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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, November 29, 1891, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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NO. 1G3
Received Every
and Friday
25 cts Per Doz
Strauss' Kivetcd Overalls, per
pair $ 55
Strauss' Rivited Patent Pants
per pair 100
C.H. &.T. Co.
Fancy stationery 10 c a box and up
wards at. Yaple's.
Choice brsnas of batter and ehee
at Hoefler's the pioneer grocer, on Fre
xnont and Fifth streets. n3
Fruit Tree.
I offer this fall the finest 3 and 4
year old bearing fruit trees for tale :
Peach, Apricot, Apple, Tear, Quince
Cherry, Nectarine, Italian Chestnut,
Fomegranite. Shade trees : Mulberry
and Honey Locust, Grape vines,
Raspberry and Currant bushes. Also
all sorts of Hoses and Flowering shrubs
also the finest pot plants in the green
house for sale; at cor. Fulton and 2nd
BtrceU. Wm. Braucii
Tombstone, Ariz.
We have the finest lot of genuine
New England mince meat ever in
Tombstone at Hoefler's.
Just received 2 carloads'of Anheuscr
and Budweiser Deer. Wieland and
Fredericksburg Beer.
oStf Paul B. Warnekros.
Alfalfa, Timothy, and Espersette
ee:d. "Warranted pure at
Crown Mills Flour, Fresh Buck
wheat and Graham Flour and Meals
just received at Hoefler's.
If you want the finest B urban V po
tatoes, silver skin onions or east err
plp&es try Hoefler.
J. H. White's Fresh Ranch Butter
at Wolcott'a. 7-19-tf
Try Ornshed Java Coffee-something
new at Hoefler's. tf
"Horse Shoe" brand nailed miners
hoes per pair L70.
Jnst j-eceived an invoice of Fine
Old White Kye Whiskey at
o21-tf Hoefier's
$500 Itewaril.
The above reward will be paid foi
information that will lead to the ar
rest and conviction of the parties who
took 9 head of horses from our San
Jose ranch pasture, brand
3 head of horses branded IT7
were left in their place. Owner car
have same by calling at San Jos
ranch. Tf. Wiiitrece LiC Co.
by John S. Bobbins, Manager.
Try Hoefler's fresh Cape Cod Cran
berries, Eastern apples. Eastern Full
Cream Cheese and Sour Kroutr the
best in the market. o21-tf
Fare to Bisbee via Engle's stage line
redacedto J2J0. nl4if
SjiLEauAS An energetic man wan
ed to push oar manufactures on tlii
ground. One of onr agents earned
$5,200 last year. Address P. O. Box
1371, Kew York. w-3-30y
TbeTurqnois store is agaiu open
and ready for business. G Kardini
will be pleased to see all his old cus
tomers there and form the acquaint
ance of new one?. Adjoining the store
is a first class corral where stock will
be cared fur and well led. Give him a
Uaby Fearful Suffering from Skin
Dlteoae Corerlujt Kntlre Hod;
Cured by Cu Uo ura.
My y w Uiet, Terr lci whea h vu thr
tl doner in Kioa lUMdi, Mtcb . &oc ha do.
ic.rc mm jot two
won U th time,
nHto 1 took bioa u
Jus,on, to ft doctor
te avlft dUr, oA
ttenh rtmcrtbaj
vrr. T ba X told mj-tt-4bM
hkd btr
vj iL Cvtsctka
iW tot haT any idea,
thty would do ny
vxl, tmi ta tb&a
tro month fiom Xhm
Urn bep&a jMnj tbrra t- Hon h wu utlrljr
wrij, ii not a i t m k a. Uli hmXx tx-r
tropin i i-Ufet o3. and lberM ba voqU
1vit t V M h-w!i. Tb anot ftapol oa
hit uttboljr, f.... ud h jt.oTJrtl coa d4
jtM lQt w!ut a rw brrfiak. bo poor
tbera wu bet&ii) thing Lat boo, aod ioV fc
osM Talaiirf-tJr'b"d nr hjJ
1U. 2TU.1NIC UAlUUnTfWToieW.ilklu
Cutlcura Resolvent
The sew blood aad Pfcln rorlfir, a4 (reatal of
Xiaser Ifewnbe. cV .a Lie Mjo4 oi all Impart,
lie UkJ pooo elemeuu, ni Ihua imovw tbe
ca3 while CxnicviiA, Um e.-ft alia eare, ard
CcTicua. tOAr aa exWle Un beantlfirr, clear
w. ii, and ij tod restore the hair- Tha Ute
CtrricrraA nitrrE care erery p of Ur&Iaff.
