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Published Every Sunday
-WILLIAM HATTICH, Editor and Proprietor
Oneyear 3
six months 1
Single copies
Two men who seemed to be very unfortunate but who are
now enjoying life are free from trouble ate Porfirio Diaz and
Abdul Hamid,
Working to avoid a big war in Europe is working for a
very praiseworth object.
The official canvassing o( the votes shows that the demo
crats surely did it.
The Pullman cars of the United States earned $40,000.?
000 last year. Now you cat: imagine the sum the porters got-
Most recently compiled give Wilson's popular vote 6,544,
209; Roosevelt's popular vote 4,257,503; Taft's popular vote
Legal hanging is murder in the first degree because it is
premeditated murder, says Eugene V Chafin, And the more
you think of it the more truth appears to be in it
While everybody agrees to the general law that there are
two sides to every question, nobody admits that it applies to
any particular question.
It appears that the wealth of Vincent Astor is but 75 n
stead of loo millions. 'J his will be painful surprise to Vincen
and his friends but it is believed he will be able to pull through
until gras3 if it doesn't snow.
It is said that peace is in sight in Turkey because the
cholera is causing fear in the Bulgarian camp. The peace
commission might jiote this and the next time war starts they
might spread a few cholera germs about. Men don't mind
being killed but they bate to die or cholera.
The Star comments on Campa's heabus corpus as follows:
If Mr Campa gets out of jail and goes back to Mexico, he
will never return to us. What he should do. in case he se
cures his release, is to get up a lecture audgo out on the chau
tauqua circuit. That beats staying in the Pima county jail
or chasing about over.Sonora pursued by angry and deter
mined soldiers.
A California physician asserts that appendicitis can be
cured by pressing on the fourth vertebra. That's bully; here
tofore many curds have been effected by pressing on the
Washington dispatches inform hs that Secretary Wilson
will go back to farming in the spring. If the secretary has
. read all the farmers' bulletins issued bv his department he
ought to set a fast pace for his neighbors.
The Society for the Prevention of Useless Giving is a
praiseworthy institution and is doing a good work. Still there
is no harm in giving a perfectly useless Christmas present
occasionally to some one to whom you give useful presents the
year around.
Congressman Hayden proposes to secere a large tract of
land Sit aside and improved by the government, to be known
as "Giant Cactus Park." The proposed site is near Hole-in-the-Rock
above Phoenix. The location is an ideal one for a
foresfof native cacti now on the ground.
The government has established other national parks for
the preservation of trees as well as for the scenery which they
afford, and nothing should appeal to it more strongly than the
preservation oi the native growths of the desert.
President Madero has commenced to redeem his pre
election promises by the distribution of land to small farmers
in the states of Chihuahua and Coahuila.
Congressman Hayden will be a busy man this next ses
sion, There are 6o;ooo,ooo packets of seed to distribute and
Carl will surely get his share.
H W Bishop, a prominent real estate dealer, and editor of
the Solomonville Bulletin, passed away at San Diego, Calif,
early last week. Mr liisnop was a life-long Democrat, giving
much interest to prohibition, but in the main singing the
praises of Arizona. Graham county has lost a valuable man
It is to be hoped that the contest between the progres
sives and the democrats in California will be settled before the
e'ectoral college meets.
Congress will convene today for the short term, which
ends March 4th, when the new democratic administration
will take over the reins of government.
More bachelors than married men go insane, according
to a report submitted to the secretary of the interior. Many
married men have their thinking done for them, and conse
quently do not have so great a strain on their think factory,
saysthe Gazette.
Fresh eggs are selling in New York at six cents apiece
and yet some complain that the poultry business does not pay.
When a dozen eggs will bring the price of a good nen it would
eeem to be a pretty-good investment.
