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Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-current, December 08, 1912, SUNDAY EDITION, Image 1

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AR'J UN"' L'l ' ffete
published every Sunday, will give all
the nens and will bo t-ont to any ad
dress for
Is published every Sunday, and con
tains all the news ol the week aa it
appears in The Daily Prospector-
if Subiclbe Now
w Four Months For 91 P,
NO 96
' V
Supernatural Story of a Professor, His
Vision of an Arizona Mine and
Ghostly Miners
Many go, and in a like ratio they
return, a contention that tne rios
TtCTOK baa ever made in behallot th's
country, and those who once retided
in.Tombitone. Appropo of this, last
afternoon, Prcf J"hn Campbell Ma
laim hove in with a caravan ol Sntb
American caiuset six in number
thav marched in uncle file, like
ting, at if to warn one from impend
ing danger. The dniat.ce wat too
far to anticipate danger or carry on a
conversation; the movements of the
men icereclotelr watched; they went
hither and thither. An imi-ense
eruption recurred without any de
tonation of explo'ion R ickj. sand
and gravel filled the air, and the
soldiers of the Balkan, and when i miners bnally emerged from places of
Trol Maclaim ordered the l'ader, safety and by waving of hinds, bade
Cocfaclous, to hah, the cravan, ' him approach, as all danger bad been
with nrieked ears . Hood as soldiers of 'obviated
the king, Napoleon, bringing up the
rear, looking wise and duttouitra-ing
that he was pl'ited to rest.
Prof Ma;laim. a graduate of the
mines and metal department of tl
Prof Maclaim, actuated by friendly
impulses and a desire to see what was
beiog taken from Nature's cache, as
cended the rugzed hill, and a'ter sev
eral hours of hard climbing, arrived at
University of Edinborough, Scotland, l the point bere he knew the explosion
trayertrd this section of -trirona 32 hj the miners had taken place. But
years ago. tie las iraveiea lue worm
over and, by a fortuitous incident, he
claims, bat been - lured hither from
Guatamala, baling just entered Ari
xona through Mexico Prof Ma
claim'e travels and incident vicieitud
es would make an interesting page in
the wor'l's history, be sajs but there
it nothing to compare with hu joyous
experience ol a few dayt since when he
crossed the International line and set
foot upon American soil, bavingmade
bit first camp in the southermoet
range of the Hutcbucte.
ehold, there was nothing to be eoen,
and the remarkable incident proved
nothing but an illusion.
Chagrined for a timeover the optical
delusion, wearied over a bard tramp.
Iieest himself upon a boulder of sev
eral tors weight, when his monster
e at slipped from beneath t im and
glided Jswiltly down the mountaia
side for fully half-mile Fortunately
reaping a mibap, a casual investi
gallon proved tha his improvised at,
no mjfterinuely disappearing from
beneath him, had revealed a well de-
Sunday In
Tombstone Churches
Sunday School at 10 a m.
Benediction at 7.3? p li.
Mass at 7:30 a. m. on week days.
All are cordially invited to attend
Ukt. Fathek Gknsvibvi:, Pastor
Sunday School 10-00 a. m.
Kpwortb League 7 p. in.
All are invited.
Tstvoit Ortov. Pastor.
Sunday School 10 a. m.,
Reeves, Supt.
Preaching 11 a m. Topic
generation "
Preaching 7:30 p m. Top'c:
Indescribable Christ."
Christian Endeavor at 7-00 p. m
Everybody is cordially invited
attend these services.
Rev. C. W Du.scan, Pattor.
Wearied fro-n along waterless march (fined ledge of silver ore, the nesting
across the Mexican deceit, the Pro' tpUce of horn silver, horn blende m a
came upon a clear and generous spring J Sedge showing up for ICO feet and many
that burst from without the granite i feet across.
boulders. The surrounding country rof Maclaim says he owes it all tj
was carpeted wilb Iczunant gre, the pbntom miners, s no man on
Iriendly trees of ancient growth spread -arih would attempt to investigate
their limbs and the th ck foliage of- the section in which be was so for u
fered shelter from ths tun's penetra- nntely lured by the mioert who do
ting rays and suggested a recluse for i not exist".
a worn out traveler Confucious was The Professor outfitted last evening
unpacked, the balance of the caravan Dd straightway returned to Bis phan
fnllaaine. until Napoleon had been j torn mine, nrom'aiog to be in Tomb-
divested of bit 6 '0 pounds of luggage,
when, looking upon the hillside a
very precipitous and forbiding moun
tainwas obtervid a number of
miners running to and fro, genicular
The fatal (irim and Its Itemed? Son
Facta ot c!enc.
