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One year $3 00
Six months 160
Wi.h wlmky at 5 a bottle at Lady
srnith, Atizonanscan sympathize with
thobottl-d up prisoners ia that city.
The man who luiuks it is wroni; to
psriuit children te Veep on believing
iatbt Saota Claus myth it talking
It il net recorded that Oom Paul
laid b would vria the fight, but he
did lay that tba ictory to the British
would stagger humanity.
The reduction of the United States
forcea ia Cuba hagb?cuo. and very
toon but a email force will remain to
preserve the peace in an inland as
lung as from New York to Chicago.
Las Vegas has a nine year old boy
charged with murder. The Optic
rajs of the remarkable, case that the
uttno.t technical crime that could be
charged apainst the boy would be as
sault and battery.
The public library is Mr. Carnegie's
special line of beneficence. Within
the past few weeks five such benefac
tions have come to public knowledge,
the total amounts promised being not
Ice than 32,000,000, out of which
.Arizona comes in for a sliare.
litre "a ginia sound logic from the
Enterprize- "United and intelligent
c ffort will place Arizona in the sistor
Locd of states during the present ses
sion of eoagre.a. Now, brethern, let's
lay aside differences and pull steadily
and all together for this end"
The Frescott Miner says that the
sscou ) UgUlatite oesomblyof Arizona
met in Prescott ou the 0th ol Decem
ber, 1S55. Henry A Bigelow was el
ected president or the council, and
fam.'fi U Giles, spoaker c" the house.
A.prizs fighter was killed iu the
ring a' 8t Louis Thursday night, but
tat earoasr hti found that the floor
hit him ths fatal blow. Ihe Times
Harald says a fortune awaits tht man
who n device a bans meek for our
kaosktd out prize fighters to fall into.
A a ozchange truthfully obiervee
that ling ysars f astlva hfs In the
Vint does not insure against the
liability to acjiJant. A a matter of
fast, many ol4 miners art injurcJ or
killei whsre Borises would sasapa nn
haraaed. Constant familiarity with
danger has a tendency to make min
ora take unnecsssary risks, with often
fatal consequences.
The Los Angeles Erpress says that
"New M9xioo will also knock at the
door of congress this season to bo ad
mitted tosUtohond. Thoie whose at
ttntio.i has not been directel to it r.ri
not aware of the vigorous atri les for
ward that Arizona and Nw Mozico
hav been miking in r?o.:nt years.
The timo ha arrived when both theso
lasty an! prrossira territ tries
should ha almtttsri to ths privilege to
which their progress onlitlos thorn. "
Readers of tho Poxi-gcron will be
interested in the official time ma ! by
two contestants in the stj;r tying
event at P.toenii Inst Sunday between
Ed Horrsll and Djc Goodin far a
purse of $603. Five steers were rop
ed by each man and the timo md on
eaoh Is given below. GojJin is said
to bare had bad luck in tying his
Harrell -.m, :134-;, -M, 1:13 I- T
6.1:151-5. Total, 5:29 7-10.
Goodm 1 :33, I:5G, 1:25 4-5, :53J
2:22 4 5. Total S:15 7-10.
Fram parties in from Pearce the
PRosPECTon learns the eornortr's jnry
Iiainot yat, at timo of dsparture of
cur informant, returned a verdict as to
lbs eaute of death of Mrs John Prin-
dtville h'io found dial at her
home Frsdar. It is btleived she
died ot heart failure. Mrs Prindivills
was wall known in Tombitoua vbar
she had' jjsiny friends and arqusfn't
anees. The sympathy of the com
munity is tendered the bsreaved tins
band, i
Com ipation leads to liver trouble,
and torp'd liver to Bright'- disease
Tricklst Abh Birrrits i a certain
cure at any otaH ..f dirotd.-r. Sold
by Tombstone Drje Slorr.
Bisbek, Deo. 10, 1690
John H Slaughter is in town from
Mr Ben Williams and Mr Lwis
Williams and family will leave Bisbee
en next Thursday,
Rev Dr Knstmas was a morning
paaencer for Nogales. Ho intent to
return to ofliciciato at the Christmas
services to bo held by the Episcopal
The c!o?iu; of the Methodist church
Fair ccourrcd lost night after three
evenings of tuott gratifying success.
Tho financial results of the fair will
be quite larc,o.
The local order of Bed Men lulJ
memorial services in Library Hall on
last evening coraniemmorative of tho
memoryGeorge Washington on this
100th anniversary cf his dtath. Ap
propriate servioes were held.
Some ghoul removed the equiaite
floral pieces which were placed upon
the grave of tho late Mrs W C Greene.
