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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, July 10, 1898, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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srUfinpfl"nRi9rjLLa j-- mki j
B in i ii iiii.im. i gimrrrnir
Oi year ...$4 00
Six month 2 00
BForto Klco will bo the next island
over which the Stars nnd Stripes will
In epite of the wr the exports ot
the United States or June exceeded
the imports by 19,000,000.
About $60,000,000 has been paid
out on account of the war, but there
art many unpaid bill?, which will
swell that sum enormously.
There are Feurths r July and
Fourths of July, but this was a Fourth
of July that every child and every
man and woman will remember as
long as life lasts.
Statistics recently published by the
Interior Department show that the
Government still has over COO.000,000
acres unoccupied. This is enough to
give each of the 73,000,000 people in
the country a homestead of eight acre s
and still have 10,000,000 acre left.
This cipher dispatch has boen sent
by Gapt. Plumb's signal corpe, now
operating at Tonawanda;
Busch, Hospital Corps, Tonawanda:
(Signed) SOT. HOLMES.
Any printer cau read that. It is
just pi. Our opinion is that Sergeant
Holmes is rieht. We agree with his
above expressed sentiment exactly.
The United States have some grand
men in her navy. For instance.Capt.
Phillip, of the Texas, of whom the
dispatches say concerning the fight
with Cervera:
"After the fight was over Capt.
Phillip called all hands to the quarter
deck and with bared head, offered
thanks to God for the victory. 'I
want to make a public acknowledge
ment here, that I believe in God, the
father Almighty', said the captain,
reverently. 'I went all you officers
and men to lift your hats, and from
your hearts ofl'er silent thanks to the
Almighty,' Every hat went off, and
there was a moment or two of silence,
and then the over-etraiaed nerves
wero relieved again by three cheers
or the heroio captain."
Advertised Letters.
Tho following is a list of letters re
maining in tho general delivery at
the Tombstone postoflico for the
month ending June, 20 1808:
James Barker, J, Murray li&iley,
Jack Hill, A. A. Johnson,
Jehn W. Kelso, Fred Lyons,
James S. McCoy, Heoeea Parvin,
W. E. Pottiger, Samuel W. Kogers,
William Rcse, Fred Faneman,
Angel Moreno, Yeidra Grigalba,
When calling for above letters, say
advertised, giving date of advertise
ment. Laura G. Carble. P. M.
,' "Way Wemaa Cannot
The highly ornnized. I'aiF7rf-"".
forty-strong- nervous IOS IVVla
aystem of women snb- -'Ja-w-
ject them to terrors of nervous apprehen
sion which no man can ever appreciate.
The peace of mind, the mental poise and
calmness tinder difficulties, which is neces
aary for happy womanhood is only possible
when the sensitive feminine organism is in
a perfectly healthy condition. If there be
ny weakness or derangement jn ,1,;, re.
epect no remedy in the world so com
pletely restores womanly health, nervous
vigor and capability as the wonderful
'Favorite Prescription" invented by Dr.
X. V, Fierce, chief consulting physician of
the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute
jr Buffalo, N. Y. It purifies, heals and
strengthens; insures functional regularity
provides physical reinforcement and sus
taining power at periods of special weak
Bess and depression.
It ia the only medicine which makes
the coming of baby safe and comparatively
easy. In a personal letter to Dr. Pierce,
Mrs. Marguerite Collin, of Cutler, Alg-oma
Co., Oat., says.
"- was a sufferer and was cured by Dr.
Zleree's wonderful medicine. When I com
saenccd the medicine I could neither est nor
elep. My hands and fett were constantly cold-
norths, and my monthly periods were never I
regoiar. I took Dr. Pierce1. Farorite Prncrip- I
tios and it cured me. I feel wtll. I thank the I
VockT Dispensary Medical Association." '
HIBUKE, July ., 1S1I8.
J. S. Williams is in Tombatono on
a Hying business visit.
Miss Myra Braley is spending a few
weeks in Diebco on a viit.
Dr. F. C. Edmundson and wife have
nturued from their rastern trip.
Mr. II, G. Howe nnd daughter lefl
Sunday for California on p.:i ex'.endul
Tho indications aro that tho rain
btorm of Friday last will be repeated
Tho war bulletins at the Free
Coinage liavo been a source of much
Mies Emma Bauer returned on
Tuesday from her visit to Los Angeles
and California points.
Frank Hendorson left yesterday for
Tucson to enlist with Lieut. Hart.
