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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, October 20, 1912, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 2

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Published Every Sunday
WILLIAM HATTICH, Editor and Proprietor
One vear $3 oo
Six months
Single copies
.The dasdardly attempt to as?asinate America's most
notable and foremost citizen, Theodore Roosevelt, apalls the
nation, and hpr citizenship arises as one demanding that
short work be made of the maniac who would thus ruthlessly
slay with an assassins bullet.
Isn't it odd that the identical sewing "machines which cost
hardworkin" women 25 in this country J should be sold in
Mexico for $iolss? Perhaps if the tariH were taken off,
American Women might fare as well as Mexican women at
the hands of the Sewing Macnine Trust. It's worth trying
anyhow, dont you think? One of a thousand reasons why
Wilson should be elected.
The Democratic House of Representative made a good
start in pulling down the tariff wall by cutting in twain the
wool and cotton schedules md putting some of the more com
mon necessities ot life on the free list. This poli:y, which
was vetoed by President Taft. needs to be carried out and
The multitudes that turning ont to hear Wodrow Wilson
in the delivery of his campaign speeches reflect the interest
among the masses in the campaign and the determinati m of
the people to vote the Democratic ticket straight this year.
Nueva Era, published in Moxico city and generally cred
ited with the distinction of being the personal organ of Presi
dent Madero, is authority for the statement that the Ameri
can government is preparing to abandon its damage claims
againt the Mexican government, and proceeds to treat the
situation in such a manner as is calculated to give rise to the
suspicion thattue Mexican government is preparing to repud
iate these claims.
As Gov. Marshall nut it.
hundred and fifty thousand dollars was a mere begaelle and
"That man" earned a bicreer contribution when, later oa he
gave Morgan and Perkins a "permit" togobhle up the Teone
see Coal and Iron Co.
President Taft put hides on the free list but kett ths tarifl
on the wool- For that they'll presently hang his political
hide on the fence and throw stones at it. When a president
goes a-wool gathering, something s bound to happen to him
Gov. Wilson has stamped
moving pictures illuscrative of Dem Kratic doctrine and within
the next few days and until the end of the campaign the pic
tures will be shown in 10,000
country Hundreds of films are
The Democrat observes:
day politicians are. compared
barrel in 1904.
"It is my advice." said Judge Barefoot, "that bef re a girl
marries a man to reform him from drink and gambling she
should take in aweek's washing and see how she likes it."
A window decorator has obtained a patent upon a pro
cess for draping figure so as to
clothes without cutting the material.
In Voodrow Wilson the
for the presidency whom it presents to the country in full
assurance that he is. in a peculiar manner, the choice not only
of the voters of the party, but also ol thousands who have here
tofore voted another ticket Mr Wilson's nomination was the
result of a popular demand such as never be'ore swept a na
tional convention a demand sponstaneous and country wide,
which it was impossible to resist.
An Englishman has developed, a stingless honeybee that
is a better worker than the bee that stings. Hurry with the
kickless mule. . .
Now, boys, go to the blackboard and see if you can solve
this problem. If the International Harvester Company
earns only one hundreth of 1 per cent, in one year how ' jreorge
Perkins afford the Bull Moose campaign the next year?
With i8cent copper and assurance from those who know
that prices not will relax, an impetus to the paramount industry
of Cochise county and Arizon tkes an upward tendency
Cochise is in the lead; Arizona will continue to be in the fore,
"I am going to do all-in my power to bring around the
election ol Governor -Wi's'jn. I know of no onjj better equip
ped to grace the White House than Governor Wilson. His
views on the tairff art appealing to the substantial and sens
ible business men of the country. I think he is goinr to re
., ceive the greatest number ol Republican votes ever given to
a Uemoca'ic candidate lor omen. He is not only going to
draw from Roosevelt's following (and this may sound like a
, remarkable statement but I believe it is true,) but he is also
' going' to decrease the ranks of the old-line .Republicans until
they will present on election-day a mighty weak and .battered.
JESSH R. GRANT, -Son of U. S. Grant
Forty women have taken licenses to shoot deer in Colo
. ,rado. If women shoot as they throw this will be a good time
for the Colorado guides to hurry across the borders.
