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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, October 29, 1887, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Horr soft a light from yonder east Is thrown
Across this wast of tea, Baturnlan,
A glow u tender as when time began;
Though here tliero U no other creature known
Savo deep blue sea and deep blue sky alone.
And tho rain burdened clouds' slow caravan.
The sea and sky, forgetful hero of man.
Talk each to each In measured monotone.
Onco la a year a stranse ship passes by
Btlll presses on tho multitudinous host
Of billows, dork boneath (ha lonely sky.
Summoned ere night to bathe some distant
, coast
Thus o'er earth's desert plaoes, eve and morn
From tho polo lips of, bearen,. Ood smile h
William Prctcott Foster In The Century.
Tl8 Orringtons were by no .means liked
by their Ect, simply because they looked
down on their set, and on overy one oUe,
boldlus themselves as of tho noblesse.
And It must bo owbed 'that -they hod si
streak ot the'liltrt bloods Tho paternal
great grandfather, Porcy Orrlngton, wo
an-Englishman, thoyounger brother ot a
noblo house, who," to escape the woes'ot
younger brotherhood, When & young taan
of 20, brought himself and his small
portion to tho colony of Pennsylvania. He
obtained a grant otn large tract of land
in tho western part of the colony, settled
thpro is a bachelor, and fortunately kept
hh ccalp sato from the Indians. This' was
a oliort thno before the' colonics revolted;
Ho too'i tho popular side, held a major's
commission, and distinguished himself at
Etillwatcr end elsewhere. Years after
tho war was orcr, and rather late in 'life)
ho-taarrlc.l n Miss Esten; a-young-'Virginia
gentlewoman, who brought him adl
ditlonal pride, but little wealth. Percy
never forgot his connection, but
kept up correspondence 'with his 'kins
folk on tho other sido of the Atlantic.
Hb con did tho same. But when the
older branch died out, and tho title fell to
tha son, he novef claimed it. His uncle,
his.' tuber's elder brother, had Joined la
cutting oft the entail,-and being ''spend
thrifts both, when tho last Lord Orrlng
ton died tho family estate had gono. Tho
American heir was wealthy for this side
of tho ocean, but he had not enough-to
support a" propr ntateas A nobleman, and
he never claimed his place in the peerage!
Neither, did the grandson, although be
had-added to his Tneato by Wedding the
wealthy Miss Sackville, and ho died a
plain American citizen. As for the great
grandson, John Sackvlllo Orrlngton, sud
denly mado tho head of the family by the
death, of both: parents, he cared not a whit i
for anything but enjoying life-ln his nc-1
customed- way. tuo naaenougn to main
tain him and his.slsters in ood style, and
let them wander about during summer to
iLong Branch or Saratoga or the White
Sulphur, or whero they would, and he was
qulto content. Ho was a good looking
bachelor of '29 .and' though nbtt par
ticularly averse to matrimony, declared he
would remain single until 'after his sisters
had been married. ;
i It won aboat time that Marian Orring
'ton was married, if she meant to be mar-,
tied at nU. She was, 25, and though a
recognized "beauty and bello, looked much
older thant shet.wasM Certainly she had
classlo features, a wealth ot light waving
ifcair, a fine figure, fine manners, and a
stylo which attracted and secured ad
miration; but lato hours And fashionable
nobiU hadi'combined to-glveiheranap-pcaranco
of ago. Sho had suitors enough,
and had refused several offers, really be
cause her lovers were not rich. 6he- had
but a moderate portion 'of her ownf and
did -not .intend to link h herself.' to. any
gentleman who brought no moro than lovo
In n cottaso. A'-very pradeDt "young
woman was Miss Orrlngton, and the one
sho thought cligiblo came along at last;
They were at Niagara Falls, at'the close
lot tho season, having come tbero from
Saratoga, intending to go from thence Ito
'Philadelphia, whero the Orrlngton 'man-,'
Ion stood. Tho younger sister, Margaret,
barely-10, Was with them. Tho three
wcro standing ono day on Goat Island
looking r.t tho mist that rolls up per
petually from tho foam below; when a
stranger passed them.' -Ho turned, and
gazing curiously for a moment, camo for
ward and offered bis hand to John Or
rington; a i i j.
"Jacil" and "Elmorol" wero tho words
ot rccojaltion that wero interchanged, and
then Jn'.m Introduced the stranger as Mr.
. Marian knew all about Elmoro Braxton,
ot whom sho had heard her brother speak
as an old colleco mato at Harvard, an ec
centric! young' cnllionalre,-about' av'ycor
older than John lilmself. 8he was quite
familiar with his history. -He-was an
only con. His father had died within a
year, end isft him iv-number: of houses
and farms, with etocksond bonds ran
stnwcll tip in the millions, besidei avast,
amount cf mining property, scattered civcr
tho Unitstl Dtatcs, estimated to be worth
a lar3 sum. Tho elder Braxton hod fa
ionduc33 for burying- hist surplus) money
nnucrgrounu. it a new mining company
wcro to bo organisad, whether tor siiverin
ftTmyiT'y rtl. .rtnri. fn Xf tf)1Mt .Im. Ipsm
j tit- t v i i tJi ij.
tho projector always found la him a willing
victim. la east cases, however, tho victim a
Dicnna a victory uood luck eeemed tost "zvsr TZ ":.", ' kl .t ...-. .
attend him. Tho ventures nearly all I Jt WBS two weeks from that time when-
turaod out well, 'notably theLast Chance Braxton dropped in on tho prrintons.
mlnoia Colorado and the Musujagon in As Jack had desired,-; h.e, brought hi3 traps
Michigan, both ot which returned -large Jo' ?, but came alone, leaving his
dlvldcndi. But-tho son had uo tasto for body servant behind. Ho became domes-
mltrios nCairs, and was Just then ongoged catl t once, though Jack, Philadelphia
ln'dlsposinyot'hisminingstoeks'afrmar- W"e, carried him round to see tho sights.