Frank would mako a dandy in tho
foraging squad.
Cattlemen in front various sections
of the county tUte that a general
rainfall was vicited upon all the cattle
ranges of the county thus far this year
and good grass and feed is assured.
Lewis Brown and James Nichols
have none to Tucson to enlist in Gov.
McCord's regiment. Tli03 expect to
be admitted to theliospitnl corps. As
they are familiar with hospital duties
they will rtir.lco valuable assistant.
Tho best withes cf all go with them.
V little altercation last night be
tween two well known Blebeeitts
made things lively for a few minutes.
They called each other uncomplimen-
tary names and when friends inter
vened and the cause of tho trouble
ascertained both combatants we're
convinced each was in the wrong then
they kissed and inado up.
Bimifk July.TlS'JS.
Jas. Barrett is over from Tomb
Xo eastern mail arrived today owing
to a washout on the S. P.
Walter )rticla;s returned from a
living trip to Kogales this morning.
Spver&l moro drummers arrived this
morning and aro interviewing our
Harry Mcr'oot ha been assigned
duty at Naco Junction and left for
there last night.
D. Monyoe has gone to the Arizona
rendezvous to enlist in Gov. McCord's
regiment. Ho left last night nnd
expects to be admitted in Co. F. with
the other Diebco delegation.
Constable Vaughn intends leavicg
for his old homo in Minnesota this
month for a short viit to hii relatives.
Tom has not seen the old homstead
in fifteen years and will take a short
vacation to seo tho scenes of boyhood
( 15. A. Factcard is in tho city. Mr.
Packard has just returned from the
east where he has been on cattle
business. He says there U a little
tightness in tho cattle market at
present but looks for high prices and
good market before many moons.
Geo. Fills tho genial and 300 lb.
ox-Mayor of Tombstone is a visitor to
bi-bee. While here he meet his
fellow companion in nilvordupois, Sis
bee's reprcsenlative fat man, Fatty
Ryan. While walking up Main street
together they blockaded ell traffic
Mr. Fitts met many old Tombstot.ers
while here on his brief business visit.
The A. fc. S. K. will mnlte a new
timo schedule on Sunday next. The
time card will be about the same as
the one in use befora the present lime
card wetit into effect. The trains will
henceforth leave at 7 a. m. local
time arriving hero at 2 :H0 p. m. The
change ia made to avoid any dangers
which might be encountered on ac
count of tho rainy scasen. Thus
should a washout be had it can be
spen injhe day time while heretofore
the runs have been at nfeht. It is to
tho credit of tho cautious manage
.ment of the road that no catisalties
are reported on this lino and the
traveling public can always feel
assured of security while traveling In
its cars.
Johnny Twoomey the "Capitol"
popular young misoloj-ittt left today
to spend a few mid 'summer day on
the sands at. Santa Monica, Calif.
While we envy Twoomev.the delights
and pleasures which aro in store for
him. we wish him a batinv vacation
j .r
andafc JOtfmPV.
Headquarters for C. P. Cynnidn Potash ('J8-!IJ per rent), Di
oxide Sodium, Zinc KliaviiigH, Borax G!ftts, C. P. Test ail,
Crutiolcs, Mufllfr, Furnaces, etc. Write for Illustrated Catalog.
101-107 North Main St.,
List of Cochifi1, (trfiliiiiu and
1'iuKi Dclegxttions."
Tho Cochiee, Grnhnni and Pima
county delegations who were mustered
In the volunteer regiment under Gov.
McCord comprise the following:
Captain Herbert Gray, Second Lieut
Emanuel Drachman, First Sergeant
W. V. McOleary,
Corporals: L. Ivosh, J. Fagau. J.
I.ocmic, E. F. Smith, E. Bates.
Privates: J. Amason, J. V. Ansler,
C. E. Allen, L. U. Brown. J.E. Butler.
J. O. Baird, W. S Boyd, J. Beck, C.
A. Barrett, J. C. Cuter, 0. 1). Calhoun,
C. Cunningham, X. Curtis, O. H. Cox,
F. l;euley, It. Edline. S. Ersled, W. E.
Gunnels, E. Hollif tur. J. M. Hicks, J.
Hugher, T. B. Hicks, If. Jenninps, F.
J. Kcrnau, N. E. Lang, J. J. Lightfoot
A. F.Lewis, T. McCarty, H. E. McCar
ty, A. B. Malin, J, B. McCarty, J.'.Mc
Xnlly, J. O. Manley, M. McDonald, H.
