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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, October 25, 1896, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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WEI MS 'Cattlemen, Attention!
i Flock
of itinN I'looijiilatcil I'ainlMlaitts who .t In bi V.ilvsl
a; tiuuUI:).H!'ii. . f-r XfivunltiT :M-
The .N'iiiiilwM' f Kli'ctoix iJivrn
lias-'.'. l':f , . '.
rmV'l.-' '.n'.ltfNjMi, Kt. ST..
f hi i- ' ir ! '
11. (j. iluAC
Dr. Mevwgn, fnrtuerlv t f Tomb
stone, i nrny in I'rtMi'H.
N' v. c-tern mail arrive I todavawing
to a wabou or ome otli.r trouble
near I'antami.
Gen.-War.Iwcll came over v. sie rda
from lluachuca to attenJ tli council
meeting lvt ti'ghl, ami re timed to
hi home tnd.iv.
A.J. Portn U -x ctvd over Irotn
Ui.bH tomorrow and -peak for lie
pnblic"i principle ; cnuiiciuttd by
the St. Loui and tt-rritoii.il i;nl i bug
Scott Whbeatid . U JJ.i ill - h w.
t'irn'il t' .lav :irn. 'b i' idiial ean
i ( I?,... .- n ?- i r iv. I I.. Ifl.ti. t.ip !
the valley to lonl a'tcr th'ir f'nersin
that vicinity.
A BrojKlvn Ilp'i-t preacher ha
just die.! leaving a fortune of $00,000,
which he made in selling eggs ami
poultrv, Newspap' r accounts omit to
mention whether I. is r gg or hi- relig
ion were of the hard-hell varietv.
The Republican central comniittc
liave had printed 1 irce campaign p"rt
cr and are io?tiri them in aU the
votiup precinct" in the couuty adter
tiring their ticket and Irej.tnc their
candidate? continual); bf' re the pro
pi. Printer- ink hi bten known to
do wonder.
Thr re ha not falb u w ti'tirh rain in
any one eta-on rince 'b ar has this
and the precipi'a'inn ha-leen j:iicral
and unusually lunvy. T!'e ranye? In
this section are unti"tinIy tine and
the rains we are now hairg niil hae
the effect of ptrensthenin ih pras
root.", cauinc them to lake deeper
and stronger !il I in tl e eaith thereby
promieinsa Rf-ol enp r.cxt jeir.
A di-patch fr 'm Hger-'own Man
laud, says: ' Much intercut Ins been
excited anions the fsrmertbj the pro
position made at tin Democratic
meeting held at Mt. I'b a-an', Fred
erick county, a fw da;,- eco by James
II. Gambrtll, a wealthy grain de aler of
Frederick City, who aureed to buy
iOO.OOO buhel of wheat and s laran
teed to pay $1.29 j er bu-hel thcreror
in the event of Ilryau'a election and
the pa'ftRe of a tree coinage bill.
A lot of Indian boys are encaged in
riprapping the bank of the riier near
Silver Lake to prevent tie washing
away of the bridj;-. Tne riprapping is
curiously being done b Juw the bridge
it is designed to favi, but that is one
of the peculiarities of a country whote
rivers are bottom i'ue up, whose rote
tera do all their crowing in the night
time and whose quiircl burrow in
the grouud. It is a fact that ahings
which change the courso of rivrs in
Arizona usually begtn down stieani.
Tucson Star.
There, is a man in this town who
hajdevtloped an ab.-onnal liking for
alcobo'ic stimulants, but l.i manner
of procuring them i precarious. He
prefers whisky or brandy but will
accept anything in tho way of alcohol.
He went into a barb'jr shop yesterday
while the proprietor wa momentarily
ab'ent. He picked up what he
thought was abvy rum b mleand just
"then heard somcor- f"niin in Ie
took UtrUi tftilpot tl- tliii.l. which
turned out to b hair nil, which smell
much better than it iat. He ex
plained to the barter who came in
while he was living to di-gorgnthe
oleogineousdrarj that it a good for j better after the firt do?e. Befi-re ne
tii tin. wliieh lii.l or..re h.1H-' h .If of the botfe hsd been used I was
chapped. Tucson Star.
