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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, June 25, 1893, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 4

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24, 1893
Pacific Time.)
North Bqi-.nu
Station. 'South Uounc.
0.12 a. m.
Nogales. . .Ar. 1.07 p. in.
9-54 "" f,.Calatasas..
lias "
lt.10 j.,CnUenCa
1.26 ix m. .Hcachuca.
xi 10 a. m.
9. jo
7 55 "
7-43 "
. 6.20 a. m.
Fair bank
I ..Benson.
ItlZO.VAi MOUTH JilMTi:it- x: It
IPaoSc Time I
6.20 "
8.15 am
Daily, rzcept Sunday.
Sen Wilxiamf, Supt.
OimniKiix PACIFIC It.
fraafic Time.l
4 35 a. tn.,Ar.
a.00 a. m.i
11 op. IU.' '
..Benson. Ar 7.50 p, m
,.. lucsou
. .Yuraa
9-45 p- '"-1
-J I
1 - m j in
y v- 1
6 30 a. iu
8.30a. tn. Lr...Los Angles.
4-QO p ra
XJTMixfd trains, canning passengers and
freight, amve at Benson, east bound, at 2.15
p. m ; est bound 6.30 a. m.
Pacific time is one hour slower than Tomb
ton e time.
Micunl Service.
The following is tho range of the
thermometer for the 24 henrs ending
3 o'clock p. m.June 21
Maximum 100,
Minimum 01-
There will be no services
Catholic church-tomorrow.
in the
For Rext Fiiet class baker
Apply to J. B. Angiue. Biebee.
Geo. II. Stratton has received the
appointment of Indian trader at San
Carlo;. Mr. Stratton is a resident of
S. M. Barrow itn an incoming pas
senger today from Wacoville, Cal.,
where he has been visiting his aged
Kev: C. It. Nugent returned home
toJay from Washington, 1). C, where
ha has been in attendance at the
Presbyterian assembly.
Just as we go t" pre" tb merry-go
-round, opposite the Pbostxctoe
office, starts up to the rhythmic meas
ure of Tar-ra-ra-boom-de-ay.
When tho scalp is atrophied or
shiny-bald, no preparation will restore
the hair; in all other cases Hall's Hair
Kenewcr will start tl;e growth. 19
Mr. Mae Walsh has removed her
private school to the roomie the pub
lic school building recently occupied
by Miss Hill and her scholars.
Denver is to receive recognition as
the center of western activity by the
transfer of headquarter of the depart
ment of Arizona from Los Angeles to
Fort Logan.
Another drive of fat Chiricahua
mountain sheep was received yester
day, and fine mutton now graces the
"block ready for the cleaver and knife
at Overlock &. Cummings.
The EtirArii is published semi
weekly, Wednesday and Sunday. It
is the newsiest paper in Arizona
"Every man in Cachise county should
take it. Only $1 for three months.
Same newspaper man started the
report that a Brooklyn girl kneads
bread with her gloves on. An ex
change answers: "We alto need
bread with our shoes on, with our
pants on and with our clothes on. We
-need it badly, too, and if our delin-
quents do not soon pay up we shall
need it without any pants at all."
m iv m a
mm 1 1 m w &te3 y?
Tie oly Pore Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alum.
Jm ia MfllioM r Komfts 40 Ycarg the Standarj
Judge J. A. Kockfellow of Willcox
has ent in his resignation as justice
of the eaco of that district, Hfs
office will be filled by appointment by
tlio board of supervisors at tneir meet
ing it. July.
Ui8 ball to be then by Engine Co.
Xo. 1 promises to bo an cnjojsblo
affair. Those having llio matter iu
charge have Lcen untiring iu their
ifTbiU to make the occasion peculiar
ly attractive.
Effectually jot gently, when costive
or bilious or when the blood is impure
or sluggied, to permanently euro hab
itual constipation, to awaken the kid
neys and liver to healthy activity
without weakening or irritating them,
to dispel headaches, colds or fevers
use Syrup of Figs.
Two Mexicans fought a duel in
Tucen yestcrd ly. The, trouble arotc
oiern woman, the injured husband
coming out victorious, killing his an
tagonist. Tho weapons used were
Mexicin pietols. ,
.Mi Mag;
ie Hill left on this niorn-
hi"1 naee for a bi.ef visit to her
icr, -mi. . i. ueckuu, ai uiaice.
mt . 1 .a . ,
Miss Hill has given up her ptivato
school and in a few days will lcavo for
the east to remain a couple months.
