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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, August 09, 1896, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 2

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For'Presidentand Silver:
W. J. BRYAN, of Nebraska.
For Yice-Vresidei.t.
ajWr drMild Ike laisaedlate rf.l.nll.1
f the (rec nil allmllrd ralaaxe f gald
aad .literal the preM-allr;.! rail, .r la
I. wilhaat Malllac far the 'aid .r MiWlt
rur.lkrr.ulti. nrdrmiilikat itr
"" rr d.llar .hall be nil lesal
Iradrr. rallr will. ld. for all debl..
yabllr aad private a ad tar.r ek lrl..
atl.a a. will pre.er.1 the draarllutla
r ..r klal .flel leader - J
private ewntraet .
-Ileraocratlc National si..er
JaVKi G.. Bhin once "aid- "Ilitj
itapottibl to ttrike silver nut of exit-1
taaee ai mney without retultt that '
will prove distressing to rai.llom and
utterly disattrout to ten: of thoui-'
SlBiwg thow which way the wind
blowa. Within nine diys after the
New York Journal had come out in
favor of tilver, itscircnlation inereated
S0.000. The caute of tilver mutt in
deed be dead in the east.
A man who hat been pronounced
orilcially dead turned up in New York
recently and demanded hit ehare of
hit father' etlate. The courts refuse
to believe him alive in tpiteof hit own
affidavit. Some people' reputation
it alwayt letting in the way of their
. tterial advancement.
Thb New York Tribune tayi:
"There is no auch thing at afreetilvcr
Republican. You might at well talk
about a white blackbird. Krf e si'ver
it Democracy, pure and simple, and
the Kepubliean who accept the free
silver heresy and still refutet to go out
of the party, merely imposes upon the
party the unpleasant duty of kick
ing him out."
The following editorial paragraph
taken from the Los Angeles Times it
a good sample of what the gold bugs,
at a. rule, think of the common peo
ple of the United States:
" "An Arizona paper says : "Every
body it flecking to the standard of
Bryan because he it the choice of the
raaties." The paper in question got
the "space" in at the wrong place. It
ibonld have interted it after the
Cochise county hat eight artetian
wells the combined flow of which is
about 250 gallons a minute, or 403,200
gallons per of 25 hour. These wells
are all in the neighborhood of St. David
and if all the water which flows from
them during the winter months oould
le stored in reservoirs to be added to
the continuous flow" throughout the
growing teaton, the farmers of that
locality would be entirely independent
of the river for their supply of water
for irrigating purposes.
The democracy of this territory is
undoubtedly in better trim to make a
good 6gbt this fall than It has been in
years, but it will not do to underesti
mate the strength of Buckey, end in
order that none of the party strength
he lost to It, Democrats should be on
the alert. The right ol the chair
man and secretary sf the Central com
mittee to name the time and plase of
holding a territorial convention with
out a vote of the central committee Is
questioned among the Tombstone de
mocracy, claiming there has been do
meeting of the committee, or if there
has been, none of the territorial
committeemen in thi. section have not
been notified of any such meeting.
They hold ii is not good politics, and
claim the naming ot holding the con
vention at Williams, Kingman, Yuma.
Solomonrilla or in any other place
way from the center of population, is
ogetive of an attempt to place the
yMtyia tfcsj baasU of tho gold bog ale-
Ulsins, August V1S!6.
c rrsr.iNcx.
Mr. Fred Ingle has also moved into
hi tma'.l tiled mansion in tlio came
vicinity. Fatty alwa light in it
but he belong to tho upper 10 non.
I ire pop.
Mr. I. I). Cunningham nd lamily
have mot etl into 'heir new house-rm
Nub Hill. II you should li.;-n to
notice a light way tip on ih motto
tain aide there at any time .Ion'. slop
to atk what it it: you'll be perfectly
afs in concluding that it ia in Paddy'
Gui Feteraon who hat been wording
in the mine here lor tome niontlit past,
left lor Denver this morning. Mr.
Peterson thinks he Iiat tome valuable
copper minet in Mexico and is trjing
to gt tome one with capital to Uke
hold o( them wi'.h him. He i going
to Denver (or that ptirpoe, hut it un
successful there will go ttill lurther
east, presumably to St. Louie.