ketprioes,ltind lnVosthig the 'proceeds in , On someof these' MCtirslbns' tho young
government bonds, which yielded less tot iIadtav.weat?also,!v-BraxtQn.was very po-
torcst, but gavV hM ndf urther trouble Ute and attentive to Marian, and observers
than clipping coupoM TAxken oltogetherr' supposed-.to "bad roVJnttons.'l.This did
hewas-veryrIch3unaii,ond though be not., prevent others, when ho was-intro-
wn nntnt. nnil dwmltn nf n. Ann tirospnea dUCed tO'Ottr "seV'from'attetnptS toSUp-
and easy carriage not given .-much top-
- ' r . K
drawing rooms," Miss Orrlngton felt suro,
tnni wcro sua Mrs. urixion nor seQB iora
would become eminent as a society mate
As for Margaret, she did not enteriinto
tho escalations of anybody She (was
considered to bo little more than a school
girl, havlug been just emancipated from
i.a MnitiAnnVt1nAnr1omv nf Kf. TlrtrniiTaiw '
whero, besides indistinct reogo
ihTn wil ln. sho had been tauaht a smat
tering of tho ologfos.'academlcal French,
and schoolgirl music. This was her 'first
summer tour. Sho looked up to the new
comer as a rather mature gentleman, 30'
seeming old to 18; but as sho heard him
and her brother talk- she-was amazed and'
rather dollghted at the -vast amount ot in
formation possessed by tho big stranger.
Braxton had traveled all over Europo and
Asia ho was id Palestine when tho news
ot his father's sudden death reached him
ni.fl ho had been a keen observer. Quiet
as ho generally was, and even' reserved,
no was quite entertaining wuen urawn
out, -and 'Uttlo Margaret- listened 'with
widely opened cars, remaining, qnletly in
the background, with nothing to say.
Impulsive at times, sho,was shy in gen
eral,' and with n pleasant,' easy way at
homo, was bashful among strangers it
they wero her seniors. 8ho had not
Marian's manner nor Morion's beauty,
thousth shi was neither awkward 'nor
homely. She looked rriorollke hf mother1,
who had been dark, while; her sister and
brother wcro fair. Sho inherited one
thins from her mother a pair ot large,
dark hazel eyes, that at times lit Opt her 1
wholofaco with, a strange luster.
McrUn put forth bcr-Avholo fascination,
and Br.ixton seemed to sttccumb to it at
onceit -incy an wouscu dock 10 vuojmwu,
whcro-'Orrlngton 'atid -Brtton-it was
"Jack, my boy," and "Elmore.old fellow," '
with then reeaUd tbsjf ti&fouyp
scrapes1 to craite a :lata nottr.
patty fJepafaWj for;the slgfit It
lined as
th6ughr Elmoro Braxton had been, long' as
Intimate with the rest of the family as he'
had been years before with Jack.
It was soon rumored around who Brax
ton was, or rather what he was, and he
received considerable attention from for
seeing fathers and match making mothers,
with modest smiles from spinsters thrown
In; but he clung to Jack and his party,
and Marian i was triumphant. She was
still more elated when he womlsed to be
their goes IniPhUadeiph bo.soob as, he
bad Waited if opal hnfne ha'-'Pennsjlyanla-
In which aa was 'aeavuy-mteresteu. -ae
was4to.;part .wii tem'.tBhtald, the
pthersHaking'h afiertiht'rotit'' ' - "
The morning ot the day he left Buffalo,
Margaret was late at the breakfast table
where the party sat, and John rather im-
Estlently asked of Marian, "What does
eop little WmXJ&Kj, r,V""ai,
Braxton started suddenly, and repeated
the lost three words ot the question.
"Ob," cried John, langhing, "I hod for
gotten that yon didn't know our domestic
slang. The name- is fastened on Mar
garet, but it has no reference to her
looks. When she was a baby, and was
teething, she was rather fretful, and
father playfully called her 'Little- Miss
Ugly.' It grew into a pet nam, with all
of is, mud to inothtiv disgust It
rexes W, though; Std' we V
advertently, lust as it came out now."
"Margaret is a nice little girl, though
unformed as yet," sold Marina.1! "She is
not as impulsive as she Used td be, though
sho is still little, more thanVhiia."
"Peggy's impulses are good ones, Mari
an," said John.
"Oh,.of course, dr she wouldn't be an
Orrlngton; but they do' lead to rlctieulous
consequences sometimetv Just-think ot
that tramp 1"
"Ahf" said Braxton, inquiringly.
"It is commonplace enough; Elmore,"
observed Jobk,;but it gavo allots ot fun
at tho tlme.v-'Just after we were graduated
you went oft somewhere for a tramping
tour, and I camo homo, and wo all went
nn.to the country! house. iMarcaretwasa
girl ot -'12 their,' in short'dresses, and fond
.oficlimblngfeBcwi-and-rBmbUng round"
which accounts tor her rather robust
health. Grandfather Sackville that wai
the year before he died gavo her n $10
gold piece for spending money. Sho didn't
like to break it, and carried it around In
her pocket. Oft she went the nextfday to
a famous blankberry patch we had at one
end of the place, intending doubtless to
eat her fill, childlike. She happened to be
mear'th&ienca.'.when she SOW two 111 look-
tog fellows crouchmst'nadsrthe'bank i
ftterbad-lscvttleepthere.- Shbfcia-'ariohgl
some coppice and watenca tnem, rearing
to let them see her. Presently a younj!
fellow came, along whistling. The twe
tramps suddewyTsprsng oj:hijn" (Accord
ing to Margaret's account he was a pluckj
chap, and fought like a tiger, but the twe
tramps were too much for him. Thej
knocked him down, turned ont his pockets,
capture his watch, and made off.-leaving
him faint and bleeding. When they were
gone Peggy came out, acted the good
Samaritan, and wiped the blood off hit
face, with her handkerchief, He thanked
her" and 'asked' who' she' was. 'OtiJTnV
little (Miss Ugly, 'jwasjjer' reply. . .Then, -I
as she thotleut he was left 'destitute,' She'
forced the $10'goia pie in hlTjhand; and
by that time, I suppose, got frightened at
her own boldness. At all events,' she5 raii
away, and reached home trembling.
