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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, October 13, 1912, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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ttrumenU Filed With the Count)
W H Brophy to BUbee
Knight of Columbus
Building assn, Bisbee prop
U S to W H Priogle Und..
ProT Mu B & Ii Assn vs Z
Miller, Bisbee prop
0 Bales claims Und
Bifbe Knight Columbus B
Attn to Bank Bisbee, Bis
hee prop 9000 .,
B F Megee to A J Haven.
Douglas prop 250
C H Webber to J E Brophy,
land 30 ..
0 V Slaughter t. B F Magee
Ira Bayon to P Prrc
Alii Bnk Trutt Co to L C
Lincoln -
Aril Bank 4 Trust Co to E
A Maboa
L E Johnson to L S Ander
MoLoed Mining Co '
Huchae Water Co
Fan American Marble Co. .
The Duncan Mining Co....
L de Padia to M Pacheoo,
Beusou prop
V 8 to Bessie Jordan, land ..
OStoLH Clift
U 8 to J A Gardoer
J K Smith toL A Scott, land
MlMtp rKD
G Keller to A Godfrey, rain
150 ..
1 ..
J Halich In Slate Mut BiL
At:n, Douglas prop 500 ..
K Goxkovich to Lee Sugicb,
lire stock and other prop. 500 . .
J-'K Romero to 8timson Com
Scale Co, scale 78 .
Willcoz Bank S Trust Co to
Willcoz Bank fc Trust Co to
Chat DeBaod...-
I T Piper to Bank ol Douglas
Douglas prop 25r0 . .
RWByrnsto Douglas Inv
Co, Douglas prop 750 .
Partial. R B Wenzel to D.
JO Reubto M R Horlan
i Brogin to J C McEuro . . .
J A Finney to W R Turvey
and V A Young. Do-iglas
prop..... 1200 ..
Assignment. J E Even? to
F Hogan... .. . .. ....
M J Doffoer to.O O Duffner,
SSIO cmiids
B Buekelow to O C and M J
Juff ner, mio prop ...
Q A Walker to O C Doffoer
n-it. claims... -,
O C Doffoer to G A Walker
min prop... .......
I T Fowler to J H.rris Doug-
""'"" ' ',-",- .' " " -.-,- -lf 1-U2-X ,..mm iimiii I jtM
.1 wgLS-- lr. ' Sy ; ''isiTiaiftfifi"urf 't' "" "" - Li ' - i . Jwt'lxfa vt H-'T-gxi?JEjr-iT3waisMswjsMssMMMBsTsMIM
l- pr !
USloM GSwau
J A Combs to F McGralh,
Diuglas prop
R W Bytns to A L Fisher.
Douglas prop
I D BthetnJ Klin
J Oldharu
to Surprise Dev
Co, inin prop
q. o. DEED
E M Blake to Bank of Bisbee
Naco piop
M J Cunningham to Bank of
Bisbee, Bisbee p op
H Beumltr to B F Magee,
DoUglkS '!0
Following to Joe Kline for
furnitur: Mrs J Cntebley
39 50, V D Meloin 04;
J Bunch 181; J C Whar
ton $875, Mm L B Tinsley
158 5H; A Heyeo; O 8
W.lker, $182 03; G B Bray
R Korpsanty $107.70; Mre
M J Moore $G 25; W E
Cummins phonograph $60.
SO ;M Garcia $5G 2i
P Perak o Copper City Brew
iog Co, lite ttock
Prov Mut B A L Assn to T A
Rosliug, Douglas prop....
Prov Mut B & L Assn to J E
F Johisrn to G Matiell
Baltimore Oil Co
J Kline to V R Parker, Doug
las prop
U S to Jacob Soheerer. lsnd
Saota Fe Pacific R R Co
II Seaberg, land
G H Humm to N L Uayden,
Lowell prop 350
M Fletcher to A J Haven,
Douglas prop 1400
T J Attaay to J H Jack,
min prop 225
U B Mc.Villeu from M 1.
