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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, September 24, 1893, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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mW"'nmw mjfMwww
"-riii Tiji;'fwi"
" 3
One year $4 00
Sir months 2 50
leljcroil by carrier to any i.irt of
the thy for 35 cents jer month.
Haity U llio man who lives in
Tombstone in thee trying times.
Being off a line of railroad wo are not
bothered with hungry tramps to j'eed.
This may be called a selfish spirit but
charity begins at home.
Pkesidkxt Dias formally opened
the Mexican congressyesterday. Hi
mossage fails to treat upon the silver
question. His messago is largely de
moted to detailing the progress made
in the republic during the past year.
The silver convention held at Albu
querque adjourned jestcrday after a
successful session. It will meet a
year hence in El Paso. Resolutions
endorsing the action of silver men in
congress were passed, as was also one
favoring free coinage at a ratio of 10
The World's Fair commissioners
liavo an unexpended balance of $5,000
on hand. Very few bodies of men
can make such a showing. The peo
ple of Arizona are to be congratulated
on the showing made by the board. A
less conscientious body of men would
kae spent all in sight and called for
The rnosrECTOK is under obliga
tions to SI. A. Smith for a copy of the
Congressional Directory, ' containing
"three hundred pages of interesting in
formation on government affairs and
a biographical sketch of each member
of congress. The terms of thirty sen
ators will expire March 3, 1S95, while
in .each of the years 1897 and 1699
the terms of twenty-nine members of
the senate will expire.
II1cn, liclilns; illc
Symptoms Moisture intense itching
and Rtinging. most at night; worse by
scratching. If allowed to continue
tumors form which often bleed and
ulcerate becoming very sore. Swayxe'
Ointment stops the itching and bleed
ing, heals ulceration and in most
cases removes the tumors. At drug
gists or by mail for 60 cents lr
wayne & Son. 1'hil.iJelphia. s
Date eating is the latest fruit craze.
A coshestuxhext writing1 from 1'aris
is enthusiastic over a younjr irirl's bed
draped with white lace over rose-colored
A new lamp shade, presumably in
tended for a brideis of white silk,
garlanded with orange blossoms ar
ranged in prodigal profusion.
A roiETTT necklace for a young girl
consists of daisies, the petals in silver,
the hearts ia gold, forming a flexible
circle to fasten about the throat.
Fiulled curtains, a frilled spread
and a round bolster finished with big
rosettes con verts the plainest bed into
a delightful object, and, when added
to one of the popular white and ffold
sort, means a very dream of girllike
beauty and freshness.
WilAT harm is there in a good word?
It costs nothing.
Kinijxess to animals promotes hu
manity. Ilutarch.
EvEP.roxE who puts up a fence fences
out more than he fences in.
Ir industry is no more than a habit,
it is at least an excellent one.
Agents wanted to sell Martin's
"World's Fair Alburn. It is all that its
name implies and more. A copy can
be seen at this office. Write the Irvine
Co., Fhccnix, for particulars.
SFOnc inexperienced agent took
ghtcen order in one day in I'll o-iit
Alii the I'ictiC for Silrrr,
Every lover of his country should
contribute to the cause of Free Coin
age. Mail silver documents to your
friends east or send list of addresses
with postage to the unders'gncd, and
silver literatnrc will be furnished from
this office. Uy the committee,
A. C. Fist:, Chairman.
T. F.Van Wagexks, Pec. & Treas.
202 Boston IJloclf, Denver, Col.
Wanted Salary $25 per week
Good Agents to icll our general lin
of roerchacdisc. Xo peddling. Abova
8ry will bo paid to "live" agents
for further information address
3178 W Van Uuren st, Chicago II
Strayed or Stolen.
One large bay horse branded US on
left shoulder; had hair on fetlocks. Has
been missed several months. A liberal
reward will be paid fcr inlornjalioa that
will lead to bis recovery.
Hawke & Pidweix,
14 w P O Address, Tombstone
from Thurtday't Vailu.
Thcro was poPhenix mail todiy.
Johuny Ilehau is tlnrn at Guaymas.
W. II. Slilwell is back from Tuc
Shipments of beef cattl from Tuc
son are being mado to Los Angeles.