When she told her story wa all laughed,
except grandfather; he was incensed, and
declared ho wouldn't give her anything
for six months. And now comes the odd
port of 4t. r While wo wero discussing the
matter,-and poking fun at'the little girl;
-In walked our. man Patrick with a letter
'in his hand. Ile'w'os very indignant.- 'It
is for you, Miss Margaret. A blagyard
beyant towld mo to give it; to Miss Ugly.
I'd hev pounded the face of him, Only he
was off like a shot; an' pounded' it was,
lanyhow. -He looked as ay, he'd been in a
inicttoii sdmswliere theiimDldent crater 1'
ITho letter wits opened anA.hnd a $10 note'
un ltrSnctome words 'written in lead-
pencil. The substance of this was thanks
for kindness, and a statement .that the
money was not needed and fetf returned,
tho rufnans having only got some loose
change, but that he retained tho coin itself
as a souvenir. A rather polite tramp;
wasn't hef" - - -
Margaret had entered .unobserved, and
heard nh lastjpartjot the'story.' "He
wasu-a-tramp," she said.'1 "Hohadon
a plain gt ay suit and a slouched hat, 'it
is true, andvhejwaa; pretty dusty, but' he
was a gentleman."
"Margaret always defends that tramp,'1
said Marian. ' 'Slio went bo far then as to,
say1 she'dTnarry. him "when sho grew up.-
VTTl A l.,J .tn .Lll.l kUa .ll
"Aro you in" the1 same mind 'yet. Miss'
Margaret?'1 inquired uraxton, with -a
quizzical looki 'v' M -'U
"Hcfnevcr eaoo back'to ask"me,"Mr.
Braxton," replied,. Margaret, blushing;
;'and.tuerdtho matter dropped. ,
Braxton "said very littfe tluring'tno meat
The story, or something else, set him.to
thinking,-and he cost- furtive clances "at
times at the young girl as though ho was"
interested, r However, .when thev
wnen uey nil
Ijed t tho troin.-whila he shook -hands
1!H"?nd & O", Uf tterely
Kl.nrM4nMt4M Via iMMl.in.MP. ,m.
Braxton was a fish too big tq be suffered
"to go into 'the' Orrington-Tiet'wlthout .ofv
i forts to. ttana mm -wswoyrei . jttis, af ten-
A,s.. A.. iVntoln.. t..Wf.t. VW..I.A.. fnMn.l
,HUU1 Mf AlAUUfa, fUVVlfc.. .(IbUCt WA1M.1,
4-weroronitant.i uargaretKtins-compor
ftUvely a child, twelve years ypnnger than
himself, was petted'a dcalas'tf-raatter ot
cours8.-oHe.'tbought..'her a'goodilmany'
childlsh-nellsfht.''-He taught her chess..
In fact, she amused him evidently; arid
they became great cronies. This suited
MariamvoryweliToihave-hira always
'dangling after -her wouldbe a bore, and"
she could shake him off on Margaret!
-when so disposed and lure back too laicon
whetrlt-'plnasedhet." AmlTOrirgaret as
sured her,, confidentially ,that he was "as
nico an old fellow as ever lived." t
. . One ilav at dinner, after Braxton' had
Veen there two taonthsand'was talking'
;kkng;'letrVe;'Jael:',drWs gust,.
"110 you Know anyimngauou ujiuway
I mean the copper mine?"
"I should," replied the other, "since I
have 15,000 shares ot it, which I wouM
like' to sell, now that It baa "none ud tV
fl ttJ MS. fiih Lri. iiWitttt.HlM.
cheap at the present figure, .and la bound
to advance. Wbat do yon noiu yours aw
"The market price $9 a share."
8eo here. Jock,-; said, Brwrton, iL -
nptmnait' -" - m "
'onsly, "I hadTarhef utdoad on somo ont
ciso.. 1 Know uiey .are very sanguine
about striking the Mottnagon vela, which
Sioy think extends, ta theOJIbwsyi bnt
tteuy'tclTybaa'secrtt. Tbey intend to
mako an assessment of $1 a sharo to 'sink
tho shaft farther; and it-lMfr sttflwtbf
vtaathea- they!li.make another- levy to
'jrzzjzri&Z :-.m.,.wAri-i.t..
IISJSJtiJT1'''0" '
advies and kern out of It"
"It you doa't sell me, some ont tlM
''Well, yon can havo an my slock at $0.
but I'wlll give you'threo day3 in which to
back out. You can take it all or no. in
tho meantime."
Tho next day Jack camo home very
much excited. His friend was out some
where. Jack ran into tho sitting room
where tho, girls were, and was evidently
much perturbed.
"Whut is tho matter?" iuquired Marian,
looking up from her embroidery frame, at
which sho was killing time.
"Matter! It's a caso of 'so near and
yetso far.' You heard mo talking with
Elmoro about the Ojibway stock yester
day f"
, '"Well, they've struck tho vein they
wero after. Not a doubt of it. Thostreoi
is full of tho news. Shares havo jumped
up to seventeen, aud not to bo had at
that. If Bruxton had closed with me
yesterday I but now it would bo asking
t6aTmuchj!' ;
"I should think It would bel" replied
Marian, dryly. Sho was feeling a pros
pective interest in the Braxton profits.
"Didn't ho givo you a refusal for three
days?" asked Margaret, looking up from a
book which sho was reading.
"Yes; but no papers passed, and"
"His word was passed," retorted
Margaret- "tu. uraxton i
honor, and you'll get your st
. &kUT?,
Margaret. "Mr. Braxton Is a man of
in this sinful
world. "sneered Marian. ' 'Do"you expect
araan to throw away so much money on
tho ground of a dinner tablo tall;!'"