An incipient firo was discovered
among some debris in the rear of a
Mexican residence on Fremont street
this morning. The flames were ex
tinguished before auy damage was
done or the fire department called
When the blood is loaded with im
purities the whole svstem becomes
disordered. This condition of things
cannot last long without serious re
sults. In such cases a powerful alter
ative is needed, such as Ayer's Sarsa
paril'a. It never fails, and has no
equal. 19
A drive of twenty-fire head of Salt
Itiver al'alfa fattened beef was taken
to Biibee last night from the corral of
Overlocxt Cummings for Harrington
fc Duffy, who will hereafter be regu
larly supplied with this beef by Over
lock fc Cummings.
The young ladies of the Methodist
Sunday School will give a dime social
in the church next Wednesday even
ing. Kefrcshments will be served and
a great many new features will be in
troduced. Speaking and tinging will
be rendered by the young ladies.
All stations on the S. P. are draped
in mourning out of respect to the
memory of Leland Stanford. Tho
Benson depot is draped and will re
main so until after the funeral of the
dead senator.
"It has cured others and will cure
you" is true only of Ayer's Sarsapar
illa. Tne motto suits the medicine
and the medicino the motto. What
belter assurance could you have that
a remedy will cure you than the fact
that it has cured such multitudes of
others. 19
Today the annual election for school
trustee was held. W. A. Harwood
was the only candidate in the field
and and was elected to the office
made vacant by the cxpirarion of the
term of trustee Patton. Mr. Harwood
is deeply interested in tho welfare and
prosperity of our public schools and
will worthily fill the offico vacated by
his predecessor.
A lino placer gold field is told of
sixty miles north from Tucson. Gold
has been found for scores of years
along a stream there. Near is a basin,
higher than the stream, which has
never been worked over. This Is be
lieved to contain great quantities of
the precious metal
It is planned to
I turn the stream on the basin
g Pf -,
2. VS
11 r i - n
Ca11ita.L-.ts to Build a $3",((I0
Sanitarium in Tombstone
for Asthma Sufferers.
A suggestion which waj recently
published in the PkosI'ECTOH by Mr.
K. Hcrrcra regarding a sanitarium for
asthma sufferers and extolling the
wonderful curative powers of our
healthful climate, is being agitated by
parlies in San Francisco.
Mr. llcnera is in correspondence
with tome capitalists in California iu
regard to the establishment of a sani
tarium here. The gentlemen have
already built keveral sanitariums at
differeut points in California with
satisfactory results, and the establish
ment ot a sanitarium for asthma suf
ferers, for which this noted climate is
known to give relief, is looked upon
by them as a favorable investment.
'Ihev inquire what inducements, if
am vhis city will ofinr, a the expense
to carrv out stiili an undertaking will
require" from S20.OOO to I1O.O0O. Thus
far one or two citiiens have offered
to help in this enterprise, and no
doubt others having the welfare of
this county at heart will take deep in
terest in the mattsr.
Mr. llerrcra will furnish the par
tics full statistics. He knows wl ere
of bespeaks as after a nine months
residence in Tombstone he declares it
the only place where he has exper
ienced relief from the asthma, from
which he has suffered for more than
twenty-five vears. He has traveled
all over California, Texas, Colorado
and Arizona, spending a small fortune
in his search for health, but not until
he came to Tombstone has he obtain
ed relief.
The capitalists are very favorably
impressed and there seems no reason
to doubt but that a j3.000 sanitarium
will be erected here in the near future.
While it is over thirty years ago
since Allcock's Porous Plasters
were first introduced to the medical
profession and public, the marked
success and unprecedented popularity
which they met with not only contin
ues but is steadily iucreatiiif;. No
other plasters have been produced
which gain so many testimonials of
high value as those continuously ac
corded to Allcock Porous Plastcss,
and the only motive for these excep
tional tributes lies in the fact of their
being a medicinal and pharmaceutical
preparation of superior value. Ad
ditional proof of tho truo value of
Allcocks' Poeom Plasters lies in
the fact that they are lorgely imitated
by unscrupulous persons, who seek to
deceive the public by offering plasters
wl ich they claim to be the "same,''
"equal." "as good," "better," "best
porous plaster," etc., while it is in
general appearance only that they
rejemblo AllcockV. Every one of
the so-called porous plasters are imi
tations of Aixcock's Poroi'8 Plasters.
itniil .lontora trim attpmnt to nnlni
off inferior and worthless plasters that j
are purchased by them at low rates
for tha purpose of substitution. 19
Today is San Juan day and is being
observed by the Tombstone Mexican
population generally. It invariably
rains on Ibis particular day or follow
ing day. A few clouds made their ap
pearsnee this afternoon. May they
become 29 laden with the life giving
fluid that the clerk of the weather will
be obliged to open the sluice gates.
