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Initruments Filed With the County
Arizona fc- New Mexico
ltclty Co toH l)Hn-
nth; lot in Overlook -
Add $ 125 ..
Warren Co to liobt Burnt;
lotin Warren 300 .
W B Kelly and Ruth
Kelly t Mrs Laura
Llo)d; house to Bisbee 10..
The L L A I Co to Jennie
Lou Radford; lots in
Douglas 1,450 ..
Mark L Ball et uz to
Citizen Hank and
Truit Co; lot in War
ren Charles P Peters et ux to
the Bank ot 3isbee;lots
in Bfsbee; arat COO ..
Mrs Fannie Black to the
Bank ol Bisbee; lot.., 1,500 .
C K Black to Bank ot
Bisbee; lot 600 ..
I.aura Hohstadt to First
National Bank ol
Douglas; furnishings
in Rojal hotel. Doug-
Us; amount.... 500 ..
R D Hall to Arizona
Trust Banking Co,
cattle;amt ISO 00
Oeorge Karsul et ux to
O W Furr; lot? in
Doug'.a; arnt lt0 ..
8tate Mut Bldg it Loan
association to George
Karsul: lota in Doug
las W S Lynch to II L Ball
et ux; lot in Johnson
Sheriff John F White to
F X Wolcott; lots in
Tombstone 148 65
L E Oliver to Mrs Allie
Campbell; horses, bug
gies and harness 170 ..
Bank of Bisbee to James
McLean; executed by F
McL BrinckerbofT....
Estate of J B Angius; ordered that
lot 25, block 1, Bisbee, be conveyed to
Lee Javonavich; and lot 27 A, block 1,
be conveyed to estate of J B Angius.
C H Bryant. B S Brvant,
O A Rice, W D Mcliee.
Nevton Trenbam, J T
Haggard and A Coll to
M fcCRRCo;lnd .1 200 ..
J X McFate et ux to T
E Wilson, property in
Courtland 450..
J X McFate et ux to Mrs
F D Bennett, property
in Courtland 300 ..
H W Spaalding et ux,
T E Spauldicg et ux
and E H Spaulding et
ux to E A Ton Amino,
lot in Douglas
A Peake et ux to A J
Haven, lots in Douglas 10 .
John Graham Jr. to J S
Carrie, residence o.J
iorniture 600..
Ja Herron to E J Jaci-
lin.Iotsin Courtland. 600 ..
J F Turner to J W Furr,
JOco '
H A Bcbwartx and E W
Spiers to P E Bock-
waiter ...... .. . i
Enterprise Development
Co, lacorporatori; J E
Morrison & F B Dorr;
placd business, Bisbee;
capital....: 500,000 .
C Valenzuela to F R
Zepeda; interest in
mines $ 10 . ,
Mrs Martha l.yall to R L
West; lot in Douglas . 700 .
W L Musick et ux to P
J Smith; lot lu Doug
las 75 ..
G orge W Sain to P B
Warnekros; mines .. 2H) ..
R L Feat et ux to Stella
and Philip Clark; lot
in Douglas 500 ..
Bank of Bisbee; to C W
Black; on lot
Lee and V A Carter to
H V Carter; lot in
Courtland 100..
John Burnett to Thomas
Pidwell; brick plant at
Courtland 1,500 ..
D T Chaplin e ux to
Provident Mut B-L
Asn; lots in Douglas 500 .
Ariz Mut Sav i L Ann to
David T Ctuplin etux;
on lots in Douglas.. .
E R Pirtle CO Ellis and
Alfred Paul to Mrs
Laura Holstadt; hotel
in Courtland; term one
ear 1.5S5 ..
Unjust to Life
Insurance Companies
Regarding the injustice and unwis
dom of the Xew York law limiting the
business of life insurance companies
operating under the laws of the state,
to one hundred and fiftv millions o
dollars new business annually, C. S
Phillips, Arizom representative of the
Xew York Life Insurance Co, who is
in Tombstone today, says there is a
serious question as to the justice and
wisdom of such a law.
"If the law does not prevent the
company from doing business to its
IcU capacity," said Mr. Phillips, "then
the company can progress bit if the
law dees prevent the company from
full exercise of its power, the company
must read) a point in its career where
progress is no longer possible; progress
is an indication of health of vigor
while lack of progress means stagna
tion, death and decay. If law is al
iosed to interfere with reasonable pro
gress and development, it becomes
ty-anny; and tyranny is the highest
type of injustice.
