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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, February 08, 1893, WEDNESDAY EDITION, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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; VE"f " & -" ', T- ""' wfasrar--i.fv
,11 IeT L --... . ,,-rj,a gjfc.x. S8ia.-w.rjv.. -
8, 1892
(Padfic Time.)
NoiTS BockDi
South Bound.
Lt. . a. m.
?: m ::
" ILIO "
" I.a6 p. m.
" -S4 "
" 4 co "
. Nnc&lei..,
...Benson. .
Ar. 1 o? p. 1
" 11 as
" ti.10 a. 1
.io "
, ?if ::
Lt. 6.20 a. 1
Pacific Time. I
Ja.sr Fairbank. (15 am
Cap " hishee. noon
Daily, txcrpt Sunday.
Bra Wn.Ui.if, gupt.
Ccnm PAcinc
Pacific Tlrae.1
K. K. C.
4 aj a. at
a.00 a. m
xx.sop in.
e,'3P- m.
s.yoa. m.
r. Benson....
" Tuoon...,
" Vum. ..,
Lv...Los Anceles.
7 50 p. m.
9 4Sp. m.
ta 53 . m.
6 aoa. tn.
4 cop m.
JsTMue trains, carrying pusengers and
freurht. arrive at Benson, ea.t bound, at 3 15
p. m. ; west bona t 6.30 a. ra.
Pacific time U one hour slswer than Tomb
atone time.
Mlsrastl Rerrlca.
The following U the rang of the
thermometer for the 34 hcnra ending:
o'clock p. m. February 8 :
Maximum 72
Minimnm 48
Kazteomit Valentine Day.
Jake Friedman left today for Tuc
ten. Chaa. Leach left today for ai-it to
Lot Angls.
Tueaon haa
electric light.
the wire up for her
Mr. E. Rathbitrn
sight from Xogale.
came home last
P. A. Boyer, of Do Cabezss, is pay
ing Tombstone a flying visit.
Wm. Liggett and Louis Vidal were
passengers today from llisbee.
C. D. Beppy and wife are expected
up from La Koria next week.
A 50,000 tale of real estate was
made in Phoenix on Honday last.
Jim Marrs, the driver of DurwarJ'
freight team, is down with pneumon
ia. Tho. Steele, of Willcox, arrived in
thi city today. He i bore on county
Assessor J. J. Fattoa i preparing
to make a tear of the county for the
assessment roll.
V. T. Smith, a prominent real es
tate man of Phoenix, is in the city and
topping at the Palace.
Eucber Grea ha sold out hi furni
ture and crockery business at Bisbee
to the Copper Queen Co.
Cattle buyer from Montana, among
them Mr. Ho'.t, well known to Arizona
ranchers, are expected next month.
Buckingham's Dye for the Whisker
doe it work thurougly, coloring a
uniform brown or black, which, when
dry, will neither rub, wash off nor soil
linen. f
. a
W. J. Cbejney, secretary ef the
T. M. M. Co , left today for a trip to
California. He will be back in time
to attend the aale of the T. M. & M.
properties at Charleston on March
Tb only Pare Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alms.
7nd in ICQlioas of Eoms 40 Yegrs the Standard,
A trainload of rallle, California
bound, passed through Benson Mon
day night, coming from the Sonora
John P. Clum, formerly postmaster
of Tombstone, is in Columbus, South
Carolina. He is poslottic inspector
Flag.taS hold an election on March
4thtooteon the question of bond
ing the town for $25,000 to build a
new school house.
Chinese New Year will begin on the
14th inst, and great ate the prepar
ations being made for its proper ol
aarvaure by the disrinleaof Confucius,
Jerry Briges, a conductor on the
A. ot 8. E. H. H , lias gone- to Iowa on
receipt of a di.patch amounting the
ad intelligence of the death of his
A wild cat was killed in the Hua
chucas last week that measured 5 feel
and 3 inches in length. It was killed
by John Itiley. and is the largest eer
killed iu tliiw county.
8. W. Chetney left Unlay on the
outgoing stage for his gold mine in
Plumas county, California, of ahich
he will resume the superintendence.
A Tombstone young man of social
proilititie, has developed a new mal
ady. Six da) in the week he enjo
the amu.emul of .octal entertain
ments, and on the seventh day stays
at home to take quinine.
