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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, October 18, 1896, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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rO.MH.'XK KI'lTAril
I'CBUd'ITU t.VhKV fl'lVY.
iTnLiiiihP mum1ih
f,ino!.U)H.i:..Iile I'onutv. An;on.
CsTttEd IS Tl SiST &r t s MSIO Ctl s-Tt
Tlie I'ojm jo to the lit lonhlit and
tverjiodv will If there to eif and
licten. s"
A Tucron til nii'r iiiniuni'ee
iiuiethint: tie m wutiiii'. toclirg
What in llio world can it 1
The PuohCTOK has tin fo-ihties
for doing all Laid-ol hncil printing
Our advertising columns and job
office are open to all, i-li ut record
to race, color or prevails political
Jolm anil Williiiu I'esrce, w'n have
been absent for ecmo months lu Cal
ifornia, have returned and are now at
Fearcc. Ihey still lime mi-urg in
terests at the new comp and aleo m
the Dragoons at.d have rO'i e bad. to
looV afier the tame.
All friends and thoe intenstcd lu
the return ol IUv Huberts to ttie ne
torate of the Method' rhurc'i of tliir
place are cordially invited to attend a
reception to be tendered lnm at the
residence of Dr. Gordon on Toughnut
street corner Kirtt, on feiturdav nul
at S p. m.
1 be secretary of the int. rur has
made the fultoning Arizona
appointmente: Dr. Hubert V. Dutjltv
as resident phvciciau of the Colorado
river ludiau ay-uc, N!"'!! Carr hs
appointed a a leachei of the Hutlapai
Indian day school.
An arteeian well contractor recent
ly made au unsucces-ful attempt to
secure flowing ua'er on the ranch of
J. U. Vanghon, three ni'lebelu Ben
ton. The drill bit vv as hrolen at til"
depth of about two htimlrrd fet and
could not be withdrawn. Another
effort will be made by Mr Vaughn a
an early date. New?
An aiticeo in ban Kranupco has
solved the Lir hat prnbltm. She sni:
ested the folloin inscription which
was printed on the drop curiam at tin
Baldwin theater.
"Ladies 35 jears old and upwards
will be permitted to wear their hat.
in theis theater Younger lai.es will
please remove their hate."
All the ladies at tl at theater uow
taVeoff theirbig hat.
Kditor Morford of the I'hentx Her
ald arrived in town trday from the
capital city, coming in with 1'opulist
candidate?, but the latter declaiming
any connection wi h the pild bug
editor. The I'notrhCTon has sai I
many things egainst the HeraM and
its rani and radical grid bug jolicy
but nevertheless it is a good newsj
s s
LADIES. 1 nmke big wages at
home, and want all to have the same
opportunity. The worl. is verv i leas
ant and will easily psy $ IS weeVlj.
This is nodeceptiou. 1 want nomonev
and sill gladly end fullpa.iicnlarf to
all sending stamp. Mi M. A.Stebbin"
Lawrence, Mich, It
The United States private land
court has settled title to a large area
of land grants in Xw Mexico and
Arizona, as follows: The final Judg
ments of area cl timed in X. w Mexico
is 452,132 acres; area confined in
New Mexico, 120,433 acres; are re
jected in Xew Mexico, 32,70"J acres;
area claimed in Arizona, 201, 101 cre;
area confirmed in Arizcna, 16.C9G
acres : area reacted in Arizona, lj.r,
4C7. r ".
G. J. McCabe, OeorgV trier, H.
Schmieding and Jamesft' jiily, candi
dates forth offices of sheriff, recorder,
supervisor and district attorney, r
tpectively, came over from Bishee to
day and will be a', the rally tonight,
at Schetfelin Hall, when they will all
bave an opportuni'y tei give a rsnnm
for the faith that is in them arid to
tell tbn perple why they ought to be
elected. Lt th hall h- filled to over
flowing to har tbeo ?rntlemen.
Panl Noriega, who has been in tlm
hospital for several weeks.under tne
care of Dr. Gordn, who terformeda
ery delicate operation on the joung
man's head, mention of lilcb b"
made in Prcpectok at th- time, has
about recovered and is now able to be
oat, and expects to leave for Tuc-on
in a few days. He wishes it urder
sjtood that be left the hospital without
the permission of Dr. Gordon, and if
any seriooi results occur from hu in
ditentioa no blame u to attach to the
Ciiiiduliitti for IMvg tie to Con
Kress N Ilfie.
"Hnckv" O'N'ill, the nostor of Pop.
