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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, August 25, 1901, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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ft. Is published ery Sunday, an J cea-
The Wixklv Tombstone KriTAru
(0 published estty bund) will jne atl
P ibr news aivi v. ill be rx-nt to ao) ad-
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x srt Mr
; lOlll MoiltllH lor S? 1 gi
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lciia in UJC iaili fjiumbiuai
fij Five CcntH a. Copy
fes essasgssssasaa&sssjssssssa
Vol. xix
Hlibcr. Aiiii'l 20. J'JIl
Mr ami Mn 1! W Ne'eon will leave
in tbe morning tor tbetntt.
The ttnlh annual crrrion of the
craoi lodge ol Arizona 1 (). (i.T.,
will convene in Bi bee ou Wednesday
Mrs C FUntiiar, ol Sin Diego
C'., wlio has teen vittting with tier
daughter. Mn J Bropby, will leave to
morrow for ber li.uie.
The engagement is announced ol
Slits Jennia Slaughter to Mr Chas K
Straute ol Kansas City.
L 0 Sbaltuck his on exhibition at
his placo ol butine( eome e y fine
copper ore horn Sonora.
The public schools will start on
Monday Sptcmbr 2 id. Protestor
Smallwood and wi'e are eipctul to
arrive this week froi.i their eastern
Mis Maiis Moore is to b one ol
the ie ai-hers io our schools. Sae hai
been ti aching school in Willcox for
the past tiro ycarr.
MrTolfr, a citizen ol FUg-lalT,
and Iwitel nur, has btca in "'b?e lor
s'voral days, and Las visit l Naco and
Doug'as. It is laid that that j.eutle
man is figuring on the management
o! the Copper C.uesn 1 ole'.
T. 3itbee Improvement com tny
will (osa occupy their new quarters
in the new Intel budding I he
spaeo whioh th-y will occupy will bu
Oxl25, with a rloro and work room
in connection. A no swiicn loud
containing 2t0 Jrop lor thetf Iephone
department lis been otuend at,d mil
he eel up on ariival.
Felix Yowell. fo-merly ol our city,
a well known miner, and I'm Milter
arc opening up a copper project in
the Dragoone, and me at work driving
a 100-Joot tunnel to strike the ore
body, which they uncovered further
up the mountain. Thy bars the
best withes of their Iritnda here, who
hope they will make a snug little
fortune Review.
Bubrc, Au;utt 21. 13S1
No Eastern mail arrived todny.
Alt signs of lain stem to have dis
appeared. The nil!itr it i er.'ec,
Jno A Caaipb.-ll hai returned from
a long visit to relstivc6 in Nova
Two other mountain lioDs are ad
ded to the collection of Meters Hall
k Gaseoway, Bank Excbacg".
Miss IIojh Brulim, an accom
plished young lady from ths Boston
Constrvatory ol Mu.i.-, bs opened a
studio htrie.
Tbe warehouse bdenging to B B
Mason on the tiling u about ready
fcr u e.
Tim Matuney, ol the firm ol At ton
i. Maioat-y, Uouglis merchants, re
pott buiineta geed in that qnartfr.
Fred T i'rajouicr, formerly in tbe
AiSE express tEce, Ls rt turned
from a month's prospecting t'ip in
Tbe Iatsies ol the Salvation army
were presented on Saturday night
with a har-dfcrce guitsr by feme bp.
precistire miners.
Mr and Mrs J- F Hanmtr enter
tained a lew friends at cards last
There will be two dancing masters
hera daring the fall and winter
(tons. Lots ol p.r'ie will result
J A Palmerlee and sister have re
turned from tbeir online in tbe
V B Bropby has gone east en a
baiinejs trip.
ford Jones is back from a vl.il to
lis old home on the St Lwrenc.
Postmaster Pit chard has gone to
tbe Har ' -CiS on mining bjsiness
B wblc' t interested.
II U Slillmnn has telegraphed to
friends hers that h is still in Yuiss,
teiug It.d ther on account ol the
nathout ou the dca rt near rtaltun.
Jas Brphy icceiretl a carload o!
hortfs iHiLday nliiclt nsre shipped
from California, s'ome are for the
Bibee Improvement company and tbe
ttbers villi be tued in tbe delivery
wagons o! ths company store.