A deserter from Fort Huachuca was
captured at Nogales on Saturday last.
The cowboys captured the town last
night and made visions of '82 see in
almost a reality.
The senate is almost a unit in favor
of extending the time six mouths in
which Chinamen may register.
The Deming Tanning Extract Co.
is now shipping extract in large quan
tities to Vienna, Hamburg and Liver
pool. Bob Hatch has let a contract for
tho construction of a cottage at Yu
ma. W. W. Woodman is tiro con
tractor. A. Van Alstine died in Tucson on
Tuesday of consumption. He was
well known in Tombstooc.
It. W. Wood and sou Clarence left
today for California. Mr. Wood will
place his son in collego at Pomona.
The P. Jc A. C. railroad, running
from Pretcott to the A. A P. road,
only runs three days out of the week.
Lvrge numbers of Chinese are said
to be heading this way from Los An
geles and other Southern California
C. E. Iteed has deeded to W.
Holmes the Northern Light and
Fraction mining claims in Turquois
district for a consideration of ?50.
The friends of James Scow will be
pleased to learn that he lias sufficient
ly recovered from h.s recent illness to
resume his duty as guard at the peni
tentiary. The appeal in the case of Lippert
and Watt vs. the City was filed in the
district court today, James Heilly for
the City appealing from the judgment
in Justice Duncan's court.
Justice Koska rendered his decision
today in the ca of Emanuel vs.
Iteilly. He found for the plaintitTin
the sum of $ 33.50 and costs. Tiie
total amount sued for was $-47. The
defendant gave notice of appeal.
The Phenix Mining Co. the other
day received one of tho largest en
gines ever brought into the territory.
It weighs 3G.70Q pounds and will soon
be furnishing the "pner t0 oporate
the 100-stamp mill at the mine.
Harry Drager fell to the walk in a
fit in front of the court house this
morning. He was carried inside and
cared for by friends. After recover
ing consciousness he was taken home,
where he is resting comfortably.
The World's Fair will close on the
night of Ott. SOtlv and the next
morning will see "workmen laying
railroad tracks through the diOeient
buildings to carry away the exhibits.
There will bono extension beyond
the time fixed by congress.
The base ball boys are clearing and
marking a new ball ground on the
vacant block opposite Blinn's lumber
yard. Their games will be patron
ized more largely in future from the
fact of the ulstance from town not
being a drawback as has been the
case heretofore.
Suit was brought in the district
court today by James Ileilly to oust
C, S. Clark from the office of super
visor. The suit is precisely a similar
one to that which J. P. McAllister
commenced against Supervisor Nich
ols several months ago and which was
dropped when the mandamus pro
ceedings were begun.
The play at the Grand Opera house
in San Francisco, in which Mrs. Evans
and Era took part en Monday night,
wa nut stopped m had been threat
ened. Mrs. Minnie Wilton was repre
sented by the Frisco press as being
about to stop it for the reason that
the name of her lamented husband,
Vic Wilson, was ansociu'.ed with it.
Frank Oury of Tucson was shot and
kiUed by one of a band of three
masked robbers at Arivaca yesterday.
Two companions were in the saloon
with Oury when three masked men
appealed and commanded them to
throw up their hands. Oury showed
fight and was killed. The assaulted
I party had no firearms and although
the camp was soon aroused not a gun
of any description could be mustered
among iu inhabitants.
Yuu la Jotlgs Character by tlie War
Oti!i I Csrrlrtl.
If jou writ to know something
about a man'hcharactvr, watch how he
handles his money. The generous,
careless man carries his money loose
in his pocket copper, silver and gold
all mixed up together and when he is
going to pay for anything he takes out
a, handful and picks out the amouut hu
requires, says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
He seems to have no fear of
robbery, for he is of a trustful disposi
tion, and, being perfectly honest him
self, thinks most others must be like
Of course, he is often cheated and
Imposed upon, yet he never entirely
loses his faith in Ills fellow creatures.
A fine nature is his in fact, too fine to
cope with the many greedy, grasping
mortals that Hood the world. The
man who, if he has to pay a few pence,
won't even take the trouble of count
ing out the amount of coppers, but
throws dotn a piece of silver to be
changed and by tho by he rarely
counts his change is a type of "a fool
and his money nre soon parted." Per
haps a love of display, almost insepar
able from such a charctcr, has some
thing to do vt 1th this.
