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JFVcsa JfonJav Dotfc.
W. y.rogtrly is the ntme of th
new station agent at Benton.
Judge Thomas Sherman, o! Pbenls,
died oa Thursday last, ol asthma.
The Oso Negro stage cttse up yes
terday and w"Jl return to morrow.
J. V. Vickera and C. S. CUrk came
up froaj Benson yesterday, by private
Senator elect Felton was under
iheriff under Mike Gray, la California
twenty yean ago.
Crown Mills Flour, Fresh Buck
wheat and Graham Flour and Meal
juit received at Hoofler'a.
- Ufx T A Uuixil u uflrrinr froni
a fracture of one ot ber wrists, caused
by a fall at the skating rink, on Friday
The constitutional convention bill
is a law. The election (or delegates
will be held on the seeond Tuesday in
The (ee bill, the auditor bill and high
license bill went over the divide with
out the governor's pass port. Tbey
died hard.
An Apache was tried at Solomon
villa last week, on a charge ef adulte
ry. The fact was established that he
bad five wives. He was acquitted.
Of the bic drive of cattle to Los
Angeles by Land & Co, GOO head are
as far as Indian Wells and the bal
ance have not yet Crossed the river
from Yuma.
A company has been formed to
work the placer claims of central So
nera. Weiss and Flod are the men
at the head of the new enterprise. A
btgeoncession has been granted them.
The court district bill failed to pass
the council from the fact thatlhe gov
emor stated before it was brought up
that he would veto it if it pawed. The
council stood 7 to 5 in favor of the
bill, until the governor showed his
hand when it was smothered.
Miss. Tracy had a severe fall
Saturday as she was going down
steps from her brothers residence
Fourth street. She slipped and
to the ground breaking an arm.
J, C. McKen has returned from
Ross's milt where he has been for
saveral weeks hauling lumber to Bis
bee. The mill is not running at pres
ent but logging goes on just the same
Cschise county has $1200 to show
anyway. That was the amount that
was refunded by an act of the legisla
ture. We would suggest that Trea
urer McAllister examine it thoroughly
whoa begets it as the territory will
poke off old confederate bills on us if
it can.
Tnc Globe Silver Belt says that
George Kingdom, Win. Cobbledick
and Joe Martin are doing well on the
"grub slake" which they, are chlorid
ingon the Mack Morris. They are
old Tombstone boys and their friends
will be glad to hear of their good luck.
Olher chloriders on the Mack Morris
lode are also doing welL
he PROsPKCToa would reipectfullj
eral Wannamaker to the violation of
the lottery law on the part of a Lo
Angeles paper which came through
the mail 'to-day containing the fol
lowing dispatch:
New Ouxahs, March 17 The
following numbers drew the prinripal
prizes in to-days drawing of the Louis
iana lottery r 10AM, a.uw ; 13.300
$100,000; 52.003 350,000: 31,425,
525,000; 63,468, $10,00.
A scnlleman tost over fnsn the
Winchester dint rit reports that Jim.
Kearney is well pleas d with hi proe
pecU there, wi h his lease on the old
Winchester mine. He has shipped
one carload and will, if returns an
satisfactory, go to work wiih a will
There is plenty of ore in sight and
it is a very desirable smelting ore.
The mine belongs to Haggin and
A petition was being generally sign
ed to-day asking the governor to ap
-point John P5'ihter as captain of th ,
rangers. "rTMl "r. "laughter is at;
intrench s o et 8a it of 1 be do
ing of the poep. - irfU h requested
to accept on the ground tnat he is the
one man who can make the ranger
bill a success.
If Gov. Irwin doubts the need of im
mediate action be has but to consult
his attorney general, who is posted
upon tbe Isdian difficulties in this sec
tion as well as any person la the tor
ritory. r Ji. ,
Ttee Jfew 1s;kIK.