Th? cT.iherii Peilicis starling out
to at' . txtsnsively Ihl season's
Sunsit. sel&fce, atd is pntting out
hLdon.e lithographed pictures of
goliz cillin; attention M the ser
vice. The design this jear i very
pretty. Two rosy cheeked girls arc
lying on an angora rug looking in
tensely at the riun-et train flying
throujh space in ri-iely c I.red
design before them like a cf met. Fch
of the children is holding n small
baloon upon which are the words "Sun
set Limited." The picture is an ex
cellent piece of coloring, besides being
-, unique andlittractive in general le
rignaod tlie attention is attracted at
i. t.ii-d :-) if i ft
i u i
tli w o-'iuii.i!
ar uH- jj'tt . i.v l
ii 11. at city ju.t b. lore
daylight on the morning of thc.llth
int. Thi wn nothing lcs than the
appearance there at that eatty hour
in the morning of lr.:e flick of bird
of ililli-rt-nt spcoie,,and all of them of
i piifri" iiiiLnonn in tnat climate.
Srmeiif thm were of tlio mot beau
tiful pinning -.
It . Mippiieil tint the bi'd were
ti'.onn away from th"i natural h.ibi
la'i'ni t.v a terribln hurricane that pre
vailed on the west cnat, a the blrtle
were evidently from theeoa-t couutry.
When the flocks arrivt.l at tiiuda
lj iru they vvc-e 10 lircil that they fell
on the housetop, halconic -nd in the
titrutife it-if rnira mrL-r.,! tin In1 Inam
people'wbo w- re out at tliut la'to hour i
end psprv.Vv Sy the polnm'i o
;!. ''ur t! ieei ,M '
''r bi-d' Oiit w.'r in'l.-.t unni!
ailil next ih.y at fond price on
account of their peculiar figure and
beautiful plumage. Two Kepublics.
'J lit- Iicn erj sotl lilt Lite,
Mr. G. Caillouette, Drugtist, Beaver
sville, III., ss:"To Dr. King's New
Dircoverj I one my life, Va taken
i'h La lirippe and triea all the phy-.ian-,
but of no avail and was given
up and told I could not live. Having
Dr. KingV New Di-covcry in my store
I M-iit for a bottlv and began its use
and from tlit- first dose began to get bet
ter, and ..!ler u-ing thrcebottle waup
arid about again. It i worth its
weight in gol I. We won't keep etore
o'hou-e walnut it." Get a free t lall
the Tombstone Diug Store.
About niiJniglit last night a h"avy
rain cloud came up from the south
and for a time the flashes of l'ghtning
and bevvy thunder gave evidence of an
approaching lorm,the cloiMv I atd ofi
wiih but little rail, 'all in town, though
from the heav v bank- of fog along ihe
footbillr, the fall in tl.c Dragoons was
eonsiderdble, als along the river.
TI.e Wilcox News has the follow ing
absut wild do,;-: A cow man living
fe miles from town recently killed
live la-ge dog that have been addict
ed to the halit of killing calves on the
rang". He states that a part of the
pick rvrac from tlie d:rcction of Wil
cox but that mo-t cf the dogs are
ownerle-s and range out toward
Graham mountain
A pack of six or eight dogs. will
easily killa eow and ranchmen will
te doing themselves and their neighbor-
good s-rvi'.-e by taking thtrctible
to shoot every dog detected in the
pnr.-uit of cattle or. the range.
I'ilc: J'ile: Ittliinjr I'ilcs
S !I"9M5 Moisture; intense itching
and stinging; most at night, worse by
scratching. If allowed to continue tum
ors fjrm,hich often bleed and clceratet
becoming verv sore. Sane's Ointmen
stops the itching and bleeding, heals ulce
atnin. md in most cases removes the
rumors. At druggist", cr by mail, fci
5 cents. Dr. Savre ir.d Son, Phila
Prcfesror Htopr, of the Brooklyn
bo ml of education made the first step
toward a radical change in lh school
of that city the other day, when he
offered a resolution at the board meet
ing to have the u-e ol elates done
away wit'.i aft. r Januiry. One of the
arguments in fivor of forbidding the
u-e of e)ates were on the score of
health. If the professor wins, paper
will be used by ihe voung irribblers,.
and then there will be fewer funeral
in Trolley-town.