A careful man always carries a purse
and keeps the trold. silver and copper
in different compartment-s. A mau like
this never wastes his money. He
values it as it ought to be valued, and,
though not niggardly, is determined to
have his money's worth. He quite be
lieves that "any fool can make money,
but it takes a wise man to keep it,"
and he is right.
The mean man never lets you see
what money he has. When he is go
ing to pay for anything he turns hi
back to you, clutches his money tight,
and, so to say.draws itout of his hand,
placing the coins down one by odc, for
lie is loth to part with them, even for
necessities. Mich a man is not far re
moved from a misr, who rarely car
ries money about his person at all. un
less it be sewn up in his clothes.
I'emember, the man who jingles his
money in ninety-nine cases out of a
hundred hasn't got much. A bunch of
keys and a few coppers make a good
deal of noie.
A Character VI ho I'ntll !.rrrntly Adorned
Frrorli l.clftlatli0 Hallo.
The French chamber of deputies has
lost an original character in the person
of M. de Gaste. deputy for Itrcst, says
the Londpn Olobe. He was a simple,
honest fellow, and enjoyed the esteem
not only of his colleagues of the left
but also of hisadversaricson the right.
He made himself celebrated by his
everlasting fur coat, which he wore in
all seasons, and which earned for him
tho name of "I'cre Hirer." He was
likewise irreverently called irIQmme
Chien," on account of his shaggy hair
and whiskers which he aHowcd to grow
in wild profusion and made him look
like a Skye terrier. His umbrella, his
hat and particularly the cut of his
clothes also rendered him famous. His
colleagues smiled, but liked him none
the less for his eccentricities. He had
one great day in the chamber, when as
doyen d'age in the place of 31. Pierre
Wane, who was unwell, he presided
over the first sitting of the session. On
that occasion he delivered a speech in
which he embraced every political
question under the sun, and might
have gone on occupying the house till
doomsday had he not found it suddenly
empty. He was most assiduous, arriv
ing the first and leaving the last. He
was born in 1M1, and was originally a
civil engineer of the first class. Un
like most of his republican colleagues,
he was a staunch Catholic. Every day
as regularas clockworkihe would mount
the tribune and bringorward some un
expected motion which, much to his sor
row, was invariably shelved. Once,
however, his motion was passed, and
nobody was more surprised than him
self. Of later years he took to fe
male emancipation, and attended the
meetings of the strong-minded sister
hood, to which two of his daughters
belong. At home in his native lirittany
he was beloved by all for his generos
ity and the pleasure he took in doing
service to Lis fellow-countrymen. His
curious figure will long be remem
bered. .
A itEAimxss and unprincipled West
Virginia girl challenged her lover to a
foot race, which she won, and then re
jected the vanquished man "because
she could not wed an inferior."
Mauuuge is evidently not considered
a failure by Almon Ames and Mrs.
Mary Fulkereon, of Elkhart, Ind. They
were recently wedded, each at the age
of seventy-five, and this is the third
matrimonial venture for bride and
Mjie. KnEA. has joined the small but
conspicuous number of distinguished
women who have taken unto them
selves boyish bridegrooms. Mine. Rhea
:. n frtf-flcA T,rirtt tft. whllf. hpr
husband, Mr. W. F. Hart, her leading
man, is oniy xwemy-uTe.
Top Unond TOnn that tho frnitincof
the almond tree beside the house
whence a bride-elect departs is a hap
py omen. Princess May was probably
glad to see that the almond tree at
White Lodge was in full bloom when
she said gcKxl-oy to ncr old Dome.
" Miss DcntET. an English bicyclist,
holds the record for long-distance rid
ing by women, she made the distance
of one hundred miles, between Hitchin
and Lincoln, in little more than seven
hours, or at an average speed of nearly
fourteen miles an hour. This, too, in
regulation petticoats, and not the new
style of wheeling trousers. Washing
ton Post. "
Fixed An Olil Heat.
