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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, December 27, 1891, Image 2

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(Sunday Excepted)
S 0. BAGG. Bditor and Proprietor.
Subscription Bute.
One Year $10 00
Six Months 6 00
Three Months 3 00
One Month 1 00
Delivered by Carriers for 25 cents
per week.
Ono man in Phenix has shipped (500
dozen quail from there this season and
has orders for 300 dozen more. They
are trapped by men and boys who get
30 cents per dozen for them.
The first failure caused by the un
usual state of the grain market and
the drop in shipping charters occurred
ai San Francisco Wednesday. Tho
firm of Loewenthal, Livingston & Co.,
shipping and commission merchants,
was attached for $10,000. Their lia
bilities are about $220,000.
Bishop John Sharp, one of the old
residents of Salt Lake City, a promin
ent and substantial man, and one of
the directors of tho Union Pacific
railroad, died Wednesday. He was a
native of Scotland and had been at
Salt Lake since 1850. Ho constructed
the most difficult parts of the Union
Pacific through Weber and Echo can
yons. The Maricopa county supervisors
have let the contracts for work for the
year '92. Tho Herald gets the print
ing At the rates fixed by the last leg
islature; feeding prisoners will cost 15
cents per meal; taking care of Bick 85
cents per day ; burying indigent, $2.75
for four footers, $4 for five footers and
$5,25 for six footers and mileage at 12
cents t mile traveled each way io
and from the cemetery; digging graves
$3.50 each.
The order of the Mexican govern
ment allowing but eight days for nn
American team to remain on Mexican
soil, was copied after the American
law which allows a Mexican team ten
days on American soil. This law was
enacted by the American authorities
to protect the American teamster
against tho Mexican who would if he
had six months leave on American
soil, go to teaming for a living at a cut
rate, way below the American team
sters' figures. The Mexicans aro not
slow to learn and in order to protect
their teamsters, passed the eight day
clauso against American teams, which
will compel American mining com
panies to employ Mexican teams to do
their hauling. Ofcourse tho outlook
is not pleasant to those who havo tak
en up their residence in Sonora, but
in the language of the immortal
Tweed "What are you going to do
about it?1' Protection always has
been and always will be a two edged
T. C. Davis, Rector of St. Tames'
Episcopal Church, Eufaula, Ala.:
"My son has been badly afflicted
with a fearful and threatening cough
for several months, and after trying
several prescriptions from physicians
which failed to relieve him, he has
been perfectly restored by the use of
two bottles of Bo
An Episcopal schee's German Syr
up. I can recom
Roctor. mend it wi-thout
hesitation." Chronic
severe, deep-seated coughs like this
are as severe tests as a remedy can
be subjected to. It is for these long
standing cases that Boschee's Ger
man Syrup is made a specialty.
Many others afflicted as this lad
was, will do well to make a note of
J. F. Arnold, Montevideo, Minn.,
writes: I always use German Syrup
for a Cold on the Lungs. I have
never found an equal to it far less
a superior.
G. G. GREEN, Sole Mau'fr.Woodbury.N.J.
vl Great Factor In the I,ove Making oi
South America.
All the love making in South America
must bo carried on through a third per
son. If a youth desires to mnrry ho
does not speak of it to the girl whom ho
wishes for a wife, but to his own father.
The latter, if ho approves, fjoes to tho
father of the young lady and the two
discuss tho matter tog-ether. Each tells
tho other what he will do for the young
folks, and between them a contract is
drawn up respecting settlements and all
such things.
The intending bridegroom is not per
mitted to sco his fianeeo for a moment
before tho wedding. As soon as that
event has taken place there is a wed
ding.breakfast, and, usually without the
formality of a preliminary tour, tho
couple settlo down to living, either in
an establishment of their own or more
often in the house of tho pareuts of tho
brido or the groom.
One drawback about marriage in
South America, says the Cincinnati Com
mercial Gazette, is that in taking a girl
to wife it is apt to be considered a mat
ter of course that the young man mar
ries her whole family also, lie lias no
occasion for surprise or disgruntlemont
if, together with his bride, fifteen or
twenty people come to share his house
hold and domestic comforts, including
all her available relatives and their
These Latins are a very clannish race,
and a father is apt to be willing to
adopt a raft of sisters and cousins and
aunts, not to mention a "mother-in-law,
rather than have his son or daughter
leave tho family roof. It is duo to the
strength of family attachment among
them that hotels in South America are
only for strangers from afar; the na
tives always find hospitable entertain
ment among the kindred.
