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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, October 20, 1912, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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The Wcikly Tomih-tove Eiitaih
publishe-d tery uinlay, will gie all
the news and uill be sent to any ad
drvsa for
w Four Months For 01 r
$3 rr.R tsar
Is published every Sunday, and con
tains all the news of the week a it
appears in The Dailt I'bospecior-
J 5ub(cibe Now
NO 89
Government to Plat Nine Townships in
Cochise and Made Available for
Dry Farmers
For the purpore o' snrvejing a tract
of land atoat elgteeu miles iquare,
containing some nine toantbips, iu
Cochise couuty, Surveyor General F
8 Ingalls tent out a double pany from
Phj-nix . Jessie B Wright and V
H. Elliott are in charge of the rarly.
Eight mules, fourteen men and etv
eral wagons, besidn a ci triplet catop
outfit were taken along. Une of the
men is a first class cook. The outfit
Large Irrigation Pnject Planned
for Barbacomari Grant in Co
chise County
DrJBPerrio, a multimilliooaire j
and large land owner of William!, ac
compamed by Or Milton McWhorten
of Oakland, Cal. bav e arrived at the
grant to collict data m refeiei ce to
tbe geological ferma'itn r.f tbi sec
tioo of the state to be ut(d in an ir-
rigatlon priject which they propose
Sonora Rebel Leaders are Quitting
and Uprising Nearing End
Cananea, Son. Three relel bader.
Eocisco, Esquer and Aitiz have sur
rendered to the federal autbori -
and this is heheTed to end the reb"l
uprising in the state u! Sonora Mi
guel Eociico and bis following gave
up at Uermocillo ibis week, a did
also Santiago Ainza and his small
bedy of men, taking advantage of th
offer of amnesty by the federal gov
ernment. On the same day Jarquin Erquer
and bis following which has been in
Moe'ttzuma district Jcr the cast
month, gave themselves up to the
prelect at MccteVuma, 'Pedro Braca-
The Municipal Ticket for Tomb
stone as it Will Appear On
T. F. Kucscnbecker ... .: For Mayor C. L.Cummings
George Bravin For City Marshal James DaMeish
H.S. Boss For Councilman Frst Ward Frank Demarest
S.A.Hughes ;. For Councilman 2od Ward F, M.Hawes
Harry RafTerty For Councilman 3rd wrd Ous Baron
Paul A. Smith Tor Ciuocilman 4th Ward L O Woolery
SWL gf aJ
Absolutely Pure
The only Baking Powder made
from Roy a! Crape Cream of Tartar
First Arizona
loaded on freight cart and left
It i exacted that the surveying
Hill take about tbrca months. Some
of the und is Inlly. hut there i much
tnod farming land includd. A num
ber of persons have settled in this
corner ol Arizona and encaged in dr)
Chaiiidenain s uougti Reined'
to build on the Bahacamari grant.
Or I'errin owns the gMnt which con'
eiits of over 10.000 acie and lies in a
iich agricultural and mineral belt
cst of Tucsun.
The Blue Ldge Mason meet tbis
erenirg in the Masonic Hall.
Ircohrza. the ol er rebel leader
ro t-nk advantage of the amnesti
tier, surrendered in Cananea on the
otb of the month le't Cananeiyeeter
day foi the United States, where he
i supposed to remain until he has
permission to return to Mexico.
Fok Pale Con biotd writing desL
nd lionk ctre. also two parlor chairs.
Inquire U 6 Johnson, Fremont street,
neir Fourth
Ten dollars a day easily nude hj
loral ageot. Write for full inform
tion at once. Arizona Sales Agency
Phoenix, Arizona. Ml
Tombstone Gala
Day Tomorrow
Tomorrow uill ho a gala rally day
when T mhstone w II freet Senator
Maik Smith, Congressman Carl Hay
den and Hon Wiley E Jones candi
date for presidential elector.
The three distinguished Democratic
orators ill speak uodcr the auspices
of the Wilson-Marshall Club of Tomb
stone and general snd cordial wel
come is exteoded everybody to attend
and bear the issues of the campaign,
Indies being especially invited.
