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Get up and do something.
Thk lielief is growing that the Sail
on lake has changed our climate.
The practice of carrying firearms in
the city limits should be stopped.
The Pheuiz Herald and Arizona
Republican are funding the territorial
Uncle Sam might send one of those
balloon dynamiter down this way just
now without hurting people's feelings.
The free fight indulged in at San
Diego by sailors and civilians makes
lively reading. The only wonder is
that it should not have been made to
read as having occurred in Arizona.
John Wannamaker is being weighed
in the scales. Deming Headlight.
That accounts tor his fishy story
about his connection with the Key
stone bank.
When the 17. S. army begins to de
fend the Indian policy of the govern
ment, it's treading on dangerous
ground. It may be the means though
of ventilating some of the choicest
chains of rascality unpublished and
Thk total valuotion of taxable prop
erty in Cochise county this year will
be up to that of lat-t year aud probab
ly exceed it by $10,000. The valuation
of property in Los Angeles county
last year fell ofl about $400,000.
The report that the Standard Oil Co.
had purchased the Southern Pacific is
denied by the latter company. Rocke
feller says that if they won't sell, he
will build a new line across the U. S.
ust to play with.
Another scientific exploration of
Mexico is about to be made by an
American society. If they happen to
meet with the Luraholz party we
may expect to hear of the battle of a
the bughunters Scientists are mot
jealous of each other and have been
known to fight over the possession of
horned toad, just as though Arizona
was not full of them.
The idea of sending tlio product of
the tin mines of southern California to
St. Louis to be manufactured into cof
fee pots and milk pans, instead of to
Saa Francisco, is about equivalent to
Arizona drawing her supplies of pro
duce from Kansas and Missouri. The
California people are not a whit smart
er than we'ems.
The Star pays the last board of su
pervisors, H. G. Howe, and the tax
payers who paid for it, the following
compliment: "The handsomest and
most convenient map in the territory
is that of Cochise county, a copy of
which may be seen in the office of
the county recorder. Our supervisor
should follow the example of our
neighboring little county and hare a
map of this county made at once."
The San Pedro river has a water
shed 25x23 miles in Sonora Mexico,
and in Coohise county a water ibed
of 25 miles in width by SO miles in
length or a total including Mexico of
25xl0S miles or 2,700 square miles of
which 2000 square miles are in Co
chise county, which waters flow
through Cochise county.
The Sweetwater dam in San Diego
county holds back enough storage
water to irrigate 100,000 acres of land.
The projectors of this enterprise sell
water to farmers at $3.50 per acre per
year. It is considered one of the mot
remunerative investments yet made
iu southern California. Such an en
terprise would be even more profitable
in Cochise county than in California.
The supervisors of Yavapai have
been overhauling the county records
and have discovered thousands upon
thousands of uncancelled mortgages
on record which have not been record
ed in the assessment rolL Parties in
whose favor these mortgages have
been made, will be invited to attend a
session of the board and explain why
they have not been reported to the
assessor. In fact the board has asked
for legal advice, to ascertain whether
an action for perjury may not hold
against parties who have sworn to
their assessments where such omission
have been made. Journal Miner.
VCn&i dot it all mean anyway
Agents Wanted. Free prepaid
outfit to energetic men. Several of
onr salesmen have earned from 470 to
f 100 a week for years past, P. O. bor
1371, Xew York. G-22-3t
New York The ntptha launch'
iCthela, in charge of Captain White
left East Rockaway ydsterday for a
day's fishing. Late in the afternoon
Captain White was found clinging to
a buoy and rescued. He said there
had been an explosion on the launch
which had sunk her And he believed
that his four companions hau been
Utica X Y S. C. Stark &. Co bank
ers at Ouedia. X. Y. have failed for a
large sum. The figures are now
placed at 1220,000. This may be too
large, but the amount is somen here
near that figure.
Paris -While President Carnot was
opening u new avenue today, a mad
man rushed toward his carriage and
fired a pistol at him. The man was
arrested. The president was not
PlTTeBUKO A special from Scran
ton, Pennsylvania, says: General
Master Workman Powderly, of the
Knights of Labor, now at his home in
this city, has forwarded to Governor
Patlisou, his declination of his aje
pointn ent as one of the world's fair
Citv of Mexico Advices from
Guatemala cyo . Information hs
been received from (juczallango to the
effect that the mountains are full of
discontented men who are organizing
for war. Revolutionary proclamations
are plenty. The outbreaks so far are
unimportant, as the rebels are not
united, but a union will be effected.
