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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, August 25, 1901, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 2

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TOXBSTOKE EPITAPH. bisbee jottikgsi
roauaniD evbt sundit.
, Tatuter hsciitions:'
nyar, 13 00
ix month 150
Th fire lot o! the United State
and Canada (or tb mntu of July
shows a total ot $15,710,000.
Several mora Or lee prominent re
publicans are showing a let of anxiety
leit the wicked democrats lai ad
vantage o( tbe eteel atriks to make
party capital.
Theetetemsnt ol Kitcbeaar tbat be
intends "adopting atern maaiures to
and tbe war" ia natural enough tbe
general gsneral'y doea bi generalllog
about fifty miles astern of tbe Boer
raiding parties.
llfebsel Dayitt, tbe Irieh leader,
declares that England's attempt to
wipe out tbe two South African re
pnblias is tbe crime of tbe century.
Tbe worst of it ir, that a word from
this government would have stopped
tbe crime la tbe beginning.
Hello I What's tba matter with
Gov TaltT He declares that tariff
reform is imperative for tbe develop
ment of tho Philippines Congress
man Babcock says it is as imperative
for the U. S. , but the republican
bones say no. Ferbaps if the matter
were sufficiently agitated, they might
change their minds.
Tbe mail robber was industrious in
the United States during tbe fiscal
year ending June 3, 1901. Accord
ing te the ohief inspector of the pott
ofice department, 1,635 poetoEces
were robbed, thirty-seven etege
coaches were held up and 656 mail
pouches were atolen.
Tba Phoenix board of trade sent
out nearly 5000 advertising folders
this wsek arrangmeata raae'e with
railroad systems that will result in
writeup of Arizona's wealth being put
in tbe railroad company's advertising
pbamphlsts. This will mean tba ad
vantages of lha territory being brought
to the attention of tbousaada of
One by one the dreams of Jules
Verne are corning to pass. Tba jour
ney around the world ia being accom
plished in Use time than SO days, and
while "20,000 leagueg under tba sea"
is not yet an aeeomplitbed fact, sub
marine navigation is Are the "jnnr.
xtey to tbe moon" and tba ''trip to
the north pole" too much to expect.
The most oompletely tied up town
on record in this country is San Fran
cisco. A hundred veisels on tbe. bay
front cannot be loided or unloaded,
the streets are filthy for lack of sweep
ing, building is at a standstill and
hundreds of men not directly concern
ed in tbe stride are made idle on
aocount of it. Tbe strikers are strong
and will win out.
The Conditions in Co.hise
Present a Rosv Hue
Of tba mining outlook in Cechiie
county the Benson Trets says: The
mining outlook throughout tbe terri
tory, especially in Cochise countji
was never so bright and prosperous
as it is today. With tbe bountiful
rains with which the couaty has been
favored the mining camps are assured
pleaty of wster for all purposes, a
well at for the tireless prospector who
unebe bis burro ia search of tbe
precioua minerals of which Arizona
XSSSStSJS 7S3 67 S3 fall. vTith
the work on the big new abaft at
Tombstone, with the probability of a
railroad tnto that camp. Gleason,
Turquoise, Pearce and other premising-
camps In tbe Dragoon range, tbis
part-foarjpraeperoas county will ex
perience boom never seen before in
Us history.
BitBU, August 10, lfr)l.
Kd Mcore, the Wiltcsx cattle broker
came over yesterdey.
George Roberta and bride returned
today and will taake their future
home here.
Mrs Cbas Blaokburn and daugh
ter cams over from Tombstone to
day and will rsmain visiting friend
and relatives.
Constable Doyle returned home
from Tombstone today, where he
went with two prisoncrr.
l)r F A Sweet returned today from
the east wbere he has besn on a visit
to relatives and friends.
Tbe Midsummer Invitation dance
given at tbe opera house this evening
was a well attended and enoycd t
Tbe usual weekly refrigerator oar
arrived today and tbe butter and egg
famine is over for tbe present a
The dance given last night at the
Opera bouse by tba Silter Dollar club;
was a very enjoyable affair. Hempel'a
erchestra supplied tbe mutic.
The building east of tbe Opera
club is nearlv comu'-wd and will be
opened as a restaurant this week by
11. Gulley.
Ben Saeed of tbe Greene Cattle
company, was on tbe streets today
Hi company haa recently shipped a
number of car loads ot borses from
Benson to Kansas, wbere tbey will be
put on the cattle ranges.