Tombstoner Appointed
Commissioner of Deeds
Upon recommendation cf Governor
Hunt and Secretary ot S'ate Osborn,
the same being confirmed by thea'ate
depart roent, Oecir K. Goll waa appoint
ei Commissiooi-r of Deeds for State ol
New York in Aritona by Governor
Dix of Kew Yotk. Mr Golfs duties
as commissioner will be to verify Ari
zona acknowledgements which may
affect Xew York transfers and tbe ap
point-Dent is a complimmt lo the
popular Tombstoner, whose efficiency
in office aud departmental work is
fully recognized at home.
Reported Santa Fe
May Sell to S. P.
Is tbe San'a Fe to sell all tbe road
owned, leased or controlled by it in
Arizona outside of its main line?
Such seems to he the move on toot,
aa indicated by a dispatch from New
York. Arizona officials of the Santa
Fe, however, are disposed to make
light of the report and are not in
clined to accord in any manner, shape
cr form. This month tbe annual
meeting ol tbe stockholders of tbe
red will be beld in New York and
then developments will indicate to'
ascertainty whether or not tbeSouth
em Pacific is to become the railroad
suzerain of this state.
Tbe dispatch referred to which has
created a great deal of comment and
speculation locally, is a follows:
Stockholders of tbe Atchison will
meet on October 24 to vote nn the
proposition to sell the stack and ir
debtedness ol tbe Sonora Railway and
tbe Near Mexico and Arizona railroad
to tbe Sou tbe o Pacific. At the same
time tbe acquisition ot a nomher ol
! road, at presect leased by it or con
trolled jin ly witn otoer roans, win
be considered.
rrurn Miin.iair j Daily.
Ihe local lolge ol Knights ol Pyth
ias meets foulght In Castle Hall in
regular if ion.
Dave Adams, the popular Coehise
couu'y pioneer aorl resident of Dra
goon is a brief county teat visitor to
Jiidgn McK-.ll of Cnchie is Tomb
tone visitor tt-dav on matters before
Mr Ix-mr t of supervisors.
Walter M-lgren s f Sfi'v the cham
pion duck hu ter of Tombstone. That
he is an exoert markamau is herewith
verified by the Prospector, for evi.
dence of same has been left with us.
Dr Randall, county physician, in
charge of the county h(4pitalat Doug
las is in attendance at the meeting of
the board of supervisors tidy.
The board of supervisors ere in ses
sion today and passing on county
No court was held today, adjourn
ment having been taken on Saturday
until Tuesday morning A number
of criminal cases are on the docket
for tomorrow.
Jake Brown wai a visitor in Tomb
s'one today from his home in Coutt
land. Messrs Lafe Gibron and Jas Marrs
tonka trip to tbe SaD Ptdro loday in
quest of duck, which are reported
Chief of Police George Bravin re
turned today from Bisbee where he
has been at the bedside of bis eon,
Valentine, recently operated on for
appendicitis. The Chief reports bis
aon doing well aud recovering rapidly,
Tbe popular officer today first became
cquaintf-d with bis little daughter
who arrived Saturday morning. JTbe
little Miss is delighted with Tomb
stone and will become a permanent
Court Cases Filed
Suit No 195. Beatrice Gamble vs
W H Gamble; divorce.
Eat A G de Hansen; L O Shatluck,
J Mubeim and D B Seed appraisers.
Grind of Justice in
The Superior Court
Mary Luna vs Jose Duoa, decree ol
divorce granted.
I. Quarles et al va Z T Parker el al
Suit to quiet title in miLing claims
Ash Cauyon, Huacboca mountains,
which has produce $5000 in gold,
and recovery of which is also at issue
in tbe suit. The following jury is
empaneled to bear tbe case:
John McRas Baroey Andrino
W P Covtrt Jacob Sebeerer
' H A Prderson Jobn Bummers
Frank Starr George Bradley
Olhe Phillips John Keiier
Jas Hopkins H M Scranton
Either Cummings of Bisbee was
appointed probation officer by tbe
court. Tbe matter ol salary to be
fixed by Board of Supervisors.
