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Ths Weekly Tombstone Epitaph
published every Sunday, v.ill glvo all
the news and will bo rent to any ad
dress for
In published every Sunday, and con
tains all the news oi the week as it
appears in The Daily Pbobfectok-
V Stibacibe Now -
Four Months For tl V
NO 93
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First Recall Brings Out Sensational
Developments Cochise Officer
Sues for $25,000
Another sensational feature of the rei utstion and brine him Into public
recent reetll petition filed itb the
board ofauperviecrs for the recall ol 1
A Jenkini as constable o! Cochise,
developed yesterday when Attorney
Lyman H Hsyes of Willcox filed a
damtge suit of f 25 000 on behalf of
Constable Jenkins and against W
Garrard and the 16 other signers of
the recall petition.
The complaint alleges that the de
fendants contrived, and wickedly and
maliciously intended to injure plain
tiff in his good name, fame, credit and
The Attorney General to Fight for
3-Cent Fare and Maintain the
Power of the Corporation Com-
' mission.
Attorney General Bullatd is on the
war path and will uphold the dinnity
of ibe state and protect the validity ol
the actions of the corporation com
mission. The attorney General says:
I will fight to a finish the action
that the Santa Ferailrod basbrooght
to enioln the enforcement of the
three cent fare law." Mr Bollard is
of the opinion that the real object ol
the suit is not to attack the law bo
mocb as to attack tbo power of the
corporation commission to fix rates
"His the duty of the attorney
general of the state to strenuously up
hold every law tnas'ed by the legisla
ture, and especially is it true when
that same law has been overwhelm
ingly ratified by ibe people.
"It ii my intention to fight this
cue bitterly from the outset to the
flnhh. I m .stisiied 'that the state
is right and I intend to establish its
rights i. 'S is necessary to go to the
supreme court ol the United State
. ..i-hliah mir nosition. This ac
tion brought against he stato will
orobably be one of tbe meat mem
orable one in Ibe history ol the juris
for the
prudence of the Uoited btates.
Eighty Elks to Be Brought to ' ri
zona to Browse on Protected
Definite form is being assumed by
the tnoveroent to nring a herd of
eighty eik from the Yellowstone
national p'k and release them in
northern ArUooa. Provided that tbe
people of -srixona evidence a desire to
have tbe elk and to protect tbem
once tbey re establfsbet within the
t- f thU ata e. they will have
tbe assistance of tbe Loone end
Croekett elob.e noted organisation of
portemeo. having its headquarters
la New York-
Charles Sheldon, a .few York mil
lionaire naturalist, end Eoward Nel
son, chief field naturalist of tbe
United 8'tee biolcgical survey, bate
been in Pnoenix eev.ral days, en
deavoriog to ascertain just what Atl
aoaa is willing to do to obtain Ihe
elk promised by the -government,
Mr Sheldoo, who is chairman ol tbe
. nraaervation committee of the
- -
'contempt ana disgrace by the de
famatcry and malicious allegations of
the tecall and .(Is for 125.000 dam
ages The recall fight baa precipitated
much feeling and comroenet and the
end appears not jet.
It is reported today that steps are
contemplated to with draw the peti
tion by some of the signers and thui
a recall of the recall my be another
phase of the situation.
reaeon that in its final determination
more vexed questions will be settled
than have arisen in any olh? elmilar
case before the courts for years.
While it ie true that the Snt Fe
Railroad company rak brought this
action to enjoin the enforcement of
the ttme-cent I -re law, that law is
really made tbe excuse and vehicle
for attackiog tho power cf the corpor
ation commission of Arizona in an
endeavor to obtain a legal adjndica
tion to the effect that the corooration
commission o! the state of Arizona
lias no righ to fix or determine any
railroad rate in the tate of Arizona
interstate or intra-state.
"Tbe other questions raised by tbe
Santa Ke Railrnad company are mere
ly to divert altention from the real
"The state is not ecitmo and tby
have no right to assail ur laws in
the federal courts on tbe ground of
the diversity ol citizenship. No mat
ter in which courtxbe suit is primar
ily brought, by Us final determioaticn
will be settled (or all time just what
I powers a state corporation commisi-n
has toregulateinta-etite trr.ffic."
Boone and Crockett club, declares
that his organiration is willing te
give financial assistance, especially
toward locating the animals after
they have been imported from Wyo
ming. "I do not expect any opposition
from Arixona people to placing herd
of elk somewhere in the MogoUons.
