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Published Every Sunday
"VILLIAM HATTICH. Editor and Proprieter
six months ...
Single copies ,
suBSCRiprjoNi Hates.
News of the State
in Condensed Form
The Prospector welcomes the news that the Guggen
heims see fit to add to their alJeady large holdings in Arizona
and acquiring some of the most promising properties in the
state. The latest report is that these smelter magnates arc
taking over the interests of the Development Company of
America, the parent company of the Tombs one Consolidated
Mining company. The holdings of this company in Arizona
are, included in Yavapai, Pinal. Pint and CochUe counties,
an 01 tne properties, out none 01 wiucti a record ol output or
irreater iiromise of future than the Tombstone mines. The
Development Company of America ha? accomplished much
toward the reclamation of the vast mineral belt comprised
the Tombstone mining district.
The Pkospeetoh welcomes the Guggenheims to extend
ing their enterprise and hope that Frank Al Murphy, B. P.
Cheney and FT Earle will continue in" the state and allow
their enterprising spirits to be felt in the future as in the
Ourannual Thanksgiving will have soon arrived. This
will be, truly, the first Thanksgiving when Arizona can offer
"up " Thanks" most generously. Statehood has been our most
ardent desire and since that blessing his come to us, after
many years of spirited contest, following which our mines are
yielding more abundantly than we prophesyed, our agricul
cultural endeavors are giving returns greater than ever dream
ed of, the precipitation has been most generous and general,
water being plentifnl. the earth carpeted with luxurient gras
ses, and ca tie, horses and sheep are in better condition than
ever before. We have a stable and economical Democratic
state government and to make assurances doubly sure that
Arizona will continue to prosper, the state went overwhelming
ly Democratic, endorsing the actions of the first state legis
lature, reco.nizing women as our equals, and pledging our
selves most positively, that we will continue to maintain an
up-to-date state. Let us be .thankful.
Wyoming was the first state to grant woman euffrage As
tar back as I860 the franchise was accorded to the women of
that, then terri ory. Colorado followed in 1S63, Utah and
Idaho in 1 S96. Washington in 1 9 lo and Calilornia in I91I.
Five states voted 01: the question Tuesday, as follows, Ari
zona, Oregon. Kansas, Michigan and Wisconsin.
One of the political surprises was the was the way in
which the people of Arizona voted for the amendments and
for the bills that had passed the legislature. In the future it
will have to be a mighty unpopular measure that will appear
for a referendum vote.
The war in the Balkans has been one continuous series
of surprises ever since the commencement of hostilities.
European nations which have sat idly by and witnessed Tur
kish atrocities have been surprised at the activities of the
allied armies and the achievements gained by them within the
short space of time that operations have bpen in progress.
Now that the great national campaign is so happily end
ed, so far as the Democratic party and the masses of the Ameri
can people are concerned, it is interesting to note some of the
developments brought to light in that connection.
The total cost of the Democratic victory amounted to $r,
300000. The Roosevelt wing of the republican party spent
$2,600,000, and it cost the Taft wing of the same party $1,
jco.ooo to secure I2 electoral votes, accoiding to the published
In other words, the party with the smallest campaign fund,
with notice civen to the world that no money from corpora
tions would be accepted, and bidding open defiance to bosses
of both parties, came near sweeping tne country unanimously.
With the expenditure of but $1,300,000 for publicity, it was
able to defeat the two wings of the Republican parts which
made a campaign expenditure of $4,000,000.
President-elect Wilson made 330 speeches in the cam
paign, Taft made altogether 550, while while Teddy inflicted
L450 perfervid utterances upon a patient and lo g-suffering
people. In Wi. son's speeches there vre 475 000 words, in
Taft's 215.000. while it required 1,030,000 for Teddy to ex
press himself. Wilson traveled 19,400 miles in the campaign,
Talt 12,000 and Roosevelt 29,000
A special train earning the private
far ol the official of the Pbelpa-Dodge
company arrived in Patagonia Wed
utility night and aaited the arrival
of James Douglas, Walter Douglas,
and E Grebe. Tbe parly vieited the
World' Fair property, near Pata
gonia, spending several bouri nn tbe
giMind. From indication and the
intarest shown by the official it ia
thought that theJCopper Queen will
exercise their option aud bond on tbe
World'a Fair, which runa into figures
oearing the million dollar mark.
Probably no man in all Arizona
feels tucha sense of personal loaa in
the death ot Vice President Sherman
as does Senator Mark Smith of Tuc
on, who tor C'teen years while dele-
Kate tocorgms served on tbe Indian
fTairs committee ol tbe bouie with
Mr She-man, who was then a mem
ber ol he New York delegation
During this long term nf Tears an en
during friendship grew up between
he two men, though they were poli
tic 1 oppooeuts.