It la the rarest thing tn the world foi
a man lo te necessarily bald No nia
a hose hair Is not dead at the reou. neei
be baM it he will use J.'ewbro"s Herjl
;Me. the new scalp antiseptic Herpl
side flestroj s the ;tra that cuts the hal
otZ at the root, and cleans the scalp o
dandruff and leaves It In a pcrlectlj
healthy condition. Mr. Mannett, tn th
Maryland Block, Butte. Mont., was en
tlrely bald. In less than a month Herpl
-Ide had removed the enemies of haii
jrowth. and nature did Its worl: by cov
ring his hend vllh thlcK hair an Inch
lenp and In six weeka he had a normal
vuit of hair Sold by leadlne drucgiits
Vnd Wc In sUmpa for sample Th-Herpl-lda
Co., Detroit. Mich.
Tombstone Town
Topics Tersely Told
Visitors to City; Local and
Personal Items of Interest
It it reported that o new time 'able I Cbarfey McCarthy was an incorn-
will go into effect on the Tombstot e
branch within the month which rn
ino'ude the run to IJenon for the
local crew Thus the Tombstone
branch con ioues to expand
UndershenrT Guy Welch and wife
left Ia6t evening for Naco on a brief
visit with friends.
There is three indies of snow at the
fluacbuca Water company reeervcr
at Miller Canyon,
The EPiSW K R Co. always
progrcirive, has put on a through
sleeper Tucson to Kansas City. Thi
enables Tombtomte- going to El Paso
on business to take the sleeper at
Fairbanks; and does aaay with the
change at Douglas at 11 p. m.
ANTED Tne Cosmopolitan
Grrup requires the service ul a repre
sentative in Tombstone and surround
log territory, to lork after subscup
tiou renewal', and to extend circula
tion by special methods which have
proyid unusually succettfnl. Salarj
and commission Previous experience
desirable but not essential. Whole
time or spare timo Address, with
references. Charles C. Schwer. The
Cosmopolitan Group, 331 Fourth Avo
New York Cltv
Send your wild animal skins to A
U Hilton Mer. Co. San Antonio N
M. They have outlet to raanuactur
ers in Europe and alaays net you
highest prices Send for pamphlet
Learn how to takecare o your catch .
ing passenger on the G-10 train last
evening from Chicago, III., where he
has been the rast eight months at
tending an automobile school. Char
ier re urts thoroughly acquainted
with the auto.
Mrs Richard?, of the Arlington
Hotel returned yesterday from a trip
to Los Angeles.
Dr E R Little, registered dentist,
will be at the Arlington Hotel from
December 5th, for about two weeks.
No charge for examinations. All
woik guaranteed. Only firt class
materials used. Prices reasonable,
Mr Henry A O'Brien of New York
City it spending tbe Tinier in Pbce
nix Mr O'Brien was for years con
nected with tbe Huachuca Water
company nd spent several months
here some years ago, during which
time be made many fn.-ndi here, who
will be glad to see him when be tires
of Phoenix and bat a looging for
"Dear Old Bnadway;" because right
here in Tombstone beM find many
points of interest that will make little
old New York look "alow."
Yesterday tbe weather editor was
in his glory for a brief span. .Tomb
stone was risited with er.ow, and as the
w e started tbe usual cde to "tbe
beautiful." tbe sun came out and
spoiled it all.
Arizona Candidates for Federal Judge
May Be Submitted to a Vote
of the People
The latest candidate for Aruona
Federal jndge is said to be A A Wors-
ley ot Tucson. Worsley's friends will
intill on a d.rect primary Tor tbe pri
mary for tbe recommendation of a
Democrat for tbe office, in the evant
it is not filled before March 4, tinder
tbe law pasted by tbe last legislature
providing for the recommenda
tion of a man for nomina
tion as federal judge and c informa
tion by the senate Other candidates
are Alfred Franklin, preient chief
justice of the supreme couit, A. F.
