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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, February 01, 1893, WEDNESDAY EDITION, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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sibscuiitiox BITCH
One y WOO
Bix months 2 50
Uelirered by carrier to any part of
the city :or 35 cent per month.
Miners' wt( ihrouimut Utah
bar been reduceJ from 3.50 to f 2.50
per day.
Tha slate of Mnaloa produces an
nually about f7,0'i0,000 worth of sil
Ter and of this amount the DUtnc'. of
Concordia, produces 11,200.000.
DmvrK and Pueblo smelters hae
recently greatly reduced their smelt
ing charges on cold bearing copper
sulphide ores and concentrates.
Is Arizona there are now some
34,000 Indians, distributed among the
various tribes as follows: N.vjo,
16.4SC; Moqni. 1,970; Apche.4,2Sa;
Pima and Pap goes, 8,721; smaller
tribes, 2,911.
The groas rarnings of the railroad
of the country last jearara estimated
by the statistician of the Interstati
Commerce CommUriot. at $1 222,711,
693, an increase of $125,950,303.
The U. 8. census bureau for the
year lb92, estimates the corn and
wheat crops for Arizona respectively
at 81,000 and 132.00b bushel and the
collective value thereof Mt$lS4.41G.
Tee Mexican government has ex
tended the dates in nearly every sec
tion of its contract with the Mexican
Central roilroad, to ran line from
Guadalajara to the Pacific coast and
the date of its comple inn to 190S.
The onyx industry is fcrttinj; to be
one of the best psjing in Arizona
Larj consignments are being shipped
weekly fiom Phcenix and the demand
is griming greater. In quality tlii
stone is better than that taken out in
Mexico, and several carloads have
been shipped to England for variou
ornamental purport. Metals.
Wateb house plants vrith cold tea.
It never injures an orchard to ma
nure it.
Pl-iix whiterrasn is said to be a
remedy for the woolly apis.
Ton milden-. which is not an uncom
mon plant foe, duit with sulphur or
sprinkle with sulphur water. Also dip
a little soot into the soil.
TruEiXDowN fences are forernnners
of unruly cattle, a sijn that "farmin'
don't pay." Cracks in and boards and
door off the barn are a sign of the same
To EEiGirres carpets wipe them with
warm water In w hich has been poured
a few drops of ammonia.
A GOOD liniment for inflammation,
rheumatism, swellings etc., is olive oil
well saturated with camphor.
Wnzx onions are betas cooked the
strong- disagreeable odor may be les-
sened by placing vinegar on the stove, j
Too .11ucir Itl.k.
It is not unusual for colds contract
ed in the fall to hang on all winter.
In such cases catarrh or chronic
bionchitis are almost su e to rerli
A fifty cent bottle of f'hamberlai 's
Cough Remedy will cure any cold
Can you afford to risk so much for so
small an amount? This remedy is in
tended especially for bad cold ami
croup and can alwava be depended
upon. For sale by IT. J Veto.
Weiiv- on Ar zona.
Gen. J. Bj Weaver ped through
Altniqaerqne en route from Arizona
home. In an interview with a repre
sentative of the Democrat he said be
ha-1 delivered rive speeches in south
era Anzona.on rilver, and transporta
tion problem. He raid:
II, paI
found wonderful weakening in party!
lines in that territory, ai.d the people
seem to hve concluded to stand for
t i - u..-. ..i
Arizona. I consider New Mex co and
Arizona li'iiti tbe key to the political1
situation of America, and the have it
in their owcr to sohe great problems
now pressing for solution.
This dow- I
. '.'
er asises from the peculiar political
situation which characterized this
Prescriptions compounded with rare
at Rockw-ir Pharmacy.
Plies, llcklssz Ille .
Symplons Moist.ire intense itching lt3 p., with acomp'ete and authentic
and stinging, most at night; worse by list of the bachelors of that town, to
cratchinc. If allowed to conlinug scther -vith a description of their quail-
... , ... j Ccatlona and possession,
tnmors form which often bleed and i
ulcerate becoming very sore. Swathe' agents Wasted Outfit free. From
Oixtme-t stops the itching and bleed. $20 to $100 weekly regularly earned
ing, heal ulceration and in most by our salesmen. P. O. Box 1371 New
Base remove, the tumors. At dru- York. 3t
ciaUor by mail for Ml ceiits. Dr-I
pwjr gw.PhUttelhtt,
A Itaadjr XTmy ts Rend Moa.r.
