclo-he-
ir, 1837, by tt.e Rev. G;o. L. Pearson, Mr.
Rtcl ard Kul, of Yuma, and Miss Edith Ander
.on, of Tomt stone.
The Epitaph extends its heartiest congratula
tions, and trusts thu the little rules may not be
trinsgresscd, and that the little ru'es may not
transgress the big rules. It's a poor rule that
don't work Loth wayj.
PARKER In Tombstone. Oclcbsr 14, 1887;
G. Fred Parser, aged 23 yea's.
Funeral wi'l take place to-morrow (SundayU
ot 3 o'clock, from his late residence on Tough
nut str- tt. under tha aup'ces of the Fire De
Hicks & Wa.Kcr are furnishing the
trade with a Mipnio' ariic'. of soda and
sarsaparilla. 'I i irr- :tl o importers of
all kinds of mineral water.
The celebrated J. H. White butter can
be bought only at Wolcott's. This is
ilt edge.
Indigestion or Oon&tipation
A few HAMBURG FIGS are all that
is necessary for the1 cure of ihe severest
cases of indigestion or constipation and
one taken occasionally will prevent the
'development of these affections 25 cent.
At all druggists. J. J. Mack & Co. pro
pnetor. h. I
Pure Brown Leghorn EggB for Sale.
Brown Leghorn Eggs, warranted pere, $2.50
per setting of thirteen. Inquire at the Ep'taph
Oau Too Otirodc
CarMc Smoke Ball
Ask Your Druggist For It?
Relieved In Fire Minutes
Q Tir.-v nvwn
x "- ""
vJL-urouuaraiitcca It Taken In TImo.
Cured ill Ihrco to Six Months.
Dlylilhcrln, Crxiip, Xcnral.
cla, lloailiulie, Soro
Speedily Corto.
Invaluable Remedy I
Patented April, 188(1
Price, of Treatment, f 3.C0; (Smoko
Eall.iCO; Dcboilator.for
Internal Ueo. Sl.00.1
652 Market St, San Francisco, Cal.
W Bowaro of Hurtful Imitations.
HARE & PAGE, Proprietors
Allen Street, above Occidental Hotel.
Tho best saddle horses and
driving ris in the city. Parti
cular attention paid to outfits for
long trips.
To the Taxpayers of Ooohise County,
Arizona Territory.
The duplicate assessment roll of
the County of Cochise, for the
year 1887. is now in my posses
sion for the collection of taxes
levied therein.
Taxes will be delinquent on the
third Monday of December, 1887,
and unless paid on that day or
prior thereto, live" per cent will be
added to the amount thereof ao
Said taxes will be received at
the Tax Collector's Office in the
City of Tombstone, during the
above time.
Treasurer aud Ex-Ollicio Tax Col
lector, for Cochise County, Ari
zona Territory.
Brown "You scein to be very good naturea,
Smith; what his happened?"
Smith "1 hive been sending away for boots
and shoes for years, and I rind I can buy a bet
ter article for less money of J . M. Iary, right
here st home. His store is on All.-n street, be
tween Fifth and Sixth, norlh side. Give him a
call and make yours;U happy u well."
f Sr
r a alu
c if3 (Mi at & ;Ri,V'9
Diie lira:
Wholesale and
(Staple aad Fancy Groceries,
Clothing, Boots and Shoes,
Flour, Grain and Hay,
Iron and Steel, Shelf
and Heavy Hardware,
Agricultural Implements.
Allen Street Between
By buying goods for Cash in Carload lots and taking advantage of
Discounts in Eastern and Western markets, we are enabled
to give our customers the benefit of the VERY
Agents for Studebaker Wagons
Has Always on hand a Large Stock of
Pure Drugs and Chemicals,
Homeopathic Medicines.
Assayera Materials. Household Receipts Promptly and Carefully
Filled. Particular Attention Given to
Compounding Prescriptions Day and Night.
Quarantine Proclamation
Tkrritory of Arizon'a,!