Pre.-ident Barillos is sending troops to
A dispatch from San Jose. Costa
Rica says :
Reciprocity with the United States
is considered neceneary and all con
cessions asked for will be granted
Costa Rica will send a good exhibit to
the Chicago fair, as she expects the
United Stairs to be the consumer of
all her products.
Aspen The victims of the railroad
accident of Saturday night are : Mr
and Mrs. A. IJ. Rogers of Woody, Col ;
Miss Annie Phelan of Carditr, Col.
aged 17 years; Mrs. W Willoby of
Glen wood ; Colonel and Mrs John G
Baldwin ofGlenwood Col; Mrs r" Ellis
and baby of A?pcn Colorado. Several
more arepajt recovery.
Xew Yoke A Bar Harbor special
to the Tribune says Secretary Blaine
had a bad turn Sunday afternoon It
nas about two weeks since he had
been furiously affected by any of the
sudden attacks of his malady, nervous
dyspepsia, and almost within half an
hour tfter the first news came from
Sun wood, hundreds of people thiong
ed the street anxiously listening for
the latest news. Mr. Blaine's coach
man came down the street, but he
would not stop, and hurried to the
house of Dr. Taylor. The physician
went to Stan wood. The weather has
been sultry and wtrrn aud rumor say
that Mr. Blaine had just sat down to a
late luncheon when he had an attack.
lie was helped to his couch and in a
short time grew better and talked
some. He himself declared, so it is
said, that the heat was too mnch for
him, that he had on too much woolen
clothing for the rise in temperature.
He did not drive yesterday.
Bab Harbor The Associated Press
correspondent conversed with Secre
tary Blaine for a few minutes this
morning. '! am as well as usual to
day," he said. "The sensational re
ports about my health sent to the
press all over the country are lies. I
am not a sick man. They have mag
nified a slight illness into something
very serious. I am taking no medi
cine whatever, I go out everyday
and often twice a day. I have a good
appetite and eat whatever I desire. I
rite at 8 o'clock and retire at 10 or II.
in short l live in ray usual manner.
There is nothing mere to ay.
Dexter, Col. The trunk of a well
developed man with head and four
limbs gone, was found yesterday in a
channel of the Platte river, about ten
miles below the city and about two
miles below the mouth of Clear Creek.
It is supposed by many that he was a
victim of assassination by highbinders.
Kansas Citv A Star special from
Omaha, Nebraska, says : The Omaha
Base Ball club of the Western Associ
ation disbanded this morniug. It is
said that the owner of the club, Mr.
McConmck, has lust $2,000 already
this reason, and the citizens of Omaho
hae refused to guarantee $4,000,
which sum is necessary to complete
the season. The players will join the
American Association clubs.
Toi'EKA The democratic editors,
who have been holding a meeting
here, hae decided to prepare an ad
dress to the people of Kansas and al
so warn lhe democrats of the nation
agoinst the Farmer's Alliance. A
committee was appointed to draft an
addres and aud another meeting pro
vided for July 27, at which time the
committee will report. Iu the mean
while the democratic editors will be
gin a systematic and determined war
faro on the alliance.
Los Angeles United Stales Dis
trict Attorney Cole has just returned
from a trip to San Diego. Mr. Cole
has received adico from Washington
stating that the Itata cannot be re
leased on bail and citing him .n au
thority. San Diego The only now feature
which developed iu the Itata affair to
day, was the service this afernoon of
new papers by Marshal Hard by which
formal seizure is made of the cargo of
the Itata. The document specifies
that he shall take possession of 2,000
caes of rifle ammunition, including
2,000,000 rounds of cartridges, 250
ca-es of rifles and 5,000 bayonets in
cases. The writ is made returnable
Aug. 10. The Charleston, Itata and
Democrata were all visited by enor
mous crowds o! people yesterday. The
Itata will now receive visitors between
10 a. m. and 5. p. m.