In a word, the people have found Governor Wilson the
sort of man they want in the vVhite House. They will put
him there.
The Prescott Courier has if figured out as follows: ''The
first shall be last and the last shall be first" applies to the let
ter A, in Arizsna, and time bids fait to make it apply to Ari
zona as a state.
i 5
- io
"Morgan was a tightwad." One
with his approval a series of
amusement places all over the
already on the way to ex
''What pikers the present
to gentlemen who collected the
give the effect of a suit of
Democratic party has a nominee
News of the State
in Condensed Form
Oo tba request o' a number ol far
mers in tba Sulphur Spriaga valley,
Protestor O E P Smith, irrigation en
gineer ol tba UniTersitjr ol Aritooa,
left (rr tbe valley, where he will make
an inspecion in the interest ct fur
thering plant for irrigation.
Dr and Mri E B Ketoberside re
turned to Yuma from their trip to
Waibiogton D C, where the doctor
attended ibe International Hygienic
congress as a delegate representing
the ttateof Arizona.
John Reoner Jr., aged 12 years,
the son of Mr and Mrs John Renner
of Quadalupa canyon, east ol Icnglas,
is suffering from severe cneusaion of
the train, due to being thrown from
a borse and dragged for a distance ol
over 1U0 yrdt. The outcome of bis
case is considered doubt'ul.
n II Hess ol tbe Randolph offices
at Tueeon, bas been promoted to the
position of assistant superintendent
nf the Phoenix division o! the Arizona
Eastern railroad. Tbe promotion
was made last week and went otficiah
ly into effect on last Tuesday, Oct 0-1
ber 1.
After baring cost 175,000, the road
from Douglas to Biebee is rapidly go
ng to pieree by tbe neglect of tba
proper maintenance. During tbe
pt summer the riins in thiz section
have been exceedingly beary, doing
much damage to the road, which if
repaired now, will result in a great
saving to tbe tazpayere of the coan-
English, history and philosophy, in
tbe order named, are tbe three college
studies ot paramount importance to
tbe student, io the opinion of F G
Athearn, chief of the bureau of eco
nomics of tbe Southern Pacific, who
addressed the students of tbe univer
sity in an assembly held Thursday
State Senator A AWorsley of Tuc
son ts in tbe northern counties ol the
state on a s'umping tour, bis mission
ring to address tbe people on con
stitutional questions affecting tbe
re'erendumt to be submitted at tbe
November election.
' I am verr much interested in tbe
tai amendment to the constitution,"
said Attorney General George Purdy
Hullard. "Th'ongb some error tbe
tx provisions of Colorado and Mon
tana were intered io tbec institution
As a result the state board of equali
zation bas less power than tbe old
ere torial txard, while it was sup
posed to bave much more It is im
Dossibln to get uniform taxation
throughout tbe state under the sys
tem designated by tbe state constitu
tion." Walter MeCullough, the 12-year-nld
son of Mr and Mrs J E McUullougb
ot Presoott, is lying dangerously
wounded at Mercy hospital at the re
salt of a sad and unfortunate accident
that overtook him when be was shot
by boy cot.) pan ion with a shotgun,
after the two bad returned horce from
a banting trip.
At Prescott, Joseph Maokin died on
Wednesday from the effects ot gun
shot wounds received last Saturday,
and tbe coroner's jury rendered its
verdict Mrs Sarah Moses, the wo
man a bo in fear of her life, turned
loose a charge of bocksbot with dead
Ir effect, was exonerated.
The commissary of the Twin Buttea
Mining company at Twin Buttee, was
robbed.Mondsy Shoes, clothingand
seme money were taken.
The borderland highway will re
given as great prominence as possible
by the officers and directors ol tbe
Transcontinental Touring Olub of
America, and as result a large in
flux of winter tourists, traveling by
auto, should come this way, according
to a letter received by E P Griodell,
local supervisor of tbe route, from
Han O Drum, chairman of tours.