There 1 one detail In connection with
the German-pot ofllw that forces itself
on the admiration of the foreigners. If
you desire to send money, you hand in
the sum at the post office, with a post
card costing five cents, hich you ad
dress to your correspondent with de
tails of the sum sent, and receive a re
ceipt in exchange. Hut you need write
no letter, send no postal order or re
ceipt, nor trouble your correspondent to
go to the post ofilce; the postman de
livers to your correspondent at his
house or office your postcard, and in re
turn for half of it hands him at once in
cash the sum of money sent.
A Map In Needlework.
-Mr. fcamuel Owens, of Ilarrlman.
Term., has a rare curiosity in his pos
sessionan heirloom that he could not
be Induced to part with. It is a white
silk rmilt on which a map of North Car
olina was wnrked 'rith needle and
thread by Mr. Owens grandmother
when she was a pupU at school at
Kalcigh academy, and but fourteen
years old. The map is perfect, having
counties, towns, rivers, sounds, etc.
displayed. This wonderful production
was made in 1S19. bo that it is seventv
three years old. The little miss who
wrought so deftly with her needle
afterwards became Mrs. Harriet Ii
Harden. The quilt will be taken to the
worlds fair
KnclUh Song IHrJ for Ore; n.
The climate of Oregon and Washing
ton is so much like that of England in
its mildness and moisture that the plan
of importing song birds of the latter
country bids fair to be a success. "In a
consignment of birds received the other
da.v were skylarks, nightingales
thrushes, finches and the English robin.
They are to be kept in an aviary until
the spring, when they will be released
in the Willamette and other sheltered
valleys near the coast. A story went
the rounds recently that the song of a
nightingale had been heard in Oregon,
and many persons who read it were in
credulous, believing that the nightin
gale was never seen or heard out of Eu
rope. The only explanation possible
was that this nightingale was a new
comer, that was being acclimated.
Il.Ttl at the Fmlr.
Ilayti, next in point of time to the
United States in declaring its inde
pendence of European rule, will make
a notable exhibit at the world's fair.
It has never participated in any inter
national exhibition and is ambitious to
make its showing at Chicago a very
creditable one. Agricultural, forestry,
minerals and a historical display will
constitute the main features of its ex
hibit. C. A. Preston, the Haytian com
missioner, visited Chicago recently to
secure space and information and ar
range for erecting a twenty thousand
dollar pavilion.
Laplanders often skate a distance of
one hundred and fifty miles a day.
Out of the thirty-two ducal and
princely families established by Na
poleon I., fourteen are extinct.
Runs has already in circulation anew
word to describe something particularly
outrageous or horrible. It is "Kava
cholesque." Hlack snow fell in the canton of
Geneva. Switzerland a phenomenon
which was once thought to presage
black plague and other calamities, but
is now known to be due to fungus in the
IN' the kingdom of Poland there was
f.rmrly a lavr according to which any
person found guilty of slander was
compelled to walk on all fours through
the streets of the town where he lived,
accompanied by the beadle, us a sign
that he w as unworthy of the name of
Kxpertenrlof; a New Senaatloo.
Dan Hums tells a storr of an Ameri-
can journalist who was confined for
some onense ox language aircctea
against the Mexican government.
"He and I," said Dan, "occupied the
same room. I asked him one day if he
didn't long for liberty.
'Not a bit. he answered. The mo
ment that brought me here was the
proudest one of my life.'
" The prdT,st one,' I sa'd. amazed.
" 'YeV lie replied. 'I started a paper
here lately and the first thing I did was
to publish an article that was entirely
true. There wasn't a bit of fake in it
and demme if I wasn't arrested for it.
It is the first time I was ever arrested
for telling the truth, and 111 be hanged
if the sensation isn't a delightful one:"
San Fr-eisoo Wasp.
Ilatiso upon the typewriter is said
to produce an ailment known as the
"typewriter's stub finger.
Osr. bullet in its passage from a pistol
lnired through the knee of one man, the
caji oi me ieg ui auuiucr aau cub uu
.. . ....
fecirosE that each baby born this
year weighed eight pounds, it would
take half a dozen cradles of the size.
capacity and strength of our new steel
the ,nfanU
Ir you put cream into your cup before
the sugar, it "will cross your love, so
be very careful. If, while the tea is
"""I? made, the lid, removed to pour in
water, is forgotten, it is a sure sign oi
a new arrival.
