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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, April 12, 1891, Image 1

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Tswfctftoue. Cecals Count v. Atbeea.
Front. Fnday't Daily.
Re. Nugent xetumeJ tc- lay
Rev. Manjfiyld ha!
hisviil tTueon,
returned from
There are thirty-four civil suit
on the caleud tr, ta be tried at th My
term of court.
During the quarter ending March
Slut the shciitf turned imu the county
lreanry $5,154, collected almost to
a dollar in liwtise.
Frank Bn;iS toummmed 145 jury
man before twelve nen-rould be found
to try the ck& in Justice Johnston's
court lt night.
Since the last quarter three bonds
of Tombstone school district weie
taken up hy th ttM.ttrer, amounting
with interest ti 4I.725.
The defenda t iu ih timber steal
ing case was promptly ciuittd last
night Iy jur-oitiio-eI of Mine of
our in ot iutclligetit and fair uiiuded
The Republican twy that W. H.
Peck and I. N. rYck hare nold o K
IL Upion for-.MW, the wairr location
owned hy them uiue miles east oi
J. O. Sun ford ami two other miner
bare leased llio Richmond ndne hi
Olivscanip foroue vesr wlih on -don
t.f pnrcha-inir for flifOQ. Th
vein U about six inches wide and inns
from 100 tn'loll o ii.cn.
May day will nt lie lorotton hy
Protection Uom Co. No 3. Their
third annual ball will be a pleasant
feature oi the spring opening.
3'mtrrj "1 oltr Ilrnllb.
Cold and moisture combined have
a torporuing eITct upon the bodih
organ and the digestive and secretive
proccww are apt to-be more tardilv
performed iu winter than in the fall.
The came is also true of the escretorj
function. Th bowels are often slog-gii-ii
and the re of the rkin liirow
oft" bjllitll w: tnatUrdt thU !
son. Tim oytiteiii iliejefore, teqnirer
opening up li tie, and xlo nriyin.
and rrgmling. and the sfert, sure
And mint Utorub tonic and altera
live ih-tjn tut ittfor these iirp
m w IIiieWer' Stontr-li Bilterr.
Person m wuh ti ecape the rh-u-mtio
twi , tht dytMtn)4s;i.i!e.
the pnifulli-fi'lmici' ofth IjwhI,
ihUiii'Hi Btlai-tc-, and tho nTVuil
vttfiuiwa ancmim tn at thi tim
yir usiH ! wll ! rinliirrr th-i'
system wiIi thi renowns! tri"geta'
atomnohiran i inrinraut. It improver
the app-tjr-i. iriijcihfim thf it'imanh
cbfw tlijpirit", and renovate th
whole phyriiu.
S-'nll -t i'ritiuli-.
Th? rwiprocity trraty with Mexico
atHil to hn ronrninalrd, places era'
on h Irtvt li.fc Tliia will give Ar
xjttn& ihelieiK-fit of the extentv coa'
Ms of S 'iota and wU giimii'atc
trade. It will make the smelling of
ore a raw-iliiiity at home.
The treaty alo al owa tSe impftrta
tion of aV irtlttt ore fr of duty
wliich will brinz the x tenet ve leail
min! irTiws ihe line, in the tte o'
8owra, witlmr r-arlt of American
capital and jiive to the dry ore of till
section of Arizona a chance !o br
worked ri'bfmt ldpnjo them to .New
Mexico pr C dnrade,
A rcipr-cltv lr-ati.' with 5fnTtJ(i
-will jtrt au ra of prosperity in Kuih
erit Ariton that ilw moivhoiieful of
ut never dream! f,
a Hunch on lftin Instant relief ftr
Rhcumati-tm, every ache. ROUGH
ON GOKX& Liquid lfic Salve 10i-
TheTflflorimpTnIoay hasraicd
one hutrftfvd sacks of jioUUws during
Uift past year, which sold fur .$10 per
aack. Ttey lv heretofore been
Jrfougul frost Cahforota. and pafa
The Pkosi'ectos hopes to see the
constitutional convention made up of
the best and most progressive citi
zens of our Territory, but it does not
wiu to see newpaper men connected
with it. Thay have a duty to perform
I which nil! not permit, thtm to tsie
part in it. To the press of the coun
try ia due the credit of moulding opin
ion On the most irapcrUulqueationsof
day, and to the papers whose editors
are not tied to the practacle part of
politics i accorded the reputation of
doing ihe most good for their commun
Statehood for our territory will
bring capital our way just as it has to
the Northwestern territories which so
recently donned the new dress. Dur
ing tho past year more money has
leen invested iu Wyoming, Idaho
and the two Dakota, than for any five
years together in their history as ter
ritories. Eyes of eastern investors
hae turned toward the, new West
Hundreds of thousands of -dollars have
leen appropriated for public-improvements
in the new states by the gener
al governmsnt. Their renators have
been able to t-bow the advantages of
public improvements and investment
of capital has followed in the
wake of Uncle Sam's recognition of
the ability of these territories to care
for thpinsehrs. Arizona has far more
advantage! hy nature given than any
.to id there new s'ates and her rapid
growth and adancement will be inorr
,iioi)ouiiced than her older aislers.