O'Xeill. G. B. Oman, C. S, Olden, O.J.
Poddock, Geo. F. Roberts. U.S. Stans-
bury, H. Samland, D. Sullivan, II.
Sites, B. SchrooJi-r, N. E. Sliiprf'I, S.
Seolair, M. Sullivan. W.SIiepparil, C.
J. Towner, W. W. Timmer, G. Thomas
B. F. Thorpe, C. Van Vleet, F. Wild
ing, C. Weick, C. H. Will. J. P. Welles
C, E. Woodward, S. B, Wutson, J. F.
Westfad, J. Wtlbby, W. S. Zabnskie.
Tho Sultan ami our 31 is-.ionn.rios
The Ports has dp.manded the recall of
two Amtiican Missionaries from the
province of Aleppo, en Ihe prettM that
their n'ission is likely to cause disturb
ances. "The sick man of Europe," is as
unreasonable as bis political health is
feeble. As a bright contract to his
obstinacy and s'upidity, the people of
America'nre acknowledging far and wide
the beneficence of the mbiion of Hos
tetter's S:omach Bitters, namely, to
relieve and prevent malaria, rheumatism
and kidney complaint, chronic dyspepsia
constipation and her Iroulle. The
nervous, the weak, and the infiim derive
unspe.ikubje benefit from its use, and it
greatly mitigates the weakness and in
firmities which arc specially incident to
advancing ears.
A Former Toinlistonite Loses
Two Fingers.
Maon Bradfiil.l, a former Tomb
stone man, but who for a number of
years, past has been conducting n
ealoon at Fillmore, in Ventura county
had two fingers Mow ciT Fourth of
July morning by the premature ex
plosion of a cartridge which he was
endeavoring to force into his revolver.
Bradlield was nn a tl.al to be med in
the Fourth or July parade, and jtit
before the accidmt he had fired
several shots by way of cilfbrntin
the advent ol Independence D-iy. He
was trying to force in another cart
ridge, which proved too largo for his
revoher, nnd, taking a piece of wocd
gavo the cartridge several sharp
knocks, when it suddenly exploded,
tearing away two lingers and some
what lacerating his fac.
There arrived at Sun Franrisco by
tho Coptic, the lattt Chini steamer
111 ca;es of opium prepared for "mak
ing, which, at the price of $15 per
pound, duly paiJ, is valued at .f2Gl.
C00. The duty amounts to ?I5S,70O.
This opium is only for smokers, and
is intended for ueo in tho United
Mexican cattle are again found pee
ing in some of the northern states as
Arizona cattle. Sometimes tho buyer
of the Mexican cattle calls them Ari
zona cattle after they have arrived on
their new range, sioi sometimes they
are brought across the line frrm Mex
ico, held fcr a few weeks nnd then
sold to a new buyer from the cast or
north, and represented to him to to
native Arizona cattle. Both way of
doing business arc deceptive, and work
harm to Arizona cattle. The cattle
men themselves ought to discoursgo
the pratice.
Los AngclcF, Cclifornir.
Judec W. 1), Monnionier in the
city from 1'carei-.
Geo. If. Kilta and Jas. Barrett re
turned last evening fiom a ll)ing isit
to BUbee.
Frtnk Mooro nnd wifo are paying
Tombrtotio a vi-.it fiom their ranch in
the Chircahuat.
Sheriff White did not arrive this
morning with hi-1 prisoner on account
of the dcl.iy of the eaoterti train.
Probate Judge Brudley today issued
a marriage licenoe to W. A. Pcrrow to
wed 5Inrv Ptnrrp Vaull loth o! Uisbee,
Tho Phoenix company, Arizona
batallion, was mtieterid in on the
Jib and l"It lticsdav nicht for
Whipple. Thpy numbered 110 men
Tho east bound train did nut reach
Benson lat,t night on ncci.unt ol
washout nnd const fluently theie was
no eastern mail toil.iy.
The Southern Pacific company ha?
grautod froa traudpoit'ttion ovtr their
lino to meaibers of the Bed Cross at
Phottiix who are going tofuba.
There is evidence of a bountiful rain
fall tbii sa:on, which menus a large
supply of native grasses. It tho diouth
bhould continue in California there
will be money in cutting and shipping
gramma liny to Cali'ornia.
Under the new rcvenuo tax law all
marriago certiticAles must bear a tax
of 10 cents before bsitig tiled. This is
an important point that must not be
overlooked by the groom when ho
takes unto himself a bride.
