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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, July 05, 1891, Image 8

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Arlmnu A: Soulltcunlern
Time Card.
11. K
Bisbee 7.00 jn
Fairbank 9.00 a.m.
Fsirbank 10.00 a. in. Bisbev 12.30 n'n
Daily, extent Sunday.
fPacific tin'"-
. Ben Williams, Supl.
Mcual Ser Ice.
The following is the range ol the
thermometer for the 24 hour ending
3 o'clock p. m. July 3
Maximum SWa
Minimum 71
The brand of V D Martinet of Gen
oa Wis recorded today.
Ligo Connor is on the street again.
Hid fine was paid lint night.
A. Bauer shipped one trainload of
cattle, and not two, to Kansas Oily,
last month.
The raffle for the harness at Pattou's
will take place at 3 o'clock on Satur
day afternoon. j2-2t
A Joerger came in today from his
mountain brewery in the Huachuca
mountain, bringing a large load of
bottled beer.
Will Bayless. formerly of Tomb
stone, is matched to run a hundred
yard at Prescott to-tiiorrovv.
San Diego is getting worked up
over the possibility of getting cheap
coal from the Sotiora coal fields.
The table at the Can Can will bo
supplied to-morrow with every good
thing that can be had on the coast.
Judge Berry and wife have gone to
San Diego and will remain there a
month or o before returning to
Unless more care is giver, to the
hair, the coming man is liable to be a
hairless animal, hence, to prevent the
hair froai falling, use Hall's Hair Ite-
The report is in Tucson that Col
"Wier of the Salero mines has made a
million dollars in New York this sum
mer on a mining deal.
Choice, fat chickens, fresh fruit oi
all kinds and ice cream win be but a
small part of the bill of fare at the
Can Can to-morrow and Sunday.
Caesar's famous "Veni, vidi, rici,"
I came, I saw, I conquered might be
an appropriate motto for Ayera Sarsa'
parilla. We charge nothing fortne
suggestion. This great blood purifier
conquers wherever it cornea and is
now absolutely wi.hout equal in the
Visitors should remember that there
is a spot in town that is cool and com
fortable in the hottest day; it i the
Can Can restaurant.
Allen English asked today for a
leave of absence for sixty days. He
will visit bis parents in California.
His father is SO years of age and he
has not seen him in ten years.
As an Emergency Medicine, for sud
den colds, Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral
take the lead of all remedies, a dote
or two generally sufficing t" stop or
dinary coughs and ease the worst.
For the cure of throat and lung disor
ders, this preparation ia unequalled.
Another old timer has been heard
of. The Lower Californian, among
other notes of interest from Alamo
says that Dan Ieuch is burning 70,000
brick and will build the best house in
town, on his lot between rrencliya
saloon and Tom West's shop.
ltIT lz II
noM Baking
Used in Millions of Homes
Council iititr. I oiru:i,ti. i:i:iMicr.
The City cotmcil met last night foronii- Ilnri JrSii.t-rvl..r- t
the first time in ihtir new quarters in
the Heconlers oourl room on the low
er floor of the city hall. Councilman
Hare was the only absent member.
The reports of the Officers were re
ceived and died. A few bills were
presented mid referred to the finance
committee and the following bills
were allowed and warrants ordered
drawn on the Salary fund :
C H & T Co, oil . .
S 1 Hart, keys . .
A H Emanuel, minute book
A H Emanuel, court costs
f I DO
1 75
12 00
IS 00
E Utcs, s.ipplies C
1' A AtchUon, repairs 7
B Winston, repairs .... 1 00
The bill of the ft uachuca Water Co
$H and the City Water Co fl were
ordered paid by warrauts on the gen
eral fund.
The clerk was instructed to adver
tise the notice to taxpayers of time
when taxes become delinquent and
the council adjourned.
IrrVon liuerenteri?
The following frank statement from
J. E. Hare of Trenton, Texas, will ie
of interst to many of our citizens.
"My little boy was ery bad off for
two mouths with diarrhcea. We ued
various mediant, p, also called in two
doctors but nothing did him anj
good until we used Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Disrrlueu Remedy,
which gave immediate relief and eoors
cured him. I consider it the brtt med
iciue made aud cn conscientiously
reco-nmenil it to nil who need a diar
rhaa or colic medicine. For sale by
H.J. Pkto.
Ijibr ."- .