A Ilenvj- Lee Xult.
The Frepcott Journal Miner says
list J. V, Vickere of Tombstone, has
tild with the clerk of the district
tmrt al Piesicott two complaints of
oiiti agsinrt the liaca land grant
yiidtcate. Geo FThornlon is in one
-.n6 a;ol O B Lewis et al iu the other.
Toe I'uits in question are brought for
the recovery of 4000 as, respective
y from earh nf Iheownersof the above
graul in Yavapai and Mohaiecctintier
at present in the possession of the
Piedmont cattle company and used
by them for a stock range. No stip
ulated value of the land sought is
given in the complaint, neither is any
particular reference made as to piece
or parcel.
From a legal view it will be one
of the most arduous and perplexing
propositions ever brought before the
bar of an Arizona court a care in
short in which title to the land from
the day when John Jfoss had it
staked out in If CI down to the present
lime will be traced.
The annoyance of breaking
lamp-chimneys need not be
Get tough glass chimneys.
Madbeth's ' pearl top " and
" pearl glass ' are tough
against heat; they do not
break, except from accident.
They are also clear, trans
parent, not misty or milky; they
fit and stand upright; shape
and proportions are right to di
rect the draft upon the flame.
They cost a little more than
rough and wrong chimneys of
common glass that break con
00. X, SUCSZVZ ft O.
j Ssa Diego is to have a rnilitxrr
post to cost 11,00000. One thousand
i-oldiers will be stationed there and
1,000 acres oTground is to bi purchas
ed on which to erect buildings.
Scrretary Proctor has recommended
that tip be taken at once to secure
tho land necessary, in the immediate
viuiaity of San Diego.
ISappr IToose rs.
Wm. Timraon, Postmaster of Ida
ville, Indiana, writes: Electria Bit
J tar has dose mors for me than el!
otht-r medicine combined, from ttial
bal feeling ari-ing from Kidney and
l.iver troubles. John Leslie, farmer
and stockman, of same place, says :
"Find Elestnc iUtors to bethebeH
Kidney and Liver medicine, made me
feel like a new man." J, W, Gardner.
hardware merchant, same town, savs:
i c?i...?.. x:.. . :. :.f ,t.. .i.!.. - w
xkh i uiucr jufr wi9 luiilg till
a nun who Is alt run down and don't
care whether b lives or dies ; b.8 fonnd
new streangth. sew appetite and felt
just lite be bad a new Iea on life.
Oolr50cltilc,t J,yoaas'drng-
District court clerk Emauuel re
csived the folloiug lelter yeilerdar,
which will explain itself:
Wiliowdale, Pulaski Co, Ark,
April 6. 1891.
To the county clerk of Cochise Co.
Sib I found a man that has been
murdered in the Arkansas river at this
place and on hs person was fouud a
life policy showing his name to be
Chas Norville, made In favor of Mary
Norvilie, his sitter. Other papers on
his person show that he has lived in
Tombstone Arizona. Please publish
this in your paper and any informa
tion you can giro please give it at
onco, as no one here knows any thing
of his people. His policy shows him
to be 22 years old
Cms Roberts.