"I expect a" man tokccp Ills word,
Marian. Ho told Jack that ho had three
days to toko tho slock, at 3, or not. If
ho wero to break his word becauso ho will
loso by it I should dcsplso him."
t "Much he cares for that, Peg," retorted
Th6 bell rang; and presently Braxton
sauntered into tho room.
"Havo you heard tho news about Ojlb
way?'1 inquired Jack,
i "Ycs. It ls"hll rlsht," replied Brnx
ton. "I congratulato you. Ifjouccllrtt
present prices and I ndvlso yon not tr
wait for a further rise you'll clear over
"Do you mean to say that I can have
the block'at three?"
"That was our understanding yester
day, I thought."
"it seems," said Jack, hesitatingly,
"liko giving mo these profits."
"Nothing of the kind. It is a plain
business transaction, and you arc lucky.
I loso nothing. My father got tho stock
at $1 during its lowest ebb. And then
you know, ono ou.tht to do something for
a prospective brother-in-law. "
;weii," murmured crian to uerseu,
"that U the most ex'traordinary way o
popping tho question." But sho smiled.
"Brotuer-in-iawi" encu Jacu. Ami
Marian flushed, whilo little Margaret bent
lotfer- over her book".
"That is, with your permission, Jack,
my boy. This young lady," taking the
unresisting hand of Margaret, who blushed
,tcry red, "has given her consent, nnd
with your approval"
Juck whistled. "Sly puss!" said he.
"I can scarcely havo any objection; but
.she is so young yet."
pi I "She'll grow Out of. that; won't yon,
, Maggie dear?" said Braxton, laughing.
i "TMro is ono comfort," exclaimed
Marian, who had regained her self pos
session' "she" will'not marry that dicad-
Lful.tramp, anyhow."
1 "I fear jouwill bo disappointed, Miss
Orrlngton," replied tuo lover. "I aappon
to bo that dreadful tramp myself."
"No other than I. I did not remain in
tho mountains on that tour your brother
'spoke of the other day, and finally struck
your neighborhood, though I did not know
that, where I wa3 beaten and rtaudcrcd
by the two more disreputable travelers.
I sent Margaret's money back, or rather
its; equivalent. I never knew who chn
wai, and I hover thought to inquire I
only recollect her as a pretty end sympa
thetic child. But when you spoke of Miss
sUgly, and told" tho story, why I began to
mako acquaintance with my benefactress,
'and'fell in love with her. Last night sho
was good enough to consent to guaid rno
against tramps in tho future. And for
proot-eCco slgnum, Jack, my l:oyl"
And Braxton, drawing n small morocco
case from his vest rcckct, opened It.
There,-on a bed of velvet, lay a singla
gold eagle. Thomas Dunn Ihiglish in
Harper's Bazar.
'Police at t!io Epsom Itsices.
,On- tho grounds the polico swarmed
everywhere. TUe"y wero very skillful in
.their mancger-ieaO cf this holiday crowd.
"They wero ver7 careful about not using
any arbitrary power which would provoke
tho' crowd. They wero very Cm in say
ing .what could or could not bo done, but
they acted moro as friendly monitors than
as arbitrary representatives of tho law.
.Tho English constabulary certainly hcitdlo
largo crowds in thl3 regard better than
we. Thero is no pushing, no Jostlics, t:o
scrambling permitted. Tho ilghti of tho.
humblest ere respected. Tho costcrmon
gcr, with his overloaded vcgctablo cradlo
and his Uttlo rat of an animal, has r.a fair
n rlinnre In thft fttrppt nrrrpsslnn r.s tho
'showy drag, with rits"handsomo doublo
teams. Too police on tiU3 day, to ir.r as i
could 8ecmado'bnt few arrests. Whero
a man "was found transgrcssln j ho was
simply warned. If many arrests vcro to
be made it is easy to sco that thu cob cle
ment 1mlght beebmo excited, end tho re
sult wnukTbo anything but tto i;col order
which is now--maintained. T. C. Craw
ford in New York World. .
" feome European lailics pnssirg through
Constantinople paid a visit to a certain
high Turkish functionary. Tho host of
fered them, refreshments, including a
great variety of sweetmeats, always tak
ing car6 to givo one ot thi ladles double
the Ciuaiitlty ho gavo tho oth:ra. i'lat
tered''by this'-mnrked attinHjjt shoput
"the .'question, through tie la'trpictcr;
.'Why do' you" servo "mo mete liberally
than' the rest?" "Bccauio jcu hao i
larger "mouth," was tho straightforward
reply. Chambers' Jdurna'.
nurlect anv cf the tnanv formf
heart dke&se. thouch many dots
iSSnliior!. i
irimrAii a. iie&a u..rnniaireaii39 on ucani
DljMM.iand If you hsvo any symptom therein ect
forth, take Da. lust's Bxart Huuiit.
tlflCC Es. Finn's nuaT Rimedt b a
plltWOt medicine which ha bees found
I- psrtlculsrly emcaclous In curs ot Sco-tickness, u
It st.onco stopa tt tcmMeMmmnpvtnrouu -K ia
, ua MmpleS, ma eaaoies tns puient ta socuro rcpoco.
A man who presents an jv
pearanco of nobility, v.'ho:c
rnpinutluICA IS
anuous, sad who Is sublece to spcu
dlHSM.1 let him taJco.Da. 1'ust's IIust V.)
betorlt fi '"O Ut'-'' ' '
-pAt-BrnTOhta'- !.;. Pescrlptlve trcatlso
0! la ntnesD, u mow
0 to FUddi-n cieAtu from nca-t
ta." ,f
r matted
(reaupoasppllcatlan. ,
CVMLt&dles and ohlldranwhuA taatA can.
net b offended iritb Impunity, HAMBUBO
VIAfl farm m vsmedv for oonstlnoiion. trt.
'dlceiUoa. pllei and Uver complaints which
lias pleasant t take as It U etiecUvo tt
- ; p :J.J.'WIACHA1CO.,f
0 and II Front 8 1 San Francisco Call
p - -
o '.
Notice of Transmuted Home-
stead Proof.
(Homestead Application No. 313.)