A consignment of term oars ol
rails have arrived at tbe Winkleman
yards (or tbe Copper Creek Mining
company to be used on their proposed
railroad between tbe mines and mill.
a distance ot some three miles. Sever
al shipments of ties have already been
hauled to their properties from Win
Kleman, and work on tbe new lines
will be started at an early dale.
W n t was once old Chinatown will
soon be a thing of the ptst at Tucson
For set era) years past tbe buildings
have been rapidly disappearing until
all that remains is tbe old Zeckendorl
building and the old Chinese oss
house, and even that must go to
make room for tbe improvements
wnich are being rapidly made to tbe
city street.
smelter, W M Darker, represent ng
he Uarker Construction company ol
Denver, bar left lor Jerome lo s art
work upon the contract.
In spite of all the alterna'o cussing
aud nraiee bestowed ujon J II Buckles
er-lwhile pitcher fi.r the Globe base'
ball team, that gentleman has been
a gned to pitch for Newark, N J, on
the International League next se
Three citizens of the republic ol
Mexico, are in jail at Liwell await
ing the arrival of the immigration
inspect! r from Nco, who will tk
them Tucson to before tbe Uuiteil
State authorities for dep nation
Remarkable Mining Development and
Good Outlook in a Very
Rich Section
It is probable there will be a two
or three ton agricultural exhibit
from the Sulphur Springs valley in El
Paso in tbe mar future. This de
pends largely on tbe ranch men of the
valley, who will be expected to add to
those which have already been accu
mulated by tbe chamber of commerce
and at other places in Douglas.
Tbe con ditiona of the "giving away'
e rcmony at the wedding of Mrs
Emma Holland to James Henry
Wkrne, at the home of Mrs Holland
on Warren Hill, D is bee. Saturday
evening, wbere instead of the parent
giving the bride away, tbe son, in this
instance, Wm Holland, gave tbe
bride, bis mother, away.
a Kosco, tbe Italian wlio was ar
rested at Bistes October 17, at the re
quest if California officers, must re
turn to California to stand trial rn
tba charge of seduction. Sheriff
Baker of Kern connty, Cal., arrived
in ibe city from Phoenix, wbere he
secured a wr.t of requisition from
G ivernor Hunt and left.takicgR ceo
wiib liim.
Governmetit Inspectors Investiga
ting Alleged Sensational Charges
in Cochise Mining Section
A number of government employees
hare been in tbe vicinity of Johnson,
Dragoon and Cochise during tbe put
week. Several ol them were al work
examining number of mining loca
tion aod the amount of assessment
work done, while others were looking
after tbe land location and investi
gating several alleged illegal charge
of fencing of government land. Tbey
refuted to give out soy information
lo Ibe result of their inveatigs-tions.
Interstate Commerce Commission
Adjusts Freight Rates
A Washington dispate'j say:
Adjoitmeol of freight 00 live stock
from Colorado. New Mexioo. Arizona
ad Tax to Kansas" City was an
nounced trday by tbe interstate com
asaree commission following an In
quiry whioh m followed by a sus.
naaiinn of proposed advances. Tar
iffs were 6 led by tbe Bock Island aod
Colorado A Southern and some by
tbe Santa Fa and were beld reasonable
and tba suspension vaeated. Pro-.
poeed rates from Texas point were
held to be unjustifiable and the rail
roads ordered to pot into effect tbe
rata proposed by tba commission.
W C Windsor of Superior arrived in
Globe yesterday on mining business.
He stated that the Guggenheim bad
taken over the mark Uitmona gronp
near tbe Silver King proprerly and
commenced operations. Also tbat
tbe Calumet & Arizona were working
south of Superior on tbe Thompson-
Newman-Dagge group. Mr Windsor
says that conditions iu tbat district
are very promising.
Two fine bay mares, ths personal
1 roperty of Lieutenant Nicholson of
be Ninth Doi'ed Stales cavalry
were stolen or strayed from the leed-
iog line at Warren Tuesday nigbt
At Prcscntt the property ot the
Bagdad Copper company in Copper
Jreek, which was recently bonded by
a New Yon; syndicate, is to undergo
extensive development. Two chnrn
drill are on tbe ground and a third
is on it way.
At Tucson, Frank Wocdley, a ne
gro, was arraigned beiore United
State Commiiaioner 7oneatb on s
charge of selling liquor to an Indian.