'ili-in in Anz-ina.arri'iil in town at
noon tod ty anil was greeted ou ever)
hati 1 by hi) admirer, for Bucly
la f imed throughout the territory and
even it his oppjnents home he has
many friends.
Mr. O'Xull was most heaitily re
ceived al Hi-bee and when he arrived
at 1'tiinbsliii o with the Populist
countj candidates a delegation here
met them and have all in ton.
' IlucUv" made a pleasant call on
tlin ri.o-i fcrtiK and in reply toariues
tmu as to "n prospect and Populist
stret pth throughout the territory th
movmg spirit lu the Pop ranis emole
a smile ol inert Julity as he content
plated the question coming from a
smith supporter.
"I have be n in every city, precinct
ami hamlet in northern Arizona that
will cast tnentv-hvo votes or more,"
said he '-and 1 hnd that the Pops have
gained strength everywhere. I feel
much enc uraned," and it is true,
Bucly has traveled over considerable
country, and thus far in bis campaign
he say she has covered over 1000 miles
on the hurricane deck of a ow pony.
Mr. O'Xeill takes a philosophical
view of the situation, and for one
who has done so much speech mak
ing and long horseback rides, looks
well and is in goo 1 spirits. Ho will ad-dre-s
ibe reopln at SibieliVlinHaU to
night. Let the people turn out to
hear him.
Tlie Tjriiuui l me l)eU.
We ill suppose that vour occupation
is sedsmarv- ihit vour ate chained, o lo
peak to the deak in 'ome counting house
or perhaps to ih loom in some vast mill
where vou ate compelled to labor from
morning to night, bundav is vour onlv
day ol relava ion You return home
evety evening wearied mentally and
bodilv Your health and strength begin
'o fa.i. What will most eiTectuall) te
cuperate jour vital enetgv The weight
of evidence points to no other conclusion
thin that Histetter Stomach Bitters is
vour satei, mot reliable sheet anrhi r
U-e it perststentlv, and vour svslem wnl
oon regain lis pristine vigor. Evei
function will receive i heal-htul impulse
Tr.ere uno remed to equal the Bitters
for nevousness and want ol sleep,
dvspepiia, constipation and billiousness.
It averts and remedies all forms ol mal
arial disease, and i a preventive of
rheumatism and neuralgia.
Aujmt Joets, the pioneer weler
of Bisbee, ca ne over jesterday on a
short business trip. He paid the
Pko'IJCIOR otfc-! a pleasant call and
left toda) for iiutelYilh.
A letter received here the first of
the week from Geo. V. Nortoa, of
Mohawk, sa)s 'Great excitement
was cau-cd here )eterday b) a rattle-1
snake biting the oldest son cf Don
'The snake wrs in a box ii the cor
ral her ,Hiid ou being picked up, thb
snake oitlhebo) en the instep, cut-j
ting quite a gaeh iu his foot. The
wound bled freely, wlrch I think saved
the bo)'e life.
The Apache Indian doctor of this
section told me he would curetha boy
for a horse ; I told him to sail in. The
doctor requested the use of a private
room for himself and patient, which
was given him. He danced and shook
his rattles and sang until eunri, and
the boj's life yas saved. The doctor
got a horse, the boy's life was saved,
and we are correspondingly happy."
Arizona Sentinel.
The Vnlette siy, news was brought
to town jes'erday morning tbit the
remains r a il'nd Yopn had been
found on the I illi abmt fivo miles
e-t of town, in lbs same locality
w here the Sjuor olScars were killed
on the morning of the 12ih. of
Augu.l by the Yaqui inurg-nts.
Judge Castelan, Chief of Poliee
Hernandez and lluclor Aguilar went
out to make an lnvestifat on and after
viewing the remains it was fotiud thai
he had died of natural causes as no
wou-dr of any nature were found on
l.iin. Toe Yaqui has betn cead for
so ne time, his tKxly being so badly dt
eumpi"sd thai by order of the Judge
he W8 buried on the sriol.
i s
1 -"Wehadan epidemic of dysentery in
this vicinity last summer, says baoiutl
S Pollock, of linccland, Cal. "I was
taken with it and luffered severely until
some one called my attention to Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and D.arrhoea
Remedy. I procured a bottle and felt
better after the first dose. Before one
half of the bottie had been used I was
well. I recommended it to my irienr's
and tbeir experience was the same. We
al) unite in saying it is the best." For
asle by Druggists.
How a Rural E.litoi- Was
Taken In.
Th editor of the Jersey Jamjar,
with ibat superior wisdom ed which
evtr.v rural editor is possessed, 'oo I
ou the. curbstono iu front f I pala
tial otlice, letting the cool air perme
ate the aforesaid wisdom, when the
local artist was see going toward
the railroad station.
