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The Weeklv Tomustoxe Ei-itapii
published eery Sunday, Hill gito nil
the nens and will l scut to any nd
drve for
r Four Months For 91
Question If Coronor's Jurors are Not
Entitled to Pay Under Pres
ent Arizona Law
Judge Hiiiton Thorass of 01. be, on j
behalf of til jurors has filed a demand ,
with the B-ard of supervisors askinp
pay (or tbt-ir services for acting a? I
jurors at the coroner's itqueet held
over the remains of Plattoon Morwao
ichi, known a Cosssck Joe, the trick j
rider, who was killed last Tuesfay .
This demand is an uncommon one,
for the reason that jurors at coroner's
inquests and criminal cates in the
justice court hve never received pt
for their service. jThe only juror
who have ever been cimpfnMtcd in '
the county are jurors in the Sjperior'
Court and in the justice court in civil
cases where the losing party paid. I
The law affecting jurfr PV in
Section 20, of Chsptf r 03, pae 671 ol
the Session Laws of 1912, and reads ar
follows: ,
"Eaehjiiror for each dj' attend-!
anca Id court shall he ptid hy the
county tbree dollars and lor each
mile residence to thecu'irt, ten cents
to be computed one way only and to
Arizona Will Have 25,000 Voters
Ready to Cast a Ballot In No-vember-Cochise
Seocnd in List
In the number of voters registered
Maricopa county lead, with Cochise
second. Pima third, Yavapai founh
and Oil fifth Tho rigstration for
each county in the state 'a as fullor
Apche SO; Cochise 1 090; fococino
952; Gila 1.8o8;Grham 1,172; Green
lee 1,181; Maricopa 6.552; Moh-vc
873;N-vajn 962; I'lma 016; Pinal
131. Santa Cruz 3S9, Yavapai 1,995,
Yuma 782.
Supplement Pamphlet Issued of
More Laws to be Submitted
Arizona Voters Under Refer
endum Clause
Secretary of Stnle Ojbirn has re
ceived from (he printer the supple,
ment pamphlets containing all the
tnesaares ordered su' mitte-d to the
people by petition which are to be
placed upon the official (allot at the
election to be held on November 5.
Ihe booklet con.aios 25 pages ith
juat the following measures without
argument; The miners lien law; the
bi I regulating the number of men tu
Our fee returned if vrc fail.
aav invention will prompt J y receive
ability of game. "How to Obtain a
aecsreu mrougu us au uriw- iui djiw v vu v.f
Patent taken out thronpli us receive spicial nolle-- without charge, in
Tins Patent Rcexitu, an i!lutritcd and -widely circuUt.-2 journal, consulted
Vy Manufacturers and Investors.
Sad for aatnple copy FREE. Address,
(I'Ment Attorneys,)
Cvans BulldlttT, - WASHINGTON. D. C
First Arizona
be paid by the county."
Judge llinnon Thoruss believes that
they are euti'led to compensation the
same as Superior Court jur. rs and
justice of the peace court jurors in
civil caeee. Judze Tbon as speaking
ol the ma ter to the Globe Belt re
porter s-id:
"The law makes no distinction be
tween justice courts and supencr
Courts. It is my opinion that under
this 'aw thev are entitled to pay and
I am mnking tliia demand to find out
and also n opinion from the county
a trnej "
Send your wild animal skins to A
II II Iton Mir. Co. Sin Antonio N
M. They have outlet to mouactur
ers in Europe and always net vo
highest prices Send b-r pamphlet
Learn lion to iakecare o your catch.
LOST Small steel cane. Color:
green. Somewhere between 3rd and
7th. Reward for return to Arcade
1 Secretary Oiborn is of the opinion
1 that the registration mil bo above the
25.0J0 mark before election day, as
i lb reopening of the county registers
ill ut.dcut'ttdly bring in many more
I uamcj.