Los Ancelks The desert lake is
still perceptibly rising. This is the
advice received at the Southern Pa
cific headquarters today. Xo reports
have been received from any of the
explorers. Grave fears are entertained
for Harry Patton, who started down
the Colorado in a boat to find the
break and tioat through it down to
Salton. Many persons believe he will
not return. The water at the highest
point near the mill is now about two
feet and a half. The river is falling.
Chicago Wm A. Forsyth of Cal
ifornia, member of the Natiunal World
Fair Commission, was rejected by the
Board of Reference as a candidate for
Chief of the Horticultural department
Ten minutes after Forsythe heard .he
news and before it gained general cir
culation at headquarters, he announc
ed that he withdrew his name for the
position and would not take it under
any circumstances.
I.nle .om 1 1 emu.
A plot bos been discovered to t,,s
troy the government squadron at
Valparaiso. All the conspirators were
seized excepting one who hanged him
The Y. P. S. C. R. convention adopt
ed a resolution against keeping the
Worlds Fair opeu Sundays. There
were 1-1,000 delegates present at the
Sunday's session.
W. G. Irwin, a prominent pioneer
of Truckee, died Sunday from chronic
bleeding at the noe. For three weeks
the hemorrhage lasted, continuing
almost everyday and for hours at a
Work in the asphaltum mine, says
the Ojai Recurrent is being pushed
vigorously, three large kettles, 10x6
feet, weighing about- a. too apiece, are
in position and oily odors will soon be
watted over the valley.
It is rumored, says the Times-Index
that Riverside parties have bought the
Ross mine, in Lone valley, the prop
perty of Judson and Button. The
price ia variously stated at from $250,
000 to $300,000.
The Phoenix Herald says that ex
Just.ce Gooding is about to sUrt a
station house at Gillette on the Black
Canyon rood. For Heavens sake I
FYom Wednttday't Daily,
Mark Ezekiels was a passenger on
the incoming stage today.
A carload of ice went south yester
day consigned to Hermoeillo.
Jos. Pascholy and wite are living at
the Grand Hotel in San Francisco.
A J Ritteris working at his trade,
that ot a carpenter, in San Francisco.
The. stock of Nardlni & Co is being
moved across the street next to the
X. U. A. rooms.
The board of equalization met at 2
2 p. in. today and the struggle com
menced in earnest.
Fred Gahl, a nephew of John Gahl,
is visiting his uncle in Tombstone.
He hails from Omaha.
The railroad commissioners have ar
ranged to hold their initial meeting 41
Phenix on the 25th inst.
Tne school trustees are not having
a cut and dried timein selecting teach
ers for Tombstone district.
Saturday night will be the time, and
Bisbee the place for the repetition of
Fielding Manor by the Bijous.
Wm. Gordon has gone to Globe and
James Geary has taken his place as
shipping clerk for S. W. Ice Co.
Today was set for the holding of the
adjourned term of the district court,
but the judge did not materialize.
T A Atchison returned
San rrcncUco, looking
today from
hearty and
well after a two weeks vaca-
Constable Carr was taken ill last
night and this morning was delirious.
It is feared that bis sickness is of a
serious nature.
The board of trustees met this after
noon to selec' teaehers for this dis
trict. It was given out that the selec
tions would be made with the excep
tion of principal.
The T. M. &. M. Co. have been short
of cars for a few days and ore accum
ulations have been the consequence.
They were provided with six, last
night, at the Grand Central spur,
which will relieve die pressure.
Mr. Duffy of Tempe returned to his
home in Tempe today after struggling
in vain to carry off with him the p.in
cipal prize in the school trustees lot
tery. The Bijou Dramatic Club will go to
Bisbee in a few days to give an enter
tainment. There are two or three
members who have dropped out but
anxious talent does not allow the va
cancies to freeze.
The Bank of Tombstone has just
Jtceived a large Bupply of subsidiary
coins, denomination, 10 to 25 cents.
The former are dated 1891 and may
be said to be as bright as a dollar.
W. C. Davis, and A. E. Cutter,
Prison commissioners, finished their
labors Tnesday and left for home.
Among other matters of business they
cut the guards pay down from $100
to $S0 per month. Sentinel.
