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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, August 18, 1901, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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ae year
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.13 00
.. 0
J Tierpent Morgea no longer poses
as the (rind of tbe stsel workers.
Ha km net fitted for tbe role.
Thite are only three states and one
territory having tub a greater r.
than Ariione. Tkey ere Celi'ornia,
MoiUdi.Tiui nodXew Utxlco.
The assessed taxable property ol
Ariiona exceeds $33,000,000 and with
juit assessment would reach tbre
tliMl that amount.
Cubans are alio confronting a negro
problem; they object to tbe importa
tion ef negro laborers from tbe U. 3..
a practice said take growing.
Tee FirttNalional Bank, ot Austin
Texas, was an bumble imitator of tbe
XeST York (seventh, in loaninf its
turds without f roper security; also in
kaviag its doors eleied.
Tkt opinion it growing that what
Tor may be tbe rstult e( tbe Ecbley
Ooart of Inanity, Ceagrtet ought to
Invtttigate the naval campaign
agaiolt Spain.
An Omaha mau has disappeared
with $35 in bis pollution and tbe
police think there bas been foul play.
Tbey can't understand how a man
managed to escape front Omaha with
that much money:
Tbe supreme court considered 36$
cases last year and there nre 736 sets
of litigants who are ruefully contem
plating holes in their bank accounts
and as manv lawyers who are reiers
ing the operation.
Tbe Williams Xews bas changed
bauds, Editor Young who has been
at the helsa for many years, retiring,
and Mssirs Keal fc Dawliy assuming
charge. Tbe Pbospectob extend
best wiibee to the new journalistic
An engineer investigating the
Brooklyn bridge fathered anew bit of
slang when he told tbe reporters that
ho was a "dry wire," he had no sews
to giro out.
The '-Spanish grant" nuisance is
cropping up in the Philippine archi
pelago; cropping up big. Ooa man
bas a 1688 charter to the whole of
northern Luion, including Manila,
which was confirmed by the Madrid
people, just before they signed the
treaty o: Paris.
Cochise county bids fair to again
take the lead as the metal producer of
the territory. Tbe Tombstone mines
will soon be yielding their gold and
silver. Tbe big copper mines are be
log increased just as fast as develop
ment can be puihed. There don't
seem to be any limit to tbe mineral
possibilities of Coebise county and be
fore 12 months hava pasted Tomb
stone will be a threbbisz basinets
center little dreamed of now. Star.
Asked it be would be a candidate
for the pretidtatial nomination again
in 1904, Mr Bryan laid: -1 have
aaid repeatedly that 1 am a candidate
for no af&oe. However, I will not
enter into a bond never to became a
candidate. It woold be foolish in any
. ti- IJ r-
DW noo,i" a" """""J
ucn an omce as tuca a time, ana it
triket me at a foolith quectien ta be
continually put to mo by the news
paper men."
Another death occurred thit week
at Pcarec Oar townsman William
Hear died suddenly from the rupture
l a blood voitel. Friday evening he
was enjoying bis nsual hsalth and
retired. Daring the night be wee
sized with ooaghiog fit, and be
arose and went to tha door, where bo
fell to the floor and died immediately:
Xe was a man universally respected
ky all who know him. He had
reached the ripe age of threo score
sad ten, Ha leaves a wife and young
daughter aad another daughter Mrs
Hnddy, all residing at Pcaroe, to
aosua hi sudden demUe. Range
bisbee j oitiingsi
Bisbik, Auguit 9, 1901.
Nightly showers visit us keeping
the creeks running and th VtlUea
Weather cool all d'y. Sultry to
wards eveaiog. b-ja. overcail.
Several cat1! 0 typhoid soalaria
are report'.,. The diteaie is of a
mild tyr,..
4 n accident in handling one o! tbe
Converters at the smelter last night
cauted the huge affair to capsize,
spelling its contents of molten cop
per over the wet earth. The result
was a brilliant display of fireworks ac
companied with deafening explosicns.
Misses Jane McHugh and Maa
Cobbe are expected home tomorrow
from their outing at the coast water.
Ing resorts.
Arrivals at tbe Norton : Ckas Han
on. D cadwood; W L Marrow, Los
Angeles; Cbas Kitnir, DosCabszas,
Dan Bulrivan and wife, city.
Mrs A J Maion et tbe Norton house
will leave shortly tor a trip to San
Fraueitoo and the eoast.