The meeting w:ll be held at the
City Park at 7:30 p m, and if the
weather interfere, provision has teen
made to hold earns indoors at the
court roam. Arrangements for the
Tombstone City Band is being had
and a rojal reception will be extend,
ed the visitors.
More Arms
for Kosterlisky
A Lredo, Tex8, dis: atch says:
One hundred and fifty ritles and
thi'ty thousand rounds of an muni
tion have been expressed to Colonel
Kosterlitzky at Xogales to arm the
federals for 'heir campaign in Sonora.
Washington gave a permit for the
shipment through this country.
U. S. Jury Find
130 Indictments
At Phoenix the United State grsud
jury Thursday ncning submitted its
final report and was dismissed by
Judge Sloan with strong words ol
commendation for the expedition it
had ehowD in the dispositii n of the
business brought before it. He stat
ed ne believed that a record had been
In the week and a half the grand
jury has been sit ing 162 cases have
been investiga'ed. One hundred and
thirty indictments were return.-d, the
charges were igoored in tnaLtyjcaees
and seven were referred to the next
grand jury.
Progressive Leaders
Here Monday
Hon Digbt B Herd, Progresfve
Party electorial candidate and Hon
Geo U Young, fo mer secretary of
Aritona and acting governor will be
here Monday arriving from Bisbee on
that date and will deliver speeches at 1
f the City Park in the evening. Tomb
stone will accord the distinguished
Arizona! a beany welcome.
Sunday In
Tombstone Churches
Sunday School 10 a. m., E 11
Reeves, Hupt.
Christian Endeavor at 7:30 p. m.
Everybody is cordially invited to
attend these services.
Bet. H.A. Deck, Pastor.
Sunday School 10KX) a. m.
Epwortb League 7 p. in.
All are invited.
Tbevok Ortox, Pastor.
Sunday school every dunJay at
a, m., Mrs. Wm Cavanagb, Supt.
All are cordially invited to attend
Kev. Father Marx, Pastor.
alw ataasyi
rtotbt'SparuinPiUinnallkMiMTtur San
r avi a i.wtfii - -. CAMaanotH
.State Fair Phoenix; Oct. 28 toINov, 2
Tombstone Town
Topics Tersely Told
Visitors to City; Local and
Personal Items, of Interest
K I) Vallsnce and wife of Oepeseo
N. Y. are Tombtone visitors from
that far away state and are so delight
ed with our matchless c lmate that
they will make an extended stej here.
Mr and Mrs Vallance have secured
the Benedict cottage and will remain
during the winter. A hearty and
coidial welcome is vouchsafed the
Arrangements have about all been
completed for the big social dance to
he given next Friday, October 25,
under tUspicCB o the ladies of the
Catholic church. ?bed(eha bet-n
changed roui Saturday 26 to Frids,
25. Tickets are ou sale and a large
crowd is anticipated by thee in
Tbe Cochise county round. up Lav?
completed their work this week, lhe
I'breeO's closes today in the valley.
Tbe Four Bar finished yesterday at
Stockton and the Bnquillas "broke
camp" at Hereford today.
Tbe Pbospectou is in receipt of a
ssmple of corn from the field ot our
old pioneer friend, Geo Clark olTur
ner. Tbe ears, juei three months old,
ate exceptionally large and the corn
grains perfect. This from a dry farm,
fre-m seed planted in July, takes tnis
kird of farming out of tbe expert
mental stage and places it in the
marvel class. Mr Clark i demon-
rating agricultural wonders on bi
Urrn and doing much to prove the
value of Coch sc lands.
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
Carefully Condensed for The
Prospector Readers
"As a whole Douglas excels any
Arizona city I know tf in the irat'er
of cleanliness in the places where tbe
people's food supplies come from,"
said Dr F W Randall, city health offi
cer The remark was appropos of an
inspection ot tbe slaughter houses.