Billy Pump returned this afternoon
from the new gold diggings below the
line. lie says there are about 00
miners there about 30 of whom are
Most of the ground is worked in a
primitive way and in thfs way from
three to tea dollars a day is realised.
Since two months ago when work be
gan, about 120,000 has ben taken out
Provisions f ill kinds are scarce and
high. Flour is worth $12 per hundred
and beef tallow 5 cents pr pound,
while beans are a luxury. He brought
up a couple of ounces of coarse gold
with him. The medium of exchange
is dust. No trouble has yet arisen
between rival claimants and he eays
that the report of killings there are
untrue, and he left there yesterday
A man is entitled to SI feet along
the gulch and the width from dank to
bank, about SO feel. There is a judge
at the diggings who settles disputes
and a recorder will be there next week
Mr. Pump will return in a Jay or two.
He came after a whipsaw and will
make sluices out ot the timber And
go further up the gulch, where he ex
pects to realize handsomely with an
arrangeme.it for handling more dirt.
Capt. Dome, with a troop of cavalry
camped at Solomonville last week, on
their way to San Carlos. Some of
them filled up on Solomonville booze
and Sheriff Olney informed the capt
ain that there was a law against carry
ing weapons in town and that he
would b obliged to disarm them.
This so incensed the captain that he
pulled up stakes and left for another
camping ground.
Roll CM.
Klen.ion of Secretary.
Reading Minutes of last Insti
tute. Appointment ot Committees.
Recess. During recess teach
ers wiii hand in Institute re
ports. Remarks br County Superin
tr-ndent Wolrott.
Methods of Teachinc Spelling
Belle Sanderson.
P 31
1:30. Music.
" Roll Call.
Primary reaching Mis Mary
Method of Teaching Fractions
Miss Sarah Herring.
Methods of Teaching Percent
age Mr. A- G. Brown.
Essay: Dignityof Labor Mrs.
W. F. Bradley.
cousTY u-::onos.
The following instruments have
been filed in the Recorder's office dur
ing the p&st week :
WC Ragdale ami wife to N L Guth
rie, lots 13 and of lot 12 block 29,
Wilcox, ?b0.
N L Guthrie to wife same property,
love and affection.
Erie Cattle Co to Johnson, Daffy &
Harrington, real and personal pro
perty in Bisbee, $4000.
A B Wild, to N. M & A E B, 6 acres
of land on San Pedro $400.
J H Slaughter, sheriff 10 D W James
and W E Dodee. Neptune eroun of
mines, $63,450.93.
P Johnson et al to Erie Cattle Co,
croperty, to M-curo $2500.
Ham t'hri-tinn, St David.
(!XX)' IMItK'H(tr!
Kelson H. Bke.-, Di-tiicl Attorney
of Westchester &. Nsw Ywrlr, write:
1 tt'.-it nw-t lstvM to. re
ference to my testimonial, lately pub
lihed commending Attcoot'a Pokods
I cannot spare the time to answer
sthem in writing, therefore would again
ay, through the columns of the press,
that I have found Aiacock's Porous
Puutcbs invaluable as chest proteet
ors and shields against colds and
coughs. Furthermore, I have found
Allcock's FjtersES unequaled for
pain in the side, back and chest,"
1 slip ' "
Vr Halt:
A pair of Becker & tfoas awyeri
ecales. Cost 90; will be sold for $55.
A rare bargaiu.
ture store of
Apply at the furni
Eccbks Gbk.
Word was brought to town- on Sat
urday night that (he Apaches were so
numerous in the Lower Sulphur
Spring valley that cowmen were de
serting their ranges. The Oso Negro
stage came up yesterday. While pass
ing the cuitom house, the driver was
wanted to look out for Indians as two
had been seen on this side of th line
the day previous. Mrs. Me teal f who
was to join herliusband at Oso Negro
this eek has deferred her trip until
some time when danger shall have
. A. It.
The G. A. It. encampment elected
the following officers.
