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From .Monday's Daily.
Alfalfa hay still for 35 ctnU a ball
in Phwnix.
Mike Gray returned home yesterday
from Phoenix.
John Nobile returned yesterday
front Tucson.
Chat. 0 erlock slaughtered 201 head
of cattle for the quarter ending Marcn
Agent Harrington of the N.M.iA,
Co. at Fairbank spent -a few houri in
town today.
In the supreme court on Saturday
a rehearing was denied in the rase of
of Reilly ts. Atchison.
Hupt, Hicnards of the H. M.fc A.
Sonera roads, went down to Guaymas
today in his private car.
C. W. Leach has declined the ap
pointment as railroad commissiener
tendered to him by the gorernor.
The two groups of lithograph stone
mines near Prescott has beem bonded
te New York parties for one year for
H. Sthmitding and wife hae sold
to A. A. CasUfieda lot 9 block 33
Tombstone for the nominal consider
ation of $25.
Word has been received from No
Jl!sof the arrest of nine woodcbop-
pers, who had been cutting wood on
government laud.
Col. Herring is still in Phosnix with
Mrs. Herring. He will perfect an ap
peal in the Big Comet-Black Eagle
suit before returning home.
Fred Hawke received the appoin t
ment as a Columbian guard At the
World's Fair and left yesterday for
Chicago to report for duty.
There were eighty persons in atten
dance af the Methodist Sunday school
yesterday It was decided to have the
annual picnic on the 1st of May.
The Bsard-of Prison Commiss oners
consists of J. Fraissenet, J. T. Lessuer
and S. C. Bagg. The names did not
appear in Saturday's Prospector.
Senator Teller, of Colorado, after
remaining in Tucson one day left for
Los Angeles. This is his tirst visit to
Arizona and he expressed himself as
delighted with the country.
The cemetery committee held a
meeting last night. An inestigation
howed traces of a shortage of funds
that will be followed up at another
meeting to be held on Tuesday
J. A. Montanden took his departure
for Tacoraa on Saturday last. He had
been in continual service with the
Santa Fe Co. for twenty years and
could have had a life position had he
desired it.
Several large cases were shipped
from Bisbee on Saturday last con
signed to the World's Fair. They
contained the molds of the under
ground workings pi the Copper Queen
mine. They weighed 700 pounds and
were sent by express.
Dr. Wright, who made one of the
most valuable members of the House
in the 17th legislature, returned to
his constituents todav. Bisbee can
well feel proud of the record made by
the roan of their choice at the nomin
ating convention last fall.
Mrs. J.C. Lockling died yesterday
at the residence of her daughter Mrs.
Craigbaum in Bisbee. Her husband
and their children were with her in
her last hours. She was a good moth
er, a devoted wife, and her loss will be
felt among all those who knew her.
Carloadsof bones are being shipped
from Ben-ion to Su Louis. They are
gathered along the river, and are all
that is left of the carcasses of cattle
that have d'ed in large numbers dur
ing the last two years. The bones are
worth 15 per ton at the point of des
tination. The Smith-Lynch difficulties will
be eettled in Justice Duncan's court
b Wednesday at 10 o'clock. The
charge against Lynch was dismissed
n Saturday night, but be is held on
another charge of threats to kill. The
former is also to be arraigned charged
with assault to kill.
A strike of 1,000 ounce ore was
Made by two leasees of the State of
Maine mine on Saturday. The ore
streak is six inches wide and as worn
progresses increase in width, and the
owners are correspondingly happy. If
Hcoatiaues it will prove a veritable
baaaaae. The ore i being sacked
yrepftwy to iBewi'.
The Press Association.
At the annual meeting of the Ari
zona press association held in Phtenix
on Saturday last, Herbert Brown of
the Citizen was chosen president and
S. C. Bagg, secretary and treasurer;
A. E. Rogers ef the Courier, 1st vice
president, George Kelly of the Bul
letin, 2nd vice president.
Delegates to the National Associa
tion: John O. Dunbar, J, W. Dor
rington, N. A. Merford, Curt W. Mil
ler; alternates: Geo. Meek of the Flor
ence Tribune, Jones ef the Flagstaff
Democrat, Pugh of the Stockman, and
Wallace of the St. Johns Herald.
The Prison.