Tbe parties who enticed tbe littl
13-year-old girl to Xace were brought
before Judge Williams te day and
fined $21 each.
The line-up of the Biebee team
who will play tbe Tucson Graya Sun
day next, will be as follows: Lopez
catcher. Armstrong pitcher, Graff
first base, Gedfrey second base, Korse
short stop, Brown third base, Bledsv
left field, Jenea center field, Howe
right field, Martinez substitute.
Toe much mescal juice nearly cost
a Mexican bia life today when tbe
train arrived. He altemped to jump
on tbe steps of tbe train but did not
and fell across tbe rails. Engineer
Wei on at saw him fall and by instantly
applying tbe air breaks stopped the
train just as the wheels c! the pass-
gsr coach were within a foot of the
BitBKK, August 17, 1901
C W Hicks and family have return
ed from Los Angel...
Miss Harriet Warning is at present
vtsitig at tbe 81sugbter ranch.
Geo C Clark, U S. deputy surveyor,
has returned from Kacozari where he
went on mining business.
Dr. H, Schmeidiog is having con
siderable changing made in tbe
appearance of bis jewelry store.
Tba front is being replaced with plate
glass. When f nitbed it will be very
Tba careless handling of a heavy
piece of iron by one of tbe smelter
employes yesterday occasioned a bad
ly mangled foot.
A heavy thunder sterm visited us
yesterday aflercoco, causing a Coed
down Brewery Guleb.
H O Stillmao, bookkeeper for
Tovera fc Mcesmsn, butohers, left for
the coast today.
Tbe telephone company are kept
busy repairing 'phones which have
been burnt out by lightning.
Tbe Midsummer hop, given under
the auspices of tbeStag club was well
attended and proved a most enjoyable
Tbe Biebee Ledge of Elka held
their usual seseiou on last Friday
nigbt. Several new members were
E B Maon is erecting a large
warehouse on property near the
Lowell siding-. The building will be
used for storage and commission
Oier three hundred people lelt here
this raorriog for a trip to tbe old
pueblo returning about midnight.
All were somewhat tired with their
day's outing but atated tbat tbey ba
bad a good time. Tbe ball game wad
a very iuterastiug one and well played
by both sides. Tbe game was 3 to 0
in fayor of Bisbee and waa
witnessed by a great number of
people. Our boys are very much
dated oyer their yiotory aa they have
a right to be, this being the third
time they havo wrested the palm of
victory from their opponents and their
defeat today was most crushing, as
tbey did not score a point and the most
tbey coul 1 do was to make third base.
Bisbee, August 18, 11J01
is again attending
Dr A H Sweet
his patients.
A number ot Sisbeeites were left
at Benton today.
Tbe weather waa almost perfeet to
day. Horizen slightly clouded,
Mrs EJ Hall and child left for the
East on this morning's train.
Miss Ina Wilkinson, a gue-t of Mrs
H J DonalJ, is confined to her rooms
with a slight illness.
It is reported tbat twelve miles of
trsek on tbeS F, this side of Vuma
baye been washed away.
Dr M Mallodo, and eminent oculist
from 'ew York city has opened
officei at the Bessemer.
The Biibee Aerie F O E, are ac
quiring many new member?. The
charter list will remain open for sixty
Mr. Clawson, the agent for tbe
Union Iron works, returned today
from the Canansas. He goes to San
Francisco tomorrow.
The entire auditor's offioi of the
AiSEi S W were movel to II
Pato yesterday. That deptrtment
sill be operated in the futun Irom
tt'tl TaiOCBd.
A cloud burst and big fl'.od oc
tS'red at Duugiaa jn'-'fjay. The
roof of tbe abed belonging to S F
Meguire was blown away and aeveral
tents were carried off by the flood.
Some miscreant killed the pat
peccary and poiionad tbe young
mountain lion belonging to Hall
(lasaoH ay, Bank Exchange. The lion
fo.tuoatsly was saved.
It is said tbat John A Campbell, for
many years head clerk in tbe general
office of tbe Copper Queen, and now
on a visit in Canada, will accept a
responsible position with the Greene
Consolidoted Miniog company at the
Canaueas, Mexico.
A Mexican named Joaquin Lopez
grabbed a handful of silver from the
roulette table at the Maze ealoon latt
nigbt about 12 o'eioek and started to
run up Tombstone Gulch followed by
a mob of men and all the stray dogs
in town He was overhauled hr
Constable Johnson and will be sent
enced tomorrow.
