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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, December 10, 1893, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 2

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OaojctT. M 00
Sir mnnllia 5 0
lelivered by carrier to any partdl
Hie city for 35cents per month,-"
The Engineering and Mining Jour
nal, whoso name belies its calling,
predicted that silver would go to 00
cents by Jan. 1st if the Sherman act
were repealed. It prediction is a
good deal lile the resident's Ha
waiian policy: it will not stand the
It is said that the avoirdupois of
Grover Cleveland- and Queen Lil of
Honolulu only differs two pounds. An
eastern paper has started a gusssing
contest as to which one the extra
pounds belong. And in the face of
this discourtesy the president still
pins his faith to the ct.
Iue Teachers' Institute took oc
casion to decide unanimously that
the compulsory school law is a good
one, but not properly enforced. It
has net er been in force in Cochise
county. For some reason or other
the superintendents of public instruc
tion for the three terms during which
it has been a law have declined to en
force it. Cochise is the only county
in the territory in which it has not
been enforced. Wherever it has been
tried i. has proved most beneficial.
Theue appears to be a misunder
standing regarding the act passed by
congress providing that no work is
necessary to hold mining claims for
1893. As originally pasted, after
adoption by the conlerence of the
house and senate and as publithed in
the Congressional Record, the official
paper of congress, itcontained a clause
which provided that only bona fide
residents of the territory or adjacent
state or territory could take advantage
of its crovisions. Since then the
country has ieen flooded with circu
lars purporting to be sent out from
Washington containing the act as
signed by the president, which does
not contain this clause, but which
allons corporations, non-residents or
any one to take advantage of its pro
visions. Corporations and non-residents
are taking advantage of itspro
vssions in eiery county in the terri
tory, and the question arises, are they
right in sodoingT If the law does
apply to them it was doctored before
going to the president, or else the
circulars being sent broadcast are
"little joker," of which non-resident
mine owners should beware.
The Kid in .llrxico.
, News comes via Nogales that Kid
'and a small body of followers have
, been depredatiug in Arispe district.
They killed one prominent H.Iv-r
rancher and sacked several ranches
and mining camps. At the mining
camp of Van Dorn they. fired all the
buildings and carried off and destroyed
all the goods and supplies, including
a email stock of merchandise.
The raid took the people completely
br surprise.' As soon as the news
reached the prefect of the Arispe dis
trict he sent couriers to different
i ranches and mining camps to warn
v the people, and started a detail of
state soldie.'a in pursuit of the rene
gades. m
Ed Thompson waa arrested on a
'warrant sworn out by L. Larrieu, and
will have an examination on Monday
on a charge of obtaining about two
thousand Lotties under false pretenses.
' The hearing will be before Justice
Duncan. The transaction iipon
,' which the charge is based occurred at
i Fairbank. The accused needed a
f couple of thousand bottles to complete
1a carload which lie was about to ship.
He purchased them from Larrieu,
telling him that Paul Demartini
would pay him for there. There was
some hitch in the collection of the
money, hence the arrest.
Piles, ischlBB flle
Symptoms Moist Jre intenseitching
and Kliugiiig.-mosl at night; worse by
scratching. If allowed to continue
tumors form which often bleed and
ulcerate becoming very sore. Swayne'
Oixthent stops the itching and bleed
ng, heals ulceration arid in most
cases removes the tumors. At drug
gists or by mail for 60 cents Vt
Swayne fc Son. Philadelphia, s
Fly will take pbofognlis from now
until the 15th insl for the low price
of f 3 rer dozen, cabinet size.
Vriiis offer postively good only
o the date mentioned. tf
From Thunday'i Vaih
James Kirkiaregistered at the
Palace. '"
r .
,gifWcbb left for Xogales this
Ttioa. Dcuglass and J. B. Hand of
Huachuca are at the Palace.
L. II. Kennedy is the efficient sec
retary of the Teachers' Institute.
The Kibbcy trial came up again. to
day in Tucson before Judge Sloan.
Mrs. Gray, wife of R. W.Gray of the
S. P. car shop at Tucson, died ester
day at her home.
J. K. Johens has filed tlio necessary
notice at the recorder's office to hold
the Mizzentop mine for another ear.
A letter received yesterday from
Mark Smith locates him at Washing
ton astride of the statehood agitation.
Tomorrow at the Catholic church
Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Mars at 9:30 a. to. Vespers at 7 :30
p. ro.
Schicffelin hall is receiving its fin
ishing touch ot dark colored kaleomine
which will be blocked off to represent
All of tbe applicants at the recent
teachers' examination in Cochise
county passed very creditably. At
Phenix but five of the nine applicants
received certificates.