The report of the superintendent ol
the Yuma penitentiary for the past
quarters contains the following statis
tical information:
There were in confinement Jan. 1.
1893, 15S prisoners ; received by com
mitment during quarter, G; discharged
during same period by reason of ex
piration of sentence, 14; uncondition
al pardon, 3; pardon to restore citizen
ship, 5; writ of habeas corpus, 1;
death, 3. There are now, March 31,
1893, in confinement 13S convicts.
The total expense of the prison for
the month of January was $5,033 54.
for February $2,964., for March
$4,56G.G5. making a total for the quar
ter of $12,505 15.
The daily average attendance for
quarter is 143 ; per diem cost $ 139.01 ;
per capita per diem $0.9763.
The live stock department of the
A. T. Sc. S. F. estimate that oer
125.000 head of stock will be shipped
out ef New Mexico oter their system
during the coming three months.
They already have orders for 4,000
cars and are rushed to supply the
shippers. Exceptionally heavy ship
ments will be ruadejom Grant coun
ty. m m m
The Rockwell drug store was sold
at slierifTs sale this nfiernoen, Deputy
Wardwell acting as, auctioneer. It
was bid in by the firm of Braun & Co.
of Los Angeles for $850. This will
satUfy all claims and costs bejide the
claim of the buyer, whose attachment
a as for about $900, the valuation
placed on the stock and fixtures by
the bidder being $1750. It is under
stood that N. N. Miller & Co. will take
fie stock off the hanJs of Braun & Co.
A one-legged man passed through
Ben-on a few days ago on his way to
the World's Fair to exhibit himself as
a freak of nature. His body was per
fectly developed down to tbe place
where the leg should be. One dimin
utive leg about ten inches long but
perfect in outline including a foot is
all that grows from the trunk. The
freak uses this small limb and one
band to propel himself with and can
jump like a bull frog. He is an expert
vacquero a id takes his saddle with
him to the Fair. He is a large owner
of land and cattle in Sinaloa and in
easy circumstances, but some enter
prising neighbor prevailed upon bim
to go into the show business.
PrefcntlDj: Future -TJlterj-.
If there is in this vale of tears a
more prolific source of misery than
the rheumatic twinge, we have yet to
hear of it. People are born with a
tendency to rheumatism just as they
are with one to consumption or to
scrofula. Slight causes may develop
this. As soon as the agonizing com
plaint manifests itself, recourse should
be had to Hostetter's Stomach Bitters,
which checks its further inroads and
banishes the rheumatic poison from
tbe system. This statement tallies
exactly with tbe testimony of phs-ii-isns
who hate employed this fine
blood depurent in their private prac
tice. These ts also tbe amplest pro
fessional and general testimony as te
the efficacy of tbe Bitters for malaria,
liver complaint, constipation, indiges
tion, kidney trouble, nervousness and
oss of appetite and flesh. After a
wetting, whether followed by a cold or
not, the Bitters is useful as a prevent
ive of the initial attack of rheuma
tism. A
P. Ragdart, Sonora.
Simon Piedmont, Sonora.
H. Robbins, Denver.
H. Scboenberg, San Francisco.
B. Whiston, City.
Phil Prager, San Francisco.
Wm. Melzar, San Francisco.
Wm. Read, Phcenix.
M. Gray, City.
H. McNair, Custom House,
J. H. Menibaa, Soa Francisco.
jjaoaa, - --- ,mmmmmriamnmFlnKBOtrm i iiT wiiaIB
Ootnami Hellee Mow Olre Partus em the
EM of Their Ssitlu
It is customary for young bachelors
about to marry to gather about them a
few of their most Intimate male friends
and give a bachelor dinner. There is
something Jolly about it alL His
friends dine and wine with him and
drink his very good health and that of
his family. He is not going out of life,
lie is going into a more blissful, living
existence, and will be respectable. But
a New York paper is telling of a lot of
girls who bury their single blessedness,
having a funeral and going into mourn
ing. A short time ago a Fifth avenue
belle introduced to her friends a "fad"
that promises to become as popular as it
is peculiar. Iler girl friends were sur
prised one day to receive from her cards
with heavy mourning borders inviting
them to her home, and asking them to
appear in mourning. As there had been
no death in the family, and the young
woman was to have been married in a
few days to what was considered a most
desirable "catch,'' her form of invitation
surprised most of her friends, and for
that reason many of the persons invited
went to the house. The parlor was
darkened. On the center table the
guests noticed a small casket. When
the hostess entered she went to the
table and said: "Friends, I have asked
you here to-day to witness the burial of
my old identity. You know I am to be
married in a few days. In this casket
I have placed my card, which I intend
to bury, with you as witnesses. Thus I
will bury my identity in that of my
future husband." Already three or four
such ceremonies have been performed
in Fifth avenue mansions. This will do
for a fad; but in the case of such a girl
there is aln ays a chance that she will
dig up her identity and have some frood
vicnimea uh her gooa old girl friends
A jolly dinner, in any case, is better
than a funeral, and it is better for peo
ple about to be married.