Sorghum Sjed for sale at E II
tteetea' Feed Store. if
. . .
be employed on trains and engines;
the bill regulating headlights on lo
cemciive; Ihe bill providing lor cer
tain qualifications for conductor and
engineers engaged in running freight
or pateengt-r trains, the act limiting
the number ol cars in a train; the
three cent fare law; the semi-monthly
pajday bill, and the fish and game
; iB;?i
onrs smling i&eteh and eiescription of
our opinion ree concerning the patent
Talent" set.- upon requesi
request. Patents
Dispatches from Ki.ipalme state
that the rebels are birtly broken up.
there reing none hut small bands, and
that they re endeavoring to make
their way back to Chihuahua,
Advice hare teen received from
Touicbi that the rebels a ho attacked
Bacanora a Tew days ago have left the
The price of a necessity, cows' milk
ws increased fifty per cent in the
Warren district yesterday. An
nouncement was made by several
dairymen, according to the Beview,
that milk woul be retailed at seven
and a halt cents per pint instead of
five cents per pint measure, on ac
count of the "high coat of living" frr
cows. This means, ol. course, that
increases in tht-price of alfalfa and
will be borne by the milk consumer
who doesn't eat alfalfa at all.
In the eupreire court this week, sit
ting at Phoenix, the suit of Geo B.
Willcoi against Cochise county was
decided in favor of the county, the
order being thai the case be dismissed.
The case was one wherein Willed,
who was do k of the district court,
toed the county for fees alleged to
hav- been earned ty him in back tax
The case as argued before the su
preme court oy the present county at
torney, W G Giluiore,
How's Thi7
We offer One Hundred Dollars Be
ard for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F J. Chinev 4 Co., Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known
F.J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
elieve him perfectly honorable in all
.usiness transactions and financially
iblt- c carrv out any obligations made
bv nis firm.
Waidiso, Kraxax t Marvut,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
tally, acting directly upon the blotd
and mucous surface of the system
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents
per rattle. SoM h all durosts.
Cochise Lands
The Pbospectok has received th
following notice from the Phoenix
and office with reference to
county lands:
Notice is hereby given that plat
of the following township baa been
received at this e.ffice, and will be offi
cially filed A'ovemUr 4, 1912, at 9
oclcck a m:
Twp. 18 South, Range 23 East, frac
tional survey ; Sees. 20, 21 , 22 , 26, 27,
28, 29,31,32,33,31,36.
On and alter above date this office
will receive and act upon applications
to makes entries in said township.
Frank H. Parker. Register
CiU8 F. Aesold, Receiver
Jodgment. F B McCay, Cr, Maria'
C McCay; divorce.
State Fair Phoenix; Oct. 29 to Nov, 2
Tombstone Town
Topics Tersely Told
Visitors to City; Local and
Personal Items of Interest
Mrs Axtell a an outgoing passen
ger today for Donglak.
Deputy Sheriffs Harrj karferty and
Hal Smith re timed last evening from
Florence, wLerw tbey escorted four
Chief of Police Br&vin acnt to Dis
bee today to visit his son Valentine
ho recently undernent an operation
for apeudieitis. The young man .
doing nicely and recovering rapidly.
A party of autoists from Caro,
Mich., nn their way to California,
stopped over in Globe. Tbey are
Mr and Mrs F If Fox. Mrs George
Fox and O F Hedges, Tbey have
traveled 26u0 mi.es since they lett
home four weeks ago. Seven days
were lost on account uf rain and im
passable reads.