Judge Baker yesterday issued the
order appointing Jame McMillan re
ceiver of the Peoria Canal Co. at Gila
Bend, and ex-Gov. Wolfleygavo notice
of appeal from the appointment.
Flagstaff is to have a box factory
which will supply the fruit raisers of
southern California with the necessary
receptacle in which to pack the pro
duct of their orchards for shipment to
J. B. Wagstaff, special agent of the
treasury department, who has been in
vestigating charges against some fed
eral officers, left today for Tucson, ac
companied by Johnny Behan. The
latter will probably return on Tuesday.
Father Granjon. the Catholic priest,
whose flock feeds upon a thousand
ills during his absence, will shortly
return to resume his duties in Tomb
stone. He is at present in Europe,
and at last reports was not in the best
of health.
M. D. Srribner, K. Y. Wood and
Lewis Williams have received the of
ficial announcement of their appoint
ment as custodian of the lunds which
shall be subscribed from Cochise
county for defraying the expenses of
the statehood committee at Washing
ton. Quarrels :nd his companion, :,o
are in jail charged with smuggling
were brought before Court Commis
sioner Swain today and committed to
jail in default of 11.000 bail to appear
for examination on Tuesday next. It
is expected that U. S. Attorney Ellin
wood will be here at that time.
Dr. Hamilton will furnish on or
iginal paper tomorrow at thelnstilutr
which should draw a goodly number
of the male sex. The prcmoters of
the Institute are anxious to tee a full
house as a ditciwion of Imperialism
and Popular government is a theme
which is a "most interesting one.
Tbo stage office was moved this
morning to its new location at the
Bank corner. Hereafter passengers
will take tbe stage at this point, as
well as transact business with Wells,
Fargo & Co. The stage will upon
coming in stop first at the postofficwl
to deliver the mail pouches, wbica to
always customary.
Site i a very wearivjme woman, the
one who gives you advice.
SnK does not wait till you ask for it
or she thinks you need it.
Tine has it in store and if you happen
along1 she ponra it ont on yon.
It usually happens that she poors
advice most freely When yon can't use
it, don't went it. wouldn't have it and
wish the would keep'&till.
Sun has chirp eye a a rule They
ere not brijht and pretty, but restless
little l.cad that lcol: r.s If they were
threaded with a pin point which) pricks
you at every glance.
The empress of Japan- organized a
fine exhibit of the work of Japanese for
the world's fair. Three rooms were dec
orated by Japanese, women, and arti
cles exhibited, including- painting, em
broideries, carving and china painting.
A Pleaaaat ErcsUssK.
The Teachers' social at the Metho
dist church last night drew a full
Iioum, ai do all entertainments given
by the pastor of this iopular pjace of
worship. The program was varied
and instructive.
W. D. Monmonier made an address
of welcome.
A brief address by L. II. Kennedy,
principal of the Tombstone school, on
"Teachers as Reformers" was logical
i: feasable.
A song by little Miss St. Louis, en
titled "Happy Land" was very pleas
ing. "The Goblins'U catch you if you
d:n't watch out," by Miss Cook of
Benson was an excellent imitation.
Alice Crable sang ''Kits and let's
make up" in her usual pleasing way.
James Herrick spoke one of Spar-
ticus' harangues to the gladiators in a
forcible style.
A vocal solo by Miss Nettie Bafferty
proved her voice not to have lost any
of its sweetness nor her popularity to
hav e lost any of its hold upon a Tomb
stone audience.
A reading by Mrs. Bradley on
"Home' was a thorough and sensible
dissertation on how one should make
a home attractive.
Ed Land by special request en
tranced the audience with his favoiite
guitar solo, '.'The Spanish Retreat."
To an encore he added another to his
long list of credit marks.
Mrs. Harwood sang "The Cottage
by the Sea," which was very pleasing
to tbe audience, judging from the ap
plause which followed.
Miss Summers' recitation, the ever
popular "Barbara Frietchie," reflect
ed credit upon the joung ladj, whose
earnest manner left a most favorable
A solo by Mre. Downs, "Waiting a
Letter from Thee," was given in a
charming manner.
H. L. Bavin of Wilgus volunteered
a recitation, nhi;h was well received.
After several impromptu efforts the
reception was in order. A few retired
but the majority remained to enjoy a
brief, social, informal chat with old
friends and an introduction to the
new faces present from other sections
of the county. The affair was a com
plete Bucces?.-
Uftbe Iloard)orNuperTlfeori of
fjochlve SJouutr.
Dec. 5, 1893.