It Talks English, Svnn In Spanish, and
Hae Fine Table Manners.
John Sewey, of the little seaside vil
lage of Noank, has a wonderful old
parrot and is very proud of it. It is
thirty-six years old, but spry and hand
some yet. Thirty-six years ago Mr.
Sewey took it out of its nest in a thick
forest in Mexico and brought it north
with him on his ship. It speaks English
as fluently as and rather more correctly
than anyone in Noank, and in defer
ence to the piety and moral inclina
tions of the rest of the villagers it al
ways swears in Spanish and without
raUing its voice. It listens intelligent
ly to conversation and knows all the
gossip of tbe place.
Its table manners are its most re
markable accomplishment. It eats with
the family, sitting at a chair that just
fits it, with a napkin tucked about its
neck, and balances itself on one foot,
holding a spoon with the other claw,
and feeding itself very neatly with the
spoon. It partakes of whatever food is
on the board, but prefers ice cream and
other dainties. If there is ice cream on
the table it must have some at once,
otherwise the bird will eat nothing;
after the cream has been served it is
ready for the rest of the meal
Aside from its crotchet about tackling
ice cream before other food, it is a well
behaved bird and its temper is never
ruffled. Mr. Sewey thinks the parrot is
the smartest and finest bird in Connec
ticut, and Polly evidently thinks nobody
else is quite as good as her master.
When he Is at home she has little to do
with other folks. She likes to stand on
his shoulder on one leg, with the other
one drawn up under ber wing, and she
cocks her head and listens' to bis talk
with a quizzical look.
Prince Bismarck's favorite son is
aid not to be the elder. Count Herbert,
but the younger, Count William, who
i3 president of the council of Hanover.
The czar is never lonely on bis splen
did yacht, the Polar Star, as she carries
a crew of three hundred men who axe
selected from the best sources in the
imperial fleet.
Babov Hirsch is fifty-six years old
and dresses with great simplicity. He
dislikes display and fights shy of jewel
ry. Any ordinary nine dollar a week
clerk could eclipse him in personal
M. LABSE3T, a wealthy Danish banker,
so strikingly resembles the czar of Rus
sia that he has got finally into an in
sane hospital. He came to imagine
that he was really the czar, and fear of
assassination unsettled his mind.
Lord IlERScnzii, the new lord chan
cellor of (ireat Britain, an incumbent
of that office under Gladstone's last ad
ministration before this, is not directly
descended from the great astronomers
who bore that name, but is of the same
family. The Herschells are of German
Patsy Sears, of Howard county, In
diana, aged 10$ years, has been a church
member a hundred years.
Mr. Katharine Sharp, of Philadel
phia, is thought to be the oldest woman
in America. She is 114 years old.
TnE oldest inhabitant of Vienna,
Magdalen Ponsa, has died at the re
puted age of 117. She lived on charity.
The emperor gave her a pension of
twenty florins a month. She retained
her faculties almost until the end.
At 534 West Sixty-first street. New
York, lives a man named Pierce Cotty,
who Is in the neighborhood of 100 years
old according to the best calculation
that can be made, who has lived in New
York mor. t" -exity-flvc years.
Cood rtae for Tramps.
it Is said that between the island of
Madagascar and the coast of India
there arc sixteen thousand islands, only
six hundred of which are inhabited.
On any of thesa islands a mn can live
and support his family in princely lux
ury, without working more than twenty-five
days in tbe year. In fact, on
some of these islands be awed not work
at alL as nature provide the foedaad
o cjotaes are reqntred.