Examinations for the Rhodes
scholarship will be given at the Uoi
versity of Arizona, Tucson, Tuesday
and Wednesday, October 15 and 16
Students interested in the examina
tion should apply at once to the
president ol the university at Tucson
lor detailed information in regard to
the examination
iVhcri j j:i S'S -; a- -t
sure )ou fi-.t ihe 'ni.i.e i -ccv
Candy La hartic' Ci-p ac-
frauduler. suostvaiKa, jjj;Vdi,
counterfeits! 3ecuin-.aDiCcs stafi
'A CCC N.-ver Uri so butt
Ail dnwritfy is-
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
Carefully Condensed for The
Prospector Readers
The first of the many "Spanish
prisoner" hoax letters to reach Tuc
son in many rronlbs has 'ten re
ceived by Fred Fleishman. It is the
familiar facsimile ol a letter ostensi
bly written by a Russian nobleman
imprisorfed in France and offering to
divide a fortune ol 1380,(100 concealed
in a secret reptacle of his trunk
held under the government's control,
provided ihe addressee ill send a
specified sum to obtain the release of
he trunk J
V.'ith the end in view that tie
Winklemtn branch of the Arizona
i Eastern shall rank with the beat
'divisions of the Southern Pacific sys
tem Superintendent C M Scott has
directed that work of oiling the entire
roadbed between Phoenix and the
eastern terminus shall be carried
Thus far this year William Losaing,
who is a well known Phoenix honey
producer and buyer has shipped ten
cars of honey to the eaetern markets,
and Monday the last car, which was
consigned to baffalo, X Y, left Phoe
nix with 443 cases o the bee product,
which was tbe largest carload yet
sent. The net price received for
this honey was f 6.60 per case, bring
ing tbe value of the shipment to
$2923 80. Multiplying this amount
by ten, the nuo.ber of cars shipped so
far this year, means that since tbe
first of January tbe bees of Arizona
have brought to tbe bee raiser ap
proximately 129,38a
H H Wall. Suoerintendent of ahona
nr th, o.-.. F, .. 8. Bernardino
J II Mscia and wife returned from
a month's visit at Lot Angeles.
C. C. Rouse cl Washington, D. C.
who was a Tombtoce visitor yester
day , left today lor a few day's stay
with his uncle. Judge Dimes of Fair-
bank and will return to his home at
The contest of the Arizona queen
will close on October 20th, and all
coupons muet be in by that time
The Fair association urges that all
the coupons be in early, or as soon
before the 20:li of the month as pos
sible. Today and Monday are the last
days of registration and all who have
hot registered by five o'clock Monday
afternoon will be disqualified.
A new bull ring is being construct
ed in Agua Prieia, and Sunday, for
th first time in about two years,
there will be a bull fight in the town
across the border.
WANTED The Cosmopolitan
Grrup requires the service of a repre
sentative in Tombstone and surround
ing territory, to look after subscrip
tiou renewals, and to extend circula
tion by special methods which have
prayed unusually successful. Salary
and commission. Previous experience
desirable but not essential. Whole
time or spare time. Address, with
references. Charles C. Schwer, The
Cosmopolitan Group, 331 Fourth Ave.,
New York City.
C'al , died last Thursday 'after a very
brief illness. Mr Wall was a brother
in law of M Weber, master mechanic
uf the Santa Feat Winslow.
Rev J A Arnett of Winslow has
been assigned hy tbe Methodist church
to Dougla; and Rev R E Wright will
move to Flagstaff, wbere he has been
commissioned aspastor. The change
will take place tbe latter part ol this
week or tbe first of next week.
Some people from Douglas who
went to silver Ureek last Handay re
port that tbey had a na-row escape
from death as tbe result of the awful
storm of rain and hail, which at Sil
ver Creek, amounted to nearlt acloud
bunt. Rev O D Griffith of Waco, Texas,
bas accepted tl e call of the Yuma
Rtp'ist church and will shortly arrive
in Yum i ith lis wife and take up
bis work.
rL Fatat Germ aad Ita rtemedr Xo
Facta of Scleaee.
It Is the rarest thine In tbe world for
a man to be nocessarllr baUL So toss.
wbasc balr Is not dead at tbe roots, ntei
be bald If he will ue :rwbro- Herpl
slde, the new scalp antiseptic Herpl
c!de destroys tbe irerm that cuts the hair
eff at tbe. root: and deans the rcalp of
dandraS and leaves It In a perfect!)
healthy condition. Mr. llar.r.ett. In the
Mar land Clock, Butte, Hont.. was en
tirely bald. In less than a month Herpi
clde bad removed the enemies of ball
crowth. and nature d.M Its verk by cov
ering his bend with tl.lcc hair an Inch
lent, and In six weeks he bad a normal
suit of balr. Sold by leading dnjetjUU.