Ed Scbwartx. of Phenix, Department
Commander; J W Dorrington. of
iv,.-.. C...W... rt- nAm...ju. t I
B Locktt of Flagstaff, Junior Vice t
Commander; U A Hyde, of Phenix,
Medical Director; Heil Hale of Tuc
son, Chaplain ; J J Hill, of Tucson,
Assi, Quartermaster General; C. D.
Beliion of Phenix, Adjutant General.
The "WlBttl n."
Tombstone stands a show of being
depopulated in the near future if the
favorable news from the gold "diggins
continues to come in.
John Kelso is expected back in a
few days and on his report depends
the exodus of every idle man in town.
There is no doubt but that there is
plenty of gold there and it can be
profitably worked, Tombstone- wonhl
be the headquarters for those fitting
out and all the money taken out will
find its way into the pockets of our
From Mr. Hohttadt who has lived
in Sonora for many years, the Pros
pector learns that these diggings bad
been worked by Mexicans in 1S40. On
both sides of the mountains are evi
dences of extensive work, but they did
not get into the richest of the dirt.
Quarts ledges of small size, but
rich are found in the mountains. The
high price of provisions is due to the
fact that ranchers have all gone to the
diggings and have planted no crops
and the low prices which ruled all
oi er Sonora last year, discouraged all
the small farmers ou the rivers. Flour
at $12 per hundred is not confined to
tlie diggings but at F renter and
Bacuaclii, the same price rules. Beans
sell fur ten cents per pound at these
places and are bard to get at that
Thero is no doubt but that tha com
ing summer will ' witness a lively
time at these new gold fields and
Tombstone will feel tlie effect in a
stimulation Of trade.
The water is the only obstacle at
present, but it volume will decrease
fmm now until the end of June.
Collis P. Huntington is advining all
his friends to get in the line of Parific
Mail. He is confident, he tells them,
that the stock will soon become active
and that it will sell at CO or higher
this year.
J. C. McKeen will take several tons
of provisions to the San Pablo mine
in a day or two. All of the machin
ery, most of which is at Fairbank, will
oe hauled from Bisbee by Durkee's
big teams. While in Sonora, McKean
will investigate the placer gold fields
and if there is anything to be made in
tbe way of haulsng in supplies and
selling them, be will not go to sleep
over it.
J. C Pursley of the C, C. Ce was in
Wilcox Wednesday and states that he
wants to employ three good men for
range work. They will cornmence to
round up their cattle and in about a
month drive 1,000 or more bead of
steers to their range in Graham coun
ty. They perhaps will sell some of
their steer cattle later on. Feed in
their section is good. Stodkman.
The immense cattle drive of 2.000
bead of cattle belonging to the Barba
comari Cattle Co., en route to Kansas
in now in progress. They left the
range on the 11th and stopped at Wil-
cix. It cunxists of 500 cows and 1,500
stn-rs; all of the latter bring over two
hyears old and in very fine condition.
This immense herd is under the per
sonal supervision of Mr. W. C. Land
assisted by twelve experienced vac
qneros. The cattle will be placed on
pasture near Dodge City, Kansas.
J Mr Lund expects to make the drive
in about SO days and he thinks the
1 ostwill be not over $1.75 per head,
which, compared with tbe railrosd
cost, which is from $4 to $5 per head,
will save the company some $5,500.
At the end of the dm e, the entire
outfit of wagons, horses, mules, etc.,
will be sold and tbe party wilt return
by rail. Stockman
At the Mafson Bore.
From Tuetday't Daily.
Fred Henry is over from Bisbee.
-1. Stump has returned from
The city council will hold a special
m-eting to-night.
The constitutional convention bill
gives CochisH three delegates.
C. W. Leach went down to Oso
Negro to-day by private conveyance.
Everybody is iariled to attend the
institute tomorrow at the school house
The Mohave Miner maintains that
thai county contains the best orange
lands in America.
J. he governor ol Arizona has iusLI
Ioned ""! of f 300 for the arrest
of Manuel Baca of Apaohe county, the
murderer of Matias Aualla.