Hi fatner was sentenced to tbe peni
tentiary at Atlanta at the last term
of tbe federal court iu Phoenix. (
A taoquat was recently riven in
tbe tunnel of tbe mammoth Yuma
ipbon at Tom. By an arrange
ment of small electric bulbs, cut
flowers sod green gauze a perfect
illusion of a deep sea grotto was
erected. In massive, solid concrete
security with oesrly 100,000 second
feet of water rushing in silt-laden
torrents but fifty feet above thtm,
Yuma's representative citizens .ban
Wiokenburg schools are In receipt
of fifty books from the Arizona cireo
Ktioic library. Tbs pupils are de
riving much pleasure from reading
tbtm. Miss Mane Shannon has ac
cepted tbe post of librarian for tbs
Ernest Young cf Thatcher was run
down by a fieigbt train between Yuma
ami Dome, while walking on the
track with bis back to the approach
jpg train Six cars parsed over hiui
be'ore Engineer Under could stop
thetrain. Toe man was indescribably
mangled and internally hurt, and
there is slight chance of bis living, al
though be was conscious after the
accident and said be was cold. He
was placrd in the county hospital,
where one of hi leg was amputated
and every care and attention given
Judge George F Ainsworlh, who i
in Preecott frorii bis famous cabbage
farm ou Walnut Creek, reports tbe
biggest yield ot that article in many
years, which resclies twentj-five tons.
lie begins manufacturing tauer kraut
and will place tbe first consignment
on tbe market in a few wreks. His
fruit yield is estimated at 2000 boxes
of apples. Ajl farmers in tbat sec
lion are prosperous, tbe season being
tbe beet known in many years
Ihebidaon the fGO.000 of union
high school bond were opened by tbe
Yuma b ard of supervisors. There
were seven bids in all. No award
wis made and it is likely that all bids
will b rejected.
Charles Mackling, ubo has been
performing 'be annual assessment
work of the Brooklyn Mining aod
Milling g'oup during tbe past monih,
has brought to Pnscott samples
taken from a recent strike that run as
high as 1100 per in free gold.
Can Reynolds, sentenced to serve
fourteen years for forgery, has es
caped. It ia stated THat be hid in
the shadow of the ddme of the capitol
builJiog until dsrk when he made his
get away. He was last seen beaded
toward Preecott and has not as jet
been captured.
Cor-onino county has a queer cae
Attorney E 8 Clark of Prescott, wa
called to prosecute Rosa Haekatboru
for stealing cattle. The testimony
bad ntt proceeded far. however, bo
fore it was discovered tbat ytung
Hackatborn wa only 17 years of age
and bis case, therefore was one for tbe
juvenile court.
Matt O'Leary ajbartender at Phoe
nix wa robbed of $80 and a gold
watcbatbis room about 4 o'olock
Wednesday morning.
J J Casriday, a eontraclrr in Phoe
nix who was run down while riding
bis bicycle by an autcmobile is jost
out ol ton hospital, aod will be un
ab'e to walk for many months to
come, and possibly never. The party
who ran over Caeaiday and never
stopped to inqoire into tbe extent of
bis injuries ia still at large.
A Grand Sipboo Festival will be
b-Idini'uma on November 18, 19
and 20. Reduced rates to Yuma are
in effect from sll Sontbern points
offering an additional inducement
to attend the Siphon Celebration.
With carnival attraction, races,
games, excursion, etc. e'c.tbere will
be something doing every minute.
A Globe miner, while in sn intoxi
cated condition, fell through a glass
window in the lower end of tbat city
and cnt bis jugular vein. He was
found by a passerby and taken to tbe
hospital, wbere big wound wsa
A posse is searching between Gila
Bend, the A jo district of Pima county
for Alejandro Ramos, who is alleged
to have murdered a man at Gila Beod
and fled toward tbe Ajo.
At Prescott, no better tribute could
bave been extended tbe memory of
Ben H Belcber than tbat when bit
funeral took place from Roffoer'a
parlors. Every holiness bousa in tbe
city was closed ; hundreds ol citizen
were present at tbe obsequies.
Haying been so 'ortunate as to se
cure tbe contract' for furnishing and
laving approximately 50,000,000
brick for the use of tbs United Verde
company In tba erection of Its new
From Wednesday's Daily
The IU Y.J. II. Heald, I). D, ot
Albuquerque, N. M , will speak at
the Congregational church this even
ing at 7:30 His subject will be "The
Church for tbe Twentieth Century.
Attorney Jack Williams, after spend
ing a few day in Tombstone on legal
business, took his departure this af
ternoon for his home in Biabee.
Tbe '-oldest timers" continue to
scan the horizon and predict that
we'll have snow "purty" soon. Mean-
while the balmy, welcome Italian
summer continue to intrude npon
Tombstone and there is no kick.