Wm. Bartholmew returned today
ftotn San Joi-e. He bring additional
information frnm the desert lake. He
cmie through there nii;ht before last
and states that the theory that the
water comes from the Colorado River
is scouted there and the facts are be
coming plain that the water i from
the Gulf of California. The water is
ri-ing slowly from day to day nnd a
watch of its action shows that it rises
and falls with a continual wave ir otinn
which is conidered nothing more or
les- than the tide. The water now
contains 25 per cent call. A tailloat
is pro'pecting the lake, but without
any discovery as ye- The theory is
strengthened by the fct thftt the Col
. rado is still rising above and at Yuma
which would not be the case if the
water came from the river. Old timers
atserst that if this vat body of water
had come from the river that the river
would have run dry in 21 hour after
the fiwi fign of water made its ap
pearance. FniuiVKKPiKr vkaiin,
An old well-tried remedy. Mr
Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been
used for over fifty years by millions of
mothers for their children vhile teeth
ing, with perff-ct success. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays rh
pain, cures wind colic, aud is the best
remedy for Diarrhoea. It is pleasant
to the taste. Sold by Druggists in
every part of the world. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. Its value is incalcu
lable. Be sure and ask for Mrs. Win
slov's Soothing Syrup, and take no
olhf r kind,
Profesor Church, formerly of the
T. M. AM. Co of this camp, lias re
turned to the United States after sev
jears residence in China.
The Atchison, Topeka & Santa FefL programme:
company began on Jan. 1st a new
system of makinA payments to its sta
tion agents by allowing them commis
eions on ticket sales instead of giving
them stated salaries. This plan, though
not in operation long enough to de
termine its actual merit is said to be
quite successful, inasmuch as it offers
nirents the inducement to secure in
I crea-ed business.
40 Years tie Standard.
." Iil Count.
. July, 2d, 1691.
10 o'clock a. m.
Present Supervisors John Montgom
ery and fccott White.
By un u i unions vote the following
claims were allowed and warrants on
the expellee fund ordered drawn :
S W Ice Co.. ice . $ 20 85
E Sdow. jury ervi(e
1) I, Bruner, constable fees.
R A Allred, justice fees. . . .
G W Huse, mediral service
A N IS ray, constable fees....
C It Kelton, sheriff's fees-
Jacob low man. constable f es
" " jailor
" " sanitary fees.
II E Penny, justice fees. .
M CoUllo, jury cert
If F Williams, drugs
P B Watnekros, jury cert
I, A llolsladt, interpreting.
C G Jobnxton. piMice fees .
G W Baker
P B Warnekrts, supplies.
Pete Hook, jury cert ....
F E Cadwell, constable fees..
Frank Ityan, peace officer. .
10 00
71 50
7 10
o0 00
220 05
1119 42
to U)
3U 00
52 00
43 15
7C5 20
1 50
21 00
4 00
53 5
25 75
147 55
135 00
237 45
37 75
49 10
30 00
10 00
49 20
It A Allred, justice fees
E Sjdow, rupplies indigent
Alex Dufward.jury cert
Wm. Ohnesorgcn, jiilice fees
Whitney & Whitehead, meals
to prisoners
L Graham, constable fees
S C Perrin justice feea . . .
C E Frederick, repairs
W F Bradley, recotding. ...
By unanimous vote the board
25 80
17 50
52 50
54 00
4 SO
recess to 2 o'clock p. m.
2 o'clock.
Ordered that the county treasurer
be aud i hereby instructed to cloi-e
accounts with the general, salary and
contingent funds by transferring from
the said funds to the county expense
fund all balances now therein and to
hereafter place to the credit of the
said expense fund, all moneys coining
into Iii hands under any appropria
tion for said general salary and contin
gent funds until further ordered by
this board.
Whereupon the board by unani
mous vote resolved i self into a board
ot equalization and adjourned to 10
o'clock a. m. July 3.
There being no further business be
fore the board it adjourned to meet at
10 o'clock a. m. July 3d, 1691.
Scorr White. Chairman pro tern.
W D. Monmomer,
Do You See The Pointf
Here it is I
You coins to our store.
You buy of our goods ;
You buy very low;
You get good values.
You are not satisfied,
Yon get your money back.
Men's Hats, Shoes, Shirts, Under
wear aud Socks 'are now going at a
ratn that gives competitors the head
ache. Come and see us,
j2-2t 'ew York Stock.
CtontMlJulf- Jtu.
The barber shops will be closed
prouij tly at 1 p m. on July 4th.