The Mexican who grabbeJ a bani-
f til o! ni.tr from the Maze saloon
Sunday tiigbt l(t was awarded 2S
days in tho city iail by Justice
BitDEK, Augmt 22, 1901.
Po-tmaitcr Pii'chard, returned
Wednesday, from the Haucbucas,
nhi ra I c bat been inipecting mining
properties in which ha is interested.
Our city iciniodod one, yesterday,
of bfin; '-Awav Down South." A car
lead ol water.nelIons arrived from
TucfOD, tba rinds covered the
-trtel, aad the flies, oh, my.
IhBisbee baseball team will leave
Saturday moruing for Clifton whsre
tl-y go to play the Morenci nine.
Ttiel-ue-uo will be the same as at
Tucs n. Poor MoreDci.
Con O'Keefe. the well koo.n
Jerome mining man, is a Bisbee
tiritor. H: is intensted in tbe Altar
district in Sonora, and has organized
a company of Arizona capitalists to
lake hold of the property. Con is a
jcod all round fellow and he hat
tli best wiihes of all who know him
for his success
Pedro Mulinp, made a visit to the
Copp r Q'leen store and incident!
removed some cloth. i . without the
customi-y procedure of P)ing for
tbim or i.ouljing Lie firm that the
t, d mre in his possession. He
was arrested and g VvU a hearing
befure Justico Wilcox today and held
to answer before the nexi grand )ury
under a $300 bail. The cash not
being forthcoming be will journey to
?OEUbtO C,
The Ie.vo ra'.tle make at ths Ki
cbanfc saloon was being teased in its
cage by tcnie bystanders when th
snake tried to strike one of them
through tho mcsles of tbe wiio
screen. Its ttTorts were unavailing,
butiu etriLing tho cas, in its fury,
ti.CKiion t! icit'.crej to the out
eidc of the cas an J rcino of it fell
on a bystander's face and tbe corner
ef his i) e. lie hurried off to a doctor
for treatment. It was lucky for him
that he had nu sores on his face as it
might b78 ended disastrously.
Butt Mosiman, who bis besn ap
point, d by ilia governor to raise a
company of rangers for Arizona, is a
Biebee visitor. He will proceed to
enroll tbe company at once, which
will consist of a captain, sergeant and
twe've men The captain will re
ceive $125, sergeant $75 and privates
$55 per uuiith. The men will fur-
ui.li their own bene; lut tbe g'jnt
a d ammunition will be furnished
from the Itincii's fund Ed
Scarborough, the well known Xew
Mexlcau efheer and J Joncson were
Tasscngers on lln incoming train
tcday and were in consultation with
Mr. Mostman this evening,
Bavins tbe Frodnct of
Salt River Valley
At Pli-eciT, .representative ol a
syndicate ol Kansas and Nebraska
rtockmen bos contracted for 100.000
tons of alfalfa hay. It it learned thay
iotecd to scciws one million tons to
ship ea-t.
Palestine my eome day become a
greU mining Held. One of tbe Amer
ican eonsnli there reports that im..
ments driosit) ol phosphates bave
been recently discovered on each
side of tLe ltiver Jordan.
Xew.sv Xot?s From the Border
Douglas, Aug. 20th. 1901.
Tte writer, wsary of city life and
longing for a fresh breath' of pure air,
baa upent 10 days or two weeka in tbe
mountains near cur prosperous city ,
where th environments are so attrec-
live that the woodbine twintlh and
swallows build tbeir ncsti out of old
mens beards
Mrs Gsorge French hat been ser
iously ill with an attack of fever for
past two weeks.
John Uolm partner ol Johnson, en
gaged in business is Internatienal
Club build'ng has left for Glenwcod,
Miss Kose Abort is acting at assist
ant post master, Harry Oicrlock, re
tiring, expecting to return to Bisbee
The beavieit-rain that has paid to
us its best respeots, fell hero Sunday
eve the 18tb.
White and Youug have doted their
entire slock of general merchandise
and expect to return to 'an Francisco
their old homestead.
The Ord hotel hue the telephone
wiie installed in their building that
tbeir many guests may communicate
with the outtidti world over the wire.
Material for the passenger depot has
arrived and work is progressing nicely
John A Miller has disposed cf his
bakery business in Bisbee and is lo
cated on bis ranch near town. He
starts with a full etook of poultry in
which business be will enlace.
