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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, October 13, 1912, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 4

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A very enthuaiastio meetine ot citi
zeaa ot 8 afford took place Saturday
night at tbe Chamber ol Commerce,
where they met Dr W J Qalbraith ol
Lot AuRfcles. bo laU before the meet
ing a proposition to buiM alargesani
tarium closa totowo.
The Graham county posses which
were out in search of Eueobis Arbiso,
tbe murderer of John Campbell and
Alberto Monguia , have returned home
being unsuccessful in locating Arbiso,
who is believed to be hiding in tbe
mountain: near Silver City, New
Tha Gila Valley Electric, Gai and
water company ia making good pro
gress iu i-s work ol laying tbe pipe to
conduct the water Irom the Qraba-n
mountaina to Safford
About one hundred priaonera were
taken to Phoenix trim Tucson. Globe
and Toinbitone, (or trial at tbe term
of United States court there.
Tbe programs aro out, the Mile are
posted, moat o! the exbiMts are to or
promised, and, in short everything is
about ready for the fair to begin at
Tucson en tbe 17th lest.
Alfredo N" Acosta.a Mexican jour
nalist and lawyer at present res, ding
in Las Angeles, spent yesterday at
Do-Jglaa on a special mission for the
Mexican government, tbe nature o!
which be refused to state when Inter
viewed. At Globe, Vick and Shovel day was
a grand success. Nearly all tbe Globe
chauffeur went ont and did more
than their share of the work, with tbe
result that the Globe-Miami road has
been wonderfully improved.
Toe city tax rate for the current
year will probably be placed at $1 40
per 1100 valuation, the same rate as
trie year previous, by the Tucson city
council which meets Monday night.
Martin II Dill, the well known let
ter carrier, w;a bitten Friday by i
mad dog in the enclosure in 'lie rear
oftheMonihan building in Phoenix
The dog is understood to belong to
Joe McCondea, who took the animal
to Assistant City Hetlth Oflleer W S
Lowe to have it examined as it had
been acting peculiarly lately and was
suspected of having rabbiej.
The students in mining engineering
at the university, have organized tbe
Mining Engineers Society. Officers
were appointed as follows: J G Lind-
ley, president. O J Hernbard, vice.
presidrnt,OC Coles, secretary and
While playing, at )Glendale, with
the Cbamney dog last Saturday,
George Fowler was bitten through tbe
lip by the dog It is cot thought
that tbe dog bad the rabies, as bis ac
tions have been normal. However,
tbe condition of both bay and dog are
being watched closely.
S P Hubs, manager of the Yoma
Valley Growers' Association, ddoudc
es that tbe association ij ready to dis
tribute to tbe growers $17,000, tbe
proceeds of tbe first sales made.
Other sales are being made right along
and there will be another distribution
within short time.
"Tucson will be in tbe center of
great agricultural section within tbe
next five years and I have every rea
son to believe tbat it will be one ol
the greatest in tbe southwest," was
the statement made by H X Nichol
son of London, England. Mr Nicbol
son ia tbe administrator of the estate
of Cecil Khodes, the great diamond
mine operator, who died years age.
Governor May Call
Legislative Session
That the governor will soon make a
call for an extra session cf tbe state
legislature for a date in November ia
aid by those in a position to know to
be an increasingly imminent likli
bood. It baa been generally known tbat
tbe administration had under con
sideration tbe advisability of calling
tbe legislature together in extra ses
sion bat it was not believed that this
would be done until after January 1.
It ia said tbat tbe governor is be
ing urged to call tbe session for No
y ember in order tbat there may be no
question of 'be legislature's acts, at ii
il contended by many that tbe pres
ent legislature goes nut of existence,
on tbe first day of January.
From Wednesday's Daily
County Attorney Uilmore went
Uisbee tcday on official business.
to I
Clarence llootu ia a county
visitor on court business
Lee O Woolerr went to Douglas to.
day on brief professional visit
Chief of Police George Bravin re
ceived word that his young son,
Valentine, waa making rapd pro
gress toward recovery, whlcu is
pleasing news to the many friends
of the young man in Tombstone.