"Xow, here is a life insurance com
pany whose possible life and use' ul
ness are dependent upon the laws gov
erning its operations, a mutual com.
pany, composed solely of its own policy
holders without any capital stock;
whose cost of operation is paid by tie
policy holders and whose net profits
are paid to the policy holders in the
form of aunual dividends. If this
company's operations are limited to
onp-half their normal capacity, annu
ally, then certainly the policy holders
lose by the limitation. This law is
therefore unjust to them, and ;t
should be so amended as to permit a
company to grow within reasonable
limits or should be repealed outright,'
Flashlight Picture
Breaks Up Dance
A kodak fiend who took a flashlight
pictured the 'Devil's Dance' at South
Side Park last night, broke up the big
Indian dance given by Chief Dan
Higas and the members of his band
In spite of the injunction of the
chief, that no pictures should be taken
of the affair, camera operators were
much in evidence. The dance had
been in progress for some time before
nne of the elan, more nervy than any
of the others, set off a charge of flash
powder. The dance stopped at once
and the braves could not be induced
to proceed further with the cer
emonies. Chief Higas stated after the dance
had broken up that he was very sorry
that the ceremony should have ended
in such an abrupt manner. The dance
is a religious custom, at which the
taking of photographs is held to be
improper, and the braves could not be
induced to go on with the ceremony,
after the flashlight had been taken
Globe Silver Belt.
In the baseball contest between
Florence and Rayon July 4. the latter
team woo by si score of 5 to 0.
S. P. Will Build
Shops at Gleeson
It developed late in the week that
the Southern Pacific railroad intends
to more the roundhouse and round
house superintendent from IVarce to
Gleeion thus transferring all the ac
tivities incidental to the lay-over and
repair of locomotives from the old
gold camp to the terminal of the line.
A four-siall roundhouse will he
erected at Gleeson, and all the loco
motivo on the line from Cochite to
Gleeson Hill l repaired there.
Visit of One of
The Real Old Timers
Tombstone was visited by ono of
the genuine old timers yesterday in
the person of "Johnnie" Behan.
When Cochise was segregated from
Pima c-uinty at the legislative session
of 1880 81, Gen. John C. Fremont
was g ivernor of Arizona. Among the
list of appointees selected to fill the
dnlorent positions, John II. Behan
was named as sheriff. Those were the
days when Tombstone was the typical
frontier town and could alwa)s be
relied upon to furnish at least one
man for breakfast every morning.
The office of sheriff at that time
was by no means a sinecure. The
country was wild and woolly. The
Earp boys. Doc Holliday, Luke Short,
Bat Mastersoo, Cha'lie Storm', Dave
Xeacle and other men with a reputa
tion and handy gun,raade Tombstone
their habitat, and it required cmsid
erable courage as well as a whole lot
of diplomacy to fill the position of a
peace officer.
It was during Behan' incumbency
of the sheriffs office that the fight
occurred between Virgil Earp, who
was city marshal, and his passe, with
the Clanton and McLowry brothers,
when Tom and Frank McLowry and
Billy Clanton wre killed nerly in
front of The Prospector office. The
Earps and Doc Holliday, after the
slaughter, barricaded tliemeelves in a
room of the Grand hotel on Allen
street and refused to submit to arrest.
Later Virgil Earp was shot in
the arm while emerging from the
Oriental saloon, his arm being left use
lees Morgan Earp was killed in the
Billiard Parlors by one of the fuedists,
while Holiday left for Colorado where
he died of consumption.
"Johnuy" Behan, as he is known 'o
the old timer, is al nays welcome to
the town. He is one of the men who
has taken a prominent part in the
affairs of Arizona in its early days
and helped in making history for
Tombstone and Cochise county.
9 to 4 in Favor
of Courtland
The ball game which was scheduled
for yesterday on the local iiamond be
tween the Tombstone nine and the
Courtland team was called at 4 o'clock
p. m. with Tombstone at the bat
The first exciting incident of the game
was a strike by Dan Critchley which
culminated in a home run, causing
much excitement on both sides Dur
ing the course of the games Frank
Crable of the local team, stole four
bases and made eleven strike oute.
Although Tombstone lost the game it
was well played; the same was full of
errors, and the local nine was short
five of its regular players, whose places
had to be filled by outsidere. G.
Headrick and George Brown also
played exceptionally good ball, and
the game was very interesting. The
score was 9 to 4 in favor of Courtland
The Courtland team am all good play
ers and easily carried oft the honors.
Following is the line-up of both
Tombstone. Courtland.