A S Greenla, foreman at the
round house, is having a neat rnttaxe
erected on Twellta and (J street..
Jiok Graham of Bisbee spent ore
day with nt loekiog alter some min
ing interests near the oily.
Railroad Survey Frei'shtinfC
Contracts Newsy ltenn
Falibank, Auc 52. 1901.
Monday a party of tnrveyort passed
through here enroute to Guaymas.
Hie party were in charge of W P
Nicolf, Uhitf and J D Mathews, assist
ant, having just finished tbe Csnanea
Kacu survey. 1 bey are going to rnn
a line from Guaytau to tome coal
mines about 75 miles northeast ef
that place. The survey is to be cutde
for tbe Cananea Co.
Mr VI Murry ol Naco returned to
that pUc- today alterspeuding a week
in tba city.
Con O'Kceleof Cobre Giacde fame,
arrived leday on bis way to Bitbte.
Mr O'JCeefe is at preient operating
with the Soeora Mining Co in the
Altar District. Sonora, that is doing
justice to its owners. At present
sixty icen are at werk but expect to
increase the force on his return. Con
looks well and always the same to bit
friends who wish him everlasting
sncoeis in bis Sonora mining ven
tures. W D Graves, head braksman of tbe
8 P work train, wn relieved yesterday
by Ed Gate of Tucoc. Graves will
resume bit old run on the main line.
He will be misd by his many
friends, tut it it expected Gates will
do bis best to keep up the unbroken
record set be will bave the 'solid three'
to iist him, W C Jacisoe, O Dun
can and Charley Seabert.
Wm Whitney, the Haichuca woo
contractor was a Fiibank visiter to
day. Mr Whitney is an experienced
freighter, and is thinking of putting a
team on the Tombstone haul, provid
ing latisfactory terms can be arrang-
Wm Powers of Patagonia passe 1
through on his wy to bis h:m to
day. Bill, as uiurtl. is sti'.l in the
piospsoting business aad expects tr
rea'ise a gooJ vJiu on some of his
many claims this tail,
Smith's bridge crew arrived last
night having completed work on tbe
bridge above here.
Jno Urrsrr, the genial proprietor ol
the ' Citmo" iu Xaeo, Bouora, paueJ
through to Kogalea tolay. lie is
accompanied by bis wife.
Territorial Tax Bate and Ari
zona's Assessment
The territorial beard o equalization
have completed its labors nfier ixlng
the tax levy far tbe coming year.
Tho rate is $1.17 on eaoh $100, an
increase el 32 cents ever lttt year as
Territorial general lund para-
"graph 3831, RS19tl 35
Territorial insane asylum inter
est fond. par. 3Sli, X t 1901.. .10
Ttrritorial Normal school fund,
pat 3702.RS, 1901 .0.'.
Territorial school fund, par
Q224S, R 6,1901 , .. .03
Territorial Reform eehool fund,
par. 376i,R 8,1901 .05
University lund, par. 3652. K 8
1001 Ofi
Northern Arizona Nermal school
fund, par. 3718. R 8, 1901.... .023
Prisan lund, par. 3601. RS, 1901. .12
lUnccr died, par. 3229, U S,
XrvJ ..... ....... .UJ
K'dempt on fund, par. 36IG, S.
S.1901 035
Cpitol building fund. Act No
35,Law.J901 .0J5
Inters si World's fir bends, Aot
103, laws 1891 005
Capitol interest fund, Aet 9,
l.wsl97 .02
Territorial interest fund, K 6,
:C47 and Act of Congress 1690. .14
Territorial prison improvement
lucd, Act 14, Laws 1901 . .035
Normal School oij nji.a Dormi
tory fund, pr. 3G99. R S, 1001. 02
Northern Arizon Normal school
fuDd. par 3719, R 8, 1901 01
Insane asylum improvements
fund, Act 62, Laws 1901 .03
Uciiertity interest lund, par.
3663, RS. 1901 .005
Total 1.17 J
Tbe total valuation by counties, as
ehown by the following table, is $38,
853,831.37, an increase o! $5,071,3G5.