W R Bennett vs Ida L Bennett,
decree of divorce granted.
All jurors excused for term except
those at present bearing tbe Quarele-
Parker case.
Hampton Will Resign
From Clifton Bank
Rather than withdraw from the
democratic ticket, on which be was
nominated at tl o recent primary elec
tion, Mr Hampton will tender bis
resignation as director ol tbe Clifton
National Bank.
Tbe federal constitution states that
no officer ol trust or profit ucder tbe
federal government is eligible to serve
as a presidential elector. Inasmuch
as National banks are created by fed
eral eo.etment, it has been beld that
an officer of any National bank is not
allowed to serve as a presidential elec
tor. Mr Hampton was immediately ad
vised ol this ilaet by the Democrat
and his prompt action in resigning
from tbe directorate ol the Clifton
National is typical ol tba man.
Fos fixe Combined writing desk,
nd book cse. also two parlor chairs,
Inaoirs C G Johnson, Fremont street.
( near Fourth
Cochise Rancher
Killed by Lightning
George D Fittmao, a rancher near
Willoox, was airuck by lightning
Wednesday and killed, according to
llif t'ory brought into Tucsm by O C
P-rker ol the Parker Undertaking
pailor renntl Mr Pittman a
-truck on top of the head by the bolt
It ranged don his neik and left leg.
add bl-w tne shoeofl. Nothinof the
sho" could be found.
In discu-sin tbo question Mr Par
ker said that Hie queer thing about
tbe accident ws that Ihe man bad
hardly a scar on him. On top of bis
bead there was a slight scar. Tbe
bones of his sboiHers were crushed
aeJ bia neck was broken. Tbe bones
of bis leg were split lengthwise. His
shoe disappeared into thin air. with
out injuring tbe foot to any notice
able extent. Tbe body was sent to
Get Permission
to Build Fence
Word has been received from Sec
retary of Agriculture Wilson at Wash
ington authorising the state stnitary
board to go ahead and build a fence
ten miles long from tbe E. P iS. W.
railroad to the Bisbee mouctains near
About $20,000 worth of cattle in
fected with Texas fever are held in
quarantine at that point and tbe
state was compelled to ask tbe gov
ernment fer permission to construct
tbe fence, since it is located on United
States government land subject to
homestead entry.
The fence will not cost a very large
sum. It will only be a three-wire
affair, sufficient to keep tbe infected
animals safely penned in."
Sulphur Spring
Valley Notes
C M Rensud, tbe Pearce merchant,
is expected home about tbe 15tb, be
ing at present in Chicago buying lor
bis Peatce, Courlland and Gleeeon
Tbe McNeal Fair nil) be held thi
year on October 24 b, plans being
laid lor better and more diversified
exhibits than were shown last year,
and will doubtless be much in advance
ol Ihe first year's efforts.
A watermelon party was given on
Tuesday evening, at tbe home ol Mr
and Mrs CD. Clapp, a large number
of neighbors being present and spent
a lew very pleasant hours, with music
and games.
Oo Saturday, Sept 28th, the Anti
Horse Thiel Asscciation ol Cocbiee,
bad a very pleasant time at Pearce.
During the afternoon, the officers
were elected, after which a fiue sup
per was served, being assisted by ibe
wives of the members, and that tbey
were fine entertainers was acested by
all present.
At Huddy'a Hall, Pearce on the af
ternoon of September 28th a number
of people Irom different parts of tbe
valley gathered in a response to a
call for tbe fcrmaticn ol an agricul
tural society to hold a lair annually at
Pearce. rermaoent omcers were
cbosen with Judge S W McCail o
Serross for president. Dr Laweon ol
Pearce, 1st vice- president J V Lamb
din of Courtlaod, 2nd vice president,
J C Van Nrrt ol Pearce 3rd vice-president,
A T Benedict, secretary and C
A P Brown, treasurer.