United States Land Office, 1
Tucson, Arizona, Sept. ao, 1887.-)
Notice is hereby gven that the following
named settler has ft ed notice of his intention to1
make final proof in support Of hit claim,' and
that said proof will be made bel ore the Register
and Receiver of the U. S. land offic" at Tucson,
Arizona, on the 19th day ol November, iKj.'nit:
Simon Madrid of Ires Alamos, Arizona',' for the'
W H of the N K K and E N W Sec at,
1'wp it S R 30 E, Gila nnd Silt River meri
dian, He names the following witnesset.to prove
Irs continuous residence upon, and cultivation1
of. said land, viz: Romaldo Torres. Pablo
Horcasitas. Miguel Rosas. Feliz Ruis, all of 1
'Ires Al.mos, Aiizona,
A. D. DUFF, Register.
Notice of Homestead Proof,
(Homestrad Application No. 175.)
Unitf.d States Land Office; 1
Tucson, Ariz., Sept. 39, 1887, J
Notice is hereby given that the follow'nf
namid seitkrhas hied notueOf his 'JntenUon
to make find proof in support of his 'claim, and
that aid proof will Le made before the Register
and Receiver of the U. S. land office at TtlciaJn
Arizona, on the 22d day of November) 188-,
viz : Jesui Dias. ot Tres A'amos, A. T.t fox the
W and NEVofSW and'S W JC" of
N W Sec 33 Tp 15 S R ao E.- r- 1 t
He nim-s ibe following witneses to nrovebit
cont nuoi.s residence upr n and cultivit'oi of
sail lind, iz: Anttnii G ijalvi, I, l). Allen,
Antonia '"onaderau, Roman Paeco, nil 01
Benson, Arizona. ' l
A. U. Duff. Register; '
In the Justlc-'s Court cf Precinct No. 6,
Cou-tyofO thi.e. Territory of Arizona.
Biforj D K. War-lweil, a Justice of the
S. W. Bll. plaintiff, vs. Birbara 'Reeky,
alias May, defendant an i non-resident, -Ac-U
11 debt a..d attachment. Complaint filed
in my ottice, and summons issued this day; ' '
'I h 'I er.ito y of Arizona to Barbara Reeky,
j ii Ma, defendant "
Vou are h reby .ummoned and required to
appear and nnswer the u.m-1 dnt of plaintiff, at
my office in the v,l age of Faiibank, Cochise
Couh), Teir.tury ot Arizona, within five!
da)s, ihould this ummons 'be served Upoh
ou within this prec net: it served upon 'yoli
without this prtcir.ci but within this county, ten
d lys, if s.rv. d out of this county, within nften 4
day, othirwivi twenty days, (excluding tneaay
of bervice), irom the day this summons is served
upon you. Tuis action is brought t6"recovir
judgment against you foi the sum Of -$3tfdue
pla nt ff fer two months rent of a house occupied
bv v u at Fairhink and costs of sji'i andyoU'
are lurtby notified thlt shoilld "JOU failJtO'l
appear and answer Spjd complamt.witun-tne
time staled, tne s.ua piainun wui appiy 10 ine
lourt lor siH judgment against "you for said
sum-, and all costs. - ,
Given under my hand at my office at Fairbani,
Cochise Ccunty, Arizona, this jJ day ot Octo
ber, A. D. 1887. ,
d. k.wardweu;':
JUsticeof the Peace.t
The above named' reward
will be paid by Troop G, 4th
U. S. Cavalry, Fort B6wie,
Arizona, for the apprehension
and conviction of the. murderer
of William C. Drake, (late
private of said troop) at Sul-'i
phur Springs, Arizona, on the
29th of Sepiember, 1887.
Geo. Williams,
'J .T I
luaed Sept. and 'Karen.
each. year. J83-31H pages,
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19 L;
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(First Publloatjon .Sept. 10, 1887.)
Httlte f Application r Charles W. Leach
' laralf.s'. Pattat far North Paint
MlBlas lUtM.
""UitfrsD States Land Office. )
1. TPCSON, Am. 1 September a. A. D. 188;. f
To am. WtpM it.Mat Concern :
Notice is hereby "given that Charles W,
Leach, whose postotfire address is Tombstone,
AritonaJ'has filed an application hi this office
for a United Mates patent lor fourteen hundred
linear feet cf' the North Point mining-claim,
vela, tods or mineral deposit, bearii g si.ver and
gold, with surface qrpund six hundred feet in
width, h'lhe arid beine sifuited in the Tomb-
I stone Mining District; County of Cochise and
territory 01 Uizona. And the said 1 harles
W. Leach being now'abbut to maki a) plication
through this 'office to the United State, ler a
patent for said -mining clain, which claim is
more fully and particiiry described as to metes
andboundi'by the:'6ffictal plat and field notes
thereof, now on hie with the Register of the U.
S. land wfiice at Tucson, Arfzon, which fi-ld
rtot'cfsurvey4escribffthe boundaiicsand ex
teutof said claim on the surface wit magneiic
variational" ti 43" E as follows, td-it:
-i BegTnning'at the initial monument at a 4 inch
.postmarked I. M.-North Point M. C. No. 1,
from which U, S. M. M. No. t bears S 36 37'
W' 3451' feet, 'cdrter'tO'sections 1 andaN
boundary T.aoS R 3 K bca's N s 41' W 8045
teet; tnence is 50 41 286 leet to a 4 ticn dosi,
maiked-Ni P. Mi
Kj. No. 3; thence N a' 37
E 1403 feet to a. 4 mcll post marked N. P.
jC.lsio. 3; thence. Sso 41' E'300 feet to a 4
inchTMSi marked N. V. M. C. No. 4i thence S
S"4i" a 300 leet to a 4 inch post
marked 'N, P. M. C; No. 5; thence S
a? S4 W 1373" feel'.o a 4 inch post marked N.
R M; C Ni . 6' thence N 55 56' W 300 feet to
post No, 1, the place 01 beginning. Contain-ing-
563 acies.bald-1 mining c'alm is alsiof
reoora in the office of the County Recorder of
the County of Co ihise and Territory of Arizona.
