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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, September 01, 1901, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 1

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The "A'fcFkLY Tombstone EriTArii
published every Sunday will ie all N)
ibp newt n1 mill lr trot toan) ad- fti
?! $1 MR TAR.
i' -
I'UMtisiicu cvci fMiniufi aau ia
tun all the news of iie week as it ap
pears in the Daily rsosrsCTon.
A Dr.-s.fx ft
w loin- Months r sj.l re
JF"ivo Ociits it Copy
liliiLE, Aug-ist :S, 1901.
R. U Supt Choate cime la en lodsy
Peter Johnson has returned 'rem
John Hey came in Susday from L
Jobo Sugiah I111 gene lo Hermotilo
or a iw day.
E G N'orlou and bride are expected
here toon turn Maine.
Supt Walter Dujgla raoie In Ufct
night on a special
Jno A Gatnp'seli is bck from a
visit t? the Cansneas.
J B Anu'ia and family returned
today from the coatt citiet
Chai Murjliy anJ Colhctor Mil
came up from Naco today.
Miss Acna O'Brien will leave on
Sunday (or DougUt to remain for
ioiub lime.
Olias Miller, Supt of (be Dominion
Mining Co at Morenci. passed throagti
Benson jsulerday o a trip out.
Tne funeral cf Obai O Benson took
place lliii a'Urnoon frm Library
Hall A great maty friodo attend
d. Chae A Wallace, bead tiiieleeprr
at the cmeHert has been si men hit
ill far several da9,
A special train mil bring in the
people with the 'Hermann the Great'
company on the 15th p;ox.
Arrivals at the Bt'semei: l hts
C Range, Iudisnipoli', Ind; Usury
Clepp.SF; M Dnhionil, Pno-sninJ
C Base, Douglass.
John Nobile has ri turned fram bit
outing on Itlo coi.l. He 11 lookiop
vastly improve!,
Chai Hoed, Deputy IT 3 M.i'tbal
nil a Bisbse rititor yesterday. Hood
U the officer to wbom Wm Sillee eur
rendercd after the ihuoling of Jailor
Bravin and the eicapefrom the county
Arrivals at the Norton: T T
Davidson, LA; P II McLaughlin,
S F; G C Ltngtou, sucsoo; M C
Harris, Nogale'.
GbasC Banter o! Indianspol's. has
arrived with bis family and will tale
charge of the new Copper Queen
Hotel. The matter of furnishing the
hotel and iw entire equipment baj
been left to Llm.
A new social club has been formed
hero bv the dancing men. lie mem
bership has been limited to CO and it
it propottd to give at lent one hop a
month. Itie called the Cactui Dtnc
Ing Club. F E Bercier, Prejt; J W
Farrington, Treat; fboa Soberte,
Biibre, Auauet 29. 1901.
Arrivals at h Korton Home:
Oeen Migent, Tuston; Jobn Sisip
eon, Michrel Simpson, Tucson; Sam
HoldeD.SF; Fred Wild. Hu.chuca;
H Hixoc, S S Stout, Phoenix.
W D.amond ii back at hi ttore
from a lojourn In Phoenix.
Qaite a icvtre electrical elorm li'lt
ed oe lait nigbt Bain fell intermitt-
enllr during the night.
Artivala at Ilia 3erecmer: II
Verap, E Barge, 8 F; J 11 Grady;
Pearce; A B Edwardr, DangU; M C
Semerr, LA.
Jno A Limb, aiei,tant cabier at
the Copper Quien Store-, left Ihii a m
lor Has Diejo, whnie ho will leaume
hU farmer potition wilt) Chat Hardy
wholetale batcher.
Several caset of typhoid are report
ed .
The (obool roome are being prepar
ed for occupation on text Monday.
John Toon.ey will Uave for the
county teatio the morning.
Harrie the tailor had another ad
dition to hie family tod.y. Mm
Hani No 4 caving arririO.'
Fraok I)at!an who was reported
mieing tinea tbe liih inet, is tick at
the hospital.
Deunie Curran, stone mator, came
in (rem Xacotari last right.