Surprising Intelligence Displayed bf the
All sorts of wonderful stories are told
of the works of ants and especially of
their engineering powers. It is of
course within the knowledge of the
most casual observers, says the llrook
lyn Eagle, that the ant is a most sur
prising insect in point of what wo call
intelligence, and its simpler feats are
amusing to all. One of tho most recent
incidents wo have seen related of the
ant's power in tho way of cngin?ering,
planning and building is that which is
credited to a Glasgow source: A pastry
cook in that city found his shop invaded
by a colony of ants, who feasted night
ly on the delicacies deposited on a cer
tain shelf. After cudgeling his brain
for some time in order to discover a
plan for stopping the depredations of
tho active insects he resolved to lay a
streak of molasses around tho tray
containing the coveted food. In duo
time tho ants came forth in their hun
dreds, and were led toward the feast
by their chief. On reaching the line
scouts were then sent out to survey,
and eventually the word of command
was passed- round, and instantly the
main body of the ants made for a
part of the wall where tho plaster had
been broken by a nail. Ilere each
snatched up n, tiny piece of mortar and
returned to the spot indicated, where
their burdens were deposited upon the
molasses, f' By this means and after an
infinite amount of labor a bridge was
formed, and the triumphant army
marched forward to partake of tho
fruits of victory, tlic baker meanwhile
standing by filled with wonder.
An American's Experience In "to London
"About eight years ago." said an
American traveler, "I was in London,
Eng. One day I bought a stall to see
Patti at tho Royal. A stall corresponds
to our boxes. When the evening came
I took the ladies around and walked in
at the door. But I did not get far,
" 'You cannot como in here,' said the
" 'Why not?' I asked, in surprise;
'hero are my scat tickets.'
' 'Well, you cannot enter,' he replied,
decisively; 'your coat is a frock, and
nothing but dress suits aro allowed.'
"I expostulated. I told him that my
hotel was a long way off and that the
ladies would bo greatly disappointed. I
was an American and did not know the
rule of the theater.
"Finally ho told me to go into the
dressing-room, where the attendants
might be able to fix mo out all right.
"I went, expecting to pay two or
three crowns for the loan of a coat.
Tho fellow looked at me a second,
whipped a pin from his lapel and pinned
my coattails back, and I found myself
in evening dressl
"I gave tho man half a crown."
Madricq Bmimiaiwt has an allow
ance of SIO.OOO a year from his mother.
The queen of Saxony maintains three
physicians, whose solo duty is to at
tend tho ailments (f the suffering poor.
Sin Henry James, now a noted
sportsman and dead shot, never fired a
rfun in the covers until he was past 50.
He is now 63.
I'owlett Milhank, whom the duke of
Cleveland mado one of his executors,
succeeds by reason of this appointment
to nearly 5-5,000,000.
Queen Victoria is said to rule a
realm embracing 307,000,000 subjects.
This is a greater, number of people
than ever before sat under the shadow
of ono throne.
Mrs. Besant is expected to ereato a
great stir as a lecturer in India, where
a woman's appearance on the public
stage is a wide departure from ancient
and present custom. .
Glossy Sheen
And vigorous growth, so much admired in
hair, can be secured by the use of Ayer's
Hair Vigor. There is nothing better than
this preparation for keepiug the scalp clean,
cool, and healthy. It restores to faded and
gray hair the original color and beauty, pre
vents baldness, and Imparts to the hair a
silky texture and a lasting and delicate fra
grance. The most elegant and economical
dressing in the market, no toilet is complete
without Ayer's Hair Vigor.
"My wile believes that the money spent
for Ayer's Hair Vigor was the best Invest
ment she ever made. It Imparts a soft
And Silky Texture
to the hair, and gives much satisfaction."
J. A. Adams, St. Augustine, Texas.
"After using a number of other prepara
tions without any satisfactory result, I find
that Ayer's Hair Vigor is causing my hair to
grow." A. J. Osment, General Merchant,
Indian Head, N. W. T.