ThiprenniAJ' 'general course or nirertionf
the said -North Point vein, lode or m mral de
posit being shown as near ps can te deierminto
from" 'p'esettta 'develdpmenti, dpon the said
oStCial-tJSt filed with the Register as afoirsaid.
This .claim being lor fourtten hundred linrar
ft eT thereof,1 tdgetheV'wItU the surface ground
stowaapon said plat;; the vein, lode and min
ing premises sought td be pa e'nted are bounded
'as foliow'tb-wit:- Oh'the sjuth by the Coi.ten
Uonatfd Silver -Juaner; on the west by the
Silver Thread and Silver Belt; on the cast by
the Cincinnati and Cocopah; With which it con
flicts. Said cliim'is designated as lit No. 193
and a'siirvejrNo?'8o8 6n said official pUt.
AnV'SBd all-Dersons.clanrlnt adversely the
-mining ground, vein, lode and premises or any j
portion thtreOfsffaescrlbed. 'surveyed, platted
-and llatrnt-applled for7 are hereby notified, that 1
unless their adverse claims are duly tiled witn 1
ine Kcguteror tne usrianaomeeat tucson, j
lit -the "Territory -of Arizona; during te sixty
day: public aiion of this notice, they will be for.
ever narrcd irom'asserang any sucn claims.
(And TMrthv order that this nodes be pub
lished' for tn 110 weeks in the Tombs'one
TTCcftiy criiArn, t ncwiper pauumcu m mc
town tef-Tdmbstoaey County- ot- Cochise, in the
.Territory of Arizona,
" " "'" "- A. D: Doff,' Register.
.. " 11 ' ' ti 1 1 .1
1 i. '(First J'ublicatiou ept. ip,. t8S7),
Nolle af the Application of W, J. Taylor
' fsr a Paicai t tke rerseverauee
J . MUiUttlaltQ. . - , ,
1 - "United StaTbs Land Office,
sTucson, Anx-.'Septembera, A. t. 1887.
To all Whom it May Concern:
'Notice lr hereby 'given' that W. . Taylor,
wh9$e postofhee address is Tombstone, Arizona,
has filed his application'in this office lor a U. b.
patent to eleven hundred and thirty-five and
3-to hncar-fcetof-trre-Pcrsevernce mining
-clairri,' veto; r lode or mi-ieral deposit, bearing
silver and gold, with surface grouad six tiundtd
leet ia width; 'lying- arid being situated' within
the Tombstone Mitring- Distritt, County 01
Cochise and Territory of Anrona. And the
said'W.'JrTaylor 1s' about- miking- application
through this-office f the United Suuslcra
patent to said mining claim, which said claim
is more fully" artd'-partlcUlarly de'eribed as to
' me ttt aHd bounds;by-the official plat and field
notes of the survey thereof, now on file in tne
office of the' Register or the V. 3. land office at
ThCsbbArlsonayrwhich'field nofs of sunvy
desciibe the boundaries and .extent ol said
claim on thelSUrface, with magnetic variation at
'n4V'Eastft4lftirows,Mt-wit: -.
ElMrtnvfJmcr ot 1V1 mttiol monument a a Inch
"postmarked r.'M: PefseveraAce'M. C ao. i;
mence o4-7O44,c,30o ie wo. 4 incn pu&i
marked P. M..C. Na a; thence N 17 23' E
999.5 feet to a 4 inch' post marked P. M. C. No
3;'lhencfN 344''W300 feet to a 4 in. h post
marked P. M. C. No. 4, from which post ti e
U. S M. M. No. ,6 b?ari S83 oi' E 6894 ftif ;
the corner nf sections one and two north bound
ary Traces ail E'bears N-o ifE 18083 feci;
thence -N 43 49' W 300 'feet toa4in.hp st
marked P. M. C. No. 5-, thence S 19" 16' W
U35.3'feet to a 4- hith1 post .marked P. M. C
rno.i;rtnence 9 43 4 c. 300 leei 10 posi im 1
the place of beginning. Confining 13 90
acres ,SaidtmUirtg'cfAlm fi'also of recent in
theooicooi toe County Kecorder ol the Uny
of Cochise and Territory of Arizona, and the
presumed 'srtheral-'cJttlw'or direction 01' the
said veiny lode ort mineral1 deposit ben e shown
as near as oan be determined irom piesent d.-
ve opments upon the said cmciai piatm a with
the Register' Of" IbeT'iaSld- office as aforesaid.
ThelaldVerrr.-lbtWandrfHnihpittnises heiety
soughrtoiBbipatBited H eing bounaed as follows-,
10. it: Northeast, ty the Central M. C, on
the Southeasf by 'thi C6trio1o'fc 'M. C. and
upon the Uarhwett by the-.Ulie G. M. '.;
said claim Is designated pn said plat as lot No.
108. and surVev-No."8li.
AHy'and all persons claiming adveiselythe
muimpgrouaa, vein.nooe or premises or any
part thereaf," so 'descrlbedr surveyed, p atti-d and
patenpapplied'iorj art"htreby 'no'nhed-that un
Itss -their adverse claims are duly filed with the
'Register of the V. 'S. lah'd-offite at luc-on. in
'theTerrlforyWArizanayUuring'the sxty davs
publication of ;t(its notice, they wnl be lurtver
barred Iiom asserting any such'Uarrt "
-' AdI heAby-roMet-tbatItblsftiotV:ebepub.
llshed" fort-ten, (10) reeks in the Tombstone
Weefclf EFItAFH," a" newspaper fittblisl-rd at
Tombstorid CochitetJoiUi.-y, Territo y'of Arl-so.-
tu , --(l .Lv DUFF, He gisier.
. A
bavs bis
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tog d.opt.
la good -i
style sijdst,,
as cheap a T '
Jte IM.c.
office, of thi
TuMliSTONIi- .