Frank Crable and wife left today
for Phoenix where they co to make
their home, Mr Crable having ac
cepted the position of chief deputy
clerk in the U. S. court, with bead-
quarters at Phoenix. Mr Crable re
sinned bis position here as postmaster
some time since and hi brother, Ar
thur Ilarwood has been named as bis
successor and has already assumed
charge ol the office. Mr Crable and
ife take with them the best wishes
of a host of Tombstone friends, who
incerely regiet their d-partnre from
this city.
During Fair week dozens ol conven
tions of various kinds will l beld
at Pboenix, but none is more eloae
Ir allied with tbe Interests of the
whole ol our citizens tban tbe an
nual meeting ol Arizona's teachers.
The board of supervisors adjourned
until Oct 17th at which time they
will award the contract for building
tbe Hereford bridge.
Cbaa Morgan, owner ot
mines in the Huachucas is a
atone visitor.
Grind of Justice in
The Superior Court
In the superior court today tbe
Quarles vs Parker minin? caee still
occupies tbe attention of the court
and jury. The case involves question
of ownership and location ot some
valuable placer ground in Ash Canyon
in tbe Huacbuca mountaina. Tbe
plaintiff's complaint bold to a Iide
location title and claim $5000 has
been extracted by the defendants
while working the ground under
placer location. Tbe recovery ol tbe
$5000 and f 1000 additional damages
is sought. Attorneys Williams and
Fannigan appear for the plaintiff'
and Attorney F M Doan appears for
tbe defendant.
Tbe disputed ground is regarded as
valuable and has been the scene of a
gold excitement causing quite a rush
to the new gold fields when discovery
was first made.
All tbe retraining jurors on tbe
panel bave been discharged and
hive departed for their respective
Io court today tbe jury in tbe
Quarles vs Parker, Ash Canyon min
ing case, returned a verdict in favor
of tbe plaintiffs, vetting the title in
favor of tbe the plaintifTs as against
tbe defendants and allowed tbe sum
of $512 damages. Notice of appeal
was tiled.
in tbe case of F B McCoy va Maria
McCoy, judgment was rendered in
favor of plaintiff,
Tippott vs Steele et al Motion of
for dismissal was granted,
A number of probate hearings were
bad before Judge Sutter today and
orders filed.
The juries bave now all been dis
charged and it is probable no more
trial juries will be subpoened nntil
Columbus Day,
In Arizona
Columbus day, October 12, will be
generally observed throughout Ari
zona. The state has made this a
legal, holiday and all banks and pub
lic offices will be closed. Public ex
ercises are to be held in Phoenix.
Prescott, Flagstaff, Tucson, Bisbee
and Globe.
Io Pboenix tbe exe-cises will begin
at tbe city ball plaza at 3 o'clock.
vlayor Lloyd B Christy will preside
Governor George Hunt and P. W.
Sullivan of Prescott are to be the
principal speakers. Miss Aon Luke
and Maitland Davies will sing. Tbe
Indian School band will play and
seats wilt be provided for at least
1000 persons.
Iu Prescott Corporation Commis
sioner W. P. Geary and Judge Frank
.-'mltb will be tbe principal speakers.
Attorney General Ballard and R E
dorruon will speak in Flag taff ,
Eugene Brady O'Neill in Tucson and
L Boyee in Uisbee,
Indian Summer In Old
Tombaston Town
lly Wm. McPnKRox
Here in dia a town
(0 d Tombaston town)
We now bar a da Indian Sum'
And all bill like a da golden brown
And da quail bird maka da drum.
8hure: Longa lima da ateama plant,
Clcse by, on a da bill,
Not maka da grunt
(What you call a da pant)
And aquiet now is a da mill.
Shuru: we gotta da dump in avry place
Where three years maybe, or more,
Da top a bote he maka da bump
And sweata in da face.
As be pulla da car a da ore.
No I no say, I go away
For 1 likadis b town fine.
And avery night
Wber I do a 'ight
I always can drinka da wine.
But I wishe now, in disa o'd town.
(While we gotta da Indian Sum')
He, da top boss,
No maka long shut down,
But maka da steam plant hum.