barnia, aeaif, pimply, tn4 WfcHchy aUa,nlp, and
btvod dl-, from pi r a pit- to arrofuU, from
lnfaacy tJ ag, wbeo the Wi phvaleUaa laiU
Bold eTwrfwhere. Vr, Ci'tuui.t, 40c; Boxr,
SJc, UcaoLTSXT. 1. l'rarwa bj the 1'cTTia
arbudorUtfV to Cure JIIXkI Uufrt."
ninuio 8Ua asd 8ealp parifWd Ad baoUfid
UnUl o by Ccticcra (Ar. Ab-ohnlj-jmre.
Tn rm 9 TSuut t h Cut trara An U
5 rU 1'lMr
NA atici, hip, kldn
& rJ w L
rr rUivra rai:mi e aci
t. r 1 Rtaacnur
Lr P ?
Cor. 5th and Fremont Sls
General Merchandise.
Supplies a Specialty.
And the Celebrated
Turbine Wind-Mills
Buckeye Force-Dump,
Fresh Garden Flowers and Field
Seed Constantly on Hand.
ont of tbe DUt-ict Oan of the Pint JadlcUl
Dlitritt In knd for the Cbscij of Cochlce, Terri
tory of Arizona, to me directed uxf tfellrered en
a Jacsmei t reodred in tb Janice coart of pr
locr o 1 Concty of Cochi on the Sso1
daj-of Vr, 1K1, In fivor A Oalllerm Bu
Jarqne ar.d ajcalEit John U Tbed and Sfrrerltrsa
Tsade wherein I am commanded to wake the
ins of rlxrr three and 75-100 dollara damage
with latereti thereot. from date of Jadzment at
therauof? per cent per artnam nota paid to
gether with all cu and aecralriKCoeta.
I hare thi day lerled apoo the foUowiog ttv
crfbed property o nh:
Lot nsmberone (I) and two 2) of block nam
ber thirty (30 in the town of Wlki In the
aforcf aid enocif ol Cochue.
Pahlle sotiee is herrriy rciren that on tbe
)th day of Decern Vr 1891. at II o'clock a, ra.
in front ot tbe county court botue
in the City of Tombetone, Cocbife cosaty Arizona
Terriwry, t will ell all tte riEbt title and Interest
of tbe aaid deiesdasU la and to the abore
deacrlled property at Public Auction to tbe high
ot aadbeftbioderforcuh. Ucful mosey of the
United Statee, to f .liefr ld tzecstlon and aQ
Dated thl, the 27tb day of Norember IM1,
Under Sheriff.
just received a new invoic o'
Choice old Port, Five year old Ztnfan
del, flherry and Angelica wines. Ah
6nest brand of famDy liqnora at
A largo line of holiday goods just
received atYaple'a. Parties wishing
first choice should call and select be
fore goods are displayed. nHtf
Choicest roll .tad tub butter at
Hoefler', tf
Mr. Aptix Ut a successful fruit-grow
er In Sumner county, Kan.
New Yoke girls chew six million do
lars worth of gum each year.
The craze for bcribbonln? ererythinj
has at last struck the houp plate.
DfWKQ the past summer Boston ac
commodated over a million persons at
the public bath houses.