The advent o( two newly married
oouple into the burg ol Riabeewas too
nucn for the joungslers' fielingt last
night. They were completely carried
away with enthusiasm, and made an
otherwise beautilul night altogether
h;Jeou ;, tue;r continuous and im
... , ... , j
perturable tin can serenade. e hart
the pleasure of trying to go to sleep
.,, hmla, onp fll .llfi I,i!lll
couple and know what we're talking
about. V think the town ought to
eetulili'b a fund to buy the boys, off In
all inch cases. All that would he nec
essary to make the plan a success
would be a good person to do business
with the boyt. We think that either
"5moot by " Tyler or " 'A'iud) " Crouchy
could fill this position very well aod
hope that tome of our town philan
thropist will take the matter in band.
Harry Plater, ont of our voting
friendt from Tucson who has r.en
taking in the town for a few days past,
had a rat'ier uufortunate accident be
fall him this morning. He was going
out on the train but (topped to see
tome friei.aa a moment too long and
when he got to the round bouse, just
below the depot, he found the train
leaving and under quite 8 good head
way. Not wishing to be left he tried
te jump the train but in tome way
ma'le a miscalculation ru.d was thrown
violently to the ground. He had
very narrow escape from being run
over, and got off very lurky consider
ing. His leg is so badly sprained
though that it will be tome time be
fore he will have the use of it, but it
it a great wonder to all that it was not
broken. He was immediately taken
to the hous of a friend where he will
receive the bett ol attention and he
hopes to be able to make the trip to
Tucson in the course of a few days.
We have learned tlnce yesterday
that a riting young BUbeeite is one of
the young gentlemen who intend to
visit Tucson for educational purposet
next month. We are in something of
a quandary ourselves aa to whether
he is imbue.l with a longing for intel
lectual training, or is simply overcome
with a desire to be near to tee and to
bear a certain young lady. This is a
question which we are afraid can only
be answered to our satisfaction by
future events. Of one thing we are
certain, however, and that is that, un
less Ed changei his mind about going
to Tucson, we will lose on3 of our
shining lights in the held of journal
ism. That Mr. Alvan Howe will not
allow himself to be outdone by any
such scheme as this is without the
shadow of a doubt, and therefore, un
less Ed will compromise by staying t
home, we may as well make up our
minds not to be disappointed if we
lose one of our much respected editors,
biHBKr?, August 6, 1S9C.
John S. Williams ami Tom Dir
and family returned frjm Tombstone.
Mr. Jfrst and Mr. Metz were out
ward hound passengers this morning.
They went to Tombttone on busimss.
Abe Richards l.flforan ou'ing id
the Huaehucas this morning fur the
purpose ot improving his health. He
expects to stay about a month arid we
think he ought to g-t quite resperl
able granger color in hit face by that
There mutt be tome wonderful nro
pertist abo'lt the air in Tombstone:
so many of our folk leave here looking
a though they were in the lest eUges
of consumption aod aboutt hree days
lo and behold they are back as bright
and frisky Merer.
lfr. jb4 ifra. Brown returned thb
tmoJof tot.aTitt .oUmrtJtfffjMtv
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b is
.at S S
(0 at
() D
S H "
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J- s
OB 5
til s
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-2 j
Mrs. Jot. Curry at Pretcult. They
bo'.h enjoyed the trip immensely but
wre toinKwhat dirap?ointed at not
t-ine able lo bring Mrs. Curry back
uith them. Tbey expect her in the
near future, howeier.
Jrts. (( sgrove, who has been enjoy
ing the bathing and sea breezes of
Siot Vonira for the Nst five weeks,
was another arrival. He look well
id 'e.' like a fighlin: cock. They
all do when they come back, and we
think wx'll hate to joiu the next ex
cursion ourse!s.
Jark Wiclstrom returned from a
short trip to Tombttone today. He
l't ooly been away a few days but
that was sufficient time for old Sol to
get iu his work. Jack's ftce is at red
and rare a a raw leef.lile and e
think he'll remember that he has len
out in the country for a few dy to
come any way.
Quite a littl-i interest it manifested
by various parlies in the experiment
now being made by Mr. Brophy to
ep the ware room" of the store free
from raU and mice, by the use of fer
rets. The little animals it-tm to be
lining their part very well and the
nunil er of rat seem to havedecreaed
very rapidly. Tho'e that am left how
ever, hae found a wii) to beat the
game, es it were. They have taken
up their abode in the higher parts of
the building among the beams, and
floor joists. The ferrets hae great
trouble in reaching tl.em here and to
facilitate mtivii Mr. Brophy is think
ing ol organ'z 17 a gunning club, Mr.