"Ayer's Hair Vigor is tho only preparation
I could ever find to remove dandruff, cure
itching humors, and prevent loss of hair. I
confidently recommend It." J. C. Butler,
Spencer, Mass.
Result From Using
"Ayer's Hair Vigor villi prevent prema
ture loss of hair and when so lost will stim
ulate a new growth. I have used the prepa
ration for those purposes and know whereof
I affirm." A. Lacombe, Opelousas, La.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by DruggUU and Perfumer.
The Board of Supervisors of Cochise
County will receive sealed proposals
for delivering at the county jail in
Tombstone, two wholesome, substan
tial and well prepared meals each day,
for each prisoner confined therein,
with suitable dishes and appliances,
from January 10th 1892, to January
10th 1893.
Also proposals for burying the indi
gent dead, from January 10th 1892 to
January 10th 1893, in the public cem
etery in Tombstone; bodies to be
decently prepared for burial in plain
coffins, and in graves not leas than
five feet in depth, and to be suitably
marked with name and age ofdeceasd,
when obtained.
Also proposals for conveying insane
persona to the Territorial Insane
Asylum at Phenix, from January 10th
1892 to January 10th 1893.
Also proposals for publishing in a
newspaper published in Cochise coun
ty, all advertisements ordered by the
Board, from January 10th, 1892 to
January 10th 1893. Proposals must
specify the rates per inch for each in
sertion in each or either a daily or
weekly paper.
Also for publishing the delinquent
tax list of 1891, specifying price per
Also for job printing, from January
10th 1892 to -January 10th, 1893, to
consist of sheet blanks, sheet
blanks and whole sheet blanks, in
cluding backing of the same. Bidders
will specify the price per 1000 and bOO
of each kind, on flat cap paper weigh
ing fourteen pounds per ream.
Also for publishing the minutes of
the Board from January 10th 1892 to
January 10th 1893, in each or either a
daily or weekly paper.
Proposals for county advertising, for
publishing delinquent tax list, for job
printing and for publishing the min
utes of the Board must be made in
accordance with tho provisions of Act
83 of the Sixteenth Legislative As
sembly. Also proposals for the care, includ
ing food, lodging, clothing, medicines,
medical attendance and quarantiue
ing of all indigent porsons in this
county sufleriug from cholera,or small
pox for the year ending Jan 10, '93.
Also proposals for the care of the
indigent sick from January 10th 1892
to January 10th 1893. Each bid and
proposal shall specify distinctly the
amount proposed to be charged for
each day's attendance upon each indi
gent sick person, including medical
attendance, medicine, food, lodging
and clothing, and no bid will be re
ceived which does not comply with
the provisions of Act 22 of the Six
teenth Legislative Assembly. Pro
pobals must bo accompanied by a suf
lioient bond in the sum of .$500 with
two sureties conditio' ed that the bid
der will enter into contract and bond
for tho faithful performance thereof
within five days after the acceptance of
his bid.
Proposals must he presented to the
Boaid before 2 o'clock p. in. January
4th 1892.
The cnvelopd containing proposals
must bo indorsed, stating the kind o
supplies or services for which the pro
posal is made.
The Board reserves the right to re
Faro to or frona "FJ&irbeirils.. $1.'50.
Leaves Tombstone at 7:15 a. m. to connect with Trains for jNogales, Bisbee and all points
South, Arrives in Tombstone ii :oo A. m.
Leaves Tombstone at 1:45 p. m. for Fairbsnk to connect with trains at Benson for' all
points East and West..
. BAGGAGE or Fassengers delivered to and from Stage office in the oiiu Fret
of Charge . "
ect any proposals offered.
Geo. W. Bryan,
Wm. D. Monmonier,
LEON LARKIEU, - Proprietor.
First Class Motel in Every
Supplied with Choice Foreign
and Domestic Liquors.
Beer on Draught.
Delinquent Sale Notice
quiility Mining Company Loca
cation of principal place of business,
San Francisco, California. Location
of works, Tombstone Mining District,
Cochise county Arizona.