That California will cast ber elec
toral vote for Wilson is tbe belief of
M E Catsidy, one ol tbe shrewdest
pnlitioal dopeaters in this part of tbe
country. Tbe decision of tbe Cali
fornia supreme court, turning- over
the regoUr republican ticket to Bull
Mooters, leaves the field io tbst state
to Wilson and Roosevelt as it is too
late for Taltites to get tbe names of
electoral candidates 00 tbe ticket for
tbe November election by petition.
At Tucson, the Switzerland and
ttepublic proujn of mines in the Oro
Blanco district have just been pur
chased from J S Andrews by Dr A H
Noon, former majror of Xogal't;E E
Noon, mining engineer of Cananea,
and Gertrude E Partridge. Tbe prop
erly adjoins the Auaterlitz mine,
which is shipping largo quantities ol
high grade ore.
From present indications', the ship,
ping til range cattle out o' Yavapai
county for tbe month will be the
heaviest knowo in many years during
the fall season, 4000 head being sched
uled tt leave in a few days lor the
markets ol Portland and other north
ern cities.
Mexican and American Coco pah
Indians held a big powwow Saturday
at Baldwin's store, five milts atwve
tbe Mexican line near Yuma. Near-
iy all members of the Cocopab trine1
were present, their purpose being to
ascertain what steps will be necessary
for their children to get the sinie
educational advan ages that are sc
corded to tbe Yuma Indians and all
other United States Indians
A bar of gold bullion v lued at
1000wa received by the Prescott
National bank from the mines of the
Lake-feuperior S. Xer.da Mining com
pany near Crnwn King, the filth ship
ment made in the past five weeks.
"California capitalists with money
to invest are taking a tremendous in
terest in southern Arizona and the de
velopnr-nt ot its resources, ennvmed
that fort unre are to be made in this
a ate," said V E BaroM. traveling
freight and paeuger ayent for the
Southern Pacific, who recently from a
trip to Bensjn, San Simon and the
Gila valley. A California party is
now in tbe San Simon valley buying
relinquishments on several thousand
acres, intending to develop the tract
hv means of a project somewhat simi
Iar to that of tbe Tucoo Farms com
pany in tbe Santa Cruz valley."
The farmers of Sulphur Springs
valley near McNeal will bold a fair
and harvest home celebration at that
place on Thursday , October 21.
George M Yeakel and W D Alex
ander of Pboenix bave sold Ih-ir Ori
ent and Occident group o mines on
Carpenter's gulch, near Columbia,
Yavapai county, tn tbe AcqutS'tion
Mining company for a nominal con.
sideratlon The claims are well
known is golJ producers of early days
and the beginni g of large "operations
is contemplated by tba new pur
At Miami, JakeZurick.au Austrian,
was instantly killed Monday morning
at 'be Miami mine when a qusn ity ol
ore became dislodged, teventy-five
'act above where be was working and
crashed down a chute a few feet from
him. When the ore fell tbe partition
gave way, allowing tbe ore to c m
pletely cover and crush the unfortunate-
Prof J J Tbonber of the depart
men' of biology in tbe university and
of tbe experiment station is offering
inis year a new course in lanaecsje
gardening and flora culture.
While traveling over the trail lead
ing from the Hasssyampa river to 'he
Blue Mick mine on Monday afternoon,
Sam Bob ett ran onto a nest ot seven
rattletcakes that were lying bundled
into one writhing mas, and his horse
bad a narrow escape from .being bit
A complete map of Sooora, showing
reining districts, railroads, streams
mountains end other details uf the
o turat aud man made topography of
the Mexican state, bas been complet
ed by B M Greeoidge, a Douglas min
ing engineer. Tbe map is raid by
engineers to be tbe most com. lete in
At Tueain, J E Lovsjoy has been
announced as republican candidate for
mayor to make the race against Dr
Huffman. The republican committee
is trying to get cand dates for the
other offices but it is difficult to get
persoos to ran.
Manuel Givens.colored, who assault
ad Thornton Brown. also colored, at
tbe Manhattan dob in Prrscu't, sev
eral weeks ao and pleaded goiltr last
Friday, was given an indeterminate
sentence of irom one to ten years, ia
tbe state penitentiary.