The celebration at Kimball's grove
on July 4th will bring a large gather
ing from Tombstone. It will be so
arranged that Tombstoners will re
turn home in time to attend the En
gine Co. ball in the evening. Bisbee
is to have a ball in that city in the
evening also, and tho special train
which will bring ths picnickers over
will return in time to allow them to
participate in the dance.
The news was received today of the
death of Mr. Demarlici, wife of Paul
Dcmartini of Fairbank. She had
been seriously i'l for some time and
was removed toTncson last week and
given all medical attention possible,
but tho became steadily weaker and
ditd last night. Her body will Wo em
balmed and shipped cast to her rela
tives. Mr. Demarlini has the sym
pathy cf tho entire community.
Brings comfort and irary-oveatnt and
tends to personal eujayraent when
rightly nsed. The many, who lire bet
ter than others and enjqylifG iccre, frith
leu expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical bing, w iU attest
the volas to health of the pare hqnld
laxative principles embraced in th
rsmedy. Syrup of Figs.
IU excellence ! dne to its prsstn'ing
tn th form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
teneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system
dispelling colds, headaches and fovert
and permtaently curioj; constipation.
It haa xivea satitfacMon to million and
xuet with the approval ot tb medical
yrofeision because it acts on tbs Kid
ars. Liter and Bowels wit hont weaken
ing them and it is perfectly fres from
very objectionable substance.
Byrup of Fijs is for sale by all drog
gista tn 50c and $t beetles, 'rat it is man
nfactored by ths California Fig Syrop
Co. only, whoss name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
nd being wsU Informed, yon will set
aocept any snbstitnU if offend.
cij.t Ks:t;titai.
Tne following instruments were
tiled in the recorder's office since
2 p. m. yesterday:
North Extension, Yellowstone dis
trict B. F. Persons, L. D. ltedtield.
While on a viit to her sister, Mrs
F. F. Titu, who lives near Tempe,
Mrs. Dr. Hvde had a fierce encounter
with a monster rattlesnake. The lady
showed wonderful calmness and nerve
and it was but a short while before the
reptile lay at her feet dead. The
snake measured nearly sixteen feet in
length and had fourteen rattles and a
button, which were carried away by
Mrs. Hjde as a trophy. Phcenix Ga
.Sail Mateo, Cal.
From Eight to Eighteen years of age.
end for culoue.
Klv. Alfred Lie Erlwep.
rvs'vvty-cvi''aavQyy'a''&'j. ya3aaciAiv-a'0v2..rvc-'S'i'C,o
Have you abased the laws of nature and injured year nervous system ?
Are you despondent and melancholy with confused ideas and gloomy thoughts ?
" ESPANO" will positively cure you. It contains no mineral pcieona r.nd
is remarkable for awakening organic action throughout the pystxrn and an
improvement in every tissue. It produces better muscles, bones, nerves, hair,
nails, skin, blood and gives vigorous lifo to the unfortunate who has exhausted
hU powers. Prepared in tablet form and packed in bocs convenient to tirry
in the pocket. Each box contains 90 uoscs or enough to last one month and is
worth many times its weight jn gold. The prite $1.00 per bor or 0 bores lor
$3.00 if ordered at one time and a guarantee will be given that any case men
tioned above that It. does not cure, the money will bo refunded. As to our
financial standing wo refer to any bank in thig city. Sent charges prepaid to
any address in United States or Canada. Put up in plain wrapper with no
mark to distinguish what it is. Send for circulars and testimonials. Addres3,
sip-ajvisix irExrcirc23 co.,
X Stockton Street
An able Brain and Nervo Specialist can at any tiato to confidentially
consulted entirely free of charge, penonaHy op by mall, at tha above
address. a
G. A. Lancy, Boston.
A. W. Lewis, Cincinnati.
Peter Moore, Whitewater.
Jim Kirkley, Hanch.
There is nothing I have ever ued
for niu-cular rheumatism that gives
me as much relief as Chamberlain's
Pain lialm doe. I liavo been usiug
it for about two vears four bottles in
all as occasion required, and always
keep a bottle of it in my home. I
believu I know a good thing when I
get hold of it anil Pain Itilni i the
het liniment I ever met with. I". It.