There are idle rumors aQoat tbal
the Jerome strue Bill aaei tin
camp. This is abiurd tor the Uubee
miners are well contented.
The following officers ot the 3iibee
Atril Ko 12, F O Eaglet were ap
pointed and elected last evening:
Appointments H G Baird, patt preil
dent;J J Walsb, president; Walter
Bowman, vice president; Ben F Moore,
worthy tecrctcry; J H Jack, ebap
lain;. A B Petty, worthy treaturer;
Oharlet Burke, conductor; Cr Han
kin, I. O; J W Hannon, outside
guard. Board of Truitcet; Wm
Qrenfell, Chat 3 Obate, Richard
Bisbee, August 11, 1901
Tbe delayed mall arrived today.
Weather pleasant today. Kilning
Grand Organizer A M White of F
O Eagles and II Paso tesm left this
morning to inttituta a Tucson aerie.
L F Hanmer and wife returned to
day from New York.
Tim Taft was a Bitbee visitor to
day. He has several stages running
from Douglas to Nacosari,
Some Jerome ex-employes are in
this camp looking for work.
Tbe Misses Blanche Harney and
Jennie Slaughter of the San Bernar
dino ranch are visiting Miss Lillian
Frank Good body and wife, Miss
Francea Cook nod Cbas Bowman, all
of Tombstone, are visiting Biskee for
some time.
Mrs W H Bropby and Son were in
coming passengers today from Calfor
nia. Serviets were held today ot the
Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Metho
dist and Catholic churches and all
were well attended.
Messerc Frank Graff and Phil Hart
will toon embtrk in the mercantile
butinets. Their line will be staple
artiolse and groceries.
The Plaza cencert tonight by the
Copper Queen band was prevented by
the iters.
Not a single accident has
occurred in tbe shafts of tbe Cop
per Queen mine for several month.
Miners declare it the safest mine in
the territory.
J F MoFarland was today elected
president of the Stag Dining Club,
vioe T F Darnall resigned.
Geo Nolte came in last night from
I tbe Ccnansas railroad. He reports
j good progress towards the camp.
F Coles, cashier and office over.
sser at tha Copper Queen store, will
leave next Thursday for tbe coast .for
a short vacation. -
0 F Nichols bas been appointed
secretary to Mine Superintendent
Bisbxx, August 9, 1901.
Arrivals at the Bessemer J A
Landcll , San Francisco, Eden Blake,
Santa Ana; Geo H Mosgvaoe, Edward
"lately, Tucson. "
Arrivals at tha Norton J Y
Phillips, Douglas; Cole MoFcrren.
JTew York; W H McNeil, d-Bar
ranch; Wm Johnson, Cananeas; Wm
MoArthur, Globo.
There is a movement on foot among
Wa annnira eal Kea f A risan!aa a
JWUBVI wws ut en VCpSSUa fa 1
Bisbee Bocialolnk. '
Weather clear today and It mods
cooler but we had the usual rains to
night. B A Packard is in .town at present
from bis ranob. H has a number of
newly imported bulls.
Today was payday at the big camp
Jack Stillman is filllDg the position
ot clerk at J B Anguie'a store, daring
the absence of Frank Johnson.
It is expected that a new restuarant
will be opened at the north wett cor
ner of Main street near tbe flood gatet
by Wm Sruaf, he having purchated
the property from Henry Tittgen.
The Frde Coinage bar in vieing with
the Opera Club in tbe matter of ele
gant finishing!, the proprietors, 7 E
Brown A Co., are keeping abreast of
ot the times.
Ibe Bisbee big buildings are rapid
ly approaching completion.
The Copper Queen hotel will be
ready for occupancy in about fifty
The brick walls ot bank building
are going up quickly, and the ocmsnt
foundations of tbe gymnasium are
ready for the brick and iron.
The lower portion of tbe Letsen
block ie already occupied and the
upper etoriss will soon be ready.
Instruments Filed During; the
Past Week
In tbe estate of Sam Moar,
J P Niebols to Copper Qaoen Co,
OflBsial bond of C R Bostwiok.
Official bond cf V R N Greaves.
BackcIdsriSc Hansen to J L Hcrrick
Butcher bond ef O L Cummings.
Of Provident Mutual Building
Loan Association.
Frank Subacker to Jos Hubeita,
Bisbee property $600.
James Lamb to Mrs 3 H Myers,
Bisbee property $G5,
T S Taylor to W G McDonald, Bis
bee property $1050.