J. B. Miako
Bex Baeos
The last song service for the sum
mer in the Methodist church, will be
held Sunday night, July 5th. com
mencing at 8 o'clock. The following
oong Cy the congregation,
Prayer Rev. F. W. Downs.
Song By Sunday School.
Recitation Willie Smith.
Quartette By choir.
Duett Mrs. Kieke and Miss Rafferty.
Responsive reading
Song.. By audience.
Duett. . Miss Howell and .Miss Roath.
Solo..., Miss Nettie Rafferty
Anthem ...By choir
Duet. . ..Mrs. Downs and Miss Roath
Short address on secular and
inns education.
Horklfus Aruira Halrn.
Thb Bust. Sz,t in the world for
Cuts, Braises. Sores. Ulcers, Salt
Rbenm, Fever Sores, Chapped Hand,
Gbilblatns. Corns, aud !l Skin Ernp
t.oo, and positively euros Piles, or no
p-ty required. It ia guaranteed to give
j-erlect satiafaction, or money refund
d. Prioa 5 cents per box. Fcr ale
Ly J.Yooga.
Ilrancht K Out.
The San Diego Union is ntitliril
for the statement that the lilizeus
who went to Los Angeles last week to
assist in perfecting plans for the Am
ericau Colored Men' Mexican Coloni
zalion company, report that the pa
pers were signed on Thursday for the
first 100.000 acres of land. G. Audrd
of San Fracisco, who was accompanied
by his attorney, turned over the patent
to his tract, beginning on the rwi.oru
side of the Gulf of California, soiiu
twenty miles below Yuma, and wlieie
a remnant of Ce Lerdo colony, tuuu
ded by the former owner, still re
mains. The papers were also signed for n
second 100,000 acre tract adj- iintig, to
be purchased it year from now on the
same liberal terms. The attorney (or
the company was given sixty days in
?:&: to c-.aUc investigation o: tnc
title at the City of Mexico, aud if this
is satisfactory, the work of colonizing
will at once begin. There were about
sixty colored men at the subsequent
meeting, and the eastern delegates
said that the people of their race in
both Mississippi and Tennessee weie
most anxious for the fugira.
The l'ulplt and nucr.
lUr. F. M. hhr.iut. put ir United Sum
Brnli rn Chorea, Bin Xjtud Kaa., ijr -l
f-rl tt m, dily t tll w fcat w nd?r Dr Klaj".
New Dierovery hat done for me Mj luag
were badly d!icd, and nit pjrlstilooer
thouebt I ould lire only a ftw weeks. 1
took Are bottles of Dr Kl g's New Discor
er; and am ooadt and well, a I'M
in weight.-
Arthur Love, manager Lute's Funny FolW
Combination, writes "After a thorough
tri.l and cuvlncini; erMence, I am cents
de it Ilr Klrg's New DiTerj f r Con
suuipiltui beats 'em jll, and cure when
eTervtbini; ele falls The greitettklnauest
t can do my m.ny ILoutand frlendt Is to
nr.e them to try IL" Free trial bol le at
Yoi.ge s Drujj Store, Rsular ilzes Solent
Col. Herring will delher the oration
to-morrow at Bisbee. From Bisbeee
thewilonel will go to southern Califor
nia to enjoy the sea breeze with his
daughters, Miss Sarah and Miss Ber
i ha, at Redondo beach.
Our .lclil Onlj.
On Thursday uight July 9th, the
Bijou Dramatic Co. of this city, will
produce, for the benefit of the ceme
tery, that ever popular drama, Field
ing Manor, or the False Friend, with
the following 019 1 of characters:
Lucien Glvbe (an adventurer).
Dr. C. P. Gillespie.
Cuthbert Fielding (the lost heir)
Dan Hcnuessy.
Cyril Garland, a (subaltern)
Ralph Smith.
General Stanley M. Henessy
Abertroinbie Cuurtwell (in loe with
Rebecca Fred Storer.
Andrew (a servant) John Blewitt.
Bailiff Leon Aubrey.
Edith Fieldino (the heiress)
Kate Walsh.
Nina Cliauncey (a divorced wife)
Nellie Yaple.
Lady Ogden (a baroness)
Xettie Rafferty.
Rebecca Stanley (sweet on Abbie)
Nellie Walsh.
Eugenia Maitland i of uncertain
Margaretla Maitland ( ago.
Kitty Rafferty and Edith Stowe.