Remarkable Basalts of a, rrench Editor's
A leading Paris paper, the Eclair, is
offering a gold medal as a prize to the
finest writer, without distinction of na
tionality, writes a correspondent. It is
not literary merit that is wanted, as the
above announcement would lead one to
suppose. The prize-giving editor merely
wants to know how many words can be
written on a piece of paper. Replies
have already been sent in. A Belgian
officer has accomplished the feat of put
ting 2,18? words on a post-card. A Mar
seilles gentleman has distanced him,
having crowded on a card of the same
size 2,860 words, representing an article
of M. Sarceyvand a poem of Deputy
Clovis Hughes, both legible without a
magnifying glass, though not, I imagine,
without a good pair of eyes. The above
feats are nothing beside that of another
competitor for the gold medal, a gov
ernment clerk at Survigny, who has on
a post-card written out an official direc
tory, from the president and his house
hold down to the members of the Paris
municipal council altogether 6,000
words. He spent twenty-eight hours
over this at leisure moments, and
worked with the naked eye. But he is
capped by Sergeant Lethorel, secretary
of the One Hundred and Twenty-seventh
infantry, who announces that he
will shortly produce a post-card w ith a
collection of articles amounting to 11,
000 words.
As an art small writing has been
killed by photography. Microscopic
photography n as simply invaluable to
IVancc during the biege of Paris, when
carrier pigeons were daily sent out with
10,000 private letters photographed on a
pellicle two inches square rolled up in a
quill. There are still, however, plenty
of amateurs, some of them distin
guished and even illustrious. I may
mention, for instance, Alphonse Daudet,
who has often, out of fun, written orig
inal newspaper articles on a leaf of ci
garette paper.
Tnx total extent of tbe British em
pire is not far from 9,000,000 square
TnE population of Rome has doubled
in twenty years, the number of resi
dents having increased in that time
from 200,000 to 400,000 and the city it
self has been regenerated.
Holland has 4,500,000 inhabitants, of
whom the males and females are nearly
equal in number. There are 2,500,000
Protestants, 1,700,000 Catholic and 07,
000 Jews. The rest have no settled re
ligion. Is 1891 858 persons died in Russia be
tween the ages of 100 and 103, 130 be
tw ecn 115 and 120, while three were re
ported to the authorities as having died
after living to be 150 years or more of
Prussia's income from the cultivated
public domain is about 54,000,000 an
nually. The total number of employes
in the government postal and telegraph
offices and on the government railways
is 187,771.
Is the last ten years 2.4S9 duels with
the broadsword were fuught in Italy,
ninety with rapiers and 179 with pis
tols. Most of the duels were the re
sult of newspaper fights or political
"Willie, why did you say your
prayers twice to-night?" Willie
" 'Cause to-mcrrovr is a hciida and I
wanted to do all the work I could to
day." Inter Ocean.
"Miss Wickeeoiaff seems to be par
ticularly popular among the young fel
lows of twenty or thereabouts." "Yes.
She has a way of talking to them about
'you men." " Indianapolis Journal.
May "Can you look me in the face
and tell me you weren't intoxicated
last night?" Frank "Yes, darling; but
I couldn't look you in the face and not
be intoxicated now." N. Y. Herald.
"Pata, what is dynamite?" asks Wil
lis. "It is a powerful explosive." re
turned his papa. "What's explosives
for?" the boy asked. "To blow things
up," was the answer. "I guess my
nurse must be an explosive, then," said
Willis. "She's blow in' me up all the
time." Harper's Bazar.
She "A pretty time of night for you
to come home!" He "A pretty time of
night for you to be awake!" She--"I've
stayed awake for the last four hours
waiting for yon to come home." He
"And I have been keeping myself
awake for the last four hours at the
club waiting for you to go to sleep."
A new shoe has a ventilated toe.
A PATZ.Tr has been issued for a lock
which can be operated only by a mag
netized key.
A max in Paris has invented a new
"kind of snuff made of tan and pounded
baked apples.
Jorra Jacob Astob is the inventor of
an automatic road sweeper, on which
he has taken out a patent, and which,
it is claimed, will be of great service in
clearing roads of dust and other ob
structions. A Fkesch novelty in the way of a
timepiece is a floral clock, the long
hands of which sweep above twelve
flower beds, each being different from
all the others in the color and variety
of flower. Tbe bands are moved by
subterr"'" nerhani-Tn
George Meredith has been made an
LL. D. by the Univcrsityof St. Andrew.
Walter Bfsaxt'b new volume of
stories is to bear the extraordinary title
of "Verbenia Camellia Stephanotis."