At tbe annual meeting of tbe Doug
las bas company a dividead aroount-
Iicg to six per cent Has declared Ti fc
a ock of tha c .intunv a held in shares
ol fi'J each, upun which this dtwdsnd
was declarid.
At Frescott, Gi.al and absolute ac
tion was unanimously taken nn the
question of the increise of the uum
bet ol justices ol the pece of tb
county hy the auperv sors, when n
was decided to m.iutain three pro
ducts only .aod the districts to t.
embraced by eachot'icial wer orderei
to stand as formerly designated.
Tint the city of D mUs may nut
be able to furnish the am -nut nf -a-ter
that would I r moured by the E
Paso A 8'iutliaestein, is the sttt-
ment hoed upon scientific figures ot
the city engineers introduced at a
meeting ol the Council
Dr F G Alway.prn'ee-or of agricul
.url chtmistry at th university ot
Nebraska, spent Tile-day morn'tig on
tbe univers ty of Anions csmpus as a
A Tucsin Mexican was arrested Jfnr
toting a gun, and when vri d, use
fin d ll'Ki or lUOdays in the coui.ty
An appropriation of I100.P.0O fur
" building- t..r the Uiiitersi'y i.f
Ariznna w'll he sought Irom the eta e
legislature next rebruary
Phoenix Democrat
Also Sells Out
The Phoenix Gazette ):
Through a deal consiliums ed Sat
urday evening, the Anions Democrat
passed into the funds ol (5oro K
Olney. di-jctor of the rhoenix ra
tional bank and cha rnaii ot th-
Domi cratic etate central comm ttee;
United States Senatnr Marcus A
Bmith, W T Webb. E A Sawder, and
other conservative democrats, I. F
Wolpe, local who'eeale liquor dcaTer
and treasurer nf he demo ratic s ate
central coiitnit'ce, is among 'he new
Tbe new i wners assume the mnrt
esge ol $3500 die the Bank of Biebee
and a note of 2500 due the Pboenix
National Bank. They are also to
pay up the accrued indebtedness dur
ing the uld management.
R. R. Clerk Nar
rowly Escapes Death
G. L Carlat, c'eik in assistant sup
erintendent KruttFChiiitt'j i IDce ti
t Sou hern Pacific, narrow'y esc p
e dath in a c-ibnuse wnich ts
rushed between th ee ore cars aid
16 cattle cars at Calahasas Thursday
aftornoon. Bo'h eLds of the cab .05c
were crush-d in.
Carlat was making nut nay hills at
he time, s?ated at a desk tn 'he mid
dleofthectr The shock came with
out -amine. Had he seen the 'Im
pending collmno he would hav.
epruog for one nf the donra and would
bave been killed. Th- ink bonle be.
fere bim was s mm hid, the ink spat
tering 1 ver his clothes
Two brakes h-d been set on tbe o'e
cars, but provrd insufficient to bold
them. The end ol one ol them wa
smasnea in as was the end of the tir-t
cattle car back of the caboose. The
cattle were not injured.
There was intense anxiety on the
part of the crew until Oarlat crawled
nut of the cupola uninjured.
How's This?
t'e offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh tha'
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F J. Cheset A Co., Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known
K.J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
elieve him perfectly honorable in all
tuiness transactions and financially
abl io carry out any obligations made
bv ris firm.
WiXDisa, Ki.ixax 4 Marvis,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
ally, acting directlv unon the nlmd
and mucous surface of the systen
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cent
per bottle SnW all duscsu.
WANTED The Cosmopolitan
Grrup requires the service a reore-
aentatlve in Tombstone and surround
log territory, to I.. alter subscrin
lion renewals, and to extend circula
tion hy special methods which have
priyid unusually successful. Salary
and commission Previous experience
desirable but not essen"al. Whole
time or spare time Address, with
references. Charles C. Schwer, The
Cosmopolitan Group, 381 Fourth Ave
New York City.