If the object is laudable give us a
good bouse
Tickets for sale by the cemetery
committee. Reserved seat plat at Ya
pie's. It-served seats 75c. General
admission 50. Children 25c.
The decorations for the 4th are very
elaborate and are being generally dis
played throughout the city. Abojt
thirty men will come over from the
pmi. to see the sights and play ball.
The Engine Cu's ball at the 3chief
felin ball in the evening and many
private displays of fireworks will not
make the day a lifeless one.
The Plrat NympluniaorDeath.
Tired feeling, dull headache, paiu
u various parts of the body, sinking
at the pit of the stomach, loss of appe
tite, feverishness, pimples or sores, ant
all positive evidence of poisoned
blood. No matter how it became pois
oned it must be purified to avoid
death. Dr. Acker's English Blood El
ixir has never failed to remove scro
fulous or syphilitic poison. Sold un
der a positive guarranWt.
Warn hit. -AiteuU ii c Economy
rue Burmr. CneupuiJ best o the Liu
the market Addteta P. O. Box Sj
uoiha, Neo,
Clixircli IVoticow.
M. K. Clitirt-U
Rev. F. W. Downs, pastor. Service
Sunday at 11 a. in. and 7 -45 p. m
Sunday School at 12 in.
Morning subject, "Sabbath Desecra
tion." In the evening tho s.-ng ser-
All are invited to attend
Do von want io save from 25 to 50
c nts on ever dollar jtn peiid II
. write torotir Mammolh illiistratet
citalogut', containing lowest inunu--
ureis' prices of groceries, drj gootl
iil and shoe, clothing, hardware,
iriculiuntl iniplemeuls etc. Mailed
I receipt of 20 cents for po-lage
UllIOAOU (iKNKItAl. Sri-fl.V Co,
17 Van Bnreii. t
"I hear yoa Intend cans'sg your !!
paper The Record, Faber?'
"I had thought of that name with
favor. Pennibus."
"Don't do it, I implore you
"The record is so easily broken now.'
-ilunsey's Weekly.
Not Much r Jti K-ror
Sometimes a typographical error adds
zest, as one "local. which besran: "Dr.
Smith, who is widely known as one of
the most klllful of our physicians." the
"s" having disappeared, with the usual
depravity of Inanimate things or shall
we say with a divination of the truth
wholly unusual?
T1ilr t se.
Mrs. Fanple (looking up from the
paper)- -I wonder what air brakes are
ased for?
Mrs. Dene Tostop wfnd-mllls, Isup
oose. West Shore.
Tbe Flower or Europe.
' Of the 4.200 klnda of flowers which
trrow In Europe, only 420 are odorifer
ous. The white flower is the most
common, there being 1.194 kinds of that
color. Less than one-fltth of these aro
fragrant Of the 951 kinds of yellow
flowers 77 are odoriferous; of the 83
red kinds, SI; of the SOS violet-blue
kinds 13. Of the 140 kin-i with com
bined colors. 23 are f raerant.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Notice is hereby given that
the taxes on all property, both
reel and personal, contained
and situate within the corpor
ate limits of the city of Tomb
stone for the fiscal year 1891
are now due, and payable to
me at my office in the City
Hall. And that said taxes
will become delinquentonand
after the 25th day of July,
1891, after which a penalty of
five per cent will be added.
Ex-Officio Tax Collector.
July 3. 1891.
DKor-osALs fob roHAGE Headmjar-
ters department of Arizona, Office of
the Chief Quartermaster Los Angeles,
Cal. July 2, 1891 Sealed propolis,
will be received at this office and at
the offices of the Quartermasters at
each of the stations below named
until 1 1 o'clock a. m on Tuesday August 4,
I39I and opened immediately thereafter
in the presenceof bidders, for ihefurmsh
m and delivery of forage t Mil
itary sta'ions in the Depart
ment of Arizona as follows; Fons Apt
cha, Bnwie.Grant, Huachuca and Thomat
ind San Carloi, and Whipole Barrack
A. T; Los Angele and Sin Diego
Btrracks.CaS,and Forti Bavard.and Win
gate N. M . Preference given to articles
of domestic production and manufacture,
conditions of price and quality being
equal,and such preference given to articles
of American production and manufacture
produced on the Pacific Coast to the ex
tern of the consumption requited by the
public service there. Proposals for either
clasj of the soppl-es mentioned, or for
quntitieless than the whole required, or
fir delivery of the supplies at pomtsother
tnan tbo above named will be enter
tained. Specifications, general instruc
tions to bidders and blank form of pro
p sal will be furnished on application to
this office ortotbe Quutermatersat any
of the stations named above. A. ;
KIM BALL, Quartermaster, U. S. Army,
Chief Quar'ermajter.