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pfflctvpn -1
typsandsri'sUe- '
In tflectlnr this
result Dcirtsend 1
avsv '
your ork.
tmMl 4,
real -e our-"
samplss snd-lesrn
price. Fatrsnlze
wai. .twihI tyt h
patrrnlzeS. Abolish.. ,
rubber stynp jibor- ,
ilons arid ad business on bu.
lusts prlndnlef,. Adopt. tht
golden nils as your max.
Iro-rf.'Doitinto QUietSpSS .
you would have others do
uaW you, V-dben yeu "
(rowoldxfUwIllbe rlohand
respectea. tnitn you' die a
... Mmvlnf ammunitv wiui ereot .
a raonumwt OTeryour nnuins Shd your oul
wm resaanarlanranni. tmereti.ont..
!1 1iJ.lW.JSjU--2litfi
vafi - ,x Tr 1
IAUlavBTTBa ataasataj miw
Wti 1
Miift? .r-r .1
au'wiiiihW'Bi -1
(First Publication Sept. 10, 1887.)
Notice of Aupllcatl'in of Charles W. Leaeh.
Tor a Patent to the Kmturrn Belle
lilnlnic llnlm.
United States Land Office,
Tucson, Ariz.. Septembers, A. D. 1887. J
To all Whom it May Concern:
Notice is hertbv given that Charles V. Leach
whose postoffiie addiess is lombstone, Arizona,
las hied an application in this office for a
United St lies patent lor fourteen hundred and
sixth-three linear fett of the Southern Belle
muiiig c'aim, vein, lode or mineral deposit,
b.aring s Ivcr and "go'd. with surface ground
six hundred feet in width lying and be'ng
s'tuated in the Tombstone Mining District, In
the Coanty of Co.hise and Territory of An
z na, and the said Charles W. Leach being now
about to m ike application through this office to
the United Sutes for a pat nt for said mining
claim, which claim is moie fully and particularly
described as to metes anrl bounds by the official
plit and field notes of survey thereof now en
file with the Register 01 the U. . land office at
Tucson, Arizona, which fie'd notes of survey
describe tne boundaries and extent of said
claim on Ihesurlace with magnetic variation at
n" 43' East as follows, to-wit:
iteginnmgat the initial monument mentioned
in the location notice, and marking the scuih
lesieny -nl center of the claim, at a post 4
inches squarr in a mound cf stone, post marked
I M S. B. M. C. No. i; thence S 89' at' E
300 feet to a 4 inch po-t marked S. B. M. C.
No. 3; thence N 43 i7' E 1251.7 feet to a 4 1
inch p'ist markei &. B. M. C. No. 3; thenc- N
38 3 W 70 eet, intersect eist line of Modoi;
M. C. lot No. 106, N 22" 59' E 66 feet front
poM marked M. M. C No. 3 295 eet intersect
unirr.ineof chun. N 40 3)' E 135 feet trout
4 inch .nst marked S. B. M. C. N. 4; thence
N 89 at' V 3 '3 feet intersect south end line of
Michigan Central M. C. soutn 05' 04' E30
leet Irom a post marked S Ex. G. C. No. 2 315
feet inteisect soutn erd line of Modoc M. C.
lot No. ic6,s6i'iB' E 29 feet from post
na'k-d S Ex. G. C. No 2 and 49feetffOmpos'
marked M. i... 0. No. 4 351 feet intersect
eas-ttrly vde line S. Ex. G. C. M. C. lot No. 43,
S3S" sJW 155 feet fro n location monument,
a po t 4 inches square rrarktd S. B. M C No.
5. fioni vh'ch U. :v M. M. No. 1 bears N 39'
17' W 1207 feet distant, the quarter sect on
corner between 1 rctions 13 and 18 east boundary
T ao S R ai E bears S 790 04' E a 4 inch post
marked S. B M C. No 6; thence S9ai' E
284 feet to 1 ost No. 1 the plac-of bejinnirg
sutvey of exterior hns. Area 16 62 J acres.
The cot flict of .82 acr s with Mich gan Central
M, C. is not claimed by the applicant, leaving
the net area (5 8n3 a -res chime J, Tliii mining
claim is 01 rev ra in tne omce o tne county
Recorder of Cod ise County In the Te ntory
01 Arizona The presumed general course or
direction ol the sod vein, lode or mineral
rieoosit 01 the snid southern Bene Mining
Claim being shown as neir as can be determined
from present developments, upen the said offic al
plat thereof on file with the Register" of the
Land Office ns aforesaid; the claim now sought
to be patented, befng fourtejn hundred and
sixty -ibree linrar feet theieut, together a I h the
surface grourd shown upon said official plat,
the same lein bo-nded as fol'ows, to w.t:
On the Northeast by the Michig-in Central Lot
"No! i?9,'oh the Southeast by the Vanguard, on
the Southwest by the Rpdman and on the
Nortrwest by ihe . Ex. Gr..nd Central Lot No
tk The ame claim being deignatd as Lot
No, 100, and suiv. y No 815 on the official plat
(fsaidmning claim filed nidi the Rtgister of
the land office nsaforc-aid.
Any and a 1 persons claiming adversely the
minirg ground, ein. lod or premises XT any
part theieif, so described, surveed, tlatt-dand
patent eppled ler. are hereby not fied that un-le-s
th.ir adverse claims are duly filed with the
Register ol the U. S Land Office at Tucson, in
ih" 1 erriiory of Arizona, ounng the Mxty diys
publication of this "notice, they will be forever
ba.-red from ass rung any su h claims.
And I hereby order hat this n nice be pub
lish, d for ten (10) weeks in the Tombstone
Weekly Epitaph, a newspaper puLhsbed in
the Town of Tombfne, in the County of
Co:hic, Territory of Arizona.
A. D. Duff, Register.
I First Publ'cation Augast 37, 1887.
Notice or Application or ttie Copper Queen
Contol dntrd lllnlns: t'ompany far
a II. H. Patent for the While TU-
l Uerr Mlnlus lalm.