Cfiambdnain s loio rtemeOi
From Wednesday's Daily
C.iuotv DeruiiCM'ic Central Coin
nutt e Cha mian M. (!. Haniins ot
Douglas was a TutnhMiirie visit' r to
day and ctmferrtd Kith heal IX-niu-cits
uiili rtfrrenc to arrangement
fur the itinerary if fenitcr Ma'k
Smith, Cnngrefstiiin C-rl Maiden and
ile) r. Junes, n'im nee fir presi
dential elc or, Kim w I arr.ve It
Cocln.e Chuni) Tmitfdxy -ml si
to e,ek at II -Ne n that Ev
er) rmuiif r- nl (tie party will 1 tke
at hv ttie ('-k''rB h'!e in C cM.
ci'intv and h central c imm'Mei ,'n
made a tentative program which wi i
"rin the distinguished Democrats t
rnnihst"iiH e.u'y Siturd-y n.ori inp
i d ah ii' im. hour devo ed her-.
hm te party will le petded in
autos tn rnurtlanu. (tleesnn and l.'gtit
lhet.ee to DoukI e, where the) are, t
appear in the eieoin.
OttiT arile speakers are expected !
lollnw in Cochise, hut all Totntnton-
iteo will have an opportunity to shak
hands and greet the visitors during
their reception here, defini e an-
nouccement of time to be made later
Yesterday was the opening day fo
quail season aud Tombstone mmr d
were ou in lorco. Many c."d bsr
weto reported.
Temp has an ordinance ajait i
clunker f lumi'llj at Uge and lh
cit) marshal a)s he will enforce it
County Tax Attorney Lyman II
Haye- has bef o busily etigaped durn;.
he past few riaj s in prejanng da',
to e 11ml in filing suits in behalf ol
the C'uinty asainst many delnqiien
xpa)ers, who have Uiltil during '
past few years in loiitrihuting their
shate n! the txpeni" in nerating the
machinery of the county govern
The reg:e'ration hooks closed Won
d) evening at five o'clock, and all
tin e who were not registered hlore
hat U ne cau uot vo e at the c inn g
election November 5. The total uum
tier ol voters regmered is nearly fi.1U0
The-e names will he checked at.d gonr
O'er by the recorder
J. W. Smps.m, who was bitten in
the ni.se 1 y a hydrophobia skunk a
i'm(i Wood near Pre-cott ScTeral
day s ago writes from L s Angeles that
the Pasteur Treatm tit is affecting a
cure and in another ne k be wll be
ut of danger. tits case was pro
nouueed a serious one by tbo Pasteur
pbys cane.
Ah Wong, who forminy years pre
i led over the ciitine de times of the
Cim an res'anranr !ft '.day for an
extended viit lu China. Wong in
T mh-tone h n-er and expects to re
turn lure in about )mr.
Mrs II. C. Grnver, mother ot Mrs
Geo Hughes, who has been here nn
pleasant tisit with her daughter, re
turned 10 Nngtles today.
Mrs Chas ' oindrxter and daughhr
leave tomorrow for Patagonia 00 a
visit to II s Chis Gabriel, former rs-!d-nr
of this city.
The Chapter Ms os meet this
evening in the Maouic Hall in riftu
lar se-.ion.
T-imhston ta will be able to ta'k
to Wii.elo as soon as the Mounla'n
S a'ee company, which has bought
the Overland Telephone company,
finishte s r'ng'ng a c pper metallic
circuit Irom A"h Fork to Cedar
Gl.de A gang of m-n is now beiup
organized tod j tins work.
The Indiana Way
of Doing Things
The oil industry has its humerou.
side.itse.ms.aswell as its serious, .it
, . , .
least in lnuuni.
A farmer living in one ol the
nil fields of thai state, has
SJ we ate
in ormed; brought suit to set aside -
lea-e he gave to an oil comtaoy ut.dtr
rather unusual terms. When the
lease was bem; signed up, the leasers
assured the farmer that, according ,to
custom, they would give bim one
sixth of the oil production as his
royalty. "That dont suit nie," tbe
farmer is said to have replied, "I
think I ought to haves revtnth any
way." Tbe astonished oil men qmckly
agreea to inis and as a prool Inat
Ibeir hearts ere right agreed to gtva
him an eighth, tnui.li to ibe farmer's
Siuce then tbe farrrer has reviewed
bis arithmetic and bas come to the
conclusion tnat be wants to cancel
the lease. The outcome ot the suit
is awaited with much interest and
conce n.