The telephone toll rates from Globe
to Miami and from Miami to Globe
have been reduced.
H C Caynessnl tbe Burnt " Ranch,
Land Cattle company, arrived at
Prescott from Pbnenix Friday to su
perintend tbe shipping of nearly 3000
head ot cattle. Loading begins at
Ash Fo'k on October 15, at Del Rio
on tbe 17ih and at Flagstaff on the
18tb. rhe cattle go to Colorado,
Imperial valley, Cal, and to the Salt
River valley.
Tbe Bisbee golf team which played
the Douglas team on tbe Country club'
links on Sunday did cot win a single
point in tbe match, the score being 15
to 0 in favor of Douglas.
Former Senator W A Clark is en
route from tbe east and in conjunc
tion with making an inspection of tbe
United Verde interests, he alsodesires
to participate in tbe formal opening
of tbe Verde Valley railroad which is
cbednled for next week.
At Tucson. W A Julian will be tbe
republican candidate f- r mayor. In
withdrawing in Mr Julian's favor, J
E Lovejoy, wbo had been announced
ai tbe candidate, stated that he be
lieved the interests of the partv wonld
better be served if be ran a council
man. The Southern Arizona lair threw
Chief of Police Rravin returned to
day from Bisbee bringing' with him
bis son, Valentino, who recently un
derwent an operation lor appendicitis.
Master Valentine, alteady weak from
a previous operation, nevertheless
bravely withstood the operation and
trip borne and is doing nicely. He
was brought home an a stretcher and
the young patient is expected to be
able to be out of bed and contellcing
within a week,
I)i puty Court C'erk R B Krebs will
en er abcut 75 of his homing pigeons
ai the St -te Fair at Pboemx. These
biids are prize winners and it is cer
tain that more prires will be brought
back to Tombetone by the pigeons for
their owner.
Walt Mason, tbe prose poet, has
reached true fame, A cigar has been
named in his honor. Tbe cigars are
5 cents each and come in a box that
has a picture of "Uncle Wall" on it.
It i snd the cigars draw freely and
that they are in the popular shades;
BlonS'ue, Sepia and Flemish Oak.
ANTED Tbe Cosmopolitan
Grrup requires the service of a repre
eentat!re in Tombstone and surround
ing territory, to look after eubscrip
tion renewals, and to extend circula
tion by special methods which have
prayed unusually successful. Salary
and commission Previous experience
desirable but net essential. Whole
time or spare time. Address, with
references. Chsrles C. Schwer, The
Coemnpihtan Group, 331 Fourth Ave .
Xcw Yore City.
open its gat's to the people of tbis
secticn of tbe slate Thursday tor 3
days at Tucson.
Ths American Smelting and Re
fining company, now unwatering the
Lake Superior and Arizona mines , t
Superior, under a bond and option,
has also taken a bond and option on
a group ot claims situated at Sliver
King, three miles northeast ol Su
perior, tbe main claim in this group
being tbe Black Diamond mine, lo
cated and developed to a considerable
extent in tbe early eighties by Bill
O'rioyle, tbe old Silver King hotel
Assistant Superintendent T II
Krut sebnitt of tbe Southern Pscific
has returned from a trip oyer the
division. Hk finds business increas
ing. An averag6of from 350 to 400
ctrs are i aas'ngnver the line tetj
F L UnderwooJ has taken an op
tion on a one-haf interest in tbe
forty-two copper claims situated on
the north side of tbe Gilt river, oppo
site Kelvin, Pioal county. The price
tote paid for tbis half interest is
f 250,000. The property belong to
tbe Ray Arizona Ccpper company, ol
which Colonel McGrtth is tbe mans,
ger. Underwood is an eastern capi
talists. Friday morning between tbe hours
of 1 and 2 o'clock, fire destroyed the
main office bul'ding of the Consoli
dated Smelting company at Hum
boldt, together with every record book
valuable papers, and all blue-print,
ol tho-works.