Here in dia a town
(Old Tombaston town)
Wbeie ws gotta da Indian Sum',
And all da hill, lika golden brown,
And da quail bird maka da drum.
Sale of Republican
Involves $97,000
The rale ot the Pboenix Bepub'ican
to tbe Bull Moose advocates is claim
ed to bave involved $97,000. Tbe
Demi crat sava $20,000 was paid in
cash b;Dwight Heard paving $10,000,
Frank Parker $6000 and J L B Alex
ander $5000. Tbe remaining $77,000
was assumed by Frank A Munsey, tbe
noted publisher and Mendill McCor
mick of ton Harvester interests.
The Republican always heretofore
a power in tbe political field will be
made an acive factor in furthering
tbe interest of tbe Progressive party
and Roosevelt in Amona.
Reduced Rates
for Arizona Fair
A special fare for the round trip to
the Arizona State Fair to be beld in
Pboenix October ,?8th to November
2nd, has just been announced by the
Southern Pacific Company and Ari
zona Eastern Railroads. Tbe (round
trip fare for this occasion vrill be the
same as tbe one way fare at present
This rate is absolutely unprofitable to
tbe railroads but it means lor the
development of the state, and tbe
railroads are the greatest booster.
Prominent Man
y ,Visits Tombstone
Mr C C Rouse, a member of the
executive department of theSoutbern
Railway, with headquarters at Wash
ington City, hove into Tombstone
last evening, having steered our pater
familias to his borne. Mr Rouse
comes west for more than one pur
pose: First, be will visit his uncle,
Judge Barnes of Fairbank. promi
nently identified with tbe Boquillas
Land and Catt'e Company.
Mr Rouse had in contemplation a
trip into Mexico, desirous, as are all
Virginians, of seeing a thing to a con.
elusion. However, after having
ventured upon Arizona soil, and taken
a big inhalation of our ozone, be Jeon
eluded to conclude; as a consequence,
he turned tcose his camera and "shot
up tbe town." Tombstone sod Ari
zona is good enough outing for Mi
Route, as compared to the tern
District of Colombia, wbere only
politicians do congregate and await
be outcome, of events.
Mr Rouse, it is suspected, is an
artist. He carries tbe implements
whereby nothing may escape. Snap
shots are tbe order of bis peregena
tions, and we are told tbat tbe films
of publie places and magazine articles
descriptive may reveal to as that Mr
Rouse makes a very profitable trip
through Arizona. His expositions
will prove profi able to tbe publ'c.
Gold baa been discovered Id tbe
little Rincon mouotaios, fourteen
miles northwest of Benson, by tie
Masaoletti Mines company, osss
pany of Boston smb.
Warren School
(Opens Today
Tbe Warren school, which has teen
closed since the discovery of tbe pres- I
ence otacarlet teter in the town, was
alloaed to open this morning, and
tbe Sunday schools may open next
Sunday. This announcement was
made by the crunty health officer
yesterday afternoon
No new cases of scarlet fever have
appeared in a week or lunger and ail
danger of a furlbei spread of the dis
ease is believed to be gone.
Steel Bridge
is Completed
The steel frame work for the El
Paso and Southwestern bridge over
tbe Cienega has been completed, rails
have been laid over it and tbe laying
of ateel into Tucson is now proceeding
at the rate of a mile per day. The
completion ol the road ia expected to
b announced not later than Novem
ber 10.
Two Engines
Crash at Naco
A switch engine at Osborne June
tion, ran into the engine of a' work
train on the siding. Both engines
were damaged severely, one being put
on its side in tbeditcn. Tbe engine
men escaped with severe bruises and
jilts, but a workman, whose nam'
was not learned, bad bis two legs cut
Taking Testimony
in Altar and Nogales
Testimony to support the charge
filed against General Emilio Campa
with the state department iu Wash
ington by the Mexican government
now is being taken in Altar and in
Nogales, Sonora, when completed
will be forwarded to Washington.
Campa then will be arraigned before
a United States Commissioner, who
will inspect the evidence and decide
whether or not it is sufficient for bu
Tbe testimony at Altar concerns
tbe murdsr of J A Orozco. It is
stated by Mexican Consul E V Anava
tbat Campa is charged with shooting
tbe man in his wife's arms because
he bad served with the Federals in
the defense ot the town. Orozco bad
a wound on his arm, according to
Anaya, and Campa, notiolog it, drew
hia revolver and killed bim.