Government Cost More Than
Doubled Under Roosevelt
Startling Figures Which 8how That
the Cost of Our National Existence
and tha High Cost of Living Must
Be Reduced.
Under a proper downward revision
of the Republican tariff schedules the
people of tbe United States would save
2,000,0CO.00O each year, or over 1100
per family on manufactured goods
President Taft's vetoes of the wool
tariff bill and the steel tariff measure
passed by a Democratic house COST
xTir ppnpi.E nv Titv. iivrtTPn
STATES ABOUT 1550,000,000 PER
The cost of conducting the federal
between the close of President Cleve
land's second administration (Demo
cratic) and the beginning ot President
Roosevelt's second administration. (Re
publican). As the DIRECT RESULT OF HIGH
ULES the people ot the United States
PER CENT on food aDd
ordinary household articles used In tbe
home by every family, rich and poor.
The total cost of running the federal
government In 1860 was 153.000.000.
The amount appropriated at a single
session ot the Sixty-first congress for
the fiscal year 1SU 11.0:7.133.446.44
as more than doable the amount
19o4.496.035.13 appropriated for the
fiscal years 1S9T end 1898 at both ses
sions of the Fifty-fourth congress, tha
last confess of the Eecond Cleveland
Only eight years elapsed between the
close of the second administration of
President Cleveland and the beginning
of the second administration of Presi
dent Roosevelt and yet the amount ap
propriated durln? the four years of the
latter 13.842,203,577.13 was more
than double that appropriated In the
four years Mr. Cleveland was at the
helm ilz. S1.S71.59.S57.47.
For 1310, the last fiscal year provid
ed for In congress under President
Roosevelt, the hlshwater mark In ap
proprlatloss 11.044,401,857.12 was
President Taft's e.sUmiteta the tut
seosion ot congress for government 1
support for the fiscal year wa3 11,040,
648,026.55. In other words, governmental ex
penses for the FOUR YEARS of Presi
dent Cleveland's administration (Dem
ocratic) were only 1830.861,551.92 more
than President Taft's (Republican) es
timate of the amount necessary to cov
er the expenses of ONE TEAR of
President Taft's administration.
Congressman John J. Fitzgerald of
New York, a Democrat and chairman
of tbe committee on appropriations, lc
addressing the house Aug. 26. 1912, on
the subject of appropriations said,
"Thoughtful men have watched with
alarm the rapid Increase In the cost of
government In the United States." He
further said that two causes seem re
sponsible for many present evils:
an undue share of Income by those
whose circumstances in life are not
considered more than reasonably com.
1 fortable Is taken through our customs
laws for the support ot our govern
ment; the other, the difficulty or Inabil
ity to readjust our system of taxation
and to remove many taxes from tbe
necessaries of life, so long as the GOV
CONDUCTED, or the Instrumentali
ties provided for the conduct of the
public service are either Inefficient or
are not utilized so as to render the
most effective and comprehensive re
sults." Mr. Fitzgerald then called attention
to tbe fact that the Democratic party
pledged Itself It Intrusted with power
to do two things REDUCE TARIFF
"C EXPENDITURES by eliminating
I waste In administration and the aboil-
!.., .,
I tlon of useless, inexcusable offices.
, q RpDnhlIeans talk about tariff
reyi8ion, and yet when a Democratic
J house In fulfilling Democratic promises
to the people reduced the tariff, a Re
publican president vetoed the measure.
"By their works shall ye know them."
Democrats In every state of the
Union should organize and prepare
for polling a record breaking vote Nor.
B. Be It remembered that no matter
'how certain victory seems, overconfl
dence is always dangerous.
Is there any reason why the Demo
cratic party should go out of existence
simply because Mr. Roosevelt has tak
en up the Progressive neasures adopt
ed by the Democrats eighteen years
ago 7 W. J. Bryan.
Mr. Roosevelt stood as a guarantor,
for Mr. Taft Mr. Bryan says. "Now."
when Rooawtvtt has failed so utterly
In his yudgeasMt of men, I ask can he
in his ludgasMm
!!! Ill KB lllfMAU.-
9 w tuamuif j

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