The inter ment took piece in the
cetuetary below, the isolated location
of which made thccontemptiblo thiev
ery possible. An investigation will
take plac-3 as soon as Mr Greene re
turnes from tho Cananeas.
The marriage of Frank Grill", a
popular employes of tho Copper Queen
company, and Miss Delia Burr, one of
Bubeu's most engaging young ladies,
took place last evening at the home of
the bride':) sisters, Mrs V It Stiffs.
The affair was very quiet only the
inimedialo relatives and friends of the
ooupl being present. Rev Dr East
min of the Eriscopal charcb per
formed the ceremonv.
On last evening Mr Ben Williams,
! the retiring superintendent of the
Copper Queen company wag present
ed with a memorial pure gold cup.
(The presentation was from the heads
of tho diiftrent departments of the
Copper Queen, nnd included the fol
lowing gentlemen: Dr F. A. Sweet,
W H Brophy, Kev J G Fritchard, S
W Clawson.C L Beokwitb, W A Har
vey, Jno A Campbell. Tiffany & Co
of New York was the designers of tho
Bisbee, Dee 17, 1393.
Gorton's Famous Minetrels wi'l b6
hero on Tuesday night tli3 19:h. They
will undoubtedly have a la'o hou'e.
At tho Bcs?emer Tho English nnd
German Physicians, Floyd Hoyt, C.
M. Tulton, Los Angeles ; Juo Mc Cul
man, S. F.
The tmperaturo at presoat is very
mild. Tod iv the rkies are somewhat
overcast, but a near visitation of a
torm is doubtful.
Regular Sunday Services were held
at the Catholic Church today and
night, Rev. Father Vandernnsen offi
ciating. The masqucr.ide bill given by Leslie
Case on FriJav evening was wtll at
tended. Many of tho costumes werj
quite elegant.
Setb Lciven worth and wife of So
nora, Mex have 'ju-t departed for
their homo after a etay of several
days hero.
At tho Morton Wm J RobTtB.
Globe: A F Brown. S F; Ed Webster,
Oakland; Ed Sbuck, Sinta Rosn; K
F Drennen, Alask ; E E Ncely, Ven
tura, C1.
M.J. C innlnjhani, cashior at the
company'd store, will leave for Her
mosille, Mex., in the morning on a
business trip. He will be gone several
Mm. Fred Fitch m a morning
passenger for Austin, Tex. She will
visit her parents at that place and
later make a trip through Old Mexico.
Father Vandcrmasen of the local
Catholic Diocese, will soon leave hi
pastorate for an extended trip about
Europe. Father Guildofl" will fill his
place during his absence.
The English and German Doctors
of Los Angeles, have been giving free
lectures to men and women here fur
tho last two days and nights. Thoy
leave ia the morning for home.
One of the best comedians on tho
Crawford circuit will appear hero on
the 22d. The play is "McCirthy's
Mishaps" with Barney Ferguson in
the title role.
It is understood that a eubitantia!
lour story building oa the most
modern lines will s job be ereoied here
by tho Copper Queen Company. The
main portion will be occupied by tbe
New Bessemer hotel, while tbe lowar
floor will be devoted to offices.
ihey Wear Tike it en'
j&V&Sxu i2 On KaSiijcagV,
U. S. A.
t Every Garm-nt Guaranteed. "
What is Going on in a Alining
Wav There.
Tho Range News fays : A force of ex
pertcopper minors under Mr Jack w tc
wart arrived Monday from Clifton and
went out to tlio Oregon mine, where
the work of (inking tho shaft is being
vigorously prosecuted. Iho manage
ment expect by the end of next wok
to reach tho 10'J foot level anJ will
then put on additional men to run
t annels each way on the ledge, while
another force continues sinking. No
effort will be spared to devolop the
mino as rapidly as possible. Three
loa is of heavy mine timbers havo been
sent out from Willcox this wsek for
uao in the shaft. Work has com
menced on the road to connect the
mine with tho new townsite of L&ub
City, and a company boarding house
and other buildings aro to b3 erected
at once.
We arc imformed that tho stock of
the company is being rapidly taken
both by local busine-s men and out
side invjptors. The mine U sl.cwing
up well and all believe that the long
looked for opening up of Dos Cahtz s
camp is now assured.
Besides tho Concolidcd Mines com
pany, haif a doz?n less pretentious
concerns are industriou-ly developing
other promising properties in tho
C M Roberts, who 13 one of a quar
tetto of Missouri capitalists, is siid to
havo a bonanza in the White Billi .gs
mines, which have made so good a
showing thtt he could get tix times
what he paid for the property. He is
already shipping ore and has n pros
pect of making a fortune The ore i
copper sulphurets, of whijh th;re is
sai I to be a seven foot vein.