It is understood that H. Gerwein of
Benson is to have the hauling contract
from the Salero mines to Crittenden
and to the mill on the X. M. fc A.
The Fall of the Bostile, while not
loudly celebrated in Tombstone yes
terday was generally obterved by the
French residents in a quiat but patri
otic manner.
The Yuma Sentinel says Chinamen
to the number of 30 went east Wed
nesday morning in bond, bound for
Cuba via Xew Orleans. They were
locked into their car like cattle.
The Huochuca Sentinl : Captain
Fowler and 35 men of troop I, left for
Ash canyon, Friday, to scout that
country. Lieut. Bryan with 20 men
of troop B, went via Korn's ranch to
look after Kid and band in the vicin-
i y of Duncan's ranch.
On August fith, First Lieut, Charles
L. Collins, inspector of small arms and
practice of the Department of Arizona
will open the annual infantry compe-
tion at Fort Bayard. The contest will
continue seven days, three days of
which will be devoted to preliminary
shooting, getting the men in practice,
two days shooting at known distances
and two days skirmish firing. The
men competing witl be the crock men
of all companies. Each company
sends its best man and each regiment
may send two officers to be listed in
the competition, if the officer desire
to go; it is not obligatory upon them
J however, and it i upon the men.
Ill SIciuorlani.
To the officers and members of
Cochise Lodge No 5 1. O. O. F.:
Sirs and Brothers : We, your com
mittee, appointed to draft resolutions
iu respect to the memory of Brother
William Waters, beg leave to submit
the following :
Whereas our portals have again been
entered ; the silent reaper has taken
our brother, William Waters to rest
iu the Great Beyond.
Therefore resolved : while we mourn
the loss of our brother, we point with
pride to the many noble traits of char
acter he possessed, yet we bow sub
missive to the inevitable.
Resolved that our hearfelt sympathy
go out and extend to the widow our
brother has left to mourn.
lteeolved: that the emblems of
mourning be erected iu our Lodge in
memory of our departed brother; that
a copy of these resolutions be spread
upon the records of our Lodge; that a
copy be sent to the bereaved widow;
also a copy fur publication in our city
papers and to the I. O. O. F. New Age
at Sail Francisco.
T. Melledy
A. W. Smith
Dated Tombstone July 7. lS'Jl.
I. O. O. V.
The following are the names of the
officers installed last evening in Co
chise Lodge No 5, by D. Colin, G M :
T Melledy, N U.: C. Holt, V G : W
D Monmonier, R S: W F Bradley, T;
W C Davin, W; A H Emanuel, C; D
Cohn, R S X G ; W C John, L S X G ;
AW Smith, IIS X G; M Foley
31 r. CSrntlj-.
Mr. John Grady, a popular tonorial
artist of Tombstone, arrived in Xopales
last Tuesday. He is so favorably im
pressed with the prospects of Xogalec
that he has concluded to open a shop
here. Roeord
For Cnitlr. lien.
Collector Christ writes to a friend in
Xogales and the latter furnishes the
Nogales Record with this interesting
information concerning the trouble
with claiming stray sto,k in Mexico.
"Acting Secretary of State Wharton
says there has been frequent correspon
dence between the Department and
the authorities at the City ol Mexico,
but that no understanding has been
arrived at. He promised that a letter
should be written at once to Minister
Ryp and urge that the matter be
spe ily adjusted."
Count Montalsnac.
The Count, who resided in Tomb
stone for several months, making it
his headquarters, is now in France.
The Xogales Record furnishes the in
formation that he has perfected ar
rangements to establish two colonies
of one hundred families each, of French
agriculturists, in Sonora, one near
Fronteras and the other at Cacita.
Fronteras is about 90 miles south
east of Xogales, and Cacita is some 35
miles south of Xogales on the line of
the Sonora railroad. The purchase
of the Cacita and Cibuta ranches.
owned by Don Jose Pierson, is now
pending, the price and all arrange
ments having been agreed upon and
settled. The Cibuta grant is one of
the finest locations, for a small colony
in the state ; plenty of water and very
rich soil.
Sonora Cant .Ilium.
L B Howard of San Diego who re
cently visited the coal fields near
Guaymas, says that the main opera
tions now being carried on aro some
forty miles from Ortiz, a town on the
Sonora railway between Hermosillo
and Guaymas.