Al Whit, rar nun at the Holbrook
lettiroeJ f rem (ni?it to San Franciico
Peter Spsnce was a Bisks a arrival
tuUy. He was prcminent in early
Tcmbtloue affairr,
Dr Nichol( one of our prominent
t hy!citi. cut hie hand eeerely by
the explcticn of a lottle. Dr Hick
and Brum decreed the rround audit
it excctcd that uo rioue reiolt will
Coneidcrabla ccmrcent wae occai
toned by the arrei. of J B Harru and
John Foiter cbaiged with the murder
of E W Stuaip, in August 1S97 al
Ash Canyon, Huachucas. The par
ticulars ol the flcding of the Loby of
Slump tie well known, the verdict
of tbe corouoi'a jury at the time being
accidental death. Both Harris and
Foster hear excellent reputation! and
it is the general opinion that they will
bo r.lle to eitablirh their innocence.
Newsv Notes From the North
ern Section of the Countv
S.n Simon, Auc 2S, 1901 .
Walter Birch left on todayi train
for Clifton on butmets.
Mrs M J Burleson has moved from
here to Glcaon.
Ihs weather is lovely, and the
nights to nice an J rml tb'it you want
a little cover ere r ort ing.
Mrs Win Caji ei.J Mies Annie
Ropers returned today from Cave
Ci-fek whire t''y have been on an
outinf. much improve 1 iu health.
They hae had an excellent time and
ocjoyed tbemselves immensely.
Mr May and wife anJ Walter Pearco
and if c of Bowie went up to Cave
Creek eetcral days ago. No doubt
thy o:e bagging plenty of big game,
such as baare, lions, -tc, of rchlch they
told ua thry wsuld briog back a nagon
Sam Glass, our forman here on the
heifer engine and Mr G F Colvin,
expect to ttart on a hunt stout the
19 ill of next month to be gooo until
they get tired. Thev have secured a
pair if btunds and nothing lees than
bears will tatisfy them with an oc
casional figbt with tome Iaduns,
RibbiU and doves are very plenti
ful around hero and are in fine con
dition. So much is being written
pro and con ot tbe practice of person s in
Califorria turning their Belgian barer
l3o-e tn run wild, that we auggest
that they ship a few car loads out
here and turn thtm loose in this
beautiful valley and we will vouch
that the man who does it will not be
arrested or fined either.
Miners here are doit.z nicely and
live in hopes. Anion; Vha most pro
minent miners hero we are told that
the mines in hii distiict have a great
future ahead ef them and that more
outside capital it being in
vested every year. While tbo grade
of ore here does not run so very high
as a rule it it easily worked and in
good sized veins.
LccatCoosTr. J
Frank J. Cheynev niaket oath that
tie it tbe eenior partner of the firm of
F. J. Chey ney & Co., doing business in
the city of Toledo, cocnty and state
I'oreeai J and that said firm will pay
LARS fcr each and every ease of
at arrh that cannot te cure by the
ue of Hall'e Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribe
my prctence.thia 6th day cl Secern
ber. j 83.
beaM - W- GASLEON,
Notary Puhli
Hall' Catarrh Cnre it taken inter
nally nd act directly pn tbe back
end mucus surface of- the system
Send or testimonials free
Minutes of tlto Board of Super
visors Cochise Countv
Tombstone, Aug. Stith, 1901.
10 a m. This being the boar pet
for meeting of tbe Boat J of Supervis
ors and Thomas It York, Chairman of
the Board beiDg tbe oily member
present, P J Delahanty and Geerge B
Reay, members of the Board being
unaveidly absent, meeting wat post
poned to 3 p m.
3pm Boar.l mat persuant to law
and postponement, to fix tbe tax rate
and make the levy for the year 1B31.
Members present Thot R York,
Chairman and Supervisors P J Dele
hanty and Geo B Rear.
Minutes ot meeting Aug. 2nd read
and approved.
Tho Board having complel:d tbe
additions of tbe columns of valuation
ef taxable property in Cocbhe county.
Arizona, and having ascertained the
amount to be $7 403,407 43 habl to
taxation therein.
Now therefore be it resolved, all
members voting aye: that there be
and is hereby levied and ordered to be
collected on each $100 valuation
thereof lor Territorial purpose! and
for the following namsd particular
purposes, and in the following pro
lortioae, towil:
Territorial geneial fund para
graph 3331, R S 1901 35
Teiritorial insane asylum inter
est tunc", par. S615, R S 1901..