9:30 o'clock a.m.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
Present Chairman Perkins and Su
pervisors Nichols and Clark.
Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved.
II. G. Howe was instructed to get
list of all patented mining and land
claims from the land office at Tum""
for "; iz. ;,ie proper assessing of thic
county. Yeae, Perkins, Nichols and
Board took recess to 1 o'clock p. m.,
this day.
2 o'clock p. m.
No quorum present.
Adjourned until 9 :S0 a. m. Decem
ber C, 1693.
Dec. C, 1893.
9:30 a.m.
No quorcum.
Adjourned to 9 :30 a. m., December
7, 18U3.
W. K. Perkins,
Nat Hawse,
i Clerk.
Extension of Time.
The following letter will explain it
self and will be read with interest:
"Bensos, Dec C, 1893.
Ed. Peospectob: It gives me
pleasure to oe able to inform you that
the limit for the Midwinter Fair
tickets will be thirty days instead of
ten as heretofore advertised.
Also that purchasers of these tickets
will be entitled to purchase excursion
tickets from San Francisco to other
points in California at the rate of 1 J
fare to points distant from San Fran
cisco 150 miles or less, and 1 1-5 fare
to points distant from San Francisco
over 150 miles, for the round trip.
" These latter tickets will be available
up to tbe dsto of the original ticket,
the thirtieth day after the departure
from originating point, and'alop-overs
will bo allowed en route, that is, in
going from and returning to Sao
Francisco. Very Resp'y Yours,
T. J. WcBMEs, .Agent,
Ex-Gov. Stonemsn of California is
Corbett has gone into training at
Mayport, Florida.
The Populists in congress will vote
for the Wilson tariff bill.
Tbe prosecution closed in the Chris
Evans caseat Fresno yesterday.
A general etrike ot coal miners in
the Iowa coal regions has been or
dered. Mello bat arrived at a port called
Isle Giande on tbe south coast of Rio
An offer of 1,000 has been made
in Paris lor the Corbett-Mitchtll
Gov. Waite ot Colorado is perfecting
his call for an extra cession ot the
Minister Thurston has sailed (or
Honolulu to consult with his gov
ernment. The report that the A. T. & S. F. is
about to go into the hands of a receiv
er is officially denied.
Government buildings valued at
125,000 were destroyed by fire at Nor-
walk. Virginia, esterday.
All of the secret correspondence be
tween the administration and Minister
Willis has been called for by tbe sen
ate. Bland introduced a free coinage
silver bill in the house yesterday and
-expects a favorable report from the
A verdict for several thousand dol
lars has been given against the city of
New Orleans for the hanging of the
Mafia leaders.
The U. S. attorney general gives
out that he will put a stop to Gov.
Waite's attempt to issue state money,
if an attempt is made to carry it out.
Hill in a sentatijnal speech yester
day challenged the right ol the presi
dent to ue force to reinstate Queen
Liliuokalani. It caused a sensation.
Aquillar, the Mexican from whom
his wife was divorced recently in Los
Angeles, poured coal oil over her yes
terday and set fire to her clothes.
burning her to a crisp. "
A convention of silver miners is in
session at Salida, Colorado, to discuss
tbe silver question and determine the
advisability of a special session of the
legislature to be called by the gov
ernor. W. T. Coleman's will gives eighty
per cent of his estate to his wife and
sets aside twenty per cent as a reserve
fund. His boys getjnothing until the
estate earns 00,000, when they get
that amount.
Tbe South Bend National bank was
robbed of $15,000 yesterday in broad
daylight. Kobbers entered a rear
window wiiiio th; employes were at
lunch, turned the combinatiou '.:'.''
vault and helped themselves.
A battle was fought yesterday be-
tween government troops and revolu
tionists south of Deming. The latter
were victorious. Four government
officers snd many troops were killed
The government troops joined the in
surgents after the fight.
Gov, Waite in an address yesterday
claimed that every slate has a right to
make its own legal tender and recom
mended that Colorado enact a law
making every silver dollar legal ten
der. no matter where such dollar was
coined, provided it contain 371
grains of silver.
A Herald of Infant Years
Clip the last thirty yearstor more
from the century, and the segment
will represent tbe term of the un
bounded popularity of Hosteller's
Stomach Bitters The opening of the
year 1894 will be signalized by the
appearance of a fresh Alrranac of the
Bitters in which the uses, derivation
and action of this world-famous med
icine will be lucidly set forth. Every.
body should read it. The calendar
and astronomical ca'culation to be
found in this brochure are always
astonishingly arurate, and the statis
tics, illustrations, humor and other
reading matter rich in interest and
full of profit. The Hsiatetier Company
of Pittsburg Pa , publish it themselves
They employ more than sixty hands
in the mechanical work am! more
than e'even months in the year are
consumed inits preparation. It can
be obtained without cost, of all drug
gists and country dealers, and is print
ed in English, German, French, Welsh
Norwegian, Swedish, Holland, Bohem
ian and Spanish. 1)
Wasted A good live agent to can
vase for-'Martin's World's Fair Album
Atlas." Address
Th Utok Co, rncenii,.Ariz.