VA"e had ',n ( nidioi'" oiHy-r "
thi vicinitv U-l suininer," sijs Samutl
S. Poll.ick, of ltriceland, Cal. ' I w-s
taken -tli it aid-LiTj.cd severely until
Mime ore railed my attention to Cham
berlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
UinsH- I nnmed a bolile and fell
well. I recommended it to my mends
and their experxnee was the anie. We
all unite in saying it is the best." for
svle by Druggists.
An oculist of New York, Dr. Kdward
Dvi, ha discovered jttt why it is
tli t t.coe with "),;" occasiouilly
"see sriskeu" Hitherto it has been
apposed that these reptil'e were all
imagination, but Dr. Davis sa that
they hive au actual nasis. Ibis exists
n certain veins of t"ie eye, which be-fc-ni'i
fillcal with dark, pulsating
blocii'Hs a re.ult of alcoholism, mak
ing the m resemble snakes fn.ppear-
anco and motion. These blood vemsi
have no visible rr.oii n in ordinary cir
cumtncfs, but Dr. Davis Ina di
coterel that in delirium tremens the)
hive a clearly-visible trolion.
! . .' - no-, 'i
V. -.. V.
i.l, .
in .' r "V; i- "U.c''. . ih-ii v el! oJ
favorably 1iioi.ii l hii.aI i tiiH mil r.
cf Cochic county, f'o il!,if ibctnl,
nerve the people faitifu'tx, hiuI the
countj' inlcrertniinuM lw safe in his
lmnifi. Mr. Idk K a pr-tninot mem
ber of the i. A. I! , KnijhlMiii ryllnas
and Lipdnd arietier.
Wm. Speed, of Willcox. who lias
been nnminated for the r.hemhly by
the Iiepu'ilii'iini", i a omi; man of
sterling worth and one whom the
voters of thin county can vote for with
the asurance that he will, if chosen
to represent their, do all in Inn power .
to leglate for tn interest f tlie j
M. K.
fastanad, of Hcnoii,also a
cn''te for the n-.-emby, U a joung
-id ; i-f -s -n"r!ni n't' at p wf
T. - . - er. r, .hi- ro't'ity -urd
'tin, i ,i i elec';, ii, wM r.v te
t:ie sar.'.h caicful atttntinn to the
allairs of the county and territory
that he ha given to hi own budne-.
Dr. J. W Fnirin;ton, of liUbee.who
has been chesen by the UepuMican
par'y a one of its nominees for the
asetnbly, i also a young man, who,
however, l not to be blamed for his
youth. He i- a successful practitioner
of dentistry, and is well knonn
throughout the county. A vote for
Farringtoti is a vote for good govern
ment. K. K. Cadwtll, the nominee for
ftheritl.i an old re-ident of thecounty.
!! l thoroughly familiar with, the
dutie-o! the cfiicc, having served as
un h r sheritr during the present ad-mini-tration
nod would make an effi
cient i fliccr.
C. I., dimming the nominee for
county treasurer, is a man well known
for hi- hone-ty and inttgrny. He is a
succe-s!ul 1 u-inrs man and thor
oughly competent to lock after the
countv's funds. Mr.Cummings has
-Tved ihe people in cilice before and
has fultil'.tfl every teu-t reposed in
bun. Hcis a heavj- axpajer and has
all hi interests iu this county.
W. 1. Bradley, the old Republican
war horse and prepent incumbent, i
gain seeking the oflke of probate
judge. Judge Bradley haB long en
joyed the confidence of the people and
I well tiulified to conduct Ihe affair
ii hi- ct'i-e.
For district attornej (. W. Swam,
li present ini'timbeiit, is Again the
nominee. He performed his duties
faithfullv and has teen renerdtd bva '
renominatlon at ihe bands cf his
H. W. Firkins of Tombitonc is the
Ileptibl cvn nominee for Recorder. He
.a we'l and favorably known all over
the county for his sterling worth and
i- a man well fitted to asiunie lhei
duti s of the office to which heapires.