A man near Prescntt waved a Win
Chester at a married man until he bit
the dust : in four duye he waved n plea
of self defencoat the couit ant was re-
leased, in four hours he waved n mar
riage licenec nt the Winchester mudf
widow and married her, and 1107 he
miM'!i a quit ilaini deed to tho dead
mitii'ri wife, chilJrcn nnd cetate.
A Regiment nf Crack Arizona
The Star fnys Kirk L. Hart has tak
en the initial steps toorgani7ea com
pany of Ari7onn (.harps-hooters which
when fully organized will betender tl
te the war department for sp.c'al
service. The company will be made
up of only crack shots, such as cannot
bo overmatched outside of Arizona.
They will use long rangp rifles so ns
to be utilized in picking tfT gunuers
and disabling officers of rank fo as to
demoralize. Wounding tho enemy
intseal of killing, will be their work.
Mr. Unrt is one of the fit.ostriflo shots
in the country, no man understands
the use of fire arms better than he,
being one of of the most expert gun
smiths in the country. He has forty
slurp shooters already on his roll and
can have a hundred in ten days.
Of the seventy men mustered in by
dipt. Baldwin for Arizona volunteers.
Kirk Hart personally euliUeil sixty of
tlinii, K.rk got the men, but others
drew the prize; it will not be so in
his company of sharp shoo'ers.
So far tho Pucitic Mail Co. has
furnished live steamers to the Govern
ment. The following valuations have
been made on four of the boats : City
ofl'ckin, $G"0,000; City of Sidney,
?470,CC0 ; China $000,000 ; Colon. ?3M)
(XX). Should any of these vessels be
destroyed by the enemy tho Govern
ment would have to pay the valuation ;
if they are lost by tho action of the
elements, tho company mut stand
loss. The company asked fl700 a
day for the charter of the Chin, but
the Government wa unwilling to pay
more than 1500 and this offer was
Trr EcUlllsg'c East tea M taking pander.
Daily IlaDDenifits at tne
Great Copper Camp.
Budget o: Interesting Items
from our Regular Cor-
Biinr.K, July 8, 18U3.
W.C. Greene and family are visitors
from tho ranch.
P II Zlegbr and son of Tucson a-
fliabeo vi-it r'.
William Shillinm It ft for Benton
ICcterday evening.
F. C. Fennrr ha-i pone to New
Mf xicu on a flying isit.
Geo. Carrol left lat night to enlist
in Iho Arizona rrpi.iicnt.
W. W. Whitney, president of the
Erio Cuttle Co. lift lust night for
Mist Minnie Ilamp ton an cf in
utile Tombstone young lady is a vir-itor
to Bisbee.
Otto Geiscnhorer the popular aud
j ivial rcaturanturer left for the county
sent on last evening's train.
Auguetin A. PeMjujiia tho well
known Souora catlb- and land owner
was an outgoing pnstcngpr last even
ing. Kcv. Pritchard and family returned
from the east today. They all express
themselves as having had a 'dplighiful
and enjovablo trip. H-jv. Pritohard
will shortly reeume liis duties as cost
master, Mr. Cameron the nnfortunnto man
who was tho recipient of s-uch brutal
treatment at the hands of one Daley,
returned from California today where
he has spi-nt a few weeks recuperating
Mr. Cameron has complcti-ly recover
ed liii health.
An innocent rooster evidently dir
turbed the f-lumber of tho Re
publican editor nt Phoeniv and this is
the way he gelsevon: 'There are
moro fool roosters in antl around
IMioenix than any other locality in
the world. Every timo n dog barks
after nightfall the roosters thin' it ia
daybreak nnd commence- to rro.v
riie flogs bark nil night long, conse
quently the roorters kecp up their
ctowinp. It has become quite a ques
tion as to when the fool things sleep.'
Governor McCord pardoned three
cornicle at the territorial prison lues
day. The first was E. G. Hall, sent
fio:n Graham county in August 181)7
for burglary. His eenler.ee, which
was eighteen months, has been ro
duced by goctl behavior, faithful work
and a clear record, lEosendo Dorame
cent from Pinal county in April, I SOI,
three years for grand larceny, was the
second, and John Cady, sent up for one
yenr, from I'ima county in September
1897. burclary the third. The dura
tion of sentence ol tho two last named
was greatly reduced by work on the
do you lilec best grocer
bills or doctor-bills?
Use the wholesome
baking powd cr Sch il-
lings Best.