V tiivn called noon Governor Hunt
who eeems to be heart and soul with
us io our desire to propagate and
preserve game. He is one of the few
men who evr saw elk in Arixona,
Years ago there wer- elk in the White
ranun-ains and tbe Mog'dlone, bnt
tl.ey were all killed off I believe
that the laft Art ion a !; was killed in
1908. There is no reason why bere.
sb .nld not be great -numbers of the
animals in that par. oi tbe state lew
Sunday In
Tombstone Churches
First Mais Sunday morning at 70
a ni for Mexicans. Second Mass at
'J.-"0; sermon in English,
Benediction of the Blessed Sacra
ment immediately after second Mass
on Sunday
Sunday School at 10 a m.
Musi at 7 a. m. on week days.
All are cordially invited so attend
Key. Father Marx, Pastor.
Sunday School 10-00 a. m.
Epwortb League 7 p. in.
All are invited.
Trktor Ortos, Pastor.
Sunday School 10 a. m
Keevee, Supt.
KevJII Heald, D D, of Albu
querque N M will preach.
Preaching 11 a in. Topic:
Problems ol the Church "
Preaching 7:30 p m. Topic
Problem of the Nation."
Christian Endeavor at 7:00 p. m,
Everybody is cordially invited
attend those services.
Ket. H. A. Dele, Pastor.
Deputy Couoty School Bup'tHu'eb
ins reports tbe county school pay
roll for (he month at 117.133 70
There are 65 school districts and 191
teachers in Cochise county, all ol
which preronta a remarkably good
showing (of tbe banner county ol tbe
new state.
u.icalledJat"the"Tombtone Postoffice
For.the Fait Week
The following is aflistjol letters rb
naming in the general delivei at tbe
I'imbstone postoffice for the week
ending November 9, 1912.
Refugio Campas Nancy Cook
Ramon'Lopez Mrs Leo Meredith
Yner Yrneo
When calling lor above letters, sa
advertised,' saving date of adver
tiwnwriL A fee of lc will 68 collect
ed on each letter that is delivered.
WANTED Tbe Cosmopolitan
Grrup requires the service ul a repre
sentative in Tombstone and surround
ing territory, to look after snbscfip
tion renewals, and to extend circula
tion by special methods which have
craved unusually auceessfnl. 8alary
and commission Previous experience
desirable but not eceential. Whole
time or srare time Address, with
reference. Charles C. Schwer. The
Cosmopolitan Group, 381 Fourth Ave.,
Kew York City.
Suit No 227 Mio 4 Mer Banx
of Bisbee vs G F Roberts; debt in sum
of ?33U3
Est Wm MoOougail; decree estab
lishing notice to crs
Ten dollars aay essily mde by
hxal agent. Write for full inlorma
tlon at once. Anion Sales Agency.
Phoenix, Arixona. Ml
Tombstone Town
Topics Tersely Told
Visitors to City; Local and
Personal Items of Interest
Mrs C Laris took tbe west bound
train this morning, her destination
being Oolton, California, where she
will visit for some time with her
daoghter. Mrt Bert Beach.
Mrs Mark Straus, who has been
quite ill at her home on Third street.
for the past several days, is reported
as be ng much improved today. Dr
II II Hugbait is the attending phy
W P. Thompson w?ar3 a btoign
smile toda) that betnkens dreams of
wealth and high living in the future.
Indeed be is elated over the fact that
his bird of Belgian bare was increased
yesterday fy the arrival of sir cute
li'tle bunnies whose ultimate great
nets will swell the proportion of a
grsnd mulligan
Mayor W. F Kuckenbecker took
his departure this morning, his im
mediate destination being Tucson,
where bo will meet and consult a
German specialist on nasal tfTectiuns.
Mayor Kuckenleckrr will be absent
for a week or ten days.
George Julian of Oet.oit, Mich, is a
Tonibtone visitor, the guect of bis
f iend City Clerk L O Woolery.
For Faix Combined writing desk
and book case, alto two parlor chairs.
Inquire C G Johnson, Fremont street.
near Fourth
Sorehum Seed for sale at
itc-vcs Feed Store.