C Hedrick.... catcher. G Lemons
Francis Crable. . pitcher. . G Greenlf y
GCook 1st base W Mitchell
G Durazo....2nd base.... J Radcliff
Dan C'itchley..3rd bse..B Radcliff
George Brown.. short stop.. J Spikes
W Yoho... .center field J MeGee
C Weaver. ...right field. ...C Clifford
A Wanrooy....left field.. .8 8pikes
Substitute F Harrison.
Courtland Captain, W Mitchell.
Earned runs Tombstone 2; Court
land 1.
It it expected that a return game
will be played at Courtland in the
near future,
Noted Smuggler
Is Captured
An El Paso dispatch sav a. In the
arrest at LaPata, a hamlet in Sotiora
on the Arizona border, of Francisco
Dursngo, the Mexican officials believe
they have captured the di tctor of a
gigantic smuggling scieme Papers
found on him indicated he carried on
an extensile business in smuggling
Chinese across the border. It eppeirs
that he has gotten thousandsof coolies
into this country in the past few
years. Hundreds ot the Chinese he I
been captured by the immigration
authorities in Arizona and the immi
gration headquarters at Tucson have
been jammed nith this class of pris
oners for a long time. However by
far the greater part of those smuggled
across the line by Durango have suc
ceeded in getting into this country
without capture. The man is said to
have had a numbdr of associates help
ing him on both sides of the line and
further arrests are expected.
A Bad County
For Evil Doers
From the grist the justice mill
ground at Tombstone this term it is
evident tint one Arizona county is to
be reserved for peaceful and law abid
ing citizens. Forty boarders for the
territorial prison Is the bunch they
sent up, and never once smiled while
doing it. Yuma Enterprise.
A New Automatic
Iceless Refrigerator
M. K. Sipe of Benson, has just made
an automatic icele's refrigerator ot
his own invention, that not only
keeps things cool, but is ant-proof. It
is a wooden box covered with burlap, .
a shallow pan ovei the top contains
water, and into this strips of cloth
have one end immersed, the strips
passing up over the edge and then
down to connect with the burlap cov
ering at regular intervals all around
the outside. Editor Shinn of the
Benson Press, says of it:
The refrigerator stands on four
short legs in a shallow dripping pan,
and this pan is high enough from the
floor to permit a vessel to catch the
small amount of waete water from a
spout coming from one side of the
dripp'ng pan. The strips of cloth
draw the water slowly from the top
pan by capillary attraction, as a lamp
wick dras oil, after once being sat
urated, and keeps the burlap wet all
the time, even more water than evap
orates being drawn from the top pan
in this way, though this could be di
minished ly decreasing the width o
the strips of cloth that convey the
water from the top pan to the burlap
The water in the dripping pan pre
vents ants from reaching the refriger
ator. Evaporation from the burlap
lowered tbe temperature 20 degrees in
a short time.
Three shelves inside are used to
place tbe food. The lower part is
cooler than the upper part, as cold air
is the heaviest. A very soft pound of
butter soon got quite firm in the new
iceless refrigerator.
Died in Tucson
At Age of 110
Josefa de Oquibo, who was the old
est woman in Arizona, died in Tucson
Wednesday. She was 110 years old
and was a resident of Tucson fur CO
Despite the fact tint she hsd lived
two sore years beyo'nd the allotted
three score and ten, the aged woman
ws able to walk about and appar-
Antlr enfnvorl ATAallanf fialfH until
low days before her death. Then she
was seized with a sudden sink
ing spell and gradually passed to
the ecd.
For the past half century Mrs.
Oquibo had been a widow, as her hus
band died in Tucson in 1859. There
were children and grandchildren, but
all have passed away, and the aged
woman was the only remaining mem-I
ber of the family. J
o I
Flagstaff Elks have selected the I
pine cone as their particular emblem
at the Los Angeles convention and
willsead a la-ge delegatio n .
From Tuesday's Daily.
Mrs.C. A. McDonald returned from
Bisbee last evening where she has Iwen
Mailing friends fjr several Heels.
Harry Haielgren is a T.imbstonr
visitor today from Lewis Springs on a
sb-t business trip.
William Trelea. formerly master
mechanic of the TomMonn Consoli
dated Mines company, is a Tombstone
visitor and is busy shaking hands ith
his many old friends and acquitt
ances. There was tweuty-one bids sub
mitted for the Yuma bond issue of
150,000, ranging all the way from I2.S
bonus to $6,000 bonus, They were
sold to Richard L. King of Yuma, for
II. T. Fisher and wife, and Miss
Moran were Tombstone visitors from
Fairbank today. They tra.-eled in
the Rambler auto. Mr. Fisher is al
so owner of a White Steamer cr with
which he makes occasional trips to
Mrs W C Barrowdale is visiting
relatives and Tombstone friends for a
fortnight, having arrived Saturday
from Kelvin.