Territorial Normal school fund,
par. 3702, R S, 1901
Territorial achesl fund, par.
224C, RS.1901 .03
Territorial Reform school fund.
far. 37C2.RS, 1901
University lund, par. 3m2. R S
19 Jl ....... a......... .......
Northern Arizona Normal sebcol
fund, par. 3718, R ri, 1901
Prison fund, par.3G0l.RS, 1901.
Ranger fund, par. 3223, R S,
Redemption fund, par. 2615, R
8,1901 .035
Capitol building fund. Act No
35, Lw.'t J901 .035
Interest World's fair bonds, Act
103, Laws 1891 005
Capitol interest fund, Ast U,
Laws 1&97 02
Territorial interest fund, R 5,
2047 and Act of Congress ISM .14
Territorial prison improvement
fund, Act 14, Laws 1901 . . .035
Normal School oi a n.iua Dormi
tory fund, pir. 3699. It S, 1901. .02
Northern Arizona Norical school
fund, par 37I., K S, 1901.... .01
Insane asylum improvements
fend, Act 62, Lawe 1901 .03
Univer.itv mlerett fund, par.
3G63.RS. 1901 .005
Total .1.1.
Making a total ot $1 17 in each
$100 ot valuation.
All in accordance with the order
and levy of tbe Territorial Board ot
Equalization, now on Cle in this office
'or the year 1901.
Resolved farther that on the sum ot
?7. J98.407.43 .being the said equalized
value of taxable property in stid Co
chise county, Arizona. Tbero be and
is hereby farther levied and ordered
to be collected on ell taxable property
in si J county, tbe following rates and
for the following purpose" on eaob
$100 valuation thereof, tet.il:
Caunty General fund $1.16
Scheol fund with tbe 5 ptr cent
ot total estimate ot Ciunty
School Superintendent In
cluded therein 0
Road lard 03
Interest Redemption fund to be
applied in payment of 'he
annual interest on $118,
100, EondeJ debt ot the
yrart 18S7 and 1883 12
Bond Redemption Fund to bo
applied in redemption of
$12,060 ef County Bonds of
1887 and $7,000 of-'tbe
County Bonds of 1889 6
W.iich amounting to a total o'
$3.20 for territorial andoiunty lJr
P'sees acd which is hereby ordered
and declared to be tbe tax levy of all
laxab'e property in saiJ Cochise
county, Arizona, for the vear 1901,
llo.olTfd further and it is (hereby
ordered that an additional tax of .35
cents on each $100 valuation be added
to all taxable propet'.y situated inaida"
ef ibe limit. ot the rTiUoex. Sobool
District, for the purpose ot pajisg the
interest on tbe School Boudt for said
Willcox School Distriet,
lei accordance with Act 16, See 8 ef
tbe Session Laws ( the year 1891,
B jard occupied the tisat witaioa
tine srork.
Board audited and allowed the fol
lowing claim:
Danisl McFarland, wolk on
Fjirtaak road, July $57 00
At 5 p m . Board stands at recetl to
7 p. rn.
At 7 p. m. board met pursuant to
adjournment for recetl.
Members present Supervisors p J
Delahanty and Geerge B Reay.
Absent Thomas It York.
On motion ot P J Delahanty, Geo
B Reay was made Chairman, pio tern.
Bonds approved :
Tbcxsas It York, Butcher, Tomk
etane. John S Merrill, Road Overseer.
Board occupied the time with rou
tiue work.
At 8 -JO p. m. board stands adjourn
ed to Aog 27tb. 1901, at 10 a. to.
Thcs. R. Yoek.
Jasiks F Du.scas.
Breezy Dots From That Rail
road Center
Falibank, Anc. 23. 1901.
Leon Larrien of tbe Montezuma is
spending a few days in Guaymat.
Milts Neyea formerly of this place
is at present located at the Caaanea
miatsln Sonora.
Considerable pumpkins changed
hands here en tbe result e! the Bii-bee-Vorenci
bass ball game.
Ihs "Cannon Ball" arrived from
tbe south three hours late, due to a
washout on the south end.