Frtd li.il i to be the head of the
war drt arimciit and will have Mr. L.
Brown ,uiJ Mr. Cunningham as jiet
nts. These gentknien are to have
nothing to do for three hours each day
(turn bboul) but patrule the ware
house with a psrlor rifle and when
ever they see one of the intruders to
aick him off. We trust that this will
he a very efficient method and hope to
4ee the atore free from rat very soon.
Organization Effected an d
Committees Appointed-
The meeting at the courthouse !a.-t
evening was called to order by Chair
man A. I Grow, who stated that the
object ot meeting was to organize a
bimetallic club to work during present
campaign in all honorable wave to
further the interest of silver.
cott White was chose tecrctary of
the meeting, and A. Wentworth treat,
Amotion was made by C.S.Clark
that a committee of flvo be appointed
by the chair on con.tUulion and by
laws. The cbairmin appointed as such
committee: C. S. Clara-, A. H. Eman
uel, H. ?. Gordon, Henry Dunker and
M. D. Scribner.
Oa motion, the temporary chairman
and secretary were made permanent
officers of the club.
The secretary circulated a paper
for Bignera, and nearly every perten
iu the room signed the roll and to the
Tombstone. Silver Club starts ofl with
a good membership, 53 citizens becom
ing members.
The mating was cimpoed of our
I Iwet :itur.s, w entirely non-parti-
zen, and ! obj ct is to work in and
out of seas u lot the advancement of
The me ting adjourned to meet at
the court house Saturday evening at
8 o'clock, when the committee on con
stitution and by-laws will make their
Flgtir.Sun: A E. Douglas arrived
on Saturday. He has charge of the
busings end of the Lowell observatory,
and this wek, with a large force of
men, he is superintending the un
load lug of a carload of apparatus for
the observatory. The machinery for
the new 24-inch te'.esoope it massive
ana it will take Un days or two weeks
to nut it in position. Mr. Lowell will
be hero with the gists) aboat the time
the apparatus) ia ready,
A Siiliject which Leads t Our
Political Interests.
Mr. W. C. Land, of Cor-hise county,
one of thn h;viet cattlo ownr. in
Arizona, is in Tuc-on on an iufreqifnt
business i-it. Thw S'ar savs Mr.
Land' range is the Btboconiari, ex
tending for thirty or forty miles along
the western liue of Corhis county
and running back to Hih hills at
depths varying from five to eight
miles. The tal4. frim the range dur
ing the lit't season hae amounted to
21,000 head. Mr. Land is a buyer
rather Ihau a seller or breeder of cat
tle so that his view of the outlook for
cattlemen for the coming ear is taken
from a different point than that occu
pied by the raiser of cat'le to vthrm a
scarcity of catll" alwars means abutt
er price. Mr. Lvml figures as fo'lons,
that the first important change alTect
iiii; rattle interests must first become
manifest in the great meat markets.
When cattle are bjnht up as feeders
on Ariz n ranges at ii nhrt.il. ship
ped to California ranges at a est for
transportation of J.I. Then they are
pastured for ano'her yiarori ranges
worth from $)0 to $00 an acre. In
this way beef is hung on butcher's
hooks at-Ij cert's a found,
Mr. Land's presence suggests to the
.''tar something nhieh hat roruinly
not otcttrrrd lo him, that he wo'ild
make excellent congressional material
The cattle interest, of Arizona are
among the largest of territorial inter
ests, and every other one has bad at
one time or another a reprejentatip
of it on cla-s. The law can not
reasonably claim any more represen
tation tlinn it has had. Mining, agri
culture, commerce and journalism
have been repreentcd so that itseerns
proper that all of these may now give
Betidi Mr. I, mil m a Democrat of
the old school wliioh though for a
time seemed obsolete, is on top again
and he U in full at con! with all things
in which a verlarge majority of
Arizoman, Demi'crats and Rpub
lians are interested.