Knoxville has a curio Hint is I uz
zliug tho meJicul skill of the south,
three months ago Margaret, tho 12
year old daughter of Calvin Allen,
complained of her ncek "pulling."
But lit tie attention was paid to her at
the time. Her arms grew hard and now
her entire body, with the exception o!
herjtw, iias haul as ;ubb?r. Shu
has the i.se of nil her faculties and
wurka her joints wilh ease. She ha'
a good uppctitc and when pinched or
i.tbbed with a sharp instrument feels
it Lcenly. It docs not appear to be
ossification. The girl .is decreasing in
E-JNon the electricity wizird is
credited with telling tho following
tor : '-In the year 1873 a inau from
M-weachusHta camo to California
with a chronics liver complaint. He
spsrehed all over the coast for a n in
tral spring to cure the disease, at.d
finally ho .found down in the Sn
Joaquin vallej n prinp, the waters f
which almost instantly cured him
Ho thereupon tUrtcd h sanitarium,
and people from all over the world
came and wore quickly cured. I.i t
year this man died, and so powerful
had been the action of tho waters
that thpy fiad to take his liver out and
kill it wiih a club."
They Wear LiUa Iron
U. S. A.
Every Garment Guaranteed.
A 50 horse power bo iler
nearly new, 54x16 with full
front, best steel, standard size
Larg2 steam drum 36xy6 and
mud drum 20x96. Has been
in use but a short time and is
in perfect condition, can be
had at a bargain. For parti
culars apply or address
1' O Address Ft IIu
Range West Iltin-
Ilnrsr I'.r.ir.d S-me.-is
P f) AiMrra, l!.'n;cn
Rme. Sin Pedro
IosU,tfuo TomliStone
K.iPc an I'.xlro
crow Darter crens bri-nncn f1r.-ra 3f
freih and iliTaji Hie brat. 1'or
- - --- - -j 1
kulo cvcrywlu.ro. IUtusoknt,.vtlti:!cs.
Stl-k to IVr,y' firnl and rr)rpcr.
1KJS t-ocd Ann-iil frte. Wrlto forlL
D. K. FtRHr 1 CO . rJetrct!. i-.h. !
AS once Slid by an observer to be the
grandest sijlit in the world. -A nobler
sight than Hut," replied a friend to him, J
'; father snd son walkire arm-in- f
arm as it tliey were r;illy comrades." If .
both be dressed ingood'tute the chirm
of the picture is intensified. Many nun of
good taste in over 7,000 Americin cities C
and towns now Get SuiU and Overcoatt f roni f
M. BORN & CO., i
Tho Great Chicago Merchant Tailor, j
Sou aad Fathers arc equally sure to be
pleatrd. No poor work. No mifitt. Ho infe
rior goods. I.'o exorbitant pnecs. No dis.
saitsxaciiun. -m
i:vfryli5r folly SatUOcd.
Over 300 Choice Faitcrns to fill 5
Vour Order rruoi. 5
ON 5
TAOC vSfeSXjjSlflF
v n
fi. V NOYES.
Sa I'dro
Ilorstlrand l cciinccted, lift lup
AU catili-Mirf.ic
C3 lior.i s K ft hip
!'. O. Addre!--
Kaii batik.
P.:0 fAddresj
I't.irce. Range lra
goon Mis
P O Tombstone
Rtnge Dngof.n Mti
Horse brand saice as cut
P O-St nM
Range Sin Pilio
I'.i'tiiirici- Do?
r.ilxis n
Rins;f Im
C.il-ii .Mtj m.J
Millihiir N.riii;;
PO Tomlnun
Raii'-r Dia-
qoot Mt
I'. O.Aldr.-
A!o j Lrcml left iid.-,
J. M. COX.
Pojt effioc ad
dress Tombstone.
Kanre' Sout
P. O. Aridre"!
Tomhitcnc &
Pragoon JI ts.
P. O, Addre
Raiigi-. Siililui
Sp-injj vallry.
AIi own I IT
brand, left side.
V. ( aijm
Iro.n, A.
Kane" nrijoi
Horso rtrand .BAB. left hip
lvUIf4 M ColiradA. V& tUropViliy n.A!I or
M, S Slhr EcliiOB "gXftgft&SSiAZ
Other bram's
gR."jL..,M Lafej'
lJC P. O. Address
KflKflHjjSRKMD Faiibin.
B fal linr.
- i
FOURri ft JMW.

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