Cubiocblx enough Mr. Coffin is lec
turing In Kansas in the interest of life
saving appliances on railroad trains.
CosTetTVENT abides with truth. You
will generally suffer for wishing to ap
pear other than you are. whether to be
richer or greater or more learned. The
mask soon becomes an instrument of
Tn average expectation of life on
the principle of heredity may be found,
according to a statistician, by adding
the ages of a man's parents and grand
parents, if dead, and dividing the result
by six.
You must be sure of two things. You
must love your work, and not always
be looking over the edge of it, wanting
yonr play to begin; and the other is.
you must not be ashamed of your work,
and think it would be more honorable
to you to be doing something else.
Icr cream was first made and sold in
Philadelphia ninety-one years ago.
TiSY gold and silver musical instru
ments are the newest things en the
SuTERSTmous barbers think that the
money earned by shaving dead men is
lucky to gamble with
TnERE are more than twenty times as
many Germans in England as there are
Englishmen in Germany.
It took two ' sailors who were
wrecked in the South k five months
to reach Honolulu in an open boat.
They touched at several islands, obtain
ing supplies and food.
Dows in what is termed the "black
belt" of Virginia, there are ten negroes
to one white man. Here blacks keep
up their old traditions and customs.
which are quite different from those of
the whites.
A Paris paper publishes a list of
"American drink" furnished at a hotel
in that city. There are over sirty
named. about half of them never heard
of In this country, and lager beer is not
on the list at alL
Is order to retain her beauty the
queen of Italy has been obliged to re
sort to mountain climbing, which re
duces adiposity.
Vxiist.ll gave the eldest son of the
prince of Wales his nickname of "Col
lars and Cuffs," which has stack to him
for the last three or four years.
Toe British parliament allows to
each of the daughters of the queen an
income of $30,000 a year. The younger
sons of the queen receive 8123,000 each
a year.
Miss Coktwaixis Won has forty-five
new pairs of driving gloves. Uer fiance.
Prince Plcss, has given tnem to her to
induce her to become the best "whip"
of London.
aiAfcixs? ths Crest sacked tobacco
but once and then at the instance of the
Persian ambassador, who presented
him with a magnificent oriental pipe.
The experiment npset the emperor's
itomach and he never repeated it,
though later in life he became a devo
tee of the snuff-box.
Miss Mortsixi drives tandem.
Mrs. Srcrnxx B. Euoxs is Senator
Gorman's cousin.
Mrs. Georoe Deforest gives the
swelle&t dinner parties in yew York.
Biroxess Blaxc has become noted
as a whip and drive a fiery four-in-hand.
Ladt Texstsos preserves with re
ligions care every pipe her husband
smokes and every oaken stick he
Neixje Arthur, daughter of the ex
president, has a well-rounded figure,
sparkling brown eyes, dark, sleek hair
rolled back from a low brow, a sweet
smile and a pretty, girlish manner.
Misa Apajuoo, a pretty Cuban girl
and sister of Mme. de Barrios, was one
of the belles of Richfield Springs the
past summer. She is a daring rider, a
good musician, and her beauty is of the
regulation Spanish type of attractive
ness. - " GETTING A START.
Jcsok Koaii Davts wna born on a
farm and realized his first coin selling
Cai.vts S. Brice'8 first labor was over
law books in a country law office in
Ilcxnr Clews early life was spent as
a porter in a woolen bouse at three dol
lars a week.
Basiex DonortERTT, the silver
tongued orator, made his first money
holding the ribbons over his father's
'bus team In Philadelphia.
Baxut Wagokxeb, a Ka&sas lawyer,
whos cra of Jay Gcukt's stiff of rM
way counsel; aMkiKf tWlf "Ms Bring in
Contest for Speaker Narrow
ing Down to Mills and
Daring Roljbrv in Los Angel
esActon Defeats Filz
Simmons Earth
quake at Sea.