Many women dud great difficulty in
arranging iheir hair beiomingly, be
cause of its har.h and coarse texture.
By the use of Ajer's Hair Vigor, the
hair becomes soft, pliant and glossy.
The Vigor is the most cleauly of all
hair preparation. f
Three thousand colonist in IheAr
gentine province ol Santa Kr, armed
with rifle and hating some cannon,
have risen in reoll of the wheal tax.
Troops have been sent to Santa Fe to
quel! the insurrection.
Sheriff White returned last night
from West Ilunchuca with Jones Bell,
who is accused of stealing railroad
ties from the railioal. He is in th
counly lock-up awaiting his trial,
which will be held next Friday.
Four small boys were taken in by
Chief Pugh aud brought before Judg
Duncan yesterday for breaking win
dow. Boys should take a lesson
from this as the next offenders will be
given a chance to sleep iu the new
blanket just procured for the city
With pure, vigorous blood zour.ing
the vein and animating every fibre of
the body, cold weather is not only en
durable but pleasant and agreeable.
No other blood medicine 1 so certain
in its result as Ayer's SaraprilU
What it doe for other it will do for
you. f
Lanie Scrimcher, the five-year old
on of Mr and Mrs. Scrimchei, met
with a shocking accident jerterday,
at Bisbee, which resulted fatally. The
little Sad was climbing onto a wood
wagon when he lost his hold and fell
beneath the wheels, which passed over
hi chest, crushing him borrioly.
The Phoenix paper stale that a
handsome belle of that city i abnu.
to be married to a prominent city offi
cial "f TcmbsUine. As all of our city
councilmen are married men, we pre
ume that Major Fill 1 the one who
who will draw the prize. This will, no
doubt, create a jealous feeling among
our bright home star.
Gray In Tombstone, Feb ruary 7tn,
1893, to the wife of John Grey, a
The Mesquite Bean to Grace
Our Breakfast Tables as a
Substitute for Mocha
and Java.
A new industry is likely to be creat
ed iu the scuthwest through the dis
covery of a San Antonio, Texas man,
who has been experimenting with the
mesquite bean, and has discovered
thatiti.a most valuable subitUute
forcoiTre, iu fact equal to the best
Java as a beverage, say the Silver
$&,. -
A cu micai analysis 01 me. uean re
vealed that its constituents are much
the same as coffee. The discoverer
also invented and had pateuted a
method for removing the fibrous sub
stance. surrounding the bean. As a
beverage it is raid to pisses a delicious
aroma, aud while it acta as a stimu
lant in much the sanio way as cofTie,
there are no unpleatant effects follow
ing its u.e.
A company with ample capital has
been tunned to convert the me?quil
bean into a marketable product as a
rulislitnte for coffee. It is I clie.c I
tliH indiiatrv is deslimd to become of
considerable importance.
The prairies of that portion of Tex
as, south aud west of the Colorado
river are covered with the merqnile
tree, growiug in its wild stale. The
tree is al-o indigenous to New Mexico,
trizonaand the greater part of Mexi
co. It thrives in a dry climate, and
gives its great yield of beans duitug
easons of severe drought. It is esti
mated that the average yield of each
tree is 30 pounds of bean.
m .
A Wonderful .Yluehlue.
There is no doubt that man is a fine
mechanism, but like every other
mai-hine he wears out by fruti in. I
is said that he is born again eveiy two
or three years. Ilia body is virtuall
re-made from food. To retard this
mating over is radically wrong, as a
man loses so much vitality i.i lli- de
laved process that it lakes a long time
to recuperate. The r rocess of mxl'inj;
anew is so accelerated uy purging with
Bkamiketu's Tills that a new man.
as it were, maybe made iu two 01
ihree months, and the change in the
mechanism is such that the worn out
pvrt is replaced by the new without
the usual running down of the whole
machine. You don't have to stop for
tepairs. Purge aw y w.th Bkand
RETH'd Pills the old, diseased and
worn out body. They are purely
vegetable,, absolutely harmless and
safe to take at any lime. j
Of Ihelllnnrd of NuperTl.ar. ol
fjocbiae Cousitr.
February 7ih, 1E93.
9 :30 p. m.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Present V. K. Perki.is, and Super
visors Hare and Ni.-hol.
Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved.
The bond or G. H. Piatt being still
inadequate was on motion refernd
back to him for correction.
The Board was engaged in checking
sheriff's account for balance of the
morning session.
Upon motion boa-d took recess to
1 :30 o'clock p, m.
February 7, 1893.
1 :30 oVlock p. m.
Board of Supervisor met pursuant
to adjournment.
Full board present.
Unanimously ordered that rx-clerk
of board of supervisors be requx ted to
appear before this Board t-t furiii-h
information regarding his yearly re
port and when he could finish the un
completed work of last term.
A certified notice was served on
Chairman Perkins by the district
clerk to .be effect that J. P. McAllis
ter had brought suit in the district
court cootestiog the seat o'. Supervis
or Nichols.
On motion the notice wa received
and placed on file.
On motion the Board stood at recer
until Feb. 8th, 1893, at 9 30 a. m.
W. K. Pbrkirs.
Nat Hawxk,
Brings comfort and improvement srJ
tend to personal etijuynient when
rightly used. The many, w ho live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
lees expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world' best prodncts to
the need of physical Iving, will attest
the Talue to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy. Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence ia doe to its presen' ins
In the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the retreating and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It ha given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Boel" witbont weaken
ing them and lt is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of rus is for sale by all drng
gists in 50c and SI bottles, but it is man
nfactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name Is printed on every
package, also the name, byrup of Fi j.,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
New Suit.
Ths following suits were filed with
District Clerk A. H. Emanuel today:
Jessie Morgan i. Ben Morgan; di
Jas. Keilly vs. C. B. Ke'ton; appeal
justice's court.
Jennie V. Du'kee vs. J E. Durkee,
and J. V. Vickers, guardian; foreclos
ure. Good (.ookii.cr-
Is one of the chief b'esiugs of every
home. To always insure good cus
tards, pudding-", sauces etc, use Gail
Borden's Eigle" Brand Condensed
Milk, Directions on the label. Sold
by your grocer snd druggist, tf
toii.vrt ict:cKiH.
Tt.e following instruments wer
nled ia the recorder's eSc siac.
S p. ia. yesterday:
Log Cabin, King's Spring di.trict
E. Kathburn.
Copper King, Copper Queen, Cop
per Prinre, Dos Cahezas district
Chas. Williamson, P. A. Boyer, S.
vrolltiqoa's Cattle vteed.
Copenhagen, the liattl" stcctl which
carriwl the duhc of v cllinton fourteen
honr3 at a Ktret h at Waterloo, has been
h"nored with a rnomment at Stmth
Ccldkaye, the country scat of the duUc.
British papers have a lot of anecdotc-j
to tell of the horse, one of vv huh says
that the brute war buried one cold v. in
try morning at six o'closlc. and that the
old duke turned out himself at that un
canny hour to attend the funeral. lie
Raw in dUmay that one hoof of the dead
horse was without a shoe, at whirjh
sijrht he grew very angry. After the
funeral he ordered a scan.h to be made
for the lost shoe and a groom brought
one, sayinjr it was Copenhagen's. The
duke vv as pleased and had the relic made
up as an inkstand for a lasting memorial
of his faithful steed.
'T.tn Ilm-tiJiial Liniment associa
tion," says one of the si?n boanK
Lame professors and rusty students
raay profit by it; or, is it intendsd for
their "ponies?"
Tun comments of strnnjrers are so
numerous in rcrrard to the small num
ber of younf women to tic seen in the
streets" of Atchison, Kan., that it has
been necessary to announce that about
half of the femalrj residents are kept
indoors by the nui-ms.
Try Paragon Headache Remedy at
Rockw-ll'a Pharmacy; successor to
H. J. Peto. J
At W'o'cotl's : Sweet
Handsome line of Ladies' ail Child
ren's, Men' and Boy's Shoes. Boot
and Slippers, at eastern pricis. Call
end examine. P. B. V adieu t.
Am Invalmb'r Kcntertv
Sheriff Hardman, of Tyler Co. W
Vs., was almost prostrated with a cold
when he b gan using Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy. In epeaking of it he
say: "It give me almost instant re-
lief. J find It to be an invaluable
rtmed.- f ir c"!d." For ale by Rocx-
J. S. Taylor, Bi.bee.
Dash Taylor "
Mr. aud Mrs. Cuff, Hukchuca.