Miss Lucy Wolcott arrived from Los
Angeles yesterday to spend her vaca
tion at home witli parents and friends.
Miss Wolc itt is a pupil of Herr Becker
the famous imprcsarrio now at Los
Argelcs,and under his tutelage has
already ach eved an enviable teputa.
tion as an accomplished musician.
Mrs. V. G.Gilmore and family leave
today for Lo Angeles to spend the
ummer at the sea shore.
Har-y Houscn is again in Tomb
stone after a protracted absence in
Xerada. He may remain lure.
Col. II. L. Pickett left yesterday for
Saatt o to attend the big exposition
The Col will remain in Los Angeles
long enough to witness the Elks doin'a
nc xt week.
The Chandler ostrich farm near Mesa
boasts a new and strange freak fresh
rom the incubator. Itisa live healthy
bird with four legs, three wings, two
necks and one head.
Mrs W II Banks, who with her
husband conducted a restauant in
Tombstone, died in Cortland last
week of erjsipcla.
E J Kelly of Middlemarch is a
Tombstone visitor today.
Two marriage licence were issued
out of the probate court today : Luis
Matas to wed Petra Cortes, loth of
l'earce, also to Banjirnen H ReynoMs
to ned Edna Slack, both of Lowell.
Miss Slack is ell known in Tomb
stone having resided here for several
yesrs, her parents still residing here.
Arthur X. Gage has received a new
10-horse power automobile. It is a
Cadillac and is much admired. The
number of new autos are continually
increasing here and already Tomb
stone boasts of nearly 25 cars.
Two divorce cases were filed in the
district court today, that of Margaret
Walton vs. Thomas Walton, both ol
Bisbee W. P. Miller is attorney for
plaintiff; Otilana Guiterras vs Ramon
Guiterras is the title of the second casi
W G Gilmore appearing as attorney
cr the plnintiff.
Milt Fairlee left Benson last week
for Seattle to take in the big fair,
has lived in Ben:on for 21 years and
this is the first time he has been away
from home.
A Washington dipatcli says: A.
A . Mssgrover of Tucson, has been ap
pointed immigration inspector nt Al
buquerque, Xeiv Mexico. W. 11.
Knight has been reappointed post
master .u HiiniboMt
Mrs. John Mtrden wa an outgoing
pas-enger this morning for San Fran
cisco, wlieie she will visit for several
months. She was accompanied a fir
as Benson by her daughter, Mrs. Wil
liam T. Lone.
Cam6r0n 3t Work
Pension Increased
A Washington dispatch says: Dol
gate Camercn has taken up with the
interior department the subject of
buildinj a highway from Douglas to
the Grand Canyon, and asked that
the government co-operate with tbe
territory in tbe construction of said
highway, of which he has bepo ot suc-
( cess,
An increase of pension has been
granted to J. F. Duncan of Tomb
tone, to 15.
Miss Alice Rdevvill will leave Phoe
nix in a few diys for Pans, France,
where she will spend four years in the
studv of music.
The first annuil "Sucar Day" at
Glendalo was held Saturday and large
numbers of visitors were entertained
at the plant of tbe Southwestern Sugir
& Land Co,
The Tucson Elks leave for Los
Angeles Saturday by special train.
A baggage car, a diner and ten Pull
mans will comprise the train.
A new republican weekly newspaper
h '8 been started at Holbrook undor
the editorship and management of
Sidney Sapp.
The output of copper of the Old
Dominion smelter t Globe for the
month of June was 3,32,000 pounds.
As compared with the returns for
May this figure show-4 an increase of
nearly a quarter million pounds.
One of the settling tanks at the
SLannon smel'er. nei Clifton, blew
up lsst Saturday, and but for the tact
that all the buildings in that depart
ment are constructed of iron, there
might have been a big fire. Tbe ex
plosion was cauied by a lent in the
water jacket. Three Mexicans were
slig ltly injured.
Yuma county board of supervisors
have asked the territorial board of
control to lovy a tax of 25 cents on the
$100 on the property of Yuma county
for the road fund, the proceeds to be
used in the construction of a territor
ial highway from Yuma to Tucson.
It is reported that smnll pox has
broken out in Mesa. Three susfected
cases were discovered Sunday, but the
matter was kept quiet for fear of its
etlect on the Fourth of July celebra
tion. The three cases were moved to
the pest house near Phoenix.