A stkaxge man knocked "at the door
of John U. Illue. atSedalia, with the in
quiry: "Want to buy some sauerkraut?"
The visitor proved to be Henry Glazier,
a relative, who had been supposed dead
for twenty-five years.
Taking advantage of the circum-
ctanNt tf,fit tMe fa 1n .ar tliA Ifitl.
....l' i---,i v.. -iii.iw" v.
juuvj.i asi".
Albion, Penzance, Monteiid-o, fur
qu is district N. C. Kurmiu, Gyrelo
Small line of samples from . r.-irt
or ing corporation offered a !' e on.
0e traveller earned an av- . I Sj.
per month for six years p -n
117 NewVvtr,
P. I). Wickersbarn is in from hi
Huachuca mines. He reports the
outlook at his mines as encouraging.
Jas. Start, who has been serving n
sentence for train robbery in an ext
ern penitentiary has been pardon d
out by the President. Start lived in
Tombstone in early days where he
at one time owned a saloon and later
ran for city councilman but was !e
Steady Progress
Bu eh.racttr)rl If-wwl't a-ka;rtlia trtt
lines It wan f .arM before tb j-ablc. Wher
tTcr IctroduceJ. .U tlci bate crown from
year to jer, until now it li the mot t popular
and most iuccerul mtjlclne offered. Any
drucclst will couflrm this statement. Tt
secret of this tureen Met In the fact thai
Hood's FarparUla It a medicine ot merit.
It does actually areomj.lJ-h all that ! el t me J
for It, and when pi Ten a fair trial, la reason
ably certain to be of beoeCL
FositlTe Statements.
"Slnee Hood's faraprll)a has been In ray
hands for tale I have hal frequent and no
referred tetitoonIals In Its favor. Although
carrylDr thli prepamlou for lets than one
year, ray sales bare iWu greater than of any
similar preparation, and the teatlrooolals la
It faror are at onee tin.. tire and person
ally noticeable." A. 'Weight. Ilealdiburr,
Sell On Itit Merits.
My boys say, Papa, -why don't yon boy
more of Hood's FartarparllU at a time; we
are always short.' It fcell on its own merits."
T. Bku Portland, Oregon; the oldett dru
flt in Oregon
N. B. fc? sere to tret only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold bydnipsUti II; six for JV Prepared
onlr ty . 1IXJ A. Co, Awt-eiane..
lwei,'- ,
IOC oscs Ono Dollar
You Think
any tlid of a crop will do. then
aa-r kind of -(lstlJlo: tat for
tbe best resolu yoa mbouU plant
I Always tbe rs-wt, they are rerotrolzed asi
vu BLanaara eyerywDere.
Ferry' "ieed Annual U the mt
impuriai.1 booic 11 mm kioa pui
likijed. It Li lnva!uUe to tLe
planter. e send it U ee.
rit.CS TO P. A. M. A Colorrd EftrTlnF
CVtMt-K ' - -JU tK- kVtfi KSKta
Itabuttvmprscsr, wlhtssTtrttfVUUi.
ry.ty "isBry lur At-nla. rkar
iswriwiif )J-aux tsuoKL ltiJbl3Q
CJ, I'ot IsMn a MavnxIsv-tiif-Ta OI
Alxaio isttwCj, TJ1 1UQA4 aj. kr erk
Established la CoOrada, ISM. Bamp'es by mall or
tiprt U1 recelrr prompt and cs.rcfal atteDUon.
(old i Silnr Bullion nSSSUL
ULttt, JHt 1 KX Urxa St, Jnv.r Ms.
x".'.rrrr oer-rrjv
v y t-ZZxZ'
A atrietlr Mch-crade fanllr aewlac
saehlae. paaaesMtas; all s4erm
FrlceaTeiT'rcaasnsa'sla. ehtaiatkCTa
aa saake easayariswaa.
The Tombstone Daily
IS .
Daily Evening Papei in Cochise
Newspaper inCochise County and
the Only Publication that takes
a Telegraphic Press Report.
ndependent Newspaper in Cochise
County and Southeastern
Paper in the Count jRfchat will give
vou the Political and General
News Every Evening by
All subscribers to th
Daily Pkospeutou or Week
ly Epitaph who have a cattle
brand will have the same run
in the Epitaph without com
pensation There will also
be devoted to the cattle inter
est one page of latest newt
regarding local affairs. Re
member that a year's subscrip
tion to the Epitaph enti
tles you to a one-inch brand
advertisement in the Weekly
Potofllec Totabttone Arixooa,
Kns gn !rnardiDO i a.bcb
'alU Br.ud X oo right saouldtr.
ltort Urmad 3e oo nirnt boulaer.