A party of five left Globe last week
bound for Brazil. They will tail for
Peru and go from there into the in
terior about 800 miles.
In Yuma 150 men are busy remov
ing the ruins of the flooded buildings
on Main and Gila streets and are also
breaking ground for new structure.
Work has commenced on another
road from Deming to Salt Lake City.
The first spike is driven in the last
issue of the Deming Headlight.
The teachers institute meets to
morrow. A number of teachers from
the adjoining districts came in to-day
and others aro expected totnorrrow.
There is a difference of opinion re
gaining the effect of last night's frost
upon the fruit crop in this vicinity. In
dications point to there being but one
opinion upon that question tomorrow
Guisseppi Maffio, Earl Burns and
J. U-Heatly. died at Bisbee respect
ively on the dates of March 20, 19 and
23. The latter wss a youne man well
known in this section. He was the
advance agent for Billy Bead's shows
last winter and was also local re
porter on the Tucson Star. All of
the deaths were from pneumonia.
Peter Moore, whose ranch is on the
While river, has set eut a few thou
sand grapevines and berries this spring
and reports them as growing finely
under the influence of the warm rains.
He has also taken out a ditch fmrn
tbe river and as there is plenty of
water in it this year, his trees and
vines will get a good start
Harry Carpenter says that he has
tbe cash and al-o instructions to pat
the great pumps of the Yuma Irrigat
ing Company into position and opera
tion. They will pump, be says, 10,000
gallons per minute which means 1,440
COO gallons iu 24 hours. Sentinel.
A Southern Pacific engineering
party commenced work at YumaMon
day and il is hinted that the company
contemplate changing the track
through Araby valley, 'and may leave
the valley entirely and go to tbe mesa
they would then be compelled to go
through Telegraph pass, leaving Gila
City several miles to the north.
Twenty-lwo carloads of cattle pass
ed through Varna bound for CoKon
and Los Angeles, on the 15th. They
were the property of Vail and Co. and
were reported in fine condition.
There am 17 men now employed on
the slag dumps at the Charleston
smelter. Tbey are making money for
the company, in fact they are exceed
ing all expectations.
George Thomas who came in from
the Haacnuca mountains to day, re
I o- s the frost of last night as having
doneno damage to fruit in that section.
The gross earnings of 145 roads for
the month of February 1691 were $33,
4&i&'. 1890, $32,154,992 increase
$1,329,374. From January to Febi
uary 1891, $64,170,647; increase,
Several rettlers have expressed a
desire that the government appoint
Hon Mark Smith tut attorney U repre-
gnt the government Wore the land
court in the settlement of private
land claim- As Mark niiih is one
ol th mos.1 prominent lawyers in
tli territory, and uadcrtanda fully
the requirement Ueceiary for a just
reprcentatiun of the pwpJe in these
cars, it ii to more than iniple justice
to heed the petit'On ul those most
uircciiv tutcis.vcJ. fe.Uicns for thai
purpose will be sprend broadcast, and
without doubt will meet with tho sig
nature of all isttler. NogAlcs Record
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
The forty eight of the famous boat
vaam 1mii tfcA rewa ? Onfrtril and
Cambridge universities was won by a
quarter of a length by Oxfonl. The
ime of the Oxford crew was 22 min
utes. The funeral of Lawrence Barret to k
place this morning from the Windsor
Hotel New York City. The liody was
interred at the Cohaisetbay,
General Joseph E. Johnson died on
Saturday njghl of heart trouble. He
was the last of the confederate full
generals excepting General Beaure
gard. The Standard and Manhattan Oil
cOUipiuif. hT begun s great fight
over shipping fuel oil to manufactur
ers. In order to crush out tlie Man
hattan, the standard has cut the price
of fuel oil to two cents a barrel deliv
ered anywhere.
Hughes won-the six days walking
match in New York.
Secretary Blaine is confined to his
house with La Grippe.