TnE most prominent woman reporter
in London is Marie Belloc, one of Mr.
Stead': assistants on the "Eerie w of Re
views. Laboccttese says that the genial Os
car's namo is John O'Flaherty Wilde;
the Oscar is as artificial and as false as
the blue-green metallic buttonhole af
fected by the Oscarites.
AxaXiK Rites, the noted novelist.
will shortly remove to New York for a
lengthened stay. She contemplates fit
UsKtrpam artistic Bat and gathering a
ec we repreaentauve writers
boat ner In m weekly salon..
New Yoke A Washington special
to tbe World sas: Senator Hill has
begun his right for tbe control of fed
eral patronage in New York state. He
has persuaded the poslolfice commit
tee of the Senate to demand from the
pos'master general copies of tbe pa
pers containing the recommendations
of application of presidential postmas
ters recently appointed in New York
The purpose of Senator Hill is evident
and the administration accepts it as a
Ntw Orleans The steamship Al
bert Duumis fiom Celts, Honduras.
From Ulnae on board it is lear.ied tlmi
the entire coast ef Honduras, with the
exception of Puerto Cortes, U iu the
hands of reiolutionists. 'lhe change
was rapidly accomplished and with
little bloodshed. Tbe reolution had
public support seemingly. When the
Dumois reached (Viha it was a few
days after its capture, and the officers
were ery much surprised tohae new
men in new uniforms come aboard
and transact the necessary business
Pakis Two more deaths from
cholera hae occurred at the asylum
for insane at Quimper, the capital of
the department of Fiuiilerre, on the
river Ogle, ten miles from the Atlan
tic and thirty-six miles from Brest,
WAkHisoTos Secretary Carlisle to
day directed the sub treasurers through
out tbe United States to isst
more gold certificates at present. In
explaining this action Secretary Car
lisle said that th $1,000,000 gold re
serve was not reached, he was so close
to it mat prudence dictated that no
more gold certificates si ould be issued.
dan Jose The citizens convention
today sekcted a general committee of
ninetj-one, with D. M. Delmas, chair
man, to take charge of the capital re
moval campaign and all matters per
tsimng thereto. Sub-cemmilteesou
legal utlairs and organization and
rules were appointed.
Sajj Fbakciscu The new board of
directors of the Central Pacific, chosen
a few d8 ago at the annual meeting
f the company, organized tod b
electing Senator Stanford president.
C. P. Huntington brst ice president,
C. F. Crocker, second vice president,
H. K. Huntington, treasurer, J. H,
Davis, assistant treasurer, C. L. Lan
sing, secretary and auditor.
Washington- President Cleveland
said yesterday before leaving tbe cty
that he had decided to comene
gresa in extra session iu September,
although he might postpone the date
until September 15 or October I
A'.hens The Island of Zante has
been again visited by earthquakes. It
was foretold by Prof. Talb. Hundreds
were killed and many wounded, lhe
town of .ante is in ruins.
TorEKA Saturday night the house
of a man named Anderson who
married that morning, was serenaded
by a band of hoodlums. One ot them.
who was drunk, emptied both barrels
of a shot gun into the house, narrowly
misting Anderson and his wife. This
so enraged Audelson that he fired
into the crowd, instantly killing two
hoodlums and fatally injuring a cow
Valpvbaiso El Herabio says: The
following cable message has been sent
lo President Cleveland by the Am
erican residents of Santiago and Chili :
"Minister Egan is harboring criminals
in the United States legation and dis
honoring bis country. He evidently
desires to provoke a conflict between
the United States and Chili."
Tacoma, Wash. Collector Wasson
states that he believes most of the
certificates held by 242 Chinese on
board the Mogul are forged, and he
will allow none to land unless they
furnish complete proof of previous
residence in the United States.
Washington The policy to be pur
sued by the treasury department re
garding the financial situation was
probably determined at a consulta
tion held thb afternxm between Sec
retary Carlisle and President Cleve
L ..e-
J I H ,--" as 1i. aftaaftfttaL. aejajtaTea -"I
o( the conference have thus far failed.