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
Carefully Condensed for The
Prospector Readers
Suit for recetsion of contracts,
lor $5387.60 was filed against Al
bert Steinleld Sttuday by H W
Blsisdell, who owns the public utility
companies of Yuma. Blaisdell asks
for the re' urn of securities, an un
divided interest in land and interest
on bonds, which he declares in his
J complaint were held and collected by
Henceforth Spanish is to be taught j
at the Doiversityol Arixona. Span
ish is one of tbe most popular subjects
at tbe university and therU constant
demand .'or classes that cannot be
fittej into the regular curriculum.
Accordingly . a tescher of approved
experience and skill has been employ
ed for that department.
Tueson authorities do not allow
speeding to any great extent and
ihnm who whirl tbroueh that city at
a greater momentum than 35 miles
an hour are taken in and done for.
As an evidence of the fact that the
Arizona Stockmen are preparing
right earnestly and with hearty good
will for the meeting of tbe National
Stockmen's association which will I
held in Phoenix on January next,
committees have leen appointed for
the purpose ot arranging a great get
together meeting of Arixona stock-
mec which will end witb a banquet
on the nieh' ol Janusry 13 This
will be preparatory to the meeting of
the national association. The com
mittee appointed for the purpose of
arranging tbl barque' is composed of
OwightBHeerd.W W Cook, O F
Cocke, James A Jobsae svml John
r& -
Emily Brown and daughter,
Misi Aona Broun, of Levenortb.
Kansas, are visiting Mrs. Axtell and
family and wilt remain during tbo
inter. A hearty welcome is ex
tended tbe visitor.
Miss Ediib Carter is a rom'ustono
arrival from far away'Bedford, Ind.,
and will escape the rigors ol ihe win
ter by remaining here several months
on a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lie O.
Woolery. Tbe fair visi'or la de
lighted with Tomb'tone and finds
much cf interest in thie'bistoronic
old city.
Rev J H Heald, D D, of Albu
querbue, N. M will daliver two ser
mons at the Congregational church
tomorrow. At 11 a m he will talk
on "Tbe Problems of the church" and
at 7:30 p to his discourse will be "Tbe
Problem of the Nation.' The rever
end gentleman is known as an en
tertaining and logical pulpit orator,
and no doubt be will be greeted by a
large audience.
Mrs F Kyle, nee Miss Lucie Wol
colt, is a Tombstone visetor from her
borne at El Paso and will renyain over
Sunday with her parents, Mr and Mrs
F N Woleott.
M. C. Hankin. Ihe popular mayor
DougUs. was a brief Tombstone vis
itor trday. Mr. Hankin is slated for
tho postmaetirehlp of tbe Smelter
City, and has many friends urging
his appointment.
N'ortcn. It will In addition embody
in its duties those ol co-operating
with National Secretary Tomlinson
for Ibe arrangements for tbe conven
tion. As a result of a fuoshot wound
accidenta'ly inflicted while out bunt
ing Sunday, Ed Sparks, a prominent
resident of Mayer, died at Prescolt
Monday morning.
At Prescott, D T Yonnt is lying
seriouely ill at Mercy hospital from
the effects of a kick in the abdomen
L,nicb be received on Saturday after
noon from a mole be was driving,
ft is not believed he will recover from
tbe injuries received.
The Br-t shipment of ore from the
Shsttuck mine at Bisbee, under the
contract with the C A A smelter has
beeu sent forward. Thedaily ship
ment from now on will amount to
200 tons, or four cars of fifty tons
In'ormation has been received in
Globe that Ihe Old Dominion would
next m-mtb begin paying its employes
twice a month.
General Fred C Ainsworth, nntil
recently adjutant general of tbe army,
will' arrive ic Prescott early next
Colonel Abregon, the federal who
who wnn the Fronteras victory, witb
200 Mayo Indian trcops, will leave
Ago Prieta for tbe sontbero part of
Socora.to aid tbe government in
subduing the Yaqui Indians wbo
have recently become troublesome io
that section. '
Valuable Patent Granted Chas. Fred
erick, of Tombstone, to Replace
Objectionable Fences
It has ever been tbe pleasuro of tbe
Prospector to record the going, com
ing and doings of tbe Tombstone
youth alter attaining his majority. It
baa been a pleasure, forsootb, th,t
tbey invariably "make good" in any
line tbey may have happened to
It is doubly pleasurable at this lime-j
when we are permitted to state that
we bare in "our midst an inventor
whose brain has evolved sometbipg
that will contribute tothe general wel
fare, meet tbe approval of humanitar
ians, be a saving to tbe investor and
a big money maker for Charles E
Frederick, who, it appears, has eoived
a problem.