Geo Overracker came in today and
reports cattle looking well with good
feed on the ranges.
Cbas Hood collector ot customs,
stationed at Yuma went to Bisbee
yesterday returning today. He left
far Nogtles this evening.
Supt B A Wortbington and Resi
deut Engineer O C Sroafe passed
Ibrougri Fairbanlc Monday on a tour
of ios;eeiion of the toad to Gaaymas.
The party returned to Tucson yester
day. Monday Deputy Porlsr MoDonald
was serving summons on tbe settlers
of tbe so called Boquillas Grant. The
settlers have seoured counsel and ro
pose to contest it.
J E Guy and family Itft for Men'.,
rovia, Cal, ynteiday. . Mr Gay has
held tbe important positiea of agtnt
ot this plaee fer the past lour years
He will begone about a month. Hit
place it filled by J R Clark of tbe i
H3ebucafllatlon. I
"Lornr John" Summers the road !
n.r..r in lawn laJi-r rollsK-tlnff
road taxes, and listening to tales of
woe. He was given a wide berth by
those that were "on to him."
Geo Burr formerly of Benson ttep-
ped oyer awhile cb bis way to Tuttoa.
Mr Burr intsndt optniag a saloon in
Tombstone next to the telegraph
olHco. He will celebrate hit grand
opening in about two weeks.
Tho maasgors ol tho stool eolostut
will find soma way to xtUrjaek tho
money tboy lot y.ite atdkt, bat
tow about tbo workmen?
from Thurtaayt Daily.
Asting Governor Stoddard yester
day appointed Mr V R X Gravee of
Nacs to be a notary public.
II M Williams win U connected with
the ires of Roy anet TitconS, No
gales was a Tombstone visir today
on, business..
Hon Mark A Smith Arizona's dele
gale -to Congress is a Tombstone
visitor today and groeted 1 y his many
friends Mr Smith i here un
professional busineif.
A letter received from Dr Xicon
stales himself and wife will start
homeward froaa Clicago about tho
12th of next month.
A good rain fell bere again last
night and showers from otbir parts of
the oounty is also reported.
A dtspendent Nevada miner, after
telliag friends that he intended to get
off the earth, sat down on twenty-five
pounds ot giant ponder and exploded
It. He got el!.
Governor Murphy'acioe friends de
clare that he does not have tho slight.
est notion of resigning. That he will
sliok uatil his term ol othce expires.
This sounds much more like tbe
sentiments ot Governor Murphy than
does tbe rumor ot his resignation,
, ,
The two cowboys who fired several
(hots while riding out ol town yester.
day were arretted and brought back
to answer te tbe ebarge against ibetn.
A jury tril was asted for and th
case will bsj tried before Judge CUrk
toaaorrow at 10 a m.
White winged Sjnor p'geoos are
more plenti ul new thin at any timo
this summer. Nea-I. alt these killed
are youn birds.au,! most (M.riou
eating. T it birds are ''hiiurhlng up'
now. 8 t lucsl sjortsm -. r.l it, si
indtoitian t iat they will not n main
Tbe gross production ot Ihs- Li ji el
Verde at Jerumi, Anr, i' nin esti
mate! at about $4000) erdsy.smd
it is etatad that a!lsr -.11 Uei.S(S
hava been deducted, Ihire is a net in
come of $12,000 d.tly. Jerome
A patient from Benson was received
at the hospital teJay. He as shot
in the fleshy part at the leg. Dr
Bedford probed tbe wound and found
tbe bullet bal nearly p-iueirated
through, it being extractel near the
skin on the apposite side. The wound
was dressed and no serious results are
looked for.
A negro was admitted to tlio hos
pital yesterday from Nsco lUtferiiv
from a fracture of the bones ef l.i
right arm near the ehouMer. Ihs in
jury wat the direct cau.e of rncioich
ing too close on tli3 riht of wy of
the railroad, an eagine striking him
on the arm, O-ring to the peculiar
nature of Ilia trie tula th-'p.ent msy
loe his arm, hjwev:', D. Bs I'o d is
making an effort to .ave the eanie
and after surgical examinat'OJ a
special aid ingecictis rontii.iHCC to
act as aid with compress and bandage
was made. The reiults can only be
determined by developments and at
tention and is awaitd with interest
Tbe virtues ef genuine smrle is
noted for preserving the hair and
skin and its cleansing prep rlirt.