The concession, which is owned by
a Mexican company, covers about
4,000,000 acres. The enormous extent
of the anthracite deposit may be com
prehended when it is said that borings
fifty miles apart have found coal. The
diamond drill has gone through four
veins; the first being 2 feet, the second
i feet, the third 7 feet and the fourth
the drill bad penetrated 22 feet and is
still working in coal. The coal is by
actual test equal to the finest Lehigh
valley product of anthracite. It can
he traced for miles on the surface, and
the different borings of the drill show
the same four veins of the same thick
ness. A railway sixty or sixty-five miles
will bring the coal to the harbor at
Guaymas, and the entire distance is
very smooth, offering no gineering
There is a rumor that S. C. Heaton,
of the San Xavier Hotel, Tucson, won
$2,000 at roulette Monday evening.
Fetal Flames,
Richard, son of Thos. and Jane Har
ris, died in its mother's arms last
night while being brought to Tomb
stone from Turquois. The little fel
low was playing with a b'inch of
matches on Tuesday last and set fire
to his clothes but before being burned
was caught by his parents and saved
from a horrible death. While the
parents were congratulating them
selves upon their good fortune in sav
ing their little one, the grim messen
ger was slowly aud imperceptibly
doing its work. The little fellow
complained yesterday of not feeling
well and the parents started in the
cool of the evening for Tombstone
with him. When near the old San
Diego smelter, the child breathed his
last The fatal flames had done their
work without a warning Although
he hod eecaped disfiguration of hie
body he had inhaled thedeadiy air.
The distracted parents received all
the condolence that sympathetic
friends could offer in their unhappy
The funeral took place this after
noon and was attended by a large
concourse of friends and acquaintances
of the family.
Erie Cattle Mining Claim. Warren
district. W W Whitney.
A G Hoffmicr and wife to Matilda
Wader, ranch and stock cattle to se
cure $2,009.
Effie Vidal to D S Bruner, lot and
mprovements in Bisbee, $2S0.
M. McGuirkto Patrick Cunningham
Seuator, Senator Xo. 2, Pride, Hope
and Wagner mining claims, Bisbee,
John Dillotrand wife to W B Craw
ford, home and lot on Knob hill, Bis
bee, 200.
E W Spears to D Peterson, two
buildings on Queen ground, Bisbee,
U S to J S McCoy et al, to Baker
mining lode, Tombstone district.
J G Hill to John Lyall cattle brand
ed T. H. and T. H. bar under, $300.
J W D Ayers to J B Ayers; general.
By Huachuca Water Co of J
Clark as agent; date July 2, 1891.
S R Belong, Fort Bowie.
D Holmes, Huachuca.
T Steele, Willcox.
James Scott, Bisbee.
P Commerford, Bisbee.
M. Aubrey, Huachuca ; John Wat
son. Denver; C Hines ranch.
D O Fife WitchiU; T Steele, Tucson
H Arnhold, San Francisco.
H Sultan " "
C Edwarda, Ross mill.
Ira Hanson " "
J P Taggert, Los Angeles.
A Tyson, Xogales.
C C Fish, Bisbee.
A P Camou, Xogales,
Mark Ezekels, Tucson ; W S Rose,
Dallas; T A Martin, Max Cohn, San
E S Baily and wife, F M Main, Xo
gales. SAN JOSE.
J Sibbald, Nevada. J
C H Young, San Francisco. i - -
E W Laud, stone House. 2
L Aubry, City.
A McGuirer, Silver City; Walter
Walsh, Harry Castle, City; G H Clark
D A Franclin, San Diego ; I Sibbald
ranch; T Haggart. Kansas; P Dele-
hinte, Bisbee.
As mosquitos are getting trouble
some the following method of ridding
a room of these pests maybe of use:
Take a piece of gum camphor, in size
about the third of a ben's eee. and
lowly evaporate it by holding it in a
shovel or tin vessel over a lamp, taking
care that it does not ignite. The
smoke will soon fill the room and
expel the mosquitos, and it is said
they will not return, even though the
windows should be left open all
Lost A P. O. money order on the
Tombstone office for $4 of no value to
anyone but the owner. Betura to
this office.
! !
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