Cochise Cases.On
Supreme Docket
Tbe Supreme court has fixed the
dates tor bearing case? before that
tribunal. Th- following Cochise
cases app ar on tbe docket:
No 1260 Paul B Warnekroa vs
Charles dowmao, appeal from tbe su .
perior ccurt ot Cochise. Set for Oct.
No 1253 Charles W Bush vs
Robert E Root, appeal from the dis
trict court of Cocbise county. Set for
Oct 14. This case and Nu 1260 nill
be beard by a court composed of Judge
8 Franklin, Ross and Superior Court
Judge McAllister of Graham county.
Judge Cunningham having disquali
fied. f No 1258 City of Bisbe vs Arizona
Insurance company, from Cocbise
county. Case set for Oct. 24.
No 1263 Copper Belle Mining Co.
of West Va.,vsJohn Gleeson, from
Cocbise county. Oct 25.
No 1277 William Kline vs Joe
Kline, from Cochise county. Set for
Oct 25.
Tbe court banded down tbe new
roles which have been recently print
ed. Tbey will take effect on and af
ter Nov. 16,1912.
Dr and Mrs C S Moore of Micto
zume, wbo passed through Douglas
en route to California, stated tbat
band of 400 rebels, whose leadership
is unknown, is located at Banamichi,
fifteen miles south ot Moctesums, and
are expected to attack tbe town at
anytime. There are no federal sol
d -rs looated there or none near.
Court Cases Filed
Judg in Suit 0.1. If I'rudhemire
Dr, Saline Shaya, Vt; judg lor $22.-
78 'reoloure on 'ouglas prop,
Much Difference to
Cattlemen Nowadays
Years ago when tbe rinc waa free
and vast herds could roam at will
from one end o the country to the
other, without even a thought of a
wire fence or a quarantine nlhcer, the
grass up to their eyes, libor cheap
and gruo cheaper ii as vns profit
able to run inferior stock, but the
times nd conditions have changed,
and it is'no longer wise to Own such
stuff. Tbe range is rapidly becoming
rettled aud fenced up. l.ab.ir cos's
from 25 to 35 per cent more and grub,
conshtingof bacon, beans, sugar, 11 ur
and coffee wbioh was ample in the
days of tno free range has doubled il
price and then doubled again. The
settling and fencing up of tbe range
and tbe grabbing of the forest reserves
has ad led one expense after another
to the cost ot maintaining a rlook
until t day it is enormous. And the
man who is running inferior stock
fiods himself confronting a condition
demanding immediate attention and
earnest thought.
Arizona Teachers
Ass'n at Phoenix
The Arizona State Teachers Asso
ciation will convene at the new high
school auditorium. Phoenix, Tuesday
October 31st at 9 a, m "1 h4 meeting
will last two daya and many of the
most prominent educators of the state
will lake part in the dier.uision.
The session Thursday forenoon will
be given to 'a consideration of that
vital and much discussed subject.
"Public Dissatisfaction With the
Schools, It's Causes and Remedies."
The session Fr'day forenoon will be
given to the subject, ' How Would It
Affect the Efficiency of the Public
Schools and the Teaching Profession
to Have a Civil Service Syatem by
Which Teachers are Automaticlly
Promomnied and their Tenure of 0 -fiee
Made Reasonably Secure? Pen
sions? Equalization of tbe Salaries
of Men and Women?"
These topics are vital to both the
echools and the teachers, and doubt
less will be discussed effectively and
with spirit, thus promising to nake
this meeting of the association a most
profitable and interesting on. Co
cbise county will be well represented
Sonora Yaquis
Giving More Trouble
iaquis are giving much trouble at
San Xavier, Sonora, according to W
C Laugbiin and J F Willliams, who
hare arrived in Guaymas, and who
state that two sets of leamsters con
veying supplies to the isolated dis
tricts bave been waylaid and sl-in by
tbe Indians. The news of the killing
as given by Laughlin and Williams
was received in Tucson Monday. In
both cases the bodies of the dead were
left lying beside the wagons.