From every range of mountains
adjacent to and surrounding Tomb
stone, come good report from the
mines and prospec's that claim the
attention of those who have confi
dence in the country and are honest
ly endeavoring to develop rur mineral
Mr Leroy Scheerer and Miss Eva
Irnel came in Irom (Juurtland yes
terday and through pre arrangement
of Cupid, -fudge Daniel McFrland
baing in the confidence ot all concern
ed, ihe t;ourtlsru couple returned to
their mountain home in the Dragoons
this morning as man and wife. Mr
ard Mrs Scheeir have the best wishes
of the PKnsrrcTOB for a long and hap
py wedded life.
Dam uarrett,lormerly mas er me
chanic with the Tombstone Consoli
dated Mining compnv,inTombetone
is now representing :n Arizona, the
BirdArcher company, of New York
introducing and selling a bo'ler com'
pound manufactured by that com'
pany. Sam Garrett has many friends
in .Tombstone and Cochise county
who -ill wish him much success in
his latest endeavor
Mrs C B Wilson wife of Deputy
Cierk of the Supe-ior Court Wilson,
wa an inccning passenger last even
ing from Biihee, where she spent sev
eral days visiting friends.
Tbe dry frmir. in tbe vicinity nf hended b,, the ringer They offered
Oochtse, Johnson aud Dragoon are for sale a number of horses and mules
ringing in the results of their hr-, to various parties.
vsl aod a number of them have
m uvgoia epowings on me jnr
v rk llundndsif raiks ot teat,
,T Inrri dilivirid to lliv I t-al e-
oiinniK, wt'ilr a nu'ubw of lrgi rli ti
mrnts hae Uen made to Tucnun, El
Paso and otoer points, also larg .
c ops f si rghum and different kinds
of cane.
E W Adam of Dragi on raised uer I
If. Laurence Brown, representing
he American rials "o. of nev York,
tin baa Nen managii g tbe CVntur
nu .rtiirriy hr rtteral nn ntls at
ragoon has gone to Los .tiigelea He
will tie rld man or hi company,
wivh headquarters in that city. J P.
It chardson will avain look after tbe
Centurion property.
50 tons o squash and pumpkins, Inrj
which he reoeved fair pricea. He W W Miller, president ol the Key
al-oshipped 50 sacks of beans to j stone Copper company i in Jobnson
Benson ' from his home in Newton, Kansas,
and expects to remain therefor some
(time lie naa aireauy starifu ine
, work o' tak'ng out ore and will begin
making regular shipments within the
next few days.
Court Cases Filed
Est Sophia Harris; nntice se'tie-
ment acct and order distribution.
Est and guardianship J A Tanner,
I W Wallace appointed guardian.
Est Anna Norton; Jane R Norton
appointed admrx.
Est.ElifSchmid;KSSchmid ap
pointed admr.
E E Sette; F S Satte admrx
Est J Burk; J J Pttton admr.
Suit 220. Minnie Kline vs Charles
Kline; divorce.
Judg io Suit C523. F Haines. J E
Logan et al Dr. Mrs E E Wright Cr,
jujg for 18,101.20.
Jndg in Suit 105. A M Tong Dr,
L J Orerlock Cr; judg lor $440.
Suit No 221. CRolIe vs Candis
Rolle, divorce.
Suit No 222. Joe Krilanovicb ve
8E Dyson, et al;dett 250.
Suit 223. A J Schwertner vs Prov
Mut B A L Asm et al. satisfacticn
Judg in Suit 156. JB N'icholion,
Dr; Rcsane Nicholson Cr; divorce
Judg io Soil H3 Ramon L Tabot
Dr, 8 Tabot Cr; divorce.
Judg in Suit 131 W E Wallace.Dr
Marion E Wallace Cr. divorce.
J P Richardsrn, president of tbe
Centurion Mining company at Dra
goon is soon to join the ranks of tbe
benedicts A marriage license was
recen'ly issued o him to wed Mar-
ga-et Shaw. Mr Rirhardeon is well
known in Coclnee county and at one
time was in tbe employ of n! the E.
P. & S. W at Bisbee.
Robert Edgar Morrison, manager ol
the telephone company in Wiljcnx,
was married on the 7th inet to Jeas-r
Lee Cole of Benson The ceremony
as per'ormed by Jndee Page of Will
cox. Two horse thieves caught near
Fort Bowie by County Ranger Wm
Brak6eld, were makiug good use of
their time in that Ino-lity and enter
ed a number nf house and appropri
ated blankets, rifles food and numer
oust ther articles, to their own use
They were eviden'ly preparing to
make good their escape when npnre-
H L Marmion, of San Antonio,
Texas, ha arrived in Jc'insnn and
assumed charge of tbe old Peacock
property, hcb adjoins the Arizona
United, and will soon put a 'orce of
men at work doing assessment and
ileitlopment nork.