'Alt, thiTi '." saluted the editor.
"Whence goesi?"
"I go," returntd the photographer,
"to take a picture of the next presi
dent of the Uaited btates."
"Of course i will be a picture of
the mau vou want elected," said the
editor, who was oppos d politically to
the photographer.
"No, sir; it will be a picture of the j
next president."
The iditor was getting rather
wrought up.
"v ill) ou guarantee HI" ho asked. J
"I'll put up m) cheek for 5500 thai
it will be the correct picture," respond
ed the photographer.
'lhc editor scratched his dome in
"I'm not very flush,' he said, 'but
I'll (.he ou ou that guarantee $200
for a cut of the picturu to print in my
Itlookeu like a cinch for the editor
and seven men to'd the photogra her
he na a plumb idiot; but he dien up
a contract for tie editor to sign bind
ing him to pa) $200 for the cut, the
photographer guaranteeing it to be
enrrct. Then he started on for the
' Get that cut back here in time for
Sundav 't paper," called the editor
"Uuess not," responded the photo
grapher, "lhrrfc's nothing in this
contract about when I am to take the
pb'lure. 1 can't take it until after
election, of course, under my guar
antee, and )ou ought to know it."
'1 hen the scrap began, and at last
accounts all ol that end of New Jer
i .) was taking sides. New York Sun.
leiurv Certiefn.
beimtor Stewart, of Nevada, takes a
ros) vitw of the situation, and figures
out the certain election of the silver
tiektt. Here are thesenatT's figures.
Alabama, 11 Nebraska 3
Arksmsa", b Nevad, 1
California, 'J North Carolina,18
Colorado, 4 North Dakota, 3
Delaware, 3 Oregon, 1
Florida, 4 booth Carolina, 'J
Georgia, 13 .South Dakota, 4
Idaho, 3 Tenne-ee, 12
Kansas. 10 Texas, 15
Kentucky, 13 Utah, 3
Lnueiana, S Virginia, 12
Maryland, 8 Waehinton, 4
Mi'si'tippi, i West Virgiuoa, C
Missouri, 1" Wvoming. 3
Mon'ana, 3 -
Total 220
Necesary to a choice, 224.
Illinois, 24 Michigan, 14
Indiana, lr Minnesota, 'J
Iowa, 13 New York, 30
Total, HI
Senator Stewart savshe dors not
think there is much doubt about any
of tl ese, unless it is New York, but for
the sake of argument he puts them
down as doubtful.
Senator Stewart estimates the fol
lowing sta'ts as "probabl) " for Mo-
Connecticut, 6
Maine, t!
Ma-sachusftts, !"
New Hampshire,4
New Jersey, 10
Ohio, 3
Pennsylvania, 32
Rhode Island, 4
State of Ohio, Citv o Toledo,
LtCAS Countt. j
Frank J. Che) ney makes oath that
he is the ?enior partner of the firm of
F. J.Cheyney A Co , doing hu-inee in
the city of Toledo, county ami state
aforesaid, and that enid firm wil pay
the sum of ONK HUNDItKD DOL
LAKS for ech and every case of
Catarrh that cannot be cured by the
l.se of Hall's Catarrh Cur".
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in mv pretence, this Cth day ol Decem
ber, lssc;
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally and acts directly on the blood
and mucus surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials frep.
Toledo. O
A llcycla tire has been ii.venttd in
which feathers are used. It is con
tended that, twhen a puncture occurs,
the first tendency is for the down to
be carried up into tbe puncture by the
pressure of tbe air on tbe inside.
Losw t' l,l-'y-lrob;i.)!e
Suit lor l)am.ii!t.
The following account of the Ute
stottii and flood at Wtllcox Is taken
from llu Valley News, which says.
Th') water ro-e two inches above
the stone fouudaliouof Norton A Co.'s
li.aiu stole and several inches nbove
the solid wall pla:ed hv .Soto Bros,
under their building after the flood ol
Since adobe walls, particularly thsse
sustaining great weight, cannot long
feodum tin i fleet of being immersed
in Aater, it was soon evident that the
only means of saving the town was by
enlarging the single culvert provided
by the railroad compii.) for tiitst scat e
of flood waters at this Oint.
The ciilveit timbers were accord
ingly blown out with giant puw.W
anil the rise of the w k'er to a greaUr
height thereby prevented.