Unit i-d States Land Office, )
Tucson, Ariz., Aug. 14. A. D. 1887. 1
To all V horn it May Concern :
Notice is hertby gwen that the Copper Queen
nnn.nlid.itpd Minirr Comn.inv. a comorauo.
dulv oreaDized under the laws of the State of.
New York, and having complied with the cor
poration laws of the lerritory it rizona, by
Ben H'pllum-. itsaeetit. uho eoostoflice address
is Tombstone, in ihe ounty of Coch se, knd"
Ten itory ot Arizona, has filed its appl cation in
tnii office )or a pilmt to fi'teen hundred linai
fe--t 01 the Wiiiif Tdil d Deer M. C vein, lode,
or mineral deposit, bearing gold, silver, lea",
lOpper, and ther minera's, wiih surface ground
s x nunniea leei in wmin, iing ana 1 ong w ui.
i-i ihe Warren Mini g D strict, C-u.ty of
Cochise ani 'lerntory of Arzna. And the
sail corporation by it said agent being n.w
abut toniakecpi-lication through this t'ffice to
tne United Sat stora pitent for sad mininr
cUim, whiui said claim is mi.re lully aidtar
licularly f e cnbtd, as to metes und 1 ounds, b
the oftiti 1 plat and field notes of ibe survey
tr.ereof now on hie in ihe office ot tnr RegMei
of the 17. S Land Ofrce. at Tucin in the
I erritory o Aniona. whith fi id note of mrvy
descnte the loundaries nd extent of said
claim on the luifice, with magnetic variation
at 12 j tat, a lol ows, to-wlt:
begi'mr g at the initial men ment mentioned
in locaiiO'4 nctice, and 'ituate in ctnter or claim;
tnence runnings 37' oo E 750 feet, to a loca
tion nv num- ni containing a post 4x6 inches
and six leit lony, marked V. T. D M C
Post xj thi-nie N 6i45' E 3C0 fe t to a loca
tion monument ontaii t g a post 4x6 inehej
Six f et 1 ng, and mark d W. T. I). M. C,
Post 2: theme N 37 irf W 1500 feet to a lo.a
tion monument contjinirg a po't 4x6 inches
anH iv f, pt lonir. marttd W. T. D. M, C
Po't 3; thence s oi" 4s' W 300 feet f a location
monumeii canniniu a w w ,.vMw M
six feet Icng, mrled W. T 1) M. C Post 4;
thetueconiiiume ssme ccurte 300 feet, to a
location niou uent containinga ost 46 inctes
and six feet long, marked W. T. D. M.'C.ost
SI th.nceS37oo' E 1500 fett to a location
monum.nt containing a post 416 inches, and,
six feel'long, narked . T. D. M. C post 6;
thence N 6145' -500 fcet t0 a monument coni'
ta n ng post 1 W. T. U M. C. the place of
beginning of the exterior boundary, and con
tJirlc g an area cf 20.45 acrtt; the .said m ring
claim eing also rf ien,rd in the office ot the.
t'o-inty RecoMtr of Cochi-e Cotny in thr
Tcirit ty of Arizona. "The presumed .general
course cr direction of the said White Tailed
Deer vein, lode or min-ral deposit -being shown,
as near as can be known lroni ptestnt deelop
mei M upon the pUt t treoi fi ed with the
Register f the Land Office as aforesaid, this
claim, and the patent now Hpp ird lor being for
fiftten hundred lir ear feet ther. of. tc gelh with
the fu-face nound shown upon said official plat;
the said lalra. vein, lo-e and mining premises
hereby scught to be patented, being bounded as
folkws, to wii : On the N E by the Sweepstakes"
M. 0.; on the N W ty ihe Lml- Jake M. C;
S W bv the Cambridge M. C; and on the S E
by the Deer Pjrk M. C The said claim being
designated on said official plat as lot No. 60,
andru vey No. 816.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
mLing ground, e'v, lode or premises or any
port'on fie-eof, so-su-veyed. platted, described
and pitent apphtd for, fre -eieby notifi'd tbat
unless their adverse cUims are duly filed with
the Regis-er of the U. a Land Office, at Tuc
son, in th Tenitory of Arizona, during the
sity diys yvb icition of this no ice thy -will be
fort vr birred frcm a-s rt'ng any i uch cla ms.
And I hereby order that thU notice be pub
lished for Un -iol consecutive week, iniihe
week'y it ue o' the 'I ombstone Weekly EriTAPK
a newspapr published in the Town of Tomb
stor e in the County of Cochise and Territory
of Arizona.
- A. D. DUFF, Register.
Attorney and Oonntelor at Law. v.,
TCity of Tombstone, Fremont S'reet, bet.
-.Fojirth and Filth. '
Next tmu tA J. V. Vickera: -
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!and Nervluc intportavlgpr and treafth
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it promptly reuavea ana cares -nv
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PRICE $1.00,
Wwtf sjraytsitT liiiil nWm
603cUla Street. JXSTVKLQ, .T.
Btltooa Seadaekc),
Dlzzlaeaa, CotSla
tlon, IudlsjcstlOB
Sromptly cured 'by bt.
ParsjatlT Pelltta.
centt a vlaU by DrrnHO
.fUrfrle Annllineei an sent oa'30 Days1 TrUL
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WHTAIC HIT i.ralAtSHalt, Mill. ,
. THk ' 1 ' l
Oartolic Smoke Ball
Aulc Your DruKgltrt For
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-..612 mvUt Hi aa FfaalaastyOi
-- t NotitSe io Orditor
Est.ite'of Edward Swift, dereaiid:. X
N otlce it hereby tlven.iby -.the liindersipxd
sdrainlstratorofoeuid estate, to. thf creditor
of, and all prion) -bavins' claims agaiau tha
saltl decea'ied tb eihlbrt lTith the necessary
-voitenrisY 'within Tour ttontha-aitev the first pub.
lisattifl of this P5tlqe, .to, the, satt,ACmmistra.
tor at the office of Charles G 4hns6n."At.ney
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. Pub5cAraMtri?,tlBty tfJSrhlii
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