Of Interest
In Arizona
The story told in Washington by
correspondence submitted to the sen
ate campaign investigating committee
which passed several years ago be
tween the late E. H. Harriman, then
bead ol tbe Southern Pacific and
President Roosevelt is of special in
twrwt in Aritona. It discloses a de
sire) on tbe part ol President Bcuse
yeli at that time to- appoint Hod. B.
A . Fo' 1st, ol Phoenix as governor ol
Antooa aod it also discloses that
Barrimaa was not without Waeoc
a. the-Whrte House at that tfasa
From Tuesday's Daily
Charlie June the only genuine
German -.ho bares a thorough Ark-.n-stw
cognomen is in Tombstone to
day Mr. Jones is a prominent cit
izen ol Bisbee. occupying tbe enviable
poii'lon of aldcr-nan from the Second
ward, comprising ihxdittrictiu which
a-c looted tho chur he and the ed
ucation! institutions. Mr Jones is
w-ll known iu Tiimrut'tn'. and many
admirers of ite gentleman, who re
sembles President Taft, extend bim a
hearty welcome. He looks it, but he
donl acknowledge it.
Tbe county reg'atration bo, k rl se
tbe lath ol this month, wbicb means
that there are only seven days more in
which to register. Those who do not
register before that time will not have
the privilege ot voting at the Novem
ber election. County Recorder Mur
phy says names are coming in very
slowly snd unless the remainder come
in batwen; now snd tbe fourteenth,
the registration will be very light.
Deputy Sheriffs A W Howe and
Hal Proith left today for Florence,
having in charge Jas Herron, sentenc
ed for 6 years, J Oldbam, 5 years, a
Mexican 1 year and a patient for tbe
W. P. Thompson is ill, confined to
bis home on 4th street.
Nearly all of tbe jurors have been
eicuifd from service and retnrned to
their homes. But 12 are yet on duty.
Oliver W. Z-ne and Zack Parker
are in ton today from tbe Huachuca
mountains. Tbey are in attendance
upon court wherein several cootf-t
ants are fighting for valuable mining
properties in the section in which
they reside and, consequently, there
are a number ot prospective million
aires in tbe city from Ash Canyon
alio will testify and reiterate, that
the metals of alluring qualities and
incalculable quantities are there.
And Oliver Znne acd his associates
are quite in consonance with the
ToJiBsTOSK Prospector and Von
Humboldt that in this section lies
tbe mineral wealth of tbe world We
hope Ztne and associates u ay uncover
a bonanza; irresi-table workers are
deserving ol success.
Cochise Lands
The Prospector has received tbe
following notice from tbe Phoenix
'and office with reference to Cochise
county Unds:
Notice is hereby given that plat
of tbe following township has been
received at this office, and will be offi
cially filed November 4, 1912, at 9
o'clock a m:
Twp. 18 South, Range 23 East, frac
tional survey; Sees. 20, 21, 22, 26, 27,
2, 29,31,32,33, 31,36.
On atid after above date this office
wil receive and act upon applications
to makes entries in said township.
Frame H. Parker. Register
Chas. E. Arnold, Receiver
Cochiseites Have
Narrow Escape
Four Douglas people had a narrow
escape Irom death Sunday night,
when an automobile driven by C C
Reinhart. with Mrs W S Melvin, Mrs
iV W Childe.s and Albert Wickman,
tged 12, plunged off an embankment
four miles out of Lowell on tbe Bis-e?-Douglas
Mrs W 8 Helvin sustained the
nest serious injuries, having a brok
en collarbone and severe bodily in.
juries Albert Wickman, tbe soc ol
Mrs Melvin, received a gash on tbe
head which necessitated five stitches
neing taken. Mr Reinhart sjffered
-eve re bruises and abrasion, witb
three broken fingers.