William Ma'ier, tbo oellknown pio
neer of Johnson, has aieumed the
management of the Cochise Copper
compiuy property, and has already
started development work.
O en Smiih, president and mana
ger of ibe Standard Mining company,
b-ts opened up a good sized body of
ore n one of the claims of tbat coin-
, paoy which adjoins ihe Republic, and
i very much encouraged over tbe
outlcok. The company ha a nun.ber
of claims in the Johnson district.
Former Tombstcner Returns on a
Visit to Familiar Scenes of
Schoolboy Days
Af-er an absence of twenty years
from Tombstone, Mr Richard C
Wood is again in the city, shakinir
bands with his early boyhood friends,
reviewing scenes o! long ago and en
joying himself a only the old timer
of Ctrbise county do wbeo"'hey wan
der back" whenever opportunity of
fer. S'nce leaving Tombstone Mr
Wood has become prominently identi
fied with a popular class of people,
yclept the "interests," being president
of the First National Bank of Fair
bank, Alaska, where for tbe past sev
eraljeau be ba pursued the arduous
calling uf weighing nugret in tbe
r ugh until his hands have becomi
calloustd, and while taking a respite
Irom such mono'onnus labor concluded
to visit this section of Arizona, wbere
be findi host of friends to extend
hearty t!come.
R. W- Wood, father of our visitor,
was a promioent banker in Tomb
stone during the earlier and more
fl urisbing- days of be camp, and tbe
family left a cherished impress npon
ibe minds of the community now re
maining. Mr. Wood will take hi departure
this afternoon for Southern California
where he will spend some time visit
ing m's parents, thence returning to
hit hiime in tne-far northwest, where
gold is plentiful, to acquire which one
only baa to dig it the same as tbey
do in Arizona.
Railroad Man Visits the Sulphur Spring
Valley and Observes Pleasing
Features of Section
'lraveiing freight and paseeuger
agent of the Southern Pacific, with
headquarters in Tucson, baa been
making a trip through the Sulphur
Spring Valley and paying a visit to
be mining camps tributary to Tomb
stone. Mr. Barnei is ot only a rail
road man , but a literary genius , ao.1
wa once a newspsper reporter. He
has wristen frequently on archaeology
and sociology. He says:
"I have recently taken a trip
through tbe Sulphur 8pring Valley,
in Cochise county, and found a grow
iog demand among tbe people fur in-
s at the head of
'ricuftural department
University ol California, describes
condition there as ideal for tbe ee
Ublishmsnt nf an experimental farm,
and we'bave reason to believe tbat a
Jarm will be located there.
'At Pearce thousands of acres of
the richest land on earth are nnder
cultivation, with water obtained at
shallow depth. I waa sbown aped
men from tbe rancb of F J Ga'Iagber
which cannot be excelled. I saw
squaab from tbo W W Adams rsnch
we'gbing from 50 tc 100 poonds each.
Est and guardianship Lucas minors,
O A McDooald appointed guardian.
Est Fred Horn; Petition lor letter
Order appointing J P Chapman admr.
V.-W Mm
creased railroad facilities. Thi. Tal- "" "'" ' m"J De ' Da",,rB' Du,r
ley is one of the most promising sec-j 0,,D'
iue wumniuQweai.o aiming ana
Milling company has awarded coo-
lioMa'SrarafHsliUsTErstKlsnUlr gaa
ih. At Burtkw a- r OtaaaaasJrw
tlocs io Ibe state. It latent re-
fcource are something wonderful and
have commenced to attract great at
tention outside of tbestate. I believe
a period of development in tbe valley
is at band.
"At Cochise, where the Arizona
doi.thern connect with the Southern
Pacific, thert ara tbe greatest indica
tion of tbe ul ima'e rtclamatton of
I every foot ol tbe sulphur spring
I Tallsy. Prof. B H Forces, wbo
tracts for a new mill coating upwards
oft250,0C0; The-vast pile of tailing
from tbe old mill are bring shipped
to the C & A smelter at Douglas.
"New prospects located aod devel
oped at Cnurtland show great ac iv ty.
I be Leadville has commenced thi.
ping ore tbat is woi der ul in extent
and richness
"There is also a marvelooa increase
in tbs production of ors at Glsison."
wnsrHtaiuHliiK'n'1"1" ,sasitT
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