Ftir Supervi-ors, the Kepublican
party piideg itself in the nomination
of John Montgomery atid T. C,
Anisden. Jobd Montgemery, who is
familiarity kn wn as "Honest John"
has se rved the I coplc long and faith
fully a a supervisor. T. C. Amsden is
a new man before the people but an
rdd resident t.f the county and a
property holder of Bisbee where he
resides any enjoys the confidence and
respect of all who know him.
Iprcounty surveyor the Kepubli
can; have nominated W. C. Tyler of
Bisbee. Thedutiegnf Uilr office at
present enn-i-t iirmcicallv
1 1.
ability to hold up the title but the
eeipleniaj be nssured that Mr, Ivfer
is fullv lapaLl-nf I audling any work
which mihtciiiiiei pin or about ihe
Stateoi Onto, CitvoToutx),,
Lccas Cot'.NTV. )
Frank J. Chejne. make-koath that
he is the senior partner ol the firm of
p J Chevnev-.v. Co . dniiii business in
the citv of Toledo, county and state
tore said, and that slid firm win pay
. r nvK iinxmtKii imii
1 ,
W i.i
I.AKS for e.ch and .very case i.!'"'
Catarrh that canni.t be cured by the
i.se of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my pretence, this Cth day ol Decem
ber, 1880.
Notary Public, i
Hail's Catarrh Cure is taken inl r
nally and "acts directly on tho blood
and mucus surfaces of the system
Semi for testimonials free.
K. J. CHENEY fc CO.,
Toledo, O
! a- I ii l . i f miII4 ir tu
i :ii r ii. i Hi! i I r ' 111' "ii:1' I
Anocie-I l"r' l)emoor..,H!Hiiii
the I'.'ptili't national committee slio vf
tin? proor ion of electors on the
national ticket ill '"tate wlieie'lurion
ha been tir-cli'd: P.ipulit-Ie'iio-craiic
fu-iou to datenml proportion of
l'oj tilif t.
t. Democratic.
I ' 7
J , 'i
I 0
I 0
0 ::
?;r hi
A 10
II ' , 10
ft ii
1 14
1 .113
1 '1
I ! ' '1
l ' :t
Ion a,
1 liOiilUui,
Mis: In i',
New Jersey,
North Carolina,
North Dakota,
t-oil'li Dakota,
West Virmii,
Knnsa Democrats are pledged to
vote for Watrnn if it i seen ho ha the
mo-t votes in the electoral college.
Win Spenl. Kepublican candidate
for tie Bssembv, arrived in town la-t
evering from Ilisbee. Mr. Speed is
out interviewing the voter and n
making friend- whtrver he goj.
I'lillowiiig i- a list o! ihe M'.xican
cattle iim; orte-d into the Cured S all
luting the ni'itith of September: At
port of N )g le-, rii., -1,0 I ; EI l'ato,
Tex. h'1'1 ; Sail Di"go, Cal. l."3 ; Laredo,
Tex. 27: and Kagle P . 'Icr. 2.
Total, 1,70."..
The farmr of ihe central West are
everywhere ilockin? t' tiie Bryan
stamUrd, and rendering iho-e slateB
which are the battle ground of the
campaign cfrta:n fur the silver
A British subject, a Mr. Davie-, who
had to fhe from Tarsus wh-rc he had
lived two years, recently rklalcd, in
public, some terriblo stories of the
Turkish a'rocities in Armenia. He
declared that an Aintah h wiw 010
Armenian men bound together head
to head and feet to feet, stretched out
on the ground. A ptie-t walked
along this line of human forms read
idg pasiges of the ICfron. wliil-t
another priest with a knife cut the
throat of every one of tliein, jn-t an
Knglish butcher killtd sheep. He also
witne-fstd rivolting aincili-s id
Kharp'U, He hims If had been at
tacked, and one ol his fn nds had
been shot dead. Duringthetwoyears
he lived atTarfUJ, be added, not lies
than 20,t-00 people weie done to death
in-the M-rsiu district. His own
tscipe was brought about with the
as-istance of the British vice consul.'
Tlir 'I niuu) ol (lie lleak.