George Metz is working twenty-five
men on the Cotton wood mine and
has nisi begun the development of the
Artie copper mine, bonded from tho
Fall cstats. The Cotton wood mill is
running day nnd nihton gold ore.
Mr Sheldon, the new owner of the
Casey gold xniues, steadily developing
them, and rich strike is one of tho
workings was lately reported,
F. M. Frank, of Los Angole, recent
ly forwarded a shipment of ore from
the Climax mine, on which he made
the second payment of $2,000 to De
morst Rieder Friday. Six thou
sand more is to be paid FoDruary 1st.
Philip Waughtal lately di-covcred a
lidge carryirg llGoz. silver acd ten
dollars in gold, which indicates that
there are good mines yet to be found.
It is sU ted by Col. Trumbo of ilia
Golden Cross mines, near Yuma, that
a part of the 1000 ton cyaniJe battery
now being erected at these mines will
be in operation about the first of February-.
The estimated cost of the re
duction of tho tailings is 05 cents a
ton, and the estimated leturns are
52.15 a ton.
It is said that th o railroad people
have in view the building of a largo
hotel at Maricopa; the company has
had tbis under advisement for many
months and it is said it is now about
to be favorably considered.
Still More Counterfeiting.
The Secret Service has unearthed an
other band of counterfeiters and secured
a targe quantity of bogu bills, which are
so cleverly executed that the average
person would never suspect them of be
ing spurious. Things of great value are
always selected by counterfeiters for im
itation, notably the celebrated Hostel
ler's Stomach JBitters, which has many
imitators but no equals for indigestion,
dyspepsia, constipation, nervousness and
general debility. The Bitters sets things
right in the stomach, and uhen the
stomach is in good order it makes good
blood and plenty-of it. In this manner
the Bitters get at the seat of strength
and vitality, and restore vigor to the
weak and debilitated. Beware of coun
terfeiters when buying.
Verdict of the Jurv-Ht'ld
Mercy of the Canrt
The arguments in the trial of Wiley
Morgan for tho murder oi John D'in
can were concluded this moruinj. On
Saturday night District Attorney
Laud opened tho prosecution. His
argument was au able and convincing
one, adducing from tho tostitnjuy
manifest proof of his position. IIv
entered into his plea Leforc the jury
with much feeling and earnestness
and impressed the jury an I Inrge audi
enco with the fact that his argument
was a capable ono and deserving of
the compliments ho received Inter
upon h'u effort.
S. A. D.Upton folio wei! n ith a ten
minutes talk, whereupon Attorney
Unzzard claimed about thrco hours'
attention of tho iury, going over the
testimony in detail. Ho had a rtteu
tivo memory of the testimony and
argued his points with efftct. This
morning Attorney HtrefordconcludeJ
the .rgnmont for tho defense, making
a strong and Ileal appeal for tlm
prisoner ani his t imily. Judge Barnes
finished for.tho prosecution, making
one of his usual forcible argu
ments and submitting tlio case to the
jury after a telling argumsnt of thirty
Later The jury this afternoon re
turned a verdict of murder in the
second degree and recomrrcniling the
prisoner to tho mercy of tho court.
$100 ItEWAKD
Will be paid by'me, to any person o
persons, who will furnish evidence that
will lead to the arrest and conviction of
any person or persons who entered the
Conyer ranch house, about July or
August, iJqS, and stole one new set of
harness. And again on about July io:h
this vear, and stole provisions and bed
ding. ETjVEN'E P. A. Larrieu.
Fairbank, Ariz.
How Arizona Compares With
Other States.
The following table, compiled from
reports received from tho various local
land offices gives an approximate esti
mate of the unreserved and unappro
priated lands in tho mountain states
and territories at the clo-o of the
fiscal year:
Arizona 52,225,-lKl
Colorado 10,lr5,991
Idaho 43.900..1O3
Montnnn 59,073,491
Nevad i 01,326 7J0
New Mexico 57,050,050
Utah 43.S05.507
Wyoming 48,777,313
The report aUo gives the irrigalhe
areas of the nrid region at 74,000,000
acres, distributed in the mountain
states nnd ttrritories as follows:
Arizoni, ?,GOO,000 acres: Colorado,
S.OOO.000 acres; Idaho, 5.100,000
acre; Montana, 11,000,000; Nevada,
2,000,000; North Dakota, 2,003,000;
Utah, 4.000,000; Wyoming, 9,000,009.