Have kept and sold Hires' Boot
Beer several years. I have drnnk it
exclusively this snmmor. Am 78
years old and feel like a boy. It is
ahead of sarssparilla,
H. Van Waokskn, M. IX,
Darlington, WUT
Dr. Vincent of Fresno has been
sentenced to hang for wife m urdcr.
Five hundred indigent laborers from
the cast landed in Southern California
By New Mexico law children oer
seven years of ago aro responsible for
their misdeeds.
Latest developments make it prob
ablothat Mitchell anl Oo.-bstt will
not come together.
Pennsylvania Democrats have in
conention endorsed Cleveland and
the repeal of tne Sherman act in the
The miners of Xcw Mexico feel en
couraged over tho fact that the big
camps of Colorado are resuming work.
The agreement is to pay miners f 2.50
day in cash and 50c in bullion.
A plan is on foot to annex the
Sandwich Islands to California. The
scheme is receiving strong support at
Washington. Souator Perkins is the
father of it.
An Illinois Central train was held
up by three men last night. The en
gineer, fireman and conductor were
shot and one of tho robbers is fatally
wounded. The other two fled with
out any booty.
Commissioner Clifford yesterday
ordered deported two of the fifteen
Chinese arrested on Sunday near
Olympia for being unlawfully in the
country. The remaining thirteen
will be tried Monday.
Eight citizens of lloanoks, Va , wero
shot and killed while attempting to
lynch a negro who had beaten an
aged woman to death. The militia
did the shooting at the instigation of
the mayor, who has lied.
Dr. West of San Francisco has con
fessed to the crime of cutting up tho
body of Addie Gilmoro and throwing
it in the bay. The head of the girl
was found encased in a wire net float
ing on the water.
George Dixon is the faverito in bet
ting in his coming battle with Solly
Smith at the Coney Island Athletic
club next Monday night. The pre
vailing odds is 10 to 7 on Dixon with
plenty of money in sight.
J?otice has been gicn by the
Southern Pacific c-jmpany that on
Oct. 1st tho rate will bo restored by
that company to the old figures. This
means that the $13 cut out of Los
Angeles will be done away with.
Admiral DeMillers has sent an ul
timatum to the authorities at Kio
Janeiro announcing his intention to
immediately thorouchly bombard the
city with all his ships unless it
promptly surrenders.
The yellow fever situation at Bruns
wick Georgia, is growing worse and
there seems to be little hope now of
averting an epidemic. Twenty cases
of lever are now ' under treatment.
One death occurred yesterday.
Bids have been awarded for the
construction of two buildings for the
Midwinter Fair, the Manufacturers'
and Liberal Arts building at an ex
pense of 107,0tk),and the Mechanical
Arts building at an expense of i CI ,000.
Cleveland has offered to accept a
compromise on the repeal bill in the
senate. It is stated thnl he is agree
able to an amendment providing for
tho purchase of a certain amount of
silver per month nnlil a stated sum
has been expended.
The Vtchison met the Southern
Pacific cut in fara from California to
the Missouri river, $ 30.73 round trip
fCe. The Southern Pacific and
Southern California have issued cir
culars, each declining to honor the
tickets of the other.
At I ho request of the Pacific Mail
Steamship company. Postmaster Gen
eral Bissell has annulled the contract
between th government and that
company lo.' carrying mails between
FriscoportandPanania and intermed
iate parts in Mexico and Central
For the first time in two weeks the
receipts of the government are in
excess of the expenditures, the figures
for the month thus far standing as
follows: Receipts, $17,273,851; ex
penditures, $17,002,000. Of this lat
ter amount $8,518,000 is on account
of pensions. The gold reserve was
yesterday $05.GS5,317. The net bal
ance now is $11,819,278.
Wanted A good live agent to can
Tact forMartin's World's Fair Album
Atlas." Address
The Ikyhc Co- uanix, Ariz.
Whether nuaficd
0F fi5t&
from a vessel of
hi, glass or go;a; r
There stiothingso J.
good for the young
OLRoot Bee:
5 A tteiiciou"!, healtll-
giving, thirst-satis
I fvinir beverace. A
temperance drink for
3 temperance people.
K i- mi V ml re m a linn 4. -
Scld and Enjoyed Evcryvhtre.