Owing to the brsaking of an eo-
ccntric on tbe engine hauling the ex-
cureion train from Tucson latt
nigbt near St Junction the train
did not arrive until 3 o'clock in the
morning. As it was, the engine gave
out on the grade near tbe hospital
and tbe passengers walked ia.
SMt raajsceoeo. oeu.
From Monday'e Dauy,
Arizona the land
water Fot.
ot running
No wettern malt arrived today ow
ng to washouts beyond Tucion.
i i
There are four thousand v lurries In
the Carnegie fre. l,bMry ia Tuci0D
An Incident at Gila Bend Dar
ing the Storm
A telegram was reotived here yes
terday from GIU Bend saying that a
severe windstorm Friday eight had
demolished several buildings. The
restaurant of Mon Pau waa razed to
the ground. Beeidea tbis building
othsrs were totally wreokad. The
damage done will run into thou
sands. No deaths occurred, though
several close esoapei are reported. A
cradle, containing s little child, wat
pioked up a carried tor a distance of
200 yards. It was laid dawn tight
side up on the verge of a very large
hole. When the parents ot the child
eame up tbey found it shaking a rat
tle. Gaztt'e.
Reddington Postoffice Gone
Three Men Drowned
The Oppressive Heat
In Imagination
It ia noted that Indiana and Mexi
cans rarely tufer front beat proa,
tration and never die freaa St effects.
Tbis Bay be accounted for by the fact
that tbey do sot read the hot weather
biota in the newspaper.
Ed Moore, tbe Willceaeatjle broker,
left for Xaco today in search of horse
which were recently stolen from hi
ranch at Whitewater.
Work on the peat ofSoo building
In Brewery Gulch I being pushed
ahead and it it will be ready for oc
cupancy within 60 day, X portion ot
tbe building will, be occupied by
Messrs Hart urau, uroeer. I
An exchange apeakiag ef the nat
ural advantages of tbe territory, saya
that one of Arizeoa'a chief attractieoe
is its superb olimate. For nlaa
months in the year tbe climate i aa
near perfection aa possible, and the
other three months are not a dis
agree able a eastern people have ties
led to believe. In some part of tbe
territory tke thermometer may regis
ter a high aa 105, or even 110, but
the heat is not oppressive and tbe
A Benson correspondent says:
Kiley Bennett's haute, better known
as tbe Keddington postoffice, was
entirely washed away by the late
flood. This was one ot the finest
homes on tbe lower San Pedro.
A dead man waa found in tbe San
Pedro river Tuesday about tbiriy.six
miles belew Benson, believed to be
the same man that was seen fioatiag
down tbe river here at Benson on
Monday morning. Although it is ra.
ported here tbat two other men ,
making three in all, were drowued
during this last flood, your correspon
dent has been unable to find out who
tbey were.
Work on tbe Benson pressed fire
briek and tiling manufactory is pro
gressing nicely.
San Simon, Aug. 18, 1901.
Ed PitosrtcTOE Weather dear.
Ko rain.
Grass is bolter than it has been for
Look out for some big mining deals
in Ibis section tbis season.
George Gardner is again a San
Simon resident, having moved baok to
Frcspeotors are jubilant, as tbe
recent rains have assured plenty of
water in the mountains while tbe
mineral is hereabouts in plenty.
Mrs Wm Hayes and her aister Miss
Annie Holers are spending a few
months in the moantains an an out
ing trip.
Another dance took pis here latt
Friday night and was thoroughly en
joyed by all participants.
It is repcr'ed several of our resi
dents will be brought b.fore Hymens
altar tbortly. Several are showing
Mrs M J Burleson is visiting San
Simon friends.
Robert Reed has returned from a
long visit Jo bis old home.
The railroad to Tombttone should
by all means be broad-GaKe ir it ttould
immortalize the man who Is reviving
the camp. Tucron Po.t.
The regular meeting of tbe Fort
nightly Club bat been changed to
Wednesday in.tead of Monday. The
next meeting will be held on Wed
nesday of this week.
The teeth annual sctsiou of the
grand lode ot Arizona. I O G T, will
eenvenein Bisbee on WedneedaV.lbe
28th intt. It is probable hewever
that a postponement will be had un
til certainty of travel on account of
washouts, is established.
Superintendent Clifford of the Pea
dody mine was down this week. The
oaa road, are a dijappointment to
mm at tbey impede to a great extent
toe ore Abipmenu from tbe mine.