History repeats itself, and the good roads movement of
the ancient Romans has commenced to move all over the United
States. Good roads put to flight the demon of isolation, make
sectional lines Imaginary and destroy sectional feeling, and
General Prosperity marches his victorious army over them,
Madero Is doing his best. His goyernment will distri
bute more than 9,000,000 acres of land among the small farm
era of Chihuahua and Coahuila, and other states as fast as it
can be brought about, ITius is the President trying to keep
his pledges. Who could do any better; in Mexico, than Ma
dero? Until that question is answerd, hold your peace. In
the meantime, what has become of Diaz the Second?
News or me Mate
in Condensed Form
At Douglae, the epitome ol careless
automobile driving w respootible
(or the severe injury ot u unknown
Mexican last Sunday night when be
mi run down by a car near the in
ternational line. The MexicancUim
ed that no warning signal was aound
ed and that instead of (topping to ice
i he were aeverely injured, the man
driving the car put on more speed
after striking bim. The Mexican uf.
fered several terete cuta about the
head and face.
General Jack Price and Mr Rule
Waddell will launch a newspaper in
Patagonia. They have the beetwisb
ee of their many friends In tbeir
journalistic venture.
The board of supervisor in Globe
Monday passed the resolution grant'
ing tbe right of way for an electric
street railway from tbe town of Globe
to and through Miami to Live Oak
The El'ligre mine shipped through
Douglas last Saturday 35 barf of gold
silver bullion weighing 150 pounds
each and aversgiog in value more
than 11000 each.
Several carloads of cattle have re .
cently been shipped from Douglas to
various points. El Paso, Pueblo Col,
and Clllton. A shipment of fortv
cars from Sonora is expected this
With plenty of oak wood on band,
there is a famine of kindling wood in
the Warren district. Some are think
ing of cutting up tbeir furniture to
start fires with.
G C Hinckley, engineer of tbe Great
Western Power company, expects to
receive a final permit from tbe gov
ernment in a few weeks to proceed
with tbe Sabino Canyon power and
irrigation project near Tucson.
At Glolie, Sheriff Haynes, Deputy
Sheriff Billy Wilson.'Chief of Police
Pinyan and Policemen Kaleb, Did
son and Lewis raded a Chinese "hop
pint" in Rush alley and gatberei ia
one Fot Sang. They alto arretted a
"sleeper" known as Ab Wun, who is
bsing held as a witness.
Frank Harris Blighton, a well
known Ariionao, went to New York
early last summer with Seth Mnyle,
and his success as a magazine writer
is no longer a possibility but a cer.
taintr. "A Daughter of the Run,"
signed with Mr Brighton's own name
appears in the Ladies' World and
Everybody' bat accepted a story by
Jeff Adam. sh-rirT cf Maricopa
county is going to Washington on
the Arizooa-Wasbingtou special
Mrs Adams will accompany the genial
sheriff who haa not been out of tbe
state for over thirty jears.
At Vuma, the Yuma iron works, of
which the Harris bojs are tbe moving
spirits, have purchased of J W Dor
riogton a lot 50x133 feet on First
street east of the Joe Heory building
now occupied as a furniture store by
E F Sanguinetti. Tbe purchase price
ia given out as f 2500.
A petition ia being circulated and
numerously signed askiog tbe boaid
of supervisors to order an election in
the incorporated town of Safford on
tbe wet and dry question.
A flow was struct: Friday at the
Morgan Wilson artesian well about
two miles sootbweU of San Simon,
Geo E 81igb driller. This is tbe 21at
flowing wel' in tbe Ban Simon Taller
within radios of six miles of the city
of San Simon, and not a dry bole in a
completed well. Toia record has
never been equalled in any valley in
tbe west.
Tbe sheep men of Anions are net
in favor of tbe proposed importation
of Wyoming elk. Elk destroy much
grating land and take possession o!
whatever land they are placed upon
Tbe elk have been taken into great
many parts of the country from tbeir
haunts in tbe north. Every place
that they have gone tbry have left
desolation behind them. Not even a
goat could live Arizona Democrat.
Got. Hunt spent last Sanday at
tbe state prison inspecting progress
on tbe new radial building and tbe
general conduct of prisoners.