We will suppose that jour otcupition
is sedentarj that jour arechained, oto
sneak to the An in some counting house
, -.l.-K-,' fric iunm in some val mill
"h- yon 'e compelltcl to Ul.or.fioii,
llll.lilllij 11, ,11411. iJUIIUnj , Jlfbl w ,
dav id relaxa'ion. Yoa return Ii. in
rv.ry evening weuna mentally au.
bodily. Your health and strength begin
'o f ill. What will mot cfTcciu II) ie
cupcrate jour vital cnrigy The weight
of cvd. nee points to no othtr conclus,on
lhan that Hostrticr Mon.ach Hitter i
; vour sales', mot reliable sheet . anchor.
. .. . .. . . r..
Use i; persweiuiv, ami j-rmrsjsieni win
soon regain its. iisttne vigor." .Kvery
function will receive a'real'hiul impulse.
I here is no remedy lo timaVthe Hitur-
! fur r.evoustcs
ir.es and nvirtf' ol sleep.
I e'yspepsia, coast.p.l.on ana hMuru.nev
(V ft oi-u ivn.Jn- (uisitv ii
and is, a preventive
rheumatism and nturajirij.
Ail rrtlsiArCet tern.
The following ii a list of lctjiw re
maining in the general deltrcrj-al
the Tombstone pxistofh'cq for tlie jree;k
ending Ocledtr 10, IstiC: " '''"
G, D. Lyon's John L. Kattlilf
J. H. Kirk
lien calling for above fetters, say
dvettiscd, giving datoof .alvortU
Ejiic Etihiw ,P. If. ''
Gicai Ciipijcr
I'ut!s't or Intoi'i'Stins Ik'ius
from mir Kt(;iilnt' Cor-
Ilt-iiEE, Oetoter 2.1, 1890.
John Montgomery cime ovsr from
Torubitone -in a short visit today and
received a hearty welcome frJni his
many friends.
Chri Iinlavon wa a1 i pe.-pr-"ni
'. '. '." c' -i- 1'Iu ti'O'l.
in., W... ar 'hat ("I.rii. -li.tntii.;
fpr Jiiu.lv ir.Vei'.'.
John Mobery and G"orge Mc
Gillivary left thia morning for Tomb
stone for the purpo-e ol taking one of
the a fvancetl d-rfrees in the Masonic
rn '
.loe.-cott lelt lor lilohe tins mo
ing at which place -he will join c tir
ffiend Mr. Nel-on, the hot number,
who i erecting an elec-rii' plant to
liIit the liiun. Good luck to von
Our D lily Dsin. crat ha not nude
its appearance thi-evening .n vet and
we are won lerini: whether the editor
has repentc I of hi wayward lifef.i has
e-onclu led to keep us in ilie dark. We
sine-rely liopn lint ho has lurrrd
over a new leaf.
The Kepublican Killy which was
billed for li-t evening came otfb. fore I
one of the largest Imuhp oeeu in It- i
v forome time pa-!. It wa- a vcrv
siicces-ful meeting n- there were a
gn at many Dt-ruocrMs and Popiih-t-i'l
attend mre ami the facta and
lojie of th speiker e'.iild not help
bill .t the mure !net t.. bxiking at
the silvcr.imstion in a Cdlci.laMv' and
re is'imnt: IK lit lOsttnd of jtnnpins at
a conelii-ion throiigii.mere p-ejudice.
t. .'. Dor in w n tl e fir-t to take th
floor for the venule. W- all know
that Jim i no pcaker but he gave u
th? variou- fact , and v n. Hioris in n
clear a'ld n - m. . e w i . Co
Xabnska .f lues.n to Hie ihnu
alter Mr D.i'mi nod intkuL (f th
issue f t ied iv i;i 1 i-1 lnr a. d con
vincing in sii.iT Hi laid pirtci'.nr
sires on the j oint thai lb" W stem
Kep.jbtiCai.s were us riiUch in faveir of
bimetta!im as any Dymeicr ite in th
country ami wsre & little moresinrtre
n their profe--ion than the profes
sion than Ihe maj uiry of their 0
P'.nent. Hi vrtou point were well
taven and the meeting surely acceim-pli-'ied
a great deal of good.