There are many soap weeds ia the
conntry but ther is lut one a mole
plant in Arizona. There era sesps on
tbo market mode out of Palmio. a
Tory common soap weed, which has
no beneficial effect on tbo skin or bur.
It O Brown of the Tueson Aroole
Soap and Extract eomrauf csme m
from Bisbee today. Our people will
have an opportunity to sea tho gen
uine amolo teap tast is put op by
ibis company. Then is no seap. on
Ibo-markst superior to the genuine
Fun Friilai'i Unity:
A Oppecluimor, representing Liv
lOKston A On. b-n Frii"isfo liquor
dealers it a T.iul.itone visitor.
Cid Ka Morgan nl'l leiv next
Mono y fur Calif irn'a un v i; of
ecvcral srtekj diiratir.u. .
Juhn McCarty and family have re.
turned t Tnmhitone after a visit
ut tnreo mouttis at Santa Monica.
Joiiony Twromey i a Toml.jtone
vi.itar .'torn Bi.le. Johuny"is wel,
aad fav.ireh'y known, has many
Irinls here and finis Tonil stone ft
most attractive lace t3 visit
Prof J A Gaines ot 8u l'rauc'aco,
prir cirol if the Tomh.trne lublic
school for the ensuing term, arrived
jutorday fiom the nest. Prof
Guii'cs crmc htglily reiomraended
and wl.l l.ke ch .rgr of the school on
Sept9.hnntu the uteion nprn.
1 he jury in the care of the two cow
boys on charge of shootifg in the eily
limits, returned a eldict, finding one
ol the cowboys guiltr aud the otter
not guilty. A new trial is to be bad
tomoriow but the caeeagaiml the one
dtfendaut wat dismlseed.
O B Siean and family arrived today
on a briel visit. Mr Steen is operat
ing the Copper Glance group ot mine
in tho Hiiachueas) formerly worked by
the late S M Donnelly anl nnoctalef.
The property is ucdr band and the
first payment was recently made by
Mr Steea while developments warrant
the hope that a big proJuctr will be
opened bere.
One o! the larg'St caltl deals that
have been put through in the territory
in many years, has just beea-consam-atcd
by Hon K G Brady of tbis city.
Mr Brady pvsed through Tucsen on
No. 10 on Sucusy morc-inf, in com-
tany w th tw other large cattle
b'iver. all on their wav to Denver.
He- hat coi.traC.cd for 12,001 head ol
istl'e for next year, with cattle men
id California. Star.
A three year old Mexican child was
tilled in Pnoeoix by falling from tne
roof of allied It fell upon its head
am! its skull Kfts crushed. Tne matter
was never reported to the authorities.
American women living in the neigh
borhood heard the cries of the mother
all afur.ioon and went to her assist
ance. Hull it was three days before
the news ol tins child's dealti wat made
The Hopl snke dance was eel e
brated yct'erday. If the Indians are
true 10 Ibiir advance notices. In the
course bf the week some o! the tour
ulswh) journeyed en far to witness
the performance will duull!es iriivp
to tell of it. It U said there were
many more people attracted to the
Hupi villages this year than ujnal
and among them are many from I'be
ntx. IuciJ.uttlly it may be mention
eJ that nor'htrn Arizona tewes are
beginning to appreciate the value ot
the snake dance as a tourist attrac
tion. Flagstaff, Williams, Holbrcsk
and Winslow eaeh claims to be the
nearest rnd have the tost road to the
Hupi villages.
R II Renoldt o! Cochise county bs
gan suit in district court yesterday
against Sam F Webb on a contract.
At the same time the same plaintiff In
the same matter began garnishing
proceedings against tho Valley bank
and Logan Morris. This aclioa is a
result of the recent sale ot the Relief
mine by uo xiamiin lor Jiu.uw.
the pla;ntlffand the defendant wore
the owners of tbo mine for some timo
revious to 1891, when the defendant,
acting for himself and as agent for tbe
plaintiff, sold it to Hamlin. Tbe
price it thesabjsst of dispute. Tbo
plaintiff says it was $4,030 and claims
-that the defendant represented that it
was $1,003. Ha aocordicgly eriaps
suit to recover $1,500, bait of tho
difference. Republican.