Parsons ol Douglas, and Assistant At
torney General Carpenter.
Arizona Convicts Captured After
Chase Across Several Counties
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
gard for any case of CatarTh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F J. Chksev 4 Co., Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known
K.J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
lelieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able ic carry out any obligations made
bv ris firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
tally, acting directly upon the blocd
and mucous surface of the system
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents
per bottle. SM h- all duagista.
stone aga'n toon.
Cnamdbnains t'ough Kerned-
Cochise Pioneer Succumbed After
Violent Coughing Fit-Sudden
Passing of Henry Fitch
Newsy Notes From All Over Arizona
Carefully Condensed for The
Prospector Readers
After leading officers of tbe peni
tentiary a hot race donn through
Maricopa, the Case Grande v-tlley and
Pima connty, Sullivan and Aguillar,
two etoaped com icts from tbe road
camp, were captured Thursday at No
gales by Deputy Sheriff Jesse McGee
ol Pinal county and Guards Tom
Simmonds and Walter Wineor of the
penitentiary. Also, 1) A Reynold.
sent to tbe penitentiar" from Pima
county for burglary, was captured at
Douglas Reynolds inconsiderately
ecped just before the state supreme
court decided to grant a rehearing of
hij caee, which might hate resulted
in his freedom.
Ten dollars a na easily mtde by
local agent. Write for full informa
tion at once. Arizona Sales Agency.
Pboenlx, Arizona. Ml -
educate Tour 3owol Willi Ci.tar.iM
cnuy Ccctilrtic, curt c q--i ill n r -- --
V 2. If CC C fi".arji.t.Mr.-i - t. i.
Judg in Suit 183. J English
Later advicet of the death if Henry
T Fitch at his borne rear Servces
Monday evening , demUe was sudden
and unexpeetsd. He had ben In hit
otnal health, but tuffering from a cold.
He took a coughing fit, and coughed
for about 15 minutes, causing a couple
f hemorrhage! whicn camed bis
death A physician nag phoned for
at the outset but long be'ore hit arri
val Mr Fuch had paettd away.
Lost One sterling silver fountain
pen. Finder pleate return to Wm.
Mcrfparron.at T. C. M. office, and re
ceive reward.
j Jane Englith Cr, divorce
Est 3 W Frederick, decree settle
ment sect.
EstH;0 Holbrook; Dee 20 day
bearing petition.
EstG Berthold; H E Dugan. John
Doao and E P Grindell appointed ap
praisers. Est Elta Schmidt; order publica
tion notice to crs.
Et Pearson minor; decree settle
ment account.
Est J H Keyts; Roy Hiat appoint
ed admr.
En A F Smith; J Scbeerer appoint
ed guardian.
Est Wm John ton, order confirming
I tale real estate.
I One thousand Sunday school work-J at ab ut 2 o'clock, wbi'e n route
I era formed a procession to Phoenix
Sunday and marched, through tbe
principal resiJence distric a of tbe
town. A large number of very young
Sunday school workers and very old
ones were along in autoe and buggies.
tr,v fl.AAmln.linn. , r,nnit,nt,H
'"'The Indian school band furnished tbe
Life Certificates Granted By Ari
zona Educational Board-Tomb-stonite
Receives High Honor
P-etident A H Wilde, of tbe state
university, was elected vice chairman
of the state toard of education at a
meeting of that body at the cspital
Lifecertificatea to teach were grant
ed to Mrs Addy O Haskfns of Pboenix
Pinedale, Apache county; Ellis D
Doty, of Palo Verde, Maricopa coun
t ; Lucy H Purdora of JMorenci,
Greenlee county.
An important ruling nas made re.
latne to granting life certificates.
Hereafter all applicants must not only
Oar fee returned if we fail. Any one ending sUtch ami description ot
any invention will promptly receive our opinion rtea concerning the patent
ability of same. "How to Obtain a Patent" set. upon request. Patents
secared through ns advertised for sale at our expen.e.
Patent taken out through tn receive special noiU. without charge, in
Th Patext Rfxobd, an illustrated and widely circulatt J journal, copsultftl
W Manufacturers and Im cjtors.
Send for sample copy FREE. Address,
fjitctit Attorneys,)
ims Building ' WA"!MCTOI. D. C.