Send !0a In stamps for aarnpla The
Herp!ide Co.. PurMt. Mich.
Does Not Favor Capital Punishment and
Saves Four Condemned Arizonans
Who Were to Die Today
Governor Hunt has issued a re-1
prieve for William Campbell, Eduardo I
Perez, X B Chavez and Miguel Peraltai
who are confined in the state peni
tentiary under de'th sentence for sen-1
tence for murder in Yavapai county,!
and who were to have been hanged I
today. The reprieve lasts until the
11th day of April next.
In issuing this reprieve the gover
nor advocates the repeal of the cap
ital punishment statute of the state,
and asks that petitions le circulated
initiating a law prohibiting Ie;;al
In bis order for reprieve he deals at
length with the subject, citing the
Boston Takes Away the Honors
Today in Another Close Game
-Score 3 to 1
(Special to the 1'r si'Ectoii)
NEW YORK, Oct. 101 he fourth game ol the World's
Championship Series today was won by the Boston Red Sox
by a score ol 3 to 1 . Wood and Cady were the battery for
the Red Sox and Tczrean and Myers for the Giants. The
Boston's scored the first two in the second and fourth innings.
Aimes pitched in ihe Sth inning. The score was as follows:
K. H. K.
New York 1 91
Boston 3 S 1
Columbus Day a Fitting Holiday
-Arizona Pays Homage to Discoverer
Edward V. Berrien of El Paso i
very enthusiastic over the prospects
of a proper celebration of Columlut
day in Arizona and said: "It is very
gratifying that tbe retple of Arizrna
recognize the debt tbe country ones
to Columbus and are preparing to
have a celebration in his honor in
which all classes and beliefs can jnin.
Columbus discovered a new land, u-d
by his discovery made it possible for
"the settlement of America probslly
bundreds of years before it would
have been done. He was a pior.eer
Montenegrau and
In Arizona Will
Country to Join
The MoDtenegrans, Servians at a
Bulgarians residing in Globe will go
home to fight for their country in the
event of a war with Tnrkey. Tbe
Belt says: The local patriots were
emphatic in their statements that if
their country needed them tbey were,
ready and willing to go, Should war
be declared tbey say that their coun
try will doubtless lend tbem trans
poitation to come home. There are
many who will go whether tickets are
la published every Sunday, and con
tains all the news of the week as il
appears in The Diilt Pbosfectok-
Subacibc Now
NO 88
statutes in other states and repeating
msn reason; against capital puniih
m"nt. He also saje that there is to be an
extra session of the legislature, and
advises that the proposed initiative
petitions be prepared and presented at
such session so the law power can at
that time change the statute on cap
ital punishment and save execution
of the men named.
Ten dollars a day easily made by
local agent. Write for full informa
tion at orce. Arizona Sales Agency.
Phoenix, Arizona. Ml
ChamDenain's Uough Remedr.
Curr Cfti ' "- 'iTT-'!,.
in his line and deserves credit for his
work from a gratelul people who have
taken advantage of tbe new country
he found.
"America itself is a monument to
him, but a celebration in bis honor !s
a distinction that proves tbe gratltnde
ol the people who live on the western
continent be discovered, and who are
appreciative ol what America at this
day and age s'and for. Tbe day
should really be made a national hol
iday "
CfiamDsriains uougn Herned,
Cure- - " -ouii " '-X.fvinv r a
Servian Patroits
Leave for .Mother
the War
furnished them or not, but there ia
a still larger number bo have not
the money to pay for their fare, but
are anxious to go.
Kosto and Louis Kliaicb in an in
terview yesterday said:
"We don't know for sure whether
tbey ere going to fight or not, but if
they go to war, we are going home to
fight. All tbe Montenegrans and
others in.erested will go from bere.
Just ar soon as something definite Is
known we are going."
'fa'.- Ti

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