Tbe Star says: "Carlisle is under
stood to be opposed lo the issuance of
bonds, for tbe present at least. It is
his judgment that it would be prefer
able to utilize a portion of the gold re
serve until it becomes apparent that
the issuance of bonds is an absolute
.ovel fliist Iu Kill t'ojoiea,
J. M. Campbell, the most extensive
sheep raiser in western Texas, lost 22
per cent of bis Hock during tbe past
twrhe mr nths by coyotes. Campbell
lias hit upon a novel plan ofextsrmin
:tion. He entrapped twelve coyotes
a month ago and shut them up with a
dog which was badly affected with
mange. The covotes soon cauirlit tha
dicite and are now thoroughly cov
ered nith the pirAsifs which produce
it. They will be turned Iooe on the
ranch in a few das, and Campbell ex
pects the disease to spread among the
cojotes so rapidly that there will not
be oae of them left in Texas in two
j ears.
onHampllon urrl
Au old phy-icun. retired from prao
tice, having had placed in his hands
by tin llft ludia missionary the form
ula of a simple vegetable remedy for
the speedy and permanent cure of Con
sumption, Bronchitis. Catarrh. Asth
ma and all Throat and Lung Affections
and a positive and radical cure for
NervousDebilityand allNervons Com
plaints, after having tested its wondem
ful curative powers in thousands of
caes, has felt it his duty to make it
known to his suffering fellows. Actu
ated by this motive nd a desire to re
lieve human suffering. I will send free
of charge, to all who desire it, this re
teipe, in German. French or English.
ith full directions for preparing and
using. Sent by mail by addressing
with stamp nsming this paper. W. A
Noyes, 820 Power's Block, Rochester.
N. Y 1. 18, 1 wr
Francis J. Henev, attorney general
under the Hughes administration, is
one of the brightest attorneys in the
territory. As an adtiser of the go.
ernor he will not lead him into paths
paed with bid intentions.
As wss expected, the officers ap
pointed by Gov. Hughes are Demo
crats, but they are citizens haviug the
best interests of the territory at heart,
and the Republican does not believe
that the iutcrests of the great and
growing territory of Arizona will suffer
in their hands. Phcenix Republican.
H. D. II- fcs of Coconino and C. M.
Bruce of Cochise art" now tho leading
candidates for secretary of the terri
tory. The appointment will be made
in a few da?. A strong pull is being
made for Mr.'Ross on account of tbe
northern part of the territory imung
less representation than the'south. He
has a strong support, and if Mr. Bruce
should not be successful Mr. Boss
probably will be.
W. K. Meade, who was appointed
by Gov. Hughes superintendent of the
territorial prison, was twice rejected
by tbe Council and again appointed
by Gov. Hughes after the legislature
had adjourned. The reason assigned
for his rejection was not made public,
but sufficient was dropped to make it
a certainty that Mr. Meade was the
obect of spite work on the part of the
Council. He had been to Washing
ton and had made a strong tight for
Gov. Hughes, who, had just token his
seat. I; is no secret that the coun
cilmen almost to a mia had sworn
engeanceupon Mr. Meade and the
opportunity offering itself at this
time, he was knocked out twice before
ho had a chance to reach his corner.
Not one of those who voted against
his confirmation did so from ether
than personal motives. No one can
question Mr. Meade's fitness for tbe
position and those who have the wel
fare of the territory at heart can not
but feel pleased at Mr. Meade's selec
tion for this most important trust.
Piles, Itctilnc Piles
Symptons Moisture intense itching
and stinging, most at night; worse by
scratching. If allowed to continug
tumors form which often bleed and
ulcerate becoming very sore. Swathe's
Ointment stops the itching and bleed.
ing, heals ulceration and in most
Sases removes the tumors. At drng-
cists or by mail for 50 cents Dr.
gwaime & son. rmiatielpnia.
W. E. Payne & Co., Employment
agents, 910 Union Avenue. Kansas
City, Mo, furnish reliable help, male
or female, any nationality in and
quantity, and send them to all parts
ofthe Union free of charge. Corres-
ondence solicited. i2rn
Small line of samoles from mincfact
; n-v.,rtn, Avt a live man
One traveller earned as average of S3 5
BOSK ret- m yewn " s
new Terse,
Wk j 1 ,.d(

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