W. T. Smith, Phtenix.
A. A. Eckstrom.Los Angeles.
e m
Call at Mr. Itiff-rtv'a and seethe
i;cods on ixhibitioii that will be dis
posed of for the benefit of the Catholic
hurch. tf
Latini Odors in Handkerchief lr
iiiiiuk. Ui.kvvbil'k Pmakvapy.
Choice tiranna ot butter aud obOk
,t ! h t-n . irr o , n Fe
nont and Fifth street. u3
Yon ran get your pre rriplion
lillml at av t:m of the niuht at
Rockwell's Pharmacy.
Ilotr In Nntc lloi-liir IIKU.
(From Chicago Daily Calumet.)
Many a doctor' hill ha. been saved
by ihe use of Chamberlain's Couh
Remedy. The name it a l.ou-ehnld
word in many parts of the country.
Chamberlain's med-cine have an ex
tensive fale in the World' Fair city
and many ivpople testifv to thi merit
of tli.tr diff. rent remedies. For sale
by druggists. "
If a man l33ro
la tho day li
alttr a tjoob v
n left's 6lcc4i i
there's Indlsj'
tlon and e to mac .5
IiImLwO roittfr irhlcb Is cl -
IctrUie sTBtem. w II cure nil IXlI'n-'
jniid ISrrriin H'r lrr. ccJ ..
r.irfcl7 rrlifTo -lck llerdarlir.
Jro7"-!'t',nT3n!lM$ arxJSo'ubtsCoiU ; J
' T'r rents a bi
, i t-ftsSfflCail"! St.
.. . JVL.-WSWN-vaJvJstJlaa-
Notice of Dissolution.
The prtnrship heretof re enst re in th
hutcter buin-ss in hi&bec Anrorcv Letern
lohn Duff. P. H Hrriiicton and Wte nhn-
son. h this day dioheH, Mr IVleJotns n re
Hung in m in. tirra. llie Dusices& mill De con
nnufKl by DuflV Hainngton.
Dated J.n i, 1&3.
ItKKl H tvlllKE
Cor. 5 th and Frcniont St
General Merchandise.
Supplits :t Specialty
tusNT run iMFhoVEic
Turbino WisdlCilJr
Buckeve Force-Pumo.
JfrK Gardrn Fior tl Fn-.'
?pea i. ont'ttJ A i
I will sell New Hom
Sewing Ma hnfs,7 drawei.
guaian'eed ftr five years, al
" The Favori'e Sewing Ma
chites, with 5 year guaran
tee, for $25. One second
hand Singer Machine io
$10. Emil Sydow.
To My Creditors.
All person hatinc bill; againat mi
will hae them paid it sent to me and
found to be correct.
I ox 95 :,
12 6 30d . Colo.
Ins dinetroiis emerEenejr, A rn's Cuebbt
rbCTOBAL Is prompt to act anil surs m
cure. A duse taken on tlie first symptoms
ct Croup or liroucliltls, check lurtlier proj
ress ot tliew complaliits. It softens tlio
plilecm, soutucs tuo uJUmed membrane,
and InJnces sleep. As .1 remedy fur coW,
coiigln. loss of xolec.Ucrtpp. pneumonia,
and eveu consumption. In Its early stages,
Cherry Pectoral
ciecli all similar prrraritlons. lt li en
dorsed ty leading pli) slctans. Is nerccal le to
fio tac, doc not lutcrtcroMltli diei-stlon,
anJ needs to be Uki n Lsully I J small do.
Tmn rcpcitcd tcMs li r-y own family,
Aysr's Clurry lvct rat 1 at I rorcd lUelt a
rjry indent remttly for coli:, eougln, and
tUs rarious dlsord.Ti of tlio tlirojt aud
lulgs." A. VT. E.-.rUtt. ritttlel.t, N. II.
" l'or tlie lit 15 ) cars I Iiaro licen taking
Aycr's Clicrry tv-ctoral for lung troullcs, and
ain assured that Its use lias
Saved My Life
I haro recommended It to hundreds. I fird
t!is most ifieclUc way of taklnj; this r ct'I
cl'ie Is iu small ami frdjncnt does." T. M.