San- Fpanci.co TlieAmerican bark
Ileupcr armed yesterday from Yoka
homa. She reports the shock as hav
ing been terrible at sea. Her standing
rigging was all carried away by the
force of the thock. The ship trembled
like an aspen leaf- Her top mas and
cross trees went down and tho waters
almost bciKng hot swept oer from
stem to stern. The crew Jid not know
what to make of the phenomenon and
did not know until they reached this
port that an earthquake had occurred
in Japan. It is now feared that other
vessels may have succumbed to the
hock which now appears to have been
more general in its scope.
Ttcsos Judge Wright addressed a
public meeting last night in opposi
tion to statehood. His talk was not
effective although listened to with at
tention. Daring his epfeeb he said
he was afraid that if Arizona became
a atate, "Billy" Barnes would I ccome
a mormon bishop. To-night, Collingj
Bouse and others will address a state
hood meeting the last of the campaign
The Democrats have placed a full city
ticket in tiic field.
San Francisco Joo Acton defeated
Bob Pitzsimmons last nicht in the
catch as catch can wrestling match.
Fitzeimnions won the first fall and
Actou tho next two. Time, 12 min
Washington The fight for speaker
ship is getting warm. The latett
move was the withdrawal of McMillen
in favor of MilK The adherants of
Crisp getting wind of the arrangement
began gathering in the McMillen'b
with fair success. The entire New
England delegation ha declared in
favor of Mills. The Crisp men then
formed an alliance with Springer's for
ces with the understanding that the
one showing the least strength shall
withdraw after the first ballot in favor
ot the other Stills is thought to have
the best chance and Springer stock a
good second.
Chicago In the circuit court to
day, a bill was fild asking the appoint
ment of a receiver for the American
Mining and Milling company of Lead
villa. A half million dollars have
been expended on the group of three
mines. The parties filing the bill
claim fraud in the management of the
company's affairs.
LosAngkles The Catholic church
on Main street was entered by thieves
last night, and the two sfea io which
are contained the silver service nsed
for many years, was carried away.
Tha thieves nsed dynamite to effect an
I entrance. It was one of the mos
daringVrobberies in the city's history.
A heavy reward is offered for the re
covery of the plate which is valued a
$1,000 for bullion contained in iL
Tncre is no clue to tho robbers.
Aabuo.uerq.ue CapL J. C. Hill of
Washington, D. D.,chief ot the Indian
division of the secretary's office, inter
ior department, is in the territorial
metropolis today, arriving last night
from Santa Fe. He is on a visit to
the Indian schools of the southwest
and will visit tho Pueblo Indian rener
vations. He desires to ascertain the
sentiment of the citizens relative to
the Pueblos becoming fullileJged
American free holders.
Denver L. C. Haverick, a tiain
collector on the '-Big 4" railroad has
been arrested charged with embezzle
ment. Others accused also of embez
ling tickets and funds of the company
will be arrested.
Kruiiiioii cf'llieMiln Cured.
Ed. Venney, Brockville, Ontario,
Canada, says:
"I have used Bdandreth's Pills for
the past fifteen years, and think them
tbe best cathartic anti-bilious remedy
kno-n. For some fneyears I suffered
with an eruption of the skin that gave
mo great pain and annoyance. I tried
different blood remedies, but although
gaining strength the itching was un
relieved. I finally concluded to take
a thorough course of Braxdreth's
Pills. I took six each night for four
nights, then the, four, three, two, les
sening each time by one, and then for
one mopth, took one every night, with
the haypy result that now my skin is
perfectly clear, and has been no ever
since "
I do not care if every office
were to be held by a repub
lican, I am for statehood, first
last and all the time.
Mai:k Smith.
A l'nrarllo ItcmtMlr.
Chamberlain's Cough Kcmedy is a
favorite during the winter mo ths on
account of its great success in the
cure of colds. There is nothing that
will loosen a severe cold so quickly, or
as promptly relieve the lungs. Then
it counteracts any tendency toward
pneumonia. It is pleasant and xafe
to take, and fully worthy of itn popu
larity. For sale bv H. J. Peto.