E:u:UTra la t'Oioraao. it tamp uj u-u ui
rpress will recctiw rrompt in4 careful attention.
sud a surer usiiioa '.d,'i" i-LrcbaVed.
ail-kj, i::s i itm ti-rrus :t, ic.t ::'j.
You Think
' . . - .. .. ""
any l ail ui ncrvp wui uv. turn "
la? fcin.iof BMjdAwllldo: lilt for
tte best rcsaitt you sbouM pl&ot
Alya th ten, iby are wcoenfced a
1 th B iUrl eTerriLre.
lv rerry' Annual M the most
. , .Utt.. "- . .-- --
t- iun ti. it u inaiuxi4 to iuo
5 t- at rcnnVAfn
kJu ili I-J-irVX Vka
G. Gloger, Druggist, Watertown,
Wis. This is the opinion of a man
who keeps a drug store, sells all
medicines, comes in direct contact
with the patients and their families,
and knows better than anyone else
how remedies sell, and what true
merit they have. He hears of all
the failures and successes, and can
therefore judge: "I know of no
medicine for Coughs, Sore Throat,
or Hoarseness that had done such ef
fective work in my
Coughs, family as Boschee's
c,Ti,.n,t German Syrup. Last
Sore Throat, wjnter a caUed
Hoarseness, at my store, who was
suffering from a very
severg coW. She could hardly talk,
and I told her about German Syrup
and that a few doses would give re
lief; but she had no confidence in
patent medicines. I told her to take
a bottle, and if the results were not
satisfactory I would make no charge
for it. A few days after she called
and paid for it, saying that she
would never be without i t in future as
few doses had given her relief.' '
Trery MAN rtowonM
I-ay the hair oTrr
hfiirrffecTtrw anna if
W$ I
Ml 5
- - f
nr thn old 2
fi r ? XT WO
-5S&: i
Prlcc of Queena Antl-lTalrln tl. rr bottl. er.t In wfet m-;ili, rwixn rUrf ialJ by os (sM-orely
scaled from otnprvatlcn). B-utl mooer or itamrs ty ("ttfrirUh lull v:drrTrritttn ilainly. -'rT
potiJenrvfttrctiyronO'lentlal. Tbtiadrtrtlsment ! boacss Pd FtralcMfo-arrJ In evrry orU it
contain. We Invite yon tntVal with n and yen will fin-l eTrrytliine m iwrntM rtt Uit ana
sDdlt-day.. A1Jre QUEEN CHEMICAL CO., 174 Knco Street, CINCINNATI. O. u
rfrlstr your letter at any Poi Ode tolnnnrelii ureCellTtry, U-will pay .ioo for ay ra.e
orfalluroorallKhtrstlnioryto any pnrehaaer. Kvrry bottle -unruntecu.
CCCPIII -To ladlea wbo latrodtw and a-H amone their Wenda ! Bottle of QrABtl-natrio
OrtbUL wi will pmest with a SILK D&233. 15 xard best aUk Extra tr BotUe and aaapl
mm orsUktosatectrromsantwltacrder. Good aalary or Caoiiraa to Areata. -
The H. C. pfeve? Manriactoing (Jo.
-Buggies and Carriages.
Road Carts and Harness.
"urn nnsr coops FQit tzib arojrey."
Our worlc Is fully warranted, 13 of excellent material and finish, and
moderate In price. Our line of Bussles Is very complete.
We make a specialty of Hand and Machine Made Harness.
Wrlto for Prices. Address,
LSaflinl iJcst Mistical Skill for i:ight
Months. Ciirrcl In Two Months
by Cutlvuca Keinedlcs
Tti't 1- to frn that t cVltf cf m!n fc-! rc rr
n lw worht to hi . - ' i " ' ''' ' - ' - ",rit
1 mil til t Cu ' "Ji " ."