A woman wa hanged in T xa for
themnr'ernf n child.' After ih" ex
ecution the body wa handed iirr to
the 1 unify, and :ho woman, was
brought hack to li'c by tb aii! (if B
doc'or. Iteinga married woman the
marriages ceremony wa goin throog'i
again jdie being regard I a Irga,lt
dead. Although the cuple removed
to anotlerptrt of the St lie, i leaded
out that she hi I be n r -trr; I to life
nnd lAwver-arod-hiti.jg whether sho
can be re-a'restcd a:id imidu tu under
go these item".
Thr !'' alv in tn- we.rld for ems
',r..l. , a s, u '". -k-rn'cin," lever
re-. c.i r, in.i-p.il In ids, chilb'ains.
" .nd vl .- n tut aid posi
v ire- V ' .or ' p-ivrnsnt reouir
-' ar.ieed " v- eet'ect lis a
fli". or mlt-v r-"un.i-d. I'nres fo
"r-n -. per b'.x. For av r innhione
D.iti. S re
W ti Arcbbi-hop Kiin of St.
I. un w i asked Sir an expreion en
t'i i. ! I standard lett'r of Archbishop
Irctaiid he replied ! decline to be
interviewed on encli a subject. I am
a chochman, not k politician."
' The staple good Japan
tea is Schillings- Best.
-The price is So low that"
tocaint jjoqd is to -seem to
lie about it-. -
The-- grocer gives your
money back, without a word.
if vou want it. That don't i
look like lying, does it?
A Stftfflin ti. Company
h f-&
' (1 rxf'h
I'ollowing are a few brands enpravod for the Brand De
partment of the Epitaph. A large number have been order
ed, but owing to a misunderstanding on tho' part of the en-
graver, have not yet come to
ly. .,
Thoe who have not yet ordered their brand advertised may
mark their brand on above cut and forward to this oflico.
If you are a cattleman of Cochi-e county your credit is.
good. Drop a postal card or letter for rate card and address.
Epitaph . Kiuki.i:,
AOcIr Kucer,
Rarce. U tme
v. it r.
i It shou
Range HoracsiiJi
ddrts. Ruckc
Kanse. KutLrr.
Atldress Rucker
Rangt Hof-e-
ih illty
Other Ilrana
Horse Ilrjnd
-Z--llz:y -f. r. Ml hip
Addrrsv Drag ion
Kanrr Russelnlle
norse ti-ir.u -
krfi hip
Add'fiS, Ruckcr
Raiirs. RucVer
Address, Hisf-er
Rane Miller s
Con yoa
Oihrr Brands
A on feft tup
Address, Prarce,
Ranee. San IVdro
Rncr, Xcnh of
Manager. II W
Horse Ilrand, W
X oa left hip
V2'Pii-ZtgF A.Hr. ..co.
I II loUl.sfa
tgJI....' IA
m&s$gi rr. cp;
Jr& '
I. H
ii HWi
- (jSB
hand however will appear short
Ad re s, Toml-
Rauge. Su!p'.ur
S")rmi Valley.
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All increw brjndpl doul'e-rol brjni as
shown in-ut
Pang: Si phur
spo ga'k).
aNV.- Restores perfect
, wSJA, health, vigor and
"rN-s5' Nvs raanliood and re
flA,'. liVV move all obsta-
Cri 11 cles to marnize.
i V & Restores .tlie
t -' entire nervous
I f JT'v sj stem and stops all
C lSt vital losses. Re
moves effects of tho
sins cf Tooth and ex
cesses cf later jears.'
Removesall effect
cf dissipation and re
pairs all waste pl2ce.
Cures Insomnia and
i t. restores rei
4 r lr' Curt
if' - potence and :
vLTT , ' full vital i
restores refreshing
oa lis-,
ejuros a:i wasting
dlserjes and nstores,
deve'euoitnt to all parts cf the body.
NERVE-LIFE Is the only purely
scientific treatment and affords reliei from
the first .lav's use. It removes the cause
and ass s. nature to effect a cure. Cures
guaranteed. Special discount to physicians.
Oar new treatise on Nervous Diseases.
Manhood, its Loss and Hecovery, mailed
f rte in pltn scaled w rapper for two 2 cer.t
stamps. Me.ion thi paper.
Stod Wc. I3r'l rill T;-!:ci is J be Cost laced.
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