Notice There are delinquent upon
the following described stock on ac
count of assessment (No 3 ) levied on
the 12th day of November, 1891, the
several amounts set opposite the
names of the respective shareholders,
as follows:
No Cer No Am't
'Names tificatc Snares $ c
JMGitchell 9G
EF Slack, Tr....lll
EF Stack, Tr....ll2
E F Stack, Tr....ll3
EF Stack, Tr....ll4
EFSteck, Tr....ll8
EFStcck, Tr....ll'J
EFSteck, Tr....l20
EFSteck, Tr....l26
E FSteck, Tr....l27
EFSteck, Tr....l28
EFSteck, Tr....l2'J
EFSteck. Tr....l3d
EFSteck, Tr....l35
EFSteck, Tr ...137
E F Steck, Tr. . . 138
10 50
55 2 75
55 2 75
5 2 75
55 2 75
1374 G 87
1G5" 8 25
220 11 00
275 13 75
275 13 75
275 13 75
275 13 75
275 13 75
oOSf 25 43
550 27 50
550 27 50
Joslah H White... 154 32000 1G00 00.
APK Snflbrd....l55 3424 171 20
Pierson &. Mitchell 157 828S 414 41
W C Parsons .... 158 55 2 75
And in accordance with law, and an
order from the board of ditectorsmude
on the 12th day of November 1891. so
many shares of each parcel of such
stock as may bo necessiiry will be sold
at public auction at the office of the
company, No 310 Pine street, routns
15 and 17 San Francisco, California
on Monday the 11th day of January
1892 at the hour of one o'clock p. m.
of said day, to pay said delinquent
assessment thereon, together with
cost of advertising and expenses of
sale. J. W, PEW,
Office No 310 Pine street, Rooms 15
and 17, San Francisco California.
Undertaking Paklors of
New Hearse, New Goods, Everything
Coffins, Caskts, Robes, Etc.
Fiom the Plalnc at to the Finett Made
The Columbia Iron Caskets kept con
Htun iv in Stock.
Bodies Temporarily or Permanently
Embalmed by the latest process.
Mail & Stage Co
Allen Street Near Fifth.
Imported and Domestic Cigar and
Pipes, Smokers Articles and Fancy Notions.
BENSON, - Arizona.
Rooms En-Suite and Single, Special Attention
Culinary Department.
Rates Reasonable. Orjly Hotel in Benson
A. A. CASTANEDA, Proprietor.
J. M CASTANEDA, Manager.
RIBOLET'S is the place to purchase
Spare .Ribs, Pork, Tenderloins, Shoulders,
Fancy Kettle Tried Lard ! !
Bring your pails for Pure Leaf Lard and all goods pertain
ing to Pork packing. Also game, veal, California
Mutton and Prime Beef.'
In the Probate Court of the County of Co
chise Territory of Arizona.
In the matter of the Guardianship of the es
tate of J u'ms E. Durkee an insane person re
siding without the Territory of Arizona.
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to an
order made in the above matter by Hon. Frank
N. Wolcott, Probate Judge of the County of
Cochise, on the 13d day of December A. D.
1891, a hearing and examination will be had
before said Probate Judge upon an application
in the above matter for the appointment of a
guardian of Julius E. Durkee, an alleged insane
per oa without the Territory of Arizona, at the
District Court House at the City of Tombstone,
said county, at ten o'clock of the forenoon of
Wednesday, the 6th day of January 1891
All persons interested in said matter and who
may desire to be. heard in relation thereto are
required to appear at the above appointed hear
ing. Dated December, 23d 1891
: iod
Probate Judge, Cochise County.
iWe&kneu of Bod v ana Mind. Effect
LUJof Errors or Exectpei in Old or Younsr.
If ..but, ftoble KAMIOOD folly Krlord. How f hilar t ul
Absolutely nnfaJllat; UOBK THLAUfkNT-ttmcfut laftdaft
Bin tllrj from 10 SUtM ud Fre! ro 1'o.iBlrlea. Writ them.
DMCrlplhf Book ciblaJMlliMk and 1 uniTc uHed (aealerfVrt
ICor. 5th and Fremont Sts
General Merchandise.
Supplies a Specialty.
And the Celebrated
Turbine Wind-Mills
Buckeye Force-Dump,
Fresh Gaiden Flowers and Field
Seed Constantly on Band.

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