Range Newt,
E F Bute, a well known newsparer
man ia a Tambsione visi or from
8afford where he bat been identified
with the Uuardlan and at.i.ted in the
issue of tbe creditable new Century
Souvenier edition of tbat journal.
scanners ol Xelvin saw barrel
of whiskey floating dowD the Gila
river latt week. It was rescued and
saved frcm falling into the haudt of
miners further on down the Gila.
The wbitkey is reported to bav been
excellent, and t!,e miners were more
than ever glad that it rained.
A tramp who was put off Conduc
tor Mad.gau's freight train Aug Uth,
near Maczora, fired a shot at tbe
caboose, the ball going through tbe
cupalo. was arrested tt Cccliite and
taken to Willcex for trial.
Jl Agnes Morris wbo has been
vititing bare for the past three
monthe, left for her home at Globe
tbis morning. She Is a oousin of the
lata Mrs J Henningar aud Mrs A R
Hon S M Fratkiin and wife and
babies leave for the Huachuca tbis
morning. Mrs Franklin and chil
dren will stay at the fort while Mr.
Franklin will yisit mines in that
rSDlan alfin f-Ltn. ... ; i .
- " viutiuuii cuntingt
unions nlr.
From Tutdag't luur.
Tbe Board of Supervisors will be iu
session nxt Mondsy 'o fix the tax
rate ot the county.
A ma-riige was isuel tedty bj
Probate Ju-Jga Botwick to Ji hn Itusi
t3 wid I. zzie .'oae, bo h of Nucj.
Ji.ha PterOo, tLe well knosvn
mining man Is a Tonihiter.o vi-ito
today from hU ruiues iu the Hua
cliucfi". Hh brings encouraging re
rorts ol tli a devtlopme-t of hi'
I c-r V a.cr cwi7- mm
. - 1 .Vua'jul m
The cool Itid bl wiigtcda
would seem to indicate tbat the bsck
b3ue ol tie hot efton is b-tJly bent,
it not entirely broken.
Th next regular county examin
ation for teacbers will be held in tl c
Probate Court chambers in tbe court
house at Tombttone on Monday, Sept
2nd. 1931. All interetted would du
well to remember the date an 1 be oa
An Oklahoma woman won tbe prize
offered by an eastern paper for the
best answer t9 the conundrum.
"Why is a newpaper like a woman?"
Her answer wa: "Because every
man should have one of his own and
not run alter bis neighlorV."
Toe new revised statutes have usen
put into circulation lhoie Tor free
dittributiou ia Maricopa couaty hate
been delivered to the county recorder,
the law authorizing tbo publication
providing for come reason tbat tbe
recorder instead of the board of
urertisori should attend to tbis busi-net'.
A talualle horee belonging to Ben
F Smith and U-td on bis stage line to
Glee-on aud I'earoa was taken tick to
day and It is feartd it will die. The
animal is being treated and doctored
and nothing spared to save it it
poeible, wnile nearly everyone in
tjw,, having any knowledge ol lioree
diseases have been railed in consult
ation to furnish a rtmody for its re
It is taid excessive persriration
will remove fieok'et and pimples and
make tha complexion clear. Now
girl?, if you will lay aeide that sbirt
wain and collar, and put on a sun
bonnet, and dive into tbe wrsbtub
Monday morning your freckles and
pimples will disappear along with
your mother's backache.
Tbey hays a wonderful doctor in
afford. One afternoon about a
month ago, be took a thirty-two
pouod tumor from a Cfty-seven pound
girl aid had twenty eight pounds of
girl left. He aaay be a flue doctor,
but he Is a poor mathematician
Globo Times.
Someone with n load of bocze
aboard perforated the midnight air
last night with three or four shots.
He probably thought he had more
loads than he could contiently
carry, aol woull di-pote of some cf
them. Too much tomfoolery ot this
kind is liable to lead to tbe lockup
and subsequent repentance.
Dr. J W Farnngion it a Tombstone
visitor. He stopped over hare oo bis
way from Tucson yesterday wbere he
witnessed the ball game. Thedootor
states tbe Bi.be team did nofcly as
the score of 3 to 0 shows. The Bisbee
Club have now bested tne Tncxn
club three time's and are ready for
the next chellene.
The meanest man we've heard of
lately, eold his son-in-law one; half
interest in a cow and then refused to
divide tbe milk, maintaining tbat it
was only the front half of the cow that
he sold, so he obliged the son in-law
to provide ibe food, and water the
cow twice a day. Recently the cow
hooked the old man and he is suing
the son-in-law for damages.