Jupiter is 1S37 tiuina bigger than
tliera-tb. Which offers a .heavenly
fold to- J p Morgan when he bsoom-t
flutter-winged angel, with a soul
full of Iru.l.
Guvs rrrnr Milner, of thi leii d
Transvaal tcrriturr, it to hava tie
"fre:Ji:ra of London'." That's more
than he 1 at a his South African
domains, despite all ib.it Kttchentr'e
rmy can do for him.
M xico h.i r -v i faster during the
past Cect'.e thin Canadi. The r'
puolic hs a populaliih of 13.570,545
and the Dominion has only 5,300,COO.
the territorial area of the latter is
greater, he wove', than that of tbo
United .Ntatfp.
An Ohio twain it being tcod for
breach of promise because he de
clines to mtrryn young woman who
only w ighed 12" pounds when he
propos d but now tips the beam at
31S. Evidently tbe young mm
dorsu't like tco mach of a good thiof.
The sleeping car porters think tbsy
may at well have the game as the
nauia and their new nrgaoizttion is to
prs.cribe an iron-olad tcbtdule ot
rates for tips; 25 cen's for nothing:
35 fr a plain bra:h-o!f; 50 cents for
brush-off with remarks about the
weather, and so on.
Tne PfintrecTOK is in receipt ot the
register ot the University of Arizona
he term of wbicb opens on Sept 16tb.
Matters touching tbe publio educa
tional welfare deeerve thoughtful oon
sideratioi and tbe high standard ot
the University in ably filling a broad
Bell of educational usefulness It a
matter of eoneralnlalien to Amine.
The University baa- won-full recogni
tion at home and abroad and the In
creased attendance is a flattering and
substantial indicatiou of tbe marked
favor Willi which tbe institution is re
garded. To President Parksr, who is
a prominent educator of repute, is due
much credit for establishing the ad
vanced educational system so thor
ouchly conducted and made possible
with an able faculty ot high attain.
ru ir.s. The csurtes of study outlined
in the register show that adequate
prevision is affjid.d tor general in
struction in science and literature
and a technical education in agricul
ture, mccbanis ait, mining and
metallurgy. Particular attention Is
devot?d to training in the pursuits of
Arizona,' two greatest industries and
a practical course in lbs applied prin
ciples o' each lecd an intelligent aid
to the deveIo;men of our resources.
The University ts an Arizona institu
tion of which all feel proud and will
ing to Ind an encouraging hand to its
ooitluued success.
Statement Showing Deposits
of Arizona Banks
The following is a list of deposits
held by the twenty three banks ot tbe
territory of Arizona, July 1901 :
Consolidated Nauonat, Tucson $ 999.360
Qauasf arizona, Presrott 834393
IhoenU National Bank-, PhonIx.... 732,579
Bank of Bisbee, riisbee. 594,599
The Vajey Bank,. Phoenix .. . 465,494
Prescott .Vanonal, Prncott 3974o3
Anzoaa National, Tncson 3Si,ae4
Ariioaa Cenuat Back, Flagstaff...... 344,633
National Bank Arueca, Phoenii..;... 3S4.379
Bank of Globe, Giobe 1 7. 857
international Bank, Nogales 176,001
Fanners and Merchants. Tempe 138,193
OOa Valley Balk. Solornonville 108,517
First Nauonal Bank. Qifton 98.410
BankofSarTord, Saftord 97,706
P Sandoval 4 3 . Nojates 71,758
Old Docion Commerced Co, Globe. . C5.95
Mesa CUr Ban, Mesa 53.9
Navajo ixxmty liana winslow 47,573
Home San;g Bank & Trust Co ,
Phoenix 46.45a
Tempe Nauonal Bank, Tempe. 45,759
Bank of Yuma, Ymna.r- 31.130
E F Sangumetti. Yuma I7.S6
Tota'. .
' I
jk! &-Jm3&Z-'.iJ&6JI&lii .Jfe.
jrLnr ..

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