Miguel Vegas, who was kilted last
Sunday while sleeping on the South
ern Pacific tracks near Stcckton, was
adjudged to bare met death by bis
own negligence by a oorooer's jury,
wbicb met recently in Tucson. Vegss
waa alleged to bare been intoxicated
m --- .'.
at the time of meeting his death.
Francis L Dupen, superintendent
of a mine at Rosemept, who shot a
Mexican tbere Tuesday, bas been
charged with attempted murder in a
warrant issued Wednesday by Justice
of tbe Peace O L Johnson at Tucson
At Flagstaff, David Jamee, who was
charged with stealing a team of horses
of Fred Thompson and selling tbem
to a contractor for the L J Smith
Construction company at Seligman,
pleaded guilty to tbe charge be'ore
Judge Perkins Tuseday and was given
an indeterminate sentence of from one
to ten years in the peniteutiary. Tbe
horses were picked up on Oak Creek
about a year ago and driven west,
where be disposed of tbem. He was
taken to Florence Wednesday by Sber
iff Pulliara.
Horace Shepard was arrested Ust
week at Globe on a charge of mayhem
preferred by Henry (Shorty) Medlin.
It is alleged that during a fight be.
tween the complainant and the de
fendant, Wedneday night, in front
of tbe Central dance bal, that Shep
a'd bit off the first joint of the index
finger of Medlio's right hand.
At Fretcott, two jurists alternated
in presiding over tbe sessions of the
superior court Wednesday, court be
ing adjourned and convened five times.
Judges 8mitb and Krook went on and
off tbe bench at intervals, the rapid
shitting of the ermine being due io
tbe fact that there were a number of
eases tbe former was disqualified to
Near Tucson, fifty bushels of corn
to the acre ia the yield this season by
Boy Guild, who is farming on the
Santa Cruz near Langhoroe from
seed caned toe Mexican June, a vari
ety said to be new to tbe farm rs of
this state. He raited an immense
crupot tepari beans, the desert pto
duct of the Indians, with which Pro
fessor George F Freeman, plant breed
er t the Uoivere ty of Arizona, is
conducting extensive experiments.
Two undesirable Mexican women
were taken in custody by Antonio
Cierra of the United States immigra
tion office, for being unlawfully in the
states, and after a warrant was wired
from Washington tbe t"sro were taken
to Tucson by Inspector Heath, where
they will be tried with tbe view ot de
porting tbem.
At Flagstaff, W F Callender, fore
man for tbe I. J Smith Conttruction
Company, was killed by train No 2
aUut 7 o'clock luesday morning, a
mile and a ball east of Cosino.
Two of tbe largest electric trucks
ever brought into Arizona will arrive
in Douglas within a few days, coo
signed to tbe Minneapolis company,
operating tbe Arcbepeligo mine near
Cumpas. Tbey will be put into serv
ing baulmg ore between tbe compaoy 'a
mioe smelter, which is now being
Tucson can have a brick plant to
cost $20,000 without a dollar's worth
of stock being offered to local investors
is tbe promise f Franklin R Maxwell
and "Dick" Harding, if they can ae
1 enre the contracts soon to be awarded
for paving Tucson streets.
Believing that tbe revolutionary
troubles in Mexico, and especially in
Sonora, are rapidly coming to a close,
tbe Bicbardaon Construction company
which put on foot tbe project for tbe
irrigation of thousands of acres of
fertile land in the Yaqui river valley
ia now preparing to resume operations
after a lapse of 18 months.
At Yumi, J M Bait' of tbe Baits
Meat market, closed a deal with A
Sandoval, tbe cattle prince of Sonora,
Mexico, wbieb eolipaes anything
which bas been done in Yuma county
in recent years. Mr Balsx bought of
Mr Sandoval 3300 bead of beef cattle
to be delivered as be wanta tbem.
A thousand cattle will be brought
through tbe port of Sasabe Tuesday.