Leading citizens cf '.Villcoi hav?
repeetedly appealed to the Southtrn
l'ac.hc Co. lor additional culverts
within the tonu limits and along the
line to lUilroad Pass, it being well
known that the railroad embankment
acts as a levee to throw the sur
face water frc.n the Graham moun
tains directl) into Willcox.
The damsga caucd by this Cool
cannot )et be estimated. Sjto Bros,
loss ulonc will probabl) reach f 1,500
or 2,000, and it is protable thai the
total los lj propert) ovvuers in Will
cox will approxiiratt jj.OOO.
suit will probably i e biouht
against the Southern Pacific Co. for
the damage sus'amed in this, the sec
ond gteal flood due to the companv's
refusal to provide a suthcient outlet
for the waters of th'1 vallev."
Turpentine is said to be a sure cure
for the bite of a scake. It should be
put in a bottle, and the mouth being
placed over the spot, the Imuid brought
directl) iu contact with the wouuf by
inverting the hot !", which should bo
held the-e until n'l-l is iibiamed. A
comp'etc uih viation f palu has leu
knuwL' to en-uc in les than a quarter
of an hour
Over l'l the Colorado dea-it they
have rainstorms during which Lot a
a single drop of water touches the
earth. The rain can 1 e STn falling
from the clouds high above the desert
but when the water re achr the strata
of hot, dr) air I siieath the ilim!s it is
entir'ly absorbed before falling half
the distance to the ground. It is a
singular sight to witness a heavy
downpour of rain, notarfrop of which
touches the ground. These strange
rainstorms occur in regions where the
shade temperature o'ten ranges as
high as 128 degiees Fareuhcit. Los
Angeles Times.
From the Vidttte we learn that a
troop of two hundred Mexican infan
try, under the cammand of I.t. Col.
Hernandez has arrived Noeales and
pitched their tent on the flat above
the custom house and thit they will
remair "t tha point indefinitely.
A wreck at Dragoou Summit was
reported Sunday night and that uo
one was I illed seems miraculous. A
freight at a standstill with a cattlt man
sleeping in the caboose, also another
train coming from b-hind at the rale
of fifteen to twenty miles an hour and
went crashing into first train splitting
the caboose iu I wo and telescoping two
O'her cars, engine ditched; and the
sleeping cattleman was pitched up
from the Cebris not hcmoiiIv hurt
and not miic. the worse for his scare
and narr w ecape.
Dial. Attorney Saain lef' this morn
tng Tor bi-le to rvjteud the liepiibli
ran iitc'ing there tomorrow an I ir
e identallv 1 f conic letter i.tq tainted
with lb- vtitein in the Copper Camp.
JuiUfKil.bev will be in Bi-lee to
morro", Friday the Iflth tin) will give
a talk on tbe isa-iea f the ilar accord
ing to the It-ptillicans idi.i". A
iitimttr of the county delegate! axe
also i xpef.ed there arid a gisal meeting
is assured. The democrats hold a
similar meeting Saturday night.
The cattle m-n at Benson had quite
a hard time of i. Monday night during
the a'orin. Herding restless stock when
the ground is covered with water and
the rain coming down in torrents il a
work not to bi envied, but tl
Taque:os were eqnal to it.
Daily Happenings al the
Great Copper Camp.
Bulfe-t otj luteiestiiiir Items
from our Regular Cor-
BlsRhh, October 15, 1806.
Mrs. A. Hill came over from Tomb
stone, today for a short visit to her
daughter .Mrs. Beckwith.
Mrs. Dan. Hoesch also came in on
tins evenings train. She has been
away o'i a vaca'.ion for some time
A. Long and ol Levi, clothing,
drummers from Phoenix, toth went
out this morning after taking in the
pay-day rush.
Me-srs Cadnell and Perkins drove
over from T mbstotie )esterday to
look after their interests here, and
meet many friends in this part.
August Joerss left this morning on
a short visit to the county seat, on
business connected with his mines,
He will be back in a few days.
Mr. II. G, Howe and G. W. Swain
came in from Tomb-tone by team
late this afternoon. Mr. Howe is on
business and Mr Swain is looking
after l.ii cam; ;;:!,
Talking about jails Bisbee can
boast of one of the most unique jails
in nxistence. It is a Democratic jail
patched up b) a Populist under the
supervision of a Kepublicau supervisor
II that isn't mixture enough for any
body we don't want a cent. Tho build
ing originally consisted of 2 rooms but
since the recent riood it onlv contau
one and a little piece, and thatc ivered
by a canvas roof. Wo understand that
arrangements are now being made
for another building but think the
pr sent one is j retty slit k itself. Even
tho Mexican regulars won't be caught
in me.li a b x and they are about
hunting obs to last until the new
building is tiin-.i-d. Its pretty rough
vvh-n .1 mexican uel- n-lia n-.i of hi
old stand lives.
bisi ht, uct. !'. !')(;
cop: Luivn-.