"Lying by a weeping willow
Underneath a gentle slope."
That is hsautiful, posticl But
read it agiin after tiie printer bas got
through with it:
"Lying to a weeping widow
To induce her to elope." Ex.
The local authorities in Guaymas
have published an order from tlu
president of Mexico, absolutely pro
hibiting the importation of arms or
ammunition through the medium of
vessels into the port of Gusymas, So
nora. Rev Eastman writes from Globe
that he will bo in Tombstone for
Christinas ecrvires. The celtbraticn
of tho holy communion will bo hsd at
12 M.Christmas dy which will al-r
include an addnss of 10 minute.
Evening services will bo had at 7:30
p, m., and cordial invitation extend
ed all to b. pres.nt at tho Episcopal
The California College
of Dental Surgery
now open for students. Those wkhinj to en
ter w ill apply Ic S V. Dennis. M.D,, D.D.S.,
Dan. at the College, Cor. 1-atldn and M At
IsterSts., or A. D. Cleaves.. D D. S., Parroti
Uridine. Sin Francisco, "'ifcrnh. Send for
I announcement.
Fremont Street, Between Sixth niul Seyenth
Shady Grounds, Large, Clean and
Weil Ventilated Rooms.
From Monday't Dilj:
No ea-tcrn inni. a rived to lay.
Johnny T-voomy
i- over fiom Bis-
Ono week more and Chris'.rrai will
be here.
Chas Overlook drovo over fri m Bis
bee yesterday returning today,
County taxes wore comi-ig in quite
livelytsday This is tin 1 ist day,
Judgo Barnes returned to Tucson
today g'ing by private conveyance to
Don't forget Imo 1 ireman's New
Years hall. Excillen. mtis'o is en
gageJ and a goo J time in stor,
"Mexican Kcurilgia an J Toof'ach
Cure," quick, harmlccs cure, 25 cts.
Tombstone Drug store. tf
Frauk Hereford of tho law firm o!
Hereford & Hnzzird went to Tnrson
today being called on pressing pro
f.8-ional engagments.
Jimmie Stuvens is sat! to have
abandoned his trip t tho Paris
Exposition. The Aptches will go in
charge of another prson.
Phoenix is shipping large quanti
ties of oranges :o eastern markets and
the returns thus far bpvebeeu very
The live stick grower's association
composed of rattle aud horse raisers
throughput the territory, will soon
hold an important meo'.ing in Pure
nix. Globe Times: The Old Dominion
commenced uting new moulds for
copper last Sindoy. The old moulds
turned out bars wi ighintr 800 pounds,
ton largo to be conveniently'hanJled.
An almost total eclipse of the moon
Saturday evening came in the nature
of a surprise to the estronomical laity
of thN burg. Tho phenomena was n
sul ject of much comment and inter
est. Tid.y is the last that the Williams
Brothers txecuto authority over tbe
Copper Q-ieen Mine and branch inter
ets. Their departure will bo deeply
regretted by our citizens.
K R Caspor, representing the Min
ing &. Scientific Press of San Francis
co, was in Tombstone today in the
interests of that valuable mining jour
nal, Mr Caper is a newepaper man
with mining experience and gives a
good intelligent write up of his mining
travels throughout the territory. Mr.
Ci'por met many friends while hero,
The Globe, Gil Valley & Northern
road according to an exchange, is
talking about putting on a flyer to
ooaooct with tbe Sunsat Li mi to J at
Bowio aud run from there to Globe.
Ilero are some of tho things which
the British officers eat down in South
Africa; tinned pheasant, potted an
chovy, Yarmouth bloaters, branded
cheese, plum pudding," sweet choco
late, spirits, and champagn?.
State of oiiio, Cityo Tolkdo, f
LUCA8 Cou.n-tv. M
Frank J. Cheyney makes oath that
ne is the senior partner of the firm of
F. J. Cheyney & Co., doing business in
tho city of Toledo, county and slato
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
the snrh of ONE HUNDRED DOL-
liAKS lor each an J every case of
Catarrh that cannot ho cured by the
nse of Hall'ri Catarrh Cure.
S worn to before n, and subscribe
my presence, this Ctn day of Decern
er, IS 6ti.
bsKALl A.W.GLfiASON, "
bottiy TuMi
Hall's Catarrh Cure in tali n inter
naiiy and acts directly on the back
and mucus surfaren of the system
oenu or lesiimomalc free.