H H Hollcnstcin to Greene Cattle
Co, cattle $100.
Internationa! Land A Imp Co. to
8 F Meguirc, Deugias property f 150.
Cbas Stevens to A Fink, mines $1.
W H Bropby to Edwards A Ed
wardi, reconveyance ef trnsl dead.
T X. Mitchell to Hooker k Hooker,
mines $1500.
J D Blair to Wm Brown, Biibee
property $150.
W Brown to M Higb, Bisbea pro
psrty $200.
Oca mine by J Petersen.
Four mines by J A Duncan
Three mines by Carney, Larue
One mine by Henry Kohen,
Thirteen water locations, Hua-
cbuca Water Co.
Five mioes by J HTcvis.
Four millsitcs by J H Tevls,
One mine by Bosom A Rteveniea.
Two mines ky Gray Woodard and
One mine ky Theo Wild.
One mine by Johnson, Brown and
Filcd.by Huacbuea Water Co,
Filed by Jes Bignon.
J MurpkytoAGiesUr
Anna JCelley to Copper Belle Co
Okerstron Johnson to National
Cash Register Co
M J BIcir to A Bedewill A Boas
McCullar A Messiager to Bruns
wick Collecdsr Co
B F Smith to P B Warnekroc
J R Tata to National Cash Beg Ce
W Truax to National Cash Reg Co
Of E D Collins.
fboof ar LAIOB.
Filed by James B Gassoa
Filed by Chac Blackburn
Filed J J McClelland
Bank of Bisbee to H H Tieljia
Henry Tietjen to Dora Tietjen
Between R M McEinney &
and Jesse Falbrigbt
A new werld'e troting record was
made by Crescent, last Friday at
Cleveland, the itellion making a mile
in 2. -92.
A Tombstone Residence
Wrecked by it.
Yctterdcy evening during the heavy
rain elorm lightning struck the resi.
dence of Wm Toulinson on Eigkth
strset and tbo frame building becom
ing ignited, in the interior, was soon
in flames. An alarm of fire was turn
ed in and the fire departmsnt re
sponded promptly, but despits the
heroio efforts ot tbe firemen thw
flames were subdued with difficulty
and not before the entire contents ot
tbe house were consumsd and practi
cally rendered a total loss. Fortun
atsly no one was in tbe bouso at the
time tbe lightning struck, Mrs Tom
hnton and cbildrcn being in the Hua
ckucas on an outing while Mr Tom
Union, who is loremau of the
Tranquility Co., had just strolled down
town before the etorm. Tbo light
ning Is believed ta havo struck the
cable end of tbe roof and ignited in
one of the bedrooms. One of tbe
railroad survey party, camped on a lot
asar by, avsrs ho saw the bliading
Sash of lightning strike and immed
iately after the house was enveloped
In smoke. None of tbe household
affects were saved and that which es
caped the flames were ruined by tbe
dense clouds of smoke and volume of
water, hence tha loss falls bsavily on
the family, who have tbe sympathy ot
the community. While the loss is
one to be deplored, yet consolation is
offered in the thought that a possible
further affliction was averted in ibe
providential absence ot members of
the family during the fateful hour of
the lightning's visitation.
Lightning bas atrnak namsroui
places in and about Tombstone, bat
tbe destruction of the Tomlinson re
sidence exceeds tbe reoord of the
kavoo heretofore wrought through
that agency.
A Branch of Bank ot Bisbee to
Be Established There
Ihis week the tank of Biskee pur
chased a lot en the main street at Na-
co for which they paid tbe sum of
$750, and before the week ends work
will havo been commenced on a sub
stantial brick building 'which will be
occupied by tbe Naco branch of the
Bank of Bisbee. Tbe etablithment
of this branch banking house at Naco
is another evidence of ibe growth and
prosperity of our border neighbor.