Judge Kihb) of Phoenix and Gen'l
WWon of Tticon tame in on the
train this evening and a gra'id Be; ub
litan lally is on the program for to
light. Koto v.! the gentlemen made
very tood impressions here last cam
paign int! a goo 1 meet ng is a-sured
for this evening.
The Populist meeting came off last
night a the rink and was quite well
attended. rihe meeting was a great
deal more of a slice; than the Dem
ocratic gathering and it i quit- evi
dent that Body will receive) quite a
support here. Judge Beilly of Tomb
stone accompanied Mr. O'Neill and
opened the meeting. He spoke about
an hour in all, so the people say, and
the greater part of that time was con
sumed in making charges. We all
know Ueilly and xpected something
of the kind, but la-t i lght the gentle
man almost outdid himself, so long
was his 'irai'e. Ho finally )ie'dedthe
floor to Buiky who at one- change!
the subject and took the people beck
to the issues of the day. He gave
quite an extended discourse on Popu
11 -m and his speech was remark
ublv char of all dispara ing allusions
to Ins opponents. His speech ii.di-
o.' I that tie intended to make his
" i Us ni rr.s, and for that re son
a- '. ry Well received. He made a
much better impres-ton than he lias
done I ere heretofore and he is evi
dently wa'tnly suppo-ted yet, even
ilintitrli quite a number of his former
f .I ixtn have dwindled away.
Tho.', Lowry and wife returned
from Tucson yesterday, Tom says
politics is warming up In the old
Advertised Letters.
The following is a list of letters re
maining in the general delivery at
the Tombstone postofBce for the week
ending O. lober 10, 1896:
G. D. Lyons John L. Katclitf
J. H. Kirk
When calling for above letters, say
dvertised, giving date of advertise
Eviil. Stdow .P. M.
Following are a few brands engraved for the Brand De
pal tment of the Epitaph. A large number have been order
ed, but owing to a misunderstanding on the part of the en
graver, have not yet come to hand however will appear shortly-
Those who have not yet ordereil their brand advertised may
mark their brand on above cut and forward to thi-j oflice.
If you aie a cattleman of Coehibe county your ciedit is
good. Drop a postal card or letter for rate card and address.
Epitaph .v Kickek,
Ad'rcsS Wilcox,
Rnue Hors--hoe
Vldirss Rucler,
Rarj;?. hue-
I ran did
kfi iltoul
Range Horseshoe
Address, "" Rucser
Ranee. Rtr-ker.
Other Brands
H h-p
Address, R acker
Ranee Horse
shoe valley
Other Brand
Horse Brand
tnnrter Cir
cle Slelt hip
Address Dragoon
Ranrc, RusselviHf
Horse Brand I
left hip
Address, Rucker
Range, Rocker
Address, Bisbe
Range Miller s
Cony on.
Other Brands
e A on left hip.
Address. Pcarce,
Ranee. San rcdro
Ricrt North of
Manager, II W
Horse Brand, W
. on left hip
I. II.
i S3
- "T--
Address, Tomb
Rarge, Su'phtir
pnns Valle.
Ot'ier B-an33
cfb sv X (h JS
AH increase brinded doub'e-rod bran J as
shown incut
Address Tcmt-
Fanjje SiphvJ'
spit g Valley.
Restores perfect
rieaiui, vigor ana
manhood and re
moves all obsta
cles to marruge.
Restores .the
entire nervou
s stem and stops all
vital losses. Re
moves enects of th
sids cf vouth and ex
cesses of later j ears'
Removes all effects
of dissipation and re
pairs all waste places.1
Cures Insomnia aud
restores refreshing
sleep. Cures Im-J
potence and restores
full vital power.!
Cures all vvaslinc
diseases and restores,
development to all parts of the body.
NERVE-LIFE is the only purely,
scientific treatment and affords relief from
tbe first day's ose. It removes tbe cause
ard assis'i nature to effect a cure. Cures.
guaranteed. Special discount to physicians.'
Our new treatise on Xervous Diseases,'
Manhood, its Loss and Kecovery, mailed
free in plain sealed wrapper for two 2 cent
stamps. Mention this piper.
So4 50c. I it Tn&l Trestincflt sn4 be Coorloccs'.
Unexcelled foi Toilet and Laun Irv
pjaj vcmi bhJ3 9ywiti '
k ,.. tO7
t !

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