They will pass through Tucson on
Saturday en route tor 8an Francisco
where tbey are consigned to Miller It
Lux. Tbedu'yon tbe csttle will be
Alleged Io bare cut ber husband in
several places with a razor Sunday
afternoon in a row in Doog
las, Mrs Martin Bacon, wife of Cor
poral Martin Bacon of Troop L, Ninth
cavalry, was tried before Jndge Speed
and for tbe lack of sufficient evidence
lbs ease against ber waa dismissed;
At an acknowledgement of the
preciatioo ot the great industrial en
terprizea being carried on in the Cht
tin district by the Arizooa Copper
company , Ltd , and the high esteem
in which the directors and utScials o:
tbis compaoy are held by the people
of Clifton, a banquei was tendered
Secretary Miller and Director Pent
land by tbe Clifton Chamber ot Com
merce on Tuesday evening
C C fetnith left for Hereford, where
be will be for several dais investigat
ing a lease which be, Frank Djiiglas
and Herman Armendt, allot Douglas
have obtained upon the original dump
ot the Conner Queen co.tipeoy in tun-
state. The old dump ba been lying
in the open since 1879. The ore is
said to run aell in copper and to be of
a grade which can be worked with a
good profit aith modern smelting
methods Tbe dump is located about
three miles e.et and a little (south of
Hereford. It is tbe intention of
Smith to ship the ore to the Copper
Queen smelter.
The Johnson, Dragoon Ni rthero
railroad , a stretch of nine and th ee
quarter miles of trackage extending
from the Southern Pacifio near Ben
son io Johnson camp, was sold by
Sheriff Wheeler, to satisfy a debt
owing to the Suutnern Pacific.
Telegraphic advices from Phoenix
conve- the" important information
that John Duke had been given an
adverse verdict in bis motion tor a re
bearing of the contest be instituted
against the Arizona Land and Irriga
tion company, both the register and
receiver of the United States land
otiice rendering an opinion to that
R L Sprole bas accepted the call of
the First Baptist church of Tucson,
and will arrive in that city next Sat
An itinerant c'sirvcysnt, stop
ping at Dougla, was arrested for the
second time one week on charges of
being drunk and disorderly, snd sen
fenced by Judge Rice to pay a fine of
910 or spend ten days in tbe city
Constable Henry Nichols of Miami
left with Clarence Merrills and Friuk
and An in Brown, to take tbem to
Superior to turn tbem over to the
father of tbe Merrill boy. These are
tbe three lads who ran aay from
tneir nomes a: Mesa iUity and were
arrested several days ago at Miami
Tbe bys lost two ol tbeir horses io
that city nd could not find them.
ine norses were probaWy (to en or
they went back toward Me-a City.
Cochise Leads
in Pioneers
Sometimes, when the public speaks.
I is with an enunciation 'scarcely
audible; but when the "pioneer," the
one who held up the torch and
beckoned on a foil iwing that bss
wrested frnm savagery a barren plain,
ventahle wildrnees, and trans
ormd desert ajte into fields of
golden graiu.dutted by orchards ol
tbe rarest fruits, vineyards that iefy
comparison ; the decidious fruits- thsr
rival those of other lands and chal
lenge 'he hemispheres of other lands.
A "look backward" causes to re
flect that tbe "pioneer" should have a
(iUce in tbe history of Arizona True,
there are but a few remaing, of those
nbo builded and enntumated, bur
tbe Prospector, ever watchful, geu
erons and progressive, would accord
credit where credit is due. And in
this connection we are going to state
that Cochise connty bss more pio
neers than all other sections ot Ari
zona. To illustrate, we have among three
of record, Nelon J Riley, wbn can
substantiate bis claim to being one of
tbe oldest pioneers of Arizona. Uncle
Sam Toacbes for all Jhis contentions;
bt was First Sargent, Company E,
Eighth Cavalry, operating over tbe
section now comprising Tombstone,
as far back as 1670;Obiel Oochise and
Nelson J Riley, a non-commissioned
officer, bad manv sanguinary conflicts
Cochise "quit'' and Sargeant Riley
is hale and bearty, to recount the
episodes of earlier days. Riley'a
record from ihe U 8 government shows
him to be tbe pioneer for excellence;
be is, comparatively speaking, a
young man, owning valuable mining
claims in tbe Tombstone mining dis
trict, and it ia not unlikely tbat tbe
pioneer trail blazer will, before the
bngle oa'l of "oot lights," have accu
mulated competence that is dne to
tbe daring and intrepid who came be-
fore and Mid "come on boys."