The people ot Naco, and acrois the
border will find an American bank in
Xaco a gnat convenience, and tbe
Bank of Bisbee will increase Itc busi
ness in a nsw dirsction. It is under
stood that the Nogales Internaticns
Bank will establish a branch at Naco
The Railroads Sniterins: Much
From the Flood Waters
fho storm of Monday niiht again
took out the bridge acrois tbe San
Pedro near Contention making three
times that tbe railroad company hat
losttLat ttructure daring tbe prttent
ran ....a,. a. .ui-
j . . . .. iwmui, -
a tteel bridge, with tuilable tpnroacbei
to be erected over tbe treachcrout
itrearn. Tbe bed of the ttream it now
nearly ten feet deeper than before the
raint commcnod. and every ruth of
water teems to make it deeper. Th
mail will be t-ansferred aerate today
and it it hoped to have a temporary
bridge acrosc in time to allow tbe I
train to roacn uenion tuli evenine.l
from Monday's Daily,
Dr Bacon and wife left thit morning
on their eaitera trip as previously
staled in tbeat columns.
Probata Judge Bostwick today is
sued a license to G F Roberts of Bis
bee to wed Maymc B Fioka ol Ssara
men to.
James Cox was in today from his
rnines In tbe Dragoons, Mr Cox is
muoh encourcged by the copper chew
iog in his property aad is continuing
with development work to open up
Wm Bbort the well known St
David produoe ranoher, was a Tomb
stone visitor today bringing up a large
consignment of vegetables which were
readily disposed ef.
Mr Cbas Mason is now the sole
owner of tbe Short Order House on
Allen street. Mr Mason is a well-
known caterer, at the hungry multi
tude at the Short Order Houn can
Jaok Perlinda arrived yesterday
from tbe Oauaneas and shaking
hands with oil Tombstone friends.
Mr Perlinda was one of the Tomb
stone contingent to join the rush for
Alaska during the early Ktondike ex
citement. L C Staahle of Joliet, III., arrived in
Tombstone last evening to look after
the aflAlrs of bis brother, Wm C
Staehle.who died hers on tbe 3rd in
stant. Mr Staehle is a prominent
buiioess men of Joliet. Ilii arrival
haa been delayed on account of the
We have received the annual cata
lor.ae of tha normal school of Arizona
located at Tempo. The catalogue
shows the school to bo in a prosper
ous condition, aad to be one of the
best institutioas of its kind in the
The Deiigncr for September
abeunds In attractive advance styUs
for anWmn apparel and millinery,
both of which are lucidly described
aad artistically displayed. Of espec
ial interest to mothers are the articlss
in this issue.
Ssrvices were held at St Paul's
ohurch yesterday morning as usual.
Rev Elliott disousscd prayer, and eaid
it was liks a rsservoir storing tb wat
ere ef God's spirit against, our needs
in the bury affairs and trv'inK silna
tiont of life. A ehrUtian ehould live
in an atmotphere of prayer. No
service was held In the evening ke
causeof the storm.
A basket of lueelout ptaobet were
received by the PaosrxcTOR today as
evidences of the degree of perfection
whieh thit fruit attaint in Tombstone.
The peaobes were from tbe garden
orchard of Mr and Mrs John Marden
aad the samples easily exssed oom
parieen with California's bo a Had pro
duol. Large, juicy, and rich in flavor
tbese pcachet oould easily maintain
the honors as Arizona's Pride. A
three pound bunch of grapes added to
tbe treat enjoyed by tbe Pzospecto
New Kind of Warbler Discov
ered in Phoenix
Here's anothertlory from the Phoe
nix Republican which readers may do
at they please about believing. We
will not vouch for the veracity
of it. For tome tfme tha mamh.-. -i
the family of George W Brown, says
the Republican, have been hearing
what they thought was the long ot a
bird. Thev wara certain It .. .
whtroin tka home but they couldn't
nd It. SotbeySnallycallediniom.
neiphhnra anJ f.(:iHi.j - ..
. : umi m ustermin
a aairxh r
tha eonester. Thar
'ound kirn and caaghl him in tbe act
Ha was a lizard.
The total value at tbe nlaa.nf .
duction of Ibe mineral and metal am
pul of the United Slates in lann ..
Hi365 C08.583 aa compared with SI.
!-. w itw. a ealnof7A7
j,ho lor tha year.
from Tuedag'i Iitut.
Mre M J Srown ieovir from Bisbse
i a 'u ta hsr iter Mrs S JohniO'i.
J Kirk, the
mining man is
on buiiuen.
well known Sono'a
a Tombstone visitor
Constable Pruett ot Pearce wag in
today from that burg bringing a eick
woman for tbe hotpital.
Ths ralnt of last night caused an
other tratnout ou both tha S P and
A AS E betweeu Fairbank and lien
sou and as a constqueccj no w.st'rn
mail arrived tojay.