The first game between the Denver
and Chicago ball clubs resulted in
favor of Chicago by the score of 16 to
The city of Philadelphia was caught
for $441,000 by the failure of the Key
stone bank.
In a fight with a burglar at Pitts
burg Saturday night, one detective was
killed, one mortally wounded and two
policemen and a woman seriously
wounded. The burglar escaped.
The Chicago Democratic city con
vention split and put two tickets in
the field.
Senator Allison who was in New
Orleans during the Italian killing .ys
thatlhe Italian government can claim
no indemnity aud get it.
Bruner was found guilty of selling
places on the police force by a com
mittee of bis fellow legislators at Sac
ramento. Tbe trip of the president to Califor
nia is likely to be postponed, if not
abandoned. Its conversation with
California representatives the Presi
dent said that questions of foreign and
domestic policy were becoming so
numerous that he did not see bow it
would be possible for him to leave
Msjor Llewellyn, live stock agent of
the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe
south ofthe Colorado line, has by or
ders and for convenience established
a headquarters agency of tbe road for
New Mexico and Arizona and for
Texas and Mexico via El Paso, in Al
buquerque N. M.
G. G. Coleman of Chicago claims
to have discovered a method of man
ufacturing white lead in such a cheap
quick way that the trust which now
controls the production of that staple
must go to smash
J Curry of the Signal Service has
directed to proceed to Death Valley
and make a minute study of tlie at
mospheric conditions and phenomena.
Tbe signal service has long been en
deavoring to collect statistics regard
ing Death Valley, but on account of
the danger of residence, there was
I never ordered any one lo make an in'
vesligaiion. Curry volunlered.
Perrien, .the wealthy batchelor of
Detroit, who was kidnapped by un
known persons, M later released and
a lowed to go to hiijliorne, but warned
that tbey would $0 after him nxtx
This is his story and ia believed by the
TJ, S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
Several conferences have been held
by a number of northwestern sonatora
in regard to the- Presidency in 1692.
One was ueiil last week in New York
and among those present were Plumb,
Tllr. Klauart. Srisvmor. I'eltioraw
Washburn aud Alex McKcnzie, a
North Dakota Republican leader.
This conference sent a committee to
the city, consisting of Plumb and Mo
Kenzie to consult ith Padddek, Davis
and Hansbroughl of North Dakota at
hich they concluded that the West
had not gained much by President
Harrison and that they would rather
have James G. Blaine as a candidate
The conference concluded to go lo
work without the conncnt of Blaino
to this end. They believe that Blaine
is siucere in his determination to get
Harrison renominated.
The wedding of Miss Grace Fuller
daughter of the chief justice, to Arch
ibald Brown of Chicago, which will
take place shortly after Easier, will
be the chief matrimonial event of the
season in Washington society. There
will be many distinguished people
present from all parts of the country
but especially from Chicago, the for
mer home of the chief justice.
The Bonapatiits leaders, in a series
of interviews published have 'concurred
in a determination to disregard Prince
Napoleon's will and to recognize.
Prince Victor as the legitimate heir to
the throne of France.
Pioneer Establishment.
Hitter Buiftug)
FKAEY & Co.. Managers.
The largest and fiocst stock of Undertaking
Uox!s Id Aniona. We are prepared to do al
work in our line in first daa manner. ALL
Bodies Embalmed
Or temporarily praerrrd at a trifling
onse fix shipment,
Sitis&ction Given in All Respects.
Order8 left at the O. K. Stable
will receive prompt attention.
Brewery Gulch, Bisbee.
Fiest Kiisof feats
Good. Wholesoma Braid
All Kinds of Confectionery,
The patronage of the public is respect
fully solicited. slS
. HEM -
Custom' House Broker
San Pedro Palominas, Sonora-
Street, Legal lu.tr.
General Msrtkndise Store, liwj Stt-
&U, &sii&raii &sd L&gisgs,
- " Wst
nri.il ip "i'7T

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