33: Apatbe f 939,358 21
Cochise 7,498.407 43
Coconino 2,063.010 10
Oil v 1,339,011 52
arabsm 2.94(1,738 62
Maricopa 9,578.053 00
Mohave ,523.bOS 40
Nivai 1,317,186 IS
Pim 3.076.C93 40
Pinal 1,782,112 S9
Santa C.-uj 1.414,300 55
Yavapai 4.318,148 31
Yuma 1,027,514 85
Of tbe increase, Coehise contribut
ed mere than 14,000.009 and becomes
tbe secend county in the territory in
point of wealth.
Tbe aggregate raises by tbe board
of equalization over tbe returns made
by tbe board of supervisors was SU2,
The railroad valuation ixed at tbe
June meeting af the Urriterial 'oard
a ii$ 1,771, 599.45 upea a tttal Vtogth
ol 1051 miles. Tkesa figurss are in
cluded in tbe whole valuati tti.
Iu Sumatra the w;od decides tbe
length of ticoe r. widow remaind
riogle. Just alter ber husband's
doath she plants a flag staff at Jiir
fjtuor. While tbe Beg remains untorn
Sumatra etiquette forbids ber lo
marry, but at tbe first rent, however
ticy, tbe is free to wed. H that ware
tbe rale In th United Rtatet, what a
demand there, would be far aheap
from Thurtaayi !..
Mrs J B Miano an 1 family haw re.
turned from an ou iug a the bhecrer
ranch in the vallt), the guests of Mr
and Mrs Jake Sheerer.
Ibis country hat the gruatett com'
linauon of people, with ont God, ono
language, one couotrv'i tio lisp, and
one wile en this plant t.
According to e-tiiratc Juiui-hed
to tbe Board ol Superritors by County
School Bupt icbolr, a total of f 31,
235 will be required to tnaiLtaiu the
schcvls iu Cochise county next year.
Kev Father Meurer of Ncgalts has
been a-eignod to tbe diocese embrac
ing Nogalc, Tombstone, Benson and
Pcarce and will visit here every three
weeks to bold services at tho Catbolio
church. Services will Ic had heie
next Sunday. Maes at 9 4. in., and
evening services at 7 .
Information is had by
U D Scribcer that Bb S
formerly o! Tombstone, die
Bpringr, Siskiycu csunti.
wsek. Darraugh was well
d at SoJ
Cal. 1 vtl
known :d
Tombstone in early da?
years been connected v.i'.h
acmpacy. lie htd m-ny
this section who will te
learn of his demist.
litving (or
the Stage
frioiiJs In
paiL'il to
The beard of control haw awardrd
the contract far the iron works for
bunks or bedsteads for the territoru.
prison to the Standard Irou Works o
I hamuli. The amount of tho con
tract is $1,355.50. There were fuu
other tiJdere. Two from Vunii and
two from Los Angeles. The mat rial
will consist of 440 pieces of angle iron
cut and puuebed ready to be sat up at
the prison. TLere will be 110 tunks,
six in etch cell.
Tbe trriitoiMl tax r'e Lea bern
set by tte lerritf'al tu.utl o
equali ttiai at Tho-tux. Tnr r:t
fooul total o! $117 ( r U rifrw'
purposes and is tbe ii ciitst mte in
years being 32 c-uts eb - t' t '
latt year. Tho cjunty board o'
supervisors meet next Motility tn
estimate the tax rate for 011 .1 pur
poses. With Cochire county's S,'W0,
000 valuation a low eon ly rate -vill
doubtless be 1 ad, but tha triiicia!
rale will make a matetltl diMirrco
and prcvea thorn in the 3-iles cf the
Tbe public tchcol in Tomb-tone
will not open until Sept 9th insierd
of September 2d as previously an
nounced. A change haa deen made
in the prsonntl of two of Ihe techerr,
the school trustees being advised ol
the rrtignatiAn t f Professor Kiddle
as principal and Uis Agnes Wilton
teacher of the inrusry grvl-, oius
to a tardy dtri-iou of His fonr.er Bii-.l
serious illness ol Ihe letter. The
truitces sutcerdrd is srronj.-.n,: for
the a:poinlmecl of Prof. J A Game',
ol Ban Francisco at priui-i?! am!
Miss Maud Wilbur ol Stu Jote to ac
cept Tacancy of the pnnay crx'!-.
Both teacher; omt l;ii.li!y ikmii
mended, l'rol Uaiues Inipg la'ijtht
in Ar.'z3na achools bef.rc nMlc Siifr
Wlibur is also a tea: hern! rxpericuci.