Delegate Cameron is trying to get
congress to make an appropriation to
aid in huiling Arizona's territorial
Willard Harper, an employe in the
meat packing department of Babbitt
Bros, at Flagstatf.wlulecuttinga bone
out of a piece of meat last week, met
with an accident from which death
resulted. The knife which he was
using tlipped and struck him in the
groin, severing one of the lare arter
ies. A phvsician was summoned, but
death was inevitable and he pa-fed
away a few hours later. Harper was
23 years of age.
Mexicans Taking
Places of Negroes
The Pullman company is making
an experiment with Mexicin porters
on the cars as substitutes for nrgroes
on the Mexican Central and other
lines in Mexico handled by the El
Paso district.
Mexicans have Already superseded
negroes on some of the runs out of
Mexico City, and tbe change is said to
be very satisfactory to the manage
ment. There are about 30 porters in
Mexico who are under the jurisdiction
of the office in El Paso, and it the
-Mexicans give the satisfaction ex
pected of them it is probable that
most of the negroes on these runs will
gie place to Mexicans.
Hoval Smith and
Cameron Confer
A Washington dispatch says: Ho
val A Smith arrived this morning.
During the evening he consulted with
Delegate Cameron on matters pertain
ing to the territory and also about
about changes in the U. S, district
attorney's and IJ. S. marshsl'g offices
and the appointment of a supervisor
of the census.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Hollars Re
ward fnr a.ivr tp nf Patftrrli that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F J. Chexey fc Co., Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known
F.J. flhnnAV fnr thn laaf 1. va- An1
believe him perfectly honorable in all
ousinees transactions ana, financially
abls ic carry out any obligations raads
or ris Gnu.
WaLDisra, Kiunan & Marvix,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blotd
and mucous surface ot the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents
per bottle. Sold by all duggisU.
i to learn the bodily
comfort nqrves in
HAno service
Tombstone Had a
Modest Celebration
Despite the rain of yesterday Tomb-eton-
had quite a celebration in honor
of Independence day. lhe Tombstone
youth was in his glory and had fire
crackers galore. During the morning
Allen street was a scene ol much mer
riment and excitement. That thor
oughfare was converted into a race
course and a number of prizes brought
forth a surprising number of contes
tants Sack races, potato races, foot
acres and other exciting con
tests enlivened the day which waB
only abated by tbe rain aVout noun.
In the afternoon the ball game be
tween the Tomb'tone and Courtland
nines brought out a good crowd at the
ball grounds and was much enjoyed.
Altogether Tombstone's celebration
of the our natal day was safe, sane
and eminently conservative.
Political Campaign
Is Getting Warm
Frank Smithson was in Tombstone
today from Xogales, Sonora. He said
that things were lively in that city,
a hot political contest for vice presi
dent being now on. D.az 1ij ni op
position for the office of president, but
a strong fight is being made by par
tisans of (General Reyes and Ramon
Corral, who are candidates for vice
president. Xight before Wat the
Reyes club held a torchlight proces
sion in Xogales. There was intense
excitement at the demonstration and
finally more than 40 persons were
arrested, amo.ig them being several
prominent business men. Many oth
ers fledacrcs the line to United States
soil to avoid arret.
FTT art I! t becsnse ererw tat
leased uvl TDt 05. ) oa run no rink cf
tocrIrfcecCcrrvMis&ct ttorLi- Wetk
tbenUDi: tou eftthers-ari'tA- Rni nf th
brleqolpprslavo'l moat expert ! irrow-
rr.m America m loorrv!Yftnxafreta
uuMiy you. w ft will. lor m 1 every
vuuc. VW ! Trti ADUUAi If
nie to
Detroit, Mich.
Montgomery Estate
Sold at Auction
The auction sale in the matter of
the estate of John Montgomery, de
ceased, which was set for today, came
off duly at 10 o'clock as per date and
time set for the auction sale by the
probate court ot this county. The
horses of said decedant and carriages
including harness, etc , were sold by
the administrator of the estate, Oscar
K.Goll acting as auctioneer. Quite a
number of outsiders wero present in
cluding various Tombstone residents.
The total amonnt collected during the
said site amounted to 1623.05, al
though the property of the decedant
was appraised ot f 1,923 15, real estate
not included.
Mr and Mrs George Sherer are visit
ing Tombstone from the valley for
sever! days.
iffi flSRTb '
r. v i. ui u
1 rr- I
y7C3 I
BBSP . jtmu worn uia.
rs "
? Etni.r rr n T-rn ..

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