We desire to increase thai circula
tion of onr magazine, and have sever
al 1 good offert in connection there,
witn. If yon with to Increase your
income and have any tpare lime to
devote to this work, write ut. We
nay a very liberal commission and
would he gl'd tngtve you 'nil partic
" What Ariiont needs is more sign
boards, plenty tof them, and bettir
roads," taid C F Rjprecht, of New
York City, who wit in Phcenix a few
dnys ago Mr Rupreeht, witba party
of four, arrived in Phoenix with a
Packard "Six" on hit ay to Califor
nia for the winter. He stated that
tbe hardest part of his trip was from
Albnquerrpe, N M, to Phoenix.
Beginning the fifteenth of Decem
ber Arizona products will tx'exnibited
in tbe Pacific Electric building in Los
Aogelee. This sistion is tbe bob of
oyer a thousand miles of electric rail
way lines, and thousands of tountta
will pan through the station gates
during the season. Phoenix it wak
ing arrangements to have products on
display in tbe ttation.
It it believed that tbe Eighteenth
regiment will be returned very shortly
to Fort Whipple by order of tbe war
department. It is expected that the
Ash Fork frum tbe south. Three
coa he and a Pullman were thrown
oT the grade and the rear wheels of
e ginb went off the track. Noreh'jrt
John Hughes, divMion superintend
ent of the Copper Queen Consolidated
Mining company ol Diabee. probably
t ved t be life of J B Smith , of Corona.
CIif. Hugh's, with his son, was
making a tour of California in bis
touring car and bad arrived at a'point
near Ontario on the Los Angeles road
when he foutid Smi'b, nearly deaet
trom hunger and exposure. timitb
had taken tbe wrong road and had
been loet for more than two days. He
was taken in'o Ontario by Mr Hugbes
Joseph Eble, a well known pioneer,
died at Presrctt and was buried Sun
day under the Maeonic r tea. He baa
tten connected with tbe history ol
Arizona since 1864. at which time be
built the first bouse in Prescott. Mr
Eblo Wat almost a centenarian, and
bis wife, who died in 1905. was 88
years of age. There were six children
twenty-four grand children and nine
teen great grand children.
J H Gray ton, paieenger tgant of
tbe El Paso & Southwestern, bat been
appointed city panenger agent of tbe
Southwestern at Tucson.
C W Kress, of New York City,
and to E H Stover, former Cochise I havd taught the required number of
superintendent of education, and at years but mutt be a resident of tbe
present superintendent of the Tomb- Hate at the time of making the ap
atone tcbooli; Mrs II H Perarot o plication
Arizona Miner Takes Last Drink
and Blows Himself Into Eternity
At Globe yesterday John Mae.n
went to bis room and committed tui
cnle by blowing himself op with d) na
A half an hour previous to bis deat'i
be bad been drinking with a friend. m
the Fatbion saloon acd before raising
bit glass to bit lipt be said: "This
will be the last drink I'll ever take
with you, I'm going to kill mytelf."
His bearers laughed in diabetic', but
his statements proved true for within
3'J minu'es ne was dead.
8ib UA
first bat.lion of the regiment that wai ,n pDOeD;x a few 0yt ag0 ,or ,'b, pur.
aem to rorfc dims, leut, win uv re
turned to Fort Whipple during tbe
present mtntli.
A serious accident overtook patten-
' train No 2 of the S F, P and P rail
way at Wood Spur Sunday morning
pose of looking into tbe establishment
of a big 5, 10 and 15 cent store in
that city.
Telephone Company to Continue
Extensions and Dispute to Have
Hearing Next Month
OWV.S3.VMMi i T-sav
Caoiy IT .vita Ob c
The application for an injunction,
filed by tbe Mountain States Tele
phone company, waa not granted by
Judge Sutter 'yesterday. However,
an agreement thereupon offered was
tbat the case sbonld be beard by tbt
court en Its merits on January 20th
In the meantime tbe defendant
telephone company will be permitted
to continut tbe work of completing
the ex'ension of its lines.
Foe Pale Coiibined'writing deik
and book case, also two parlor chain.
Inquire C G Johnson, Fremont street,
near Fourth
.U-)M Kta.co . I
5. -1 rf ! '
c. r amtem
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