The teachers ol tl.ee. ii ol rr:!: tl.trc
fore bo Prof Gains, pun. ipal; Mrs
F E Carson, intermediate grade and
Miss Maude Wilbur pri ary 'giade.
The opening of school will be. inr
week later than originally intended
but tbe time will le ixtrtdnl ore
J week at th; end ol the term,
Are becoming numerous. The idea is to
primate longevity. It is interesting to
note that the means through which long
life is to be obtained is food and the
stomach. Long life acd ;ood health are
not possible unless the stomach does its
wutk properly. There is a way to make
it. if it does not, Hottelter's Stcmtch
Bitters is an ideal strength restorer If
you would be cured of dyspepsia, icdi
gestion, belcbiag, constipation, insom
nia, nervousness, biliousness, try the
Sitters, Everybody should tty it to help
nature rid the blooJ of all tbe impurities,
It possesses valuable curative properties,
and at a specific for malaria, feter and
ague, it is unequalled. Don't fail to give
I it a trial, but be surevou get the gen-
' JM 1'iiilav'i Dailv:
Jubn UsnnioEer la'i i dsy Itr .Veoo
on biiiiutrti,.
lliLbil'.-. br.-iKt are tha lati-t i-ure
fur lorLiiw
The 1 14 oomi irtirifiitfh.fi is cow
down to 3"i0 feet and ihe tbreo tight
hour shift kt-pt ron'autly at work.
Mr' ICle- Piieip-. wife ef a M and P
co uuc-.i.-, i.as ren et-ot 10 tne asy
lum fsr a ".insular lapse of memar ,'
e tin Piiruiiix ilopullicac.
Jn l.e C S Clark has been appointed
administrator cf tbe estate of Wm
C St&ebl . .& I v p cloie up that
K t A l.arnu wa up from Fair
bsnk ti!it. U;io is as much at
home ir T'.'obtone as at I'alibink
and fisdit n.sny friends here who are
always kI.v.1 to tee him.
Last Fiidaynight lightning killed
two humlrcu bea I ol sheep (or J D
Newman at Maine, Corouino county.
The sheep weie under a tree and tbe
bolt atruck the tree killing almost 'he
whole Land.
A charter aril reca'.ia have bjsn or
dred for a lodge of Good Templars,
and tho lodge will lo instituted as
oon as the supplies arrive. Others
r.ln rosy oVtiro to hrcouie membbrs
iimt lit received into membership
w.lli ths t barter meinbsrs bv notify
ing G C T Gibson. Further noticp
will tin siren of the time and piece
of meeting.
S C Bag', general manager of the
New Coratock mini-ig company, nr
rived in Kingman Thursday last from
Los Ange!e, where he baa been visit
inn with his tamily for a mouth past.
H Wi (or the mine lliij morning
i- d ill in-li work on tba property.
Ill- tin ininti in ol ths new cotn
rsny to i lit in a cutrent wheel in the
L ! ra 'o rlvtr fcr the purrose of ger-
i ff.tit.ic p wet for both mining and
inllv g purpo-ei Kingman Miner
A Mexican wocd chopper was acci
dentally killed at a mountain camp
one t!ay last week. His death can
haidly 1 e said to be the result ef an
aerid'nt eltbe. It was more the re
sult ol a lrck ol knowledge of what
will happen when a man climbs a
tree, gets cut on a limb and cuts it
off between himfelf and the tree.
Tint is what this Inmbie did. Tbe
limb was high up acd when it fell he
went with ii. His t.eck wat broken
and death was instantaneous.
It is interesting to learn of the re-.
opor.tiTj of 'hd tu-iness interest of
! I'lioi is, 111 tiltocatiug the capitol
tity. I l.e l'oird o' Trade of that cily
It a li:r f , nctive, pushiog reality. It
:s n w ind hss been fur tome lime
ri.iling uut th uiacdi o! advertis
ing documents setlirg forth tho ad
van'ai f! PI ojr.fx and ths oounlry
tril u'ary thsret', fur investments in
imfi lislili uJ wealth.
'rw-ntv-fix deer at one shot"
reuuds a little Hke the beginning ol
one of thnta yarns which are told In
tbe country g:o:ery ttore. Neverthe
less, this is given as a fact, nor did
tho Vrrmunt man who made the re-
marLaUe rrooid, violate the game
lw. The "shot"' waa a "snap shot."
and he fired it from a camera in-
ta 1 cf a can.