JlaUlien s. I". M . Sherman. Ohio.
"My viMe suffered from a old; noUilns
h-lped tier but Aycr's Oierry Tect ral Llih
cllcctcil a cure." E. Amero, l'lyinpton.N.S.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
Tn p irtd by Dr. J. C. A cr S-Co , Lowlt.lI".
Prompt to act. sure toouro
The average size of an American farm
is C10 aiTcs.
The value of Kansas farm lands Is
saitl to have actually increased tucn-ty-four
per cent, tn the pait twehe
The state capitol at Austin, Tex.,
ranUi nest in size to the capitol at
tVasliinton. It is 503'J feet Ion?. 2SS
fict 13 inches ct its v. id.bt part and 311
fact hijh.
rnnn ti;I:cts to ths entertainments
given by the YonnR Women's Hebrew
association cf I.c Yorl: are attributed
amon.-rtho fsmalc toilers in the "sneat
in dens" of t'ic Cast -Us.
The very Cnc-t cbK-tos is obtained
in America. It is free from bilicic acid
and rai tal oxides. In combination with
rubber it is now largely used for pack
in steam joints.
It Took Trt.nblc. lint lie Got It.
About two or 'line liwnllii ago I
ptircliaMsl from 1111 .1 bottle of Cliani
berlam's Coiiph Kenmly, put up in
Des Moines, low . Such good r.'sult
vere obtniueil fr 111 its utf Ihat I en
clse nr.e tlnllnr and 11k ihatjnti (end
tne two iMittlei by expre-- J A. cbi
ves, IS K. l-'uli S-'t . New York City.
To H. H. Line, Drupcist. Piek-kill.N.
Y. Mr. b'enxen i preetili nt of one of
the iHrgeft eliir 1 f ictorie in Ne York
ami widely known in Iui'ies3 circles.
When troubled with 4 culd cite this
remedy a trial and, like Mr. Scriven,
Mill nill want it nlien aniil in need
if such a medicin-. 59 cent bottles
for sale by lrupi;ists. tf
C. M. SrcNcrn, of Windsor, Conn- the
inventor of the original screw machine
and the Spenecr repeatinjr shotgun, has
made a device that turns oat cijrht
screws a minute, with slotsand threads
cut all ready for packing. One pecul
iarity of the ma"hine is that it requires
little cr no attcntisn.
A rr.ENCUM.vN has invented a new
ribbon loom whi.h works automatical
ly and needs no turvcillancc If a
thread cr warp breaks the shuttle is
stopped instantly, and the attention of
the caver, who could by thus system
attend to many looms, is called to the
I defect. Manchester Union.
.nit ve rim tiAix,
An oi fll-tritd ren '. Mi
W n lowV f'oilinj: 8nij I r lten
nd for iipi), jmre by ii'illicm of
noil ers for tbeiCj 'lilren r bileteeth-,
n, with 1 effect ei cts s. It Kioibes
he child, pollens Ihr 1 nit),, alUyn 1 li
ain. cures unul rnlic, 1.1 d ii- ilie 1 est
reimdy for Diarrlin-a. It is r-leawrnt
10 the taste. Sold l.j Ilnifricls in
every part of ibe world. Twnty-five
cents a bottle, lt Hltie i" imalru-
luble. Be sort- hi d ik for Mre. Win-
sIo"-'e SiHitliinz fi j. and lake tin
ili-r kind
One of the botanists of state reputa
tion in Maine U MU TurbUli, a How
doin frradnatc.
Mr. Paul D -c , on of Cliarlcs A.
Dana, has been chosen president of the
New York park commUsiuncrs. The
position carrier n ith it a salary of 3,000
a year.
Charles II. ItEEn, the lawyer who
died in Ilaltimoro recently, is sai.l to
have lost his law practice and to have
become moody after his unsuccessful
Alt Insiir ! l 10rreBct.
To mak- it apparent tn tlioiiands,
who Hi i k ihemsrhcs ill, that they
are not aff cie.! Kith any diae, but
that lbs stsirm fin-ply nereis cleans
ing, is to brinj: comfort Ixnie to their
heart", a a c. rtie cotnliiion is tarily
cured by iisinj: .'yrnp ol J i;. Manu
factured by the Ca.tioroU Kin syrup
72 'I

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