" Jit
. -it" . -r .
Court Cases Filed
piioijatj: ri:octti)i.C(
Est H E Kirk; M J Cunningham,
M J Bropby and J McGregor p
poin.ed appraiser.
Eat G Schubert; C Horn appointed
Est J Hertliug;
C Horn appointed
Est Martin Luther; Dec 13 day for
hearing final cct and petition; alto
cauaing notice to traghen.
)udg in Suit 21. Frank and Lulu
Ramrey D.-f, Wm Coaao Cr. judg for
N R Black vs Frank Black; di
Judg in Sui 17C. P B aod M J
Soto, Dr, A Marion Cr; judg for f 635
Judg io Suit 216. C E Hearn Dr.
T L Bran.lt Cr, quiet title.
Tet Kenyon minors; H E Dugan,
D Perry and A W Fhckinger appoinl-
el ap raiers
Est Korpp minor, John Korpp ap
pointed guardian.
Heavy Fog
Causes Comment
After almost twelve months 1 1 con
tiouous sunshine, that delightful
brand ol ueather for such & only
Tomb tone is famous the elements
becime freakish this morning and tl e
city and "urrotmdir.g. were enveloped
in a dense fog, the like of which the
old.st-timer fails to recall in this sec
tinn of A'izona Ni r ran tbe nise-.
acres ascrire his phenomenon toother
than ourclo-e proximity to San Diego,
our near approach t the Pac fie ocean
having but recently been consumated
through the gracwutnetsof the Phoe
nix Gazette. The annexation was 'hut
gratuitous tbat the Phospector read
ily accepted tbe dimming gift ae a
water front tor our big state, that ne
might plunge into the surf, view tbe
incoming and outgoing vcstels and be
in closer commercial relations with
the old world, dut we did not an
t c p.te heavy fogs, and here extend
tha k for having vested us aith tbis
queer kind ot atninapher , that rffei
us opportunity or advertiting a more
diversified climate than we have hith
erto been able to do. Some poet has
said, "Too much of a good thing be
come monotonous," so happened with
our perpetual springtime climate of
Tombstone, ne yearned for something
that would give us tbe semblance o'
winter; we haven't quite git it, but
tbe first invoice of "superb weather"
wafted o'er the de-ert from our seaport
at San Dieo is something new to UB,
and we accept it as an innovation that
the old-timer will appreciate.
Sulphur Spring
Valley Notes
At II o'clock Thursday morning,
there was a pretty weddinr at the
home of Mr and Mrs Dn Huddy of
Pearce, when their chirmlne daugh
ter, Miss Viola E, was united in mat
rimony with Harry E Wootnn of Bis
bee. tbe ceremony being performed by
Rev A J Benedict, with only rela
tives and a fe close friends present
Mits Viola Hake cf Tucson wa the
bridesmaid, while W Gitwoc ol Bisbee
was the "best man."
W A Cleaver, who has been in
rhargeoi the churn drill for tbe Great
Weatern Copper compaoy during the
last eighteen months, departed Wed
nesday for Florence, Ariz , where
drilling will be done on the proper
ties recently acquired by the Ycung
ThanVsgiving eve, the Courtlsnd
Social iljt'entertained members snd
visitors to the number of 80 or more
at tbe club house with dancing and
card playing.
At the homestead of Jerry Shook
he drillers vesterday struck water
and at a depth of 126 feet had 36 feet
o water
Mrs John Burnett wss bitten on the
hand by her pt dog when attempting
to take some canvas from under the
dog. The only reason that can be as
signed for the action of the canine is
tbat it bad a booe lying near, that tbe
lady did not notice, and it is presumed
tbat tbe animal thought she was about
to take its meal away from it, Tbe
wound ;s healing nicely.