The J I) Milton oil and develop
ment comrany of San Francises has
contracted to pat down a 16 inch well
15 miles frjtn Uanttvillr, Texas.
ihit mscli'.nery hat been ordered and
will be the finest in the stale. Tbe
comiany owns thirty c-U thousand
aciei of land by leave anJ purchase io
Grimes and Walker CJuotits. Capt
J D Milton who is as tbe bead of Ibis
company ws a citizen of Tucson and
has a bott of friends here. WSStur
gis is associated with Milton im this
big enterprise. Iter,
1 he B:er war has lasted nearlv Iwe
jta.t and the end is not in tight. It
i thf mo't remarkable struggle In
h'sttrr of a small nation for exist
ei.es 1
G iit'M MarArthur hss teturned
from 1I11 lUilippines and ears lb
territory is pteitie.1 b'lt not tranquill
zo '. Vi'hen people are newly wblp
I ed they ere not apt to be tranquil.
A Moscow milliona rr, GavtilSaolo
doimkotr, rcco. .1 I cqucathed bis
fortune o found a girl's high scbeoT,
hopingjliis proteges would ''probonnea
t.is nsme with cratitude." Ihey will
need the higher education to doit.
W J B.-yan seems to re in'atuateat
with tbe nensparer business, Nt
cor. teat with one paper, tba Com
moner, lis bat purchased the Nationtl
Watchman, if Alexandria, Va, a til.
ver (aper founded by Senator Btswart
0' Nevada, and the good work gees 00
Tucson bo .tie 1)1 a lake 400xe00 fee
square atd ' botUmlssf." A. 'bottom
let" lake Is surely a curiosity worth
advertieiog. The water is probably
kept from falling down On China by
pressure from tLe "hot ah" generated
st Pekiu by the representative, ol the
ciyil z d tOTQrnmtnts. Florence
Christian ecisnea doctors say lint
billboards are responsible for a lot af
disease They placard (taring re
marks i-boui lung trcuoidj, Mr
Bright' pi-tly celebrated diseas ,
dysepia acil what not, and the In
nocent bystander views them and
promptly Uie3 sick '-by sugaettion ."
It rcay be conceded th-tt tome ol the
poster advertisement! are enough to
make anybody leel at least tired
Tbe .rtue nf August 3 closed tbe
third volume of The Oil Era and
wae the leel ucde that nimr, at the
journal is to be berealter published as
"Oil. Cvpper and Finance," at Lot
Angelee. Asthenew ame indicates,
the toorc of the journal will bs
broideneJ so as to embrace in ad
dition to tbPO' . duatry of tbt South -
wet, the copper aod financial affairs
and inte'ests of tbe 81 me tecttoc.
Ltwlon was an appropriate sons
lor tbe Kiowa-Comaucbe mettropoli.
The dead general was the one man
whom the red brothers feared and
respected. Geronin o once raid o
General, then Caplaiu Lawton: "He
no est 'em. so sleep 'em ; all lime
The Last "Xotice of Inteniiou
Filed Yesterday
The time when notices el intent.'en
10 build railroads under the tax ex
emption act expired at th close of
business In tbe office of the territorial
secretary jeiterday afternoon. If all
the railroads deecribeJ in tbe cofces
should be limit a considerable area of
the rat:!?, range territory would be
covered by teel rails and ths import.
nt in.lKtrr i'i Arizona would be
greatly re Inced. There is no doubt
though tha many of the intentions of
which notice has beta given will not
be carried out Tne Republican "ays -Witbiu
tbe last few days more than
fifty filings have been made. Among
the late ones art: By Thorns Mil
obeli cf a road from Nogales easterly
to Washington camp, twenty-six
miles ; by C F Ainsworlh ol a read
easterly from Phoenix to the territor
ial line at a point near Duncan, 209;
another westerly from Phoenix to the
Colorado river io Yuma county, -lie
miles; by Isaac T Stoddard, of a real
from a point on the Pretcott & East
ern bstween Cherry and Huron tta .
tions lo and along the Aims Fna 10
Stoddard; another from IteddarJ w
to Mayer,
f i
' f
-.- sas. -es,
aTrnw-w-r.Wr wy-A-7

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