Hfex Ml THE Svl
of mmm
i-eludes tbe great temperance drink
o IJnrtt
kit gives New Life to the Old Polks,
L I'ljasuretoiiiciiircnw,
A Health to the Children.
1 g CmJ f-r lll-CooJ All tkt
tX:ek a sjcent package mskssFiv
t.r.K'?a.- ii.....
ZI7.uA CSUOfiS. tturcAAu
t--j ..cv- ...
xprt rt3 rtcclY" prompt and Careful metulua.
lew & Silrer Bullion uvriS&zS3.
t lirirs. 17:5 1 1: X.iTiei:i 2L, It C:'j.
You Think
an kind if A frnn will do. thPTl
sUTklmlAfiimLliiilldo: Lut for
tbe betst result ou tbouUl plant
1 Alnaj-a tbe btt, tney ar TwoKnlie4 a
IU9 BUOUKIU vvrjrst ucrd
Ferrj'wecd onpa! Utbemoet
imporuni uoot ti no .lwi im
UkUtM. It inaiuamato iuo
plaawr. vBeoaIie
G. Glogcr, Druggist, Watertown,
Wis. This is the opinion of a man
who keeps a drug store, sells all
medicines, comes in direct contact
with the patients and their families,
and knows better than anyone else
how remedies sell, and what true
merit they have. He hears of all
the failures and successes, and can
therefore iudce : " I know of no
medicine for Coughs, Sore Throat,
ur nuaracuc) iuul uuu uuuc aui:ii ef
fective work in my
.Coughs, family as Boschee's
SoroThroat. toag
Hoarseness, at my store, who was
suffering from a very
severe cold. She could hardly talk,
and I told her about German Syrup
and that a few doses would give re
lief; but she had no confidence in
patent medicines. I told her to take
a bottle, and if the results were not
satisfactory I would make no charge
for it. A few days after she called
and paid for it, saying that she
wouldnever be without it in future as
few doses had given her relief. ' ' ffl
. A flj
-T?t .cn-v.i
5p3 &nMMxzxcut(3?aMtWt
.X J V
t- it.ahslrntr
Price of Qaeenl Abtl-nalrtne fl. per bottle, wnt In aafetr mitllnc Nxhi rcstAre rcld by u (aecnrelr
aealedfromobvrTAtlon). send moner or rtampn by letter with (oil ddrsntttn rlainiy. cctr c
ponden strictly confidential. TbU adTertlsennent 1 bcnent and tra!cbt forward In 'WfT "
contains Welnrtteyon ttd-a! with n and yon will 8nd ererytWnR'aa rtwwnTM rut tli.wtana
-ndt(Mlay. Address QUEEN CHEMICAL CO., 174 Race Street, CINCINNATI, ""
rertteryoarlettrataay PonOfflce to Insure it nafe delivery. lewlllpsjl.n for any ao
of failure orallchtest Injury to any pnrrher. KTery bottle cuarmnteed.
Sf tUllL w will present wltn a SILK DBES3. 15
T&b H. (5. ptoeii Mannfectoing Co. -
Buggies and Carriages.
Road Carts and Harness.
"tub ncsr cooi3 rezi rzim z.to:i7i."
Our worlc Is f u!Iy warrants:!, !s of excellent material and finish, and
modorato In pried. Our iino of Eugc'es Is vary complete
We mako a specialty of Hand and Kachjno Made Harnoss.
W Ito for Prlcce. Address,
IS k II Wat Us Mml, CMCAN, U.
Jadled ISest Jledlcut 61.111 loc l-.i&lit
Months. Cured In Two Slonths
L-y C.ii ura n'r-ctlle.
TMI ' rtiff ttitt
eMid cf mt hd Feztm
1 i '(ml fliurtlJ-
.il l . l i.9 iillio
-v .1 r. t -1 ilfcM
I I . I T Ot
fuffeirf 4
-tf N
. i t
. la
-3 tr-
oa 1
1 f ...l a, , ssJhc iW U.