K Missouri man collected pay for
an old mule killed by the car by
seeding tbe officials cf the road, the
following dun:
Our donkey stood on the railroad side,
Your train came whizzing by
The driver pulled her open wide
And knocked our mnle ah blgb I
And i! you fail to pay your bill
By George we'll enter suit.
nigbt are very cool. It Is a babit
With Itlinnlaiia i A A 1 A a. a ...!
-..- ...uu..u. . fcu , vu HUn W K.11 -. .-H.H rt. !,- t.:n
fnt a fw MA-tl la L. . il '
"-- -. '"- .umm.r lime... , Ko ,ti,d7 wtrDiDg
uuh tuojr utu aivtaa glu to get DaCST.
During tbe past few week tb beat
of the entire east haa keen greater
taaa that cf Arizona. Hundred of
deaths have occurred frcm excessive
heat in many of the (late, while ia
Arizona sunstrokes and prostrations
from hsat are unknown.
nioce March 4, WOO. tbe date of
th patssge of tbe new baniictr law
there have been organized in th
Unilid States, G63 national bank by
a bond deposit aggregating J10.00S,.
200. Of these bank 457 were orean.
ized wiib a capital of less than f 50,
000, tbe total amounting to f 1I.SS2,
009, and 208 with a capital of f 60.000,
000 or over, tbe aggregate amounting
to 122,385.000,
Tombstone will soon bo connected
by teltpbone with tbe cutsile world.
The Gila Valley Telephoue Co, who
have a franchise, will shortly build
through Pearce, Gleasoo, Tombstone
ana uisbee to Tucson and tbe lone
distsnee lines. Work will begin in a
short time and the line established in
Tombstone before next January.
J.lt ltw Spit 4 CmcieTcsi U." 5-
To qnlt tobacco sasUr ami lorerer, tr -
artlc rull el Jlfe, nerve aod vleor, take J.O-TV
.. w? .uoucrvvrur, lost niaxe. ires met
I strong. AH drncuu.t0oorll. Cureikanui I
. &lrX!-" ZSZr''f"? I " -d harsh judgm.nt.
Rev Elliott conducted eervices yes
terday at St Paul' church both morn
ing aud vning. H diseusred re
ligious ditcouragement in the morn
ing. In an eloquent manner he
shewed tbat not in nature, not in ex
Urn is Grd found, but in th still
man voice within wh.ch speak
courage and eonoltien to the soul.
Oar duty toward those who are over- I
taken in a fault, furnished I subject
for th evening. Our attitude hould
be one of charity and aelpfulne?, not
Sirs Allen h. English received a
telegram from her slstsr Mrs M
Mabomich, that their father, A D
Walth was very sick yeMerday at
Naco. Mr English left immediately
and reached Naco last evening, but
Mr Walsh died ibis morning and the
remain are belog brought to Tomb
stone for interment in the family
plot. Mr Walsh was amonr? lha
pioneer cf Tombstone having had
charge of the Can Can restaurant for
years, and bat experienced the vicissi
tudes cl frontitr life until at tbe age
ot 62 he answered the final summons.
Kc.Walsh bad been ill for some time
and succumbed to a liege of pneu
monia. The sympathy of Ibe com
munity i tendered tbe bereaved relative;.
?- "r .surf, r ,r- iwl v
II rsc tranJ
P O Address
Fair baa
Sn Pedr
connected ft hip
catu let
horses lef
? '- I fetl fi
XTk-. JS-J3JSd
P. O Addrcs--Pearce.
Range Dra
goon Mts
P O -Tombstone
Rarge-Rathbume anc
Horse brand sameas ca
rfv- - mMajrs v
P O-St David
Range San Pedro
JUk.fewlf jj&
Postoffice '
cabezas Aru
Range Do
CaU-ias .Milan
Sulphl'r Spnne
P O TombstGnJ
Range Dragoci
P O Address, Densoo
Range. San Pedro
SjlHr'- Post office d
haaaffJIflHh dress Tombstone!
S Rang
P. O. Address
Tombs ton
Tombstone &
Dragoon Mts.
I ji n f c...t-w.
I 11 '
P. O. Address
Range. Sulphcr
Spnng valley
Also own HT
brand, left side.
Range, Grtnite
fi rings'
Fosterne. Addre-s
t sstaaBsBBwasBaB
-OCt tirf r
-. 4 ,v - - Ik
"SV; V Ortj
cr A.'$3t

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