Office op ihe Govlrnou.
Wherea;, the Live Stock Sinitary Commis
sion of the Territory have officially certified that
th:y have reason to bclieVe that conditions have
existed and continue to exist which render ani
mals of the bovine specie.) from the continent of
Europe and the Republic of Mexico liable to
convey disease, and request a quarantine ts be
en iblished against said localities,
Now, therefore, I, C Meyer Zulick, Govern
or of the Territory of Arizona, by virtue of the
authority of law in me vested, do hereby order,
establish and declare a Quarantine, to take ef
fect immediately, against the Continent of
Europe and the Republic of Mexico, on all
boine cattle from said localities coming into the
Territory of Arizona, unless they are quaran
tined at the ports of entry prescribed by the
Rules and Regulations of the Live Stock Sani
tary Commission of Arizona, for a period, of
NINETY DAYS, and retained there until they
shall receive a certificite of health signed by
the Veterinary Surgeon of the Territory oi Ari
zona, or some duly authorized deputy under
It. testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and caused the Great Seal of
the Territory to be hereto affixed.
(seal) Done at Prescott, the Capital, this
Eighteenth day of August, A. D.
By the Governor:
J as. A. Bayard,
Secretary of the Territory.
HarriB the Tailor
Hits just received a full line of foreign
nnd domestic Cassimers, suitable for fall
and winter suits. He guaranties to
please his customers as to style, price
and quality. Under the Occidental
Hgtel, Allen street, Civ him a eaU.
;il Trail H
Retail Dealers in
Third and Fourth,
and Safety Nitro' Powder.
Great Reduction
Auction House.
I have marked down prices on
all lines of goods and will not be
undersold by any house in the
Territory, Call and examine
prices, and you will be surprised.
My stock, which is well selected,
consists in part of Furniture, Car
pets, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Crockery, Glassware, Tinware,
Harness, Tents, Wagon Covers,
Wall Paper, Quns and Ammuni
tion. SAM M. BARROW,
Allen St., Between Fourth & Fifth.
$500 REWARD.
The undersigned hereby of
fer Five Hundred Dollars for
the arrest and conviction of
the person or persons who
brutally murdered Nicholas
McCormick on August 25th,
1887, about three miles from
Watt & Tarbell,
No. 418 Allen Street
(Next door to llarc & Taga't Livery SUblt.)
In all its Branch?. Preparing and Re
moving bo Jits promptly attended to.
Orders filled on short notice from any part of
the County. Night ord:rs cin be left at Han
& Page's Livf ry stable.
310 Allen fetreet, Opposite tho
U. K.. Corral. .
PKED PAKKER, Proprietor.
Allen Street, near Fifth.
The Table is Constantly Supplied
With the Very Best the
Market Affords.
Polite and Attentive Waiters will
Attend to your Orders.
Meals Cooked to Order at all
Hours Day and Night.
Keeps Constantly en Hand the Choicest
Brands of
Imported Wines, Liquors and
Rippy Bourbon and Atherton
Rye Whiskeys.
Private Olixb Rooms
All kinds of Fancy Mixed Drinks
a Specialty.
Gentlemanly Treatment Extended to all.
Drop in and be Convinced.
Every Night at
Colonel Dean's
Auction and Commission House.
All kinds of Second-hand Fur
niture, Stoves. Fixtures, etc. bought
and sold. Highest Cash prices
Allen Street, between Fifth and
Sixth. Old Oadwell Building.
Fourth Street, Between
Allen and Fremont.
All kinds of First-class Meats at
the Following
Reduced Prices:
BEEF By the side or quarter 5
cents per pound.
VEAL 5 cents per pound.
MUTTON By the carcass 8 cents
per pound.
PORK By tho side 10 cents per
Meats Retailed over the Block,
at Reduced Rates.
I do my own killing, and raise and
fatten my own cattle, bheep and
hogs, and in consequence can
furnish Meats Cheaper and bet
ter than any other market in
the city.
A, BAUEE, Proprietor.

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