Denny, dairyman, New Lvxin.oit
Ohio. O'J cent bottles for tale by ,
druggist. m
Handsome line of Ladies' and Chill
run's, Men's and Hov's Slue-, "io!
and Slippers, at eastern prices. Call
and xamine. P. B. Wabskkros.
Tombstone Engine Co.
July 4tii 1893
Chief OAorne
oe Lippert
I F Cnrby
rrack Broad
A W Harwood
Charles Fountain
A liuddmgton
Oeo. II. Fills Gils Baron
M. T. Williams
S. C' I!os
M Castdlo
lohn Gray
A. Oterloclc
Chailcs Melvin
R. VS Wood
J. W. Bartholon.e
Dan Hanley.
Geo. itravn
oe thgnon
C. Fanelti
Geo R. Watt
loci Neswinder
P. B. Warnekros
O. I. Rishfcrd
D McN'iel
os lloctler
I. N. McDoisoJgh
11 Graf
K. Lenorraand
John I'nndcmUe
"John Gundall
U. Hatuch
J. Miano
V. Kan
t. V. Viciers
Gen Varde!l
A. W. Smith
Harry Diegor C Bulotti
John Nobile Ed McSherry
Kri Vhinnn ( W Sichali
j A. !J tAnlger F Curby
John Wa'ers I-ran Is broad
Vro. Kirlew I V Bartholonew
aljh smnh V C Read
John Bauer G E Ahhon
Floor Manacer Foe Ft Lippert
Floor direaor Nat HawLe
TICKETS- ------- 3.oo
(Admitting Ladies and Gentlenen)
On sa'e at Cohns agar More. Lipprts Bar
ber hop. Frank Yaple's, Evening at Hall.
Music by milslary Band of fie pieces
b AU fireraem rrquejied to appear ii uniform
SF2 t W h iX3 s 5
This wonderful preparation is Purely Vegetable : compounded
from the prcsciiption of the Official Physician to the Court of Spain.
"Espano " recreates Mental and Nerve Power in Hail and Womaa.
An infallible remedy for Nervous and General Debility,
Nervous Prostration, Creeping: Paralysis, Weakness caused
by Debilitating Losses, Excesses or Over-indulgences, In
cipient Softening of the Brain or Paresis, Dizziness, Loss of
Memory, Confused Thoughts and all Erain, Nerve or Sexual
Weaknesses. It has no equal in restoring the Stomach and Brain
to its normal condition following tho abuse of Alcoholic Beverages,
or indulgence in tho Opium, Morphine or Chloral habit.
" 3 - raSSSiWrl
Or La Oripp'. tliousli ooealonilly epl.
r m!c. i. a'.fa nit re o. ! -. prevateuL
Tlif lx-t remiNlr fnr tlii complaint
Ajer's Cherry Pectoral.
- I.at ifirln?. I ww tafcen' down with
I-ittrippe Att.mf. Iti c.icpl.-trly pros
trated, ami o diHi-u!t va my lreatliln
tiiat iiytires: siemeil as 11 eoiif.iiel in nu
iion cvje. I pn'PMreii a hcttle of Ayi-r
Clierry rcctoral. .' im ioiner liait I ln-iran
uktnz It than .-ellei foltavrrt. I eoiiW not be
lieve that the effect vvouM tie so rap!J and llie
cure so c-omp'.ete. It Is truly a womlerf nl nieJ
Icine." W. II. Williams. Crook City, S. I).
Cherry Pectoral
Prompt to act, sureto cure
wee mm fc
Alleiv St. Bst. Fifth & Sixth
FRANK BROAD, Proprietor.
Tombstone Ariz.
Twelve cow hor.-es, in good
order and condition to work.
Have been on pasture for
two months.
Also 20 stock horses more
or less. Will he sold cheap
for cash. K. V. Clakk,
rn2u Tombstone, A. T.
A. & S. E. R. R. Co.
The annual meeting of the
stockholders of this company.
-rfor the election of directors,
and for the transaction of
such other business as may '
properly be brought before
the meeting, will be held at
the office of the company, No.
99 John St., in the city of
New York, on Monday, July
3rd, 1893, at 2 o'clock p. 111.
Georgk Notman,
JS Secretary.
"ftii" i rrv v j:p. s
Ti... TJaiK'rt.' iJ
"t-SVZlrZ-K 13
it . L.n mrT.i- ; i
a h
i. Calf-'
OiKOS. '.
fZ i
.tolsAsjV-" -" i
- A.
fjt '

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