Mrs. Michael Curtain. Plsinfield,
1 11., makes the statement that the
caught cold, which settled on her
lungs; the was treated for a month
by her family physician, but grew
wofde. He told her she was a hoplees
victim of consumption aud that no
medicine could cure her. Hir drug
qist suggested Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption ; she bought a
bottle and to her delight found herelf
benefitted from first dose. She con
inucd its use and after taking ten
bottles, found herself well, and now
does her own housework and is as well
is she ever was Free trial bottles of
this Great Discovery at Yonge's Drug
Store, large bottles 50c and ?1.
The Papago Indians are gracing the
streets of Tombstone with their Evr
angelic presence. Their principal cc
cupalios is to sell oll&x and appro
priate cast oir clothing from back
yards and alley-way.
One young squaw, whose only attiro
upon her debut was a G string and
historical three feet of calico, appeared
npon the street yesterday, with a pair
of O K boots, a pair of overalls, which
came loher kneesand a rest buttoned
behind. She was quietly informed by
the health officer that there was au
ordinance against a female promenad
ing in man's clothes, and she reluc
tantly retired to her dressing room
behind a thread worn bandanna hand
kerchief, and slipped --..J calico drc;s
over her head, which satisfied the or
dinance. KOHOVF.lSt'IKTi YFARM.
An old well-tried remedy. Mr?
Winslow Soothing Syrup has been
used for over fifty years by millions of
mothers for their children while teeth
ing, with perfect success. It soothes
the cliildrsoftens the gums, allays 1 11
pain, cures wind colic, and is the best
remedy for Diarrhoea. It is pleasant
to the taste. Sold by Druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cent a bottle. Its value is incalcu
lable. Be sure and ask for Mrs. Win
dow's Soothing Syrup, and take no
other kind.
Uspek the reciprocity treaty now
being formulated with Mexico, cattle
h gs, sheep and horses are to be pla
ced oa the free list
Crown Mill Flour, Fresh Ruck
wheat and Graham Flour and Meal'
juit received at IToefier'.
Veer Chen p.
Most people are apt to say'tChert
nuts" if veryvulgar, "Rata" when
they raad the catch words.
But when theysawa very handsome
woman going alone with tb strange
device "Very Cheap" printed on her
back most people wore surprised, for
to come down to facts the lady was
very dear to a great many, and to Ivsr!
husband priceless, but having gone to
tr .... . t.l y- -t .. ,'
njtKso uj Eee u uurgains auvejiiseu ,
sho fill in with a -ft.00 French bead
ed black cape, so labeled, and Wight
it, paid for it and proceeded to wear it
home, all uneonsoio.ts thst she wA
labeled "very cheap" Do you wonder
tbat we were to Uckltsd that v hv
determined to make that our watch
word. Very cheap U now the genernl
verdict pronounced by all our custo
mer?. Ladies sinned domet flannel
waisU, 65 cts. Ladies ribbed Under!
vesU, 1 Jets., caa't be duplicated for 25 J
cts. .fancy linen effect Isdies wit.
w c Ane cream or tne tin, latlle
waist, rolling collar and cuSi, plotded to purb car manufactures on thir
back And front, made from fine stripe
erp e otb $iQ, 'eif cheapest lot
Thfi following instruments have
been filed in the Recorder's office dur
ing the past week:
Packard Cattle Co: X
T S Williams, two open triangles,
spoon fashion.
Nelly Bly mill site, Tevis district;
A Bussey, George McDonald.
butcher's KECoaD. ,
K. Vandewalker; number of cattle
slaughtered during the month of Mar.,
25 head.
T. D.Williams to P. H. Harrington
horses and wagons to secure $200.
E.H. & E.A. Wiitig to Martin
Coitello; house aud lots, SaEfbrd and
Ninth $ 100.
Mary Tenley Katie Brecn; lot 7,
block 53, ?5.
A. K. P. Saflord to R. Wood ; lots I
2, 3, 4, and 24, block 24, Occidental
Hotel property, ?L
A Bauer: cattle killed during April,
16 head.
as notary public.
J. S. Taylor
A few days a?o while sitting in 1
der Broi' drug store at Tingley, Iowa.