Arizona Legislature May Be Called in
Extraordinary Session Early
in Year
That the second extraordinary eee-
stcnoftbe first Arizona legulaturr
will be convened some time in Janu
ary 1913, is tbe Impression gained by
a Democrat representative after a
conversation with Governor Hunt
on tbe subject, although the execu
tive did not commit himself to a
definite date.
However, after some conversation
on the subject, Governor Hunt ssid
Sturdy Democratic Leaders in
Tombstone Tommorrow Sena
tor Mark Smith to Visit Old
Tomorrow evening Tombstonites
will assemble as one to greet and ex
tend a heart) welcome to Arizona'a U
S. Senator Marcus A. Smith. Sen'
ator Smith will be received with gm
eral acclaim, as Tombstone was his
home for many years, snd it was while
in tbis city that he begun his career as
anillustriouspublic man. Thehonurs
then conferred have teen almost cin
tinuously repeated; he Jbas been in
able and laithful servant 'or Arizona
for nearly a quarter of a century,
during which time he has, with that
eloquence ot which he is justly fnmed,
ever espoused irue JetTersonisn Ien.
ocracy and proved himself worthy of
tbe confidence bes'owed.
For more than 25 years tbe Pros
pector has voiced the sentiments of
tbis loyal old Arizona champion end
like every Arizonas is proud of his
Congressman Carl Hayden will no-
company Senatcr Smith. He to j, is
an able and conscientous legislator,
now serving his first term as Arizona's
representative in the loaer bouee of
Congrees. During bis short term Le
A Cochise County Election Bet on
Taft and Roosevelt Electors
The first bet ot any considerable
proportions to be tcsde iu Doupla
upon the probable outcome of tbe
presidential election of N'ovcmUr 5
was posted in tbe Gadsden cigar e'e re,
when a pool composed ol Taft rren
made an offer of f 125 tbst Taft wunld
Geological Report on Famous Tur
quoise District of Cochise County
-Tombstone Next
"The Turquoiie Copper Mining Dis
trict, Arizona," is tbe title of a short
report by F. L. Ransome, just itsued
by tbe United States Geological Sur
vey. Mr Kansome visited tbe Tur
quoiie district in 1911 and made a
brief examination of tbe complex geo
logical relation of the copper depn;
its near Courtland and Gleeson. Lat
er be visited here anj made a thor
that be had consulted several mem
ler of tbe legislature and bad about
decided to inu? tin call so that the
ses'on would conveno in the latter
part ol January. 1913. This, it mui
be remembered, is not a definite de-'
cision, as the governor said it was not
bnal ard that be might change bij
mind later.
jiaiittBriaiiTs uougn Henefiy
Cure- " a.io'4 " "'Mnv-'iv
eurpiised eten hie- most ardent sup
porter for the able manner in which
l. took bis position at Washington.
An active man ol affairs and able de
lator, Mr Hayden has added greatly
to the ability and strength of our rep
resentative at Washington, Jliil term
in now expuing, and ou November 5
next Le u ill seek a re-election. Ari
zonaos are not ungrateful and it is
conceded by the general public that
Carl Hayden will be returned to
Washington a our next representa
tive Hon Wiley Jones is likewise a dis
tinguished Arizonan who has done
valiant service in the cause of Arizona
and Democracy and has many friends
in Tombetone who will also be pleased
to greet him and bear bis remarks
Send your wild animal skins to A
H Hilton Mer. Co. San Antonio N
M. Tbey have outlet to manuactur
ers in Kurope and always net you
highest prices Send for pamphlet
Learn how to takecare o your catch.
obtain more electoral, aotes than
Roosevelt. Tbe Dispitch saya the
money was promptly taken up by a
pool composed of Roosevelt men.
Sorghum Seed for sale
Ketcs' Feed Store.
ough examination of the Tombstone
district, report of which will be issued
A copy of the Turquoise report
(.Bulletin 530-C) may be obtained
free on application to tbe Director of
tbe Geological Survey , Washington , D.
. tnur Yttt trim rw,-.-
...JgsawjsjjslUillSsaiffi -m

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