Governor Hunt's
j Auto Experience
Governor Hunt added an addition
al hard lock experience to his al
ready more than complete quota o'
auto experience', on Saturday , his
car mired down four miles from Roose
velt on tbe road to Glob-. It was
raining at the time, raining pretty
heavily, but in spite of it Gorernor
Hunt, as be has done before, got out
To the mud and helped push the car
onto the bard ground.
Machine Becomes
When be cranked bis car after re
pairs on the linnsevelt road near
Desert Wells Sunday, a young man,
whose name is understood to be Bar
ker, exploded some was'e gasol ne in
the apron, and is the lapse of a few
minutes the machine was scrap iron
and cinders.
Dentists Will
Meet at Phoenix
'I he Ariz n Dental association,
composed of dentists throughout the
a ate, will meet in annual convention
at 1'hoenix. Octcber 2H, and will con
tinue in session for five days, ad
journing Nov ruber 1. An interest
ing program of topics for dUctirsion
by delegates is bewj prepared, I ut
has not yet been anuour.ced.
Canning Tomatoes
In Big Valley
The-cannery of the McNeal Co op
erative Canning company is working
on tomatoe a pre-ent and Is putting
out a product winch will, by its high
giadf, make tbe name of thecomoany
a standard of excellence in the south
west This information was received
from Hulert H Heath, who has re
turned from an "xtended visit to the
vallny town.
"All tbe tomatoes teing u-ed are
esoeciallt selected. No bad ones are
allowed to enter into the canning
process," said Heath in dt scribing tbe
op rating plant
Board Wi I Aid
None But Citizens
No more indiscriminate giving ot
charily will b allowed by the count)
board of supervisors. At tbe la-i
meeting of the board it was decided
that hereafter no charry. free grocer
ies or other supplies, will be given by
the county, through any of its oi5.
cials, except in c-tse of need, where
the needy is a ci izen of tliii ctun
Hareafter it wll bo necessary for
an) one asking aid ol the coun'y to
first exhibit a certificate of naturaliza
tion or a certificate of registration,
shoeing that he is a qualified citizen
ciiizeu of the United States.
The board will refuse to approve
any bill for aid extended unless it is
ehowo that the recipient is a citi
zen. Prohibition Party
Will Enter Race
The prohibition party of Arizona
will be a little late in shying their
castor into the political ring, but
ihey ill reach the arena just the
Agreement has been reached by the
prohibitionists on a state ticket, and
0 Gibson of Tomb tone, a pioneer in
the prohibition cause arrived in Uis
bee yesterday afternoon, cirrjiag the
required petition and securing the
signatures wbicti will entitle hie
party to a place on tbn state otGctal
qallot. The prohibition ticket, as it
will appear on the official ballot, will
be at follows:
Presidential electors Gen Thomas
F Wilson, cf Tucson; J Stanley How
ard, o Phoenix; Roy E Sibley, of Cop-,
per Creek, Graham county.
Candidate for congress 0 Gibson
of Toaibstone.
Mr Gibson, theprohibition congres
sional candidate, has carried the ban
ner for tbe prohibitionists in Arizona
for many years, aad this will be til
fifth race for congress.
Rnjas at Tepachi
With 650 Men
Since his request for amnesty from
th Mexicc n government. Roiae has
not been beard Irom until last night,
wh'n a c nrier from Moctezuma ar
nvrd io Douglas and announced that
he, with a fore- f 650 men. ia located
at 'lepachi, and has demanded the
surrender ot Moctezuma, threatening
an immediate attck il his demand
is not complied with.
As soon as this news arrived, Col,
Sanjines ordered Col. Alvarado. wbo
is located at Fronteras with 250 Yaqui
Indians, to proceed at Once to Moc
tezuma and give bat'Ie to tbe Rojas
forre- and prevent Ihe threatened at i
tack Col A'varado in compliance.
i.l i.-.-..)... i.i, c-..... i...