F. J,
CHENEY A CO., Ilopaifree. McDill and Harper, CI
Tt.edo, orasb Spring., Colo. t,
From Tuesday's Daitu:
It is thought c tirt will have finish
ed this session by Friday of this week,
For a useful Christmas present and
one thtt will b) appreciated, tea tho
holiday stock at Barrowi and mate a
The Board of Supervisors are in ses
sion. The checking up of annual re
ports is taking up the time for a few
- ii,
Mr. S. M. Barrow lias sufficiently
recovered from his illness as to be
able to visit his place of business to
day. His many friends are pleased
to note his convalescence.
Twelve months hence Williams will
havo three lines cf railroad, bs a divis
ion healquarters ag-tin, permanently,
havo eighty miles of electric railroad ,
besides thousands of dollars' worth of
oths. improvements aud the News
Know i whereof it speaks. Williams
The verdict ia the Wiley Morgan
casein finding the prisoner guilty of
murder in the second degree with re
commendation of mercy eeems to
meet with popular approval, judging
numerous comments. Sentence ia to
le passed tonight. It is understood
counsel will make an effort for a nw
trial failing in which an appetl will
d lubtlces be taken to the supreme
Miss Annie Kano, tho unfortunate
girl who was committed to the insane
asylum from this county nbcut a year
since, and who was discharged from
that institution on Monday last, re
turned to Tombstcno on Thursday.
This morning Miss Kane attempted
to commit suicide and at present
writing is at death's door. Miss Kane
baa been the guest of Mrs. Cv Far
well, wife of the wellknown black
smith, and tbis morning when Mrs.
Farwell called Miss Kne to break
fast she received no response. Inves
tigation revealed the fact that tho un
fortumatc girl had taken an overdose
of morphine or cocaine, evidently
with suicidal intent. Dr. Walter was
immediately summoned and admin
istered antidotes to counteract the
poison but faint hopes are entertained
for her recovery. Miss Kane did not
seem to be melencholy tbe night be
fore and announced her Intention of
going to Bisbee today. She left no
word or note that she contemplated
the rash act.
The best otTor of the year is that
madj by Frank Leslie's Popular
Monthly, justly termad 'the monarch
of the 10 cent magazines." now $1.00
a year, will bo sjut free with eaah
yearly subscription, the bsautiful
"little sweethearts" Calealar. This
calendar is in six groupi of water
olor designs by Francis Brundage.
the famous painter of children, each
group is In twelve color", sizi 10 x
12in6hes.on fine Whatman paper,
titdattop with a silt ribbon; sseh
sheet contains twa month's datas
thus baing a eomplete calondar fer
1000. Frank Ltslio's Popular Month
ly, edited by Mrs Frank Leslie, now
publishes the best literature and illus
trations that money and energy can
obtain, from suoh authors and art'sta
as RudjarJ Kipling. William Daan
Howells, A Conan Doyls, Frank R
Stookton.Mary E Wilkin.. Stephen
Crane, Ruth McEnery Stuart, 8 R
Crookett, F Hjpkinson Snib, Jl
Chandler Harris, Bret Harte, 'Josiah
Allen's. Wife." Hanry James, Will
Carleton, EJgar Fawcstt and Rv.
Dr. Henry van Dyke, A B Woozell,
n unamtier Uhnsty. F L-iis Mora, W.
Granvelle Smith. Clifford Cirlston, F
W Read, Ch Grunwald aud other-.
Frospeolus for 190w and a pretty
folder in colors eeut free for tin ask
iug. Specimen copy far three 2 cent
etlmpg. Frank Lesli. Puhli.hln.
Houie, 141-143 Fifth Ave., N. Y.
Afeayice for trold.iIvr .r, .
26 Ota each mineral. Mailing n
P O Address
San fc4ro
Horse Iraud J conne'. Uft kl
cattle left tide
hones left hip
P. O. Address
Upper aaa rt4rt.
Other brands
P. O Adartsi
Rangt Dr,
goa Mil
P O Tombstoa
Racge-Ratkbarnt raaca
I torje brand same a cat
P O St Darlil
Range San Pdr
Postolfiee Dos
c.ibeiai Ariz
Range Dos
Cabeias Mil and
Sulphur Spntf
P O Totnbitoae
Range, Dragoon
Postoffice Tombitoal
Range Saa Pedro
P O Address, Bensai
Range, San Pedr
Post affice ad. '
dress Tombstone,
Range Soutk
P. O. Addrers
Tonbatone t
Dragoon Mts.
P. O, Address,
Range. SalefciT
Spring valley
. Also own HT
brand, left side.
P.O. Address
Also Q brand left sida.
POAddrtw FtHasr
Raage Wait Haa.
aH chuca V
Horse Braa4fcSUa-cat,
J ll on
I fl

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