Letters patent No 1,043,311, grant
ed November 5, 1912, refer to a fence
that obviates tbe brutal ''barbs" tint
thirteen stales out of the forty-eight
have by statute relegated out of ex-
New City Administration Launched
- -Appointment of City Officers
Ingoing and Outgoing Officials
The recently elected city solous I
were inducted into office last nigh'.
Tbe change in municipal official kss
attended with customary formalities
and without incident. Mayor Ed
James was present and escorted
Maor-elect Kucbenbe:ker to the
cbair, and in a neat and appropriate
speech, turned over the city govern- '
msnt to his successor.
Upon accepting the honor. Mayor
Kucheobecker made a graceful
acknowledmeot, and with well cbeen
word, showed his appreciation of the
confidence reposed in him by the
public. "Since tbe little friendly and
family strife is ever," remarked May-
or Kuchenbecker,"I hope the hatchet
is buried; it is my purpose to do all io
my power for tbe upbuilding of lomb
stone; there shall be no politics in
the exert ise of the duties incumbent
upon me; I have faith in the integrity I
of tbe couocilmen, and I know full)
well that our chief cf police is quali
fied for his duties, those duties be will
perform without fear or favor be
has been tried and not found wsnt
ing." In glowing words Mayor Kuchen
becker paid high tribute to tbe re
Cochise County
Arizona's exhibits carried eff over
40 wcrld awards for the excellence of
dry farmed products at Lethbridge.
Alberta. Canada, at the International
Alum, """!
rinr Ftrminff ronaress.
The exhibition consisted of 150 en-
tiies, gathered from the several ccun
ties ol the new state in which dry
farming is practicable.
Apples and peaches grown in Yava
pai county mountain orchards, at al
titudes averaging mile, won ten
bine ribbons. Tbe jtfdges pronounced
tbe fruit grown in tbe vicinity of
Prascolt as fine in flavor and texture
as any in the world.
Cochise county took the world
honors io flint and Indian corn,
U'ence.aml humanity will, demand in
the near future that such torturous
'encesas the barbed wire will be done
sway with throughout the country.
Mr Frederick's patent consists of a
new and useful improvement in fenc
es. 'Ibe specifications relate to that
class if fences having longitudinal
members which are composed ol metal
strip carrying barbs. It is the ob
ject of the present invention to pro
vide a simple, effie'ent and essily ap
plied barb, and alto one which has a
plurality of prongs extending in dif
ferent directions. With these objects
in view tbe invention consists in a
novel construction and arrangement
of parts.
Tbe fence and prongs are con
structed of galvanized iron strips and
will be cheaper, stronger and more
enduring than the barbed wire fenc
ing now on the market.
tiring city administration, extolling
tin efficiency ol Et. mayor James
and praising tbe work accomplished
by tbe former city ccuncil.
Chief of Police Brat in, who succeeds
himself, spoke feelingly of the retir
ing mayor and tbe outgoing council,
tbankiDg tbem .for kind suggestions
and hearty cu operation in maintain
ing quiet and carrying into execution
the ordinances and demands of the
City ol Tombstone.
Tbe new municipal goTSrnment as
now constituted, reads:
Mayor W F Kuchenbecker; chief
o Police George Bravin (.who succeeds
himself); Councilman E A Hughes
who also succeeds bin self. Council
man Frank Demarest, Councilman
Gus Baron and Councilman Lee O
, Woolery.
It devolved upon the new council to
elect from among their number a city
treasurer and a clerk, and accordingly
Frank Demarest nas chosen treasurer
and Lee O Woolery made city clerk.
After "congratulations were ex
changed and good wishes vouensafed,
the new city administration adjourned
to meet again the first Monday of
is Winner of the
Honors .
pempkine and okra. Navajo pnt tbe
other 11 states and 17 foreign coun-
tr-M r.cre,tDled ,t tbi. gtetLi thow
.... ... , ...
00t 0j tbe running with some splendid
examples of the Mexican bean. Most
oi the honors went to xavapai, where
over 200,000 acres of fertile lands
aait intensive cultivation by scienti
fic farmers. Yavapai excelled in her
applei. peaches, ci'rons,'uaah,drouth
resisting corn, milo maize srd ci-a-loupes.
Oklahoma took first prixe in
tbe numberof awards made for indi
vidual entries, with Arizona a close
second. This is the first time Arizona
has exhibited her products outside
tbe United 8tates,
a I
r is

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