.iuiiii-oUiwi,,Kii '""
...... ,. ,,
night for the scene of trouble
educate our iowa vtun caseareta. ,
Candy Cathartic, core cunsllpattca forever i
it-' tr.T raii,pnisrs:isi r-T"nflsp nr
From Thursday's Daily
Frank Dtmarest, deputy county
treasurer, returned last evrnirg from
the liwer en i of the Sulphur Sprints
valley, where with Deputy A-see-or
Ross they were en a personal prop
erty tax collecting trip.
'1 he farmers nl ih t-'ulr, hur Sprinj
vallej near VcNeal n.ll hold a lair
and harvee hnme crl'hration there
on Thursday, October 24, and have
sent invitations to many citizens of
Onclreo c u-ity to attend and see the
frui of ih ir labors displayed.
County Attcrr.ey W. G Gilmire is
in Dnuglaa, where he went to repre
sent the date in tbe hearing in the
easel ot lhe.ee arrested charged with
unlawfully searching a hotel in that
city. Thn defrndinia include Man
uel Oueeta and two officers of tbe
Ninth Cavalry. This case has at
tracted c- nsidersble attention.
It has been learned that the death
of Ygnacio Valeozuela at Tucson was
du to a fractured skull. Valensuela
fell into a shallow-well while return
ing to t.e Vqu village Saturday
night. He was hauled out and put to
td hi injury not being notice,!. Dr
J R Walla made an examination of
the body vrhijh r veiled the cause of
Broomcorn Crop
a Dismal Failure
Tiie roomenrn crup of the south
To ei d O' the Sulphur Spring valley
urotrd a di-iral failure this year,
more than 200 teres in the south
d of the valley p'ovicg unproduct
ive. This it I- Mated, is due o poor
eed and fate planting Not mere
tlian Hiper ceutnl the rron came op
ttid th larger portion ot this small
area ha not ye matured.
While this is strictly applicable to
the oouth end of the valley other sec
tions have been more fortunate. While
no da a cuncenring tonnage is obtain
aMo it is understood that tie -'au
Simon vicinity and the Light neigh --orbood
raided gocd c-ops.
Ambitious men aun bos are want
ed alio wish to take advantage of this
opportunity to b-cjme traised me
chanics, after which you are given tbe
preferer ce of employment in tbeCal
iforni Foundry aid Engine Works,
with whom this school has a contract,
and where yon have the unparalleled
advantage ol seeing with your own
ejes ar,d working wi h your own hands
all the different operations of the me
chanical trades Irom the drawings ai.d
blue print, the pr.tern shop, then
through the foundry and machine
shops and tinallv the finished ma
chine is in operation. We absolutely
iffer you the only opportunity est of
the Mississippi Kiver where, in the
minimum of time ynu may master a
trde tint took men in your father's
time, five years before he was consid
ered "Out of his time. To ie able to
read and write your own name in
English ia all the education that is
required to enter this achoul. Our
instructors include men wbo have
been induced ai great expense, to
come to us from ihe higbe-t chairs of
the largest engineering ecnools. Here
isynnr pp rtum y of a lifetime to
master a trade and also spend the
winter in dull hern Califurma where
you never see a sn-jwball. Comes
from 125.00 to 1153 OJ Wrte today
'or treeca'alot; contitoing all the in -formation
Specia inducements of
ferd first s-hoWr from nnw ternory.
Addre-sMEUM AM AI, ELERfttlC
HALIFORXI ,5257 SouibFigueroi,
Los Angeles, California. 'J -29
jo Years
with Coughs
We have had seventy years
of experience with Ayer's
Cherrv Pectoral. Thlc
makes us have great confi-1
dence in it for coughs, colds. I
bronchitis, weak throats, and
weak lungs. We want you
to have confidence in it, as
well. Ask your own doctor
what experience he has had
with it He knows. Keep
in close touch with him.
One of Ayer's Pills at
an increased Bow of 1
ed'tltti Will raira
an Increased flow of bile and produce a
..,i. i. ,..:... .ii;::r.n :
. " "s men me uay loijowinr.
Formula on each box. Show it to .?:
doctor. He
r. - ;, . J 7 . . " -
in unocrsianu ar a glance
jiwii-V. V Dconme lu" one.
. ...winn,aiii,
I f

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