Let Cochise county see to it that
she still caries the title of the banner
county of Arizona after Tuesday
Wk want 50 majority for statehood
in Cochise county. This would be an
intelligent majority. Let every man
in the county turn out and vote.
The Florence Enterprise appears
two days earlier this week than usual
to poison ttie minds of a few voters by
rehashing a lot of rot against state"!
The fact that foreign capital cannot
acquire title to Arizona mines, has, as
we all know, driven thousands of dol
lars away from Cochise county, which
would have been put in here had it
not been for that barrier. With state
hood this would uot be so; the alien
lawappliesonly to territories. There
are many foreign syndic tea which
would inve.t here just as soon as
Arizona is admitted. Somo sentimen
tal persons may reason that we do
not want foreign capital, but it ' a
fact that what little experience Tomb
stone has had with English companies,
namely, the Old Guard, was liberal,
paid good wages and purchased all of
their supplies jn this camp, such
capital should be encouraged, not
driven away by obnoxious, laws.
All linen collars, per J doz. IjOO
All linenj cuffs, per doz.. 1.50
C H. & T. Co.
i,ati: tki.i:jua.tis.
The President has rescinded his
order for the abandonment of Fort
Marcv, N, M.
The Texas drouth is having disag"
trous effects among cattle. They are
dying off by hundreds.
All of the contestants in thoSearlei
will case have appealed to, the higher
Carlisle favors Mills for Speaker,
and the popular belief is that he will
be the man.
A German physician of note is
prospecting in Texas for a climate
alapted to consumptives.
The plant of the Denver dressed
beef packing company, valued at $200-
000, was destroyed by fire last Wed
nesday, The new President of Brazil gives
universal satisfaction, and all eviden
ces of revolution have passed away.
The old congress which was dissolved
by Funseca, has been re-convened.
The President has made the fol
lowing appointments: Wm. K. Sulli
van of Illinois, United States consul
at Bermuda; Marcus B. Sulzer, of
Indiana, special agent to make allot
ment of lands in ceveraly to the In
"I am glad to see the
Prospector making such a
strong fight for statehood.
Keep up the fight."
Col. IlERniNG.
Black Gimp, 15c to 25c per yard
worth double the money. See it.
New York Store.
I have just returned from
the east and found -much in
terest centered on Arizona. I
am convinced that with state
hood, unlimited capital will
flow into our territory for
J. V. VlCKEltS.
"Are'nt you ever going to grow old,
like thereat of us!" asked a man of
an acquaintance he hadn't seen for
some time. "Well, not so long as I
can purify my blood with Ayers Sar
saparilla," was" the apt reply. This
m in knew what he was talking
Clini'cli iVotices.
.M. K. Cluirrli
Bev. F. W. Downs, pastor.
Sunday school at 12:15 p. m.
Morning Subject: The Sufferings
ol Christ.
Evening Subject: Idleness Re
proved. All are invited to attend.
rrrstrtrrlan Clmrrli.
Rev.C. R. Nugent, pastor.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.
Survices to-morrow at 11 a. m. and
7 :30 p. m.
The subject at the morning dis
course will be : "How to overcome the
fear of death."
In the evening, Mr.Nugent will by
request repeat the Thanksgiving ser
mon delivered at the Union service
hi-ld in the Methodist church last
You are cordially invited to all these
o i-cfc tii .
The Maison Dorc has been a little
nnder the weather ot late, but the
cloud have rolled by and thi popu
larplace is again shaped to cater to
the wants of an exacting public who
appreciate good living. All of the
boxes have bcec placed hack in their
old position and private parties can le
accommodated with any kind of spuca
Maipon Dorke,
w. Allen street between 4 lh and 5th,
In New York to-day silver was
quoted at 94J , lead, fL20; and cop
per. $1L10

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