Xfr.T, L. Der a well known citizen,
came in and asked for something for a
revere cold which he had. Mr. Elder
took down a bottle of CliamberlaiuV
Cough Remedy and asid : "Here j.
so nething I can rcccommend. Ii
command a large sle and gives gen
uine sa'isfaction. It it an excellent
preparation and cheap." Mr. Djrr
purchased a bottl aod the next djy
when we saw him he said ho war
much better, and the dav folloninc
appeared to Ins entirely restored. Tli!
is a specimen of the effectiveness ol
this preparation. Des Moines Mail
mid Tunes.
H. Peto, druggist, sells the above
mentioned remedy.
T. Hafselman.El Paao.
K. W. Son, San Francisco.
Wm Sliillism, Benson; A S Church
Kansas; Otto Poling, San Franciisco.
S Braanhart, San Francisco; O
Noyes, river; J H Grady, Turquois.
A. Sadler, San Francisco.
H. Smith, Ranch.
W. A.Fiege, Irving, Kanra.
Ining Jones. Phil Tiar, Chicago.
T Henry Tucson : J Pitken, Denver.
A. D. Whilcon, Los Angele.
A. K. Waildell, Bisbee.
B. F. McGce, Washington.
T Webster, L Goldwater, Benson,
Cal Glenn ;M Lady, Ft Huachuca.
D M Mickols. F N Layton, Honora;
E S Bailey & wife City ; Dr Moore- Bis
Wm Heyne, Palominas.
W H Johnson, St Louis; H Arnhold
San Fraucwco; O Fxiedburg, StLoui.
J. W. Easter, Oakland.
F" E. Billene, Albuquerque.
G T Exlon, P J Dclehante, J C
Prerlon. Benson.
E T Walker Phenlx; Mrs Christesa
Sim Frneijfio; Gus Hey man, S F.
I,ot or Kiotest.
Check number 2883, ou th? Bank of
California, drawn in favor of W. P.
Shanley for $S2.o0 end dated March
0 TO I T. I. .1.1 - .
-iv " a h hujuhcw, as payment
has been stopped,
this offlee.
Pleae leave
f."r Itftnf,
Famished house-o' five rooms and
uth'. Apply ur
J.Mvxne & Bao.
Two keys on s ring;onea poet-office
o iue oiuer a lawn Key, - Also a
pair of jpeetacles. Pleaselcavc at thU
office. 1 w
Salbihas An enerwtie wan want
nd. One of ur agents earned
OOlMtyear. Addrs. P. 0. Box
News of Importance From al'
Parts of-the World.
And Condensed Into Facts
Without Comments.
Omaha, Neb. D E. Kimbell ticket
agent for the Northwestern road shot
and killed himeelf this morning while
in a ttukisli bath room. No cause is
New Okleams. Both Bowen and
Meyer posted 5500 forfeit to-day to
guarantee their appearance in tho
Olympic club ring May 19th at 2 a. m.
sharp, weighing not over 134 pounds.
The men have gone into training.
Kassas City. The Kansas City
Picking Company, which failed List
November and which has since been
reorganized with a capital stock cf
f.2,000,000 and ia now styled "The
Phenix Packing Company" resumed
active operation yesterday.
Chicago The new city council,
nearly as possible to ascertain, stands
as follows: Republicans 23; democrat?
13; independent 1.
Chicago A special from Cleveland
Oliio says:
Tho announcement was made yes
terday at the annual conference ol
Latter Day Saints that Apostle Josepl
Dull" and possibly another togther will
other missionaries, will in all proba
bi'ity be sent to work upon the Utah
Mormons, to persuade them to return
to their original faith which is held bv
the reorganized church. Apostle Dufl
says also that polygamy ia conducive
to immorality aud vice.
New York The first of the survey
ing parties for the international rail
way between North and South Amer
ica will sail from this city for Equadoi
tomorrow.' The parly win be under
die supervision of Lieutenant Shunla,
of the engineer corps. Upon rr ach
ing Equador, the party will divide one
half going south and tho other goinr
Chicago The official canvass ot
the votes in the late election began
vcaterday afternoon and it ia expected
the work will not be completed inride
of a week. Both the republicans and
democrats continue to claim the elec
tion of their respective candidate for
Mayor and until the official canva i;
finished it will bc-ira possible to declare
positively who is elected.