Supervisors Reject
Bridge Bids
The board ol supervisors today con
eluded to reject all bids on tbe Hare
ford bridge and will readvertise lor
ame. lbs amounts ol tbe bids sub.
milted were at wide variance snd in
case ol several ol tbe bids did not
comply with tbe call to furnish bond
with proposals New bids bare been
called 1st oo Oct 17tb 9 am. '
V -- nn ass STItk Caecarets.
r-tv CaOnrtla. ear miwilpatmn forrrar.'
-aa.ssa. uo.a.a.ttu.
Tombstone Girl Writes Prize Nar
rative ofable Story
The Pr art-OTOH prints herewitn the prize sohool narrative of tbe famous
old story "The Ancient Manner," twin,; composed by iua Viol Maclay o
the local Hih School. The selection, from ut,merrue compositions on same
subj-ot submitted, waa made by tbe judges without knowledge of the writer
ul same, ropy teiog marked on y by numboro, and the ard ol first honor
made on points cl exo-llenre nj n.erii. Mi-a Maclav is miking marked
stride in her school woik and -.n.mi.g l note un the cay. Oiher prizewin
ners will be printed in these columns from time lo time:
The Story of
Qj, X 1
dlOry 0T 1
The Ancient Mariner
(Br Vioia Maclay.)
A tall, but slightly stooped old man
is standing outside Ihe door where a
wedding is to be solemnized. The
old man has a snowy beard and hair,
also bright and glittering eyes. As
three youne men come up the na'.k
lo attend tho wedding, he stops one of
them, much against his wishes, and
proceeds to loll him of an oxperience
he one had. Tbe weddipg guet
tries to draw away but is held by the
skinny hand of this old man known
as the Ancient Mariner.
The Mariner then relates a eea vry
age with two hundred men How
they merrily sailed tor the South in
fair weather, but when near tbe Equa
tor a stcrm arose, which drove tbess
toward tbe South Pole, into tbe land
of perpetual snow and ice.
One day, an Albatross, a bird of the
south seas, came and lit on deck.
The tailors received it with great joy,
tor after its coming, the weather
cleared and a north wind sprung up
At this part of the story, a shadow of
pain crosses the "Id seafarer's face,
which leads h'e listener to enquire the
cause. He an-wers: "With my
cross-bowl shot the Albatross."
Stormy weather followed the killing
and the soldiers blamed bim. saying
that be bad killed the bird of good
omen. One day tbe vessel suddenly
entered a beca.med sea, and aa for
many davs, "as idle as a painted
ship upon a painted ocean." The
water gave out and every tongue he
came paroh'd. His shipmates, to
punish bim tor his cruel deed, bung
the dead bird around his neck.
Time passed slowly and it wss with
joy they beheld a speck on the west
ern horizon, which they thought to be
a ship, but it was witb heavy hearts
they witnessed tbe approach ol a
skeleton craft with two passengers.
Life in Death,, and her companion.
Death. The two were shaking dice
for the posses-ion of bim. and Life In
Dath won. She histlcd thrice and
the bark slowly glided away oer the
waters, leaving tbe crew trembling
with fear. After its departure his
shipmates turned ghastly faces to
ward bim and with fearful curee gleans
in their eye,dropped dead. but as much
as he wished to, be could not die. Life
in Death having won bim.
He suffered a thousand deaths while
with no one but dead men for ship
mates, When h looked out to eea be
imagined he saw the urse in their
eyes and when be looked at his feet
he saw tb;ir lifeless forms. He tried
to prsy but only a wicked whisper
came from bis swcllen lips. On- day
while blessing tbe fish becanee they
were so beppy-tbe spell was brolen.
A restful sleep then came and held
him for many hours He awoke to
find it had rained and his thirst was
quenched. He could bear the roaring
of a storm, but it did not seem to
reach the ship. Tbe vessel wu- saila
ing on peacefully when it made a sud
den bound and he fell in a faint
While in this t-anco be beaid two
spirits talking of the aBgelie power
that was taking the ship north faster
than buman life could endure.