PH! u 1 FatfUn Car toe MltkZ
tl.-., V..1. ....
IWiUMthv Saall. )Uu.
t ul a f.TrlU IU tk:
U(Im. Sold la Iaclu4 for U.S
UfL,taaer!sm(orSS& Ott-
UMm frem jomr Drvsisb r
m4 1 w. h. Hooixa a ro ;
W tnhn, X.w T.
! Pimples, Headaches, Loss of:
Sleep, a Weary Feeling, Pains In
Body or Limbs, Want of Appetite, :
Eruptions. If you surfer fromj
: any of these symptoms, take j
! bLiiiilij
IWHY? Becan Your Blood If Imputi I :
llave you ever nsea mercarrr u m.;
sill feel the ttfecU of It? We need n'
telt you that you require a blood med Icine, i
, lOeai'Ure livoiuiu iruiu luc Biicr riirvi ,
Uaelur AiSiri. EiislScn ilinad.
!lllxlr Is the only known medicine tt ti
! ill thorouehle eradicate tlie poison from 2
!tbe aystem. Get it from your dmeeist,;
;or write to W. H. HOOKER &. CO.!
! 40 West Broadway, Mew York.
F.taaa ..,."
Just received a new invoic- of
Choice old Port, Five year old Zioiao
del, Sherry and Angelica wines. A1m
finest brand- of fam"y liquors at
All persons desirous of having extra
care taken of ground in the cemetary,
can have the same attended to by
arranging with the seiton. Thomas
Tunny. t
Fare to Uisbee via Engle's stage line
reducedto2.50. nl4vf
Crown Mills Flour, Fresh Buck
wheat and Graham Flour and Meals
just received at Hostler's.
Call and examine the xplundid as
sortment of Straw Hata for Ladies
Gentlemen, Boys and Children, which
are offered at eastern prices at the
store of Pam. B. Waknekros
Fresh garden and flower seeds, El
Paso onion need and alfalfa seed at
Wolco tt's 11
Mo! Fur IIIlee ! !
Ik A. .Bugle in now running a fast
two-horse rig between Tombstone nd
UWbje. leaving To nbuou j a" 7 30
m. ."Motuiaya, Wednesdays and Fridays
and Bisbee on alternate days, at same
hour. Orders for passage or freight
to be left at store of Geo. H. Fitu
Tombstone. Office at Bisbee at
l-ang'tdr tfor , ,. t-f.922
Choice branus 01 butter and cbeew
at Hoerfer's the pioneer grocer. onFra
moot and Fifth atTtrn n2
Cut flowers for sale for all occasio ns
atBratich's nursery cor. 2d and Fulton
streets. Orders from the country w ill
receive prompt attention.
Lost $20 reward The above rt-JJ
ward will be paid forthe return ola
cluster diamond ring. 13 diamonds, tc
this office. ml3tf
Mnutnl. S
A chance in a lifetime for active
ladies and gentlemen to secure a very
pleasant and profitable business.
Address with 2-ct. stamp, CONSOLI
DATED SHOE CO., Salem Mas?.
ICoot Itrrr.
A cool healtnful drink for summer
No alcohol ; no spirits; entirely vege
table. Manufactured by H. W. IIa
selgren. and delivered to any part of
the city at $1.50 per dozen.
tiT"Vhen same bottles are returned?
an allowance of 25c per dozen will he
be made. Orders by ottai card will
receive prompt attention.
Orders left at depot on Fremont si
near Fifth or by postal card will re.
ceie prompt attention.
Alfalfa, Timothy, and Espereette
sed. Warranted pure at-
Finest new potatoes and onions at
HocflerV tf.
Choice California cheese and Hol
nd Herring afleerV tf
Four good horses for nale; will nile-
and drive. Address J. PAfcnoLV
I rn. Fort Huachuca.
Mrs Galleu baa moved herrailliuary
and dress making establishment from
Fremont street to the spacious apart
ments adjoining Well's Fargo & Co'a
office on Fifth street, where she will be
pleased to see the ladiea of Tomb
icneacd vicinity. St!
' I

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