wOVnr wa ur,. J la - - it it ! (rt
.. ,.i,l tiir . rt (.1
Ih.t I !. It ' 1 ti r
h ii-i. ml. IV M 'ui I
U.tl tin U t I.ijI
Tit'-t.. K mm.' in
t0 KOfc'l I'
4 Bfcv-n-. ux ii i'r-
Fj cim li ! ! lis!, tut I
S i'l.jjj vie irtnHctM
f:.,- i f.tl n.oML bfi 't
DOT.' .vtf fAU'd KJrtl ii
it (Q ay J t -Of hi
LoIr 'In dKtirt.cr
vathfd tl4Ua,rTUhinin-n mUrrwt, -A COM
oo'y ay MV.:i doi1" Tb3a iw Lbho tu
jindt; V.iHleeT)bodrw Diuclinirjirwej. IIji
tLU:t,1lO CCTKtUA USMEDIES. C'OUti tfcr L4
x iyth.3g on earth that wouWi cause a father to ta
jotco it ey-tly would be wbea the Uttl toftcvent en
eouIJ have path a rtmniy at ml. &e prtr;fc;
t re lib ) J. A. NICOLEd, lla&xtr ILV, LiJ.
A cMl 1 was troutcM to me lib threrlc eTzerr.
Mt fc ul delied pkidld ireatucat from ciiu
Vjod doctor. i Jk rtxulif M. I., hoiiUt Uitj
eu'itluurd fln.lbr trvatnetit. lm ttwujht It utK.
a put U oa IXTin n. 'I lied'M I e.I.
C. J- 4.1'KXX.V. iJ. 1 , Uoou, la.
Guticura Resolvent
The n. w IMmxI and Skin l'orlKr. I'ltrmaUy, tifc
CtTiti n, tli c ui .--'t ..:.., i.id CvTici'iu
up, tbc cxrjulr! i-Un !-au:trr,iterD.lli, lu
tjuly rciU a ard -(dtlct'.-a9-rtry d;etueaa I
hat .orot lite lc, -u'n, aid bJJOl. Cx lou of
talr, froai iaty tu a;e,foM 'l-iirii4 to fcrofula.
!J eTcrywIjc-. PrIrt,C ncrn,lVc.: SfiAT,
jc , !. llt.':T 1 " . lr tirini by tile Putter
!c a jr HiLUhiL Cm iuaTloN, lioat&n.
C 3r ? r t f- r l' t f re Mn Hit , 64
ninV'C SnJ --alpi-arlfie-t ta-1 ImatiSed
ORSl O Ij CtTici i As.u Ai-3lutely pure.
l KUne aitd Ute-ae Pain and Weak
n-ii rtLevr J n cte minute by the
I Cullrnm Antl-l3l:i VI ittr. Xha
rslv iountAt-u. pjiS-t-i'lC L-W
Our lYIotffc
"A dollari worth for a doUxr li tho motto of
IZood'f SArsifrllla. This medicine U a bleh
concentrated extract of Earsaparllla and othtf
well-inown TeeeUble caedle, and Ii pro
nounced byexpcrts the ttronsert and beat prep
aratlcn of the kind yet produced. It owes Its
peculiar rtrength and medicinal merit to th
fact that It If prepared by a Combination, Pro.
portion, and Process
Tecullar to Itself,
diacOTcred by tho proprietors 'of IToodi Bam
parilla, and known to no other medicine. Its
prompt action on the blood rcinoresall I m purl
ties, and curei icrof jIs, ta.lt rheum, lores, tolb,
(L'npTeif all hnmor. anl all (! or ante
tlons arising from Imj uro Mood or low stato ot
the system.
"I hare talen Hood's Sarwtrs-la and flndlt
tc be the Lest blood jmrlGer I haa ever used.
Mls. II. Field, Auburn, CaL
The I5cst Medicine.
I hare nel Ii bottle of Hood's PawartarflU
(or indigestion. It bas htlcd me a great deal.
I think It U the bet medicine for Iodlge.ion an(
dyspet sla." Mca, X. A. Lacdludalc. 193 North
Til th Street, Ean Jose, CaL
J. B. Bo ecto to get only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by Imsslsts. Jl; six for V. Prepared only
oyaLIIOOD&CO., Apothecaries, LoweU, Mas. fc '
1QO Doses One Dollar
Agents Wanted. Free prepaid
outfit to energetic men. Sever oi
our salesmen have earned from $70 to
$100 a week for years past. P. O. iox
371, New York. C22
kncwtaoGKAX.JTKrniS.tlie Kaui racts, tho
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