He regained consciousness in the
night to learn thai a gentle freeze
was taking the ship north quickly
but without much raotioj. Lr! hen
glancing toward tbo north be lehe'd
his own country and it was with sots
of joy be saw the light bouse and be
loved kirk. Turning to the deck he
saw the AngeJ spirits leaving the dead
men Hearing tbe dash of oars be
looked and siw tbe pilot and the her
mit coming to ard him in a boat.
Just then a terrifio earthquake shook
the sea and the ship went down. He
wasssved by tbe pilot pulling him in
to tbe boat. He told tbe hermit of
tbe killing ol the Albatross and then
felt bettet.
The Mariner then said tobislis'ener:
"It often seems to me that I must
again tell some one ol my cruel but
thoughtless deed; and that is why I
t-.M nn ni story. farewell i
most go as I bear thrVeiper Bell, but
before I go I wish to I'll )Ou:
1 Ue p-.y-tb test who j eth beat
All things both great and small;
For the dear God that loveth us;
He made andlloveth all.' "
Tbe Acctnt Mariner is gone and
the wedding guest turns from the
door a sadder, but wieer man.
Bids Received for
Hereford Bridge
The County Superintendent ol
Roads controversy again appeared at
the board of supervisors meeting to
day, the discussion, calling for an
opinion of County Attorney Gilmore
on the legal status of the office.
The County Attorney submitted a
lengthy written opiuion, holding the
office an executive one but subject to
the orders of tbe board on many ad
ministrative points. Attorney K N
French appeared for Road Superin
tendent Beaton, and held to legal
contentions of official rights, but
urged that a better understanding
prevail between tbe board and Roads
The matter was necessarily passed
(or the time, as tbe hour of opening
bids on the Hereford bridge had ar
rived. Three bids were submitted as
follows, Minneapolis Steel & Machine
Company $5950; Midland Bridge
Company f5700; El Paeo Bridge fc
Iron Company f62S0. Representa
tives of each bidder were present with
plans and specifications which were
exp'ained t" tho board this afternoon.
James W. Sheridan
Resigns Position
A Washington dispatch says:
James W Sheridan resigned today
as chief of tbe fieM service in tbe gen
eral land office to become special aa-si-tant
attorney general to prosecute
a number of public land cases in Ari
tona and southern California. Sheri
dan succeeded Glavis when the latter
was dismissed by President Taft.
a U
72 Cochise Cases
to Federal Court
Seventy two cases from Cochise
county alone are before tbe federal
court wbicb convened in Pboenizyes
terday. This is a greater number rl
cases than have been referred to a
federal grand jury from one county in
tbe history of the state.
The cases are:
United States vs Magon, Vilareal
and Rivera Sarabia, violation ol tbe
neutrality laws; Henry Miller, whit
slavery; D H Johnson, lencing public
lands; W H Neel, lencing publio
lands; Miguel Fiege, fencing publio
lands; Pete Johnson fencing public
lands; Jesus Moreno and Francisco
Sanson, smuggling merchandise into
Mexico that was subject to duty; Jesus
Moreno and F Sancisco, conspiracy
to export munitions of war to Mexico.
San Diego Detec
tive Brings Prisoner
The Phoenix Democrat says:
Dave (ierabom, of the detective
force of San Diego is in Phcenix,
having brought the Italian, Bessolo,
wbo is wanted by tbe Federal authori
ties in Arizona for using tbe mails to
defraud. Bessolo was first arrested in
San Diego but was released lot lack ol
evidence. Soon afterwards tbe police
department of that city received in
formation that tbe Italim was wanted
in Arizona and Gersbon was detailed
on the job andjsucceeded is getting
his man in Los Angeles.
0 a - m. m o i v aa af " wins
' .?'- ' KuntxavaxsM

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