IMIpk: l'llea Itching IMIoa
SYMPTejiS Moisture; intense itching
and stinging; most at nighr, worse by
scra'chinj. If alloaed to continue tum
ors farm, which ofttn bleed and ulceratet
becoming verv s re. SMns'. Ointmen
top the itching vnd bleeding, heals ulce
ation. ml in mn: ciii. renjvre tie
rumors. At drnggtv, or hy ,m.ail. fci
5 cent- Dr. Sayre ind S?i, Phiia
From Oroiille, Cl , it is reported
that between forty and fifty l r.cs and
mule, have died from the vesslve
heat in Mi past ten davs in and
around GridUy, while being worked
on combined harvesters. One man
had nine m'i!"j die in one day on his
machine. On Friday and Saturday
the harvesters s'opped wort on account
of the heat.
For jonr rrotectlon. Catarrh "Curea" t
Tontca for Catarrh in hqnid form to be taken
internally, nsually coDtain either Mercury or
Iodide of Futassa, or both, which are injur
ious if too long taken. Catarrh it a local, not
a blood disease, caused by sudden rtiange to
colder damp weather. It fctxrt in the nasal
waasaget, aTJectiug ejea, ears and throat.
Cold in the head rat.a-s excessive flow of
mnens, and, if repeatedly neglected, the re
stdta r.f catarrh wdl follow; severe pain in
the head, a roaring sound in the ears, bad
breath, and oftentimes, au offensive dis
charge. Theremedysbouldtjequicktoallay
inflammation aud heal the membrane. Ely'
Cream Balm is the acknowledged cure for
tbes trouble and contains no mercury
nor any injurious drug. Price, CO cent.
hand wiadmill for a tie. cbeaD for cah. can
dispoe of the same if in ifoJ order, by ad
dressing Bo 433, Tucson, Arizint,
are tou
Procure a. vcktt ani jet one
TT establish b-aic-i o?;-; hre $ioo. per
month ta!arr. Fo' fu'l i'fjnjuon, aJdrcss
Room. 373S. Mnu Si l.s An.ele, CaLf.
"in-ade OieniiCaii C
TTeantifal I wii s d ej 'j3.atcot at War-
. ja-
rroaanl Jti-riaci rit, wraid-arzl
nit ee'i irtJ-r. Mrlio. raruiano e I
bstricista. CalU try leHcrram pro nptlr answer- I
to. woenwanii-i if ni'i.(. et.q'iire at uicvi
jJisyM Shtrp. rrA's
o 2
t ?.
ol O
a. rs
III - &
U z
N !es of Interest f.iiui Of r
Occ.KiiiiiHl Correspondent.
Dr. E. V It i who has been at
tending to Dr. GallV practice while he
ho hi en si.iiing in California has
been very tick and niL-ht before last
was not expected to live, but we learn
today that he is much better.
Although the ci'.irns of Arizona
cannot vole for president jet they
sann to lake just as much interest in
the election (or more) than they do ia
other plscts where they can, and little
groupea of m-n can I leen on our
street corrure by night and in thn
shady pieces by day earnestly discuss
ing lha free silver propo.iticu and
uttering ur I of encourgmeiit foJ
Bryan and whit he represent.
Dr. Gaff, wife and son returned from
month trip to Caliiornia. Tar of
tim iw sjent in San Francisco
where the Di-ctor visited the principal
hospitals there tnd witnessed quite n
number of very ih'.licult and interest
ing surgical np rations which he says
has paid him well fur hid trip. I'.irl
of the time was spent on Catalina
Island nhicb he ca'ls the Paradise of
the Pacific Coa-t where all enjoyed
thenirelves to full extent.
Mr. Ileatty and family leaie this
eiening tor Tucson where, tbey will
make their lu'ure home. There many
friends here regret their departure.
A di'patch frm :?an Francisco has
the following of a forrnir Tombstoner:
Daiid Natlp, ev Uniti'il States Marshal
who killed Juilte Terry some years
ago Mule acting as a body guard to
Justice .Stephen J. Field, got iuto an
alternation wnh James II. liarry editor
of the fctar, a weeLly piper, on Mont
gomery treet yrtterdy. Iu the last
is-ueof the K'ar Uarry published thn
biography of Nagle, in which the
laller'ii recoul and charae'er were
severely criticized. X.ig'.e as'-ted if
llsrrv was the author of the article in
in the Star. B.rrj repliei that he was
responsible for it. "Then take this,"
said Nagle, spitting four times in
B-irry' fare. Harry struck at Xagle.
The latter nith a hand on his own hip
pocket said, ".Vow till your hand."
Barry sail "You are a coivard and I
am not." The bystanders interfered
and the men were separated before any
blows could be exchanged.