V fw
y .J-i. ts I
V 4"K OO tt siff 'J i lwfO of
N. C. It f I J t Ol CjJ
- let I ic -tnr lu-r
rutclifd tS dU h- wlihouvaiirtvitwt, -J ecu 1
onrV il dR!M 'Ibe mt w fc"D fi
1 (l.n-MrrUdy w much i"jrrrWd. likt
n-ss.13 C.THTSA llEIEtilM. fi Uhi it bft
c th reoa r-irth that would cnu a 1-thrf Id r
1 cUurclyou.4 hQhcnthlitl5iiiiocfcDtoiM
could ti o f ah A Mmf-dy ml lunj. - puttftitt
fiete.U) ) J. A. MCOL&3, Uuskcr liii), lad.
eMi wit 1 roM to ma l'h throeie erzere.
'' at 1 1 il .fd sjs.idii IrpaluFiH Iron in
h, J U't-toie. . n rt-sular M. I.. iWuU Itavo
rnt'Bus-ti simitar ireata.ut. but thuiignt it ule.
o rut Hen I'tTiM '. . 'I hrhi't U ufc- I.
C. L. OtKVi.. ,U.D, iouu, I.
Culicura Resolvent
T1i ikw Ilk" jtnd Sktfi I'aHJItr li's-mallf, and
i iT.c KA, lh rr -t ruitt ij ud t'tTKrit
hoir, iht cout u M.i i I'vautitlrr, "stcrnslij, lu
' itljrrfli e ru !'! fin. jitj u.(ireanl
h i torcf th akin, ' l. oi d i , n'th on of
slur, Iruui luUu j lo u.fiuui tip tc vrofdU.
PjMv?-ywr,sTs. IMce.C rcrnA,5ue.; Soap,
- . l.iil.uT t.t. ln -i red by the ToTTLa
iHl i AD CJEJ1H AL. C "I rfUTlOt, liOtOD.
JS-P MI for MITw tiC ret n Piie,"H
a.: j, WJ ilijftr ttioi f, an 1 1 j teurauulU.
'if P in ml --c il , Iraki! rd beautified
O t) t-LTK .lis' . r. .VLkjlutrly pure.
. Kklnr? and Ulr-'iie VAum and Weak.
nesr rtUcv-d td cnu ro note by tfc
litttnr- Artl-!aln I'lter. lb
For Sale Cheap.
1 Hoe G revolution, power
7 col. press and complete
uewspaper planL
1 Franklin-Gordon large
size quarter-medium job press
and complete job oflice.
ne Washington Vand
press and complete newspa
per outfit.
All of the above for 25
cents on the dollar. This ma
terial is stored in Tombstone,
and lias been used but little.
Propositions to pay part cash
will be considered. For fur
ther particulars address
S. C. Bagg,
Tombstone, Ariz.
ActSTS Wanted. Free pr paid
outfit to cnerpetic men. Severa, oi
our salesmen have earned from $70 to
$ 100 a week for years past. Y. O. box
371, N'ew YorV. C22
g7 efou6m& cSovc
prT.MANwhowonMknowtheGUANnTUrniS.the nln ractn. tho
Old Ht: the Ne lUtcirertes of iledlcil tsctenct us applied to
Marrl! Ufo. chonia nn T r" ronJerrtft little book railed
"A TBEATIC tJlt MFN OSlA" Touny rtman we w!l mallooa
copy Xjattrcly Irc. in plain tealed corer. A rem.. m tbe qaacks.
IncompoaDdincAftOlotlona pn has accJ'K-ntly riillril f-o th Lard
and on waalnffattrarJ Itwas t roT-trJ tbtt the Lair nm
pleteiy rrntoTvtL Ut at once put ttis won!?riDl prtrtrat r Tih
market and iuKreat baxOeirn tlif demand that npriw Irvrodcrlp
Utnroosnout uienorld under U-fe came cl iu-cn's Jintl-IlAlrlje,
'bair disappears aa if by mafiUitUut tbe nifi-itkl (ala or inju' . x.t i
ar plIM or ever afterward. Jt is mil fee art rotuer frerwiratU mrri' 1
foralllcernrpo. Tbmiand ot L.I'I rtolaTe Letrnarr J
ultbbalronthHrr.tCI, M.t K anl AI'.3I attrst its rrerllk.
(iHMI.rMKN wbodoDotaprrtclAteatjeardorfctlroolbelrn t,
find priceless toon In tueen' Anti-Ilnlrlno which doe aay
mrffh Sh!nr- Kr rnr er'nr Itl fntnrt rTOWtb All Uttfr tDIpCPKlbttltT.
and pn T thff mlxtnrf for a few mlnntrs ar I t?
their mends S3 ueaotne -.
yards best silfc Extra ti?e BotUe anl saaiplse
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