In New Yoik to-day silver was
quoted at 97 , lead, 4.35; and cop
per, $13.60
Highest of all in Leavening Power, Latest U. S. Sov't Report
aJFIk - Kg W&L S 9
aRR ?, " $ S?SP fei" l j M3 B
. sm iQ
WasHikotos Baron Fava Uie
"withdrawn" minister of Italy, shook
the dust of Washington from hi feet
yesterday and departed for New York,"
where he intends failing for Italy.
The fact that the Baron Fava was to
Ieave,town yesterday was kept secret
from all but members of tho diplo-
matic corps.
- New York The Baroa Fava arriv
ed without accident and crowed from
Jersey City by the Des Broces street
ferry. He went to the Victoria Hotel
but did not register. At bis request
the clerks declined to send cards to
him and even said he was not here.
His bearing certainly indicated con
siderable depression. He has a suite .
of several rooms which ho will retain
until Saturday, when hr will sail prob
ably by the French steamer.
Albuquerque. Passengers on No 1
which arrived in this city yesterday
noon brought the intelligence of a
sand storm which raged with unusual
violence at Winslow A. T. on Tuesday.
The air was filled with sand o
that it was almost impossible to see.
Crrr of Mexico Hie 500 Chinese,
imported into Tehuantepec by Mr.
Salvador Main to work on his railroad
-outract are gradually dispersing ia
ill directions. Some of them have
vandered up to Chipas, some to Oax
ica and now 2S nro reported to- hav
eached as far north as Talacoltapam;
last south of Vera Cruz, whereS3ey..
'vere promptly engaged by a sugar
,!.inler to work in his cano fields. It
i raid Mr. Malo excepts another ship
ment o 600 to arrive in a few weeks.
Washisotos. The report pnblish
l by the Atlanta Constitution that
Mr. Mills no longer in the race for
he speakership of the next house and
hat be h-ts arranged to throw hia
itrength to a northern democrat in
rdcr to defeat Crisp, cf Georgia, is
indignantly denied by his friends. .
ftueUlen-M Arnica stalTe,
The Bear Salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises. Sores. Ulcers, "'Salf
Rheum, Fever Sores, Chapped Hands,
Xiflblsins, Corns, aud all Skin Una p
t.ons, and poeitiveiy cures Piles, or so
y required. It ia guaranteed to giva
xjrfect satisfaction, or money refund
d. Price 2J ecuts per hot. For sal
y J. Yonge.
Tbc Starjr of m Fsmovi D?l,
Without doubt tbo most tragie'tfsat
ever fougbt ia the vicinity of New
York City was the deadly contest be
tween Alexander Hamilton and Aanm
Burr. Historic as it is, stories not gives
in the bocks are being retailed about it
Fits Green Washington, a great-grand-uophow
of tSo father of Ma country,
has au account of tn.e affair front his
grandfather, Capi&Sn Fit: Hughes. The
CaDWn learned after the start whers
the fighting ground bad been located,
and was rowed across the North river by
a coupte of slaves. When he arrived
the antagonists had taken positions.
Hamilton aud Barr were to fire'Wlcs.
or ttrics. At the word of command
Hamilton fired at Burr and Tiurr fired
in the atr. At the sscond firing Hamil
ton fired in the air and Uarr shot Ham
ilton. Haraittsa thought Burr tnemat
to kill him, an bo rnfeant to HJ1 Burr,
but when be saw Who discharge In tbs
air ho ea&Bged hia f antics, as did Burr,
ancl with fatal resells. TbUU&aidtc
be tie true history of the duel foasl
Vf Uwaa two great taes.
" "
a i v
ot Je-yia town.
137LKyk. v,-Vy
Xcr' J
'Wfc -. '2&&&t
)JHlfar "f3l..-irrJCaB
i W"-:
5,11s i WiSrimu,
-"-rtJ2E- J
juty ci i f cou per pounu. ttors.
" K

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