The Laredo Nsw is responsible for
the statement that a great manv Mexi
cans living on ttiis ioVtli RioGra-ir'e
are taking a Wantage of the liberal
terms offered them by the Mexican
government and are now preparing to
return in large numbers to their
native land. It is claimed that these
people, who after having been out of
Mexico for many 5 ears, now long fr
their mother country as the I-r.elites
longed for tho land of promise.
Is Your
Blood Pure
If It is, you will te ttronj, vicorous,
fu'Iof Ih'ea'idamb.tlon; you will fcave
good apx.tile aad gxd digestion;
strong nerves, sweet sleep.
But bow few cm nay that thel- Wood
Is purel Ho.v inaiy people are lut'ericr
daily from tnc con.qaeoces of imnur.
Llood, s-rofla, silt rteurr., rhrumatisa,
catarrh, Qronj'!ess, Sleeplessness, an4
That Tired FesIInc
Hood's Sarsaparllls puriflea,. rlttllzet
and iri.bcs tfcs L!ood. Tucrefure, It Is
the m-3'.ci-ie for yo j.
It will i,-i.e jou pare, rlcb, red blood
and strong rerves.
It will o.ercoiie that tlrrd feelln;,
create an appctl.e, cive refrejhlng sleep
and make joa strong.
Hood's Sarsaparitla
Is tho Only
True Blood Purifier
ProraIantly In the public eje today.
CattatVy ca:lartl4k Sj
CVI7. lot
AJ 5PEC UTYcSiarr??
enred In IS toii daya. Ton tan t treated at
ipooi foraame pnem under iam cuarao
1W If WS 1 all W mm. II von hvr tAktn nut.
cvrj, Ipdid potsah. ad aUU bar arhea aod
MUa.MlCO(Ulte?hMlfll-MIl SAsfaaTOasntaaaaV
Pirn plea, .Copper Color tfpota. Cleer oo
out. It at tbie Barnndary BLOOO PtWscfll
warnaraiita9totnir. WaoliutbaDoobci
aai eaaea aad ebalianro tbo world for
wmmm w v aanoi care Taw oiMaao Baa alwmn
teflBod tho fklllof tat moat eaaiawatt phnS
-m-'zrz. r. r -...
Union Strikers Darned Down
a House.
Sewall Will b-; Present in New
Y'irk L'haiupion Corhett
in Coluratl'i.
Nocaif.s. Ju.tafter noon tol.y.a.
mot daring attempt was made to rob
the luternatinnl Bank of Xogjlea.anrt
th robbers were frustrattd in their
plans only by ihecoo'nesand b.arery
of Mr. Hererra, cashier of the bank.
John Dessart. president of the bank,
was just leaving bank when three men
entered, tno of them armed with two
Colt 45 pistols and the third with
Winchester rifl. One man civered
the cashier with two pistols, the man
with ritle covered Dessart whil v.ird
tried to gel to the vault. One man
went to back room whore seeral men
were holding a meeting and madelhem
all hold up their hands. He attracUd
the attention of the man who hal the
cashier covered; this furnished oppor
tunity for Hererra to get his gun, when
the robbers left the building, nioun e.t
horses and rode nff shooting. ahier
follo'ved into street aud emptied gun at
robbers; it is believe I he hit one of thr
men as he was put on horse by a con
federate. President Dessart recehtd
slight scalp wound and a horse was
Lille 1 iu the street. Pose formed
quickly and are in pursuit wi'h good
chance of capturing robbr. Mex
ica 1 g'ndarmcria out aod if handle
cross the line into Mexico will be rap
tured there.
JsTFF.rto.v CtTV, Mo. Richard P.
B'.an I was nominated for congress by
the democrats of the eight't congress
io al dittnot today. The Chicfgo
platform was endor'ed.
Stw York. It wat antiniipci! at
Democratic headquarters that Mr.
Sewall would be present at tho meet
ing at Madison Square Garden on the
12th when Wil'iam J. Brvan wili be
formally notified of his nomination.
Ppsvei. James J. Corbelt ariied
in Denver. He will spar Keddy
Gallagher tonight and tomorrow
night will meet Bill Woods at Cripple
Seattle, Wash., Ex-Street Com
missioner Lawrence Cumniings shot
himself through the head and di-d
about 1 o'clock this morning. He
wss in j all charged with the murder
of his wife and an attempt to murder
bis daughter 00 June 11.