Ton bstone is now experiencing
heavy rains every evening anJ ccrue
with clockwork regularity, starting
atout 7:3U p. m. and lasting tceral
Bsn F Smith, the buttling stage
msn who runs regular tripi from
Tambstene to Gleeson and Pearce,
was In yesterday with a load of pas
sengers. Hereturaed today with lour
outgoing passengers.
Hsre is Bryan's latest. "Imper
ialism is the great issue between tbe
two political parties. The tariff, to be
sure, is an important subject, but to
my mind, heart disease is a more ser
ious malady than stomach ache."
A diigraseful incident cccurred the
other day in KTenluoky. Tio rival
crowds fonght a fsud battle, firing
over 100 shots and nobody nas kill
ed. What miserable shooting!
For the tlecal year ending June SO,
there were shipped from Tucion a
total ot 25.199 head of cattle, ot nhich
number 3,836 head were Mexican
Cattlemen throughout Arizona are
net doing much now but watehing
the grass grow and figuring when tbe
rise iD price will reach them.
At a wreck on the Protcotl A Phoe
nix last week, the engine was left
hanging on the south end of a bridge,
while .tee caboose was just ready to
topple into the stream on tbe other
More caset of tbe prankt of light
ning in Tombstone ii reported dur
ing the norma of the past two dayt
Lightning ilruek a tree in the yard of
of Attorney G W Swain and left ile
mark by splitting tbe tree to the
ground. Lightning also struck near
tbe dump of the boom shaft last niKbt
and the top workmen smelled a per
ceptably strong sdor of sulphur Itu.
msdiatsly thereafter. The heavenly
artillery appears to be directing a
promiscuous aim In this direction.
The S P Co, being unable to reach
Fairbank from Benson on their own
track, were granted the privilege to
come over the A S E track to Fair
bank last evening, after which a
switch was made to their own track,
but latsr on wsre "held up" t Hua.
tuueaonaocountora washout. Last
wesk the A SEwere obliged louse
the S P track for one run from Fair
bank to Benson until there lino was
An Arizona Editor on the In
dian's Advancement
Col McCowan superinlendectof tho
Arizona Indian aohoel and editor of tho
Rpublican,addre..ad the Indian con-
greis at Buffalo on the lGth.prox. on
Indian edocation. He was elected
president of ths Congress for the en
sumgyear. We make brief quota
tion from tbe first part of hi, speech
It Is all like this:
Away out in Arizona tbete dwell.
a nation ef redmen, Thay and their
people havo lived there since lime
was young; before the white wings of
the Baata Maria heralded the white
man' approach to western lad.
Wheaee they came no man knoweth.
icr inepastis dumb and the secret
Use bnried deep. But this we know;
that as thenars sped by evolution was
ever buty chipping, carving, mould
ing, until gradually the tavaga dt
veloped elements of humanity; love
and erection supplanted passioc, pity
budded into testis lire, charity peeped
from behind prison doors and bn.nii
alily breame a virtua
&? Alwtys Troh. ijW
,-v Always the Beit. GET
r 1
are sold cverywhe-e.
t -Hi .IDnul
h. rtx-.f i C3 , rm
P O Address
i auban
San r!i
connrcttj fl hip
catuV Ul
hones lef
P. O Addresi-
Range Dra
goon Mu
P O -Tombstone
iRacge Rathbume anc
Horse brand sao.eas ci
P O St David
Range San Pedro
cabezas Ariz
Range Do
Cabezas Milan
SuIphiT Sprint
P O Tomhstorf
Range Draoo
P O Address, Benson
Range, Son Pedro
Pedro rlrer.
:it, mtn .jgr
A. V.
Hors-tranJ J'
aaamtaaatt 'J -
CawBpM Post office d
HHV dress Tombstone
twawawawaHaawfl Sou h
mwamwammwawmmm! rjss-
Gf. P. O. Address
Ecnt-- Tombstone
ifttamnmwRS Ran?c
Vtjvm Tombstone St
amTamTamwamBaaal Dragoon Mu.
SaTaaVar T n
- aHaHa anan-ffnnnnn - ""uress
n"2w Tombstone.
nnnnnnnnnnnnnaavv "aige. saipncr
BM Spring valley
B.f-fSI Also own HT
" f brand, left side.
(Cj Address.Torab-
mwmwammwmwaaIKi . R,aD?p. Oranite
I ILamwImmRail
4 l
IP I 11

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