The Arizonan office received a box
full of vegetables from R W Parker ol
Pearee early this week, and among the
, , ,, "-city
samples was. cabbage that weighed
It pounds and 2 ounces,
t f t r
County Road Superintendent Ben
ton is in the city today and attending
the meeting of the board of super
visors so bis official capacity.
Judge Speed of Douglas is in tbe
city on business before the Supervii
nra 1 he judge is a popular citizen of
Douglas an I has many friends through
out tbe county and in Tombstone who
are always pleated to greit him.
Constable Ed Clark of Douglas is
a county sett visitor today on official
Attorney J M O'Connell is a county
seat visitor from Bisteeon court busi
County Surveyor J S McNeish is in
attendance at tie meeting of tbe
supervisors today.
Deputy Sheriff Harry Rafferty re
turned today Irom Jerome, having in
cuitody a Mexican prisoner wanted at
Bisree on a charge of robbery.
S II Reed, who has been acting as
fireman on the Tombstone branch,
left today for DougUs. Mr Lindeman
v. ill assume tbe position of Mr Reed
aod began his labors today.
Dr L L Minor is over from Bisbee
on official business.
Alex McCargo and Alfred Lehman
atu to soon engage in tbe butcher
business at Gleesoo, preparatory to
which a contrart bas been let for
an adobe buildiog 50x50. The front
is to be of iron structure and French
plat glass Tbere are to be two
t'nrerooms of 25-foot fronts each, one
to be occupied as a butcher shop and
co'd storage and the other will
serve as a mercantile bouse The
buildinit will be ready for occupancy
January 15 Glee"n is steadily grow
ing, substantial business houees and
neat cottages attesting tbe (aitb that
is placed in the camp. Both Gleeson
and t'ounland are yielding bounte-ou-ly
of the precious metals.
La Porte Back
In Tucson Jail
Stephen 1-a Porte, the slayer of
Walter Taylor io 1909. was taken, to
Tucson from Chicago Sunday and
placed in the county jail. It develop
ed thrit L Porte was not arrested in
Ch'cagn, but he became conscious-stnt-kenjand
went o the police Btation
and conles'ed bis crime. An under
sheriff ol Pima county read tbe act
count of the confession in tbe Chicago
papers and wired for instructions from
Slienff Nelson.
Tombstone Bulldog
Bests Coyote
A fight between a captive coyots
nnd a bulldog was bad this afternoon,
and th coyote alter potting up a fierce
fight was bested. The bulldog tri
umphed, but was bad y cut up by the
snapping wild animal.
Plenty of Work
for Unemployed
About 25 laborer passed through
Benson yesterday en route to Fair
banks and Huachuca Siding, where
tbey will be put to work on tbe rail
road extension. Tbe depot at Fair,
l-anke is being moved, which calls for
a good many latx re rs and tbe work
on th Hiirci uca Siding extension
gives w rk to raa-iy of tbe unemploy
Meeting of
City Council
The Ci'y Council was in session
last sven'ng and tbe citr dads were
In the midst of teveral perplexing
muoicipal probltms confronting their
new administration. The question
of ci'y lights, involving a system ot
eiree lighting, and employment of
night police were under considera
tion. The council had a lively dis
cussion on both questions. The mat
ter ot night police found a division
of sentiment, the meanwhile evolv
ing a friendly clash between tbe
police department and tbe aldermen
as 'o to the power ol appointments.
The legal as; ect and authority will
be made clear at a meeting to be held
on Saturday next. Tbe question of
lights is also to be solved by tbe
council at the next meeting when
Hata on the subject will be available.
Tbe Tombstone populace will wel.
come tbe cheering (news tbat tbe
city streets will be lighted and tba
streets will be lighted and tba
prcpoi, Mtion wonM tMtt ,,
Mie ,01x T
-ass: --
t H

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