.Swinska, Wales. A dispath from
Xeath seven miles from here, an
nounces that forty miners are entomb
in the Bryncock pit by the explosion
this afternoon.
Chicago. Phil Armour has notifi
ed his 5000 omploj ees that he will
give ihem fifty ceutri worth of meat
and a Mexion silver dollar in change
for an American silver dollar.
1'kkka, O. The residence of Dieh
ard Dodd was burned to the ground
his morning. A wire screen h.i been
torn from the window, oil poured on
an tinrccuiie.1 bed near it and lighttd
Dodd' toon smelt the smoke and
arcis-d hi. father barely in time to
get out of the; house. Two children
were overcome with smoke. The family
consists of s-v-n c.til Iren. Tne rt.i
tleme if J..s. Woodcock was a!so
saturated with oil but' not lightid
DodJ and Woodcock are contractors
at the quarry and both employ non
uni n men. Th"y were asked to em
ploy union men but warn unable to do
to. They taid they bad no work for
Chicago. It was learned to fay
thai call for $400,000 margins on
Diamond Match stock, which could
not be raised, was the cause of the
failure of Moore Brothers, The lose
of Moore Bros, it Is estimated ia be
tween 1,000,000 and $5,000,000.
Spot May
Be Cancer!
It Is very often that the most Insig
nificant symptoms are forerunners of
the ir-3-.t violent diieae. There ia
not a more destructive disease than
Cancer, and in a majority of cases it
is first indicated by a very smalt acab
or sore, to which no attention is at
tracted, until it before lonf develops
into mot alarm. 11 conditions.
Here is such a case, where the first
aymptoms were too small to be noticed N
for quite a time. Mr. J. B. Arnold be
longs to one of the oldest and best
families of Carolina: he is well and
favorably known throughout South
Carolina, and has resided at Green
wood for yen rs. Cancer is hereditary
In the family, an aunt on each side
having died from it. Several years
ago a small pot. like a tiny ulcer,
about the size of a bird-shot, appeared
just under his left eye, above the cheek
bone. He thought nothing of it for
some time, until it began to grow rap
idly, spreading all the time, and de
stroying the flesh as it went.
He says: "It gave tnc a great dejd
of pain those sharp, darting pains so
characteristic of cancer. I took many
so-called blood medicine without the
slightest effect, and sought the help of
the bet physician", hut they did me
no good; one told me, however, that I
was incurable and had better make tny
arrangements accordingly. I was on
the verge of despair, when Dr. J. L.
Miller, one of the leading druggists of
my town, recommended S. S. S. The
lirbt bottle seemed to make me worse,
but Dr. Miller told me this was a fav
orable symptom, and by the time I htd
taken the second bottle, the cancer be
gan to dt -charge, and as I continued
this became quite profuse, and kept up
for some time. Then it gradually
grew lss. and after awhile ceased al
together, and to my delight the place
dried up and is cured entirely, so that
nothing remains but a soar.
"1 consider S. S. S. a boon to suffer
ing humanity, and fel that I owe my
life to it, as the cancer had made such
progress when I began S. S. S. that ray
death was declared to be only a matter
of a very short time. The cure ef
fected in my case is considered by
everyone most remarkable, and clearly
demonstrates the fact that S. S. S.
does cure hereditary cancer. No one
who is atHicted with this dreadful dis
ease can afford to fail to give S. S. S.
a trial, for that is all that is necessary
to convince them of its virtues.
The above is but one of many re
markable cures being daily made by
6. S. S. Cancer is becoming alarm
ingly prevalent, and manifests itself
In such a variety of forms, that any
tore or scab, it matters not how small,
which does not readily heal up and
disappear, may well be regarded with
The fact that S. S. S. cures heredi
tary cancer, which is considered in
curable, places it without an equal as
a sure cure for all manner of real
blood diseases, such as Scrofula. Ec
zema, Contagious Blood Poison, or
any other form of bod blocxLAUoAt
Agent for Tombttone and vicinity.
a'd Metallergical
fFormerlr The Pacific Coast Bullior.)
Publishes all thn laiest and mo-' rs
liable ra.ining new from
And the Republic of Mexico. 1 11 tb
bett advertising medium in the south
west for those desiring to reach the
miners. Subscription price $2.50 per
ytar. AddrtfTl.es. Ac tin Cal. j. t
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