PostoflBce Dos CabttAS Aru.
Range Apacbe bpnrgs. Left aid
Cattle brand x OT p.
Hors- brand bame on left thi;h
Address Jos- Hoeflcr. Tombstone Arls.
Range bvlphur plg Valley.
Cattle brand IX bar under, left vdt.
Horse brand 1 X on let t shoulder.
Aiso own bands O
IX left hip, XI on leitsboul
.er tnd rignt i.ip.
b.OTl Will IE.
Postoffice Tenston. (Bowie Station) Arts.
Kacge aan Sunun a ley.
Cattle brand WH en ngbt side.
Postoffice W.lcox, Ariz.
Range isulpbur Spring Vafley.
Came brand III; left kle.
Horse braud Hon left flanl
Old Cattle branded 'lOO en leftside.
Postoffice Bisbce Anr.
Ranga Suutb end Sulphur Spncg: Valley.
v.atue fcmna ontignt siae.
Horse brand-
a j
same on both hips.
Postoff.ce Tombstone, Ariz.
Range South slope Dragoon Mts.
Cattle brand CJIrrle I. on right tide.
Hone brand Same oo left hip. '
Postoffice WUcox.
Rane Sulphur 'ng Valley,
Cattle brand2 Y et hip. Young stock
at andeU on hip, cK. (to: on the side
Horse brand . cit shoulder.
Also on doubl-t cioss brand with 71 IT, tons
times run A quarter oixle or dart t RuncattVs
.n I 94 bran j.
A. aUER,
Postoffice Tombstone,
Range Oak Giote and Antelope ranch
ii-d INooncn rancb, north side Dragoon xnts.
Cattle brand A left hip and A leit tide.
Brand All connected kept up.
tiorse brand A,
Postoffice Wilcox, Anz,fl
Ran,e Railroad Park.
Cattle brand M left shoulder O left side li
eft hip.
Horse brand CO left thigh.
Other brands OI left side; A Increase
J- h gn up left side O o nght hip
Postoffice W Pcox Anz.
Range Six roi.es east of Tombstone,
a JO
Catt e brand Am A right hip nght sad
PoSsOffice Tombstone.
Range Granite Springs, Dragoon mts.
Cattle brand left hip.
.J I
Postoffice -Tombstone,
lang East side Huaehuca mountains.
Cattle brand--a on nght hip or tight hip
Postoffice Tombstone.
Rne hast side Huachuca mountains.
Cattle brand 7 on left hip.
Postoffice Tombst one.
Range Upper San PeH and Sonora Mex.
Cattle brand on right and
Also oar tol lcttnbtor
owing brands: hips,
Postoffice Tombstone,
Range Between Chincahiu. and Dragoon
nts; Steer range on Bugle and Bonita creeks
Graham county.
Cattle brand V,G left side and Cleft hip.
Horse brand W left hip.
Other brands: Circle W on left side: Orel
F on left side; JP connected, on neht aid
and hip; II on nght side; Diamond J on lef
tip; IO bar und- r, on left ude and hip; 5 or
ight si ie; Nl on left side; 13 on right side
Postoffice Wilcox,
-tange ?an Mtnoo valley,
'attle brand O Owith crossbar, on et't
Did brand c.K on bft side;
Hne braLd Arrow on lef t shoulder.
Postoffice Po ers, A. T. (
ange Rucker canyon and head of San Si most
attle brand - fS tar over, on left tide,
lorsr brand OS otl left thigh.
Also cattle branded ' V left side and hip and
h connected on left hip. Also cattle brasdesl
1'X on left side.
1W. B. TAYLOR & Co,
Postoffice Bibee,
a nge sulphur Spring Valley.
julebrand 'X'on left side"
Horse brand on left thigh.
Postoffice Turqnois, Ariz.
Range Solphe,'Spnng Valley.
Caitle bra -d WO on left sid.
Horse brand J-ame.
Ore Buyers & Samplers.
Highest market price paldfcrores. Rem
arotnptly made within forty-right hour after or
caches our works. Ccnsigmnecti loUdtod.
.C, 1315 I6IH ST. WHO, XTI&MM.
-- & &x331r.

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